Disabled Elderly Veterans

Let’s give a shout out to AMVETS for speaking out against cuts to benefits for severely disabled elderly veterans while Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and American Legion (Legion) were silent today.

This is an acute issue because the proposal, if approved, would likely cut a substantial amount of monthly benefits payments to elderly veterans with no ability to make up the difference given their age and severe disability.

READ: President Donald Trump Budget Proposal

The proposed cuts affect elderly veterans receiving Total Disability Individual Unemployability benefits due to the severity of their disability. The cuts will free up billions of dollars for VA to instead spend on upgrading VA health care services.

“Veterans’ access to timely, high-quality health care is one of this administration’s highest priorities,” the budget states. “The budget provides mandatory funding to extend the Veterans Choice Program, enabling eligible veterans to receive timely care, close to home.”

Apparently, homelessness that will result for many of these veterans who will receive at least $1,200 less per month is not a concern more important concern when offset against construction of fancy hospitals, high brow art, or outsourcing VA services to large for-profit vendors.

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More Background On VA Budget Proposal

Yesterday, the White House put out its annual budget calling for, among other things, totally severing benefits payments for severely disabled elderly veterans who jointly receive Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU) and Social Security.

The cut is intended to sever TDIU benefits once the veteran starts receiving Social Security. Veterans affected will receive between $1,200 to $1,500 less per month, on average.

The language of the budget proposal makes no adjustment for severely disabled veterans unable to receive full Social Security because they were too disabled to work due to injury while in the military.

Veterans receiving TDIU benefits do not pay into the Social Security fund and would not be entitled to Social Security retirement funds.

VA plans to use the funds to finance agency improvements related to health care.

These cuts are not new. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has repeatedly proposed cuts to TDIU benefits. Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) has long been a supporter of cuts like these to veterans benefits.

The CBO is not the friend of veterans, and the organization’s recommended cuts always seem eerily similar to anything you see the Koch Brothers support.

It is worth noting Concerned Veterans Of America has not issued a statement in opposition to the benefits cut, either. Instead, the organization critiques Secretary Shulkin for allocating the money cut from elderly veterans to VA improvements:

There are a few good items in the new VA budget proposal, but overall it does not achieve Secretary Shulkin’s vision of a more efficient and cost-effective department.

The budget would increase spending on facilities by over a billion dollars even though the VA is sending more patients into the private sector for care and the veteran population is shrinking. It proposes adding nearly 8,000 new employees, which would make the VA larger than the active duty Navy.

The massive VA investment made by President Obama did not bring better outcomes for veterans – it only proved that throwing money at the problems is not the answer. Congress should not accept the new VA budget proposal as it is currently written. By aggressively seeking out savings, Congress can help the VA can better use taxpayer dollars and better serve veterans.

What About The Big Six?

I looked at websites and Twitter managed by The Big Six veterans organizations hoping to see each decry the cuts since each asserts to have our best interests in mind. The Big Six consists of Disabled American Veterans, American Legion, Veterans Of Foreign Wars, Purple Heart, AMVETS, Vietnam Veterans Of America.

Here is what I found for each organization on their respective “Today’s News” section of DAV and American Legion. Neither of these organizations have come out in opposition to the legislation. They are also the largest two veterans organizations in existence today.

DAV – DAV.org News Feed

DAV Volunteer Closes In On Milestone: An article about a volunteer with many donated hours serving veterans on behalf of DAV.

Seattle Veterans Job Fair – Job fair announcement.

Cincinnati Veterans Job Fair – Job fair announcement.

New York Veterans Job Fair – Job fair announcement.

– Twitter – No mention of the budget, or in opposition of it.

The American Legion was likewise missing from the active discourse in opposition to the proposed cuts online today.

Veterans of Foreign Wars, AMVETS and Vietnam Veterans Of American issued statements on their websites and some mentioned it on Twitter directly and sharply opposing the proposal.

I wanted to highlight the clear explanation of AMVETS: “AMVETS Deeply Concerned By President’s Proposed Cuts To Veterans Benefits

According to the AMVETS release:

The Trump administration’s budget proposal contains a provision to cut Individual Unemployability (IU) benefits for seriously service connected disabled veterans aged 65 and older. This would steal a large percentage of a wounded, injured or ill veteran’s compensation.

The argument for this cut is that these senior citizens would be eligible for Social Security retirement benefits at age 65. That argument is flawed because these veterans have largely been disabled, out of the work force and not paying into Social Security for many years before reaching 65. Many have been severely disabled as a result of their military service and unable to work since the day of their discharge.

Such a misguided move would wrongly take away about $1,200 a month from a single veteran rated at 90 percent disabled and already determined to be unable to work because or his or her military service. The monetary loss rapidly increases for veterans with lower disability ratings. In all, this proposal threatens to strip benefits from more than 225,000 senior citizen veterans who’ve been seriously disabled as a result of their military service.

AMVETS strongly opposes this proposed cut and calls for its immediate withdrawal.

I completely agree with AMVETS on this.

I Told You So

About a month ago, I warned of a shadow meeting with The Big Six where Secretary David Shulkin, MD, asked the organizations to stand down, rather than oppose, upcoming budget cuts. We immediately know which organizations took the cue.

Some members of The Big Six organizations thought my information from within the Beltway was incorrect based on a statement from President Trump that he was increasing the budget by 6 percent.

As always, there was more to the story and my source was dead on. President Trump was about to cut benefits affecting the largest portion of veterans living today – The Baby Boomer Generation.

Here, it looks like the Koch Brothers win, and so does the AFGE Union. Meanwhile, severely disabled elderly veterans will lose.

Maybe, if President Trump ever creates the White House bat phone he promised for veterans to call when in trouble, he would have a better handle of the matter?

Disgruntled Veteran


Benjamin, no, I knew you were right. I foresaw the cuts coming. And as for Paul Ryan, this guy is a joke. He is clueless. Like I have mentioned, these government officials do not have any insight at all that is really necessary to implement any type of constructive accountable legislation due to not being connected to the American people at all. New breaking news. Obama administration is under fire. Brennan is not to be trusted. Going back to the… Read more »
Crazy elf

Very well said, Angela!
I guess we’ll just have to sit and wait – FOR NOW!

Disgruntled Veteran

@Angela – – – RIGHT FUCKIN’ ON !!!!!!

A Hui Hou!

@Agela – – – Dam, been feeling like this ever since POTUS overcame the other [HRC]. Your post goes right up and down the hallways of the dam VA and its means of survival. Yes, we shall see. Prez Trump sent me an email. Told him off, and as usual continued to remind him that to keep his promises. Veterans are on the fence pertaining keeping their hands up to be counted as supporting him. This is going to be… Read more »
Hey Vets and Benjamin, I just can’t understand why or even the thought process behind as to why the CBO, Paul Ryan, and many others have it in for the Veterans. Can’t Speaker Paul Ryan and many others realize that they would not be propped up in their perches if it were not for all the Warriors who have fought and are fighting in these wars? I do not believe Speaker Paul Ryan can even understand that he would not… Read more »
Angela, et. al., I suspect this is a mix of cost shifting and Congressional PAYGO rules with a healthy dose of sleight of hand mixed in. I cannot see anyone close to Trump having enough detailed knowledge of the VA budget to propose eliminating TDIU for certain vets in order to pay for extending Choice. That kind of cost shifting comes from Congressional and VA insiders. If Congressman X wants Choice extended, then other Congressmen invoke PAYGO (Pay As You… Read more »

THE TRUMPER IS SAYING TO ALL VETS BEND OVWR @ TAKE IT IN BUTT VETS SCREWED AGIN THANKS TRUMPER FOR NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone I might just stop by the DAV state office and express my serious concern regarding the proposed cuts. In regards to my comments about the illegals and minorities. What I am saying is illegals do not have the rights over the veterans. The veterans are the American citizens and have earned everything that is due to them. The illegal immigrants should not be compensated when they are not even citizens of this country. I continued on into the minority… Read more »
@All: Remember this movie scene? I don’t have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad. It’s the VA. Everybody’s out of work or scared of losing their job. The dollar buys a nickel’s worth, veterans are going bust, they keep a gun under the pillow. Punks are running wild in the street and there’s nobody anywhere who seems to know what to do, and there’s no end to it. We know the air is unfit to… Read more »

Open it, and stick your head out, and yell, ‘I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE…I just did that and someone shouted back its my money. and I want it now….I think it was JG wentworth


@OLDMARINE: LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OLDMARINE, You made my day with that come back………….well played sir, well played!!!!


Angela heres a good article for you “http://anationbeguiled.com/?p=14108”

Everyone, it all boils down to the fact that there are too many people in this country. All courteousy of the Democrats / Liberals with having never secured the border with letting anyone and everyone in this country. All these illegals who have come into this country and even the ones who are here are on visas which eventually expire and then, lose themselves into our country. All are illegal. They just fade into our country. Then the benefits start… Read more »
And too, if a Single payer socialistic healthcare system is what the governmental officials are up to with including Secretary David Shulkin as the future healthcare vision in this country, folks this will not be healthcare. This system will be geared towards population control not healthcare. The population control will be perceived as the only solution due to our overpopulated country all courtesy of the Democrats /Liberals all dating back to President Lyndon B. Johnson. Once again American citizens suffering… Read more »
Angela, I talk to my Congressman today. He said this situation of cutting Disability Compensation has caused a “shit storm”, like he has never seen. He has received telephone calls, faxes, texts, upset with this. He said this has as much chance of passing as “winning the lottery without buying a ticket”. He told me if he voted for this he would have to “leave the country”. Also, Paul Ryan is a worthless prick. I would love to see someone… Read more »

@Jim, Finally!!!!! Some good news, Thank you Jim.

The “Daily Caller” today’s article about Trump firing VA officials then the VA saying not so fast then putting them back to work kinda shows it all. Workers and officials can drop pain meds but we sure as hell can’t attain them by the VA nor civilians by medical board and LEOs demands. OG we will all overdose if they give them to some scum sucking, “criminal,” evil veterans seems to be the attitude. Of course while other vets don’t… Read more »
Oh, and not trying to show my “White Privilege” here or trying to push the world, or the college kiddies, libtards/neocons, or Hillary’s army to live by my standards, or to invade on others way of life or needs. So pardon my being tired of being ignored, a door-mat, a serf in seemingly a open air concentration camp being told what to endure, how to live, to think, questions not to ask, or to never complain or address a very… Read more »
David l voisin

We dont need the nig 6 when we vote!

Joseph Mendez


Dave The Old Man

Trumps Budget Proposal for 2018 budget will free up more than he proposes , as there
will be many Older Veterans will lose homes. If I lose my home I have lost my life.
Lost my wife to cancer now am going to lose my income to another Political Cancer.
I have battled against the VA for too long. I will do like Gen. Douglas MacArthur and just fade away. God Bless All That Served This Nation With Honor.


Dave The Old Man… sorry for your loss..brother

James s Gallegos

I hope not, what budget are you speaking about. If anything happens like you say, please keep us up to date.

I know people are afraid of what is happening in the United State’s.


Following behind a bit. I just can’t seem to keep up with those excitable, fast trotting, spit shined shoed, (M)arine (M)embers. Although, I do enjoy those choc-cov’d candee’s; M-n-M’s. Ok, finally caught up. Let’s roll. – – – Nutter.


@Dsgruntled Veteran – – – dropped my writing utility while catching up. Forget to add LOL in my upper post.

Disgruntled Veteran

@ANutterVet – – – What kind of Horse Fuckery is this? Can’t even spell DISGRUNTLED right, Silly SWABBO ???

Navy, Navy, where you at? Come run with me and lose some fat. Got that fat growing all-around, spills out yo’ ears onto the ground . . .

LOL !! Love ya Bruddah Nuttah.

@Disgruntled Veteran – I was up until 4.5am the previous morning when I wrote the post to you. Funny you brought that up. I think May 23 late night or 24 early morning, I posted a “sorry” for my grammar. Was misspelling all day / night. Love ya to broster. I can’t figure a dam word that rhymes with Disgruntled. What’s up wit dat? But you’re a Jeteran Veteran, moving all around like you’ve been doing lately. How’s mama doing?… Read more »

@ANutterVet: You need to put on your kindergarten hat for a second: Tumbled, crumbled, jumbled, rumbled, humbled. disgruntled veteran…… just don’t say it too fast…

I don’t understand how IU could be affected? 8. Protected Evaluations Under 38 CFR 3.951 and 38 CFR 3.952, Continued g. Protection Against Rating Schedule Changes Public Law (PL) 102-86 states that a rating evaluation cannot be reduced solely because of a change to the rating schedule subsequent to August 13, 1991. However, 38 CFR 3.952 protects rating evaluations under the 1925 rating schedule which were the basis of compensation on April 1, 1946. Note: Evaluations in effect when previous… Read more »
Changes are protected by the Constitution. No Post Defacto laws. My 20% hearing rating was protected by a Court Decision even though hearing aides have improved because of the way the Rating Schedule was written, before good hearing aides became available, for may years. Now I’d qualify with my hearing aides on in the Audio booth. But for several years I received the compensation just because I had to wear hearing aides. Couldn’t appreciate music even then. But I could… Read more »
Ed Robertson

I just bought a home qualified with IU benifits. If this goes through I will be foreclosed on and then out to the street. Like an idiot I voted for Trump and the first thing he does is try to cut my benefits. “We gotta help the veterans” Trumps bullshit.

@Benjamin and everyone, Many may be aware or many may not be aware of this topic but the White House can be contacted via the WhiteHouse.gov website. One can even Google Donald J Trump and the website will come up. This website allows all American citizens to contact him or contact the white house about an agency. This can be done via Twitter, Facebook, Email, Phone, or by mail. For email there is a form to fill out as to… Read more »
marlynne urban
I am concerned because Congress is voting on a proposal to change the “Individual unemployability” program of the VA. There are veterans that have a 60 to 100 percent disability rating through the VA and have not been unable to secure a job because of their disability. The proposal if approved a veteran will loose the benefit when they turn 62 retirement age for social security. This proposal is to remove that support entirely. Ok, how were they supposed to… Read more »
Well I am at a total loss. I am trying to create all the stir I can locally and towards the White House but not much is going on. Trump on his Twitter feed is boasting about Shulkin “Fixing and Modernizing Vital Services for Our Veterans.” Transferring records from the DoD to the VA, etc. Nothing about about the monetary cuts…at all. Then patting him on the back and of course the usual lip service. “Monumental Reform.” On the White… Read more »
James s Gallegos

Go on you tube the latest veterans committee.

They had veteran’s speak about 100 % disabled veterans with PTSD, veteran said he was 100% by the VA and he asked them to take it away as he is better now.

Stating veterans with PTSD can be treated and it will go away. He stated the VA is giving him a hard time because he wants his 100% taken away?

Talk about being crazy, he also said veterans were faking their PTSD.

Barry H.

I worked with two veterans (different assignments) who lied about having PTSD. They had no traumatic experiences and researched the condition online to claim they had it and fake the symptoms. One of them did the same with TBI and impotence. One did the same for MST. I didn’t report them, because they would have lied and it would have been my word against theirs.

Ex va
@Barry H., i do not know in what capacity you worked “for Veterans”. i take that when you did not capitalize the person “Veteran” which came out to capitalize that word in the va system in all correspondence years ago, tells me you do not follow va correspondence guidelines or do not have much respect for the noun Veteran or Veterans. Regardless, i too worked for Veterans in the va system and look at various data collected regarding “Veterans”. I… Read more »
Barry H.
I didn’t work “for” them; I worked WITH them. The first was proudly offering me tips for getting benefits to which we were not entitled. The second one was long retired and decided he had PTSD and MST, because he was trying to get disability retirement in his 40s. He never even served in a contingency operation. You’re a psychopath; I don’t understand the rest of your psychotic babbling. You appear to have no experience as a veteran. I’m just… Read more »
It’s all brass bands and hoopla before Johnny comes marching, hobbling or rolling home. Look at all the Politicians hanging on the Veteran’s coat tails for photo ops. Watch the same lying sniveling Draft-Dodging cowards stab them in their backs! If you voted for the all Republican Congress and the Trump Administration’s plans…………….. Read “My Father, My Son” by Zumwalt’s son to see who’s going to pay this cost. Look at the US “Wounded Warriors” on TV still begging for… Read more »

Gary, Don(Tha Con)Dumpf is a Fkn Draft Dodger hes the same age of some of those Older Vets he should hv been serving side by side but hes a lil Bitch Draft Dodger


@Gary – – – Lets hope also that accountability controls are kept on Wounded Warriors. Then maybe is it is the controls show to be successful, that some how they can be applied to the VA. Just writing, who knows. If VA can do anything, a slick legal sniffin howling beagle can make it happen. No offense Benny. – – – Nutter.

Barry H.

Gary and MK–So true. Thank you for sharing.


Just got my TDIU and this would take the results completely away.


@Lem – – – With you Lem in being able to keep it until . . . Well you know. – – – Nutter.


It’s getting better every day……


Also, if eligible for TDIU one is eligible for SSDI at about the same time. So this would probably take away TDIU totally for everyone. And SSDI started years early is a fraction of what one would receive at retirement age. And it never increases other than COLA.

Nick Savage
Hi everyone, I just let my American Legion expire today because of this. Not that I made it expire but it was due too. I will not renew. Does anyone know for sure which VA service organization speaks out for disabled veterans more? Is it Amvets? I have already been a member of DAV and dumped them quick after seeing they are for the V.A., now I see American Legion is in there back pocket too. I want an honest… Read more »

I honestly think that a VSO that is for the vets is like the Easter Bunny, and leprechauns, and Unicorns farting rainbows.

nicky w savage


Disgruntled Veteran

@iratevet24601 – – – I am comshawing that one!

nicky w savage

Going for Amvets then. I have to support one. They seem like the logical choice


@nicky w savage: nicky, check if there is a veterans assistance commission in your county first. They are usually paid by the taxpayers to provide assistance to that counties veterans. If not, I don’t know what to suggest. Good luck nicky, your a good man.

Seymore Klearly
Hey Nicky, You might want to read the doc at the following link concerning one of AMVETS money laundering operations. It was an operation that they set up to launder gambling profits so they would not have to donate any to help Veterans. It is about 43 pages but well worth a read if you are considering hooking up with them. Out of 59 Post in Ohio not one of them acted responsibly and all took part in the money… Read more »
gary owen faas

Lem, COLA for Social Security has been far less than the real Cost of Living going back many years.


Don’t I know it. I’ve been drawing SSDI since 1990. The last 5 years my communications (TV, phone and internet) bill went up more than double the total increase in my SSDI (now SS, 70% VA comp and my wife’s SS. We’ve had to cut things each year and still found our CC debt climbing.



Disgruntled Veteran
Good Article, Ben. I was expecting this, yet tried to remain optimistic – – – hoping against hope that it would not happen. So here’s what I am going to do. In the mid-terms, I vote against all incumbents. In the next Primary, and General, I vote against all incumbents. You may engrave that in stone. Fuck them all. America may not have the cojones to honor her promises, I do. FIX THE DAMN BROKEN VA: 1. Recognize the problems… Read more »

The Big Six, must have received a hell of a Big Bone, to keep their mouth shut. What does this do to Veterans, who have purchased homes, that are on UI? Yep, “Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Air Force, keep off the Grass”, now that their no longer needed.

Dear, Trump Supporters Jesse Jackson use to say something like KEEP HOPE ALIVE and I use to say he’s been dead for awhile. Ok, let’s Go with Don(tha Con) Dumpf would Say I’m Going to COVER the SWAMP Instead if some of you are Still Smoking that Good Stuff, It should be Called the FANTASY DOPE cause if you live in an AR world I can see that you’re Being a Dumbass in that REALITY. If you live in this… Read more »

We also need to get rid of the VSOs and the union! Both are as dirty as the VA hand that feeds them! “https://youtu.be/K2eXVA2b6so”

This We'll Defend




Disgruntled Veteran

@This we’ll Defend – – – I belong to NO VSO. ALL of them have lied to me at one time or another. I ABHOR liars! Last memberships I had with any VSO, I let lapse in 2000.

Will NEVER give them a penny again.


That clarifies $306 million to administer 136 national cemeteries & $135 million for state cemetery grants. Money stress can easily exterminate a persons will to live.

Disgruntled Veteran
AMVETS statement said: “The argument for this cut is that these senior citizens would be eligible for Social Security retirement benefits at age 65. That argument is flawed because these veterans have largely been disabled, out of the work force and not paying into Social Security for many years before reaching 65. Many have been severely disabled as a result of their military service and unable to work since the day of their discharge.” Damn Straight! I am one of… Read more »
Rich B
Disgruntled veteran , you make a good point alot with TDIU may not have paid into the SS system for years, and hopefully that will be considered. I am not for cutting TDIu for someone that has been on TDIU from their young years.. I was only referring to those that get tdiu after leaving the military and having a successful career and then taking a normal retirement…. those that get tdiu after a normal retirement are those that in… Read more »
James Gallegos

Glad your opinion don’t count. I believe you will not admit to screwing veterans because you did not feel they should get their disability.

Bet you spread your option to other’s service officers, thinking your opinion is law…

His many have you harmed, file 13 because you felt they did not deserve their disability.

U believe on MY opinion you are a wolf in sheep clothing.

Bet you feel God like. !

James Gallegos

To rich b

Well, it’s finally come. I’ve been watching this proposal since 2012. I’m T.D.I.U., over 65 too. So yep, I’m going to get cut drastically. I didn’t pay enough Quarters to qualify for S.S.D.I. and that was because my disability kept me out of the job market much of the time. My S.S retirement is less than $200.00 a month. I fought the VA for 20 plus years before they finally approved me. I watched the Shulkin hearing today on the… Read more »
Dennis, are you saying this same thing has been proposed before? I had never heard that. Shulins stats are very telling. He proposes closing 1100 facilities to make it look like they are tightening their belts and being responsible with their budget, then along comes this bullshit, which I believe Shulkin was well aware of. 7000 vets that they can cut off and not many will hear about it, in trade for a Choice program which the VA will still… Read more »
This proposal far predates my own life. TDIU was introduced as an idea meant to shore up the rating system which itself is a unique idea insofar as it is not an all or nothing program like SSDI or Social Security. A PTSD patient who manages to stay married but otherwise is completely dysfunctional as a worker owing to symptoms might only be rated at 90% because the fact that a single relationship (marriage) is maintained does not fit the… Read more »

Thanks Dennis.

It is workmans’ comp for the military. And like workman’s comp they try to buy you out when you can no longer work for them. Unlike workman’s comp they don’t try to return you to employment with the company to keep from paying 100%. They just use excuses to keep from paying out like the current budget. Like you Dennis, I went on SSDI at age 49. But I’m 75 now and have been drawing the same check but it… Read more »
Crazy elf
@Paul, Great comment! I guess we veterans aren’t important enough to be treated with respect. My wife read an article where certain entities are trying to eliminate “Memorial Day”! She’s wondering if “Veterans Day” will be next! There’s a HOA outside Atlanta, Ga. telling their homeowners they can only “Fly Old Glory” on certain days of the year. Basically treating the American Flag as an “ornament”! Veterans in that community are NOT to happy. This came out today from “The… Read more »
Crazy elf

I will also lose out. I’m at 70% + 30% IU. So, I guess I’m going to lose out on about $1,200 each month.
I should be at 100% T&P with no unemployability. Only the VA screwed me out of all that compensation for 23 years by NOT admitting to my Army time!


Elf it looks like we will loose are CHAMPVA for our depedents. I live in MI and the state gives us benefits such as no property taxes, free license plates plus more.

This cuts deeper than loosing 1200.00 per month.

I am wondering if they will kiss us after they are done fucking us.

You know what would really get some attention in DC? There are two special elections for Congress going on right now. One in Montana and one in Georgia. VP Pence has been to Montana campaigning for that race. I don’t know if he has been to Georgia. Veterans that live in both of those districts should very loudly and publicly proclaim that they will be sitting home on that special election day. Let the rats in DC see that veterans… Read more »

I just want to also add the VA has a new smoking policy in effect now too. You’re not allowed to smoke anywhere on VA grounds…..But they’re going to let you park your car under a fire hazard solar panel though.

Lolz! If you read the regulations carefully at Roseburg Oregon, VISN-20, they clearly spell out that a fine of $5 can be issued if you are caught spitting on the sidewalk! It has been this way for a very long time. Isn’t the real question this; what statuatory authority are they claiming to limit the rights of any citizen’s conduct while on public property that is otherwise legal? When did “We The People” agree to let those who serve decide… Read more »

…and for the record, yes, Justice is sexy.

Dan F
Although this will not affect me as I am 100% P & T, this will greatly affect many Vietnam veterans. Because of the way mental disorders are rated, and specifically PTSD, many veterans were rated at 70% and applied for TDIU as they were unable to work. Along with PTSD, rated at 70%, many of my fellow Vietnam vets have DMII and other Agent Orange issues that when rated together with the VA’s special whole person criteria make it almost… Read more »
How about these people over retirement age being awared TDIU and all the lost wages in their earily workinh years? I was awarded TDIU based on 70% ptsd, mdd and 20% hearing when I was 58. I was to proud even to walk into a va especially to apply for benefits until I hit rock bottom. Now they want me at rock bottom again. Save me a parking spot at the nearest va so I can waste myself if they… Read more »
Dan F
Bill, I am not referring to youand if you were awarded TDIU at that age, I wholeheartedly agree you should keep the rating. And, I understand 100% where you are coming from. I was only referring to veterans who have applied for regular SS and then some years later apply for TDIU. And even though this doesn’t affect me personally, I will be writing to my Congress Critters and to the President. We need every veteran we can get to… Read more »
@Bill, No need to join the 22, I don’t care how disabled you think you are, there will always be room for you in the coming civil war. You may not be able to run, skip, or jump, you may not even be able to walk. Even if you don’t have hands. I can rig a trigger so any veteran can take part. You could leave this Earth, angry, dissatisfied, or even in a state of deep depression. Or………. you… Read more »

@cj – – – Are you aware of a Veteran group that its objective is to band together? Dam, if all is well, sounds good to me. I can do a lot of things behind the scene. Or, I can go up in a heli and shoot poop canons from above. Splat – – – Nutter.


Read CFR 4.19 Age is not a factor in IU or any disability claim.

Dan F
I know age is not a factor in TDIU or for any claim. Granting TDIU when the veteran is past retirement age has been questioned by many for years. I am fairly familiar with 38 C.F.R. As I said in my original post, I handled my own claim and appeal. In fact, in my appeal, not only did I challenge the rating, I also applied for TDIU, in case I didn’t reach the schedular 100%. I have advised many veterans… Read more »

Dan, are you 100% P.T. on a schedular rating? Or are you 100% TDIU P.T.?

Dan F

100% schedular.

George Alexander

I’m on e of those deranged Vietnam disabled veterans who would lose out if the budget is passed with the TDIU. The question is what do we do about it?

G. Dog


Call congress tell them what you think and why it is a bad idea.

James Gallegos
Many veterans worked for the federal government and like Dennis says. These veterans unemployable are not given social security. I have my denial letter. Not enough quarters. Three people are going to go too far and someone if not thousands will fight back. Are Americans ready for s civil war. You cam only proud an animal so long before they bite back with all they have, until the proder is lifeless. Sho is to blame. ! Everyone for sticking those… Read more »
On 7/15/2015 VBA senior advisor Bradley Flohr stated on the Mil Update blog that veterans currently eligible for TDIU needn’t worry because they’re grandfathered under the current rating system. I hope that’s still the case if it ever was the case, but with this current potus and va sec. I’m just not so sure about what Flohr said. Flohr is probably gone now anyway…….Age is not a contributing factor in awarding disability comp. So why should age be a factor… Read more »
Rich B


Because TDIU is not a rating it is an extra scheduler award based on what ever the present laws happen to be…

It is based upon the first articles of 38 CFR chapter 4. The promise of America to makes its veterans with injuries or diseases they wouldn’t have had as whole as possible. And that includes income when they are unable to obtain a job because of their service connected conditions. And it isn’t fairly applied. If you have a later injury and but for your service connected conditions you would be able to work in spite of it you are… Read more »

How about a tweet campaign to President Trump. “I thought you were going to take care of Veterans. (insert bill and line number)”

Do you have it Ben?


I started it: “@realDonaldTrump” “I thought you were going to take care of veterans? Cutting my disability compensation?” “http://www.disabledveterans.org/2017/05/24/amvets-speaks-dav-legion-silent-benefits-cuts-affecting-elderly-veterans/#comment-68804”

By referring to Ben’s article.

To tweet to Trump: “https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump”


Better to tweet him at @POTUS since it is more public. Include @SecShulkin, @VAChair and @HouseVetAffairs.

And not that they would care, but tweet it to the VSO’s who claim to speak for us. Their twitter handles can easily be found on the internet.

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