GI Bill

GI Bill

College can be the best move for veterans or the worst, because there is no guarantee for that dream job after graduation. The outcome depends on the strategy implemented by the veteran to reach they goals they desire. Don't rely on others to sort this out for you. Get equipped with the tools you need here.

Free Law Degree Mitchell Hamline

Law School Opens Door To Qualified Veterans, Free Law Degree

One Minnesota law school just opened its doors to veterans in a bold, new way. Mitchell Hamline School of Law will now allow veterans...
GI Bill

AUDIT: GI Bill Mismanagement Cost Almost $500 Million

A recent IG audit into the GI Bill tuition and fee payment system revealed agency mismanagement cost the fund almost $500 million. The investigation reviewed...

Deceptive Colleges Take A Hit From Veterans Groups

Veterans groups are calling on VA to step up its nonexistent policing of for-profit deceptive colleges accused of preying on veterans for their GI...

Attorneys Demand VA Restoration Of GI Bill Benefits

Numerous state attorney generals are demanding that the US Department of Veterans Affairs reinstate GI Bill benefits for veterans defrauded by for-profit colleges. Attorney generals...
Lockheed Martin Post-9-11 GI Bill

Lockheed Martin To Update Chapter 33 GI Bill System

Veterans Affairs just awarded Lockheed Martin company Systems Made Simple a contract to update the over budget Chapter 33 processing system it has supported...

New Bill Would Let Veterans Leverage GI Bill For Small Business Loans

A newly proposed bill would allow veterans access to key small business loans by using their Post 9/11 GI Bill as collateral. The bill is...

GI Bill Overpayment: What is the 6-Credit Hour Exclusion

Sometimes, life happens and veterans need to adjust their college course load mid stream. When this happens, these adjustments may result in an overpayment...

VA Warns Vets of GI Bill and Call Center Scam

FRAUD ALERT: Yesterday afternoon VA emailed veteran advocates about a scam some mystery company is running to fool veterans. The game plan is that they...

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