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Free Benefits and Health Care? Yeah Right…

Free Benefits From VA?

Today, I received another you get free benefits and healthcare remark. You know, the one's VA and the public bombard you with day in and day out. Considering what I went through, and endure to this day, free just isn’t the most fitting of … [Read more...]

How to get Extra Testing Time and Accommodations for College

College Accommodations

Many student veterans struggle needlessly with disabilities in college. All the while, these same veterans are unaware of laws that protect their rights to reasonable accommodations in college. “I have TBI and it hard for me to pass my classes … [Read more...]

TRACTS Study: Vets May Have Accelerated Aging

With extended tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, the veteran population may be aging at an accelerated rate. There appears to be a link between PTSD and TBI in the poor health outcomes for vets. Does anyone find this … [Read more...]

VA Still Unsure How Budget Cuts Will Affect Agency

Despite assurances the Veterans Affairs Department would be exempt from sequestration spending cuts, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki acknowledged on Wednesday the department could face some sequestration trimming. “We have been informed that VA is … [Read more...]

At VFW Convention Obama & Romney Lobby For Vets Votes

In dueling speeches before the VFW Convention in Reno, both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney made promises to court the veterans vote. According to reporting by MSNBC: President Obama promised that departing service members would have … [Read more...]

DOD Day: Veterans Can Change Political System

Army Discovery: Women Different From Men

Monday QB: Veterans Benefits and Things that Do Not Help   Good day to you readers. I just came back from a family fiesta down in Chicagoland. On my return, I was greeted with a slew of articles slamming on the Department of Defense. I decided … [Read more...]

VA Announces Grants To Help End Vet Homelessness

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki announced the award of nearly $100 million in grants that will help some 42,000 homeless and at-risk Veterans and their families. The grants are going to 151 community agencies in 49 states, the … [Read more...]

New Report: VA Needs To Improve PTSD Assessment

In the first comprehensive review of the government’s programs for treating post-traumatic stress disorder, a panel of experts recommended last week that the Defense Department and the Department of Veterans Affairs expand access to services, … [Read more...]