Clarksburg VA Parking

Clarksburg VA Director Says IG Report ‘Misleading’ On $10 Million Parking-gate Audit

One 20-year employee turned executive at the Clarksburg VA hospital said the reason he tried to pay $10 million for a 25 parking space lot...
Veterans Affairs Dog Experiments

Dog Abuse At Veterans Affairs, Experiments Include Inducing Heart Attacks

An animal rights group accused the Department of Veterans Affairs of dog abuse including conducting experiments like inducing heart attacks. For decades, VA has been...

PROPAGANDA: VA Misleads Public, Says It Fixed Veterans Crisis Line Already

In a fit of propaganda, VA asserted it fixed the Veterans Crisis Line problem while in reality only fixing one of a myriad of...
Veterans Crisis Line Audit

Veterans Crisis Line Fails To Collect Data On Post-Call Suicides, Ignores Earlier IG Audit

A new audit shows the Veterans Crisis Line failed to implement action plans from a February 2016 IG audit and does not collect post-call...
Veterans Affairs Opioid Safety Initiative

Veterans Affairs Boasts About Opioid Reduction Initiative Success

Department of Veterans Affairs researchers boasted that fewer veterans are using opioids after an agency initiative stripped veterans of this treatment modality. As the Tomah...
GAO Audit

GAO Audit Shows VA Still At Risk, Failing To Address Major Problems

A GAO audit shows VA is still failing to meet high-risk concerns in the area of transparency, ambiguous policy, and failure to hold employees accountable. VA...
President Trump Portrait Removal

VA Protocol Reversed, President Trump Portrait Replaced After Outcry

In an unusual move, VA quickly changed protocol following outcry over removal of President Donald Trump’s portrait from a Florida VA on Tuesday. For the...
Florida VA

Florida VA Rails Against Hanging President Trump Photo, Removes Image

Veterans upset by a Florida VA facility’s tardy hanging of photos of President Donald Trump and VA Secretary David Shulkin, MD, took action Tuesday. The...

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