New Hypertension Treatment Guidelines Veterans Need To Know

Veterans need to be aware of VA-sponsored research into hypertension treatment that led to new guidelines being published yesterday. The new guidelines address how best...
VA Health Chief David Shulkin

New VA Secretary Shulkin First With No Military Experience

Donald Trump announced he will nominate David Shulkin, the present under secretary for VA Health, to lead the struggling Veterans Affairs. I did not see this one...
Minneapolis VA Mental Health

‘No Media’ For Minneapolis VA Mental Health Patient Suicide

A whistleblower disgusted by the lack of regard for the recent suicide of a Minneapolis VA mental health patient leaked the VHA Issue Brief. According...
Esteban Santiago-Ruiz Ft Lauderdale Gunman

Did VA, Army Blow Ft Lauderdale Gunman Mental Health Warnings?

Family members of the Ft Lauderdale shooter say the Iraq War combat veteran “lost his mind in Iraq” and later showed symptoms of PTSD...
Flow Health Inc Veterans Affairs Deal

#VettingFail – Dept Of Veterans Affairs Cancels Deal With Flow Health Inc

A vetting failure by Dept of Veterans Affairs resulted in a cancellation of its agreement with Flow Health Inc to research veterans' genomic data. Last...
Veteran Suicide

BREAKING: Media Blackout Of Bloody Veteran Suicide Underway

Veterans are outraged over a weeklong media blackout of a bloody veteran suicide by gun at a VA Medical Center last week that is...
VA Sec McDonald

Harvard Business Review Got VA Sec McDonald Legacy Wrong

Harvard Business Review published yet another piece lauding the successes of VA Sec McDonald that should cement his great successes if accurate. To the public,...
I Care VA Whistleblowers

McDonald ‘I Care’ Propaganda Stuns VA Whistleblowers

New VA ‘I Care’ signs mandating VA employees not share negative information about workplace problems is discouraging to VA whistleblowers and veterans. One of our...

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