DOD Beats VA To Take New Electronic Health Records System Live

After spending $1 billion, DOD and VA decided to part ways after concluding neither organization plays nice with the other. Initially, the plan was to...
Phoenix VA Fox News

Phoenix VA Rebukes Fox News Tucker Carlson Story, Kind Of

The team at Phoenix VA attempted to punk Fox New host Tucker Carlson by covertly releasing audio recordings of an interview not included in...

Tax Avoider Medtronic Wins Telehealth Contract From Veterans Affairs

The Department of Veterans Affairs just picked Medtronic, a US tax avoidance company, to receive tax dollars to provide telehealth equipment to the agency. Medtronic,...
Toby Mathew

Louisiana Overton Brooks VAMC Director Removed

The director of Overton Brooks VAMC in Shreveport, LA was removed from duty pending an investigation into wrongdoing. Last night, Officials from South Central Veterans...
Doctor Hiring

VA Spent Billions Without Denting Doctor Hiring Problem

An NPR investigation found that despite $2.5 billion in special funding, VA added no more doctors and other clinicians than without the extra money. Veterans...
Shulkin VA Whistleblower

Shulkin VHA Leadership Did Not Curb Whistleblower Retaliation

A new whistleblower from Phoenix VA maintains whistleblower retaliation remains largely unchanged under VHA Under Secretary David Shulkin. That whistleblower, scheduling manager Kuauhtemoc Rodriguez, informed...
Flow Health Inc Genomic Data

Flow Health Inc Lays Out Sketchy Profit Plan For Veteran Genomic Data

Flow Health Inc is back in the news asserting it can and will profit off whatever it does with veteran genomic data from the...
San Jose VA DeWayne Hamlin

You’re Fired – San Juan VA Director DeWayne Hamlin Terminated

One gift of President Donald Trump’s inauguration day was termination of San Juan VA Medical Center director DeWayne Hamlin according to a leaked email. That...

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