bile duct cancer

Vietnam Veterans Who Ate Raw Fish At Risk Of Cholangiocarcinoma, A Rare Liver Cancer

A new study suggests some Vietnam veterans may be dying from a slow-acting parasite linked to a rare liver cancer called cholangiocarcinoma. This spring, VA... Google Adwords History

Federal Government Shuts Off Google Adwords Campaign For After ‘Blatant Mismanagement’

One federal agency has apparently shut off the Google Adwords campaign after the "blatant mismanagement" was exposed by Yesterday, I exposed that the Department...
Temple VA Money Laundering

Shawshank Style Money Laundering At Center Of New VA Scandal

Temple VA - Similar to the money laundering fraud and abuse by the mafia or in the movie Shawshank, veterans using Compensated Work Therapy...
Death By Suicide Charles Ingram Northfield VA

REPORT: Veteran Charles Ingram Suicide By Fire Linked To Massive VA Fails

Northfield, NJ - VA OIG finally issued its report on the death of the veteran Charles Ingram, a veteran who lit himself on fire...
White River Junction VA

Veterans Affairs Puts Transgender Awareness Ahead Of Other Issues?

Veterans Affairs in at White Junction VA Medical Center is holding a transgender awareness event at its facility instead of one addressing PTSD or...
Veterans Choice Overbilled

Veterans Choice Overbilled By ‘Tens Of Millions,’ Grand Jury Investigates

An audit of two Veterans Choice billing contractors found the duo overbilled VA by “tens of millions” triggering a federal grand jury investigation. VA OIG...
Veterans Affairs Disciplined Doctors

New Law Would Force Veterans Affairs To Report Disciplined Doctors

A new law proposed by two key senators will force the Department of Veterans Affairs to no longer cover up for bad doctors disciplined...
Dirty Surgical Equipment VA Medical Center

Dirty Surgical Equipment At VA Medical Center Force Cancellations

Dirty surgical equipment at Washington DC VA Medical Center forced cancellation of at least 9 surgeries Friday following a string of other safety concerns. Surgical...

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