‘No Pot For You!’ Veterans Stuck Using Pharmacologic Treatments Only

Republicans in Congress blocked a vote on legislation that many ill veterans want - - that bill would have allowed VA doctors to prescribe...
Cockroaches Phoenix VA

Cockroaches Spotted At Phoenix VA, And We Aren’t Talking About The Leadership There

Real life cockroaches, not just the metaphoric VA leadership cockroaches, were recently spotted at Phoenix VA and exposed by FOX 10. One whistleblower who caught...
Veterans Choice Surprise

SURPRISE: Congress Fails To Fix Veterans Choice Program Funding Crisis

Congress was unable to pass legislation to provide a short-term funding fix necessary to keep the Veterans Choice Program alive for six more months. A...
John McCain Brian Tumor

Turncoat John McCain Refuses Free VA Surgery For Brain Tumor

One of the most infamous veterans, Senator John McCain (R-Az), rejected free VA surgical services when he instead received surgical treatment at Mayo for...
GAO Randall Williamson

GAO: Despite Rampant VA Employee Health Care Fraud, Metrics Still ‘Flawed’

In testimony to Congress last week, GAO said VA is using flawed clinical quality measures that do not accurately reflect reality due to incomplete...
Manchester VA

Veterans Affairs Gives ‘3rd World’ Health Care To Veterans

Whistleblowers from one Veterans Affairs medical center are coming out of the woodwork with numerous allegations of malpractice including giving veterans a poor level...
Aurora VA

Grossly Over Budget Aurora VA Medical Center Now Has A Name

VA is proud to announce it finally decided the name of the grossly over budget VA medical center located in Aurora, Colorado. The facility, now...
VA Failure

VA FAIL: Another $500 Million IT ‘Failure’ For Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs just announced its massive $500 million asset tracking IT project will be delayed by at last one year due to “catastrophic failure.” Five...

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