VA Optometry

Shulkin Says Get Rid Of VA Optometry, There Is A ‘LensCrafters On Every Corner’

Behind closed doors, Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin, MD, suggested his VA healthcare directors get rid of optometry and audiology services. What is the...
Veterans' Health Records

Department Of Energy To Analyze Valuable Veterans’ Health Records?

Veterans Affairs just announced a partnership with Department of Energy (DOE) using artificial intelligence and big-data solutions to analyze veterans’ health records. VA is rolling...
Healthcare Backlog Purge

Whistleblower Asks Trump To Fix VA Healthcare Backlog Purge Of 500,000 Claims

VA whistleblower Scott Davis has asked President Donald Trump to address the improperly processed healthcare backlog purge of over 500,000 claims. Last year, Scott Davis...

VA Now Pays For CVS “MinuteClinics” For Minor Illnesses

VA now pays for CVS “MinuteClinics” in Phoenix as part of a pilot project to treat minor illnesses and injuries to decrease wait times. The...
Lawrence Connell MD Washington DC director

Trump Loyalist Installed To Oversee Washington DC VA Medical Center

After initially placing the chief of staff in charge of the troubled Washington DC VA Medical Center, the agency changed course and installed a...
VA Medical Center

What One Watchdog Group Found At One VA Medical Center Will Shock You (Maybe)

The results of one watchdog inspection of a VA medical center days ago shocked VA leadership into removing the director from the facility immediately. The...
Magic 8 Ball VA Suicide Prediction

Veterans Affairs Launches New Suicide Prediction Tool

The Department of Veterans Affairs just announced the launch of a new suicide prevention data analysis tool to help detect and treat veterans at...
Flow Health Inc Genomic Data

Veterans Affairs Almost Gave Away Veteran MVP Genomic Data To Russian Affiliated Company

In December, VA was just days away from giving access to veteran MVP genomic data without completing a due diligence review of a Russian...

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