PROPAGANDA: VA Misleads Public, Says It Fixed Veterans Crisis Line Already

In a fit of propaganda, VA asserted it fixed the Veterans Crisis Line problem while in reality only fixing one of a myriad of...
Veterans Crisis Line Audit

Veterans Crisis Line Fails To Collect Data On Post-Call Suicides, Ignores Earlier IG Audit

A new audit shows the Veterans Crisis Line failed to implement action plans from a February 2016 IG audit and does not collect post-call...
NRA TV Benjamin Krause

Watch This NRA TV Interview On 2nd Amendment And Veterans Rights

Friday, NRA TV highlighted the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act in its interview with founder Benjamin Krause (me). Last week, I was interviewed...
second amendment

Ex-Generals Use Veteran Suicide Hysteria To Oppose Second Amendment Bill

Retired Army Gen. Davit Petraeus and other retired generals oppose new legislation protecting some veterans’ second amendment rights. Fourteen ex-generals wrote to Congress opposing the...
Parking Lot Suicides

Parking Lot Suicides: Veterans Found Dead In VA Parking Lots

Over the past month, multiple veterans have been found dead in cars in various parking lots at VA hospitals across the country. Most recently, police...
Minneapolis VA Mental Health

‘No Media’ For Minneapolis VA Mental Health Patient Suicide

A whistleblower disgusted by the lack of regard for the recent suicide of a Minneapolis VA mental health patient leaked the VHA Issue Brief. According...
VA Public Affairs

IDIOCITY: VA Public Affairs Tells Top Advocate How To ‘Help’ Veterans

After the VA imposed media blackout of a veteran suicide was exposed, VA Public Affairs decided to tell the advocate who exposed the suicide...

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