Taper Opioids

IG Finds Missouri VA Did Not Taper Patient Off Opioids Safely

The VA inspector general confirmed allegations that clinicians at one VA located in Missouri were not tapering veterans off opioids safely. This confirmation follows years...

VA IT Still Really Bad Says VA OIG, Veteran Finance Data At Risk

In statements to Congress this week, the VA Inspector General (IG) blasted the agency’s technology systems saying they put veterans’ financial information at risk. VA...
Hines VA Hospital Cockroaches

Hines VA Hospital – Proudly Feeding Cockroaches To Vets Since 2011

A new VA OIG report released today confirms allegations that Hines VA Hospital knowingly fed cockroaches to veterans in since 2011. The conditions of the...
Lawrence Connell MD Washington DC director

Trump Loyalist Installed To Oversee Washington DC VA Medical Center

After initially placing the chief of staff in charge of the troubled Washington DC VA Medical Center, the agency changed course and installed a...
VA Medical Center

What One Watchdog Group Found At One VA Medical Center Will Shock You (Maybe)

The results of one watchdog inspection of a VA medical center days ago shocked VA leadership into removing the director from the facility immediately. The...
Clarksburg VA Parking

Clarksburg VA Director Says IG Report ‘Misleading’ On $10 Million Parking-gate Audit

One 20-year employee turned executive at the Clarksburg VA hospital said the reason he tried to pay $10 million for a 25 parking space lot...

PROPAGANDA: VA Misleads Public, Says It Fixed Veterans Crisis Line Already

In a fit of propaganda, VA asserted it fixed the Veterans Crisis Line problem while in reality only fixing one of a myriad of...
Veterans Crisis Line Audit

Veterans Crisis Line Fails To Collect Data On Post-Call Suicides, Ignores Earlier IG Audit

A new audit shows the Veterans Crisis Line failed to implement action plans from a February 2016 IG audit and does not collect post-call...

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