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College can be the best move for veterans or the worst, because there is no guarantee for that dream job after graduation. The outcome depends on the strategy implemented by the veteran to reach they goals they desire. Don’t rely on others to sort this out for you. Get equipped with the tools you need here.

Lockheed Martin Post-9-11 GI Bill

Lockheed Martin To Update Chapter 33 GI Bill System

Veterans Affairs just awarded Lockheed Martin company Systems Made Simple a contract to update the over budget Chapter 33 processing system it has supported...

GI Bill Overpayment: What is the 6-Credit Hour Exclusion

Sometimes, life happens and veterans need to adjust their college course load mid stream. When this happens, these adjustments may result in an overpayment...
Forever GI Bill Fail

VBA Creates Epic Backlog Of Forever GI Bill Claims After Disbanding Oversight

VBA may have lauded its decision to disband the Office of Economic Opportunity, formerly led by Deputy Under Secretary Curtis Coy, until it created a...
Forever GI Bill

Trump Signs Law To Hold VA Accountable On Forever GI Bill Fail

President Donald Trump signed into law the Forever GI Bill fix that will force VA to make good on paying veterans the money owed...
Amnesia GI Bill

AMNESIA: IT Updates For GI Bill System To Cost $70 Million

The web spun by the Department of Veterans Affairs to justify another $70 million in IT funding for GI Bill systems updates fell on...
Forever GI Bill Train Wreck

Chairman Roe: Forever GI Bill Glitch Becomes ‘A Train Wreck’

A series of IT glitches for GI Bill payments has created a financial catastrophe for many tens of thousands of veterans relying on the...

Webinar is UP: College, Disability and Vocational Rehabilitation

We just held the first Town Hall Meeting for veterans last week, and I put it into a free webinar for all of you...
GI Bill

IT Glitch Causes GI Bill Subsistence Payment Errors

Robert Wilkie apologized last week for a computer glitch resulting in many veterans not receiving their monthly GI Bill subsistence payments. The computer glitch resulted...

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