VA Malpractice John Beemer Kansas City VA

Malpractice: Veterans Affairs Negligently Induced Deadly Allergic Reaction, Pays $500,000 To Settle Malpractice Case

Veterans Affairs recently settled a wrongful death lawsuit for $500,000 involving an 84-year-old veteran who died from an allergic reaction to the medication the...
Veteran Suicide John Cochran VA Hospital

Veteran Suicide In Waiting Room At John Cochran VA Medical Center

St. Louis police reported Monday that a veteran suicide occurred in the waiting room of John Cochran VA Medical Center. Authorities in VA informed the...
Veteran Suicide Prevention

New VA Veteran Suicide Prevention Strategy Rolling Out In March

The Department of Veterans Affairs is rolling out new veteran suicide protocol in March to address its previous failures to make a dent in...
Married Veterans Suicide Risk

Suicide Risk Lower For Single, Religious Veterans Study Says

Those veterans considering marriage but on the fence may want to consider a new scientific study saying veterans in relationships have a higher suicide... Google Adwords History

Federal Government Shuts Off Google Adwords Campaign For After ‘Blatant Mismanagement’

One federal agency has apparently shut off the Google Adwords campaign after the "blatant mismanagement" was exposed by Yesterday, I exposed that the Department...
Death By Suicide Charles Ingram Northfield VA

REPORT: Veteran Charles Ingram Suicide By Fire Linked To Massive VA Fails

Northfield, NJ - VA OIG finally issued its report on the death of the veteran Charles Ingram, a veteran who lit himself on fire...
Kristen Ambury

Police SWAT Kills Suicidal Veteran While Trying To Save Her

A police SWAT team shot and killed a suicidal veteran while trying to save her after she threatened suicide hours earlier. Army veteran Kristen Ambury...
VA Suicide Iowa City

No Vacancy: IG Says VA Rejected Suicidal Veteran Before Suicide

VA OIG confirmed allegations that one VA psychiatrist refused to admit a suicidal veteran hours before he committed suicide. Why? The inpatient unit was full. Had VA...

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