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VocRehab is one of the best programs that most veterans are unaware of despite the program being older than the GI Bill. VocRehab can pay up to $100,000 or more for a veteran’s education or small business.

But it’s not a program that’s easy to navigate when you shoot for the bigger buck items. You have to know the ins and outs, but the program does not provide that information readily. So I created this site and the Facebook platform to help answer questions.

The truth is here. Don’t be pushed around by your Voc Rehab Counselor. Get the truth and fight back to win.

FOIA Request

Disabled Veterans Sample FOIA Letter

Here are two Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) letters. The first one I borrowed from a law firm for disabled veterans requesting copies of their...

MAILROOM: How VA Shutdown Impacts Your Claim

With the shutdown, veterans are busy doing one of three things: 1) planning; 2) freaking out; or 3) yelling at other veterans who are...
TDIU Individual Unemployability Myth

Individual Unemployability Myth Destroyed – Vets Can Use Voc Rehab With 100% TDIU

One veteran wrote in this week after being misinformed via an Individual Unemployability myth from a VA Voc Rehab counselor that TDIU veterans couldn’t...

Vocational Rehabilitation: Davenport v. Brown

United States Court of Veterans Appeals. Robert R. DAVENPORT, Appellant, v. Jesse BROWN, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Appellee. No. 91-1665. Argued Jan. 13, 1995. Decided March 30, 1995. Veteran appealed decision...

Facebook Friday: When Disability Meds Impact Your College

Many veterans returning from the wars are struggling with college after service. Unseen mental difficulties plague lots of these vets. If this happens, they...

First Veterans Benefits Law Firm Funded By Veterans Affairs

Minneapolis, MN - Krause Law, PLLC is proud to announce it is the first veterans benefits law firm to be funded by the Department...
Free Stuff from VA

Free Stuff From VA – What Smart Veterans Do At Mid-Semester

Veterans have been writing in about how to get free stuff from VA. While I won’t help you be a over the top with...
Ashland University GI Bill

Regulators Stop Ashford University From Accepting GI Bill Vets, For Now

Ashford University announced this week that it will no longer accept veterans using the Post-9/11 GI Bill under an agreement to temporarily suspend such...

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