Vocational Rehabilitation

VocRehab is one of the best programs that most veterans are unaware of despite the program being older than the GI Bill. VocRehab can pay up to $100,000 or more for a veteran’s education or small business.

But it’s not a program that’s easy to navigate when you shoot for the bigger buck items. You have to know the ins and outs, but the program does not provide that information readily. So I created this site and the Facebook platform to help answer questions.

The truth is here. Don’t be pushed around by your Voc Rehab Counselor. Get the truth and fight back to win.


VA Voc Rehab Reasonable Accommodations At School, Home, Or Work

Requesting reasonable accommodations (RA's) can be an overwhelming process and most veterans do not know what they can get or how. Veterans tend to get...
Rick Collin VA Vocational Rehabilitation Glitch

Trump Must Investigate Why VA Vocational Rehabilitation Failed 11,000 Veterans This Month

A computer glitch last month prevented VA Vocational Rehabilitation from paying its 11,000 student veterans subsistence payments they were promised, now, and President Trump...
Ashland University GI Bill

Regulators Stop Ashford University From Accepting GI Bill Vets, For Now

Ashford University announced this week that it will no longer accept veterans using the Post-9/11 GI Bill under an agreement to temporarily suspend such...
Waiting Vocational Rehabilitation Backlog

SURVEY: Did Vocational Rehabilitation Meet With You Within 45 Days Of Applying?

This survey is aimed to see how many VA Vocational Rehabilitation offices are honoring the general rule to meet with a veteran within 45...
Facebook Live Voc Rehab Talk

Krause Holds Facebook Live Talk On Voc Rehab Games Counselors Play

Numerous veterans in our Facebook group, Disabled Veterans - Chapter 31 Voc Rehab, have been reporting problems and confusion from their counselors this week. In...
VocRehab Facebook Group

Biggest VocRehab Facebook Group Hits 20,000 Members

I am proud to announce our VocRehab Facebook group focusing on breaking through bureaucratic roadblocks has his 20,000 members. I created the group, Disabled Veterans...
VRE Conference

VA Vocational Rehabilitation Conference Holds First Veterans Panel

This year’s VA Vocational Rehabilitation conference was the first of its kind held at the newly remodeled St. Paul Regional Office, but that was...
Free Law Degree Mitchell Hamline

Law School Opens Door To Qualified Veterans, Free Law Degree

One Minnesota law school just opened its doors to veterans in a bold, new way. Mitchell Hamline School of Law will now allow veterans...

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