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VocRehab News

YouTube: Your First Voc Rehab Meeting And How To Avoid These 3 Mistakes Veterans Commonly Make

By Benjamin Krause | February 17, 2018

This “office hours” in our Facebook group addresses the top 3 mistakes veterans commonly make during their first Voc Rehab meeting for benefits. I have been researching and investigating VA Vocational Rehabilitation (Voc Rehab) for years and even moderating our group since I founded it in 2009. After years and years of listening to the […]

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YouTube: GI Bill vs VA Vocational Rehabilitation, Which Is Better In 2018?

By Benjamin Krause | February 10, 2018

This is the age-old question for disabled veterans, the GI Bill vs VA Vocational Rehabilitation, where the answer tends to change every few years. Here is the answer for 2018. Veterans in our group, Disabled Veterans – Chapter 31 Voc Rehab, were pressed by Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors to use up their GI Bill prior to receiving benefits […]

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Voc Rehab Glitch

Shutdown Blues: No Rent Money For Thousands Of Disabled Veterans?

By Benjamin Krause | February 9, 2018

Many thousands of disabled veterans are likely still waiting for back pay, estimated $6 million in total, VA failed to pay due to a “glitch” following the last government shutdown three weeks ago. Despite promises from VA Voc Rehab to fix the problem, and that any shutdown would not impact benefits payments, many thousands of […]

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Government Shutdown

Is A ‘Government Shutdown’ Threat The New Norm? New Information On How Tonight’s Possible Government Shutdown Could Affect Your Veterans Benefits

By Benjamin Krause | February 8, 2018

Funding for the federal government will expire tonight at midnight, again, meaning the government shutdown vote is scheduled today or funds will run out. The last government shutdown started January 18, 2018, and thousands of disabled veterans are without payments following a glitch that may be linked to the shutdown. Tonight, the House of Representatives […]

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VA Voc Rehab Reasonable Accommodations At School, Home, Or Work

By Editorial Staff | February 6, 2018

Requesting reasonable accommodations (RA’s) can be an overwhelming process and most veterans do not know what they can get or how. Veterans tend to get bogged down in the process or lack the resources they need to receive the benefits or resources we need. Luckily, VA Vocational Rehabilitation is a program that can help if […]

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Rick Collin VA Vocational Rehabilitation Glitch

Trump Must Investigate Why VA Vocational Rehabilitation Failed 11,000 Veterans This Month

By Benjamin Krause | February 2, 2018

A computer glitch last month prevented VA Vocational Rehabilitation from paying its 11,000 student veterans subsistence payments they were promised, now, and President Trump needs to investigate why. Washington Post just exposed why disabled veterans receiving services from VA Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (Voc Rehab) did not receive money for rent, books and supplies in […]

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