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VA Manual M28R Voc Rehab

VR&E’s New M28R: Know what They Know

VA Vocational Rehabilitation has long hidden behind a unknown shield where counselors approve and deny veterans in secret. [UPDATED 7/14/14: Get Updated 1,488 PDF M28R Here] What I mean by secret is that veterans were unable to generally find the justification VA would use when denying their claim for benefits in this arena. Recently, Voc […]
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VA Disability Rating

How To Get A Higher VA Disability Rating

Whether fighting for a higher disability rating or filing your disability claim with Dept. of Veterans Affairs, this article has insider tips that win. How To Manage Your VA Claim For Disability Compensation Filing disability claims with the Dept of Veterans Affairs is tricky, confusing, and sometimes seems like a lost cause. Getting documentation together […]
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Denied VocRehab

How To Get Denied VA Voc Rehab

Go straight to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. There are 3 main ways that qualified disabled veterans fail to get approval to use the benefit. The purpose of this article is to point out some specific “don’t say that, moron,” type issues during your first meeting with a Voc Rehab professional. […]
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VocRehab News

2011 VA Voc Rehab Stipend Rates

By Benjamin Krause | November 13, 2010

VR&E Training Programs Subsistence Allowance Rate Increase As of October 1, 2010 In some cases, a veteran requires additional education or training to become employable. A subsistence allowance is paid each month during training and is based on the rate of attendance (full-time or part-time), the number of dependents, and the type of training. The […]

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False: 12-Year Time Limit To Use Chapter 31

By Benjamin Krause | October 6, 2010

More Voc Rehab BS… No more for me please, I’m full. Every couple months, a few disabled veterans email me about the 12-year time limit to use VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment benefits. More often than not, they recently became qualified for benefits, but their Voc Rehab Counselor denied their benefits claim. The reason for […]

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Flight Instruction Denied: Clark v Brown

By Benjamin Krause | October 1, 2010

United States Court of Veterans Appeals. George T. CLARKE, Appellant, v. Jesse BROWN, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Appellee. No. 94-1087. Jan. 10, 1997. Veteran sought entitlement to vocational rehabilitation subsistence allowance for enrollment in nondegree flight instructor program. The Board of Veterans’ Appeals (BVA) denied entitlement. Veteran appealed. The Court of Veterans Appeals, Farley, J., […]

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Vocational Rehabilitation: Davenport v. Brown

By Benjamin Krause | October 1, 2010

United States Court of Veterans Appeals. Robert R. DAVENPORT, Appellant, v. Jesse BROWN, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Appellee. No. 91-1665. Argued Jan. 13, 1995. Decided March 30, 1995. Veteran appealed decision of Board of Veterans’ Appeals denying vocational rehabilitation benefits based on determination that veteran’s service-connected disability had not caused employment handicap. The Court of […]

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Will Vocational Rehabilitation Pay For Flight School?

By Benjamin Krause | September 29, 2010

I received the following correspondence today from a disabled veteran. He was told anyone claiming that VA Vocational Rehabilitation will pay for commercial flight school is a liar. Congress does allow disabled veterans on Voc Rehab complete flight school so long as it is a part of a degree program. This specifically means the flight […]

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Get Over $300,000 For College Education

By Benjamin Krause | September 24, 2010

It’s true. VA Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment will pay up to $300,000 or more to retrain veterans that qualify for additional benefits beyond 48 months. How do I know this is true? Great question. I first used VA Voc Rehab to get an undergrad degree at a “high cost” university. High cost means […]

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