Thousands From Voc Rehab 2

This Guide Shows You How

Thousands From
Voc Rehab

This Guide Shows You How

Have the Confidence to Get what is Yours

  • Nervous about your upcoming VA Voc Rehab appointment?
  • Feeling bullied by your Voc Rehab Counselor?
  • Unsure how the program really works?

The Voc Rehab Survival Guide solves this by giving you insider tips and templates written by me, a Veterans Law attorney with over 10 years of VA Voc Rehab user experiences, including my own. Best of all, it is electronic so you can access it immediately.

What’s in it for you?

You get proven strategy

Real VA Facts

Like any game,
know the enemy.

Voc Rehab has an 18% success rate according to the VA. Veterans drop out like flies. You’ll know why.

Meeting Strategy

Like any meeting,
be prepared.

You’ll get our 7 step essentials plus templates on how to apply and get approved right away.

Winning Appeals

Real appeals

Based on real claims we’ve tailored six appeals templates to help you win.

Beyond the 100+ pages of templates, advice and videos for this eBook, we are even throwing in a subscription to our Online Veterans Resource Center with the first 30 days free, cancel it at any time. The subscription will allow you to:

  • Email me directly to my SOS email if you hit a roadblock
  • Access the Case Studies for Voc Rehab of numerous other veterans
  • Use the disability guides and templates to increase your disability rating while in training

This way, you come out of college or training with a great shot at a new career and the disability benefits you earned. Here is a quick snapshot of what veterans have done after reading the guide:

  • Approval for an MBA at Cambridge in UK
  • Approval for Medical School at UCLA
  • Approval for Law School at Georgetown
  • Approval for a small business after completing a Bachelors Degree
  • Approval for Joint degrees, PhD, MFA, and many, many more examples

Get The Entire Voc Rehab Kit

Risk Free! If you don’t like it after using it, just send me an email asking for a refund within 30 days. I’ll give you a refund, no questions asked. There is zero risk and literally thousands in educational money to gain.

Our Guarantee

Refund Policy: Your purchase helps us keep this operation going. Armo Press, LLC and disabledveterans.org were started with my disability back pay. We are trying to bring a Square Deal to every veteran, whether the Washington D.C. bureaucrats and politicians like it or not. The word “Armo” is latin for “to equip,” and that is exactly what we are trying to do.

If you feel we have not done this with our guide, and are unsatisfied with your purchase FOR ANY REASON, email or mail us within 30 days from the date of your purchase. After reviewing your request, we will refund of your purchase price within 10 business days:

[email protected]

Armo Press, LLC
PO Box 8221
Minneapolis, MN 55408

(888) 669-ARMO

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