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This course gives you the tactics I used to beat VA, going from a broke carpenter to an attorney...
  • Access time tested strategies that work​- You don't need to worry about timing, this eBook is immediately downloadable right now, loaded with research hyperlinks to get you ready faster
  • Get sample templates used by others​- Worried about what works? The templates in the guide are proven by those who've gone before you
  • Watch our videos and webinars​- If videos are your thing, I created a few to go along with the chapters to help explain the overview of each section
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What You Get
Voc Rehab Survival Guide
  • Immediate Access - You can access the eBook and watch videos immediately after purchase online
  • 7 Essentials to Voc Rehab Win​- Seven chapters that teach you the strategies veterans have used with success before you
  • 7 Key Appeals Templates​- Seven templates walking you through how to appeal a negative decision
  • Video Introductions​- Each section has a video that gives you a critical overview of the material
  • Real World Advice​- The been there, done that...
Bonus Materials Included
  • Case Studies​- Each template is based on a case study of how the rules work in reality
  • Insider Writing Tips​- The simple writing strategies I used Voc Rehab to go from 10% to 100%
  • Comparison - Comical comparison between VA and a sumo wrestler
  • VRE Overview - My intro report to inform Voc Rehab users about what the VA really is all about
  • Zero Risk​- check it out, risk-free...

Gain The Confidence You Need To Win

I went from being broke carpenter to a leading veterans rights attorney and VA authority all using the Chapter 31 VocRehab program. I now run a leading veteran-centric news website and am outspoken advocate for veterans.

To help veterans learn from my experience, I wrote this guide. It has given thousands of veterans know-how and confidence to navigate the system.
MY STORY: How I went from a disabled carpenter to a lawyer and powerhouse advocate using VocRehab
How could I go from 10% to now 100% permanent and total? How could I go from a VocRehab verbal denial to full funding for law school and start-up funding?

It took me 15 years and a law degree to figure it out. Along the way, VA and its VocRehab program provided me with:
  • College Education - (First Class University)
  • Law School Education - (Top Law School)
  • Student Loan Forgiveness​- (Lots of $$$$)
  • Funding for a Start-up​- (More $$$$)
"VocRehab benefits can be the best or worst thing to happen to a person."
It’s no exaggeration to say that I went from homeless to a benefits hero. My strategies have worked for me and thousands of other veterans.

I’ve also helped many veterans win “the benefits they rightfully deserve” in actions with the VA, and boiled down those experiences into what you get with this eBook.

Now it’s my honor to give them to you in The VocRehab Survival Guide. You can download it right now to get key strategies I used to win my benefits.
Get the VocRehab Survival Guide
now for only $19.97
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!

I was starting the Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation process in November of last year. I felt intimidated by the bureaucracy I knew was waiting on for me on the other side of a desk somewhere. The support network that Ben Krause has put together for fellow veterans helped me feel confident when I walked into my first meeting. Having served in the military, we all know how important confidence is. I was able to set down, look across that desk, and tell my vocational rehabilitation counselor that I have a plan that’s ready to be put into action. I was approved in December and now I’m enrolled in the Harvard Extension School earning my Masters in International Relations. Thanks Ben, your support helped me gain the opportunity.

-John McLemore

Degrees Types & Areas of Study
  • Medical Degree (MD)
  • Law Degree (JD)
  • PhD
  • Dental Degree (DDS)
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Masters in Social Work (MSW)
  • Masters in Fine Arts (MFA)
  • Theology
  • And more...

Thank you for putting together this information. I went into my VocRehab appointment prepared and confident. My counselor stated that the letter and supplemental information I provided was the most the most complete and comprehensive she had ever seen. I was granted an extension to complete my master's degree in biology. I don't know if I would have been approved it I hadn't been prepared and ready for my first meeting with the counselor. Thank you again for the great information.
- Janelle A.

Just a note and FYI, because of the templates and a ton of research and patience, I am starting law school in the fall using Ch. 31! I am extremely excited about this and am hoping to work on Veteran Legal Issues and Appeals once I am completed. Also, we are hoping to start Veteran Legal Clinics as well this fall! Will keep you updated and please feel free to share my experience. Thank you again, the templates were a huge help!

- Michael M.

Hi Benjamin,
I received approval for my VocRehab schooling. I will graduate from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy. I appreciate your help with the booklet. I helped me to be prepared for the different meetings. I received back pay for subsistence until now. The schooling costs $12,700. 
Thank you very much.

-Roland R.

Be Armed With Confidence
I want you to take advantage of what I learned the hard way. No one was around to teach me how the system worked... but I wished that person had existed! I very much want to be that person for you and I have decided to make it my mission.

High quality and accurate information is essential if you are going to be successful with any endeavor in life. This is why I wrote the 100+ page (magazine-sized pages) VocRehab Survival Guide for Veterans and created

My book will walk you through much of the process and ensure that you are armed with confidence and knowledge when you approach the VA! 

Through my comprehensive program, you will have the access to the firsthand information that you need in order to get what you deserve.

End the confusion and frustration!

What you get:
  • Webcasts​- Access to webcasts summarizing each guide section
  • Appeals Templates - Seven amazing templates when you get into trouble
  • Sample Training Templates​- Get you geared up for the first pivotal appointment (please note that the first appointment is key to your success)
  • And So Much More...
Get the VocRehab Survival Guide 
Only $19.97
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
More Testimonials

Thank you so much for "The Vocational Rehab Survival Guide." I used your guide and prepared a brief as I would to brief a General's staff. Had the two copies of the brief bound at FedEx Office and presented a copy to my VocRehab Counselor, She was so impressed that she showed it to other counselors in the office. All agreed that they had not seen a veteran so prepared before. The counselor then evaluated me with a "serious employment handicap" and recommended approval for me to attend a private law school here in St. Petersburg, FL. The review board then approved my voc rehab plan to go to this private law school.

- Barb W.

I am sending you this email with a huge grin on my face. I count my lucky stars I found your program! I followed it exactly, arrived at the VA prepared to the nines and they said yes! My counselor thanked me for being so prepared and for being able to explain how my situation fit the requirements.

So here is another person who is going to use VocRehab for grad school! My counselor actually seems excited about the plan- we are starting with prep for the GRE right away. 

And the fact that my preferred schools were all over the country didn't even phase her!

- Anna M.

Thank you for being such a great advocate for all of us veterans. My experience with VocRehab was great because of the wisdom you bestowed upon me before my first interview. I went in there with a plan and came out with more than I bargained for (in a good way). I will be starting this Fall in an MBA program through Chapter 31, and very much look forward to writing this new chapter in my life.

- Rodney C.

Good Evening Mr. Krause, 

Just wanted to say thanks for all the useful tools in the VocRehab guide. I spoke with my counselor and was able to have my plan changed to include law school. Your book was a helpful tool it allowing that to happen.

- Jonathan L.

It has been my goal for some time to go back to school and pursue my MBA.  A lot of hard work and determination went into that process and I was fortunate to be accepted at a Top 20 MBA program in the Midwest.  However, without VocRehab, I was looking at over $140,000 in student loans.  Yesterday I had my first meeting and because of how well prepared I was, my counselor was asking me what subsistence package I wanted not even a full 5 minutes into the meeting! Within 20 minutes, I had signed all the necessary paperwork, asked all my questions, and was approved for the program...

The fact that I am entitled to this program is completely life-changing on so many levels, and I have you to thank specifically for helping make it happen.

- Matt M.

Some Final Details
Don’t be mistaken; the VocRehab process is uncharted territory unless you have an experienced and motivated guide with a proven track record. 

I have that track record and again, I have made it my mission in life to help vets who are trying to navigate the confusing Voc Rehab process that I worked through for over 10 years. I know what to expect.

Before walking into your FIRST meeting with a Voc Rehab Counselor you simply must:
  • Know that it is up to you to understand the facts regarding your case and your situation
  • Understand that you will likely be LOWBALLED!
  • Have done your research
  • Above all else, you need the deep-seated confidence that can only come with preparation and knowing the facts!
Get The VocRehab Survival Guide 
Now For Only $19.97
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $19.97, you get my tested strategies in the VocRehab Survival Guide for Veterans so you can arm yourself with the facts. 
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