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Fed Ups Monthy Pay For Voc Rehab – Subsistence Rates For FY 2020

Many veterans using the GI Bill may be unaware they are qualified for thousands more in benefits through Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment.

Video Q&A – Does VA Voc Rehab Still Pay For Graduate Degrees?

VA Voc Rehab Counselors are telling disabled veterans that VA Vocational Rehabilitation no longer approves graduate degrees, but is this true or...

Win Your VA Voc Rehab Denial Using This Simple Strategy

Here is a simple strategy to analyze your VA Voc Rehab denial despite the confusing Appeals Modernization buffet of appeals options including Higher Level...

New Rules: How To Appeal VA Vocational Rehabilitation Denials In 2019

The rules have changed. A new buffet of options for initiating appeals processes for VA Voc Rehab denials or lowball offers requires an updated...

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Benjamin Krause founded this VA watchdog website in 2010 to expose VA scandals VSOs refused to talk about using his disability backpay. He since became a veterans rights attorney and continues the fight for veterans as both an attorney and journalist.

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