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This one is a great eBook!

Don’t believe me? Worried that you’re going to buy something that gives no value?

Read what Brad had to say after reading it:

Hi Ben,

I purchased your survival guide about three weeks before my initial interview with my Voc-Rehab counselor. I have to say that your step by step guide to getting your desired Voc-Rehab employment track is worth it’s weight in gold.

My appointment went off without a hitch. Every time he said that he wouldn’t be able to allow me an educational track for my Master’s in Social Work resulted in me proving him otherwise…

The $9 purchase of this book was the wisest money I have ever spent and will surely be somewhat responsible for the well-being of my family and an increase of income over my professional career.

Your book and step by step advice helped me develop a reasonable plan and made it hard for the counselor to say no. Motivation was certainly a key to getting approval, but showing the counselor that you are there to work and wouldn’t contribute to the 80% attrition rate for the Voc-Rehab program.

This book should be MANDATORY reading for every individual leaving the US Armed Forces. As we are all seeing, the American public wants spending cuts and they are targeting Veterans benefits. It’s up to ALL of us Veterans to not let this happen and to use these benefits to the highest degree possible.

Sorry for the long email,

Many Thanks!

Brad H.

Ready to cut to the chase?

Here is what Brad was approved for after buying the Survival eGuide:

  • Approval for a Master’s Degree
  • Backpay for an online Bachelor’s Degree
  • 15″ Macbook Pro
  • The training of his dreams

Think Brad’s counselor was just some nice guy? Read what Brad had to say for himself:

My counselor was a very neutral guy, neither happy or mean, and a double amputee Infantryman from Vietnam. I however, am a typically happy person who likes to joke around and I couldn’t even get him to crack a smile! So his approval wasn’t because he liked me! It was because your book showed me how to come in prepared, ready for him to say no, and prepared for me to combat his initial denials, which were many.

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