Our military veterans are entitled to some pretty wonderful education benefits, which are paid directly to students and schools by the Veterans Administration. Many people in the military today joined in part to receive those benefits.

But there are problems. Problems understanding benefits. Problems getting benefits. Problems getting into school. Problems staying in school.

The problem is that the VA benefits system is confusing to our veteran students…and it’s even more confusing to the schools who want to provide them with a good education.

Understand the Opportunity

How can you attract and retain veterans as students and launch them into their careers as loyal alums?

  • Increase veterans on campus.
  • Help veterans access benefits.
  • Increase income to your school.

The Opportunity


  • 23 Million Veterans in the US
  • 3.5 Million Veterans eligible for benefits
  • 923K Veterans in school usin the GI Bill
  • 117K Veterans in school in Voc Rehab


  • 370,000 Veterans
  • 16,500 Veterans In School Using the GI Bill
  • 1,200 Veterans In School Using Voc Rehab
  • 30,000 Veterans in Hennepin County using $30+ mil in Benefits

Understand the Challenges


  • Myths
  • Veteran mistrust
  • Communication barriers / messaging
  • What veterans want
  • What veterans don’t want


  • Cultural challenges on campus
  • Academic challenges
  • Fear of unknown / how to turn education into career

Acquire the Expertise

Attracting, retaining & launching veterans for success takes a special know-how.
The new world of work demands a new approach

Acquire our expertise

Benjamin L. Krause

  • Author, veteran’s advocate,
  • consultant to Capitol Hill, blogger with millions of followers,
  • Special Forces disabled veteran who navigated 10-year battle with VA for benefits, Northwestern grad with degree in Economics, now earning law degree at University of Minnesota, owner of Armo Press and DisabledVeterans.org.

Catherine Byers Breet
Professional recruiter and writer who owns Arbez, Inc., a Minnesota job search and career coaching/placement company

We know Attraction.

College Staff Training

Workshops & Webinars

  • Dispelling the myths
  • Understanding veteran benefits
  • Breaking the barriers (how to attract & retain our nation’s heroes)
  • From college to career: how to turn a world-class education into a career

Marketing to Veterans

  • Staff training
  • Marketing campaign
  • Dedicated landing page for veterans
  • Informational webinars
  • Funding & benefits (Training using The VocRehab Survival Guide for Veterans)

We know Retention

  • College staff TRAINING
  • 1:1 COACHING for veterans, by veterans
  • Veteran-focused CAREER & JOB SEARCH TRAINING – “From Soldier to Civilian & Beyond” Capstone Career Course for Job Seekers (4-part workshop series)

We know Career Launch

  • Preparing for transfer
  • Understanding the market
  • Getting internships
  • Building relationships
  • Preparing for working world
  • Increasing placements
  • Lifelong learning
  • Alumni management / mentoring

We are prepared to apply our expertise to your desire to help veterans succeed academically

  • Veterans program development and consulting.
  • College staff education and training.
  • Veteran education and assistance.

When would you like to become a magnet for veterans and their benefits?