I get questions every day – “Ben, how can I help my friend/husband/brother/coworker who is a disabled veteran?”

So I decided to help answer those questions on my website. Here is how to use disabledveterans.org to help a disabled veteran if you are a

Disabled Veteran

Start with the VA’s Book on Veteran Benefits. This guide tells you everything you need to know to get your benefits package started.

Family or Friend of a Disabled Vet

The VA provides benefits to family members of a disabled veteran. You can also learn enough to help your veteran get the benefits and assistance they need. Start with the VA’s guide to Survivors & Dependents Assistance (DEA).

Educational Institution

The VA has MILLIONS of dollars available to disabled veterans, yet most veterans AND SCHOOLS know little about actually getting access to these funds.

I can help.

Get in touch with me now to learn how I can help our school understand the benefit maze, and establish a solid educational support system for disabled veterans.

Employer or Business

Employer programs get a lot of support from state veteran support agencies. Start with our guide to state veteran benefits programs.

Veteran Support Group

Veteran to veteran support found in veteran support groups often provide the best support to disabled veterans.  Start with our guide to state veteran benefits programs.