Here’s a collection of my best posts that help disabled veterans get the benefits they deserve. Most disabled veterans get overwhelmed when they first start out against the Dept. of Veterans Affairs – aka Veterans Benefits Administration – aka VA.

Must of us trust the Veterans Benefits Administration to treat us honestly. That’s the big lie. The Veterans Administration is nothing more than an insurance company for the American Public. It will screw you at every turn if you don’t protect yourself. And even if it doesn’t, a person is always better off planning and preparing for the worst.

Your protection? Knowledge and taking action on that knowledge. No one will care more about your disability claim than you. Get geared up here.

1. How to Get a Higher Disability Rating

First stop is strategy. Most disabled veterans go into the disability compensation process blindly. They don’t know what the rules are and what exactly they are asking for. Don’t be that veteran. The Veterans Administration will chew you up and spit you back out again, many times with a lower rating than you deserve.


2. Sample Disability Compensation Letter 

Second stop is a sample disability compensation letter that I wrote for my own claim. This will give veterans an understanding of how best to format their disability claim. Your goal with the disability compensation letter is to help any reader, especially at the Veterans Benefits Administration, to understand what you are asking for. The best way veterans can help increase understanding is to write clearly, correct spelling errors, and use proper grammer. Veterans will need to include research with the request, and this letter shows disabled veterans how.


3. Request a Copy of Your Disability Compensation File

Third stop is how to get a copy of your disability compensation file. It is informally referred to as the C-File. This is a MUST DO for any veteran. It is imperative that you know what the VA says about you prior to filing your appeal, if possible. However, if the 12-month appeal deadline is close approaching, file the claim and then hope you get the copy of your file prior to final adjudication.


4. Biggest Lies Voc Rehab Counselors Tell Veterans

Fourth stop is an article I wrote about disabled veterans getting screwed by Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation. Man, you should have read the nasty comments from VA employees whose feelings were hurt when I published this on This post is a must read for disabled veterans who want to use Voc Rehab to fund their college or business.


5. What a Hero Deserves

Fifth, this page is all about veterans benefits from the Veterans Benefits Administration. Pretty much everything you can think of that the VA is supposed to give veterans is on this page. If you’re a newbie to all this disability talk, this article will help explain veterans benefits, in general.


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