Veterans have many resources available to them. One such benefit is vocational rehabilitation. The VetSuccess program is offers assistance to veterans with disabilities to help them find appropriate jobs.

Finding a job can be challenging for anyone, but veterans tend to face additional challenges. The program is especially beneficial to those veterans who are either eligible for or already are receiving VA disability. The goal of the program is to not only help veterans find a job, but help prepare them for the process of looking for and finding a job.

Services offered through the program include:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of skills, abilities, and preferences for employment
  • Vocational rehabilitation and counseling
  • Job training and job-seeking skills, including resume development
  • Assistance finding a job that matches a veteran’s skills and interests
  • On the job training, including non-paid work experience and apprenticeships
  • Independent living services for vets unable to work due to their disabilities
  • Counseling services and medical referrals
  • Assistance with additional college, vocational, business, and technical training

Eligibility Requirements

Both veterans and eligible active duty military members are eligible for the vocational rehabilitation program 12 years from either receiving a service-connected disability rating or discharge from active service. Vocational rehabilitation programs such as VetSuccess are open to all veterans and active duty service members who meet eligibility requirements.

These requirements include:

  • Anticipation of an honorable discharge once active duty status ends
  • A memorandum rating of 20 percent or more from the Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Apply for the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment VetSuccess program

Veterans are also eligible for the program. Eligibility requirements for veterans of all branches of the military include:

  • A memorandum rating of 20 percent or more from the VA or a service-connected disability rating of 10 percent or more
  • Have or expect to receive an honorable discharge
  • Apply for the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment VetSuccess program

Once a veteran or eligible active service member applies for the vocational rehabilitation program, the next step is to develop a rehabilitation plan that addresses employment and independent living concerns. If a veteran is determined not to be eligible for services, they will be directed to other resources.

Now that you understand the vocational rehabilitation program, let’s look at VA disability compensation.

Understanding VA Disability

VA disability compensation refers to benefits provided to eligible veterans due to injuries or illness acquired during active duty. This also includes conditions aggravated by active military service. The tax-free benefits may also be paid to eligible veterans disabled from VA healthcare. Eligibility requirements include:

  • Have a service-related disability
  • Received an honorable discharge
  • Have a condition made worse by active duty circumstances

VA Benefits

There is no standard amount of Department of Veteran Affairs’ benefits. The basic benefits available to eligible veterans depends on several factors. The main factor is the extent of a veteran’s disability and the impact that disability has on them in terms of overall quality of health and the ability to work.

Additional Benefits

Veterans eligible for basic benefits may be eligible for additional benefits beyond their basic benefits. In order to be eligible for additional VA benefits, a disabled veteran must have:

  • Severe disabilities or a loss of a limb or limbs
  • A spouse, dependent parent(s), children who are dependent on the veteran for support
  • A spouse who is seriously disabled

Amount of Benefits

There is no standard amount of benefits. For specific percentages of disability and the benefit rates associated with those disabilities, view the VA compensation rate tables.

How to Apply for VA Benefits

Eligible veterans must fill out VA Form 21-526. The following materials must be attached to the Veterans Application for Compensation and/or Pension:

  • Medical evidence, including doctor’s reports, hospital reports, and other relevant medical records
  • Dependency records, including marriage certificates and children’s birth certificates
  • Separation or discharge papers, including DD214 or the equivalent

The amount of time it takes to receive a determination on VA benefits varies based on the information provided and if other determining information is required to reach a decision. Now that you understand what VA benefit are and how to apply for such benefits, let’s take a look at Department of Veteran Affairs’ disability benefits.

VA Disability Benefits and Claims

The Department of Veteran Affairs provides a wide range of services to both veterans and eligible active service members. These services include:

  • Disability benefits
  • Home loan guaranty
  • Education
  • Job training
  • Employment counseling
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Access to medical care and treatments
  • Burial benefits
  • Life insurance
  • Dependent and survivor benefits

Filing Disability Claims

A joint application from the Department of Veteran Affairs and Department of Defense is available to service members to file claims for disability compensation. Claims may be filed within 180 days before either retirement or separation from active duty. This includes full time service with the Reserve or National Guard. Disability benefits may be applied for online.

In-person Assistance

Veterans and eligible active service members may also apply for disability benefits through their local regional VA office. VA regional offices and Veteran Service Organizations provide the following assistance to veterans:

  • Assistance filling out forms and finding the correct forms
  • Answering questions you may have about disability benefits and eligibility
  • Petitioning for assistance on behalf of an eligible veteran

The Department of Veteran Affairs provides several services available to veterans, eligible active service members, and the family members of veterans. These benefits range from employment services, assisted living programs, assistance finding the right resources, and assistance with filing claims.

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