180529 Volunteers

Hi there! So we finally took the plunge with identifying readers and community members who want to help out what the mission is here and learn a few things about data gathering and fighting agency corruption.

In 2010, I created the DisabledVeterans.org community and research publication for one purpose – – to educate the public and veterans about how the Department of Veterans Affairs really works.

Since I separated from the military, in 2001, the agency paid for me achieve my undergrad, law degree, and it even helped fund my law firm. During that time, I fought with the agency to win an increase of my disability rating from 10% to 100% PT.

I now educate veterans about their benefits while also exposing fraud, waste, and abuse in the agency. Our goal is to fight hard to expose agency corruption to ensure veterans get the benefits they deserve.

Now more than ever, we need your help to really dig into the agency and its various scandals and stories. This requires more researchers, writers, and folks willing to pitch in and dig through gigabytes of data.

So that is why I created this short contributors form – – we need to identify who among my readers are willing to roll up their sleeves to get the job done. Once you fill out the form, I will review and get back to you with possible options or ideas on how you can help out.

Thank you!

Benjamin Krause