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140424 Brain

Is VA Lowballing Veterans in TBI Claims? Speak Out!

Reports indicate large numbers of OEF/OIF combat veterans should be granted TBI claims due to blasts and other head injuries. Yet, the numbers of disabled veterans getting service-connection grants … continue...

Broke Calculator Shows Credit Trouble And Debt

VRAP Debt Trap Follow-up

Two weeks ago, I wrote about how VRAP became a debt trap for veterans and wanted to circle back around to publish comments of a few readers.Initially, VRAP was lauded by Congress and the Obama … continue...

VA Thieves

UPDATE: Millions looted, Phoenix VA Employees evade Arrest

Phoenix, AZ – Just in from a source at the Phoenix VA Medical Center during last week veterans protest -- this one will count as rumor for now, but it should give you an idea of the misconduct in … continue...

Phoenix VA Medical Center

MMQB: Massive Cover-up of 40 Deaths at Phoenix VA Medical Center

Senator McCain and other lawmakers demand action following deaths of up to 40 veterans connected to delays in health care services and misconduct at the Phoenix VA Medical Center.In other news, … continue...


Veterans Health Administration Fights Back in Bad Taste

In bad taste and just days after revealing the full scope of its wrongful death cover-up, the Veterans Health Administration bragged up its high marks from satisfaction surveys. Two recent … continue...

VA Fraud

FBI catches VA Medical Center Director in Conspiracy and Fraud

VA Medical Center Director William Montague recently pleaded guilty on 64 counts for conspiracy, money laundering and fraud. He agreed to pay over $390,000 and will be sentenced on May 20. VA OIG just released the details of the events leading up to the prosecution in its newsletter from the Department of Justice website. “As […]

140416 OMB plays Semantics in VA Report of

Truth or Fiction: VA OIG investigated $1.1 Billion in Improper Payments

Do not believe the hype on this one – VA reported $1.1 billion in improper payments to veterans – by “improper” VA OIG does not mean wrong. That means, while true, the game here is hype plus semantics. This shocking claim from VA OIG’s new report does not mean these payments went to undeserving veterans. […]

140415 Wheelchair

Irony: Veterans Administrations caught Violating Rights of the Disabled

VA Office of Inspector General caught the Veterans Administration violating the Americans with Disabilities Act, the friendliest law for the disabled in our country. The Americans with Disabilities Act protects the rights of the disabled, and most would expect VA to be intimately committed to abiding by its terms since it helps many veterans find […]

VA Chaplain Murderer

MMQB: VA Hiring Loophole – From Convicted Murderer to Head Chaplain

A little known VA hiring loophole resulted in the Togus VA Health Care System unwittingly hiring a convicted killer as head chaplain. “VHA, where patient safety is number one!” In yet another example of what has become a complete breakdown in VA hiring, officials are receiving a lot of attention by the House Veterans’ Affairs […]

VRAP Debt Trap

Mismanagement turns Vet Program into Veteran Debt Trap

“VRAP screwed me.” Veteran Alex G. wrote in about the ugly reality behind the glitz of the Obama Administration and Congress’s VRAP program, a program designed to help unemployed veterans. What sounded good in theory turned into a veteran debt trap in practice. Three years ago, Congress and President Obama stood proud after passing the […]