VA OIG Takes Action Against SES Employees

VA OIG just revealed that it is referring two Senior Executive Service (SES) employees to the US Attorney from criminal investigation. The SES executives were caught in a possible fraud scheme to circumvent pay raise restrictions while working in … [Read more...]

Can An OIG Investigation Fix VA TBI Scandal?

Rep. Tim Walz has called on VA OIG to investigate Minneapolis VA TBI scandal, but the agency blew off warnings from 2013 following an earlier VA OIG investigation into traumatic brain injury (TBI) back then. So how can Rep. Walz be so sure that VA … [Read more...]

NBC Reveals True Cost Of VA TBI Scandal

Monday night, NBC captured the true cost of the VA TBI scandal at Minneapolis VA on film that almost led to one veteran’s divorce and near suicide due to his negligent TBI diagnosis. Minneapolis VA, home to one of VA’s few polytrauma clinics, is … [Read more...]

Congressman Tim Walz Calls For Brain Injury Inquiry

Congressman Tim Walz called for a national investigation into VA yesterday after Minneapolis VA was caught defrauding veterans while ignoring clear VA policy. But is this kind of response enough or is more needed such as bringing criminal charges … [Read more...]

VA Fights FOIA To Cover-up Growing TBI Scandal

VA medical facilities across the country are fighting against reporters and clear FOIA laws to evade public accountability for using unqualified doctors in its TBI scandal to withhold benefits from veterans. READ: Check Out KARE 11 Report On VA … [Read more...]

Law Professor Calls Out Court’s Abuse Of Authority

A new paper by law professor James Ridgway gave a scalding critique of the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC) for its abuse of authority to render excessive numbers of single-judge opinions. Ridgway criticized the CAVC for this abuse because … [Read more...]

‘Angry’ Billboard Controversy Exposes Backlog Bamboozle

Outcry concerning lies from VA have resulted in a back and forth between VA is Lying and officials who claim there is no connection between the backlog decrease and appeals increase. How is that? As you will see, VA loves engaging in word-smithery … [Read more...]

Secret VA Rating Schedule Uncovered From 1945

VA could be still withholding millions in unlawfully withheld disability compensation from WWII veterans and Korean War veterans based on its secret VA rating schedule. VA withheld it from veterans and the public. The document was known as inside VA … [Read more...]