Secret VA Rating Schedule Uncovered From 1945

VA could be still withholding millions in unlawfully withheld disability compensation from WWII veterans and Korean War veterans based on its secret VA rating schedule. VA withheld it from veterans and the public. The document was known as inside VA … [Read more...]

Los Angeles VA Regional Office Shredding Veterans Claims

VA Benefits Administration would be doing such a good job if they did not keep shredding veterans claims as they whittle down the disability backlog. VA OIG just reported catching Los Angeles RO putting claims records – these are Federal records – … [Read more...]

VA ‘Greatly Regrets’ Brain Exam Scam With Unqualified Doctors

  VA issued a statement following exposure of a scam at Minneapolis VA where unqualified doctors were posing as qualified doctors and denying claims for traumatic brain injury. In a statement, VA claims it “greatly regrets” having unqualified … [Read more...]

VA Caught Defrauding 300 Veterans With Brain Injuries

NBC KARE 11 News just released a report about a scheme at Minneapolis VA Medical Center using unqualified medical professionals to deny veterans claiming disability due to traumatic brain injuries. READ NBC Article: Unqualified doctors performed … [Read more...]

VA Expands Camp Lejeune Disability Presumptions

Veterans Affairs just announced plans to amend regulations that will allow more presumptive disability conditions linked to toxins in drinking water at Camp Lejeune. VA already provides 15 conditions that are deemed “presumptive” if a veteran was … [Read more...]

Appeals Board Corruption Still Unchecked

Former “political prisoner” and disabled veteran Keith Roberts is still waiting for reinstatement of his veterans benefits by an appeals board following a “trumped up” prosecution for wire fraud that has since been disproved. Think it is possible … [Read more...]

VA Fixes Disability Backlog With Shredder

Los Angeles VA Regional Office was caught with key elements of veterans’ claims “inappropriately placed in shred bins” within the facility during an audit. California lawmakers are now questioning the integrity of the facility workers. This is a … [Read more...]