I’m a disabled veteran. I earned my veteran benefits as part of my service, and when I got out and tried to collect those benefits the VA did not help me.

No sir, they did not help one little bit.

So I fought them. I fought the VA long and hard, and it was not easy, but in the end I got my benefits, my EARNED benefits. And in doing this I discovered a cause.

I’m here to fight for YOUR EARNED BENEFITS. This is what I do.

Here are some of the fights I’m taking to the VA. If you’d like to help me, whether by donating time, research, knowledge or funding, please read on and let me know how you can help. Together we can get the benefits OUT of the VA system and into the hands of the disabled veterans who rightfully earned them.

Veterans Rights

I fight for Veterans Rights at every opportunity, and I help others do so as well. In fact, I just received a draft form of a new proposal for Veterans Legislation next year. Because of my role in help disabled veterans, a lot of policymakers turn to me for advice and guidance on issues concerning Veterans Rights.

What Veterans Are Doing About It

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Tools To Fight Back

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