Vocational Rehabilitation

Benjamin Krause

Before any more time goes by, do what you can to get Voc Rehab benefits to pay for the career you need to succeed in your career or life.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has completely failed in helping disabled veterans like you navigate the minefield that is VA Voc Rehab aka Vocational Rehabilitation aka VocRehab aka VR&E.

Any way you call it (I like Voc Rehab), you need information to help get all your benefits from VA and Voc Rehab is no different.

When it comes to Vocational Rehabilitation, many veterans do not understand the program. They do not understand what it can really do – it can literally change your life for the better. When it comes to getting help, veterans organizations never bother to tell disabled veterans why they should use these benefits, or how to access them if they are denied.

I wrote a guide called Voc Rehab Survival Guide that has helped thousands of veterans maximize their vocational benefits. I also created the below list of articles that helps veterans like you access the program to get the most out of Vocational Rehabilitation.

At this point do you think you have a good idea of what Voc Rehab can do for you? If you are unsure, then I suggest you keep reading.

On this site, I make a point to explain both ends of the veterans benefits agenda – what the benefits are and how to use them. That is what VA tends to leave out half the time using vague explanations without delineating case studies.

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What Is VA Voc Rehab?

Vocational Rehabilitation is far more than simple job training – but job training is usually how Vocational Rehabilitation counselors will summarize the program. Click on the above title to learn what Vocational Rehabilitation really is and all that you can do with it. Get the inside scoop on VA Vocational Rehabilitation here.

How To Get Voc Rehab Benefits

Here, we help you understand the steps you need to follow to get your Vocational Rehabilitation benefits claim started. Click on the above title to get some insider tips before your first Vocational Rehabilitation appointment.

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The Voc Rehab Survival Guide for Veterans

For some of us, the VA benefits process is clear and logical, and we get a good Voc Rehab counselor who helps us get the benefits we earned serving our great country.

Unfortunately, for the majority of disabled veterans, including me, getting our hard earned benefits out of the Dept of Veterans Affairs is a far more complicated process than anything we faced in service. In fact, it is more like pulling teeth out of an angry bull. Better get ready.

The Voc Rehab Survival Guide for Veterans I wrote helps disabled veterans, lawyers, family members and others get armed with the facts. It educates veterans about the Voc Rehab program and how to maximize their benefits. Disabled veterans concerned about getting their benefits, and wanting to understand how the VA works, should check out our guide.