Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Officer Directory

VA employees love their anonymity, and this VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Officer Directory will help stop that and help veterans get justice.

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Officer

VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Officer (VREO or VRE Officer) directory updated as recently as 2012. I am hoping to acquire an updated list soon. The phone numbers may or may not work and the names may be different today along with the addresses. Be sure to double check the mailing address before you send anything by mail.

While not perfect, this VREO directory gives you a solid idea of who the players are at most Voc Rehab offices across the country. Feel free to contact your VREO if you have problems with your Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.

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VRE Office Is In Charge

The VRE Officer is important because they are in charge of each regional office Voc Rehab office. These individuals are usually senior ranking Voc Rehab Counselors who were promoted into the role and then manage all the counselors who interface with veterans.

A VRE Officer is also the person who will conduct a review of your claim when a disagreement arises between the counselor. When mistakes are made, the VRE Officer will also conduct reviews of any Voc Rehab Counselor’s performance.

What VREO Approves

For certain Voc Rehab training tracks, a counselor must get VRE Officer approval. Such approvals are required for training extensions beyond 48 months and high-cost schools with tuition over $25,000 annually.

Who Is In Charge Of VREO?

The VRE Officer reports to the regional office director at their location and has to get. The regional office director may be required to weigh in on certain plans including approval of certain self-employment plans.

What VRE Service Director Does

The VRE Service director in VA Central Office must approve self-employment plans where the veteran is considered one of the most severely disabled veterans seeking Category 1 approval. To be approved, a veteran must gain approval from VRE Service. He or she also conducts Administrative Reviews of initial entitlement denials.

That aside, the regional office director reports to leadership within the Office of Field Operations. These are the bean counter who reportedly muck up VA benefits adjudications of all kinds including Voc Rehab and Disability Compensation.

Check out our article, 4 Pro Steps To Contacting Your Voc Rehab Office Boss, if you need to find a new VRE Officer or the boss of your VRE Officer. This can be particularly useful if you are unable to inspire your VRE Officer to help you.

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Source: https://www.benefits.va.gov/vocrehab/