VA To Prematurely Close Thousands Of Healthcare Applications, Again

One well-known whistleblower just alerted the press that VA is likely taking steps to prematurely close incomplete applications, again. Scott Davis, a public affairs officer...
VA Director Brian Hawkins

Will Court Reversal Of VA Director Termination Expose Deeper Scandal?

In response to a court order to stay termination of VA director Brian Hawkins, VA Secretary Shulkin fired back stating no judge can “force”...
Iraq Burn Pit

Tortured Islamic Terrorists Get Day In Court, Iraq Burn Pit Veterans Get Denied

Burn pit veterans are denied their day in court against the contractor responsible for the burn pits, but Islamic terrorists will get their day...
Wells Fargo VA Home Loan Scam

Qui Tam: Wells Fargo Pays Big For Fraudulent Anti-Veteran Lending Practices

Wells Fargo to pay over $100 million for allegations of fraud that included overcharging military veterans using the VA Home Loan, thusly overcharging VA...
Iwan DNC Hackvideo

‘Change Your Passwords’: DNC Awan Scandal Inspires Veteran To Warn Others

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9LHvIYi2_0] One veteran sounded the alarm for the community highlighting the extent of the Awan scandal and likelihood of a resurgence of Guciffer email...
Stand For Truth Benjamin Krause

Listen To Benjamin Krause Discuss Poor VA Press Coverage, Big Pharma

Hi All, I will be on Stand For Truth Radio with Susan Knowles today talking about poor VA press coverage of VA and why...
WWII Veteran

Legally Blind WWII Veteran Attacked While Defending The American Flag

One legally blind WWII veteran fought off assailants attempting to vandalize his American flag after destroying his “God Bless All Police” sign. Howard Banks, a...
John McCain Brian Tumor

Turncoat John McCain Refuses Free VA Surgery For Brain Tumor

One of the most infamous veterans, Senator John McCain (R-Az), rejected free VA surgical services when he instead received surgical treatment at Mayo for...

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