John McCain Brian Tumor

Turncoat John McCain Refuses Free VA Surgery For Brain Tumor

One of the most infamous veterans, Senator John McCain (R-Az), rejected free VA surgical services when he instead received surgical treatment at Mayo for...

VA Screwing TBI Vets – Here are the Quick Facts for Your TBI Evaluation

VA gives tons of TBI evaluations every day, but before your TBI evaluation, make sure you are armed with the facts. Today, I put together this...
va accountability

Veterans Affairs Perverts Trump VA Accountability, Retaliates Against Whistleblower

Veterans Affairs is immediately showing its true colors by thumbing its nose against President Donald Trump and his whistleblower protection law. Just one week after...
J Thomas Burch Jr

Former High-Level VA Attorney Guilty Of Embezzlement

One former high-level VA attorney who served as liaison to Department of Homeland Security pleaded guilty this week to embezzling funds. The attorney in question...

Republicans Seek To Cut Veterans Benefits For The Disabled

Remember Michele Bachmann's attempted $4 billion cut from disabled veterans compensation? Well, "they're ba-ack ..." Except this time, they are looking to cut away...
VA Failure

VA FAIL: Another $500 Million IT ‘Failure’ For Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs just announced its massive $500 million asset tracking IT project will be delayed by at last one year due to “catastrophic failure.” Five...

VA To Prematurely Close Thousands Of Healthcare Applications, Again

One well-known whistleblower just alerted the press that VA is likely taking steps to prematurely close incomplete applications, again. Scott Davis, a public affairs officer...
Thumbs Nose At Trump

VA Thumbs Nose At Trump, Fires Whistleblower Right As Protection Law Is Signed

One well-known VA whistleblower may not benefit from new protections signed into law by President Trump since he was canned right before Trump signed...

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