WWII Veteran

Legally Blind WWII Veteran Attacked While Defending The American Flag

One legally blind WWII veteran fought off assailants attempting to vandalize his American flag after destroying his “God Bless All Police” sign. Howard Banks, a...
John McCain Brian Tumor

Turncoat John McCain Refuses Free VA Surgery For Brain Tumor

One of the most infamous veterans, Senator John McCain (R-Az), rejected free VA surgical services when he instead received surgical treatment at Mayo for...
GAO Randall Williamson

GAO: Despite Rampant VA Employee Health Care Fraud, Metrics Still ‘Flawed’

In testimony to Congress last week, GAO said VA is using flawed clinical quality measures that do not accurately reflect reality due to incomplete...
Human Experimentation

Lawmakers Demand DOD Admit Full Impact Of Human Experiments

In the 1960s and 1970s, the Pentagon conducted secret human experiments on military personnel using chemical and biological weapons. Some 6,000 soldiers were experimented on...
VA Termination Numbers

Are 500 VA Terminations A Major Change Or A Joke?

Some senior leaders within VA are highlighting (through backchannels) that recent termination numbers are likely a publicity stunt. While VA brags a turnover rate of...
VA Accountability

VA Accountability: Agency To Release All Major Adverse Employee Actions

As part of the new accountability program, VA has decided to release all major adverse employee actions and settlements over $5,000. In the not too...
VA Failure

VA FAIL: Another $500 Million IT ‘Failure’ For Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs just announced its massive $500 million asset tracking IT project will be delayed by at last one year due to “catastrophic failure.” Five...
Independence Day 4th Of July

My Family And I Thank You This 4th Of July — 2017

My family and I would like to thank all you veteran readers who were willing to sacrifice your own lives to protect our freedoms. None...

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