ICE Chong Hwan Kimvideo

ICE May Deport Detained Iraq War Veteran

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is evaluating whether to deport an Iraq War veteran after a string of legal troubles. Since April, Iraq War veteran...
Thomas Bowman VA Deputy Secretary

Thomas Bowman: Does VA Dep Sec Pick Have Any Skeletons In His Closet?

President Donald Trump finally nominated the first Deputy Secretary to serve as #2 behind Secretary David Shulkin. What we do know is he served in...
Thumbs Nose At Trump

VA Thumbs Nose At Trump, Fires Whistleblower Right As Protection Law Is Signed

One well-known VA whistleblower may not benefit from new protections signed into law by President Trump since he was canned right before Trump signed...
J Thomas Burch Jr

Former High-Level VA Attorney Guilty Of Embezzlement

One former high-level VA attorney who served as liaison to Department of Homeland Security pleaded guilty this week to embezzling funds. The attorney in question...
va accountability

Veterans Affairs Perverts Trump VA Accountability, Retaliates Against Whistleblower

Veterans Affairs is immediately showing its true colors by thumbing its nose against President Donald Trump and his whistleblower protection law. Just one week after...
Susan Knowles Stand For Truth Benjamin Krause

Benjamin Krause Will Be Live For Q/A At 12 PM CST

Join you host Susan Knowles and guest Benjamin Krause as we bring you “Veterans’ Voice of America,” a LIVE video interactive show where we...
VA Accountability Bill

VA Accountability Bill Passes House Of Representatives

The House of Representatives passed an accountability bill that will supposedly help Veterans Affairs fire bad employees while protecting whistleblowers. The bill is dubbed the...
Agent Orange

ProPublica Hammers VA Over Recent Agent Orange Science Rejection

Today, ProPublica hammered a key VA official who denies the harm caused by use of dangerous toxins commonly referred to as Agent Orange. Commenting on...

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