Disability Compensation

Disability Compensation

Filing for VA disability is the first step of many veterans right out of service. Unfortunately, the process is a very difficult one with landmines everywhere. Knowing tips to navigate this process is vital to a fair rating.

Financially Incompetent Veterans

New Law Would Allow Financially Incompetent Veterans To Own Firearms Again

Disabled veterans deemed financially incompetent veterans will be allowed to own firearms again if a new bill is passed by Congress. The Veterans 2nd Amendment...
VA Employees ASPEN

VA To Investigate Union Employees For Working Too Much

An email circulated yesterday, sent by the AFGE Union to Philadelphia VA employees, warned employees of an investigation into too much work versus not...
VA bonuses

Veterans Sound Off On VA Bonuses Paid Out Despite Backlog ‘Slip Up’

Many veterans sounded off yesterday over a leaked email from Diana Rubens to staff lauding her award of VA bonuses to employees despite a...
Claims Backlog

Want To Know Why The VA Claims Backlog Increased Last Month?

  After years of following disgraced VA director Diana Rubens work the system, I came across a leaked email yesterday that gives insight into the...

With Any Appeal, Be Sure To Look Behind The Curtain Of Oz

Almost fifteen years ago now, I went in for my first appointment with VocRehab. I was super excited and looking forward to setting off...
Agent Orange

New Fix Proposed For Agent Orange Problem

A new legislative fix was recently proposed by Congress to remedy a longstanding agency problem involving Agent Orange. The remedy, Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans...
Camp Lejeune

Outgoing Sec VA Allocates Billions To Camp Lejeune Veterans

On Friday, outgoing Sec VA Robert McDonald approved massive payouts for an estimated 900,000 veterans exposed to toxic Camp Lejeune water. The plan is estimated...
veteran suicide cover-up

Veterans Affairs PTSD, Suicide Cover-up ‘Morally Indefensible’

Have you ever wondered what the Department of Veterans Affairs may have in common with the tobacco industry? Me either until I read an op-ed...

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