Disability Compensation

Disability Compensation

Filing for VA disability is the first step of many veterans right out of service. Unfortunately, the process is a very difficult one with landmines everywhere. Knowing tips to navigate this process is vital to a fair rating.

veteran suicide cover-up

Veterans Affairs PTSD, Suicide Cover-up ‘Morally Indefensible’

Have you ever wondered what the Department of Veterans Affairs may have in common with the tobacco industry? Me either until I read an op-ed...
VA Sec McDonald

Harvard Business Review Got VA Sec McDonald Legacy Wrong

Harvard Business Review published yet another piece lauding the successes of VA Sec McDonald that should cement his great successes if accurate. To the public,...
VA Law Library

Board Veterans Forum And Its VA Law Library Goldmine

My trip last week to the Board of Veterans Appeals revealed more than solutions to longstanding problems, but also the Board’s law library goldmine...
board of veterans' appeals

Board Of Veterans Appeals Seeks Veteran Appeals Feedback In Forum

This Thursday, VA’s Board of Veterans Appeals is holding a panel discussion with real veterans to get a no-holds-barred perspective on appeals problems. Board of...
Oakland VA

OSC Busts Oakland VA Regional Office 14,000 Claim Blunder

The Office of Special Counsel admonished Oakland VA for it massive failure to process over 14,000 informal claims dating back to the 1990’s. OSC rebuked...
medical disability examination

VA Awards Medical Disability Examinations Contracts For $6.8 Billion

VA announced the award of $6.8 billion for VA disability compensation and pension medical disability examinations for the next 12 months with 4 extensions. Five...
medical literature publication

TBI, Medical Opinions And All Important Medical Literature

One important part of a veteran’s traumatic brain injury claim, or any claim, is the use of medical literature to turn your injury into...
Claim Perspective

When Presenting Claim Evidence, Context Is Everything

A buddy of mine retiring from service just asked about how to present claim evidence for his disability, and there is one bit of...

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