VA whistleblower

FBI Investigates Drug Ring And Death Threats Against VA Whistleblower

VA whistleblower

One African American VA whistleblower who is also a veteran started receiving death threats after exposing an illegal drug dealing ring at Bedford VA.

Local VA leadership at Bedford VA failed to accept changing sentiment against death threats and other forms of retaliation and allowed, either passively or actively, the harassment to continue.

Since blowing the whistle last year, two directors have been reassigned for their decisionmaking linked threats and harassment experienced by Redger Hennah.

According to Lowell Sun:

Since he notified his superiors that fellow employees were selling drugs to patients and engaging in inappropriate behavior, the hospital administration has revoked his access to certain buildings, prohibited him from working with patients, declared him AWOL for not performing his duties, and docked his pay, according to VA records.

“They asked me to return to work where I was getting life-threatening phone calls and where the teddy bear — they put the noose around it,” said Hennah, who is African American. “They were trying to get me out of the VA and scare me away.”

In the days after the noose incident, the hospital’s administration said it had zero-tolerance for such actions and was opening an investigation into the threats.

No findings have been made in that investigation.

Through a spokeswoman, the hospital declined to answer specific questions about Hennah’s situation, citing employee privacy.

“Bedford VA is committed to whistleblower protection and creating an environment in which employees feel free to voice their concerns without fear of reprisal,” Public Affairs Officer Courtney Purswell wrote in a statement.

The situation at Bedford VA is so bad FBI was even deployed to the facility. One spokesperson from the Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection is also reportedly investigating the matter in person.

How long before someone takes real action against these folks in Civil RICO?


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  1. Still retaliating against a VA employee ? I hope the FBI does it job and not break Bread with upper Management. They maybe involved that why they let this happen. Certain Buildings ? Must be where the drug transaction’s are occurring.

    I been writing about how the VA or I should say a certain VA Manager was able to get the VA disruptive committee to punish me for Disruptive Behavior, I am a former VA employee and 100% disabled veterans.

    The VA not only punished me since 2004, they forced me to travel 120 miles round trip to see a doctor. This went on for 5 years. The Manager did not only claim I had been disruptive, She told the VA that I wanted to murder VA Employees at my local clinic.

    VA regulations require any and all disruptive behavior be documneted in writting. The Manager stated to the Denver VA that I would come into our clinic at LEAST twice a month and become disruptive. Nothing in writing to prove her allagations and yet the Denver VA called the FBI, the inspector Generals office and my local police department.

    VA in Denver in writing stated they had no evidence or proof of me ever being disruptive and told a senator Bennetts office in writing that they never punished me, also stated that they never coded my medical records or ever Red Flagged my medical records.

    Now Secretary Shulkin states that he is stopping the Choice program in November as we know it, but veterans need choice and its up to the Veterans and their Provider to decide whats best for the Veteran. That is not choice, the provider must agree with the veterans.

    So, the VA could force me to go to my local clinic where I was falsely accused of disruptive behavior. This is not accectable to me as they are why I want to be seen on the outside. All the Manager or one of her flunkies has to say is I was disruptive and the VA can have me arrested and they do not have to furnish any evidence and all they have to do now is put something in writing even if it is false I will be arrested.

    I have advised all of you, that besides punishing me for 5 years the Denver chief of staff wrote in my official medical records ” If we the VA shoul “EVER” hear that you have been reported as being disruptive again ? “you will have federal charges placed upon you and you will be Arrested and you will be banished from all VA Care.

    This was all done by the manager only as a retalatory act against a former VA employee for me stating I did not feel she was running the Hispanic Committee to its full potential and she really got pissed off, when the Director appointed me as the New Chairman of the committee.

    Secretary Shulkin was sent real evidence of everything that has happened since this first started letters, responses, regulations and laws. What the Manager and the VA in Denver did to me and everything published and I was harmed and the VA refusal to aploizize to me. The employee committed a class 6 Felony of Criminal Libel.

    Secretarty Shulkin has never replied to my letter with all the evidence that was sent to him in May 2017. I also sent copies to the Senate committee on veterans affairs and to Rubio. The veterans committee is to receive from Secretary Shulkin a list of every employee slated for removal or disablined and explain to them wht the employee was not fired.

    I am going to write again to the veterans committee and to Ribio since he was one of the senators to pass the law.

    Also you all heard about the 2.5 cost of living adjustment, well Secretary Shulkin wants the VA to stop those cost of living increase and send the Veterans increase to the VA to use as needed. Dont believe me look it up.

    Ben may I ask you advise, What should I do if this manager or her flunkies falsely accuse me again of being disruptive and I am Arrested with federal charges and banished from all VA care.

  2. Is it just me or can the picture above be explained in another way? (I am practicing PR)

    I mean, the place does sell teddy bears somewhere to help patients, right? Often notes are indeed attached by a string, right? Doesn’t it occur to anyone else that maybe a well intentioned friend visiting a VA patient at the hospital happened to also be a doctor outside of VA and the message was meant for his friend? The man obviously got misdirected.

    Now, here is the test: The VA says that they will investigate this matter. The VA says they will not tolerate this kind of behaviour.

    The test is this – of the two different explanations above, which sounds to you to be more ridiculous? Raise your hand if you know the answer and I will call you…

    1. Think of the lives we could save if we passed that teddy out to every patient? This could be big…

    2. More ridiculous is: That teddy bear was likely stuffed with VA Travel Pay Fraud Warning Posters and that note was the backside of a Travel Pay Fraud Warning Poster. RAND also must add that the ‘rope’ was likely hemp and OIG is investigating the plants growing on perimeter of employee parking lot field…to be clear, the bear was likely not stuffed with weed, but VA Travel Pay Fraud Warning Posters.

  3. I’m amazed that the FBI is getting off of its butt and doing a thing, but not holding my breath.

    I, at the Atlanta Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) reported my coworker saying she was gonna ‘Bring guns up in here’ to deal with me and VA did nothing but fire me.

    I filed a complaint with my congressman and nothing. I filed a complaint with the Federal Protective Service and guess what they told me? They told me that this was an ‘administrative’ issue. So, I guess they needed my coworker to actually blow my brains out?

    I started recording her swearing and taunting me. I presented this as evidence during my ongoing litigation against the VA at the MSPB and guess what she said in response to my recordings? That ‘she won’t admit or deny that it was her on the recording’….So, in other words, it’s her on my recordings!!!

    But, guess what? No one is investigating her and/or the VA’s failure to address her “terroristic threat” to me. No one. I’m still fired and the MSPB is stonewalling in making a decision on my appeal(s) and claim(s) of whistleblower retaliation.

    Now, I’m fighting with the VA Accountability Office to do something. I specifically put in my complaint that I want the VA to refer the people I listed on my complaint to the appropriate authorities (i.e. police) to have them dealt with. So far, the VA Accountability Office is stonewalling on investigating and/or addressing my complaints.

    These people at the VA are down right criminals and low lives. They are above the law and the MSPB, OSC, and congress is just sitting back and allowing them to make their own rules and live without consequences that your average citizen would face for their misconduct and down right criminal actions. It’s a shame and I’m getting tired of Trump telling me how great things are becoming at the VA when these criminals are still gainfully employed and I’m here trying to restore my name, finances, and dignity.

  4. Someone wouldn’t have a hard time killing the whistleblower. All they would have to do is hold him down and feed him some pills. Then claim it was an “overdose” and move on. Doubt anyone would get arrested. I was at the VA and the doctor gave me “Lozapram” one time and I didn’t want it. You know how dangerous that shit is? It’ll kill a horse if you take a little too much.

    1. Not speaking for Ben, but any mention of race certainly points out the hypocrisy of many on the left who freak out over any minor issue, yet here is a clear racist act and they are silent about it.

      One would think if people can’t get pissed off at veterans being harmed, maybe they could get a little concerned over this.

  5. I believe it, I was beaten up while I admitted myself into the Tucson VA for observation because of PTSD from Vietnam. Well that date is missing from my records and complete denial. A quote from the department head of the mental health staff “that cannot be, we train them not to hurt patients.” I said “I will pay for a private ‘lie detector test’ about the beating from a male nurse, which I reported the very next morning to several doctors, nurses and other all the patients.” They still didn’t believe me and I started going to group meetings.
    The VA soon started telling me, I was missing appointments, which was not the case. So I just gave up, trying to beat the VA is impossible. They want the veterans to stop coming to the hospital by treating the veteran as if they were still in the Military. Which gave me more undue stress. It really was not worth it to me. Now I just want my meds and to be left alone, even if it means dying without proper treatment. Like now, my primary was suppose to see me after my blood test, but hasn’t and I know I need cholesterol medication. My blood pressure was so bad when I went to the dentist, he wanted to send me to the emergency room. But I’ve lost the care to live, I just rather die.
    Screw the VA hospital. I am not in the military anylonger. I gave more than my share of abuse and pain from the military. I’m done.
    Rather die sooner than later. Not going to kill myself, but taking measures to make my life any longer than it will be. I’d rather die than live with the PTSD.
    Stop treating veterans as if they are still in the military!!!!!

    1. @George Batty – – – You stay strong Brother, and don’t let them (VA pukes) know your deep thoughts. I don’t know your situation, but I do know mine, and I can surely relate to how you feel about the VA ass wiping employees. And, I’m sorry for what you’re going through.

      Don’t know your options around you, but can you scope your situation out, and listen in for anyone that may have an understanding attitude in whom you may be able to trust? I realize that this maybe difficult depending on the depth of your trauma’s, and the poor quality of peeps that maybe around you to choose from. It’s all relevant.

      All that I can do is to encourage you to somehow dig deep. I’ve had to fake my pleasantness many times, but I’ve also let it rip out of my mouth on how I don’t trust VA employees, and to warn them to not even come close to touch me. I’m sure that you may have done this as well. Damn, for just thinking out loud, I’ve been escorted out of my local VA at least 3 times. I’ve been battling with these incompetent jerks for over 5 years with constant distrust against them.

      I know that nowadays it’s very hard to find another being, albeit a Veteran, that will stand close with you, shoulder to shoulder. Someone in whom you can trust, and that you know that they’d have your six. Whatever, don’t you give up on hope. And, I’m not going to encourage anything that doesn’t include a smooth deep breath.

      But, I can tell from the way that you write, that deep down, you’re able to outwit, and maneuver out of anything these pukes (VA employees) can put on you. Stand strong, there’re are other commenters that feel the same way as well. And, if you have too, use this site as a source to vent.

      No worries, there’ve been many others that posted to get things out by sharing with others. Keep posting, and hold your head high, and stay proud. I hope this helps. Sorry if it doesn’t, because sometimes I just try to wing life myself. – – – Nutter.

    1. Basically, this Pedophile named Roderick Rooney who is a recruiter for the University of Phoenix, a ‘For-Profit- University’. While at the same time he is working as a Supervisor in charge of handling Vocational Rehab at the Bedford VAMC. Which is a total Violation of a statute pertaining to for-profit educational institutions—38 U.S.C. 3683—which was passed by Congress decades ago to prevent corruption in connection with VA’s administration of benefits under VA education benefits programs.

      Debra, you are saying that Roderick Rooney, who not only is a very corrupt VA employee and a Pedophile, is also someone who would break the laws protecting Whistleblowers?

      1. Debra,

        After following the link you provided confirming the arrest of your former supervisor named Roderick Rooney. Who was arrested for warrants for distributing child pornography and possession of child pornography.

        Federal pay dot org states this about Mr. Rooney; “In 2016, Roderick Rooney was a Vocational Rehabilitator at the Veterans Health Administration in Bedford, Massachusetts.”

        Also, the University of Phoenix, Boston, Academic Catalog Volume 48 list Roderick Rooney as a Staff Member for Boston offices of the University of Phoenix in the following branches:

        The College of Humanities and Sciences
        The College of Security and Criminal Justice
        The University of Phoenix School of Business
        The College of Social Sciences


        “University of Phoenix, Boston Catalog”

        “Federal Employee Profile — Roderick Rooney”

      2. It is also noteworthy, that one of the first action the Newly confirmed VA General Counsel “James Byrne” was to file an action to change 38 U.S.C. 3683 and circumvent the Federal Code and allow VA employees to profit from their connections to these schools.

        Matter of Fact James Byrne’s, the new General Counsel for the VA’s Nominee Report | U.S. Office of Government Ethics; 5 C.F.R. part 2634 list him as the director of the, so called, Non-Profit named “GIVE AN HOUR NONPROFIT CORPORATION”.

        The timeline is very telling.

      3. Timeline

        August 03rd — James Byrne is confirmed as the New General Counsel for the VA
        August 29th – Phoenix University press release announces a new partnership with his, so-called, Non-Profit
        September 14th – James Byrne files a notice to change with the Federal Register to allow employees to profit from their connections from For-Profit Schools.

        “VA Proposes Employees Can Profit From For-Profit Colleges”, By Benjamin Krause – September 15, 2017

        “Nominee Report | U.S. Office of Government Ethics; 5 C.F.R. part 2634”
        Executive Branch Personnel, Public Financial Disclosure Report (OGE Form 278e)
        Filer’s Information — Byrne, James Michael
        General Counsel, Department of Veterans Affairs

        “Ethics Agreement on file at the U.S. Office of Government Ethics”, Filed June 30th, 2017

        ProPublica Non-Profit Explorer results for “GIVE AN HOUR NONPROFIT CORPORATION” their 990 tax exempt filings.

        “Give an Hour (GAH) and University of Phoenix recently announced a new alliance”, August 29,2017

        “Employees Whose Association With For-Profit Educational Institutions Poses No Detriment to Veterans”, A Notice by the Veterans Affairs Department on 09/14/2017

      4. Holy Bat Crap, Batman! I hope Benjamin gets that in particular with the VA Voc. Rehab. and the U. of Phoenix nexus…holy shit!

      5. I am saying, he was horribly abusive to me and when I tried to report him (including a letter – that would make ME a whistleblower), my complaints were worse than ignored. I lost my CWT position. I was offered to move from Engineering Department to mopping floors in the tunnel.

      6. Debra,

        You were employed in the Compensated Work Therapy (CWT) program. Which is a Veterans Health Administration vocational rehabilitation program. Besides being Very Abusive towards you did you happen to notice him being Abusive towards other Veterans also?

        Did he or anyone else at the Bedford VAMC try to steer you into taking courses from the University of Phoenix?

        Also, did you happen to notice any other CWT workers being steered to take courses there?

      7. Gr8 sleuthing, Seymore Klearly. Just shows what kind of ilk needs removed in handcuffs…yet, the VA would place Debra in the basement tunnels to mop floors, the VA’s form of dungeons or “the hole’ in prison…fucking psychotic ratty bastards!

  6. I think this was the IG report I saw about the lousy job the VA does in drug testing VA employees.


      1. Shut up already dude. Don’t care if you were special forces. And, you don’t act like you’re the cream of the crop as you should. Stand at attention when you’re being addressed. LMAO – – – Nutter.

  7. I support the bravery and courage of the whistleblower I stand with you. I went through similar changes with the VA and the army. God bless you

  8. Interesting. Will anything come of this? Doubtful. I can’t even see some lower level flunky being thrown under the bus without them spilling the beans on others.

    …yet veterans are the suspect ones who need drug testing or have their prescriptions cut off without regard for their medical condition.

    Wasn’t there other reports of serious problems at Bedford?

    I so wish the media would follow this case all the way through. It would be interesting to see some major media following this to see whether a thorough investigation is performed, or if the directors and other management get off Scot-free. Why would they not investigate drug dealing on their premises with the current anti-opioid environment? Unless they were profiting from it. It would be interesting to read whether VA management is conducting mandatory drug testing for all involved.

    Where is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on the civil rights violations and racist actions taken? I guess only certain black lives matter. Friggin activists freak out when a shoelace is found on campus and reported as a noose, but a teddy bear with an actual noose is no big deal?

    Speaking of mandatory drug testing. Ben, you should get the new OPM guidelines on drug testing federal employees. They have added 4 new drugs to test. Why is the VA not following them?

    I also recall reading somewhere that the VA is doing a pretty piss poor job of drug testing VA employees that are in positions mandating drug testing. It would be interesting to see those lousy stats if I can find them again.

    1. Turn the VA in for the consideration of an investigation based on the weekday topics published on Ben’s site, whether by Ben, or posted by others. As you have noticed, I’ve seen less cases brought up against the powers-that-be for much less than is what is documented on this site or any other Veteran site for that matter.

      I know that there’re different laws so-called governing the VA, but as I’ve always said, “there has to be some loopholes so that the VA can be at least bitch slapped a bit, or at most, to bounce open the damn shaking front doors so that a massive investigation per illegal activities of any sort can be conducted on the VA.

      Mark my words, it’s going to be a matter of time, before someone comes along, and they’re not going to be in the VA’s pocket, and HOLLY HELL is going to break forth in the VA. It can’t come any sooner. IMO. – – – Nutter.

  9. Same ole shit happening on a daily basis. If there wasn’t much illegal activities occurring in the hallways of the VA, then there wouldn’t be articles being published about the VA’s illegal internal problems.

    DOJ, FBI, DEA, and or ANY State Attorney General are able to investigate the VA for illegalities. What ever Agency decides to pursue an investigation against the VA will have many a Field Days ahead of them.

    VA Audit + VA Investigation + No AFGE = Better Services 4 Veterans @ Less Cost

    Hey Politeats, set the standard, clean the VA up. – – – Nutter.

  10. Death threats, Selling Drugs, Retaliation, Veterans being punished by VA employees, threatened with Federal Charges, Arrest and Banishment from all VA care.

    Secretary Shulkin stating if an employee should not be working at the VA they will not be working at the VA.

    VA employees and higher management covering up for employees, employees can accuse veterans of wanting to murder employees and that veteran be a former VA employee.

    The VA call the FBI, inspector Generals office the veterans local police department stating such. The veteran requesting any and all written evidence or proof of the allegation’s, Higher management admitting they had or have any proof.

    The veteran accused of wanting to commit murder and employee does not have one written report to back up their allegation’s. as required by VA own regulations.

    Management letting the accusing employee answer any and all investigative inquires to answer themselves.

    VA Denver telling a senator in writing that due to the employee reporting of the disruptive behavior that they never punished the veteran, that they never Red Flagged or coded the veterans for disruptive behavior.

    Secretary Shulkins office covering up for the reporting employee namely a staff member only know as Stephanie.

    Secretary Shulkin or his staff not responding to veterans or service originations.

    VA regional office lieing to veterans stating their official military records were destroyed and those official military records sitting on the VA regional office shelf for over forty years.

    Thousands of veterans denied their deserved claims and therefore refused their deserved care. VA employees making False wait list that caused many, many deaths and are still doing it.

    These people need to be put under the Jail, before that rounded up and paraded down fifth avenue in N.Y. where President Trump said he could shoot someone and no one would care.

    President Trump wanting to start a war, when he received deferments for bone spurs that have healed right after the war ended. Hundreds of thousands of Soldiers being killed or maimed and no where to go.

    If they should go to the VA, they could be killed by the very people that are to assist veterans. which is happening right under the nose of our elected officials who should be pressing for Arrests and prosecution of the murders.

  11. “…which employees feel free to voice their concerns without fear of reprisal,”

    They say the same thing about patient complaints too, but the DBC doesn’t operate from a public relations handbook any more than this man’s superiors legitimately investigated his death threats. Look at the facts here!!! He ONLY got his health threatened by retaliation against the truth. Veteran patients have their healthcare REMOVED by DBC without trial, representation, or any other form of due process and many of those die. This fact is not in dispute.

    … AND for those of you not familiar with DBC who might think, “They can’t do that!” …

    Think again.

    Now think about this; We have a whole set of laws now to protect whistleblowers and see story after story after story about the anguish of VA emoloyees whose rights are pissed on for telling the truth about VA. Why? Answer; because in America it is ok to look the other way when a vet is screwed and nobody cares enough for it to be news-worthy so the story focuses on the victimized federal employee.

    This means that a man or woman who risked their lives in service to our country is tossed under the bus


    a hard working(?) VA employee with a doomd teddy bear on his desk is worthy of high level investigations and reporting. In fact the teddy bear wasn’t even damaged.

    God bless America?

    1. You are right-on! This is a Federal Employee Welfare Works Program (F.E.W.W.P.)
      Remember the VAMC down in Louisiana where the medical assist. beat to death a Veteran inpatient right in his hospital bed…and the AFGE/VA gave the thug TIME-OFF TO RECOVER? What, to heal his knuckles? WTF?

    2. After his whistle blowing, could you imagine him as a vet trying to get care in the same facility?

  12. Why should they? The government pays for the drugs so there is no worry there. when and ONLY when the VA people have to sign the drugs out and how much they used and then sign the rest back in as to keep a log on who is using the drugs, none of this will change. And isnt this up in Whitey Bolgers old area? If so that would explain quite a bit

  13. “The Air Force hasn’t used nuclear ‘alert pads’ since the Cold War. Now they’re being upgraded.”– Also know some once-deactivated huge USAF bases have ramped-up again…interesting we never used them in the 17 years of current wars…maybe why we’ve been losing? Maybe?

  14. Dare I ask where the almighty AFGE is to protect this employee?? Hey “lil” Cox, you wanted to kick ass, here’s your opportunity you worthless fuck. Where the fuck is SECVA and all his new protections?? The roots run deep on this fiasco, no doubt. All this taking place in Bedford Va., home of the D-Day memorial…..fucking disgraceful.
    As always, Fuck VA, Fuck AFGE.

    1. They stay snorting finely powdered stolen Opioids. They lay their lines on the break room table. Break room located on the 6th floor next to the Executive Office’s bathroom, so that they can easily have access to water for chasing down the nasal residue of the Opioid dust. – – – Nutter.

      1. Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. When is the last time you heard of this album by David Bowie? Come on, be clean with it. – – – Nutter.

      2. I was listening to Bowie this weekend while reorganizing some stuff and cleaning, to include Spiders From Mars. Does that make me an oddball? Is there a prize? A funny hat? 🙂

      3. It’s been awhile.. but David isn’t dead, he just finally made it to Mars, More potent dust to snort there, He’s waiting for Buzzed up Aldrin to get there with some water to flush his sinuses down.
        Trump just gave NASA some cash so he can make the trip…
        True story I read it in the ONION…LOL

      4. It’ll be a hell of a freak party, I’m thinking they need to take Tiny Tim along also, He could be playing tip toe thru the tulips while the other two are packing their nose’s . Or Elton John so he could play Rocket man on the way up…Hope they don’t run into PURPLE RAIN on the way up that would be a real mess ….LOL

      5. Tiny Tim would also come in handy due to his teeth being so perfect to open bottles of Tang Beer in space. I’d rather have Zappa along and even if still around, Iggy Pop and Bowie would make for entertainment…Tiny Tim better bring Poppies to plant on Mars and not damn tulips…

    2. Warhorse,
      “Where’s the Secretary of VA”, you ask?
      He’s planning his next vacation with his wifey on the backs of the taxpayers!
      He’s trying to figure out HOW he will take a position at a prestigious university/VA facility. Where he can receive subsidies from the taxpayers, in order to sell an experimental drug to “Pig Pharma”! Just like another asswipe did a short time ago!
      Then, when Congress wants to investigate and interrogate him, he’ll retire with full benefits! Just like ALL the other reprobates!

    3. The AFGE is protecting the thugs. The woman at my job? Her statement of her ‘not denying or admitting’ that it was her voice on my recordings matched the same thing the AFGE President said in response to my recordings of his lies too.

      In other words, I’m sure he’s representing her against my claims of her terroristic threats against me and is coaching her on what to say in response to my allegations.

  15. @Redger Hennah, VA Whistleblower; THANK YOU for stepping-up against these assholes and KNOW that ALL we Vets have your six. We all bleed red, even the engorged purple teams. There’s only ‘awesome human’ or ‘asshole’. ANY Veteran VA employees NOT stepping-up like BRAVE Redger Hennah, are…assholes!

    1. Hope I was clear: VA Whistleblower Redger Hennah is an awesome human! How about getting the DEA involved? This is systemic, not just a Bedford thing…

      1. @Namnibor – – – I’ve been saying all along, that the DEA, FBI, DOJ, and or ANY State Attorney General has the authority to investigate VA matters. WTF is wrong with these people? – – – Nutter.

      2. They all ate the federal alphabet soup of three-lettered anagrams…meaning, all the foxes are guarding the henhouses…still not quite sure about AG Sessions…does not seem all that “stable” in the noggin. Worried what he may do about MMJ laws and legalization in certain states…I want to move in a few years but not until I know he’s not going try to turn that upside down…am afraid Sessions will try to link the Opioid Epidemic to weed erroneously and then we will have the Weed Civil War…wait for it…

      3. You are a Troll that is paid by the VA to troll Disabled Veterans and nothing more!

      4. Go back and read past posting/threads/topics about this issue.

        Trying to live some semblance of quality of life without the smallest amounts of pain meds I never had any issues over, and other needs is useless here. Especially after years and years of being told by MDs that I would probably require them the rest of my life due to all of my conditions and problems. Minus them, I can’t attain the quality or mobility of life I had before.

        Pain meds is just a small part of the “collective punishments” and intentional harm being done. Either by the VA or in civilian life where we are expected to sit in a chronic pain clinics office for up to six hours per visit, and more nonsense. The connected, wealthy, congress critters, local ‘in-crowd cliques’ don’t have to suffer this crap. And I won’t, can’t physically, play those games either.

      5. Wish the hell I could. At my age and conditions I’d have to hit the lottery to make a major move. Plus the way our so-called professionals are around here I can’t even get hold of property out in the country when available. Damn realtors won’t even show up for an appointment to show the property. Ahem, three separate realtor companies did that. Plus the other ignorance or stupidity I had to deal with over asking simple questions about the property, to them telling me in the end they only wanted cash sales. Last one being $37,000.00. And the realtors reported they could not, did not have to, give me any information about the old house or who the bank is that foreclosed on the property, which is JP Morgan after a tax search. Then treated like a dog again for having information they didn’t want known for some damn reason. Like digging for information and knowledge here is taboo even over property or past ownership, property liens, or about well water and aquifers.

        This town and the entire state has gone to hell in a hand-basket and few seem to care. Others have moved but found the grass wan’t greener or better on the other side, elsewhere. At least here I am accustomed to all the bull, know who is corrupt and who all my enemies are, and about my fair weather friends. Starting over again would really suck.

  16. namnibor,
    Yep, we got some real winners down here.
    1. Bill Nelson (D-Fl.) Refuses to help anyone in Florida. This democrat wants to raise taxes on the poor, hasn’t voted FOR veterans issues since God created the earth! Doesn’t care about anything, except putting more taxpayers monies into his pockets!
    2. “RINO Rubio” (R-Fl.) Who flips more times than flap jacks! He’s for open borders and full amnesty for illegal immigrants. And, he’ll never answer his phone, and refuses to call his constituents back!
    3. Debbie Wasermann Shultz (D-fl) Who thinks she’s as indestructible as Hillary Clinton. Her home “…was just raided by the FBI in connection to a dead body found on the beach!” (That’s a quote from a news article!)
    4. Wilson (D-Fl.) Who, on multiple occasions, voted against veterans issues. Then uses a veterans’ widow to insult the “Sitting President” and everyone else’s intelligence!
    I read a comment last Friday, which said; “She wants to be a cowgirl? Well, she’s got the cow down pat!”
    5. Corrine Brown (D-Fl.) Arrested, tried and convicted for multiple frauds. Now awaiting sentencing! Also, another reprobate politician who voted multiple times against veterans issues!

    Have I left anyone out, namnibor?

    In my opinion, Florida has become a “…melting pot of degenerate politicians…”. Just like California and New York! Well, maybe we’re NOT that bad off yet. Only, It sure does look like it!!!!!!!

    1. And I forgot about one more thing concerning Former DISGRACED Representative Corrine Brown (D-Fl.) – Who, while sitting on the Veterans Committee in Washington D.C., was more preoccupied with “How a veteran, with a weapon, gained access to a VA facility vs. WHY a veteran went to a VA facility with a weapon!”

      Just another day at the reprobates piggy trough!

      1. Corrine Brown is another box of rocks in a food processor when she attempts to say anything literate becoming of a congress critter. She and Maxine Waters are the D.C. Swamp Village Idiots…fucking scary whom is representing our so-called “best interests”…sorry, awoke in a bit of a mood today.
        Rant sort-of out!!

      2. Yes, and what’s sad about this is, the Looney Liberal Leftists are arming up for a civil unrest come November 4th!

  17. To think the VA or any other agency can’t find the crooks check this sight out.
    ‘The Hammer,’ Brennan’s and Clapper’s Secret Computer System


    1. Oh yes, We the People, have the best people in power of all the different oversight and surveillance committees-services for the best interest of who? Them. Who are them? Everyone but you and me. So who do we run to in times of need? Who? Everyone is being paid off in some way or another. Ain’t the same anymore. It’s so bad, you can’t trust anyone, anywhere, anymore, at anytime. WTF has happened? Any dark thoughts out there? Hello? Talk to me. If not me, then talk to those who need assurance. It’s not who do you love, it’s who do you trust? No one. – – – Nutter.

      1. I do not even fully trust my cat. He’s not right in the head either, nor am I. 🙂 I trust myself…unless I am beside myself, an entirely different scenario. 🙂

  18. I wonder if the Clinton’s as well as the VA offer training as in Vince Foster to manage leaks

  19. I wonder how the VA critters would react if they found each and every one of their so-called Patient Advocates or Choice Champions with nooses around their fat rat necks and hanging from the flagpole in front of VAMC’s…just left of the burn spots where Vets set themselves on fire…?!! Not a threat, just postulating how the fleet of engorged hacks would react? Mind you- no stuffed bears…real fat rat hacks…which means fishing lines made of Spiderman’s Web are required because no rope is strong enough on Earth currently.

    1. Anyone butthurt over what I wrote needs only to reread some WW2 History are view the pictures documenting how the Italians dealt with Mussolini…even hung him upside-down…would be a feat of physics, but VA Fraudsters would provide all the nonhuman test subjects needed…and then perform an exorcism on VA.

      1. The VA spared no expense: Titanium Flagpoles. If anything, a deadly catapult of engorged purple team matter at terminal velocities. 🙂

  20. The VA is Big Pig Pharma’s Street Corner Drug Pusher/Dealer. Like any cartel, when threatened with true accountability they resort to Mafioso and RICO tactics…it’s time to just nuke all VHA structures from low orbit and repeat to prevent any possible mutations of engorged purple teams…must remember to kill the ass part of engorged member because it’s where the brain is.

    1. I hope this VA Whistleblower is in a safe space because anyone that bold enough to do what they did with that stuffed bear, noose, and typed note is obviously feeling threat of his street corner drug dispensing territorial pissings being pissed upon…this Whistleblower IS NOT SAFE…nor are ANY of us Vets SAFE at the fucking VA. Did I say FUCK OFF to the VA today yet? There you go…

      1. He has one thing going for him. Being Black he has an advantage and the ACLU and others will help him.

        If he lives in a corrupt state or college town like I do…with the networks and gossips to do harm and deal out retaliation from everywhere he is in for one hell of a ride, daily. He will need more than prayers.

      2. *IF* the NAACP goes to bat for this Veteran VA Whistleblower, one must logically ask if the NAACP is also going to bat for the D.C. VAMC Manager that was fired, let back in, fired, back again…and what about all the Veterans of racial make-up that NAACP defends….where were the NAACP all these years as Vets are abused? Trying to use critical thinking with the VA hurts my brain.

      3. IMHO it would be a toss-up whether they’d help this gentleman or not. Locally the NAACP got on TV news along with other activist, the college cliques, teachers, professors, etc., supporting groups like Antifa, BLM, and more. None of those ‘activist groups’ will help me. In fact I am seen as an enemy of all including animal rights extremist who came out and stole my meat rabbits. I am a cold blooded “murderer” and should be “tortured and skinned alive” because I eat meat and killed… “bunnies.” There is no pleasing or discussing their “common grounds” on any level. Either we are on their band-wagon and agendas or we are the enemy, period. That includes the VA and gubbermint.

        All my life living in a town with three major universities and all being very very far left wingers, filled with activist, it is common/business as usual, to be ‘the enemy.” From the “Weather Underground,” the SDS (students for a democratic society) which are purely communist) and others from grade school up has been a pain or threat if we didn’t join their cliques. Every day they’d be outside of schools handing out their literature and speaking. Like seventh graders know whats going on. On top of that we have locals, media, all politicians, city/county workers/staff that are all on board with all the activist and push for the “college town feel and appearance.” That includes micro-managing our lives and attacking us “dissenters” in any which way they can, legally or illegally. And supporting any anti-American, anti-freedom, activist group that is out there. To today it’s like living in Red China or the old Soviet Union, I kid you not. Compete with rogue courts and cops….corrupt to the core and then some.

        Then we were told at the VA to vote for Obummer, then Hillary, and all straight Democrat for better care and treatment? Now we have to deal with all the various activist being pumped out of lefty colleges and medical schools, to the foreigners and their visas not really giving a real hoot about us or our quality of life. If they ruin us or we complain, we are the enemy, they are the poor victims. Typical activist tactics instead of health care and the expectations of “professionalism” is long gone to politics and full of assorted activist.

      4. Last year at my private PCP/Medicare, my Dr.’s Med. Assist. that gave me my flu shot was wearing BLM/Activism pins/stickers/garb…and she asked me if I voted for Hillary and when I said NO…she literally STABBED ME with the needle so badly that the flu shot along with copious amounts of MY BLOOD squirted onto her whites…and that’s ALL she was concerned with…I have not been back to my PCP since and went to Walgreens for my flu shot this year…fuck the snowflakes!

      5. They would not give me another….guess what? I got the worse fucking flu last year ever….thank’s Obummer!

      6. I need surgery on both eyes and have deep concerns about having any form of trust with those in the local medical fields. Putting it off as long as I can. Too much cover-up, too many excuses for incompetence, too much hateful/evil activism, too many college kiddies playing professionals, too many corrupt country clubbers, networking/grapevine/gossip and cliques, too much hate for a white man today, too many issues and incidents buried, etc. Hell, I’ve already been ruined enough by previous surgeons and Pro pro pro professionals of many stripes. Gag.

        Trying to be a decent, accommodating, thoughtful for others, forgiving, nice guy, I guess doesn’t cut it in today’s social climate or around all those “professionals” or others who think we are just door-mats, some one to control, abuse for a cheap activist thrill, play target or guinea pig, and of course for money being the priority.

      7. My last name Gallegos many think I must be Mexican. Actually my family came from Europe and is a mixture of nationalities. Any how I tried the ACLU and I guess they don’t help other that Black people.

        They say they have to pick and choose their battles. No matter if its costing veterans their lives.

      8. They intimidate the Whistleblower to make him and the others that are thinking about doing the right thing to back off their RACKET…I say the first one in thru the door gets his head blown off after that I wouldn’t give a shit what happened to me.
        That’s why everyone needs to be armed…Otherwise your just a ant getting stepped on..
        If anyone has a spare bear mail it to me, I could hang them up in trees on a nice windy day for target practice..
        And I could use your spare rubber Duckies also to float down the creek..
        And fuck you VA and the TROLLS you hire..
        Without JUSTICE there is JUST-US

  21. How long before someone takes real action against these folks in Civil RICO?
    Our whole government is one big crime racket, every agency is included.
    And if you think it is only the VA it’s not, It’s the one we deal with that’s why we see it.
    You need to quit drinking their koolaid [THE NEWS] and quit taking their pills if at all possible, we are just feeding their system when we do.
    This message has been Brought to you by the I CARE TEAM…..

      1. @Crazy elf- WTF is wrong with the demented people down there in Florida? Hurricane-induced black mold insanity in the air? Talking about, as Jim Morrison would say of ‘The Doors’, from “Light My Fire”…”[…There’s a killer on the road
        His brain is squirmin’ like a toad
        Take a long holiday
        Let your children play
        If you give this man a ride
        Sweet family will die
        Killer on the road, yeah…]”—WTF is wrong with the humans these days?

    1. Very true! Does the majority of people care or would stand with us for some change? Double ‘hell no.’ Veterans don’t’ care for others or those who – think- they are getting quality care are fine with the rest of us being killed off, abused, neglected, etc. They’d rather have their nose up Hollyweird’s or NFL’s asses for some distractions, among other things. Or they suffer from complacency, cognitive dissonance, or fear of it all not wanting to get involved. Name it and I’ve had to deal with it including threatening and harassing phone calls from every direction. Many of them coming from a local hospital and their clinic where I made the mistake of choosing a MD there for a new PCP. What a mistake and joke that turned out to be. I think I just dove into a hive of more corruption, cover-ups, VA cheerleaders, incompetence with plenty of excuses, and of course a ton of freaking activist.

      One common theme pops up being, just like from some VA staff: ‘No man should question a highly trained and professional woman.’ Blah blah rant. Huh!? Now an activist pops up and totally side steps the issues at hand then goes on the attack. “Professional?” I think not. So in this situation my call to the hospital and admin was about harassing phone calls coming out of the blue for some odd reason, then turns into them being a victim, poor defenseless female workers and I am an evil male white veteran causing problems. Then God have mercy on ya if local politicians and the deeply corrupt cliques have family or wives working in the health care fields or VA here. All hell breaks loose. So we have to deal with the state’s Marx-feminist, Antifa, SJWs, crooked media and politicians from top to bottom. What fun!

      I try to contact a senator, among others. All I get is their need to get my approval to see my files and info for life. And later to get subscribed to every far left winger news site and porn out there after giving them my contact info. Not a word back about my complaints or issues. Odd timing. Then more phone calls and weird shit happens. Then news reports and photo ops about how great vets are being treated in Indiana. BS.

      1. 10/24/2017

        Dear Mr. T.,

        You are not the only one who has rammed against the Wall. Some make it and some don’t. You have to pick yourself up and move. Senators and Congressmen are your problem; most do not know they are participating in Treason [Example 1998 Cox Report]. What is happening to America is Treason, wake up to it and hammer it home.


        Don Karg

      2. Its actually the “I got mine screw you” attitude that’s making it worse. Its happening on both sides of the equation (politically), both conservatives and liberals are guilty of it.

    2. THE VA IS ONE BIG BIG BIG BIG FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET VA BUDGET FOR 2918 IS 186 BILLIOMN$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ THE VA SEWAGE RATS ARE DOGS IN HEAT FOR ALL THAT BONOUS SCAMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vets screwed agin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. You may be correct ! But lets take care of the VA first and fix the VA and hold or jail all the employees that have committed some sort of crime. Then go after the next government agency. Who do you think should be next. IRS ???

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