VA Caregiver Program

A Presidents Day VA Caregiver Program Investigation

VA Caregiver Program

Few things break my heart more than seeing people harmed by bureaucratic abuses of severely disabled veterans by the VA Caregiver Program.

This Presidents Day, for readers willing to dig, I would appreciate hearing about your views and findings on the VA Caregiver Program. The long and short of it is VA is kicking families out of the program whose severely disabled veterans are still in need of benefits.

Families receive compensation to help offset the extreme financial burden of families to care for veterans who are severely disabled.

Some bean counter somewhere inside the halls of VA decided they needed to drop veterans from the entitlement rolls about two years ago. Since then, families have been dropped from the program with little to know explanation. When they get an explanation, the statements have little basis in the actual laws governing the program.

These benefits rejections, at least in the manner done, are violations of due process resulting in foreseeable hardships for families with severely disabled veterans.

From my perspective, those VA employees engaged in booting deserving families out of the program are guilty of fraud and should be held accountability in a personal capacity. I would like you to help us dig in to find solutions and answers.

As for me, we had a death in the family this weekend linked to Iraq burn pits and cancer. I plan to write about it tomorrow and did not have a chance to dive into the Caregiver Program for this post. I do, however, have loads of data from a VA FOIA I plan to share soon.

For now, I am reposting this article from Lauren Price of VeteransWarriors that addresses problems Caregiver families are experiencing now. Please let us know your experience or what you find while researching in the comments section.

See it here, or you can read the post by Lauren Price below:

The Law of Unintended Consequences – How the VA Violates Another of Its Own Laws

“…unintended consequences … are outcomes that are not the ones foreseen and intended by a purposeful action. The term was popularized in the twentieth century by American sociologist Robert K. Merton. Unintended consequences can be grouped into three types: Perverse result: A perverse effect contrary to what was originally intended (when an intended solution makes a problem worse). This is sometimes referred to as ‘backfire’.”

The Department of Veterans Affairs has a long and checkered history of breaking its own (and other) federal laws. That is not in dispute by even the staunchest of VA supporters. In many cases, it is generally professed to be that “a lack of training” is the root of the problem.

Yet when we see a widespread and growing pattern of actual contradiction of the law; one cannot conclude anything other than the violations being deliberate. Such is the case in the ever-growing, systemic mass revocations of the VA’s “Veteran Caregiver Program”. We believe it all began two years ago as a “testing of the waters” subversive policy change; has now come full circle to what is being propagated as “an official Policy Change”. However, there is one major FLAW in this “policy change”… that being; the VA does not have the legal authority to alter the architecture, intent or letter of the law.

Even the most cursory of internet searches provides an eye-opening and disturbing picture emerging; that within the last two years, roughly 8,000 veterans and their caregivers have been “revoked” from the program. Even more have had their “Tier” (level of need as prescribed by law) lowered down to the lowest level. To further research these reports, we began surveying those who were terminated or lowered by the program officials. In about four weeks, we have had nearly 250 responses from across the country – all of which support the reports we had found. The surveys can be found here: and here .

In spite of the blatant lack of authority, the VA has moved ahead with the “Policy Change” to the extent that they are demanding under the threat of revocation, (their term for termination from the program), that every veteran and caregiver agrees to a set of terms and conditions the VA claims they have a right to enforce. The true irony in this is that the VA will continually spew that they “care for the best interests of the veteran”; when nothing could be further from the truth. This is evident by their actions. This “policy change” is stripping not just a financial stipend from the veteran and their caregiver; but health insurance, support resources, respite care and a host of other services that remaining in the program provides. The bigger, more sinister side of these actions is the “unintended consequences” of these terminations.

These changes began in earnest two years ago; but have picked up momentum over the last few months. Last fall, eighty-eight percent (88%) of the entire case load in the Prescott, AZ VCP office was terminated in just a matter of weeks. Yet there are two Caregiver Coordinators handling a case load of thirty veterans. In the Puget Sound, WA VCP; the number of revocations was not as radical, yet in spite of reducing their case load, they doubled their CGC staff! (…/milita…/article56571708.html ). So far, the metro Denver, CO region has seen the most drastic numbers for terminations, (…/veterans-in-denver-see-cuts-in…/ ).

In nearly every single revocation case Veteran Warriors has examined, we have found nearly identical language; “The veteran no longer requires support”, “Graduated”, “Recovery-based”, and “A Temporary Program Designed to See the Veteran Graduate”. Not one of the terms is in the “Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act of 2010” or its companion Final Rule (published January 9, 2015). Even more egregious is the now well-publicized dismissal of using the Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) as part of the criteria for eligibility. Again, there have been no amendments to the law and no authorized policy changes which would have provided the VA with the authority to make these sweeping alterations to the program.

Alongside these unlawful terminations have been threats to caregivers and outright intimidation; even actual fabrication or alteration of veteran’s records to support the terminations and even threats and retaliation against caregivers who have challenged the Coordinators. There are “clinical evaluations” which appear to cursory reviews of exclusively VA medical records and those Coordinators who are doing this; in many cases, deliberately excluded recent, significant medical information in these evaluations. In many cases, the Coordinators are aware of the veteran’s deterioration(s) yet annotate the file that the veteran has “significantly improved” and “no longer requires a caregiver”.

We have discovered another violation of the law; when a Caregiver Coordinator admitted that she would “be the one to handle the appeal if (the Caregiver) went over her head”. In most cases, one could assume this was simply a threat or even hyperbole yet we have heard statements like this from other regions of the country as well. This has shown us is our theory about the membership of the mandated “Appeal Boards” may well be accurate; that there are no “Appeal Boards” held; that the Director’s and VISN Directors simply “concur” with the revocation because THAT is actually their protocol.

The structural damage to the program and the veterans’ goes far beyond just the stipend loss. There is a massive ripple effect which takes place when the stipend is taken away. Many of these veterans suffer from severe PTSD. In nearly every case, the caregiver has had to leave full time employment to care for the veteran more than full time; far exceeding what would be normally considered “spousal duties”. These families are being left with no access to medical insurance for the caregiver, a loss of a significant income and facing the possibility of having to leave the veteran alone to return to work. This exacerbates the veteran’s symptoms AND any progress or leveling off of the veteran’s symptoms is completely lost as soon as this happens.

For those veterans with serious physical injuries, they are left without any assistance with such tasks as dressing, bathing and even feeding themselves. Each family is being set up for failure and deliberately being put at risk for; foreclosures, homelessness, suicide, domestic violence, bankruptcy, child endangerment and even murder. These are not hyperbole or theoretical.

The consequences of ripping away scaffolding that supports these injured veterans is actually happening. The effects are already being felt in the veteran community and it will only get worse if these unlawful changes are allowed to continue to fester. The law which governs this program was put in place because the civilian community is ill-equipped to provide “adult day care” to thousands of profoundly disabled veterans; nor should it be required to.

There is no greater embarrassment a nation can suffer than to ignore its war wounded or refuse them the care, benefits and services they earned.

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  1. I believe this is where it began with 5 caregivers requesting help.

    Since then Democrats stepped in with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation and is supporting
    some caregivers in the California and other areas. Hats off to you Disabled Veterans. org
    for speaking out to those Caregivers that don’t support some non profits due to personal
    reason. Please Unite the Caregivers as one, this will empower them all, Division because
    of your choice of political position only causes more stress to the caregiver and veteran.
    All caregivers need to have support from the VA, and America. Together We Stand Never Alone.
    God Bless Veterans and their families.

    1. Understanding comments are closed, unsure if you receive what I send. What the author listed in her article of the snowballing affect that could happen because of the caregiver coordinator reducing or revoking, happened to us. It was not revoked or reduced but refused to be granted. I have been judged and executed without due process. Mostly capable but in my heart of hearts I know my limitations and my husband cannot leave me for any reason. I’m too scared due to severe abuse during and since service. Claims have been granted then revoked; statements made that I’ve been cures of PTSD then erroneous blah blah and severed that benefit. Making new claims has been hell too. My VSO regional level are fighting me. Idk what to do or where to turn.

      1. Disregard the “comments are closed” it just started showing up on every page of the blog, but it means nothing., why are you scared? Let me know what you are dealing with and what you need help with. I am just a veteran, but I have been dealing with the VA for over 40 years. I may be able to point you in the right direction. I can tell you in stress.

      2. Tac/CJ, no such thing as “just a vet” in my book. You signed on that line just as I did. I have PTSD as result of mst. Been scared to an extent due to those symptoms but I have had 2 years of absolute terror at the hands of people I called family. My child was stolen and I cannot get any help from anywhere or anyone. I’m agoraphobic as a result of his parental kidnap immediately following my severe abuse during a false arrest bc I have one of those people in my bloodline whose power seemed to be in a long game to my demise. I’ve no family other than my kidnapped kid and my dutiful and loyal husband who has been flagged at the same VA I should be receiving care but the caregiver coordinator doesn’t comprehend agoraphobic PTSD anxiety ridden people like me. I have one person to trust next to me and I’m afraid of that bc of the complete loss of reality I experienced when my mom died, grandpa then grandma, fathers in law, betrayed by bf, and my reason for existing is taken when I have legal custody but no one from a cop to court will do jack.

      3. @Pk: You have a lot your dealing with. It angers me anytime I hear, or read about another veterans that has experienced MST, this is a terrible crime that punishes the victem and not the criminal. Your family members that have passed away, know this, although I can tell this has been devistating for you, they are all in a much better place now. They remain in your memmory. I know it is hard to deal with when you lose so many close to you so quickly. I am sorry for your loss. Don’t grieve each day, rather close your eyes, and celebrate the good times you had with them. Forget the boyfriend that betrayed you, he should be dust in your mind, your husband is the person who is by your side, and he deserves all of your attention. You must find a way to trivialize the bad things in your life that are currant, and focus on the good things in your life, such as your wonderful husband, and your wonderful son. One common theme you will find throuout Ben’s blog, is the betrayal of the VA to the veterans of this great country. There are plenty of women that frequent the blog as well, so you shoudn’t feel alone here. The rest of the veterans here are all fantastic, respectful people. Sometimes it helps to know your among people that care. I don’t trust many people, but I have come to trust the Veterans here, I feel at home here, and you wil to. I hope you checked both boxes under the “post comment” so you can get the updated post’s. That is where everyone is at, and you can post anything, and your brothers and sisters will respond. The VA is criminal in it’s treatment of veterans, we all know this to be true, it is what we post comments on each day. When I said I am just a veteran, I meant that I am not Ben, or a lawyer, or part of the Blogs administration. I am same as you, a visitor. Pk, I hope you continue to voice your issues here, you will find you have many more friends then you thought you did. Although you don’t feel comfortable leaving your home, You will find you found a new home and your new family members are around each corner. I hope that when you continue to post and talk with other veterans here, eventually you will be emboldened to fight back, for yourself, and for your son. You will get good ideas here, and sometimes we get on a rant, when an issue really pisses us off. That is the nice part, you can just get it off your chest, when you get angered at something. I hope you have a great day Pk, and hope to hear from you again many more times.

  2. @ Seymore Klearly, i had a lot of respect for Senator McCain early in his career. The POW status and all what He suffered i considered him a war hero and he cared about Veterans. I do not know what to expect with his decisions anymore. I do not know what happened to him politically. You never know what will he do next. Good to see you Seymore Klearly.

  3. Hey Elf,

    Have you heard what McCain has been up to?

    Like a Secret trip to Syria, Turkey and Saudi Arabia to meet with the leaders and funders of ISIS.

    WTF is he trying to pull now?

    McCain secretly travels to Syria to meet with troops, leaders, opposition
    Published time: 23 Feb, 2017

    “McCain made secret trip to Syria”, By Mallory Shelbourne, the Hill – 02/22/17

    “Sen. John McCain made a secret trip to war torn Syria to meet with US troops stationed there and discuss the plan to defeat ISIS”

    McCain made the visit last week but his office did not give specific dates of travel

    He went to Syria to discuss campaign for defeating ISIS, according to his office

    Statement said McCain’s visit was a ‘valuable opportunity to assess dynamic conditions on the ground in Syria and Iraq’

    By Reporter and Associated Press Published: 23:39 EST, 22 February 2017


    ~~~~~~ ~~

    Guess McCain is worried that the peace talks in Syria are working and that the war will end. He was trying to find a way to screw things up and keep the war going for his buds in Saudi Arabia. They really need the Syrian land for that pipeline.

    1. “Saudi Arabia ‘Ready to Send Ground Troops’ to Syria”
      By The New Arab
      Global Research, February 22, 2017
      The New Arab 21 February 2017

      “Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister has said the kingdom is prepared to send ground troops to Syria to fight the Islamic State group [IS], as US Senator John McCain met with the Saudi King.

      Adel al-Jubeir told the German Press Agency on Tuesday that Saudi forces could battle IS alongside US special forces assisting US-backed Kurdish-Arab fighters.

      The minister said the aim of the deployment would be to ensure that “liberated areas did not fall under the control of Hizballah, Iran or the regime,” adding that recaptured areas could be handed over to rebels.

      Jubeir has recently expressed optimism that US President Donald Trump will be more engaged in the region, particularly in containing Iran which backs Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria and the Houthi rebels in Yemen.”


      ~~~~~~ ~~~~

      More of that fake type news. The Saudis are offering to send in troop to fight ISIS and to turn over any land they take from ISIS and hand it over to the Rebels [a.k.a. ISIS].

      Of course almost all of Syria has been under a cease fire agreement for the last two months. Except for the insurgents from other countries. Also with peace talks going well and it is starting to look like the war is over in Syria.

      WTF is McCain doing?

      1. What the hell is McCain doing?

        Well, we know he won’t be doing anything for the health care of those he is meeting in Syria if they are WIA on his little photo op.

        Rather than running around the world stirring shit up, he should run over to the Phoenix VA and see the results of his prior actions.

    2. Seymore,
      What can one expect from “Songbird McCain”. Especially, when in 2008 during his bid for POTUS, he asked Russia for money to pay for his campaign!
      He’s got to go! He nothing more than a “war monger”! President Trump is going to have to do something about him!

    3. Songbird is looking for more “customers” to sell us out to. Can’t wait for that coward to die

      1. They will unfortunately resurrect McCain when that happens with a new brand of beer from his wife’s family beer empire and it will be called “SONGBIRD SUDS”, and the ‘lite version’ will be “SONGBIRD DUDS”.
        However, both variants are sure to f^ck over Veterans when consumed.

  4. @Seymore Klearly – Yes, this is an epidemic problem in itself. I believe that this is one reason why the VA is getting strict on pain meds. Plus, they don’t have a very good history of treating Veterans with pain. They are always playing catch up or lacking in the Pain Management Department. Thanks for posting Brother. Good night, and God bless you and your family.

  5. Just a heads up. Know who is responsible for the current excursion into the VA drug problem? Here is a great article from the very excellent folks at KARE 11 that was published February 4th 2017.

    “KARE 11 Investigates: Health workers stealing drugs, patients at risk”

    “Documents obtained by KARE 11 reveal that patients are being put at risk by workers who steal their vital medicines at Minnesota hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities.”
    Lauren Leamanczyk, Steve Eckert

    The News report on their page is very informative. They also state that according to the new DEA they are hiring new agents to deal specifically with drug diversion cases.


    1. @Seymore Klearly: Wholly crap Seymore, wtf is wrong with people? Stealing the guys pain med BEFORE surgery? and they let the bitch pead out? Fuck that, throw her in the houska, and throw the damn key away. Better yet put her on a bed of spikes and just before starting to stretch her, tell her to bitch up.

      Don’t they ever put guilty people in prison anymore? WTF.

      1. @cj – Not making fun of what happened, but I read your post, and started to bust out laughing. My dog got up to see what was happening. You should’ve been a judge for the wicked tards. Still LMAO

      2. @cj @ ANutterVet, @ Seymore Klearly, glad to see you guys posting about the issues. Sorry i missed you tonight.

    1. @ cj, when you said beam me up Scottie on other page where i posted. These posts bounce around sometime.

  6. @ANutterVet: It is a contant battle with Morphine, both at the va, and private sector. No matter where you go, they are alway screwing that script up. It never ends, why it is such a problem I have no idea. It is almost as if it is done intentionally. I say this because it has been nothing but a mess for the last 7 years. So, how can that be a random act?

    1. @cj – I tell you that can’t be a random act, is because its not. Your flagged. Lets see. Been on pain meds for a while, go to the VA, you see a private sector PCP as well, your almost 60 which means you most likely have additional problems that cause pain. Yes, he needs to be flagged. That’s how they roll. Just don’t ever admit that you can’t control your life. Then they will want to taper you down or off. With that, good night. Need to crash. God bless.

    2. @ cj, i think they don’t want to help people with chronic pain issues. It infuriates me because i am one of those persons and they mess my meds too and i am in the private sector with disability. Too afraid of the va and their operations. I couldn’t trust them. I feel sorry for anyone who is in chronic pain trying to get treatment because no one seems to want to help the individual. Now if medical professionals were the ones in chronic pain they would want medication and probably have no issue receiving their medications.

      1. I went through that in private sector with Medicare as well. I do not use the VA for same reason as you and I too am 100% Svc. Connected. I simply reached a tipping-point this time last year and got infuriated beyond comprehension when they were trying to screw with the same dose of alprazolam I have been on since 1996, never abused it nor asked for increases, and they started doing exact same thing with the chronic pain medicine I take…admittedly to my own chagrin, going all natural outside of controlled pharmaceuticals, I am still in some pain and my anxiety/PTSD and trouble sleeping is more pronounced without those meds, BUT, the FIGHT, constant FIGHT to justify remaining on them instead of whatever brand new expensive drug or shitty talking to a rock therapy they wanted to dish out…I really reared my ass to them and a double middle finger salute because that constant FIGHT was lighting a fire under my very conditions and the medical community HAS NO CLUE about PTSD, NONE. Only what Big Pharma tells them.

        Medical MJ will be in full swing in whatever limited state Ohio implements in by this time next year or end of 2018 and depending on how cornered I feel with Ohio’s implementation of MMJ, I am planning to make a move to Pacific North West, sell most of my stuff or give away and start over just to get some f^cking relief so I can enjoy what time I have left on this planet. WTF?!

  7. @ANutterVet: For bread i like to use the recipes from Peter Reinhart. He is a proffessor, and all he teaches is how to make bread. Look for his ebooks they are great and easy to follow.

  8. @cj – Here is the recipe link; “” You’ll have plenty of preparing experiments. The site was listed under the acronym of SOAR. Then renamed. Have fun!!! Your brain will be able to follow your stomach as you go around the world with eats.

      1. @ANutterVet: by the way…never received a call back from patient advocacy over the va forgetting to ship out Morphine. I wonder if I could sue for malpractice, Between that and the new pcp with his ” it’s in Gods hands now” statement.

      2. @cj – I’ve have talked with many people who have a large collection of recipes. When I would share this site with them, not one has ever said, oh I know that site. May be they were being nice, and was thinking not to hurt my feelings. Well, let me tell you something right here and now on the Ben’s World blog, I’m not a snowflake.

      3. @ANutterVet: lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo One thing I know for sure is…………you are definately NOT a SNOWFLAKE.

  9. @ANutterVet: I guess we can thank Obama for screwing that up too for giving control of the internet away. What a dumb ass that fucking useless ass excuse for a human was.

    1. @cj – What a fucking jerk. Why in the hell would someone want to give up, probably the most important method of communication ever, and then turn around to offer it to others. Dumb, dumb, like the rest of the turdy tards.

      1. @ANutterVet: Because he did as much as he possibly could to harm this country. He is an American hating, Muslim piece of shit, that tried his best to bring this country down. He should be in prison for treason. Amoung other things.

      2. @cj – I have watched many of ex-POTUS speeches, and it was unbelievable how people were and still are drawn into his rhetoric and dangerous policies. Use to get so pissed off just watching him. I guess that’s how many feel about POTUS Trump.

      3. @ANutterVet: I hate Liberals period. I think they are responsible for every bad thing that has happend in the world, and I mean EVERYTHING. of course the libtard followers that are brainwashed could never possibly see it that way. This is not a subject that can be described through chat or email or blogs comments. We would have to sit down face to face for at least a week to expose that rabbit hole.

      4. @cj – I was just being a little emotionally charged and dramatic. That’s why I repeat this 10 times everyday, “I will not be effected by the actions of snowflakes.”

  10. @ANutterVet: the Internet has been acting very strange lately, I know damn well it isn’t my system, I use arch linux, and others have been having trouble and they use ipad, windows etc. We all have been having trouble.

    1. @cj – The last few days, I’ve also been having duplicate email reminders sent back to my inbox when someone posts using @then handle name.

      1. @ANutterVet: yes same here, Ex ve been having all kinds of troube and he is using an ipad. your on windows 10, and i am on arch linux. so it isn’t us. Something screwy with the internet is going on.

    1. @cj – Did you make the butter infused EVOO mixture? And, my posts have been loading very slow. Quite irritating.

      1. @ANutterVet: nope no evoo mix. Thin crust made from imported OO flour, I would have to look for the sause recipe, it is very good, topped with Italian sausage, green peppers,onions mushrooms and 5italian cheese shredded. Like va claim forms.

      2. @cj – Next time, make some butter and EVOO mix. Don’t heat the mix too high, only enough to melt butter. When pie is done, dribble the mixture on top of the Pizza. Butter type is up to you. No preference. Posting has been acting up the last couple of hours. And, I’m watching the movie, “Legends of the Fall.” Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt, Aidan Quinn. Only seen part of it last time.

      3. @ANutterVet: I use that mix for my deep dish pizza. For your Pizza oven, and for bread. Go to home depot and buy unglazed quarry tiles, 6 usually fit on a shelf in the oven. first rack lowest position for a water pan for bread, next rack just above that with the quarry tiles on in place of a pizza stone only 36 cents a tile. Then the top rack in the top position wrapped with tin foil….there you have a nice cheap hearth oven.

      4. @cj – I never thought of rigging the oven up. Does it help to keep breads and other dishes moist? Fortunately, the only adjustments that we have to keep on eye on is for moisture. No altitude adjustments. Man, my posts are loading slow.

      5. @ANutterVet: Generaly for bread, you want a drip pan, or a cast iron pan on the bottom shelf, while the oven is warming up. Then just after putting your bread in throw a cup of water in the pan and close the door. Wait 30 seconds then open the door and spray the sides of the oven with water from a spray bottle, waith 30 seconds and do that again 3 times total, is all you need. makes a great crust.

      6. @cj – Do you ever spray the tops of your bread with water? Good to do on Italian bread. My end is running slow. I’m about 7 posts behind in answering when before it was a heck of a lot faster.

      7. @ANutterVet: yes, some breads like Veinna bread gets sprayed and scored just before putting in the oven. I have an appointment tomorrow with my private tbi doctors, every Thursday. My morphine will probably try to show up while I am gone. I have some set aside, because I know what fuck ups they are at the va.

      8. @ANutterVet: we do use evoo, with butter with a little sage for a sauce for our raviolis. I will give you a recipe for the best ricotta cheese on the planet. 4cups whole milk 2cups heavy cream, 1tsp of kosher salt, bring to a boil stirring often, turn the heat off and add 3tbs of white wine vinegar, and stir, let sit for about 2 minutes then pour through a strainer lined with wet cheesecloth. Whe cool enoough but in the fridge for at least a day to thicken up. use in your stuffed pasta recipes or if your feeling bold use for canoli filling.

      9. @cj – Thanks for the recipe. My mouth is watering, but unfortunately, like dense meats, cheese really binds me up. So when I eat Pizza, I usually give our K9 the cheese or have a lighter cheese added on the pie. I’m trying to search down a database catalog of recipes that contains entrees, vegetables, sauces, pastry, breads, and desserts from every country. Let me search for it. Last time I checked it was renamed. Stand by.

      10. @ANutterVet: the wife takes one of those boboli pizza crust from the store uses chicken and bbq with green peppers and onions, uses a taco mix on the peppers and onions befor putting on the pizza then cooks it on the grill…………..very tastey indeed.

      11. @cj – I’m slow on this end, and it seems like your faster. Its hard for me to keep up with posts. And, I’m getting duplicate posts in my inbox. The above pizza recipe sounds, and now that its in my head it looks tasty. I put drizzling the mix on it would awaken the flavors even more. Your posts reveal that you’re really into home cooked meals.

      12. @ANutterVet: Ever since having a heart attack…………….nothing but home cooking now. I have the cholesterol levels of an infant…………………hows a bad cholesterol level of 55? Before the hear attack it was well over 400.

      13. @cj – Isn’t 55 to low of a number? That’s a big difference. Now all you need to do is to watch your intake of simple carbs. White bread ring a bell? How is your A1C? cj, I’m all over the keyboard. Plus posting is slow. And, getting a little sore. Remember, my laptop is sitting on a chair on the right side of my hospital bed. Then I have to lay on that side. So after a bit, I can’t get comfortable. I’m at that point now. So I’ve got to hit the sack. You have a good night, and God bless you, your wife, and your 4 legged kids.

      14. @cj – I’m way ahead of you. I saved your email you gave it to Ex va a few nights back. Read the posts, and there it was. I don’t do much cooking on my end. And, my wife is still going to school. So we eat a lot of salads and light foods, then every once an in while we get turkey or roast beef submarine sandwiches. Philly cheese steaks are too rich, and the beef meat is too dense for my digestion [the pain medication trap]. Thanks for the offer of setting us up with recipes. When time permits, and my wife cooks something different, and if I like it, I’ll give you a shout out to see if you have any suggestions.

      15. @ANutterVet: that email address is the one I use for websites when required so I don’t get spam. If I get an email from your there, I will send you back my regular email. I won”t post that here.

      16. @cj – I wouldn’t post my main email either. I drop you a line sometime this week or during the weekend. Have a good night my Brother. God bless, and good night Ben’s World.

      17. @cj – I was going to say that your body requires cholesterol as well. Just not too much. The number sounded low.

      18. @ANutterVet: once you suffer a heart attack, your cardiologist wants you to be under 70, so I am doing well.

        You have a goodnight as well and God Bless you and your family as well.

      19. @cj – I know Brother. I almost dies twice when I had a heart attack. Strange, I knew something was going on about 3 hours before it felt like an elephant sitting on my chest. Don’t want to see or hear of any one going through this. Ok my friend, I’m really crashing this time. Fingers are all over the board. God bless you cj. And, I know how you feel about the reprobated libertards and their no make a sound decision followers.

  11. Nice to see you back Seymore. I haven’t received Ben’s post since the 17Th. I’ve not seen Dr. Shulkin’s interview. Did he mention the Reuben email? It’s still early and expectations are like traps. May 1st Will be 100days. There are many false friends, old standards, known and unknown enemies for our President. Obstacles at every turn. He’s not a give and take kinda guy. This is the biggest moment in a person’s life, including Donald Trump. This is how Donald Trump will be remembered. His ego is not going to allow him to fail.

  12. “VA Chief Shulkin: I Will Fire Unacceptable Employees”
    By Cathy Burke | Tuesday, 21 Feb 2017

    “Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin is promising to crack down on VA workers “who really aren’t doing their job,” and to work with Congress on accountability legislation.

    In his first interview, conducted by Fox News’ Pete Hegseth, an Iraq War vet – portions of which will air through the week – Shulkin vowed he would have different results than his predecessor, VA Secretary Bob McDonald.”

    “”Watch us,” he said. “People who don’t show up to work, who do cocaine or who are watching porn at work are gong to be fired, because I’m not going to tolerate it, and they’re going to be out of our system. Watch our results there.”

    Shulkin – the first non-veteran in American history to oversee the federal veterans agencies, Military Times reported – said he would rely on his private sector experience to weed out problematic workers.”


    1. “Shulkin promises problematic VA workers will be fired”
      By: Leo Shane III, February 21, 2017

      “WASHINGTON — Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin promised to crack down on underperforming employees in his first televised interview since being sworn into the post last week.

      “When you have one or two or three people who really aren’t doing their job, they bring everybody down,” he said during an appearance with Fox News host Pete Hegseth, taped Sunday.

      “And so the very best thing I know from my private sector experience is you’ve got to deal with that, you’ve got to get them out of the system, because it helps not only the veterans, but the people who work in VA who are trying to do the right thing for veterans.”

      The interview, which will be shown in sections on the “Fox & Friends” morning show throughout the week, is the first real public comments from Shulkin since he became the first non-veteran in American history to oversee the federal veterans agencies.

      He promised to work with Congress on new accountability legislation but also to be an advocate for VA workers, calling them “the best people in health care.”

      Hegseth, an Iraq War veteran who was under consideration from President Trump for the VA secretary post, in the interview accused former VA Secretary Bob McDonald of being more interested in maintaining the status quo at the department than firing troublesome employees. ”


  13. “Veteran facing prison for 6-inch U.S. flag on fence”
    ‘Will Sessions’ DOJ continue wasting taxpayer dollars to criminally prosecute 74-year-old?’

    Published: 1 day ago

    “A government watchdog in Washington is wondering whether President Trump’s new attorney general, Jeff Sessions, will continue to allow taxpayer money to be wasted on prosecution of a veteran for putting two small American flags on a fence at a Veterans Administration facility.

    The case brought by the Obama administration is over a pair of “four-by-six-inch American flags,” explains Judicial Watch.

    They were placed on a fence that is part of the “Great Lawn Gate” marking the entrance to the Los Angeles National Veterans Park on Memorial Day in 2016.

    “Will Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice (DOJ) continue wasting taxpayer dollars to criminally prosecute a 74-year-old U.S. Army veteran for posting two American flags in a southern California Veterans Administration facility?” Judicial Watch asked Tuesday.

    “The absurd case was initiated under President Obama, but is set to go to trial in federal court next month under new DOJ leadership. The military veteran faces up to six months in jail for the ghastly offense of affixing Old Glory at a site honoring those who served their country.””

    Read more at “”

    ~~~~ ~~~

    Remember Obama’s hate for our flag and our Veterans? Another one of those gifts left behind for President Trump.

  14. “VA employee suspended, years after death of patient”
    Jeff Matthews, Feb. 22, 2017 | Updated 4 hours ago

    Finally they suspended the rat baster.

    “Johnson died from injuries sustained in a March 2013 altercation at the medical center, where he was being treated for conditions including schizophrenia and dementia. A VA investigation quickly ruled the death an accident and Harris went back to work as a nursing assistant.

    But after a coroner ruled the cause of death to be blunt force trauma to the head, the Rapides Parish District Attorney’s Office charged Harris with manslaughter in December 2013. The fact that Harris continued to care for patients after the manslaughter charge drew national attention, particularly after a scandal over wait times for veterans seeking medical care put pressure on the VA system to hold its employees accountable.

    The VA agreed in 2015 to pay $215,000 to resolve a wrongful death claim brought by Johnson’s sister.

    Harris’ manslaughter trial has been continued several times and is currently scheduled to begin May 1. On Jan. 25, a grand jury indicted Harris for negligent homicide in Johnson’s death. An arraignment on that charge is set for March 3.”

    1. Link to article


  15. @Crazy elf – The woman at the end of the video arguing with Tucker Carlson of Fox; a millennial reprobate. Her dam body was twitching when she was speaking. I’ve seen this behavior before in people, and not because of what is referred to as “tics.” Her body was moving due to her being too emotionally tied up with her subject matter. Dam. We need to find a home for these people. Medical care can be provided by VA staff.

  16. @Crazy elf – I was on the USS Saratoga, CV-60, based out of Mayport, Florida, outside of Jacksonville. If I recall, “wet starts” were not normal protocol for pilots to do while on a ship. These types of actions where to either show off, or to try pulling a DANGEROUS prank on another pilot or flight deck crew. I never knew this about McCain. And, from what is reported, the position his father held in the military, and the transfer of McCain off the USS Forrestal, makes me believe that McCain is guilty of a pre-meditated action that resulted in the deaths of many service men. Did I get this correct?

    1. @ANutterVet,
      Yes, your correct!
      I’m a “OSVET”, meaning I have been in two “branches of service”- Army first, then Navy!
      When I joined the Navy, my first ship was the USS RALEIGH- LPD-1 (Gater Navy). I met sailors who, as I’ve said, were on the Forestall. They never would actually talk, completely, about McCain and “WHAT” he did.
      All they said was how much he was hated! I now understand completely. I never knew about what happened on that ship. I just thought it was all over his willingness to turn TRAITOR while as a POW!
      Like I said, I “luckily came across this video” last night. Now I know the truth!

  17. I just luckily came across this video; from:
    “End Times Prophecy News” — Brother Jim reporting!
    Feb. 22, 2017. (8:08 min. long)

    “Navy Releases McCain’s Records!”

    This “Songbird” should have been put in prison back in 1967 before he crashed his plane in North Vietnam!
    While he was stationed on the USA Forestall. He’s directly responsible for the deaths and disfigurement of sailors by causing a massive fire.
    Yet, his father covered up his crimes!

    Not only did he become a TRAITOR to America, while a POW, he’s nothing but a fucking punk.

    Now I know why sailors I met in the Navy, (1975-82), hated him so much!

    Watch the video to understand why!!!!!

  18. OFF TOPIC – Good Read – Americans Express Increasingly Warm Feelings Toward Religious Groups – Jews, Catholics continue to receive warmest ratings, atheists and Muslims move from cool to neutral;


  19. OFF TOPIC – Federal and VA Database Sets – Below are database catalogs that may be of interest to you;





  20. @cj – Brain is slippin as well. This has been scientifically proven to be caused by neuronal sine wave telepathic interfacing cuboidic tissues, that are surrounded by laboratory engineered latent atomic sub particles of atomic nuclei bound by 3 elementary larger particles, that contains 2 up quarks and 1 down quark, while the bounded atomic nucleus of helium-4 that is added, is composed of 2 protons and 2 neutrons. Add this to your Pizza Toppings. Do I need to repeat myself?

    1. @cj – Hope you enjoyed your Pizza. Don’t forget to wipe the tomato sauce off from the corner of your mouth.

  21. Here’s my next three contributions.

    via: “New York Post” &
    “USA Politics Today”

    : Hillary Committed Blatant Treason & ABC, CBS, & NBC All Knew & Covered It Up!”

    Dated: 22 Feb. 2017
    (About 8 to 10 minutes long.)

    (IMHO, that is one evil and ugly BITCH!)

    “Not Fake News”
    Dated: 22 Feb 2017 (22:39 min. long)

    “GOP Congress Now Filibustering Themselves, Continue To Uphold Obama’s Mandates During Talks!”

    (Wait till you see who’s in on the bullshit! It probably won’t surprise y’all!)

    “Next News Network”, Gary Franci reporting.
    22 Feb. 2017 (4:44 min. long)

    “No More Games!!! Trump Just Pissed Off China To No End With What He Just Dispatched Into The South China Sea!”

    (The Chinese have a total of “7 ‘man-made islands” there now!)

    1. @Crazy elf: I rember those bags. Count me in, I think it’s a good idea. We should put something on them so they know it”s a campaign……some kine of slogan. I bet you I could even get some funding for this to send a shit-load……….no pun intended……ok I lie…… was intended.

      1. @Crazy elf: Should post a net pic of the bag so there is no mistake at what kind we are talking about.

    2. @ANutterVet: Ima start calling you the amazing Nutter Kreskin. How the hell did you know I was makin Pizza?

      1. @cj – Outlook has been acting weird. I’m not getting notifications when new mail comes in. It use to make a noise, then leave an additional mail icon on the large Outlook icon. Dam, does that make sense? Anyway, I took a good telephonic guess since you da tomato sauce man. But, I must inform you that I attended both baking-cooking school back when? My question is this, for your pizza, do you use a thin or thick crust?

        Then I will ash how you layer the ingredients on your pizza. Get your Pizza Making Notes out.

      2. @cj- Sorry forget to put in my false [fake] teeth. I typed ash, instead of “ask.” Finga slippin big time today. Need to put more pure powdered herb under my tongue.

  22. To:
    Seymore, namnibor, 91Veteran, “cj”, and others!

    You remember those “Red Enema Bags” with the long hose and “applicator”, the ones that women used? Commonly called a “Douchebag”!
    Why don’t we send a shit pot to Congress, the VA SES’rs and a bunch of those liberal retards like Clinton, Soros, Podesta, Shulkin, “SONGBIRD McCain”, Warren, Pelosi and a whole bunch more!

    I believe they are in dire need of a “cleansing”!
    We keep saying they need an enema. Well, what better way to get our point across!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @Crazy elf – It may work if we pick certain people out, and then send them an enema. I’d all in for this!

  23. Off Topic- A Question To All- Has anyone ever seen a post from any politician on Ben’s blog. Just wondering.

    1. @ANutterVet,
      Don’t know.
      What we do know is there are folks out there “monitoring” this site! Who “They” are is/may be unknown at this time!

      Plus, we’ve had VA employees come on frequently. They’re usually “found out” very quickly. And, slammed just as quickly! As a matter of fact, some were caught using their VA “work computers” to try and call us, and Ben, Liars. Saying we were spreading “fake news”!

      Stick around, brother. You’ll get to spot them as quick as the rest of us!

      1. @Crazy elf- That’s what I thought that no politician has ever posted a sincere comment. Its not hard to search out what Veterans are saying about the VA’s incompetence, employees stealing medications from the formulary, employees rigging official Federal working time, other types of corruption, and the circle jerking that Veterans endure when filing a claim. I’m learning, and fast at that.

        As for myself, the VA would have to drastically change their practices to gain back my lost trust. May be wishful thinking at best. Since President Trump was elected, time will definitely tell me. The VA has stripped me of some very basic services that assists me. And, they have not put out any monies in these areas.

        I don’t want to say too much, because I need to do more research in the areas where they have not supported my physical and mental needs and requirements. All I can say, is that I’m at the end of my rope with dealing with the VA. Like others, I was taught better as well.

      2. Their presence is usually prefaced by a gaseous discharge, which may or may nor be silent, but always is deadly. Rotten Cabbage or Kim Chi that has been found buried from 300 years ago by college archeologists comes to mind with a pinch of gunpowder.

      3. @Namnibor – Explosive! I ate some of that stuff during my time in the Pacific. I told them to tune the ranky flavor down several notches. Before eating these fermented extreme biomicrobe dishes, a person must erode their taste buds and olfactory nerve cells to get through a course of consumption.

        Philly businesses are starting to complain about the stupid beverage tax. The tax costs more than the soda [tax = 1.50 cents per ounce]. Liberal BS. When this tax first passed, I thought it was only going to be a matter of time. Tax was implemented to help raise monies for Philly’s schools. These Dems have short changed our kids and students for many years.

  24. @Namnibor – Or a message, “We want to help you to clean your swamp.” These enemas will definitely clean the pipes of fecal material.

  25. @Namnibor – Diana Rubens is a senior executive director for the Philadelphia office of the Veterans Benefits Administration or VBA, a subsidiary organization of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Excuse me for saying, she looks a little dike -ishy, a lefty way, way, to the left. I’ll let you know after we do lunch. LOL

    1. All the corrupt animals rub hides with each other regardless of VHA/VBA, it’s all the same swamp wallowing hole, not even separated by distance either. I also assume you know the couple year back history with Rubens and her lover and the relocation pay scheme history with her not showing up then when showing up with her lover at Congress Critter Committee she evoked her right to Plead The 5th…and then the VA conveniently screwed-up and she kept the money, with her lover, and promotion…that’s the genus of bull we are talking about, just to be on same page. She knows many others, even got Allison Hickey to resign, suddenly, from all that and THAT was NEVER given a full, let alone an explanation at all to date of any logic. The corruption is especially thick in all varieties of VA/VHA/VBA in Philly area…well, everywhere it seems.
      Enema. One big enema.

      1. @Namnibor – Here we go with a little Vet sicko response from me. I have a stash of extra old time soapy suds enema’s. Would you like me to send Ms. Lover Girl Rubens one of them. I can hook up a system that is duel functional. One for the front, then do a roll over, so one can be applied to the back. Or, vice versa, it doesn’t matter to me, I’m flexible.

      2. @Namnibor – In reality, this would be a very good idea. Send them all enemas. Really, something to think about. What if we all coordinated together, and picked a few people, and then we would all send them the old fashioned soapy suds enema. With a message; “Clean the Swamp!”

      3. They all have a lot in common from the same Drug suppler, to the same protection racket at the VA.

        The American taxpayer to keep them supplied in drugs and the AFGE to protect them.


        Do you think if they investigated the VA’s chronic masturbator they would find his stash of Viagra bought and paid for by us taxpayers?

      4. @Seymore Klearly– The pigeons claim he had a medical device to assist with laser accuracy. 🙂 Lots of pigeons in group therapy. Many went with the crows. Just flying in endless circles, by Choice. The VAOIG that resigned flew the coup with full benefits. Thanks Obama, Lynch, Snowflake Liberals.

  26. To all,
    The sad part about all this is,
    President Trump can’t really do anything UNTIL AFTER he gets his “cabinet” in place.
    Y’all are aware, it’s the Demo”crips” and some Republi”bloods” holding up this up!

    I keep saying, President Trump is going to have to play down and fucking dirty to anyone and everyone who’s going against him!

    The “Obamination Administration” left our country in such a mess, it’s going to take time to correct everything!

    Oh, and I read somewhere Obama is “…one of the 12 greatest presidents ever!”

  27. @cj, @Namnibor, @Seymore Klearly, @Ex va, @91Veteran, @Crazy elf – Here is an email that I sent to the Mayor of Philadelphia. Although I don’t favor Sanctuary Cities or the liberal conditions that Philly is known for, I did want to seem like I was blowing a favoritism whistle for Mayor Kenney. I’m posting the email and then Mayor Kenny’s response;

    **Email Sent – Mayor Kenney, I see you on the news speaking out about the privilege of immigrants. I would hope that you’d put that amount of energy speaking out about the rights of Veterans to have excellent medical care.

    I know that Philadelphia has done a fantastic job in helping homeless Veterans to obtain a home, but the unorganized and corrupted medical system affects-effects many more Veterans than those that are homeless. As a matter of fact, Veterans are the dedicated segment of American citizens that participated in securing the freedoms and rights in which immigrants seek.

    Mayor, you’re known to set high standards. I urge you to use your influence and speak out to reform and reorganize the VA Medical System.

    Best regards,

    **Response from Mayor Kenny [D-Philadelphia]- Thank you for reaching out to me. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

    I share your concerns about the conditions that many veterans face in our country. It is important to me and my staff that we receive input from concerned citizens such as yourself in order to work towards the betterment of the City. As the VA is a federal agency, I would encourage you to reach out to your elected officials at the federal level as well regarding this.

    Thank you again for reaching out to me and sharing your thoughts and ideas.

    Mayor Jim Kenney

    **Observational Note- This is the third letter that I sent out to test the waters. One common theme that these politicians always state is, “As the VA is a federal agency, I would encourage you to reach out to your elected officials at the federal level as well regarding this.”

    And, not one of the letters contained any information about the politician going to look into this matter any deeper or further. Seems like they want to defer everything to the Federal level, even though the corruption in the VA affects-effects Veterans in their city, town, or district.

    **Summary- Even though this is a small sample, I still conclude that on a city level, it is futile to bring up issues about the VA to any Mayors. I only wanted to see for myself the type of responses that I would receive. Mayors are a titular head, and they are not even willing to speak out. So much for caring for the Veterans in their jurisdiction. An ostriches head buried in the sand.

    Keep in mind, Philadelphia has a large VA Medical Center, and other smaller VA centers and clinics in the area, will send Veterans to be treated at the VA Medical Center in Philly.

    1. Yeah, but that’s also Diane Rubens territory or her other half, get them confused all the time, but am betting that’s the bull to knock off the horse, mind the pun. 🙂

      Ruben’s has proven to be a strong bull rider to the triumphant finish, cover your grandkid’s eyes, this will not be pretty. 🙂

    2. @ANutterVet: I would expect nothing less than that letter you received. Send a form of it to your congressman, and senator, and you will receive one along the same lines, with the added benifit of asking you to sigh up for their news letter. This so they can pat themselves on the back, over shit they say they are against, but allowed in the first damn place. Very few politicians I trust, Gowdy, Chavetts, Jordan. a few more. but thats all there is. I would suggest homing in on those few. At least your odds will increase greatly. Not many honorable people in D.C., all have agenda’s and most of those agenda’a are aimed at keeping themselves in power. Rant out…….I am going shopping for dinner…will be back later.

      1. @cj – Pick me up a thin crust pizza with extra cheese, spinach, and a dashing of butter infused in extra virgin olive oil. I’ll stop by around 5pm.

  28. To all,
    Two things of interest, maybe!
    1.) “The drug scandal plaguing VA’s nationwide!”

    I think it was namnibor who said something like; (paraphrasing) Wait for it. Expect a visit from DEA. Because your on opioids according to VA records!

    That being said. And because the “House Veterans Affairs Committee” has basically thrown us under the bus, by accusing veterans of being drug addicts! Not VHA employees being caught using or selling drugs. Which is now a real scandal coming to light.

    Would it not be “safe to assume” we just might be getting drug tested over and over, again?
    Maybe even get a “visit” from DEA?

    As “Lem” said his “…records say he’s been on drugs he’s never been prescribed!” (paraphrasing)!
    How many more have that in their records?

    This was from “The Horn News”, via “the Sean Hannity Show”!

    That “undercover non-profit” – “Project Veritas” was on “The Sean Hannity Show” last night.
    He claims he’s going to “Shed some light” on one or more of our MSM’s this Thursday!
    Seems he went to their news rooms and is going to expose the truth behind WHY their not reporting facts to the American People!
    It’s quite possible CNN is/was his main target!
    It could be more! We’ll have to wait and see!

    1. Not only would I expect a visit from a DEA agent for prescriptions I was on, but for prescriptions I have had long ago.

      I am reminded of the time I first went to the VA here in Grand Junction to a PCP appointment. I was asked if I needed a renewal of a prescription I had not taken in years. It was still active.

      My last PCP appointment earlier this month, I was asked if I needed a prescription for Gabapentin renewed.

      I was given that prescription last year after calling the VA and saying I needed a referral. The nurse called me, I described the pain I was having, and he said a prescription for it would be waiting for me to pick up, without ever being seen.

      That prescription was listed as active until this year when I told my PCP I took it for maybe 4 days, then didn’t take anymore because of the nightmares.

      1. @91Veteran- If the DEA visited me, I’d throw them the fuck out! They can lock me up if they wish. I’d claim imminent domain on the property where I live. I’ve told an individual this before [won’t say who], and I called the Police [my older Japanese landlord, age 80, called them, “coppers.”]. I informed the Police that my rights were being taken advantage of, and feared that my health could be in jeopardy, so I needed an officer to be present in case some sort of violence broke out. The Police came and handled the matter appropriately.

      2. @91Veteran – And I bet your PCP didn’t tell you anything about how Gabapentin can cause Vitamin D and B1 to be deficient? Gabapentin can cause deficiencies in calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B1 and folate. Not only will this make you unwell, but because vitamins D and B1 are required for nerve repair, it can also put a dent in recovery. I know Veterans who their PCP has them on 3600 mg a day. That’s 3.6 grams of this shit. I can’t take Gabapentin either.

        The other thing that is weird about the VA, is that if you inform them that a medication doesn’t work, they look at you strange, tell you there is nothing that they can do. Really? Prescribe me something that does work. But if you tell them a medication that is a controlled substance, these illegal dope heads list you with having a “drug seeking behavior.” I know, been there, done that, still doing it. Asking that is.

      3. Yup Gabapentin is the new designer drug for the VA. Any excuse to not give REAL FUCKING MEDICAL CARE!

      4. Worked good for my seizures when I was taking gabapentin for nerve pain from spinal stenosis. But that was in 2001-2003. It didn’t become a seizure medication until 2011. Wasn’t as effective as capsaicin for me for pain.

  29. What no Lem today?

    He must have mixed up his meds again, or had to take a nap after his Wake and Bake.

    I wanted to ask if he claims his urine cleaner on his taxes.

    1. @Seymore Klearly: LMAO @ urine cleaner, I imagine this being produced by Progtologist&Gambler P&G. There is a 50/50 chance it may also clean sphincter stains.

    2. @Seymore Klearly – You’re funny. Razzing already? It is a dam crime to throw out these application forms from Veterans. These rat ass wipes don’t care if they cause harm or additional suffering to the lives of Veterans. Not only am I getting tired, I’m getting frustrated, and very pissed off. The problems in the VA are rampant. With all the information that is online about the wrong doings of the VA, there is no way that our politicians are not aware of these problems.

      1. @ANutterVet: I am watching the video of ” The Use of Official Time for Union Activities at the Department of Veterans Affairs” They know damn well about problems at the va. And in typical Libtard fashion, it’s all President Trups fault, for having a hiring freeze. Oh I must have missed the part where the hiring freeze is the reason caregivers are being thrown our of the program. I must have missed the part where unqualiied c&p examiners who deny veterans their claims, and get bonus’s for doing so, created the fucking backlog in the first damn place. I am pissed and I am only 1/4 of the way throug the video.

      2. Ok, okay…. I mis speeled an awful lot of words….President Trumps………..out of the program……………..

    3. @Seymore,
      Yea, *Lem* is on today. He attacked me earlier.
      I’m going to not respond to his diatribe! He’s been giving out bogus info, as usual!
      Just ignore the “liberal asswipe!” He’s not worth it……..

      1. @Crazy elf, @Seymore Klearly – elf, thanks for the heads up pertaining to the “diatribe” remarks by Lem. He’s still going from one to another causing mischief. Fucking thick headed.

  30. “Whistleblower: VA about to trash hundreds of thousands of veteran applications”
    By Pete Kasperowicz 2/22/17 7:39 AM

    “A whistleblower in the Atlanta office of the Department of Veterans Affairs warned President Trump on Tuesday that the VA is preparing to throw out hundreds of thousands of benefit applications due to an error the VA itself made during the Obama administration.

    Scott Davis, a well-known whistleblower who has testified before Congress, wrote an open letter to Trump saying that more than 500,000 of these applications might be scuttled in March unless he intervenes.”

    “Davis said those veterans’ applications had errors that prevented them from being processed over the last year. The VA categorized them as applications that are about to be tossed out because of errors made by the applicant.

    But Davis said he has evidence that the errors were instead made by the VA.

    He provided a December email from the VA’s Matthew Eitutis, which acknowledged that 440,000 letters were sent out to veterans asking for “means test information,” when the VA actually needed the veterans to provide “military information and vice versa.”

    Davis said another 105,000 veterans were mistakenly told to provide more financial information.

    And while the VA set a March 2017 deadline for correcting the forms, Davis said the VA still can’t confirm if the forms have been corrected.”

    “”Although Mr. Eitutis stated he turned the matter over to the Office of the Inspector General to investigate, no such investigation has taken place,” Davis wrote. “As a result VA is planning to go ahead with this illegal action of purging these records without providing Veterans notification or disclosing that these Veterans are entitled to Equitable Relief for health care cost they incurred due to administrative errors by the VA.””


    ~~~~~ ~~~

    Another gift from the Obama administration for President Trump.

    1. Just what was Robbie McDonald going to do. He hide this all along and was just going to purge the names and applications. Just another classic VA screwing over Veterans Maneuver.

      Of Course he also knew about his drug fueled medical staff at the VA.

      He should be in prison.

    2. @Seymore Klearly– Wow! You know, I was afraid I’d be taken as too cynical but that initial televised confirmation hearing of Dr. Shulkin with the VSO grimacing piggies in the back of him, it struck me that I bet the VA has those industrial shredders going full speed like wind tunnels to destroy some of the last 8 years or so worth of shenanigans. I guess I was correct. Good job VA Whistleblower Scott Davis!!! However, will anyone listen and take heed in-time before evidence is magically gone?

      These records/applications, the stolen opioids at VA investigation, other still pending investigations…do we HAVE a functional VA OIG and Office Special Counsel or was Pres. Trump’s admn. stuck with those limp Richards? 🙂 (I was nice)

  31. If you google “poor treatment of britons veterans” you will notice all the bad press about US veterans being written about from news sorces around the world, even Japan writes about how bad we treat OUR veterans. Then you will see the articles of how badly other countries treat their veterans as well.

    So, if other countries are already writting articles, about how poorly the US veteran is being treated, and I am SURE that the Senate, and the House are aware of these articles, yet still here we are in the mess we are in.

    Exactly what the fuck is it going to take before all of these assholes decide to fix this fucking fuckup?

    1. Except for this retarded asshole……….oh look he was an officer……wonder if he is an undocumented worker as well. “”

      1. @cj – This dude lives in La La Land. Is this a movies? Don’t have to answer, my sarcasm is coming out.

      2. @ANutterVet,@namnibor: Yes, lala land indeed, and he got there on the good ship lollipop. Definatley bookmarked it this time. When I have had eoough of the bs. I will take some time off, and write up a nice long love letter to the Lovell FHCC, I will cc: to my congressman, Senators, and all news networks, I may even cc; to some choice other countries as well. Nothing like a little worldy embarassment to hold aswipes feet to the fire. I wish I could strike back as I would a local asshole. namnibor, you might want to take notes here. How I get back at an asshole is this: First I collect all those little cards in all the magazines at my doctors office, I send them all filled in, in the assholes name. He has to call each and every magazine and cancel his new subscrption. Hard to do when I call the phone company, water dept, and utiltiiy providers and inform them that I “posing as the asshole from a phone booth in another town” am going on vacation for a couple of months and have all shut off. Then from same phone booth I call every single contractor I can think of, and have them alll show up at assholes house to give quotes on all the work he needs. You know, a new deck, pool, roffing, fencing, landscaping, painting, new driveway on and on, and I make this appointment for all of them for the exact same time. Then I post an add in craigslist using a bogus account that I “the asshole” is moving and am giving everything away, as I won’t be needing it, first come first serve, again starting at the same time as the contractors are to show up. Then from the same phone booth, I notify the press of the horrific traffic jam at said location……………….go ahead piss me off again. This is a re-post from above.

  32. “Rise in Drug Disappearance at VA Hospitals Being Investigated
    Drugs losses at federal hospitals rose tenfold between 2009 and 2015.”
    By CS Staff · February 21, 2017

    “The DEA reported more than 100 criminal investigations are underway.”

    “In many of those cases drug supplies, including opioids, were stolen by doctors, nurses or pharmacy staff who took advantage of insufficient drug tracking procedures at the hospitals.”

    Just wondering how soon before they give the Janitors and orderlies a prescription pad and let them lose at the VA. After all they know some of the nurses jobs and the nurses are now doing the doctors job so surely they must know something about the doctors job also.

    1. A Blast From the Past:

      “DEA Investigates Drug Diversion At VA Facility”
      By Benjamin Krause, JD –
      February 10, 2015

      “VA released its previously withheld Tomah VA investigation report yesterday, which embarrassingly revealed the agency is under an active investigation by DEA into drug diversion and inappropriate prescribing of narcotics. The investigation has now taken on renewed vigor with the State of Wisconsin also investigating wrongdoing at Tomah VA alongside DEA.

      Drug diversion is the illegal act of patients or doctors peddling prescription medications like opioids to third parties, and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) does not look kindly on such practices. In fact, the practice is highly illegal. Still, drug diversion is believed to be at the center of the investigation into veteran deaths and linked to the harmful prescriptive practices utilized by Tomah VA health care providers.”


      They clearly have known about the problem for years and yet they have never actually done anything about the problem. With all the VA staff now getting ready to go through withdrawals. Probably not a good time to visit any VAMC.

      1. What might be *fun* is around the peak of their withdrawals at a known location where salvos of missing pain meds are being investigated, is if you have an appointment at that location, plan ahead and bring a completely legal container of white tic tac breath mints and strategically drop a few on floor and watch them dive thinking it’s a pain pill. Video would be excellent as well. 🙂

        Could sprinkle them on the urine cakes in bathroom and the cafeteria (almost certain that’s where they keep the urine cakes), and more…with the lowly tic tac mint. 🙂

      2. Oh they have done something about the drug diversion problem Seymore.

        The VA blamed the veterans, while ignoring the much larger problem in their own ranks.

        This may be the kind of scandal that keeps on giving for months. Every time they arrest another VA employee drug thief.

        And I hope they get it in spades!

      3. Or, they conveniently blamed veterans as a thick smokescreen scheme and it’s finally coming back to bit them in the ass. Good. Like I said yesterday, I predict we have yet to hear the end of Candy Man Houlihan from Tomah and now with all these drug thieving coming to light, even though it’s actually been a KNOWN thing going back to 2009…they should be ashamed for blaming Veterans for the scale of opioid abuse they have done, and as recent as Shulkin’s initial Confirmation Committee Hearing, where they made it sound like Veterans are a bunch of druggies without addressing the hacks prescribing or stealing the meds…even Isaacson, I recall, was ALL ON BOARD with combatting veteran opioid abuse…maybe that is NOT a string of pearls hung high above Isaacson’s stairmaster in the morning….hmmmm….oxy rope candy? 🙂

      4. “Staunton man arrested for stealing pain pills meant for veterans”
        By WHSV Newsroom
        Posted: Fri 6:14 PM, Feb 17, 2017
        “According to Virginia State Police, the investigation was prompted by an emerging pattern of thefts of numerous parcels shipped from a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Pharmacy.

        The investigation revealed the parcels being shipped from Veteran Affairs pharmacies in Virginia and West Virginia to patients in Central Virginia were being compromised by Lotts, who was employed at a UPS facility in Fishersville.

        Lotts was responsible for the theft of approximately 3,500 Oxycodone tablets, valued at $35,000, of 37 known patients.”


        ~~~~~~ ~~~~

        Seems like everybody is getting their illegal drug supplies from the VA one way or another. Even UPS workers. Of course the Veterans who actually need the drugs are being called addicts and being denied the pain meds.

      5. With all these oxy-morons at the VA or connected to the VA in any way. I am sure the level of stolen drugs greatly out weights the number of drugs that actually reach a Veteran for Prescribed use.

        It is very likely that in some cases Veterans have been denied meds just so the thief’s have a chance to steal the drugs.

        Everyone in the administration at the VA has been turning a blind eye to this for a long time now. They all should be brought up on charges and all of their retirement packages diverted to actually help Veterans.

      6. @Seymore Klearly,

        Better yet, just wield the doors and windows shut while they are inside all the VAMC’s in USA and wait for the delirium tremors and withdrawal symptoms kick-in and call it a zombie reality show and pop the popcorn and sit back and wait for them to eat each other. Self-cleaning rat cages. Army Corp. of Engineers get a massive exercise in the Operation Seal Shitheads, win/win.

  33. “VA Drug Investigation Looking Into Entire Country, OKC Hospital”
    Posted: Feb 22, 2017 4:41 AM CST
    Updated: Feb 22, 2017 7:04 AM CST
    By Justin Dougherty, News 9

    “OKLAHOMA CITY – Federal agents are stepping up the investigation into drug thefts at VA Medical Centers and the entire VA network is being investigated, including the center in Oklahoma City.

    These issues are said to date back to 2009. It’s been discovered hospital staff has stolen drugs for either their own use or street sales. Veterans Affairs has not said exactly which hospitals have had these kinds of cases but the overall system is getting a closer look.

    Over the last eight years, there’s been a sharp increase in opioid theft, missing prescriptions, or unauthorized drug use by VA employees. Some cases even increased by the thousands.”

    Great Vid on the articles page.


    1. “DEA Steps Up Investigations into Drug Thefts at VA Hospitals”
      By Steve Neavling

      “The DEA is launching increased investigations into Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals after a sharp rise in opioid theft, unauthorized drug use by VA employees and missing prescriptions, the Associated Press reports.

      Government data suggests that doctors, nurses and pharmacy staff are stealing prescription for themselves or to sell on the street.

      Congressional auditors have found lax tracking of drug supplies at VA hospitals, with some skipping monthly inspections of drug stocks.”

    2. Seymore, the obvious question to this is, did the crack down and cutting off of veterans getting pain medicine result from some bureaucrat seeing the number of pills the VA was going through and conclude veterans were being over medicated?

      Did they just completely miss the fact that out of maybe 50000 pills dispensed by a pharmacy that maybe 30000 were going to veterans and 20000 being diverted?

      So since 2009, veterans were made to look like drug seeking addicts because so many pills were being stolen by VA employees?

      Looks that way to me.

      And I find it completely disgusting that the VA knew this investigation was going on, then blamed the CDC or others for cutting off veterans.

    3. Hey folks, I was on the VA morphine for 10 years. At the end I was doing anywhere from 3-6 pills at a time. I asked for help getting off the bastards. I was told to stay on the morphine. I quit this stuff on my own and the withdrawels are every thing they say they are and more. I knew I had a big problem. But when I got a letter stating that because of the drugs they were going to drug test, that was the motivation I needed to finally quit. Then I had 5 different people at the VA try to get me hooked again. I had one quack sent me a months supply right out of the blue and then lied to my face that another drug wasn’t an opiate. You see it’s all about control. If you are sitting in front of the TV slobbering down the front of yourself you are not at the VA pounding on the counter demanding REAL FUCKING MEDICAL CARE! In reference to the earlier comments about snowflakes. I have given a name to my newest little black rifle. I call it SNOWPLOW!

      1. Exactly right Ralph. A veteran in need of any prescription is easier to control in the little minds at the VA.

        The more veterans under control, the easier it is to skim a few pills off each prescription.

        Given this theft issue, I believe every veteran should be VERY careful about any prescription listed in their records.

        Even if it’s one you no longer take, you should ask for it to be removed from your record as any active prescription.

  34. Today I was wondering why I haven’t received my Morphine in the mail yet, since I called it in on Friday, and had patient advocacy have my pcp’s nurse, call me to confirm all was well. So I called the Pharmacy, theit excuse? Well Monday was a holiday it will ship today. Well thank you very much cheesedick fucking incompetent asswipe. It is a good thing I have extra, or I would be suffering withdrawls at the moment.
    Fuck the va, fuck patient advocacy, fuck the ugly fucking non English speaking nurse, and fuck my West Bank “it’s in Gods hands now” pcp, and anyone who looks like them.

    On another not……………..Goodmorning folks.

    1. And had you tried to call-in your morphine RX a day early to compensate FOR the holiday the VA hack gets paid for, you would have had a flag on your record for drug-seeking behavior…there’s no winning with these baboons. Good Morning, CJ!

      1. @namnibor: You are correct, I was told we can no longer call in scrpts for Morphine untill we only have a 3day supply left. Funny how this always happes over a weekend. I left a message with patient advocacy, will see what they have to say “if” they even bother to return my call. What really pisses me off is the attitude, like we are talking about the fucking weather, NO we are talking about because YOU dropped the ball once again, someone else is going to have to physically suffer, for you incompetence. It isn”t any better in the private sector either. Pain management doctors have to follow so many regs now, and of course be Liscenced to even write a cript for a controlled substance. It amazes me how many times even the private sector has gottem my script wrong. First time the fucking idiot wrote the script for name brand Morphine, I went to wally world and was informed it would cost 15 thousand dollars for my script. WT ACUALL FUCK is wrong with THAT FUCKING DOCTOR? Of course they cannot just give you generac, it has to be cripted. Another 2 hours of driving to get a 15 dollar script filled. You just can’t win.

    2. @cj – I have been concerned with this issue for a while. One month my script was late, and the VA receptionist had no concern what so ever. Even after I informed her that I needed the medication because I’ve been on it for a while. They know shit! And, they are dangerous!

      1. @namnibor: I agree 200% they are dangerous, and could care less about the effects withdrals have on a veteran. Almost every veteran I know is prepared for this particular fuck up. Because they have all had it happen multiple times as well. It is nothing new, and the fact they could give a shit is also nothing new. I mean………like I said before…….we don’t even have so much as a damn fox……guarding the henhouse. It’s complete and utter maddness.

      2. @cj, @Namnibor – During my last visit, I was scolded for only having about 4 days of extra medicine. They tried to tell me that I had to take all of my medication, and again the issue of taking 2 tabs at one time came up again. We argued for quite a while. Nothing got solved. I’m trying my best not to take 2 tabs at one time. My reason is, that if I take 2, then in a short time, my body will say I need 3. In the end, this will all be my problem. When you require pain medication, you stand a lone. Its a freaky feeling. Not even my family or friends understand my issue(s) with this medication.

      3. @ANutterVet: Your rite, I call and talked to my previous pcp and would ask if it was ok to double dose, because of the amount of pain that day. She would always say yes go ahead it is fine. So far I haven’t run into them giving me any shit over how I take my meds, and I never ever reveal, I have stached some away for when THEY FUCK UP my script. It is only due the the mis trust they have instilled into us, over their constant SCREW UPS, that we resort to setting aside, for self preservation. Like 91 Veteran, who they took his pain meds away after a knee replacement surgery? In my humblest of opinions………….SOMEBODY NEEDS TO GO TO FUCKING PRISON. Can you just imagine the response to world would give if we took away pain meds form a gitmo detainee aftern having knee replacement surgery? Ohhhhh that is rite, we are talking about an American veteran…………………nobody gives a shit…………discracefull!!!!!

  35. This is from:
    “ News”

    “VA Union Issues, Not Claims Backlog, Dominate Debate at Hearing!”

    21 Feb. 2017 | by Richard Sisk

    “Rep. Phil Roe, chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, spoke of the “frustration that I have” on hearing reports that a doctor making $212,000 at a VA facility in Los Angeles and an emergency room doctor making $242,000 at a facility in Chicago were spending 100 percent of their time on union business.”
    “Party lines were quickly drawn…”

    This is as far as I got. Why? Because
    the interesting fact I found was when I first started reading this article, was when I “hit” the bar to “continue” it wouldn’t let me!
    I even went out of “military dot com’s” website to google it. Same thing happened. Seems the internet is blocking me somehow.
    Of course, if you’re unaware, Obama and Lynch, back on January 12, 2017, put the Department of Homeland Security in charge of what’s going on in the internet community!

    1. I had the exact same thing happen to me on that website yesterday and to be honest, that’s another reason I stopped going to the daily caller website, as my antivirus protection goes crazy on alerting of blocked threats, but funny thing was on military dot com I did not get any virus alert, just the website locking-up and it happened again just before posting here.
      Obama also handed over the entire internet to Europe, if I got that correct, right? Or something along those lines, while in active international wars…makes no sense whatsoever. Idiot Peace Prize Prez.

      1. @Crazy elf, @namnibor,@Seymore Klearly: I just finished reading the article on I must have been a glitch. Also from

        LONDON — A suicide bomber who attacked a military base in Iraq this week was a former Guantanamo Bay detainee freed in 2004 after Britain lobbied for his release, raising questions about the ability of security services to track the whereabouts of potential terrorists.

        The Islamic State group identified the bomber as Abu Zakariya al-Britani, and two British security officials also confirmed the man was a 50-year-old Briton formerly known as Ronald Fiddler and as Jamal al-Harith.

        He was one of 16 men paid a total of 10 million pounds (now worth $12.4 million) in compensation in 2010, when the British government settled a lawsuit alleging its intelligence agencies were complicit in the torture of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, according to the officials.

        So……………….12.4 milion for terrorists…………………nothing for veterans caregiviers, Way to go Libtards way to go.

    2. Crazy Elf, I have read the entire article.
      Shocking to say the least.

      I’m trying to figure how any VA doctor or other provider, hired under law where they receive special compensation, can be a member of a union.
      VA doctors and other providers are not paid like other SES, GS or Wage Grade federal employees. They are given special compensation because of their professional training. I can’t understand how they get around any law barring them from being in a union.

      Regardless, having a doctor paid that much spend 100% of their time on union activities certainly does not help veterans health care as Little Cox is claiming.

      Suddenly veterans health care is important to these union thugs?

      In the article, it cites a 2015 report saying 250000 VA employees spent 1.1 million hours on union business.
      Hell with that kind of time spent, you would think the VA would be the best run organization on the planet if you believed the union bullshit of how vital they are.
      The article also mentions how the VA can’t track accurately time spent on official union business because of old Time and Attendance accounting software. What a load of crap. Tracking that official time has been a requirement for years. What the hell makes VA special?

      Of course, the Democrats on the committee also discovered veterans health and benefits problems and are whining about hiring under Trumps hiring freeze. Perhaps they should have thought of that before the election. Not a damn one of them would have said anything about bad health care or hiring if Hillary had been elected.

      The article says Shulkin plans to exempt 37000 from the hiring freeze. They need to exempt several hundred from spending all their time on union activities.

      At the end of the article, some Democrat named Takano claims lifting the hiring freeze would help vets get their claims through and benefits faster. Takano doesn’t give a shit about vets. All he cares about are more dues paying union thugs being hired.

      1. Amen! Was able to read entire article, which when added to what I read on a few other news feeds yesterday, it makes me laugh how NOW Cox seems to find it convenient to play the “We care about safety of Veterans” card, when it’s so easy to see through his and all the AFGE slug’s ambitions…and fears…I think the AFGE is starting to feel the heat from vocal disgruntled Veterans and advocates out there and the AFGE feels it’s being backed into the corner and threatened.
        No, David “little” Cox AFGE President, when we have you backed into the corner you will be pushed through that all glass conference room windows…maybe the pigeons or crows will save you?
        However, as long as Isaacson can remain steady on his stairmaster, all is in balance in the universe each morning.

    3. I have had the same problem with some articles using internet explorer. But I also use FireFox. With FireFox I am able to read the articles.

      Also I have had to delete my cookies in IE then purge the files held in the windows Prefetch file and finally do a windows disk cleanup to get my IE working like it should.

      1. @Seymore Klearly – I use Win 10 with IE and apply these commands daily to clean up;

        ipconfig /displaydns
        ipconfig /flushdns

  36. AS per J. Sekulov ACLJ:

    It’s a shadow government – an attempt to undercut the President.

    Now we’re just hours from taking critical legal action to stop it.

    In his final days in office, President Obama’s Administration changed the rules – giving vast new access to classified national security information to over a dozen federal agencies.

    The result – dangerous leaks, criminal violations of the Espionage Act, and the creation of a shadow government to sabotage President Trump’s Administration.

    It’s a soft coup, allowing unelected bureaucrats to undermine the President and dramatically endanger our national security by dangerously leaking classified information. It’s unconstitutional.

    We not only discovered this dangerous national security breach, we’re taking direct legal action to expose and stop it.

    Our Government Accountability Project is mobilizing to fight back. Tomorrow we will file legal demands of the bureaucracy to: 1) Expose how the Obama Administration rammed this rule change through. 2) Stop the soft coup and the rampant leak of classified information. 3) Protect our national security.

  37. From:
    “End Times Prophecy News”
    via: “red state watcher” & “twitter”
    Feb. 21, 2017

    “BREAKING! Imminent Dam Failure! Emergency Evacuation Ordered In Nevada”

    This is the second “imminent Dam Failure” in two to three weeks. The first was in North Western section of California.

    There are seven articles in this video. #4 is about those three brothers who possibly gave “classified intel to our enemies”! They were just “…found guilty of receiving $100,000 from an Iraqi government official(s)!”

    #7 is where Paul Ryan is going to our southern border to see about how things shaping up!

    Things are really popping across the board on Obama’s and Lynch’s (illegal law) putting the DHS (Dept. of Homeland Security), and other security agencies, in charge of the FCC. Our “1st Amendment Rights” ARE under attack. FREEDOM of SPEECH and FREEDOM of the PRESS is being taken from the American People!
    The “Fourth Estate”, those responsible for putting out the truth, is being censored across the board!

    1. P.S.
      I’m hoping this new revelation, concerning websites who publish the truth, isn’t why Ben has not put a new blog on since monday?!?!?!
      Other websites have received letters cancelling out their free speech.

      It’s going to get real sticky out there!
      President Trump is going to need all our support! And that’s a fact!

      1. @Crazy elf– I am only assuming Benjamin has family stuff or other related personal things related perhaps to this article on VA Caregivers…and is more than likely preparing a doozy that will more than make-up and will be like the meat grinder’s rear end was impacted and like all those water dams falling apart, the crap will again flow with a vengeance from the VA’s rear orifice of meat grinder again.

        These dams falling apart as well as sad shape of infrastructure/highways and electrical grids, just shows how much work needs to be done that has been ignored far too long, going back through several administrations, but to be honest, that was one of the big things that surprised me about Obama in that I expected after the 2008 banks and wall street bailout, and Americans left high and dry, that Obama would have had the wisdom to right then when that $$$$ was flowing, implement a massive New Deal 2 type of Works Program rebuilding our infrastructure…never happened.

      2. Crazy elf doesn’t read the articles or he would know precisely the reason. He is just here to troll his political prejudices. Nor has he read the condolences.

      3. Hey Elf,

        I know that Ben is currently handling a death in his family. Which may be why he has not posted.

      4. @namnibor & Seymore,
        I forgot, sorry.
        I sure hope you’re right!

        Family does come before anything else!

  38. Well, the snowflakes not recognizing Monday’s “President Day” and now calling it “Not My President Day” affected me directly in an odd way.
    Well, every Monday, my property management has this local recycling company pick-up recycling left in front of our apartments in provided clear bags…unless it’s a holiday, then without fail, the pick-up will be the Tuesday immediately following the Monday with a holiday.
    I put out my recycling on Monday, President’s Day because that is one of those holidays it took some time to get this company to recognize as a holiday until it was convenient to protest Monday by this company and they decided to NOT pick up recycling, so I left it out for Tuesday evening pick-up as per policy. I thought I heard their truck outside last night but not the characteristic sound of bags of trash being tossed into bed of truck.
    I opened-up my apartment door at that time and not only saw all our recycling still there in front of all other apartment dwellers thinking the same as I, but this butthurt snowflake recycling company went as far to go around to each door and leave a copied 8.5×11 banner explaining how Pres. Trump is NOT their President, thus not recognizing President’s Day for the next 4 years, and left our trash but went to trouble with their protest.
    Did some morning online research on this small recycling company and come to find out they are avid supporters of Black Lives Matter and the newer “Not My President” movement.
    If I knew where the owner lived I would leave some recycled burrito splatted onto his windows…instead, no more recycling for me with these snowflakes and I plan to leave them a very Trump Themed message next Monday…not sure what yet, but have time to get creative.

    1. I posted that to show how freaking trite these butthurt snowflakes are now 1 month into President Trump’s term. Unfortunately, do not see this letting-up anytime soon. I also do not want to anger these snowflakes and have the cause/effect of them then doing property damage, so am thinking of just leaving my own printed-out message on piece of paper that says, “I’D RECYCLE ALL MY EMAILS BUT HILLARY ALREADY DELETED THEM”, or, “President Trump IS your President and if you do not like it, recycle that attitude and move to Somalia or Syria or any other shithole but HERE!!” 🙂

      1. @Namnibor – In today’s emotionally charged political atmosphere combined with the deep hatred towards President Trump, you’ll never know how far these snowflakes will go. Its strange how they believe that destroying property, attacking people, and hindering commerce isn’t considered to be called rioting. Its like they have changed the definition of their actions. They think it is a more expressive form of protesting, which many know that this is totally bullshit.

        My concern is related to how our Police will monitor and control these individuals during the heats of the moment. Either the Police have been really hesitant in arresting these offenders, or the MSM is not informing us of the arrests. This is concerning to me.

        With the above in mind, and knowing the intense hateful feelings that are being expressed in your community, it could be wise to keep a very low key when expressing yourself. I say this because I believe that many of these individuals have been getting off easily. And, that if you express yourself in a correct manner, that these people could interpret it as something else or believe that they have a right to violently oppress your rights. Then if something happens, how will your local Police react?

        There are too many variables. And, what if you’re totally outnumbered. What if you legally express yourself, and these people decide to mark you. Then you’ll have to watch your back all of the time. For me, I don’t trust these emotional snowflakes. And, I believe that the Police have been very easy on the protesters. For now, I’d be more in a protective mode instead. Not saying to live in fear, but to be more observant due to how these people act nowadays.

      2. @ANutterVet– I hear you and I actually possess more common sense than to agitate a snowflake the wrong way or even right way, very liberal major city I live in, so let’s just say I’m not going to kiss their asses either. My recycling is going right with my regular trash to the dumpster as I choose not to support them and that will be it, only I will know, as not everyone volunteers to participate in the “free” recycling service, which I am not stupid, it was only added as an additional reason to jack the rent upon lease renewal.
        Yes, always watching my back, and thanks for looking out. More of just a rant of the dangers these snowflakes are posing and they are getting braver and acting-out on their jobs now as well. I think the strong arm of the law will come down sooner than later…wait for it…the pipeline protesters are being threatened by force now to leave and am hoping The National Guard gets some late Winter exercise. 🙂

        They should force all those pipeline protesters to clean-up their wave of waste and pollution they left in an oxymoronic move considering they are supposedly protesting for fear of safety and cleanliness of sacred water on land, yet are leaving their shit to be swallowed-up by rising waters….WTF?

      3. @Namnibor – I hear everything that your saying, and I have observed these luna ticks behavior. Nam, in no way did I mean that you are stupid. Sorry if I came off that way. Like you, I’m concerned for other the lives and welfare of other Veterans and their love ones. I consider my self to be fortunate, they is a diverse mix of attitudes where I live. And, this usually makes it easy to pick them out as they let their little snowflake shine.

      4. @namnibor,
        I agree with ANutterVet. Be careful in what you say or do. When it concerns those asswipe liberal Democrat Crybaby punk-assed protester snowflakes!

        I’m lucky, because the wife and I live in a very conservative neighborhood. We’re out in an area we refer to as the “woods!”
        The nearest city, if you want to call it that, is around 15 miles away.
        We are also heavily protected by a forest that makes up a “perimeter” of sorts!
        No one can get close!

        Plus, we worry about people who live in large communities, (Cities), like yourself.
        Again, please be aware of your surroundings at all times!

      5. @Crazy elf- I happen to live in one of the most conservative villages when compared to Columbus proper and other communities, it’s just that the Union College Professors and Medical Professionals happen to live in surrounding community, but even my conservative village has a no canvassing and soliciting ordinance…I mean, not even anything political during election season enters and not even yard signs…it’s the old historical neighborhood old man Prescott Bush grew-up in, while I live in a modest apartment in a very safe village, the orig. Bush Mansion is right down the street…lots of history here but head 1/2 mile East and it’s liberal snowflake land.
        Thanks all, yes, always watching my back and need to bite my tongue and lip around these snowflakes because they cannot even handle a debate or conversation with opposing views civilly…no, it’s all about them. WTF?
        I actually generally keep to myself other than Dr. appointments, pharmacy, groceries, and such.
        What’s sad is I am considering not even replacing the American Flag decal on my car that was defaced because it may just happen again…certainly not out of any angst towards the flag on my part. Sad times.

      6. @namnibor: I know exactly what you mean when dealing with these mental patients.
        It does suck that someone you thought of as a friend, would stoop so low as to deface even a decal of an American flag on YOUR property. Especially knowing your a veteran.
        You do indeed show self control, something I wish I had. I do however see these agitators being cracked down on, more and more each day. Soon ICE won’t have to look door to door, they can just pull up the busses (the short busses), to the crowds of protesters, disquised as lemmonaid trucks, and wisk them away. I find this to be a very efficient use of government dollars. Lemmonaid for sourpusses. Get your Lemmon……….aiiiiid. Lemnonaid for sourpusses…

      7. @cj– No, the lemon aid truck would never work because snowflakes are way to fussy about whether something is too sour or too sweet, nothing is ever just right. Better make it a cupcake food truck. I mean, WHO can turn-down a wonderfully decorated with sprinkles AND organic cupcake?
        Have the organic part of cupcakes be 98% Nightshade based for a nice nap on way to the jail cell or slap a book of stamps on their heads and return to sender! 🙂

        One more thing before waking the cupcake captive snowflake: place a large tattoo on their arms that say “President Trump Was Here”. 🙂

      8. @ANutterVet: Good morning ANutterVet. You wouldn’t still have the llink to the site that has all the va’s statistical ratings? I thought I saved it, and can’t find the comment you posted it to.

      9. @cj – Is this the one, “” ? I went through all of my favorites saved and this is the only one that I can remember that I posted. The one that you’re talking about, is it the one that I posted the yesterday or the day before. This is the only one that I have. Let me know.

        From all the issues and topics that have been posted lately, and now you posted about your problem with getting your script of morphine, I had the same issue a little back. I can’t see how come when a Veteran is on a pain medication, and there is a problem, why don’t they kick it up a notch to take care of it or to get your questios (s) answered? This is what really ticks me off, reduces my trust in them, and many times I waste a lot time thinking, “what the hell is next?

      10. @ANutterVet: Yes that is the link, Thank you. I hear you, nuthing but trouble with the entire system. What a mess. Even my new pcp doctor “It’s in Gods hands now” welll I guess he can go golf with Obama now, since “it’s in Gods hands now” What a fucking joke……………..I ain’t laughing….

      11. @ANutterVet,@namnibor: Yes, lala land indeed, and he got there on the good ship lollipop. Definatley bookmarked it this time. When I have had eoough of the bs. I will take some time off, and write up a nice long love letter to the Lovell FHCC, I will cc: to my congressman, Senators, and all news networks, I may even cc; to some choice other countries as well. Nothing like a little worldy embarassment to hold aswipes feet to the fire. I wish I could strike back as I would a local asshole. namnibor, you might want to take notes here. How I get back at an asshole is this: First I collect all those little cards in all the magazines at my doctors office, I send them all filled in, in the assholes name. He has to call each and every magazine and cancel his new subscrption. Hard to do when I call the phone company, water dept, and utiltiiy providers and inform them that I “posing as the asshole from a phone booth in another town” am going on vacation for a couple of months and have all shut off. Then from same phone booth I call every single contractor I can think of, and have them alll show up at assholes house to give quotes on all the work he needs. You know, a new deck, pool, roffing, fencing, landscaping, painting, new driveway on and on, and I make this appointment for all of them for the exact same time. Then I post an add in craigslist using a bogus account that I “the asshole” is moving and am giving everything away, as I won’t be needing it, first come first serve, again starting at the same time as the contractors are to show up. Then from the same phone booth, I notify the press of the horrific traffic jam at said location……………….go ahead piss me off again.

  39. @Namnibor, every thing I have done in the past with the VA has been a waste of time. Because of you, and others on Ben’s blog, I am becoming a wee bit more organized. I’m in a better position to actually see it for myself. I will keep up with what I’m doing this time. Thanks to every one of y’all. This article explains how the VA puts the final nails in our coffin, can’t afford that, you get the idea. I have to deal with the frustration and anger issues that accompanies every step in the VA. So, I am focusing on…..can’t recall right now. God Bless care givers everywhere.

  40. Here’s a brand new article out from “Wisconsin Watchdog”
    Dated 21 Feb 2017
    by M.D.Kittle
    It’s part 45 of 44 in the series!
    Still not looking good for Tomah VA Hospital.

    “Insiders: Tomah VA troubles continue with nurse shortages, neglected care!”

    I wonder how “Shithead Shulkin” is going to respond to this shit?!
    Is he going to have to pay that public relations firm more taxpayers money to attempt to keep this quiet!?

    1. What the VA and Shulkin will more than likely do is claim the VA requires higher salaries to attract the very best employees to Tomah and any VAMC hotspot where the corruption and fraud has left a crater of corruption that most professionals would not want their vitae’s soiled or marred with a known shithole…more money please….wait for it…

      I would think these days, working for the VA in any capacity would be a vitae liability…the problem is the VA somehow things that thing called accountability is a spotty problem to be stomped-out like a bag of shit lit on fire, left on a porch…while the entire neighborhood is on fire…accountability is a systemic problem…until they GET that, nothing will change.

  41. Just announced that Car Insurance Premiums are skyrocketing because of 1) Distracted Drivers, 2)Domestic Protests, )even though most full coverage car insurance excludes acts of domestic terror, i.e. protesting snowflakes), they still used that as an excuse coupled with more and more distracted drivers.

    Now, take all the commuter train crashes of recent, including today…stupid human behavior finding it more important to be engrossed in phone or electronic device instead of doing something important like….watching the road or the train tracks for another train…WTF Humans?
    So instead of addressing actual problem and simply outlawing texting and driving, they just increase insurance rates…not a deterrent at all. Raising the cost of commuter train fares is not going to make the train conductor care any more than his Obama era hire asked of him or her.
    Rant Out.

    1. The connection to the VA is these drug thefts. The VA will more than likely punish Veterans even more so by knee-jerk behavior of discontinuing even more Veterans off pain and benzo meds, while doing absolutely nothing about their own druggy employees.

      I agree, why only make Veterans take urine tests? Next time they demand a urine test for drug use how about telling the hack, “You First!?” Sounding like their own urine may be of the Technicolor type…probably enough to make a school of goldfish pretty stoned in the local reservoir when their urine comes flowing through. 🙂

      1. I’m very happy the VA started automatically testing veterans for drugs. Now the physicians can clearly see I’m not, to use Seymore unKlearly’s words, “baked”. that it is my TBI and nothing else in spite of the entries proclaiming me a substance abuse with no objective evidence other than being a little stuporous.

        I don’t care if they test anyone else as long as I’m regularly tested. I’m very uptight about being falsely accused.

      2. @Namnibor – I was wondering why, during my last appointment at the VA, that about 1/2 hours after drinking some water from the fountain, that I started to get a weird feeling going through my system. I hope the H2O supply is tainted with transgender medications. Oh my, I just noticed that my teets got bigger. I was wondering why my wife was paying less attention to me.

      3. @ANutterVet: Can I have the next dance? LOL, calm down I was just kidddding…..

        Be gone for a while……dinner time.

      4. If you got something growing after drinking the water at the VA, just wait for it to come to a full boil and you can end it’s life when the boil pops and the eye looking back at you blinks!

      5. @Namnibor – Back around 1975, I worked in a kennel. It was during the summer, and for some reason I seen this little pimple on the front of my thigh. I popped it. Then by the next morning I had this huge boil type abscess. It was a carbuncle [not a red gem like a garnet]. I went to the doctors.

        The doctor gave me some lidocaine or other numbing agent. Then he lanced it with a small scrapple. The pressure was released, and the white, bloody mucus shot into the air. Yes, what a relieve. Then he put non stinging iodine in the wound, and proceeded to scrap out the white staph. material out from the sides of the wound. I almost hit the ceiling, the numbing agent didn’t work too well.

        The wound was big. When I got home, I disinfected a large marble, removed the bandage, and placed the cat eyed marble into the wound. I then showed everyone the extra eye in my leg. I was a teenager back then, and some young ones actually had a gagging reflex.

        Afterwards, I removed the marble. And, then I prepared to put another bandage on my leg. I noticed that the wound had loose skin around it. I then cleaned a smaller marble, and was able to squeeze my skin over the smaller marble like a blinking eye on my leg. Then I had more fun with the younger ones showing the blinking eye in my leg. True story.

      6. @Namnibor, @cj – Should read, –isn’t– tainted with transgender medications. cj, I was hoping to catch my mistake and post a correction. You got there before me. And, no, you can’t have the next dance. I only date the younger ones. Old fart. LOL

        I’ll try to get back on later for bit. I’ve been struggling on and off today. Good thing for humor. Helps to take the edge off. I tried to search for services outside of the VA today. The VA Administration really has a strong hold in treating Veterans.

        There needs to be a re-educating of the American public to truly realize and understand how Veterans are being treated. Whether it is for medical care, or has to do with the poor transactions when Veterans submit their claims.

        The more I learn, the more critical it is that this dam system needs to be reformed and reorganized. I hope changes come soon. Way too many Veterans and Care Givers are being negatively affected-effected.

        I wish that more celebrities would come out from under their shady LA palm trees, and speak out about the way that Veterans are being treated by the Federal agency that is supposed to protect Veterans. Celebs, Mr. President, and Members of Congress, set the standard high.

        Please dig your influential and authoritative claws into the corrupt VA Administration. You’ll save Veterans lives, and save taxpayers money. Its a win-win situation.

      7. That would take a Kardashian joining the military, making a reality show out of it, then post-military, after being discharged for a massive case of Gigantus Assus, the reality show trainwreck follows the Kardashian attempting to get care at the VA for a pimple on her ass…about the only way mass coverage of the level of crazy at the VA would get out in this self-absorbed, see me, social media world. Pandora’s Box was opened, no putting her back…it’s a mess out there…so are the Kardashians and what once was Bruce Jenner…a scary freaky train wreck in high heals now….eeek! I love how South Park has been depicting that trainwreck. 🙂

      8. @Lem – Do you really think that most or even some of the Veterans that participate in Ben’s blog, think that your a drug addict? And, for simple sake, lets say you were. Since most Veterans on this blog, know about the VA’s off the wall modalities in treating Veterans with pain, PTSD, anxiety, . . ., and having a documented history in over prescribing Veterans with medications.

        I personally wouldn’t think any less of you or any one else, if they got caught up in the VA’s corrupted behavior in prescribing addictive pharmaceuticals.

        You’re more intelligent than what your post suggests. There have been many spats that have occurred on Ben’s blog between Veterans. Including you and my self. Don’t take the remarks so seriously. We all are totally fed up with the VA’s process.

        And, I think that it is fortunate that many times you offer a different perspective on just as many issues. This difference helps me to form a more sound and solid conclusion on a subject matter.

        By the way, how many more Oxycodone tabs do you want? See your local VA PCP. You may get lucky, especially if they’re fixing the formulary numbers, therefore pocketing the Oxycodone tabs under another Veterans name. Or, sit back and roll yourself a big doobie. Smoke one on me! I have buds that contain no seeds, and they are stickier with THC crystals than semi-dried snot.

        ROFLMAO, I’m only joking with you.

      9. Both the pharmacy and the physicians have “placebos” that look like the real thing but aren’t readily available. If your physician hands you a bottle from his desk bet it is a placebo. And if you are not getting the relief you usually get take the bottle back to the pharmacy and tell them it is a bad batch. It isn’t working. And ask for a replacement. Don’t suffer it out.

      10. @Namnibor – I put those remarks out there to read your posts. I never know how you’ll describe it, and I totally agree on how LA has dramatically changed. But, many will listen to the Kardashians, between the sisters they have 10’s of millions of followers. Sort of like using the same tactic as those 3 brothers, but on the legal side of things. The media does there best to manipulate the American public.

        Namnibor, did you notice that CBS is now stating that they are “Real New”? They add that line when promoting the CBS Morning News Program. President Trump’s message of about fake news must be having a negative effect on there market share. If it wasn’t, I don’t think they would’ve made this change.

      11. Sorry folks. The lack of sleep and my current pain is effecting my posts. I’m leaving out characters, misspelling words, and my sentence structure is choppy.

      12. “semi-dried snot” would be the secret ingredient the VA witch dr’s use as a binder to keep the drugs intact when they shove them up their asses. Yeah, that’s actually a thing now believe it or not…just like semi-dried snot. It’s hot.

        Would you like your semi-dried snot with a dusting of zombie dust powder? Oooga. 🙂

      13. Yeah, not to be confused with Really New Fake News. 🙂 Waiting for the “Un-News”, kind of like that awful soda called Dr. Pepper, the Un Cola….unbearably gross like drinking someone’s tobacco spit can…yes, I have accidentally done that…pretty gross, still can taste it 30+ years later. 🙂 Not a desired outcome…like VA Care Centers.

      14. @Namnibor – Now that is one sick-o analogy. There must be a correlation between spatoon phlegm and semi-dried snot. One is wetter and smooth running than the other. You know, like the one that you mistakenly took a gulp of. I bet you can still remember that incident in your mind. It would help a person to immediately quit chewing the cud [tobacco]. Yuck . . .

        Namnibor, recently the my PCP told me that I tested positive for an opiate that is not prescribed to me. This is not true, and I want to make sure that it is not on my record. I was told that my urine sample was sent off to be tested further [likely by Gas Chromatography and or Mass Spectrum analysis. Do you have any suggestions on how to get this matter cleared up?

        They must think that I don’t know anything. I told them it was a false positive. Funny thing, they didn’t even question me about other things that I may have taken. Totally out of procedure. Usually, they will have you do a retest.

        Almost every time that I have a visit, something comes up that is off the fucking wall. My patience and understanding gets tested all the time. I’m beginning to think that I may be on the Disruptive Behavior or EPERS list. What do you think?

        Others may want to chime in on this matter as well. Comments are appreciated.

  42. @”cj”,

    Title to google;
    “SHOCK: Greek “Child’s Smile” NGO Involved With US Child Sex to PEDOS & CLINTONS…!

    via: “greeknewsondemand”
    Dated: 21 Feb 2017
    From a Greek article dated 19 Feb 2017
    (18:32 minutes long)

    1. @Crazy elf: Sorry, stepped away for a few minutes. Just finishes watching that video…….at al loss for words. Between the pedo’s, the refugee rapists. the criminals at the va. I am typing this while cleaning my rifle”without va supplied locks” wondering……………..what if??????? Ohh never mind. This is for entertainment purposes only. Oh now an internet site has popped up claiming Clinton IS President? hahahahahahahah yeah ok……

      1. There very well could be some snowflake severs that just need nuked from orbit to facilitate their meltdown. 🙂

  43. “Daytona veteran beaten up for trying to save turtle’s life, police say

    Victim attempted to stop men from beating turtle”

    This is one of a few stories out there of recent Veterans being beat-up or attacked by snowflake thuglets.

  44. @Seymore, on articles about drug theft, I found it interesting that the VA pays about half of the street value. My pharmacist said a while back, that the street value was a lot higher than what he paid. Someone is getting cheated. Nothing new. There is too many things wrong with the VA. While looking around for information on hospice and related services, discontinued services, and Lord what a mess…. what is it that keeps me believing the VA can be fixed? I’m going to notify every person on that committee that chose to believe Dr. Shulkin and them were on the same page. If I get no reply, positive reply, phoney reply, I’ll know a bit more than I understand today.

    1. With your message to R. Isaacson, Chair of Committee, you need to schedule your email to be delivered AFTER his morning stairmaster exercising session or you will not get any response except maybe a bill for the dent in the gym’s floor from where Isaacson flew-off upon seeing bad VA news first thing in his day.

  45. Way off topic: I find this to be funny as hell. On Bens other page about Flow Health Inc.”” It looks like investment spammers have taken the page over. hahahahahahaha What idiots.

    Thanks everyne for the good reads today…so much information. My head is spinning trying to keep up with it all.

  46. I just watched the most sickening video on YouTube.
    If y’all thought Washington DC was bad, wait until you’ve watched this from; “MLordandGod” via “your news wire”

    “SHOCKING: Pedophile House Speaker Sues His VICTIM For “Breach of Contract” – Hush Money!”

    (6:27 minutes long)

    I’ve actually no words to describe the bullshit this reprobate is doing! He wants his “Hush Money” back!
    Now, if you were the victim, what would you do?

  47. @ANutterVet,
    I wish I’d kept two articles out from the
    “Horn News” (via: the Daily Caller”)
    The first one concerned those three Afghanistan brothers who were caught stealing from their place of employment. Plus, they weren’t happy receiving almost $500K a year between them. They were working for the committee which is involved with our security. Plus, they had direct ties to Debbie Wasserman Shultzs and other top Democrats. You remember her, the one who was in charge of the DNC during Clinton’s bid for POTUS. Until she was caught rigging the system against Sanders.
    #2) was about how a few top Democrats are now defending President Trump over the malicious attacks by the news medias!

    I agree, things are definitely heating up in Washington! The bow will break soon!

    1. @Crazy elf – Yeah, like these brothers needed all that money. My goodness, the average salary in the U.S. is about 40k. Greedy. These jerks remind me of the behaviors of goldfish in the pond. They see you when you approach the pond, you throw in the fish food pellets, and they all come to the top swimming over each other to get to the oxycodone pills [I mean fish pellets].

      1. @ANutterVet– I very much enjoyed that mental surreal scenario you painted with the goldfish and goldfish pellets and oxycodone pills.
        A bit like what Hungry, Hungry Hippos must be like in ‘Alice’s Wonderland’, right under the caterpillar smoking his pipe on the mushroom. 🙂

        Notice how many analogies can be had with the VA and “Alice in Wonderland”? There’s that Disney connection again!

      2. @91Veteran – And, I never read the book. That analogy came to my head when I started to post a response to you. I figured that you could use a mental twist for the day.

      3. @Namnibor – Sorry about that. The notice that I received was that Crazy elf responded to my gold fish post. Any way, all are welcome to get a laugh. I was just typing away, then submitted my post. Then I went back and read that the response was from you. Got to go and feed the gold fish, in the pond at the VA facility. I better stop trying to milk this to far.

      4. I made a mistake. The average household income [which in reality is misleading], is about;

        Head of household‎: ‎$36k
        Married filing jointly‎: ‎$117k
        Single‎: ‎$35k
        Married filing separately‎: ‎$65k

      5. @ANutterVet,
        Those three asswipes are being investigated now on supplying “Classified Information” to our enemies!
        They may have been the ones who Leaked information on that raid, which got one of our SEALS killed.
        Plus others died as well!

      6. @Crazy elf: If that turns out to be true? That they got a Seal, and innocents killed? They should hang from the nearest tree, located in the middle of the nearest pig farm. Forced to be broadcast over every single news network. So much manure being produced from the Obama reign. I should have a bumper crop of produce this year. I’ll need to rent more farm land.

      7. Those figures are also misleading when that nasty word “average” is in the equation because many family’s in USA are lucky to break $30K, and many are well below $20K a year.
        However, landlords and property managers will gladly raise their yearly rent/leases accordingly to the “average income”, nevermind that property manager makes his bread and butter off the 90% that are retired on fixed-incomes.
        It reminds me of this guy I worked on a shift with at a cement manufacturing plant that had a very lucrative side business of being a known slum-lord in which he made his bread and butter off the low-income families reliant on Public Housing, and this was in the 1990-92 timeframe of HUD expansion on steroids and he was on the gravy train. See, the Federal Gov’t/HUD will only pay a maximum amount of $ for a single or person with spouse and/or dependents, a formulary based entirely on those “average incomes”, so what a slumlord HUD slimeball does is when the Gov’t. would increase the amounts they would pay, the slumlord them automatically increases ALL his rents, even the ones not for Public Housing, and only person winning game in life is the HUD slumlord.
        In the end he was investigated and found to be milking the system…lots of people milked that cow in the Clinton mess. Still are.
        Sorry for long reply, I just get pissed at “average incomes” when they are treated like a gold standard and all the lamprey take advantage of it.
        Rant Out.

      8. @Namnibor – Average income. That’s why I mentioned that the figure aren’t real. Anytime someone uses the word “average” the antennas go up. And, yes, they still are milking the system. What many banks have been doing for a while, is locating homes that are mortgaged, and finding the ones that already have current renters in them.

        Then they group them into a lot, and resell them again to the highest bidder. A lot of people made plenty of money off the backs of hard working Americans, and yes, Veterans as well. Greedy pigs.

      9. @ANutterVet,
        The amount those three brothers made was totalled together.
        One made $160K, another made about $160K and the last one made about $165K.
        That’s why I said they made so much together!

  48. Here is one for all the Hillary SnowFlakes to help with their melting process.

    “Exclusive: Russian Bank Docs Show How Putin Laundered Money to Hillary & Podesta”,
    Now we know why Clinton & Co. were so desperate to frame Trump with ties to Putin

    Jerome R. Corsi, February 21, 2017

    “investigative journalist Jerome Corsi met with former vice-head of Armed Services Committee and the House Homeland Security Committee, Curt Weldon, to discuss his committees’ deep research into the Clinton technology transfers to Russia in exchange for Clinton Foundation donations. Weldon validated much that is presented in the following article, which is part one of a series of investigative articles coming out over the upcoming week based on intel by Weldon and other sources:

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congress may want to examine concrete evidence showing Russian President Vladimir Putin paying Hillary Clinton and John Podesta for a long time before the mainstream media goes even more overboard trying to fabricate a tie between Putin and President Donald Trump.”

    1. I recall a couple of news articles during the election that suggested Podestas brother Tony was up to his eyeballs in corrupt dealings in either Russia or Ukraine.

      A couple news articles, then nothing.

      1. Seymore,
        Check out these videos.
        “Jay Sekulow Provides EVIDENCE Obama Set Up Coup Against Trump!”
        Dated: Feb 17, 2017 (6:33 min. long)

        “Will We See an “American Spring” 2017? Soros – Obama – Clinton Color Revolution in USA.”

        Feb. 20, 2017 (18:21 min. long)

      2. @91Veteran,
        It’s gotten quiet because it’s starting to get out some of our security agencies are paying the MSM’s to NOT report facts. Especially when it comes to a certain Political Party, ie: the Democrats. And others affiliated with them!

      3. @Crazy elf, @Seymore Klearly – Here we go. Now the big boys are in the action. I’ve been following Jay Sekulow since about 2000. He don’t lie, and he don’t fool around. Wait for more information to come out. Things are really going to get stirred up. Sit back, and watch the party. The real story is finally coming out.

  49. @ Lem; @ K.N.; @ Namnibor; Thanks for the comments and information.
    The sad aspect of the VA and governmental agencies in general or State Agencies for that matter is that we [US Citizens] are forced to become laymen “truth” researchers/reporters. This task has fallen upon Ex Vet; myself as an Ex State Court Employee and every US Citizen. To make the matter worse, we all have horror stories to tell in each Governmental Agency and No ONE is listening; but, they are the keepers of our welfare. As our job market decreases with the assistance of the Government’s negotiations [NAFTA]; our dams start to breakdown [no decision maker who makes the right decision to invest in the investment]; our trade industry [educational programs ] failing to supply the work force; I can’t see why our Government cannot take other Countries ideas all the positive outcomes and prevent negative results like France’s health care system or Canada’s and present their benefits. After all, they [Governors, Councilmen, women] go on their foreign country trips to observe and make connections for our Country as they claim.

    Yet, hours and hours are wasted by us to address, to pin point the VA issues, and to try to find
    solutions by ourselves. For example, I see @ Lem pounding away at the keyboard day and night on our VA’s poor performance issues and burr-craptic policies of their own making to point out how we spouses’ of VETS and VETS can get the medical and financial assistance much needed due to the Government’s decision making. Thank you Ex Vets, Spouses and everyone else for posting vital information on this blog and to Ben for creating it. As, Ben Franklin said, I shall paraphrase “the way to victory… is to master the game.”

  50. “Missing Drugs Prompts Probe of VA Hospitals Staff”, “”

    Published on Feb 20, 2017

    “According to government data obtained by The Associated Press, federal authorities are maximizing investigations at the Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers, after a dramatic increase in opioid theft, missing prescriptions or unauthorized drug use by VA employees since 2009. Doctors, nurses or pharmacy staff at federal hospitals are in the vast majority within the VA system. Substances for their own use or street sales, or drugs intended for patients have simply disappeared. It is not clear if the problem is worse at the VA than at private facilities, where medical experts and law enforcement officials say drug theft is also increasing.”

      1. With all the bad press they have given Veterans about drug usage and the VA trying to make it seem that any Veteran in pain is just an addict when they request pain meds.

        It is time to pull back the curtain and let some daylight in on the problems of the addicts that are running the show at the many of the VA Facilities. Of course they will just jump into their insurances plan for drug treatment and still continue collecting a pay check. But with the numerous investigations that are now ongoing by federal agencies out side of the control of the VA.

        There are a good number of VA drug addicted employees that will be going to prison.

      2. Remember the Candyman and his drug addicted crew VA of employees that were running the show at Tomah.

      3. I bet also will be found that on the books, it will appear “X-Veteran” is taking a certain dose, but the Veteran is only 40% of dose, 50% will be the VA hack’s stash of opiates, and the remainder 10% is divvied between the VA Patient Advocate and VA Pharmacist to keep their mouths shut and also for their own stash….wait for it…meanwhile, the books will also be found that “X-Veteran” was abruptly cut-off opioid pain meds but never let the system know and change the address so those same drugs now are mailed to the VA hack’s home…never mind it’s now several Federal Crimes, it’s the VA…Candy Land. The Candy Man at Tomah infected the entire system…wait for it…I am also predicting Houlihan’s name will come-up again once the rats in Psych Dept’s at VAMC’s start ratting-out to save their own hides. Again, wait for it…or what the hell, the VA hacks may just be stealing them right from the pharmacy in broad daylight….but you watch, the VA will find a way to somehow blame Veterans for THEIR stealing of drugs and use of said drugs while dragging a body to a shower stall.
        In a mood today. It’s nice, better go for a river walk.

      4. “Cases involving alleged drug theft at VA health facilities”

        By Associated Press

        February 21 at 3:11 AM

        “Government data obtained by The Associated Press show that incidents of drug loss or theft at federal hospitals have jumped nearly tenfold since 2009 to 2,457 last year, spurred by widespread opioid abuse in the U.S. Federal authorities report that doctors, nurses or pharmacy staff — mostly in the Department of Veterans Affairs health system — had siphoned away controlled substances, while in other cases, drugs intended for patients simply disappeared.”


        So during the Obama years drug theft by employees at the VA have increased Ten-fold.


        Also have to point out the nurse practitioner who was shooting himself up with fentanyl from syringes meant for surgery patients. Not only did he refill the syringes with water but he added Hep C.

      5. Have to wonder with the new laws where nurses, assistants, and others get to play doctor at the VA. With the ability to prescribe drugs. Just how much of a jump in thefts has occurred since the new law.

        The DOJ needs to shake that rotted old VA tree very hard and clamp down hard on these sobs.

      6. @Seymore Klearly – Good point. There are too many VA employees with access to the pharmacy’s cookie jar. My PCP [Primary Care Provider] was changed to a Nurse Practitioner [NP], and then the NP would give me my pain med scripts. This created a red flag, and I became concerned about this practice quite a while back, well before it was reported.

        Another concern is, why doesn’t the Pain Management Physician cut my scripts? Add to the mix, according to the VA, letting Clinical Pharmacologists [CP] to be the Veterans treating PCP. The CP involved with reviewing my personal formulary list, has never met me for a face-to-face consult. All that the CP does, is pull my med chart, review it, and with no input from me, the CP then makes their suggestions pertaining to any necessary changes relating to my medications.

        These people [VA’s PCP’s] try to intimidate me because they have the VA’s title of a treating PCP. And, oh my, god forbid if a Veteran has a question or brings up a valid concern about the medications prescribed to them. Then if you always question your PCP, they label you as being uncooperative with the VA’s treatment modality. I’m sorry, please excuse me for thinking.

        The major downside pertaining to opiates, is that the VA has dramatically revised their pain treatment protocols. A Veteran that has had good pain and spasm relief by taking other medications like muscle relaxers and benzodiazepine, will no longer be prescribed these medications if they are currently taking a pain medication. Even if it has been documented that the Veteran is having excellent pain relief.

        I realize that these combinations of medications can cause problems. But if the Veteran has shown that there is no past abuse, and the VA continues to monitor the Veteran, then the Veteran shouldn’t have to have their medications changed. It is a case by case basis.

        The VA’s solution is to put a Veteran on an anti-depressant to treat pain, anxiety, and or insomnia. For me, I can’t take anti-depressants. I can’t handle the side effects. So this is all my problem? Even though there are medications that are currently being manufactured in or imported to our country. The problems are always put on the shoulders of the Veteran. The VA gives the Veteran all the responsibility of the blow back from these new changes is prescription protocols.

        What the Federal Government is doing right now, is like what was promoted in the past about eggs. First they said that eggs were good for you. Then through their research, they said eggs have to much cholesterol, and they are bad for you. Now they are good for you.

        I’m not comparing pain medication to eggs. My point is that when a new wave is established, then when it is implemented, many Veterans are going to suffer. At this point in time, the VA is taking Veterans completely off of pain medications. The Veteran will still experience pain, whether the Veteran is taking pain medications or not.

        Then because the Veteran is not able to have a pain medication prescribed to them, then the VA doesn’t want to talk about how the pain, stress, and anxiety that has a major effect on the telomeres in our DNA. Telomeres have a major impact on the success of cell division.

        This telomere topic is usually above their heads, and or they don’t want to address the matter. No matter what, a Veteran will have to suffer more pain and a reduction in their quality of life. You can’t put everyone in the same box. This is where Evidence Based Criteria Medicine [unsure of the proper phrase] fails greatly. Again, excuse me for thinking.

        Brother Seymore, glad to see your back! Thanks for posting.

      7. Some recent notable cases involving alleged VA drug theft:


        Three VA employees in Little Rock were charged this month with conspiring to steal prescription medications, including opioids, from the John L. McClellan Memorial Veterans Hospital. A 2016 investigation by the VA inspector general’s office alleges that a pharmacy technician used his VA access to a medical supplier’s web portal to order and divert 4,000 oxycodone pills, 3,300 hydrocodone pills and other drugs, costing the VA $77,700. The VA employees were also charged with conspiring to distribute those drugs, which had a street value of more than $160,000.


        An associate chief of pharmacy at the VA medical center in Salt Lake City recently pleaded guilty to acquiring possession of a controlled substance by fraud, according to the inspector general’s office. The VA employee was accused of diverting about 25,000 pills, including oxycodone, hydromorphone, Adderall, buprenorphine, Ritalin, and tramadol from the inpatient pharmacy from October 2011 to March 2015. A spokeswoman for the VA facility, Jill Atwood, has said the hospital since added new software, training and made procedural changes to ensure that similar thefts don’t happen again.

        NEW YORK

        A former hospice nurse at the VA medical center in Albany was sentenced last year to more than six years in prison after admitting to stealing pain medication intended for patients. An investigation alleges the VA nurse stole the painkiller oxycodone hydrochloride from syringes to feed his drug addiction and replaced the contents with Haldol, an anti-psychotic medication. At his sentencing hearing, family members of some of the hospice patients gave statements detailing the pain and suffering the nurse inflicted on dying veteran patients.


        A former registered nurse in the intensive care unit of the Providence VA medical center pleaded guilty last year to stealing prescription drugs. Authorities say the nurse admitted that on dozens of occasions over several months in 2015 she used an override feature of an automated medication dispensing system to obtain hundreds of controlled substance pills, such as oxycodone and morphine. The pills weren’t prescribed for or provided to patients. The IG’s office says the nurse had previously been fired from a private hospital for allegedly diverting controlled substances, but was hired at the VA after making false claims in her application.


        A former resident anesthesiologist at the VA medical center in West Los Angeles pleaded guilty in 2015 to theft of public property and possession of a controlled substance while treating a veteran. Authorities say while providing anesthesia care to a veteran in surgery, the doctor passed out in the operating room after taking a sedative and injecting himself with controlled substances including fentanyl. His fully conscious patient lay nearby and said he was initially frightened that the commotion was due to his own medical condition, according to news reports.

        Sources: Justice Department

        “Drug thefts from VA hospitals: 5 cases in point”,

      8. Seymore, your post makes me wonder if SLC was able to implement training and software so quickly to prevent future pill theft, why wasn’t it in place already?
        Is that same software now in place at all VAs? If not, why not?

        Also, the medication override function makes me question why the nurses withheld pain medication from me after knee replacement surgery. Seems like they were playing games rather than following the doctors orders.

        But then, I still think the nurse I had on my last day stole my pain medication that morning.

        Given how bad this drug theft issue is, and how the VA has reacted by cutting off many veterans from their pain medication, including periodic urinalysis tests, is it too much to ask that any VA provider with prescription authority face the same requirement?

        Unannounced urinalysis on a monthly basis?

      9. @91Veteran – I totally agree with having VA employees randomly tested. With many indictments and guilty pleas coming to the forefront, better yet to have those VA employees randomly drug tested. Let them eat f . . . . . g crow. The blow back from all of this shit, will squarely end up in the Veterans lap. Dumb f . . . ks.

        Its going to take more than sunshine to clean the corruption in the VA. At this point, the Government should call upon more special investigators to dig deep into the VA’s inner circles.

      10. ANutterVet, I guess what I was trying to say that just as veterans faced a drastic overreaction to a supposed opioid problem, why wouldn’t there be an equal reaction to employee drug theft?

        Even beyond those with prescriptive authority, any VA employee handling prescription medication should be subject to random drug tests.

        Put the same burden of proof of innocence on them as they do veterans.

      11. @91Veteran – Sorry Brother, may be I was unclear in my post. I believe as you do, that VA employees should be subjected to random drug tests in the work place. The VA has contributed mightily to the drug epidemic pertaining to Veterans. 91Veteran, I know that you already know this, but here are some articles that I’ve found;





        And, the Pharmaceutical Industry knows exactly how the new drug regulations have effected their bottom line, and they have a plan to milk the legal drug sales, and to increase their market share;


        Plus, the VA has never asked me how my treatments are going, do I have any questions, or since I’m a biologist, have I noticed any symptoms due to a decrease in these important organic compounds;


        91Veteran, I’m so fucking pissed off, due to the lack of a patient-doctor relationship, I feel like I’m stuck with nothing else to offer except what is currently approved by the VA. Many VA employees have been getting away with jeopardizing Veterans lives for many years.

        And, you’re completely right, since the drug epidemic has reached the hallways of the VA Administration, starting ASAP, VA employees should be randomly drug tested without notice. Somehow, and making it as easy as possible, we Veterans need to ban together to show these ass wipes who WE really are.

      12. No misunderstanding ANutterVet. I just wanted to be clear the reaction should be equal, or more harsh, and VA employees should be pissing in a jar. Often.

        They have the ability to do this in-house to vets, so it would be easy to implement.

        To me, without periodic drug testing, it just shows the double standard in how vets are treated, and how these supposedly responsible people are treated.

      13. “[So during the Obama years drug theft by employees at the VA have increased Ten-fold.


        Also have to point out the nurse practitioner who was shooting himself up with fentanyl from syringes meant for surgery patients. Not only did he refill the syringes with water but he added Hep C.]”

        Even more than that, if he used water from the VAMC he may have also introduced some Legionella as well. I read elsewhere he had replaced the drug he stole with Haldol, a very strong antipsychotic and an old school one at that. Haldol was also the medication of choice a few decades ago when several large chain nursing homes were found guilty of constantly drugging their residents to keep them from wanting to escape each day.
        It bothers me that the VA still even has Haldol on their drug formulary. It’s also known as a temporary lobotomy in shot form. I bet they store it right next to the emergency lobotomy supplies…you know, in event more than 4 VA Whistleblower Patients report in one location…emergency lobotomies for the entire ward keeps those pesky leaks damned-up. (yes, I was being a bit over the top, but still…this is the VA, it could happen)

      14. Namnibor,

        You said ” I read elsewhere he had replaced the drug he stole with Haldol, a very strong antipsychotic and an old school one at that.”

        Just want to make it clear that was another VA employee. That one did work at a VA hospice. The other drug addict VA employee in New York was stealing the drugs as the people were going in for surgery.

        Also a good article with a map showing where the Doctors, nurses or pharmacy staff at federal hospitals — the vast majority within the VA system — siphoned away controlled substances for their own use or street sales, or drugs intended for patients simply disappeared.

        Is at: “AP Exclusive: Missing drugs a problem at VA medical centers”


      15. @Seymore Klearly–

        Thanks for differentiating the two. So much fraud and corruption at the VA and it angers me because way more than likely, many Veterans went without their medications while VA employees were getting their stash supply…damn, I hope this snowballs and DOJ/FBI cause the opening rift in the VA swamp that causes a mass migration so strong that we veterans will all be given Medicare because the VHA part imploded. 🙂
        I predict the VA Psych Dept’s had already fully adopted Dr. Candyman Houlihan’s drug cocktail habits and more…again, wait for it…

    1. I have prescriptions on my record in DC VA that are for drugs I never took. All by the same Dr. They at least tried to cover up by putting prescriptions in veterans’ names and then taking the filled Rx.

      1. Can’t handle be corrected on errors, Seymore unKlearly?

        Are you one of the ones who wants to “take our country back?” How far back do you want to take it. Watergate? Pre Little Rock? Maybe all the way back to pre Revolutionary War with slavery in full swing? What exactly is your “frame of reference.”

      2. I see Lem is well pasted his usual morning wake and bake and well into the total loss of sense of reality. Higher and Higher Lem.

      3. You don’t read well Seymore unKlearly. Otherwise you would know I don’t get “baked” on anything. No substance abuse what so ever.

        So I suppose it is projection?

        What does all of this “political” ranting have to do with this particular subject? What is your frame of reference? I don’t see even a possible frame of reference related to the subject at hand.

      4. Piss off Troll. Oh and Lem while you are doing that you might want to read the sign on the bathroom door.

        “White House Signals Reversal in Transgender Bathroom Policy”, Feb. 21, 2017

    2. “Medications intended for patients”.

      That makes me wonder how many hundreds of veterans were cut off from receiving their medication, but their prescription continued with someone else getting it.

      It also makes me wonder if many veterans who used to receive those medications will be getting a visit from a DEA agent requiring some kind of proof they no longer receive that medicine.

      1. Great questions 91Veteran!

        Also it makes a person wonder if over half of the meds purchased through the VA are not ever used by Veterans. Instead they are supporting drug habits across the country for VA employees and their drug circles.

      2. I can only think the 2nd most focused on item in the VA by employees after access to money is access to drugs.

        But easily interchangeable.

      3. @Seymore Klearly, @91Veteran – Then there are those who need the assistance of pain management medications. These Veterans are the ones who will be greatly effected by the drastic measures of change implemented by the VA.

        The VA employees that have broken the law to illegally obtain medicines, and used Veterans current and historical formulary list, should be held accountable. And thanks to our precious Federal AGFE employees, the blow back from all of this will cause Veterans to needlessly suffer more.

        I have a hunch, that as a little more time goes by, that there are going to be more VA employees being indicted. Wait for it.

      4. I am starting to believe this VA employee drug theft is the reason why so many veterans have had their pain meds completely cut off.

        They knew what was happening, and likely wanted to avoid blowback.

        It also makes me wonder if this is the reason so many veterans had their medications “lost” in the mail.

      5. @91Veteran– Bingo! What’s a game of hungry, hungry hippos without some oxycodone thrown on the floor in-place of marbles. Got to eat them all!

      6. @91Veteran – Good point about mail order prescriptions. I have mine picked up at the pharmacy window. I don’t trust anyone. Not my VA PCP, Pharmacist, Pain Management Specialist, or the Clinical Pharmacologist. None of them.

        Isn’t that nice that a Veteran has almost zero confidence in the VA system. The behavior of the VA overseers is so out of touch in serving Veterans.

      7. @ANutterVet–

        Don’t forget you cannot really trust the U.S. Postal Office to NOT steal your medications being mailed to you, while they hoard or toss all the other mail…over and over in the news in the Obama Years, Gov’t workers kind of just went rogue and thug.

      8. @Namnibor – I know, these postal workers have been implementing their dam scams as well. Strange thing occurring here; why so many corrupt Federal employees from different segments of our Government. If the small fry are having a field day with having extra money going there way, how much is going on in the upper tiers of our Government? Corruption abounds all over the place. Who ya going call? Barack, Joe, Hillary, Bill, Bernie, Nancy, Maxine, Chuck, . . . etc.

        And, I bet if something did happen with your scripts being stolen, that the VA in some awkward way would somehow blame you or raise the suspicion bar on your Veteran profile.

      9. Oh, a few days ago, a female Secret Service Officer was caught posting on facebook that she would take prison time before taking a bullet for Pres. Trump…the article has since been weirdly scrubbed/deleted, but it actually happened and was more than likely considered a National Security Risk, hence the scrubbing and guarantee you that was an Obamination Kling-On…Pres. Trump needs to flush all Obama Snowflakes. They are definitely a liability.

  51. The GAO found the VA’s efforts to track union activities were inconsistent and “not reliable.” Committee members particularly took issue with one GAO finding that 346 VA employees were authorized to spend 100 percent of their work time on union activities.

    Some of the VA employees spending time on union activities are health care providers, according to the report.

    “I don’t believe the average American would see this as reasonable or as necessary,” said Rep. Jodey Arrington, R-Texas, chairman of the subcommittee on economic opportunity. “I believe the average American would be outraged.”

    1. ^ “”″”

      “Of the VA’s approximately 370,000 employees, the American Federation of Government Employees represents about 220,000 of them.

      “It would be great if this hearing were only about the findings of the GAO report and the VA’s recordkeeping with regard to official time,” said federation President David Cox. “But the very right of federal employees to join and be represented by their unions seems to be in question.”

      Michelle Washington, a psychologist and VA whistleblower, submitted written testimony asking VA employees be allowed to continue to spend official time on union activities. Washington faced retaliation after testifying before a Senate committee in 2011 about staffing shortages that left veterans waiting for treatment.

      Washington went to her union representative to help defend against retaliation.

      “[I]t is my strongly held belief based on my experiences with retaliation that official time is absolutely necessary to help protect veterans, workers and whistleblowers, as well as to ensure qualified, hardworking employees are not subjected to injustices like the ones I faced,” Washington wrote.

      Cox said time spent on union activities helped to improve VA workplaces, which in turn led to improved services to veterans. Meadows requested proof of that and ordered Cox and the VA to provide evidence within 60 days that could tie union time to quality of service.”

      1. Little Cox would have an easy time providing this evidence if they actually protected their dues paying members against whistle blowers facing retaliation, but since they don’t, he can’t.

        Unless Little Cox comes up with all kinds of BS examples such as counting a union steward passing a whistle blower in the hallway on their way out the door.

        Or he could use the example of the amount of time their union steward kept Harris on the job after he beat that elderly veteran to death…but just leave off that last part.

  52. @Benjamin–

    “[“…unintended consequences … are outcomes that are not the ones foreseen and intended by a purposeful action. The term was popularized in the twentieth century by American sociologist Robert K. Merton. Unintended consequences can be grouped into three types: Perverse result: A perverse effect contrary to what was originally intended (when an intended solution makes a problem worse). This is sometimes referred to as ‘backfire’.” ]”

    I wanted to point out that when you take that ^type, “Perverse Result” of “Unintended Consequences” and apply it directly to medical care and medications, it’s called a “Paradoxical Reaction”. A living example of that is fact I cannot take 99.9% of antidepressants or statins because what they do instead of the intended “help” is instead 110% adversely aggravates my severe anxiety/PTSD and does absolutely nothing for depression in my life. The exact opposite of intended relieve/result, which can be an analogy of the “Perverse Result Type” of Unintended Consequences.
    However, the VA will not accept a private healthcare provider’s documentation that a given Veteran has indeed a paradoxical reaction and the VA will make that Vet applying for care to go through ALL medications tried and FAILED before, even with documentation in-hand…the VA will ignore it, so by the VA ignoring medical evidence, that too, is a “Perverse Result” the VA serves warm and steaming.

    I am seeing a lot of perverse results with the VA. Literally and figuratively.

    1. Had that same problem with my first trial of seizure medication. The treating neurologist didn’t recognize the side effects and wouldn’t take my word that the cure was worse that the seizures. It is really difficult to get most physicians to change a medication unless you go to a different physician and explain your problem with the med.

      It is called “unintentional blindness.” A professional who has had a lot of success with a particular medicine just isn’t able to see the problem. It is the Gorilla in the median. “” I think the “gorilla” is in the first segment.

  53. @cj – So it is up? How goes it, with it? Hope it is doing better than the other nit wit. Joking. Me, been trying to deal with more VA BS. Brother, I’m tired.

    1. @ANutterVet: I hear you, but you can’t give up. You do, they win. We don’t acept defeat, it isn’t in our dna. Let’s move to a previous page. I am not comfortable chit catting on this page. This is for the caregivers.

  54. Please help me to find the answer to this question; “How come when I go down the hallways of a VA facility, that there is an odor like cooking pig meat from uncastrated stock? The smell has a “boar” or “tainted” tinge to it. Is the smell coming from union employees rubbing their hands together, while thinking about their next bonus, due to their excellent performance by disqualifying Veterans from the VA Care Givers Program? Stinky executive pigs, and their snorting piglets.

    1. Or, are they walking down the hallway too fast [causing groinal friction], whereas that tinge of smell is floating in the air? Or, are the piglets chasing the pigs to look at their future pay stubs, therefore to check out their greedy bonuses?

      Nothing new. These people have no heart, no class, and no boundaries. God bless all the Care Givers!!!

      1. @ANutterVet: I believe you are correct, they are getting bonus’s for denying care. They always have, and probably always will. I need to be carefull with my wording, I am at the tipping point. You know what I believe is the only answer. They are not listening, we need to march and they WILL hear from us all.

  55. Our prayers go out to all the Veterans, families of, and to all the care givers. Nice to read ya again Seymour. I read the VA OIG report last week. Must have reported twenty different areas where the VA is not listening and are failing. What happened to not waking up to bad news? Was Senator Isaacson just giving Shulkin lip service? When Dr. Shulkin said he understood that the intent was to make the VA, Veteran friendly, was that more lip service? @Ben, this article is about how veterans are dying. With no compassion for the Veterans who have served with honor, and the VA writes a law, so it’s ok? We need names. Names and a way to address these issues. This coming down on ourselves because so damned angry, and it’s appearing all those words these Senators and congressmen were throwing at Dr. Shulkin, were just for show. Haven’t heard a word from Dr. Shulkin on the VA OIG report, or any issues since he’s been handed the keys. Too many things wrong and broken in the VA. There’s no one listening. What will it take to wake up any of the few honest executives at the VA? Our Representatives in Washington have been asleep long enough. I’m feeling cornered…

    1. I would like to join with Jo3n in prayer for the veterans families and to all the caregivers of veterans. I have read each and every comment, and am saddened at what I have read. I am also saddened that some on this post, have used this page for caregivers, to bicker with each other. This page of all pages, to me is a more sacred page, as it is for caregivers specifically. To the mothers and wifes, of veterans in need, that have given their lives to careing for those veterans, each of you are saints. Your duty never ends, you recieve no medals of honor, yet you are the most honorable amoungst us. Your the unsung hero’s, and I have nothing but admiration for all. I don’t kow what else to say……….except, may God Bless each of you, and see that you get the help you so desperately need.

  56. This is just amazing. And so typical. Where are the VSO’s that claim they are looking out for veterans? This more than anything demands them getting involved, but instead, it’s a disgusting practice that has gone on for two years at least.
    If we had a Senate VA Committee chairman more concerned about his job than falling on his ass after reading bad news in the morning, perhaps he could hold a hearing on this. Same with the House.

    How the hell can the VA do this without objective medical evidence? Then again, why the hell am I even asking that question since these are the same nitwits that ignore objective medical evidence in the claims process.

    Question is, do they even do an examination before the rat bastards decide to revoke their caregiver benefits?

    Is there some unknown bonus or incentive pay for those revoking these benefits? A percentage of anything reduced?

    I wonder if this is an attempt to stamp out this kind of service in favor of the old VA way of warehousing these veterans in nursing homes.

    It reminds me of a young Airborne soldier I met about 10 years ago. He lost part of his arm, part of his foot and had a severe TBI. When he first came home, the VA was not providing adequate rehab, so he was pretty much bedridden. His wife and the VA fought like hell over getting him proper rehab, and by time I met him, he was walking, could interact with his surroundings and was learning to speak again, but you could tell how much trouble the TBI was causing him.

    The VA would have been happy to pay a boatload of money to let him stay bedridden in a nursing home for the rest of his life, and had been refusing to provide proper services to he and his wife.

    Yet there are those who claim the VA does a good job for the most part, but are just underfunded. What unmitigated horseshit when Gibson has been whining for months about bonuses. Since Givens mentioned bonuses are still being paid, then Gibson is only whining because upper management are not getting their share of the pie.

    Disgusting bastards!

  57. @ K.N. – I dig it – the same circle jerking cycle and I have learned that VA can make up their own policies. I will take your life experience to heart and watch their methods closely. I have to view the retirement forms again… But, the VA loves to put us back in the circle jerk again and again. They have done it to us with husband’s medical records, prescription approvals, and basically anything associated with their services. We live in the Phillie tri-state area. Thanks for sharing.

    1. @Happy Scorpion – I just came across something referred to as “Disability Pension” offered through the VA, which is different than the pension received because of military retirement via DFAS.

      Disability Pension: This income-based benefit is paid to veterans with honorable war-time service who are permanently and totally disabled due to nonservice-connected disabilities or who are 65 or older.

      This is also separate from “Disability Compensation” which is determined by the veterans VA disability rating.

      I’m guessing this is the “pension” the VA was suggesting your husband apply for. But to receive this “Disability Pension” the veteran must be rated as “permanently and totally disabled” by the VA, which means your husband has to apply for disability and get a rating before applying for this other pension benefit regardless.

      We definitely have our share of horror stories when it comes to dealing with the VA. We have actually searched out alternative options for care (in an attempt to avoid the VA whenever possible).. unfortunately we are in Utah so I’m doubtful they’d be any help to you. But I hope this information helps. Good luck! And hang in there..

      1. @K.N. – Thank you so very much. The VA is a monster when someone new is trying to figure things out. I’m going to do further research on Disability Pension. My husband is 100% disabled. So far, according to what is posted, he qualifies. But then again, we are dealing with the VA. There is limited resources in the Philly Tri-State area as well. Even the State organization related to Veterans can be a maze to use.

        I wish that those who are in charge of programs to help Veterans, had a positive attitude in helping Veterans who are in need. My husband is so frustrated, doesn’t trust the VA providers and other staff, and I’m very concerned about his mental health.

        It gets really hard some times. No family or so called friends, except people on Ben’s blog [in which we appreciate very much], has offered to stand us while we face all of the circle jerking tactics that’s slammed in front of our face. No warning or anything, but you know something is coming down the pike.

        K.N., hopefully you’ll continually post on Ben’s blog. I’ve heard a lot about “” Nothing negative. @Namnibor posted another site called haditdotcom.

        Knowing how the VA works, I’ll most likely be tied up doing a bunch of research. I get skeptical about making mistakes on the VA forms. Of course, the VA can make mistakes that affects-effects your life, but don’t you make a mistake. These people belong in a kennel. No, that’s too good for them. Thank you Namnibor and K.N..

      2. You are right on, K.N., You can get this instead of an SSI check and it is more and much quicker. That is the reason to go there first. If Happy’s husband is terminal, getting a disability compensation check will take longer and probably only benefit Happy in the end. But the disability compensation should also be pursued for Happy’s sake. If post life, a 100% service connected compensation is awarded she’ll get a widow’s pension and health care through VAChampus.

      3. A Veteran that receives VA Svc. Connected Comp. can ONLY concurrently receive SSDI and only if the Veteran is 100% Svc. Connected and/or I.U. Employability 70%+ rated at 100%.
        I know this because I have been through all this and one of my now deceased Veteran friends did not have enough SSA Work Credits to qualify for SSDI so he received SSI instead (huge difference), and then he was given an “offset” of his VA Comp. dollar for dollar of his SSI.
        With SSDI there is absolutely no offset. SSDI qualifies a person for Medicare eventually whereas SSI is State Welfare and health insurance…the insurance coverage is vast and wide with SSI, much better than Medicare.

        I had to mention this because most Americans have absolutely no clue or are really vaguely familiar with the vast difference between SSI and SSDI.

      4. I received SSDI and compensation at 50%. I know others who only had 10%. Some elected SSI which had their 10% deducted. Others a VA pension with the 10% deducted. SSDI is in addition to any VA compensation. SSI and VA pension both deduct va compensation but you still receive the VA compensation.

  58. @Namnibor – Appreciate your direction – Namnibor – also coming from a Court background specifically Investigative Services Office; I found a site to assist in my filing case. United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims – “” I pray this site will assist Older VETS who have served in Korean, Vietnam, etc.

    @K.N. -My husband is honorably discharged and does not have a rating at this time. Yes, it does sound confusing especially since they said “husband should file for Pension first to receive monies for him quicker.” But, I don’t want to file in error for either [Pension and/or Disability]. I need a quicker solution; because, time is running out for us.

    1. @Happy Scorpion – If your husband has already been honorably discharged, I don’t think he’s eligible to file for retirement/pension. My husband was medically retired with nearly 15 years of service, it took years to get through the retirement process.. And retirement is processed through the veterans branch of service (so Army for my husband) not the VA. So I’m not sure why they would suggest this as the appropriate, or even quicker process for your husband. Likely they are not familiar with the process.. lol.. not surprised! ?

      My suggestion would be to get your husband started on the VA rating process so he can start receiving medical care as soon as possible. If you don’t mind me asking, what State do you live in? I might have some resources for you and your husband.

    2. Happy, The veteran’s pension is like a welfare check but a little more than an SSI welfare check and easier to get. Not much. But it will put your husband in full VA care with no co payments. Also eligible for home hospice if that is where you are headed. Contact a social worker at the VA hospital nearest you to start.

      You can file for both the Pension and Disability compensation at the same time. If a disability rating is less than the Pension check you’ll only get the Pension check. But if the service connected Disability Compensation is more then that is all he gets but that would also put him in full VA Health Care without copays.

  59. Hey, namnibor,
    I googled “drugs vanish at some VA hospitals”!
    What I read was an article from “The Associated Press”, posted about 3 to 4 hours ago.
    In the article, it’s explained, in no uncertain terms, this is a systemic problem throughout VA’s nationwide. The worst one violating “policy”/law was the one in Washington DC.
    Now, that’s not saying the other VHA’s aren’t in deep shit trouble, they are!
    I’d love to be a “fly on the wall” when the FBI and DEA come knocking on their front doors!
    That would be HIL-FUCKING-LARIOUS!

    1. While in constant video feed contact with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions who’ll be in an unmarked helicopter. 🙂
      Why do I say this?

      I am HOPING the VA’s across America are now going to have unannounced inspections and investigations, besides VA OIG…let’s pray these investigations will cause a self-cleaning effect of rats jumping ship to another host.
      Maybe we need exterminators for all these pests? 🙂

  60. OFF TOPIC – VET’s Wife Needs Help – VA has encouraged my husband to file for a pension instead of his PTSD disability claim. We are just exhausted with the VA’s circle jerking and side tracking with other stone-walling tactics regarding his urgent health care. Any, guidance of the pros and cons of filing either would be appreciated…..on line now.

    1. @Happy Scorpion– Highly recommend doing searches over at another great Veteran site, in which you can search by various topics and health conditions, read what other Veterans have succeeded and failed at and corrective actions taken instead and more over at HADIT DOT COM. I learned everything I needed years ago to file my own VA Svc. Connected Claim and SSDI Claim, and both successfully, from that website. Hope that helps as far as a vast resource of info. All I have on that…but also over there you can view the exact regulations and such governing Pensions and Title 38 stuff.

    2. What is your husband’s military status (retired, active, reserves, discharged)? Also, does he already have a disability rating at the VA? I’m asking because it seems odd that the VA would say “apply” for a pension vs disability, they are totally different. I know ALL the information can be so confusing, and the process is a bureaucratic nightmare!

  61. Thanks for shedding light on this! My husband was one of the vets from Prescott removed. They have no problem sending these men to war; but then many like my husband get letters wanting their sign on bonus back, put them through hell to get help. They don’t care my husband can barely function without help. After 4 deployments he suffers every day with civilian life.

  62. I am the wife of a 100% totally and permanently disabled combat veteran. My husband was medically retired after serving in the Army for nearly 15 years. Deployed several times to Afghanistan and Iraq. He was injured in combat, physically and psychologically. We applied and were accepted to the VA Caregiver Program when it was first started, then a little after a year on the program we moved, which prompted a review of our Caregiver status. We were released from the program with no real explanation as to why, other than my husband no longer needed caregiver services according to their assessment. We immediately appealed the decision and were again denied. Frustrated, we gave up.

    My understanding is that the program didn’t expect to have so many eligible caregivers, and the program was grossly underfunded. The VA employees in charge of the program at the regional/state level were given very rigid criteria for who qualifies for the program. Unless the veteran needs physical assistance with activities of daily living (e.g. eating, bathing, dressing) the caregiver will not qualify. While I agree there needs to be support for those families, this perspective completely ignores the invisible disabilities that many veterans suffer with. However, the only way this program will get unfucked is with more/better federal funding.

    1. The VA does not have a *lack of $ problem* at all. It’s a lack of proper accounting and that damn thing called accountability.
      Instead of $$ being spent to help “invisible wounds”, the VA will gladly spend millions on color changing walls in a vastly over-budgeted construction project or lest we forget about vast sums spent on interior decorators so the VA would know just *where* to place the million $ rock called a sculpture…while Veteran Caregivers are trying to keep afloat, literally, in the volumes of bullshit the VA pumps-out instead of simply doing the right thing by Veterans and their Caregivers and Survivors.

      The VA would LOVE for ALL to think they have a lack of $$$ problem, but it’s the exact opposite. Throwing more $$$ on this turd will only add more chocolate to it’s candy shell…still a turd inside.

      1. @namnibor – Are you a veteran or work at the VA? I guess what I’m asking is, where are you getting your information? While the VA may be mismanaging programs, I also think it’s a funding issue. You have to consider the surge of veterans needing services since 9/11..

      2. @K.N. – The VA has been appropriated approximately $175 Billion for fiscal year 2017. The year before, 2016, was about 8% less. I doubt that there is a funding issue with the VA, and that there is more of a circle jerking issue [put you here, then there, tell you this, then that], and-or non-performance bonuses, pilfering [5 finga regular or digital discount of unaccountable monetary funds], or some sort of monies allocated to VA employees that is questionable and illegal.

        The VA is one big money pit, which has a tempting smell that draws the attention of those union fellows, due to the fact that the VA hasn’t had a thorough audit in years [all facilities and treatment clinics].

      3. I worked at the va and have some knowledge of the funding of special program dollars. Those specific dollars to fund the programs end up mismanaged, whitewashed, thrown with other programs or projects. They are not protected because the va just sees it as money they can mismanage and do what they want to do with it.

        Some of these monies are specifically allocated by congress and when it get to the medical center some of it will be used on the special programs, but then it is converted to regular medical center to use whatever they want it to be used for. They will blame Veterans somehow for the money they mismanaged. Because they run out of the funding. Washington crunches the funding and allocates per number of Veterans they anticipate will use program usually thru the medical center that the Veteran they are attached to. The patterns of mismanaged funding happens in many va medical centers because their is no accountability attached with the monies given out from Washington. No auditing on how this money was spent.

        I was in a specialty clinic and we had to move our clinic two times in three years. The new clinic that was built with special funding was given to another clinic in less than a year. If you see clinics moving around a lot in medical centers this is the reason for this. The convert special funding to regular medical center use.

      4. @K.N.– I am just a 100% Disabled Svc. Connected Veteran that’s lost about all my Veteran friends in past 6 or 7 years directly due to the VA’s negligence and also Veteran Suicides.
        I will not rest until the VA becomes a safe place for Veterans or I die, whichever comes first, however I will not give the VA the pleasure of killing me so I use Medicare until a future date in which I can safely use the VA without fear of being killed.

      5. @ namnibor, sorry to hear the loss of your fellow Veteran friends. I believe you are correct that it is negligence due to va’s lack of care. I do not trust the va with the care of anyone. It is too dangerous to a Veterans health. I believe that their position of cutting off pain medications to Veterans is a cruel way to retaliate against Veterans who are suffering in chronic pain.

  63. I lost my caregiver pay back in may. With some BS excuse. If you want my story please feel free email me. My husband has PTSD and it has done nothing but get worse over the years. I cant work due to someone needing to be home with him. We have 4 kids to think about but now since loosing the pay we have had to file bankruptcy. All im saying its a lot. There are organizations out there that help us but they cant help us forever. If your serious about wanting to do further investigation into the matter please email me.

  64. Remember how the committee member told “SHITHEAD SHULKIN” he didn’t want to see anymore bad VA press coming out!
    Well, looks like he’s not getting his wish.

    Today, 20 Feb. 2017,
    “End Times Prophecy News”
    via: “red state watcher” &
    “CBS News” is a real bad news story concerning drugs, more specifically opiates, being – either used by VA employees or sold by VA employees!

    It’s Happening Look What The Feds Are Doing To The VA!”

    It’s the forth article in the video. About at the 5:30 min. mark. Total time is 6:03 min. long!

    1. @Crazy elf and All: Here’s a direct link to the CBS news written story on the missing opiates in the VA system…does not sound like an isolated case, as in it’s a system-wide problem…a continuation of Tomah, Candyman Culture apparently.


      1. Hey, namnibor,
        I wonder how busy that “$25 million dollar per year Public Relations Firm” is going to be in the near future!
        You know the one I’m talking about, the Public Relations Firm that attempts to “cover up” all the illegal acts committed by VA!
        I gotta sneaking suspicion they’re gonna be working lots of overtime.
        I wonder if they’ll ask VA for more taxpayers money?

  65. OK so did I break some rule, because all of a sudden my comments are being moderated, and deleted?

    1. Rick B,
      Here’s two statements made by:
      1.) Gibson
      He said, paraphrasing, he was “redefining” the word “accountability”! Evidently, his definition didn’t sit well with what’s in “Webster’s Dictionary”! Wouldn’t you want someone held accountable for killing someone? As was the case over that “wait time scandal”. Which is still occurring today.
      Or, how about the VHA employee who beat a 71 year old veteran to DEATH in Louisiana a few years ago- and has yet to be tried!!!!
      There’s other egregious acts I could mention. Yet, it would make my comment VERY long!

      2.) “McDipshit McDonald”
      Remember when he told the Congressional Committee, quote; “You can’t fire your way to excellence!”

      What kind of firing would be acceptable? Wouldn’t anyone running an agency want great employees, instead of persons running around killing people?
      Ref: #1.)

      So, you see Rick, “policy” can never over-ride laws!
      We “…are a nation of laws…” as Rep. Trey Gowdy said in his Congressional Address in 2015! Once “…the blindfold comes off…” it will never be the same!
      That’s why I, and others on here, want – NO WE DEMAND – VA follow the laws set down by Congress!
      To HELL with what VA wants. Their “policies be damned!”

      1. @Crazy elf — Right-on! If the VA had it entirely their way, the VA would have a system wide “POLICY” of Dr. Houlihan Candyman, Tomah Drug Cocktails for all Vets to keep them deathly sedated while they continue to collect compensation benefits on a liquefying corpse. THAT is how VA “Policy” has completely bastardized the system…and the AFGE union types surely add to the “Policy of Untruths” the VA has embarked upon with it’s iceberg date cruise on the V.A. Titanic.

        Also, never mind fact the VA conveniently ignores it’s OWN “POLICY” when it benefits the VA but invents new types of f^ckery and call it POLICY, like randomly removing a Vet’s meds without notification, or the VA invested a new POLICY of their FORM of notification is the Vet simply no longer receiving medications in mail…ooopsy!
        (in VA “policy-speak”, an “ooopsy” is also policy notification that we MAY have just infected you with an infectious agent…ooopsy)

    2. @rick b, @Crazy elf, @Namnibor, @cj, @Ex va, @Seymore Klearly [glad to see you’re back] –

      @Ben, my wife and I would to express our deepest sympathy to you and your family for the loss of your loved one, and one of ours. Ben, may you be blessed with prospering in the area of kicking down the doors of the VA, to open them up so that they’ll all be exposed of their greedy and corruptive actions and behaviors.

      @rick b- You’d think with all of the reputable reporting pertaining to the scandalous actions and behavior of VA employees, that the leadership of the VA would agree to have the agency properly investigated to validate the accountability of its money, service, and policy trails [not trials, which would come at a later date].

      The VA leadership doesn’t want an investigation, because they already know that the findings will lead to reorganizing and reforming the VA [therefore, no more perky bonuses]. If they had nothing to be concerned or worried about, the VA leadership would gladly agree to having the VA investigated.

      It’s only going to be a matter of time, before all hell breaks out. These crooks are NOT going to have the last laugh, NOR collect a dam bonus for underperforming [yes, I said underperforming].

      1. NPB– Non-Performance-Bonuses at the VA. VA interprets it as No Peanut Butter. Becomes policy, no more peanut butter, but more bonuses with the $$$ saved on peanut butter. Policy creation in action at the VA. Just follow the very quick ratty hand’s to the cookie jar.
        Same with VA Caregivers having assistance lowered or dropped entirely, I am betting someone is making $$$ off of this somehow at the VA or a relative of a contracting company related to home medical equipment or something.
        Nepotism is the glue that keeps the cellulite bouncing at the VA. The cellulite is ALWAYS bouncing at the VA. 🙂

      2. @Namnibor – Is the VA’s peanut butter the chunky or smooth type? I think both kinds could be applied.

    3. @namnibor,
      We mustn’t forget the “DEAD VETERAN” who laid in a shower, (Tampa Florida VHA), for over 9 hours. The staff then tried to cover up their misdeed.
      I think they were using “policy” to wait and see what would happen to the body. Like that dead veteran who had maggots on his body. Remember that one?! The maggots were not what killed him, it was something else. The maggots were on him BEFORE he died!
      I wonder what “policy” VHA employees were followed on that FUBAR?
      Or, what “policy” allows VA to hire rapists, sexual predators, murderers and other deviants!?!?!
      Or, what “policy” allows VA to spend taxpayers monies on items not approved by Congress. What “policy” allowed VA to use “Choice Program” monies for refugees or illegal immigrants (Obama’s little FUCK-UP!)!
      There’s so much more I could post over VA’s “policies” not following the laws set down by Congress, it’s pathetic!

    4. Rick, you added a link without putting it in quotes: “_____” Which puts it automatically in moderation and then it never appears.

  66. @Rick B,
    You may want to check out your “Civics” manual.
    Only Congress can pass laws! No “If, ands or buts” about it! Then the President can, either sign what Congress passed into law, or veto it!

    Congress, as I posted earlier, and Rep. Trey Gowdy so eloquently stated in front of Congress, is NOT AN AFTERTHOUGHT!

    I’m not trying to be rude, OK! I learned that while I was in Junior High! The laws haven’t changed!

    1. @Rick B,
      As Seymore says, the VA may be able to write “policy”. Yet, no policy can violate laws passed by Congress.
      Laws are laws! Violate the law, see what happens to anyone!

  67. Being the wife/caregiver of a combat wounded veteran who has PTSD, to many injuries to count/list, is listed at 100% Total and Permanent and unable to work, the VA dropped us 3yrs ago from the program abruptly basically saying his PTSD and other injuries were not “bad enough” to qualify him for the program.
    We just retried to re-enroll, they declined us again only looking at his 2017 file rather than his entire medical history from where he was wounded in 2005.
    Yet we have caregivers in the area I live at who are getting compensation for their disabled husbands who are able to work, go to college and lead normal lives. One of the caregivers I know is even a newly appointed Dole Fellowship Caregiver. Her husband goes to college part time and works from home when he’s not at school.
    So how is this right ? They get the lap of luxuries, free home, they both work, both go to all kinds of places around the world, and she gets paid by the VA to take care of her husband!
    Meanwhile I have to work 2 jobs just to pay bills, make my veteran wait on appointments to get seen around my work schedule and close to losing our home for the 3 time in 2 years.
    The other wife’s husband was a Captain, and mine was a Staff Sgt.
    This system is corrupt the wealthy are seeming to get the benefits, while the underclass get screwed.

    1. I agree, I’ve known other caregivers who have not been tossed off the program. Most are married to veterans who were officers or POGs. Then the guys like my husband who were in heavy combat.. who have severe PTSD.. are kicked off. How does that make any sense?

    2. I hear you loud and clear sister. I would like to thank you for your services as a wife and caregiver. Doing the job that you do,without the supportive services that you and your husband have earned is one of the most difficult jobs ever. You do it because you are a woman of honor and integrity. We have been on the verge of homelessness for the past few months and it is a horrible feeling. The system is set up so that the vets don’t qualify for any housing assistance unless you can provide proof that you homeless. I asked how one would do that and the answer was get a receipt from the shelter. I have contacted countless numbers of organizations that claim to help the veteran and it is just a sea of goodwill. Very very few can assist. And when they do it is extremely limited and some require repayment. Keep on keeping on! You do know that if your finances meet the guideline that your husband and the entire family are eligible for State Medicaid? Check it out the coverage isn’t bad and the amount of hair that you as a caregiver losses every time you are force to step foot into the VA will decrease substantially.

  68. This occurred on Friday 17 Feb. 2017 in front of the Oversight Committee.
    “End Times Prophecy News”
    via: Conservative daily post & the
    Daily Caller.

    “VA Officials Get Exposed in Hearing, Evidence Now Shows 0 Work Hours Spent On Veterans!”

    It’s the third “story” in the video.
    How’s that for “liberal corruption”!

  69. My husband is 100% disabled also found unemployable at the same time from environmental exposures during deployment. His lungs are at 37% function with high steroids. I’m finally going to get him with the VA for the Burn pit registry evaluation, but what will it do for him. He’s so angry every time he learns he has another medical problem on top of all the others and this med costs this or that. If the VA can’t help him for the main problems, I know it will make him sad again. (They do help him for the eyes and teeth problems that have come about, due to his main problem.). I’ve had him at civilian doctors, because without lungs, he can’t breathe and he couldn’t wait for 30 days much less any longer for an appointment. I haven’t tried the VA Caregiver Program, since it seems focused on physical, visible injuries and not on internal injuries, which the VA might define as an illness. Yes, it makes him ill, but he wouldn’t be ill, if he had not had his lungs injured by war time deployment exposures.

  70. Northern CA had hours dropped dramatically, so I went from 12 to 4 weekly. The registry doesn’t have enough caregivers, so I haven’t had one in a month. Our Patient Advocate was buried in sooo many complaints. Vets were being told that they should get A&A, but as we all know that takes forever to receive. I was even sent paperwork on going into a care facility, rather than them giving me my hours back. The registry underpays the caregivers, so the turnover is ridiculous. Sending a family member in this week to be hired and assigned to me.

  71. We were told my husband is doing much better even though within that year the VA did little to nothing to help him with his PTSD. We went from a score of 21 down to a 13 yet she says he’s suicidal. He’s never been labeled suicidal before. How is that him doing better??? I’d love to know.

    1. @Rita,
      You mean the “Socialist/Democrat” who was “paid off” by the Clinton Crime Family? He received a “Mansion”, “Private Jet” and lots of “money” to go away during the campaign.
      That’s not conjecture, it’s fact!
      His wife still is being investigated for her crap she pulled with a university.
      Lots of money missing there!

      He doesn’t give a rats ass about veterans! As Democrats, and some Republicans, don’t give a rats ass about veterans!

  72. My opinion isn’t going to be a popular one but here goes. First I believe the VA has the authority to write their own rules and regulations, as do all executive level departments of the US Government. This authority is one reason why we now have President Trump. Look at the mess the EPA and other agencies have caused for our nation. Another problem, is that we just went thru 8 years of the most liberal & progressive changes in our country, these last 8 years has changed the face of our country for the worse. Even now the liberals are so concerned about what the President is going to do that they are already talking impeachment even before there is anything proven that would be an impeachable offense.

    As to the VA Caregiver program. In my opinion, this program like many programs created in the last 10-12 years was created to benefit only those veterans who served after 9-11. To me the way this program was created was unfair, even prejudicial if you consider the many veterans who did not qualify because of the years a veteran served.

    This program just like the concurrent receipt payment program, left out so many veterans again based on the years of service they served. Many veterans service organizations lauded the law that allowed concurrent receipt for those veterans that had retired with 20 years of service and even some who had retired with 15 years of service under a little know program of voluntary early retirement for the benefit of the services. But Chapter 61 retirees ( those retired because of disability rated at 30% or more) with less than 20 years were left out in the cold. It was said about the current receipt program, that chapter 61 retirees would be added to the program at a later date, and the same veteran organizations that lauded the program promised to fight to include all retirees in the program. Surprise ! not one of these “so called” veteran organizations did anything of value to bring to add chapter 61 retirees.

    Now we have the caregivers program that some believe is being mismanaged by the VA. First, if it is being mismanaged that would be no surprise, and no different than the many other mismanaged programs of the VA, from compensation, to vocational rehabilitation to the clothing allowances. But factually, the VA has the authority to write the rules as they see fit based on the laws the congress has passed, and until the rules or rule changes are challenged in a Federal court of law ( as was the rules for housebound and those with TDIU) there is little a veteran can do but appeal a claim and hope for the best. This program was also one of those programs that our “So Called” service organizations vowed would include all veterans of all eras eventually. Of course veteran like myself are still waiting.

    Just so you know where I am coming from, I am one of those veterans who is rated 100%, with A&A, who has received the adaptive housing allowance, the automobile allowance, with adaptive equipment, and I am dependent on a caregiver for assistance. At one time I was rated 90% with TDIU, and over the years I have been rated so that I actually have more than one way to get to a 100% rating, which entitled me to a higher level of A&A.

    I am also a chapter 61 retiree with over 15 years of active duty service, and at the time of retirement was serving on a 6 year reenlistment which would have carried me over 20 years. But because of medical problems beyond my control I was forced out of the Army at 32 years of age ( yea I entered the Army during the Vietnam years at 17 years old). Because of my forced early retirement, and because of the level of my disability I was denied my retirement pay. Fast forward to the creation of the Caregivers program, and again because of my years served I like many others have been denied entry into this program.

    There are many more veterans denied this program based on the years they served than there are those who were allowed in the program. While I do not begrudge any veteran any benefit they have earned, I also believe no one group of veterans service is any greater than another group, with two exceptions, Purple Heart veterans and prisoner of war veterans.

    Most veterans many not even know that there is a period of time ( early 1990’s) that some veterans with honorable service but who served less than their enlistment are denied any veteran benefits at all.

    Eventually, Combat related special compensation (CRSC) was created (by the most liberal of Senators Harry Reid, )and it included all veterans regardless of the era served. So for the last 9 or 10 years I have received all of my retirement pay ( under the disguise of CRSC) together with my VA compensation. The primary reason this was created was because not all retirees were entitled to concurrent receipt.

    Now back to the caregivers program. Congress had stated that after a period of time the laws would be changed to include all veterans of all eras, personally, I don’t think the law will change.

    For those that were authorized the caregivers program good for you, for those that the VA is screwing with you need to get to federal court to get any real relief. AS for those of us that should have been entitled to the caregivers program but were excluded, all we can do is to continue to hope that the government finally realizes that all veteran should be treated the same regardless of the era they served.

    Factually, my wife and children deal with my disability each and every day just like any other caregivers the only different is my wife left her job to care for me and is not compensated in any way, for those caregivers like Michelle who thinks caregivers deal with stress beyond comparison, that is true, but I wonder what makes your stress any different than my spouses stress, at least you get the extra compensation.

    I will never understand why a TBI of the last 12 years carries more weight for benefits than a TBI of the Vietnam era , Korea war or any war before the present war.

    Congress, and the Veterans Administrations pits veterans against veterans and this is partly why veterans will never be a reliable voting block for any one candidate.

    Just my two cents……

    1. Rick B.

      Your statement “First I believe the VA has the authority to write their own rules and regulations, as do all executive level departments of the US Government.” is not correct.

      It is Congress that has the authority to write the rules and regulations for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Also the rules and regs for all branches of our government.

      The Rules and Regulations established by Congress are published in the Code of Federal Regulation.

      A reference page with links to different aspects of parts of the code of federal regulations Title 38 can be found at: “”

      That link is to primarily info on benefits federal regs for Veterans.


      But regarding the Regulations and rules not associated with benefits many of those fall under the heading of Criminal codes. A good example of where the criminal codes apply are with the numerous current investigations by multiple federal agencies of Veterans Administrations employees for drug diversions. Pretty much a system wide level of problem at the VA. With the DOJ, FBI, DEA, and other agencies now investigating the system.

      “Drugs vanish at some Veterans Affairs hospitals”, “Federal authorities are stepping up investigations”, Associated Press, Published on Feb. 20, 2017.


      1. VA John L. McClellan Memorial Veterans Hospital in Little Rock

        “3 VA employees accused of stealing drugs from Little Rock hospital “, By Maggie McNeary, February 8, 2017

        “VA Employees Charged With Stealing Prescription Drugs To Sell On The Street”, Jonah Bennett, 02/09/2017

      2. The VA writes its own rules and regulations based on the laws that congress passed. Congress provides the basic guidelines, and tells the VA to write the rules and regulations. As an example, VA is in the process of rewriting Title 38 Code of Federal regulations and has been for some time. Congress does not have the time or personnel to write each and every federal rule or regulation, that responsibility is delegated to the Department that has control over a specific area.

      3. Sorry Rick B. but you must be confusing VA Policy with rules and regs. While the VA may write it’s own policy it is not a rule or a regulation.

      4. You are the one mixed up Seymore. As I stated above, the VA writes regulations supposedly based on U. S. Code. The regulations are regularly “re-interpretations” of U.S. Code when the Code is amended by a “Bill” of legislation. The re-written 38 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) are then given blanket approval for the reinterpretation of Code and amended Code.

        Rick B is absolutely right. Which law book have you studied. Nothing close to anything I’ve looked at.

      5. As I said above, Seymore unKlearly, your “Civics” book was written to make a look nice presentation for junior high students. It is not at all how it works unless you call that “blanket approval” of re-written 38 CFR (an interpretation of law) actually a debated “legislative bill”.

      6. I think what it is, is the VA has REDEFINED what a “policy, rule, or regulation is”, when it’s convenient for the VA.
        The VA should not be allowed to make-up their own rules as they go along and those made-up rules can even vary from incompetent VA employee to another and also vary from one State’s VAMC to another State’s.

        The HUGE problem at the VA is the lack of consistency and standardization throughout the VA System. Veterans are quite used to military structure and when we get out and eventually go to the VA we discover one chaotic system that seems to only follow given Policy and Rules when it only benefits the VA….again, the Veteran gets the short stick while that incompetent VA employee receives a Performance Bonus whether they do a shitty or fantastic job…DRAIN THIS SWAMP and AUDIT it three times.

      7. How it is supposed to be done and how it is done are two different things Seymore, The Sec VA writes the regulations from U S Code passed by Congress. The regulations are then receive blanket approval by Congress. President Reagan did his “pen” changes to the travel regulations and other veteran entitlements through EOs to Sec VA. When the changed regulations were sent to congress they got that blanket approval with no changes in the actual U S Code which is changed through enactment of “Bills” which signed by POTUS become “law” or are actually printed in Sections of the U.S.C. But regulations are what are quoted by the VA and really have to be far afield before the court will step in and say “this has no relationship and actually re states U.S.C. because the changes by Regulations have been approved by Congress and signed by the President. So we have an awful lot of “laws” that have been rewritten by “regulations” with little debate and back door changes that leave “look nice laws” on the books but actual practice greatly afield of what the Public is told is being done.

    2. @Rick B,
      Another great group, hardly ever mentioned, is “The Medal of Honor Society”!
      They help lots of “combat veterans” screwed over by VA.

      Listen to Seymore. He’s great at digging up lots of articles concerning VA’s incompetent, and illegal, behavior.

      Another article/video I’ve watched multiple times is Rep. Trey Gowdy’s speech to Congress. Where he says the truth about Obama’s willingness, albeit illegal, to write laws WITHOUT going through Congress! It’s about 10 minutes long. He holds nothing back on how Obama made Congress an “afterthought”! I said that correctly – Obama made CONGRESS AN AFTERTHOUGHT!
      Yes, Congress holds the Purse strings. But, when there’s a President who’s willing to usurp his authority, the agencies below him are more willing to COMMIT criminal acts. Why? Because they know no one will hold them accountable!!!!!!!

      Now, like you, I’m praying President Trump, Vice-President Pence and Congress puts the screws to VA. Just as VA has put the screws to veterans!

  73. I feel the same way as L.H. Peterson, it is so difficult to put in writing how stressed, angry, frustrated and hopeless so many of us caregivers feel. My blood pressure skyrockets when I think about the injustices.
    My son was shot through the neck by a sniper in Iraq when he was 20 years old. He is a quadriplegic. He is paralyzed from the chest down, in a wheelchair. That should say it all, I do most everything for him. So I won’t go into all the details of our daily life. We have been Tier1 from the beginning of the program. I’ve been fighting to get a higher tier for about 3 years. His injuries are catastrophic, to say the least. It is obvious to anyone with a pair of eyeballs.
    I CAN’T deal with the “makeup a story/lie” tactics used by CGC’s anymore, I am not mentally or intellectually equipped to get through the bureaucracy. I’m not as well versed as many and am intimidated by the whole system.
    The fact is, most of us have been beaten down to the point of giving up which is exactly what they are hoping for.

    1. @Patti Cannon: You know what? You may have just hit upon something in your post. Maybe there needs to be an advocacy group, made up of pro-bono lawyers, to help caregivers like you. I can’t imagine the stress you are subjected to on a daily basis, let alone being drained physically and mentally. I can however see exactly how it would be diffacult to think clearly and precisely, in order wage a successfull battle with the va. I want to personally say I am sorry your son was injured in such a manner. I do hope you receive what you seek in quick order. God Bless you and your son. My prayers go out to you, and all family member caregivers. This is a group of people not often thought about, or even mentioned in the press. Your like a shadow army of the very best this country has to offer, and I thank you dearly for what you do. You don’t have to battle these bastards alone, is there a veterans assistance commision in your county, or neighboring county? If not contact an amvets office. Both can help and serve you better than all the other VSO’s. Again God Bless you and your son.

    2. Patti, Can you provide more detail on this program? When did it start? What are the different Tier levels?
      It’s tough for me to understand this program without knowing more, but it sounds much like the Voc Rehab program where money is provided for the program, but little kings and queens sit in judgement as to who gets the benefit and who does not…with very little oversight.

      Have you been threatened by this coordinator? Have you contacted your Congressman? If the coordinator decides something, what proof do they need for their decision? Can you appeal their decision to someone?

      I can’t imagine what kind of bad press it would cause the VA for a mother and her son to appear on the evening news describing how the VA jerks you around.

      Thanks for any detail you can provide.

    3. I too am the proud caregiver of a disabled veteran who requires my assistance round the clock. Ladies and gentlemen we are …THE INVISIBLE SOLDIERS. Thanks to each of you for providing care to your soldier and not leaving him or her behind like the VA has done.
      The Denver VA is horrifying. Not only have they neglected their responsibility to provide appropriate medical care but they have been the cause of additional mental and physical wounds as well. I have been a registered nurse in Denver for over 30 years and I am speechless at what I have observed.. I have come to realize much like pediatrics, veteran have special medical needs as well. Often times we as caregiver’s are dealing with the challenges that arise without any understanding of what exactly it is that caused the situation. I know that for my soldier he has a TBI/severe PTSD, burn pit exposure and he was force to take Mefloquine while in Iraq. There we no words to describe the anger and outrage that I felt when I found out that the FDA had not officially conducted the final stage of testing for this anti-malaria medication. This “wonder drug” was created by the government to be given to the military and the final testing was conducted on men that were incarcerated and the soldiers. The FDA violated there own policy and procedure for the sake of saving a dime. This medication officially earned itself a “BLACK WARNING LABEL” when it was determined to be the cause of permanent brain damage due to neuro toxicity. No one has acknowledged wrong doing or accepted responsibility for this medication, much like agent orange. Here’s where it gets crazy. The signs and symptoms of toxicity are exactly the same as TBI/PTSD…Since my fiancee’s condition worsened he has been unable to work and has had two going on three surgeries due to the delay and/or denial of care. When he did finally get to see someone at the VA it was a med student who is required to successfully complete that rotation as a requirement of graduation. These students are being held hostage by the establishment and forced to provide substandard care to our men and women of the military. Who protects them? I have never been so outraged. I had an opportunity to speak with some of the students and the conversation helped me to start connecting the dots. To say that the VA is doing a huge injustice to our future physicians is an understatement. I have been researching the relationship between the VA and the medical schools that are affiliated with them. There is an organization that is tasked with oversight of that relationship between the med schools and the VA. Interesting how the Denver VA is such a disgrace in this community and yet the very same students that are forced to provide substandard care to the veterans are the same students that are providing care at the Colorado University Health Science Hospital that is ranked in the top 5 hospitals in the nation. If anyone else would like the contact information for the oversight organization please let me know. When this roller coaster started15 months ago I felt confident that my soldier would never be one of the 23 suicides each and every day. Beautiful, courageous men and women who were prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country…Our country, America land of the free…Home of the BRAVE. No one should have to endure the physical and mental wounds of war only to come home feeling broken, unable to find your place or purpose in life and die a slow death at the hands of the VA… I cant imagine how these soldiers feel. They come to the realization that they now require the assistance of others to take care of their most basic human needs. I’m not sure that I have ever fought so hard before in my life. We thought that we were over the difficult hump only to find out that there is a lesion growing on my soldiers spinal cord that could or could not be cancer. We are awaiting a biopsy and spine surgery. come to find out after reviewing the medical records that this lesion was identified back in September 2016 and no one told him anything other then there is nothing wrong. The Caregiver programs decision to deny our request was based on falsified documents that were outdated and lies. The day that we received the caregiver program denial letter in the mail my soldier quietly cried himself to sleep after writing his “good-bye letters” to those he loved the most. He no longer leaves the house and the deepest darkest depression has consumed him.
      Veteran organizations are advocates for the veterans according to the job description, however it is common knowledge that they have a vested interest in the VA staying open instead of making it privatized. I have a ton of information that I have collected over the last year and I have already contacted Congress Coffman’s office to request a compliant inquire but he has dropped the ball and I have yet to get a firm answer. I don’t know where else to turn for assistance. I do believe that there needs to be an independent organization that fights for the rights of the veteran and their families. If anyone has any ideas please don’t hesitate to contact me and please share. I would be more then happy to head up a movement by the invisible soldiers and family to preserve the the rights of our brave military members. Thank you for letting me rant. I feel like I hear our story over and over again. We as individuals are tires but together we could move mountains.

      1. T-bird, your description of the malaria pill is similar to what we faced with the Anthrax and Botulinum vaccines in the Gulf War.

        Both were considered experimental, but the FDA did like they always do and let the DOD do whatever they want…even though the FDA had jurisdiction over the manufacturers license.

        It took years of pushing and a congressional investigation into the sloppy practices used in making the Anthrax shots before the FDA got kinda serious.

        The report said the manufacturer had no idea as to the potency of each dose, and foreign material was found in some of the doses, including material from gaskets.

        When the report was issued, the FDA finally woke up and told the manufacturer that they were going to pull their license. The DOD stepped in and convinced the FDA to back off if the manufacturer shut down their production line for 2 weeks to clean up.

        If I recall correctly, around 2 million doses were affected either through contamination or otherwise unusable.

        Then SecDef Cohen said they would keep those doses anyway for use in emergencies.

        This was back when they required everyone in uniform to get the shot.

        I haven’t heard whatever happened to the Anthrax shot, if it is still mandated, nor have I heard anything more on the Botulinum shot.

        As for contacting anyone for help, I live in Grand Junction. I can say Gardner’s office is completely worthless.

        Bennet’s office will respond, but I suggest calling his local office and formally asking for an inquiry. If they do so, they should send you a Release of Information form to sign.

        All of that can be handled through email.

        As for Coffman, although I think he tries to help veterans on a national level based on his position on the House VA committee, getting his office to help individual veterans might be like too many other congressman. They only respond if you live in their district, and only then if you call their office and badger them.

        Good luck.

      2. Anthrax shots are mandatory for any Soldier deploying or ‘taking’ an assignment overseas. At least it was until 2010

  74. In my humble opinion, a complete *AUDIT* of VA is needed. These things CANNOT, and SHOULD NOT, be allowed to continue!
    There’s MASSIVE corruption, waste, fraud and abuse within the whole VA system! Until an outside accounting firm, one which is trustworthy and loyal to the American People is brought in, these things will continue unabated!


    @”cj”, check this out!

    via: “your news wire” &
    “Thumbnail image”
    Feb. 19, 2017. (19:35 min. long)

    “BREAKING: CIA And Mossad Behind DC Pedo Ring – DHS Insider”

    It’s not just about “Pedogate”. Plus, lots of names are mentioned!
    Lastly, *IF* certain security agencies have videos from Podesta’s laptop, from “Pedophile Island”, they should release (leak) them to the public. We have a right, under federal law, to know what our elected and appointed officials have been up to for so long!

    There’s other new videos surfacing concerning this issue coming out almost daily!

    1. @Crazy elf: Thank you, I saved the link for later. Finally got my computer straightened out so I can watch an entire video without being bounced out of the browser. This hurting childeren, turns my stomach. Like I said before, even the lowest of the low in prisons around the world, DO NOT put up with those in their ranks that have hurt childeren. Yet these elites get away with it? There is something very wrong, progressives=The scurge of the earth.

    2. @Crazy elf: On the audit………………..asap, no time should be wasted, ACCOUNTABLILTY NOW!!! Prison for those who would unjustly deny an injured veteran, or their family, the help they so desperately need. Annymous, you see this? Time for you to start accidentally diverting funds from terror supporting states (Saudi Arabia, Iran) into the accounts of veterans families in need of help, worldwide. I know you can do it. These damn politiician, have no trouble getting 1500 buck or more, for a plate of damn food. But can’t pay an extra penny to a caregiver…………………….Martha……….get me blunderbuss we’ve some hunting to do.

  75. @Ben let me first extend my deepest condolences for you loss.

    I agree 110% with your review. The caregiver coordinator in my area is the epitome of government waste. My first experience was an evaluation by her which was never submitted because “she” felt I did not qualify. This was followed with several requests that she turned a blind eye. When she finally submitted my request, it was denied. I did appeal to the VISN and it was denied, but when I asked the reason, it was discovered that she did not forward all the information that I requested be included in the appeal. I subsequently filed another request and it was approved. Her behavior has been less than professional. She has remarked about her personal health suffering; I am a sympathic person, but it was completely unprofessional. She has limited knowledge of the rules and regs of the program and is often presented with information from caregivers. The program was created to assist caregivers with the health and wellness of the veteran and it is treated as if it is their personal bank account. This needs to change. As caregivers, we deal with stress that is beyond comparison and the struggle with the caregiver program adds unnecessary stress. Thank you for this article it is validation of all our struggles.

    1. I agree…i had a coordinator do that as well. She constantly kept denying me saying he didnt fit the category. Everything i do, is nore then a significant other should do. This time i sent it to Atlanta with a letter. Another coordinator reached out to me, but we have been playing phone tag. This va has gotten 4 years of free larbor and of more then i am supposed to do as a significant other

  76. I am one of the VA Caregiver Programs victims. They “graduated” me from the program without reviewing my medical records. I’m too pissed to continue writting.

    1. @Peterson, L.H. Your story is exactly what Ben is looking for to be posted here. Please post, so the rest of the country, and all veterans, know what these dirty bastards have done. It is an important story you have to tell.

      1. I too, just got revoked from the CG program. The reasons are a lie. I looked up the regs in 38 USC 1720. All lies.

  77. Benjamin — Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

    Today’s article screams one thing to me: These rat bastards are STEALING rightfully earned benefits right from under Veterans and their family’s noses at their most vulnerable moments in life.

    FUCK YOU VA. I almost think Satan himself would have more empathy than the VA rat bastards possess. Or, it’s Satan’s demons that get their training at the VA and go back to Hell until remedial Hell training is required then the demons return to the VA for on-the-job-training of torture.

  78. Ben,

    Truly sorry to hear about the loss of a loved one. Thoughts and Prayers are with you and your family.

    1. @Ben,
      Sorry to hear about your loss! Hope everything gets better in the future!

      Glad to see you back! Hope your well!

      As far as today’s blog,
      “cj” was spot on. Problem is, VA employees have absolutely NO “SHAME”. They’re taught how to screw veterans out of their “rights”!
      Follow the money trail. Where the Hell Is it going?

      The wife and I watched a news report this past weekend. It had something to do with an “elderly female (extremely disabled) veteran” and how she was having 28% of her compensation taken away for some reason! I believe it was something like Ben wrote about this morning!
      If I, or my wife, can find it. I’ll put it on today.

      Lastly, did y’all notice the dates. 2010 to 2015! All during the “Obamination Administration”!
      He’s not only screwed veterans, he’s screwed active duty military members. With all the information coming out about his “many failures”, it’s a wonder he hasn’t “slivered away” to some hole, like the snake he is!
      We can only hope President Trump makes all those asswipes pay for their crimes against humanity, SOON!

      1. In deed. I did notice the change took place when the GOP took over the House and control of the purse strings. Thus entitlement reduction is back on the front burner. And more to come because the “liberals” will be able to do nothing to curtail it.

        Time you woke up elf, don’t you think? Who is on your side? Or do you care. Just want to blame the other side is doing with your “alternate facts.”

      2. @Lem,
        Here we go again! These atrocities took place during Obama’s time in office! 2010 to 2015 are the dates of the report!
        Time for you to wake up!
        Now the Republicans are in charge. Why don’t you wait to see what’s going to happen!
        Are you like Pelosi, don’t know which President is in office?

  79. Ben, I am sorry for your loss, my condolences, to you and your family. So sorry to hear of the loss of another veteran…….this need to stop.

  80. I whole-heartedly agree with the statement,(There is no greater embarrassment a nation can suffer than to ignore its war wounded or refuse them the care, benefits and services they earned.) I would add to that, how a nation cares for it’s elderly, and mentaly ill. If our government was fullfilling it’s promise to take care of those injured in battle, there would not be a need for all the other organizations such as Wounded Warrior,Veterans Warriors, etc. No money to take care of injured veterans, but plenty for unions, and pet projects. Plenty of money to be paid in restitution to prisoners at gitmo, and plenty to be paid to the enemy (Iran). Plenty to be paid to ISIS, and all the other so-called fredom fighters around the globe. Just nothing for those injured fredom fighting for THIS country. Every single Senator, and Congressman should hang their heads in shame. SHAME ON EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM SHAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. PENDEJO VA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 DELAY DELAY@ DENEY DENAY @ DIE VETS IS THE MANTRA OF VA DEATHCARE FROM SATANIC HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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