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Secretary Bob McDonald Reaches Out To VA Is Lying

VA Is Lying

So what the heck happened when VA Is Lying supporters had a conversation with VA Secretary Bob McDonald one month ago?

Some readers suggested we were required to sign an NDA. Others wondered if the conference even happened.

Yes, the conversation happened and no one signed an NDA. We made some headway and look forward to future discussions.


Veterans and advocates on the call other than Bob and his staff were:

  • Ron Nesler
  • Emily Hayden
  • Benjamin Krause
  • Francis White
  • Brian Lewis
  • Roger Taylor

Brian Lewis was in DC doing advocacy work on the Hill and facilitated the call while there.

Ron Nesler talked about the need for an ombudsman system within various veterans circles and that different grass roots groups need representation at the table.

Emily Hayden talked about the spina bifida program and how VA still had some work to do to ensure the process was more straight forward.

I talked about how Vocational Rehabilitation counselors are abusing the feasibility determination process and next steps for VA on burn pits.

RELATED: 36-Yr-Old Mother Newest Burn Pit Victim

(NOTE: This article is about my first wife and mother of my only child – I am obviously invested in sorting this out)

Francis White talked about problems VA is facing with security related to veterans benefits processing systems.

Roger Taylor spoke about veterans getting caught up in clinical appeals when VA health care administrators harass veterans.

Brian Lewis discussed concerns about veteran survivors of military sexual trauma and VA’s repeated failure to adequately address assaults against males.

Overall, the discussion went well and there are next steps. For my own purposes, the more interesting part of the call focused on my questions about burn pits and VA’s next steps on working through the research.

That is about the nuts and bolts of the call. I will tune in with next steps and how that turns out.

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    1. Seeing how I do live each and every day with CHRONIC IBS related to PTSD, I find *nothing* passionate about diarrhea.

      The Clintons have Lying Verbal Diarrhea. I could give a very informative speech on diarrhea to help Vets dealing with Chromic IBS and not charge one penny, not even a Charmin Endorsement. 🙂

      1. I have always associated anything coming out of the mouth of a Clinton with scatological references. Kudos to the Clinton kid to be open about what a Clinton is doing – speaking shit! Nicely done.

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  4. I got a German Shepard from fort carson . say not told if he served. !
    Be wad raised from s pup by the guy in the army. !

    This dog is do smart and do good to everyone. If the door us open he won’t leave !

    Never seen him hurt anything. My poodle got outside and was attacked by another dog. The door was open and that German Shepard

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    When my wife was a child. Age wad kid napped and the FBI. Found her hand gave her a German Shepard for protection!

    They are smart and have feelings just like we do. !

    1. @MyChildStolen

      Only “Trolls” should “REFRAIN” from commenting on here. Everyone, veterans and taxpayers, are and will always be welcome! Especially if they have anger or concerns toward what’s happening at VA AND their taxdollars!

      To exclude these two groups is wrong!

      1.) Of course, Veterans who have had a bad experience are welcome! The more the better!
      2.) “Civilians” who are pissed at how their taxdollars are being misspent ARE ALSO WELCOME! They have a right to speak their mind!
      Remember that “pesky little 1st Amendment” on “Freedom of Speech” you took an oath to defend OR did you forget?

      For you to say; Quote:
      “Non vets and immediate fam shouldn’t be allowed comments here. We earned ours…the rest are civy bitches”
      IS JUST PLAIN WRONG! Shame on you for uttering those words!
      It is also contrary to the Oath you took. That is, of course, IF your a veteran! From your ‘comment’, I would seriously doubt it!

      Definition of – “Refrain”: doesn’t mean someone, TROLLS, can’t leave a comment. It means they really shouldn’t!

      1. @crazy elf- Thanks for calling the TROLL out. I have had my lower -4- discs/(degenerative disc disease) flare-up bad last few days after I accidentally slammed my thumb in a sliding door that was stuck. Been laying low.
        Popped-on here and oh my, the Trolls have come out from under all their bridges as if they are confused because it’s not October quite yet. 🙂

        A proper and easily homemade TROLL TRAP recipe:

        -1- cookie jar in which you will use -1- black sharpie to write “VETERAN$” on it, place a bunch of cash inside and do not try to use old Confederate or Monopoly Money…TROLLS know and can smell the difference.

        Place cookie jar within a set bear trap.

        Set and forget.


        You can also burn their Hot Pockets before sliding them down their mommies basement laundry shoot where the TROLL resides in it’s pool of ones and zeros.


        Do not tread on Veterans.

    2. Those “civilians” you speak with such disdain of, PAY for your Veteran benefits and tools needed to fight for our freedoms we ALL enjoy. Even the freedom of trolls.

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    If her foundation has anything to do with this, I pray she, her husband, daughter and anyone else involved – stand trial!?

    !!!!Rant over for now!!!!

    1. Elf Thanks for point this article out.

      I would like to point out these dogs are Veterans. The military handlers who trained these dogs and worked with them in Afghanistan and Iraq were promised they would be able to adopt the dogs. But because of their training they are valuable and instead were illegally taken.

      “Troops betrayed as Army dumps hundreds of heroic war dogs”
      By Maureen Callahan
      February 14, 2016


      “End the Army coverup on the ‘lost dogs of war’”
      By Post Editorial Board
      February 16, 2016


      1. With respect, I also find the slaughter of animals who have served our cause disgusting, however there is a practical matter to consider. These animals are trained. Like a human the training becomes a part of what they are. These are mammals and also suffer the same mental diseases we do from war. It disgusts me to say it, but these animals were bred for war.

        Only to point out the other side, I want to suggest that implements of war are best left behind on the battlefield and destroyed. It sickens me, but on the other hand how are communities going to react the first time a war dog goes into a PTSD mode and nips or bites somebody? Irregardless of the circumstances, without a doubt the issue of war dogs would then be a domestic issue and I can see communities concerned about incorporating them into America.

        Horses trained to race are not good animals off the track. Race dogs have a tough time too ince they retire and take enormous effort and time to incorporate them into a household.

        War dogs? God bless each one of those animals and Hells Wrath to those who inflict needless suffering, but I think war dogs must meet their fate in the lands that they served. It is what they were made to do.

      2. I strongly disagree with you RedTurtle. These dogs were trained and handled by Military personal who bonded with them. These dogs saved lives of American service men and women.

        These dogs were forced to go through a separation with their handlers that raised and trained them. So of course they will have problems after that just like their handlers are now having problems due to that separation.

        These dogs were raised and trained in the U.S.. They did a tour of Duty overseas just like their handlers. Your cold unacceptable illogic would also mean that the handlers should also meet their fate in the lands that they served.

        These dogs served our country and their handlers. Neither deserve being left behind to suffer.

      3. @redturtle984

        You “…find it disgusting…” as to what is going on with these (veteran) “service animals”?
        Might I remind you “these animals” protected their comrades in arms. Many were decorated higher than their human counterpart.
        It’s true they, a %, have been “diagnosed” with ptsd. Yet, like their human counterpart, their “temperament” can be over-come with love and understanding. Just like with their human counterpart!
        There are many, and I do mean MANY, examples of this. The most visable was the “German Sheppard of WWI”, remember Rin Tin Tin, a real War Dog!? What would have happened IF “he” had been euthanized! Millions of kids, and you too (more than likely) would have never been introduced to the most famous dog ever. Or, how about the “service animals” used after the “attacks on the Twin Towers” on 9/11? Remember those brave “service animals” who were used to find humans. They were also used in Afghanistan as “war dogs”! They came back and are living quite well.
        Here’s another “service animal” you might want to research. This is current news. His name is “MAX”! A “bomb sniffing dog” used in Afghanistan. He was the “Point Man” on the patrol. His job was to “sniff out bombs and anyone hiding from his comrades in arms!” His “handler” was killed. The younger brother took the animal and are inseparable today!

        In Nam, our “Service Animal & His Human Counterpart” were allowed to return to “The World”! No one could separate them. I remember “Joseph”, that was ‘his’ name, coming in the “hootch” and “snuggling up” to all of the”patrol members”. Not all the time, but sometimes. We all thought of him as a “BROTHER!”

        It really pisses me off when a veteran won’t stand tall for one of their own. Especially those who CAN’T FUCKING TALK!
        We took an Oath to protect those who CAN’T protect themselves. These VETERANS need our help!
        And what do you say, in my opinion, you dismiss it!

      4. I forgot to mention.
        What the fuck is going on with the money that American Company is receiving to care for these “service animals”?
        It’s reported the receive $3,000 to $10,000 a month for each dog! Who’s fucking pocket is that money going into over in Kuwait?

    2. Hey Elf,

      Here is a good article which is about how the white house operated under Bill Clinton. It is about the tell all book written by the ex-secret service officers who was detailed to Hillary.

      “Clinton White House was den of coke, mistresses: ex-Secret Service officer”


      1. @Seymore Klearly

        Here’s some additional Utube videos to google.

        “Eviction Notice to Obama and Establishment Start Packing – Judge Jeanine”

        Published on Jun 25, 2016 (Utube video)

        “The writing is on the wall – President Trump Derails the NWO”

        Published on Apr 7, 2016 (Utube video)

        “Trump is not a member of their Secret Society Cult”

        Published on May 19, 2016 (Utube video)
        from the “Alex Jones Documentary” on “” and “”
        This one is full of shit we have heard yet never was it truely discussed until after Alex Jones “broke the story!”

  6. When the manager of the VA clinic called me at home to engage me in an argu,ent, I challenged him telling him that the administration would NEVER tolerated his behaviour as a government employee. His response? “Let me tell you something Pal, Adminstartions come and go, but WE will still be here and we know who YOU are!”

    That comment earned that clinic manager a Restraining Oreder signed by the Circuit Court. As soon as it was served they convened a Disruptive Behaviour Committee and banned me fro the guys clinic and terminated all care even citing the Restraining Order as the reason!

    The AFGE holds no allegiance to Bob and could care less about your call. They know damn well that they just wait it out and leadership comes up with a new slogan and the AFGE just waits them out….and they DO remember.

    Bob cannot fix this. AFGE must be nuetered. Once on their shit list a veteran has no chance at all. Not even Circuit Court order demanding they cease the abuse phases them. They are untouchable.

    1. You are right. Question them and they don’t like it. !
      Veterans are being retaliated against. Black balled or reported to the disruptive committee.

      Employees can say a veteran said such and such and their sent to the disruptive committee.

      The committee us not a judiciary component of our justice department. Yet they act as the accuser. Judge. Prosecutor. Jury and punisher.

      Veterans deserve better than being treated like criminals. Hell criminals at least get to defend themselves and the court would throw out hearsay. !

      This tatic effects thousands of veterans !

      It would be interesting. If someone would get all the stats from each VA. How many veterans have been reported and why and how many of those veterans committed suicide or died. !

      That would be something if the deaths were higher at some facilities. That’s proof and should be looked into. !

      1. I agree James, however they have stopped responding to my own FOIA requests and I am high profile internally to VHA so I personally cannot. You can. James, write a simple FOIA and stating your name, that you want the minutes of all DBC meetings for the last two years at that facility, and letters sent to vegeans, sans identifiable info, from the Chiefs of Staff at your facility. Tell them you, as a member of the public at large, wish to know how your facility is treating veterans. Be blunt about what you want and why. Sign it, date it, and FAX it to the Release Of Information Officer at your facility. Call for the number.

        It stunned me what they talk about! They are very blunt about open abuse and lack of ANY evidence, compassiom, or review of the consequences of their decisions.

        Do this James. Write now. Go online to an online FAX service or send a FAX now to them if you have a machine. Do this now. You. Do not wait for anyone else. Each and every veteran can do this because I could and I just have an iPad. Do is and see for yourself my friend. Will you take a half hour of your life to compose your questions to VHA and take the effort to do his now?

        Do not wait for The People to do this because we are Them.

      2. You are right about how they communicate internally to each other in a flippant or abusive manner about veterans…or flat out lie or are deliberately misleading.
        They also try intimidating those who request information through FOIA claiming they will bill you for doing the search and copying.
        I don’t care. Bill me. It will make a nice exhibit with a press release showing the VA bills veterans for access to personal information that may affect their health.
        I never got a bill for my request once they figured out I wouldn’t just withdraw the request.
        As for your own requests being ignored, you should submit a FOIA for their tracking log numbers for your requests. If they ignore that, appeal it to higher up. If you get the log, I bet you find those they have ignored were never logged in.

        They are required to log in every request they get through FOIA into a specific tracking system.

        You can then submit copies of those never logged to higher with a request for information on why they didn’t do their job.

        If its beyond 30 days, find out where you can file a lawsuit. That would certainly get the attention of the media, some of whom are still interested in FOIA working properly.
        Every one of your requests should be logged, and should have a response. If not, find out why.
        Document logs can be very interesting. I requested one years ago when I found out about it. It took almost 2 years to get it, but the log had over 4 million document titles.

      3. I recorded the telephone call I got at home from the Release Of Information Officer after jy last FOIA request. He asked me to rescind the request. I told him no, that I wanted the document the DBC chairman had told me about on the phone.

        The document I got from that was dated AFTER the date of my request!!! They just changed the memo the DBC chairman got redorded talking about, redated it, and returned a FOIA request with a document they created just for the FOIA! A document dated after the request date?? The press did report that but in light of he huge scandal they otherwise reported that only got a few sentences.

        Think About that. I got a call asking me to reacind FOIA, I refused to rescind, so they created a document that they could return to me instead of the documents that were in existance at the time the ROI called me at home to ask me to rescind the request for.And I recorded the conversation.

        The ROI is admittedly a part of the DBC and openly hostile toward me. The AFGE controls FOIA, the DBC, and my health care. And they have taken drastic measures against me for revealling a felony drug distribution scheme that even if well intentioned had been operating illegally for some time. I was targetted not because of the initial flag but because I stumbled onto the VHA internal police investigation that showd conclusive evidence including written confessions by VHA employees of felony crimes that VHA wanted to hide. When I tried to expose it, armed guards were placed on me. There is no doubt about this and it is well documented by the press. These people are not kittens, and they have power over veterans lives, but one thing they cannot do around me is hide under a rock. They tried to silence me and in the process gave me a booming big voice in the press.

        Never stop sending requests, never stop sending appeals of the bullshit, and never ever stop turning over rocks. Do not give up. Ask the hard questions! Use FOIA unceasingly! They only prosper when we let the hide and we have the tool to at least expose them.

      4. You Ana I both know. That what their doing is illegal. They may use excuses to support the committee’s existence. But it’s still illegal to punish people without due process. !

        They without evidence call the OIG office And the FBI. !

        Both took action believing the disruptive committee and they also did not request the proof or did any investigation. !

        We. Know of they are able to rail road us. Many Many veterans are being falsely accused. !

        I’m sure glad they recorded that VA employee who pushed that veteran hand then tried to blame the veteran of disruptive behavior. !

        Without that video. The employee would have gotton away with it and He would have continued to harrass that veteran. Until something bad happened. !

        Even. When their caught lying they will not change the official medical record’s. !

        Again. The VA Is incapable of policing themselves hand should not be able to. !

        If a veteran become’s disruptive. That’s disturbing the peace and the local police should have been notified and given a ticket to go to court. !

        Employees. Who become disruptive should also be reported to the local police and they should have to face a real judge. !

        This committee and their punishment is not benefiting anyone except the employees making the allegations. !

        I just hope. Ben or VA Is lying. Would bring to to the forefront with Bob McDonald.

        McDonald must be advised his own employees are not doing their job’s of helping veterans. !

        Stephanie. His employee lied to me twice about the employee who falsely accused me ! Stephanie said the employee no longer work’s for the VA. !

        When she was told the employees is still working for the VA. She cut off all communication. Now that’s being transparency for you. !

        Hell. The chief of staff state’s in writing he does not even know who the employee is. !

        Record’s show that this employee making the false accusation. Was in fact sitting next to him at a disruptive committee meeting concerning me. !

        I was not invited. Or given a chance to bring any employees whom could have been my witnesses. That would have proven the employee !

        Just did not like me and only did the reporting as a retaliatory act. !

        Have s good day. !

      5. I found whenever you go to someone at the VA to talk to them about a problem, they are supposed to write a Report of Contact (ROC) on their contact with the veteran, what the problem was, and often what was said. If you talk to a patient advocate, they are supposed to write a Report of Contact. I found this out when I went to Release of Information and told them what I needed, and why I was requesting it. They were radiology films and reports I needed for a Choice appointment. She asked if I wanted her to submit a Report of Contact, and explained it was a Report that was sent to upper management in the hospital. I said I did, and explained what I wanted it to say. She typed it up.
        I requested all of those through FOIA. Its rather eye opening what they say about veterans if they think it’s only to other employees. Its also interesting to see the blatant lies, and the ones I know exist but did not provide.
        If you requested yours, it would show what their response is to your FOIA request, and even if they wrote one up. In your situation, it would be interesting to see if he wrote any reports of contact, but did not log your FOIA request.

        In one response I got, the head of the Patient advocates seems to suggest cutting off all contact or just not replying to me, and admits it might be painful in the media for awhile.

        They don’t give a damn about care provided to veterans, but do care about how they might be reported on.

      6. Yes a report of contact is required on any and all veteran contact via phone calls or in person. !

        One would think if a veteran Should come in at least twice a month. That means multiple visits and become disruptive. !

        The employee witnessing the disruptive behavior would been required to make a report of contact indicating what transpired. !

        I know better than anyone. That it’s required or the incident never happened. !

        I requested any and all correspondence the employee wrote down about me being disruptive. !

        The Denver chief of staff in writing advised me there was no written evidence or report’s of contact. !

        The Denver director told in writing to senator Bennett’s office. Due to the reporting of disruptive behavior !

        Nothing was ever done to me. !

        Problem. They know they did me wrong. But no-one will complete any type of investigation. !

        IF. Someone would do a proper investigation. They would find the truth and my official medical records would have to reflect this. !

        This would mean they lied all along. !

        They would rather keep hurting someone. Rather than fix it. !

        They don’t care If it effects the person’s pyschie and can not live in ✌ !

        It must stop. ! It’s illegal to punish someone for something they never did. !

        It would be different if they actually had proof. !

        Using hearsay. They could punish any veteran at any time. !

        Wish I could find am attorney to go to bat for me. !

        I know one letter from an attorney. Would fix this fast. ! They would not risk being fired because of someone else misdeeds !

        Any takers. To defend me ! One veteran at a time. As Bob McDonald says !

      7. I will Monday. I would like to do this at every vamc and regional office’s. !

        Do you think they are able to tell me how many veterans were on their list and how many of those veterans committed suicide or died after being reported.

        His do we get them to provide information that will show the two are connected?

        With my TBI. Some times. I get off course.

  7. Hey Elf & Namnibor,

    Here is an article that will make you kringe:

    From Judicial Watch on their Corruption Chronicles Blog.

    “U.S. spends More on Medical Care for Inmates than Seniors, Veterans, Military Personnel”

    June 21st, 2016


    “President Obama has repeatedly demonstrated that there’s an extra special place in his heart for incarcerated criminals, but this is a bit much. The administration spends a lot more money on the medical care of jailed convicts than retired seniors on Medicare, active U.S. military personnel or veterans, including an extra $100 million in one year alone, according to a federal audit released this month.

    The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) consistently pays outside doctors and hospitals more to treat inmates than Medicare or other federal agencies would pay for the same services, according to the report which is the result of a Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General investigation. “We found that the BOP is the only federal agency that pays for medical care that is not covered under a statute or regulation under which the government sets the agency’s reimbursement rates, usually at the Medicare rate,” the report states. “Instead, the BOP solicits and awards a comprehensive medical services contract for each BOP institution to obtain outside medical services.”

    Well worth reading the full article.

    I am all for providing medical care to inmates but there really is something way wrong with this equation.

    1. The simple reason for prisoners getting better medical care than veterans is the same as for why illegal aliens are given better medical care.
      There are hordes of civil rights groups that will represent them in court suing for civil rights violations.
      Until veterans have groups representing us that can sue for damages for civil rights violations, we will continue to get third world medical care.

    2. Irregardless of my personal feelings those inmates are Americans and residents of America that are currently complying with the law as best they can and are entitled to good medical care. Spending on inmates is also spending on veterans in many cases too.

      I understand the frustration but in this case I must say that an inmate has very little left to them for whatever reason, but that makes them no less a man than me. For my own conscience I like knowing that those who have been deprived of freedom within our borders are given the best care in the land. It says somehing about us as a people that I find comforting although I do not know why.

  8. Didn’t know we at this site were involved with censorship for no valid reason!! So why was my comment deleted about expressing sympathy to Ben and his family and saying that I am upset that although many have received good care at the VA- including me- that we expect our VA to do ALL the research and inform all the non-VA hospitals- even Mayo- of their recommendations. Our VA has a long way to go- Congress who has had oversight for years is mostly responsible. They bring in a leader every couple years and set him up to reform the second largest agency in the US government in short order. What a joke.

    1. Wade,

      No one censored you. But it is clear you are nothing but a VA AFGE maggot coming here to spew Union excrement on these pages.

      Oh and Wade Congress has taken steps to provide better health care for Veterans it was called the Veterans Choice program. The same program the VA AFGE maggots have been sabotaging.

      Also Congress mandated the creation of the Commission on Care under the same legislation that created the Veterans Choice program. Had the AFGE not been sabotaging the Veterans Choice program the Commission on Care wouldn’t be making the recommendations that they are. But hay you have shit for brains leadership at the AFGE and demonstrated with your sabotage tactics on the Veterans Choice program that more effective measures are need to provide proper care for Veterans.

      The AFGE members sabotage has caused Veterans to suffer and die. Yet you maggots are fighting to keep Veterans suffering and dying so you can have a job. You are totally fighting against Veterans having a choice in our health care.

      Here are some of the changes that you VA AFGE maggots are fighting against. Changes that would give Veterans a choice and real health care.

      ““The overarching recommendation to develop locally-based integrated delivery networks in partnership with community providers to expand veterans’ access to high-quality healthcare.”

      “Providers in the networks should be paid using the most contemporary payment approaches available to incentivize quality and appropriate utilization of health care services (ie., using Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) physician payment methodology being proposed by CMS”

      “That the veteran has a choice between seeing VHA-employed providers or VHA credentialed community providers in the VA Care System, both being equal in quality; that the veteran can select a primary care provider within the VHA Care System to be the primary provider; and that the primary care provider is responsible for coordinating the veterans’ care”

      “The current time and distance criteria for community care access (30 days or 40 miles) should be eliminated.”

      “VISN geography should also be eliminated as a factor in where veterans can access care. VA-eligible veterans should be permitted to receive care at any facility and by any provider in the VA integrated care system, to include both VA and community providers.””

      Now wade go back to your AFGE and don’t forget to plug the Nurses instead of Doctor bullshit ya’ ll are trying to pull off.

    2. Career crooks. Don’t need to stay longer. They need long jail terms. With maddoff. !

      Lie. Lie Die. That’s managemen’$ moto !

  9. So I worked for the VA some years ago as a nurses aide. I was trained at the VA I was hired at. Some employes care and some don’t. Like most places. I was trained to turn in any wrong things I saw going on. Well the first day I was on the floor, I saw human fecal on the lifts used by many of the patients. I turned it in due to protocol. Then I saw a patient who an aide put a towel in his undergarment so he wouldn’t have to be changed as often, I turned it in followed protocol. I then saw an aide put a matress on the floor and pull a patient to the floor, I turned it in following protocol. I saw an nurse put her finger under the soap despencer in the patients room and put her finger up the rectum of the patient to see if he was constipated. I saw a aide dowse a patient with old spice because he didn’t want to change his pants, he had an fecal accident. It was a nightmare. I was let go because I broke some Ribs lifting a patient. Others where given light duty till they healed. I have since married a veteran. He is a beautiful man, but very sick started when he came home and after 2 years together he has ended up so very sick. I have been on both sides. Very sad. There are a few great people who work there…. There are a few great people who work in out patient care. But there is more wrong then good… I still remember those Vets….

    1. I’m very proud of you. Yes there are a few good employees and to many bad one’s.

      You were not let go because of your injury. It was Retalation pure and simple.

      You need to file a complaint with workmans comp. ! You should have been put on workmans comp !

      They say one thing and do another. They are very Venditive and will eat their young. Just like some animals do. !

      One question did you make any written complaints or were they verbal !

      They say hearsay us good enough. Until it involves them. !

      They should have not let you go and owe you back pay and your job back ? If You still want to work there.

      Did they put it in writing why they let you go. !

    2. Thank you to those dedicated to serve we who serve our nation. If given a pen, pencil or needle to pick & write in my own human ink, I always write the director at my va each visit. I call incesantly to all extensions to bitch every chance I get…doesn’t even have to apply to them. Successfully got the mental health reception bitch squad X 3 replaced with a sweet lady who listens when I speak. Comp & pens… there’s a joke. Less than 7 minutes to sever my ptsd and been fighting that since 2013. God bless us, God bless those who care, for they are truly few.

      1. If the regional office keeps playing games with you.?

        Call Kenneth carpenter lawyer out of Topeka Kansas. Under charter carpenter. !

        He’s one of the best veterans lawyers and works mainly with PTSD veterans. !

        Tell him. James from la junta. Co. Refered you to him. !

        Don’t let them keep playing games with you or you will be playing the game for decades. !

        Good luck. !

  10. Ben. Thanks for everything your doing. ! Many pressing issues news addressed and I’m hoping that it very important. That the disruptive committee be abolished !

    Veterans are being accused of disruptive behavior and are being punished without due process. !

    They do require proof of the disruptive behavior. They are using hearsay as evidence. !

    They are not part of our judiciary system and they need to stop punishing veterans. !

    Every right veterans should have when being accused. Has been taken away. Civil. Constitutional and Bill of right’s!

    From everything we have read. They VA can not even define what constitutes disruptive behavior!

    Please. Help veterans from being accused and punished at will and must HAVE our right’s honored. !

    Employees should not be able to ruin one’s lives. By using hearsay. !

    This is supposed to be a land of law’s and they are not qualified to determine who gets punished. !

    That’s why we have a judiciary system. !

    Nazi did the same thing to millions and the United state’s and the ? said never again. !

    Yet the United state’s is letting government officials due exactly that. !

    Stop the abuse. !

  11. @Ben:

    >>”Francis White talked about problems VA is facing with security related to veterans benefits processing systems.”

    did Francis or anyone dig into the veterans benefits fiasco? you know where the VA, it seems, goes out of its way to steer clear of any diagnosis that might show a SC for the veteran using VA tricks of their trade?

    hats off to Emily for keeping the torch bright and hot regarding spina bifida. VA supposedly has a “presumption” for AO veterans’ and their children. of course, how many decades passed before VA acknowledged that?

    you can’t blame those that asked about the meeting and tossing in an assumption about NDA’s when after reading numerous posts asking about it with not even a reply.

    glad it went well, but i have no more false hope VA will change. it will take along the lines of what the British just did, vote out and clean house and rebuild…yet a lot can change in a few years and i’ll be surprised if the globalists go without a retaliation. we see how that retaliation game plays here in America. but Ron did ask for more grass root involvement at the VA table…he has persevered so far. we’ll see.

  12. Ben, I hope you followed up with a ‘as we discussed’ e-mail, put in some SMART goals and a ‘by when’.

    Thank you for the update! Keep advocating!

  13. @namnibor
    Hey brother, are you upset at me over that Ryan article? I only put it on so you could see how people are not liking what he’s about.

    1. No, not at all. That was all good humor. Historically, all my life, people never quite know how to take my darkly demented sense of humor. It’s all good and sorry if I had you worried. I am a straight from the hip person and always tell it as it is. In other words, I would let anyone know then try to communicate.
      It’s all good, unless you live in West Virginia currently…man. I am thinking God must be pretty upset. 🙂
      My point with Speaker Ryan is that with most American’s short-ass memory spans, most may not recall how much of a war-hawk Ryan was when he was with the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), and it seems he has neatly tucked that obstinate bull-headed attitude onto his mind’s back-burner…and just wait until January, 2017…am thinking the other personalities will come out swinging and he’s not veteran-friendly.

      1. @namnibor
        I believe our current leadership, lawmakers or whatever they want to call themselves just learned, first hand, what people can accomplish! Re: England’s break from the E.U.!

        Next could be France. Then watch Germany! People are tired of how the elite are running, and ruining, their countries.

        We, here in America, are fed up with these fake RINO’s and Talking Head Pundants. Who spew bull shit, and we just keep going along without a care in the world.

        The “Talking Pundants” can’t get it through their ‘pea brains’, True Americans what to be in charge of our destiny.

        Twitter has been lit up saying the next POTUS will be Mr. Trump.

        Whether you love or hate him, he’s 150% better than what’s on the other side! That person should’ve been in prison long ago!

        I don’t remember what news source put this out today. The next “…terrorist target is going to be the San Diego’s gay community hangouts!”

        So get ready for all the liberal idiots yelling, and possibly, shutting down Congress – AGAIN!

  14. BS, BS. BS: As my father used to say, “Attorneys write everything in gray so they can make more green.”

    1. Take you are a AFGE Union member working at the John D Reigle VMAC in Detroit.

      Just another maggot feeding off Veterans.

      Or are you just another Tomah VAMC AFGE maggot using the name of a VMAC in another State?

      What ever the case you are just another maggot feeding off of Veterans.

      1. @Seymore Klearly

        There’s another union maggot who left a comment on Ben’s comment below.
        I thought today’s blog would bring more punks out!

  15. @namnibor & Seymore Klearly

    Since we’re discussing terrorists. Check out these two articles on Utube!

    “How the Govt Allows Terrorists to Recruit For ISIS In Our Colleges”

    published Mar. 18, 2016
    Quote: “This is how Government Officials are assisting with the Government Takeover under the illusion of “Protecting Our Rights!”

    If this isn’t enough to wake y’all up, here’s an additional article from:
    “The Press Club”

    “Proof Obama Admin Working with Hammas Operatives”

    published Jun 22, 2016

    Quote: “Washington is Occupied Territory”
    “DHS Whistleblower Phil Haney exposes Obama administration during press meeting!”
    He “…walks you through the Ft. Pierse Mosque!”

    (32:13 minutes long)
    It’s “…Sharia vs. The Constitution!”

  16. Triwest is private insurance and it has been a true nightmare for me to access the care once authorized. In the last 6 months Ive talked to dozens of triwest people who tell me one thing, then another. They make great mistakes and holding up my care. Last Dec it was discovered I had seizures, then glaucoma then mild cognitive impairment, then chronic kidney disease, sleep apnea. YET Ive yet been able to get to the providers to figure out what is wrong. One Dr said I could have a tumor, that was in Feb. Yet still Triwest screws up the authorizations or cancels them. There is NO oversight, or managed care. I tired to get my referrals approved again today, it seems the rules just changed as of Jun 1 that if you did not use your authorization in 5 days it cancels. I was not informed. I cried not just for myself but for the thousands of Vets going through the same thing. I am applying for medical as a last resort.

  17. Why don’t they all send out investigators, record everything, and discuss issues like what we were told at the new pain clinic orientations and about the “special contracts with the VA” we would be forced to sign for VA care? Easy stuff that would help blow the roof off the VA about veteran abuse, neglect, threats, disgusting treatments to telling us we “Shall” be required to be put on anti-depressants and anti-psychotics for pain. Regardless of diagnosis or not having psychotic issues or violence. Even if we have been down this road before with the VA and had some very very severe side-effects. They said “it doesn’t matter, you will take the meds and keep trying them.” Is that more of their “science” they want?

    Hope they aren’t playing this game with those in your more personal concerns.

    Indiana’s officials full circle along with the predatory and tyrants of the medical establishment seem to agree on all this stuff while they pound the war on drugs and punish us all. Killing us off or totalitarian punishments is better than allowing us to make our own decisions and independence in health care.

    Science, studies and life experiences doesn’t count? Science? Just in case you haven’t seen this one.

    If anything is shown to be bad or harmful the government and VA claim it’s good or unfounded? Post or not, use it or not. Going in for test tomorrow to see how far gone I am (more VA mis-diagnoses and incompetence), getting things in order, again, and squawking everywhere I can until then. And here I thought I had survived the VA. Joke may be on me.

    1. @T I read this statement @ “VA earns trust among Veterans by knowing them & showing that we care; by understanding & anticipating their needs; by providing fair benefits & timely services; by being there when they need us & by keeping our promises. With every interaction, VA has the opportunity to deepen a trusting relationship with Veterans or to diminish that trust.”

      Should I become reluctant to be transparent w/DR in our conversation for fear that this information will be held against me? Hell Yea! The Primary Care doctors are misinterpreting & overreacting to federal & state guidelines concerning pain medications. The new drug they are pushing is Gabapentin, I refuse to take it. They are outsourcing us to non-VA anesthesiologists, spreading our medical files all over. The appt they made for me was 44.6 miles over an hour drive & the need to go 4 times. Palo Alto Calif still awarding contracts to their friends? It seems so to me. I canceled the appt & haven’t heard from Choice again to set it in my home town as promised. When you look into your blue button all it will say is canceled by patient – no explanations. I emailed my Dr & let her know why I cxl, her reply to me was “please address with that department” Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT) is a myth, a rumor, it does not exist. My doctor is hostility towards me, of this I have no more doubt.

      I had conversation about my medical treatment with my niece whom has seen my decline & is a mandate reporter [A mandated reporter is one who is required by law to report reasonable suspicions of abuse] she recognized my doctor as a bully, something I didn’t see & I’m still rolling it over in my mind. Niece called the suicide hotline to get all the names & contacts she needed to “report” my treatment, they told her they have been getting many such phones & hopefully the reasons for calls to the hotline are being documented & look at.

      I’m at that point where I’m never going back to the clinic & agree that the investigators need to go to every single clinic & report the findings to us, the veterans. It appears that any doctor-patient relationship, that their Hippocratic Oath becomes void & non-existent with gov’t paychecks & unions.

      1. The IG Hotline is a clearing house to or their first line of defense against complaints against the VA. !

        The OIG. Hotline employees send out letters to those complaints and it’s a standard unsigned letter. !

        Advising the veterans. That They receive hundreds of complaints and must be selective and yours was not selected. !

        I was sent such a letter and when I questioned them about it. Their response. Don’t bother us again. Case closed. !

        The OIG office had been found to be covering up for the VA. !

        Our elected officials are asleep 41st the wheel and or spending at least 30 hour’s a week fund raising. Not for veterans. But for themselves to be reelected. !

        In my opinion. The OIG Hotline is just another example of the waste of tax payer dollar’s. !

        And the first line of defence to stop. The complaints so they will never become public. !

        I’m sorry for the way you have been treated. This us no longer America the land of the Free. !

        This country is becoming what Hitler wanted and it’s SS officer’s are in our federal government And they did not even have to fire one shot. !

        The American people are like sheep and the people are acting like sheep and the Shepard is letting the wolves eat one at a time. !
        Obtain. All of your medical files and read them carefully. Don’t be surprised if they are making you seem as if your insane. !

        Next stop will be the disruptive committee. ! Retalation. !

      2. @ James
        Thankx for the info about the form letters concerning complaints. All you say & more is written right here so others may know too:
        Gov’ts [they all do it] put collected info into an algorithm to cause & solve problems; other folks sit around tables & have verbal discussions over what to do with the human commodity. The world is changing, the USA is changing, we’re caught in the birth pains. I’d like to see Earth in say 1,000 years. Did we destroy it or figure out how to get along? We could already be off planet harvesting nearby resources if only we’d work together. Not in my life time.
        Hitler was wrong about a “master race” perhaps if he’d known about DNA he would have had other thoughts, he wanted good things, land for the people – He just went about it in an uncivilized way, just like ISIS today, history keeps repeating & the repeating of it is being encouraged. Very sad indeed.
        What creature walks on 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs in the afternoon & 3 legs in the evening? I was a ‘sheep’ at one point too. Try not to be angry w/them. Those you can gentle nudge, the others let them sleep they are still on all 4’s & not ready. I’ve come to appreciate the computer it allows me to learn new things & connect to folks who know where to look. Thank you for feeling my pain, being acknowledged gives me strength. Thank you for validating that I am not insane for that has crossed my mind too. I emailed my Dr the other day, told her I’m taking 2.5 mg diazepam/Valium from the dentist for grinding my teeth @ night & also asked her to transfer me to another PC, she wrote: You do have the choice to transfer your care to a different provider who will be ok with you taking outside substances and prescription narcotics, by contacting the patient advocate. I wrote her back & quoted the DEA that diazepam is Not considered to be a controlled substance by the DEA. Benzodiazepines are controlled in schedule IV of the Controlled Substance Act Title 21 United States Code (USC) Controlled Substances Act. can you see the road she’s taking me down, not only am I going in as aggressive/defensive but drug seeking & that is so far from the truth, she set it up from first contact. I was never good at Chess, never liked the game but I do like to learn & if she wants to play…..

      3. It’s not only happening at the VA. Where medical staff are claiming people are drug seeking. !

        Two examples. a friend came to bingo and said he hurt hid wrist and had x rays and it did not show anything. !
        He kept trying to find help and the first doctor notes. Followed him and was kept being told nothing was wrong and that He wad just drug seeking. !

        A month later he finely got an MRI. Broken wrist and a cast put on. !

        Exact same think happened with my wife. Fell and hurt her thumb and wrist. They did an xray of the wrong portion of the wrist. !

        The nurse told her. That the PA. Would only discuss her lung problems.? She went to other doctor’s and turned away. Due to the PA notes.

        I had to go with her and told them they needed to do an MRI or cat scan and they finely ordered the MRI and it showed she needed surgery. !

        It’s amazing.that medical personnel can write something into a chart and it effects the patient and blame them of drug seeking. !

        Obtain All of your record’s and I bet. You will be shocked by what they write about you. !

        They put their personal opinion and stray away from just putting facts. !

        The bad part is. The VA will not change the misstatements. They tell the veterans to write what was put in wrong. !

        And they will file it. ! Problem. The letter will be filed. In the veterans administrative file and no one will ever see it. !

        You have two records medical and administrative. !

        Your not crazy. They just want to make you sound crazy. So they can have an excuse to attack you and cover-up the real problem. !

        Them. !

      4. Quote;
        “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.” —J. Edgar Hoover, The Elks Magazine, 1956

        I seen this first hand and been fighting against it all since I was a younger man. Forty some years, plus. Frankly I am totally sick of it and nothing, nothing, is or has improved at any level or issues pertaining to us being treated decently as tax paying citizens/veterans who are supposedly represented/free and protected by this government and it’s over-loaded self-serving agencies, or, so-called “professional” establishments/positions/claims.

        The VA, the unions, activist, the disrespectful younger crowd in the medical fields, media to scum politicians and agency heads have done little but to “diminish trust” or hopes for any of them.

        Gabapentin. I know of and heard terrible stories about that stuff. A few closer to me I know/knew killed themselves reporting that they just could not live life because of the side-effects and, or, dealing with their seizures. Playing the Guinea Pig game.

        Like anti-depressants the VA pushed this as a cure for migraines and chronic pain. Nope, didn’t work for me and was just on 100mg starting out and could not move up to the higher doses they claimed to be “clinical functional doses” Gaba was some of the worst withdrawals I ever had. But then according to the new and improved chronic pain clinic I was to sign the contract to be “forced”, or forced to agree, to take this and all other medications I have had previous issues and problems with. Forced medications or lose our care and meds that do work half way? That is insanity, especially combined with head dope previously tried and had zero to negative results from. Then to tell us we have no choices in the matter and if we declined to agree and do, then we are out, or flagged.

        Around eight of us out of an expected 30 to 40 in that new orientation for pain treatment showed up. The majority of others sit there and just swallowed the insults, put downs, the hate, ridicule, threats, and etc., for reasons of their own. That was the end game for me personally. One X VA employee told me that is the intended purpose. To either destroy us, our health, dumb us down, or drive us away. He had no choice but to stay silent and stay on “FREE” VA care. Well, I don’t value life that much any longer so leaving and just using Medicare is fine with me since I will never speak to another VA rep or employee again, ever. If I am going to die and will, I don’t need to be helped along by the VA. Civilian care here doesn’t seem to be much better so far, but did catch some stuff the VA didn’t but should have. And it’s useless in this state to even try to discuss matters with vet groups, politicians, VA, or the media. All it does is bring on retaliation for any negative images that truth may bring to this crummy messed up state.

        For a time I thought I may have some good doctors. Didn’t last long. After waiting the doctors would show up after a meeting or training session with the VA heads of staff or state medical idiots and be totally rude, mean, insult, sling assumptions around, claim all vets are the same or will be, etc. So bad one called me a liar about a test and accused me of taking dope when it was a glucose tab and had to prove it to him. It all went far beyond the bullying stage. When staff after those meetings are all smiles then go on the attack repeating “we are here to help you what do you need” crap then speak in socialist or Marxist terms or ideology then something is terribly wrong if they are being trained or told what to do by our states medical and political establishment and give little concerns for our needs and treatments that worked in the past.

        I and others too have been bounced around from one phony person to contact to another. Just for a simple calling to see a primary or like to report bleeding issues I tried, or was connected to the “team’s clinic” or to call back and transferred to Patient Advocates, no call back, so I call then get a “Patient Response” person who was dumb as dirt and could not speak English then to Triage Care. Not a one report made it to my new (another one) primary, and must not have been in my file. Some, more than one in each division, didn’t know squat about my reports discussing the issues with such offices like “patient response team” or phone calling “Triage.” Doesn’t matter cause the past two or three new primaries seen me and never read my file just read off my blood test results, their change and feelings on meds and pain meds, and times up. Plus the months waiting for “consults” to see other clinics. But then magically appeared on my files as approved months ago, but, the clinics knew nothing of the demanded “consults” from my lousy incompetent primary. They knew nothing of my current needs or recent falling issues and etc. So it’s all pathetic, intentional abuse/neglect and total professional mis-conduct to mal-practice. So oaths in any profession today means little to nothing. Or I haven’t met with many “oath keepers” in my area or in dealing with any that includes any of those “oath” claiming professions.

        So now it’s more of the waiting game. Waiting for the VA to send files out to my civilian MD and per state law and MD contracts have to see a separate MD for pain. It’s all about the money and spreading it around to the medical establishment and making us suffer and distracted. To appease the tyrants agendas and phony wars on whatever it is for the day and will rake in money for the propaganda machine and oppressors. The government and the medical field fascist to the DoD, etc., need to get out of our lives and out of our decision making and stop making stupid laws prohibiting our freedoms and rights. It’s to the point if it’s does us good, it’s illegal or must come by way of paid for prescriptions and nods from the elite and powerful country clubbers. Sad.

      5. They would save billions if they would let veterans be seen by private doctor’s. !

        Get rid of all the waste and abuse. !

        The employees. !

        Write you elected officials and tell them we has enough of them drugging us and using is as Ginnie pigs.

        To many of our elected officials still act if nothing is wrong. !
        They are killing the very people who defended this country. !

        Their us no difference between what the NAZI. Hitler did to millions. !

        They came here after world war 2 and implanted their NAZI children and did not have to fire one shot !

        The shot that was never heard around the world. !

        It’s going to take s civil war to stop it !

      6. How much money would be saved if we did not have an armed force to standing by to,intimidate, embarass and harass our nations veterans? Do not forget the enormous economic impact that employing a special task force of armed Americans who are at the disposal of the Disruptive Behaviour Committee. Think of the mountains of paperwork needing processed because of these committees and the resulting endless appeals and heart ache, and endless lies and deception. The agency is working against the interests of America and blood stains every campus VHA operates on with the blood of heros taken too early from us by incompetance, arrogance and corruption. They piss on the fraves of our vets by lying to the families. They piss on America by lying to us. I say piss on them.

        This tyranny has crept into our midst and they have armd guards to do their bidding. No questions asked. If the DBC orders it, the guards obey it. These are dangerous people.


      7. I wonder if we would make up playing card’s. Like they did with sadam and his cronies and put the main corrupt VA leaders faces on them. !

        Do it for each agency. ! Those. Could pay off the national debt. !

        The American people would buy them like hot cakes !

        LOL. !

      8. @T “…by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it”
        Looking back over my years of VA medical treatment all you say I know to be true. Its happened to me too & I am sadden its happening to you. I never saw it for what it was. Always trusting. The first meeting with the orthopedic Dr., he told me “I should be grateful, I at least have my arm” I bowed my head to him, dejected, humiliated, & have never forgotten his words nor tone of his voice & have only gone back one other time many years later because I was promised a BIO-Tens unit if I did this, this & this & I did all that they asked.

        Once I wised up, which hasn’t been so long I started saying No, no I’m not taking that drug, no I don’t want that test, no I don’t need MHC or BH whose sole purpose is to prescribe dangerous drugs or get me to talk after being ‘ordered’ to never speak about it, Not Ever. And I don’t. I’ve kept my oath of silence even after the event was unclassified.

        I saw this coming w/the pain meds/opiates – hydrocodone, oxycodone, methadone & morphine from watching C-Span coverage. I never considered they also meant to take away my Tylenol#3/ Temazepam/Flexeril. After all those years of trial & error & side effects only these 3 worked. All safe drugs. Twice I’ve had good doctors. First worked with me to find the drug combo that worked. And the other gave me the address/phone number to get Medical Marijuana before he left the clinic for other adventures. Perhaps he saw it too & wanted no part. I’d like to think so.

        That old man who was the first to testify before congress that he had surgery for carpal tunnel & then started selling his pain meds to make living expenses as he didn’t need them anymore is what started it all. I’d like to slap him, first for talking, then for all the rest of us being in pain because he talked.

        C-SPAN On 6/20/16 with the numbers: 60 vets kill themselves every month, 22 per day, 17 do not go to VA, 5 of them used the VA. The nationwide drug testing of veterans showed 80% were not talking their meds, therefore they assumed the drugs were being sold. Since we’re all just numbers 20% of us, more or less should not have had our meds stopped yet they did just that. Marijuana controls outbursts of anger, reckless thoughts, suicide action, it does not control pain. Mood can be changed in an instant, it keeps me going. I’m not afraid to die.

      9. I’ve. Been hearing so much about the VA. Forcing veterans to change medication. !

        I have an appt with my mental health doctor the 6th of July. Let’s see if they try it with me. !

        I told him last time. Do not change any of my medication. I’m doing just fine and don’t need anything changed. !

        And you are right. They use this drug and that drug. The veterans mind and body going through many changes. !

        When the veterans get the right cocktail of drugs. They don’t like it that the veterans are doing fine and want to make them go through more changes. !

        Someone working for the VA. Must have come up with a new drug and are using veterans. To see if it makes them suicidal. !

        If it does. They won’t market it. !

        Trial and error and who pays the price !

        Our love one’s. ! When they have to bury us. !
        These people should be arrested for attempted murder or murder. !

        When is enough. Enough !

      10. @James
        in 2007 they had me taking Seroquel/quetiapine fumarate 100mg – I slit my arm open, ended up on a 5150 hold with 70+ stitches to close the wound. And still they don’t understand why I refuse to take their meds, they never record the side affects either when I tell them what its like to take that med. I started keeping a list. I’m just one of those who can not take many medications. I hope your appt goes well, always have hope that this time will be different.

      11. It is not that they do not know why we respond to these mental health drugs the way we do. My own shrink said, “Some people start acting really wierd on this stuff.” to his nurse aide when he was talking about me and prescribing the poisons I took. Wihin two days I was on mental health hold in the local psychiatric unit, also with severe self harm and suicidal ideation.

        After my head cleared in about a week (cost taxpayers over $35,000 billed to VHA) the entire staff from nurses to doc upon release said that ethically they had to advise me to discontinue all VHA mental health care and seek outside help. This is documented.

        They do know what happens my friend, they just do not care.

      12. @redturtle984
        Seeing with my eyes ‘my friend , they just do not care’ is a really bitter pill to swallow. Even I when I find a bug eating my blackberry’s berries & I crush it, feel bad, tell it I’m sorry sometimes, even the lowly bug has a right to food, air, water & life. I don’t get that kind who cannot muster any empathy.

      13. The ones that do care. Are retaliated against. The bad one’s are given big fat bonous. !

        The tax payers are paying the black mail money management is using to keep employees loyal. !

        No more bonous ?. The more employees would speak out against them. !

        I just don’t understand why someone has not demanded that the VA abolish the illegal disruptive committee. !

        Veterans are being punished for having a disability. ! Talk carp behind veterans backs. !

        One day we will be vindicated. !

        And those ass holes will pay the price. Hopefully about 10 years in prison.

        Had my first visit with s medical doctor through choice. Seems relaxed. !

        When’s the last time you seen anyone at the VA in that type of mood at an examination. !

        And do their job !

      14. Yes. It would be nice if they would listen to the veteran. When they give them feed back about his the medication us affecting them. !

        Weight. And so forth make a difference. Some people’s have reactions to different medication. !

        For what ever reason. They try this try that. ! Sometimes make you go cold Turkey or don’t pay attention to the other medication the veterans ate on !
        You seen the candy man. Force the pharmacy to fill the medication and to quit questioning him. !

        And we veterans pay the price. By having severe depression and don’t understand why.?

        I’m glad your ok and remember your not the only one. Many have killed themselves due to this practice.

        Another bad thing. They lable us as being bipolar or schizophrenic. Who won’t be after taking this taking that. Trusting the VA. !

        Can be. Deadly and when your out of control or have depression they will punish you through the disruptive committee !

        That puts more pressure on the veterans. Not helping them. !

      15. 1999 I was put on Olanzapine a drug for Schizophrenia. Why?? I had grand mal seizure during a BBQ. To this day I still can’t cook well, at least you wouldn’t want me to, I’m terrible at it. They added Benadryl & minor seizures continued. I weaned myself off of it. Never had a brain scan for the seizures & I know part of my brain that was active –cooking – was damaged.

        Last time I went to MH was 2010. My husband, now deceased, also a veteran, had given me a turtle [I love turtles] & I had her 20+yrs, she died during the night the 7th anniversary same date as him. MH when I told him said “oh he came & he took it back” Recommended I get a companion pet & prescribes Vistaril/hydroxyzine pamoate, which my notes on it say “felt like I had a stroke/DoNotTake”. That was the last year I saw a shrink. I won’t go back but I did get a cat. I’ve always suspected the Prozac my mate was on helped kill him. Mixed drug toxicity was on the coroner report.

        I’ve got to take my lists & notes on all these things & get them into some form of document / documentation before I go to another VA appt, to show them I’ve done my homework, you have no power anymore over me. These young adults coming into the system – I hope they figure it out… The millennials, the ‘me’ generations, they are the ones who can instantly share information who will force a change as it can no longer be kept secret & hidden from view.

      16. @James

        I quit the VA when I realized there is no winning in a fight with them. My area is about nothing but corruption, nepotism, censorship, quid pro quo, cover-ups, mafia like families, the cliques and etc. Most around here know not to rock-the-boat and not get involved in serious matters or allow themselves to be included or know about by the corrupt elite we have here. I quit because I knew there would be a point I would not be able to contain myself during anymore ill treatments and abuse or threats on their turf. So I avoided having to deal with their “committees” and attack dogs.

        I quit because I can’t stand seeing others abused and treated like ignorant dogs, especially combat vets. We have scum here that actually think that illegals deserve better care than us and that the Peace Corp is equal to or better than combat veterans. That is the local Democrat-socialist-left wing ruling elites mind-sets.

        It’s bad when the local council members can tease and insult about my VA care using information they had to get from local clinic workers who are friends and family of the local evil cliques and my political enemies so it seems and is. IF we aren’t card carrying members of the Communist Party or Move On or celebrate along side with the wide variety of special interest groups here or colleges, we are the enemy to be dealt with, silenced and ignored.

        Yeah, too many are sheep and care more about sports or Hollywood, the Kardashians and stupidity than more needful and important issues like vet care or our rights and freedoms. And we can’t educate or provide stepping stones or enlightenment or knowledge to them that hate us and have anti-American beliefs and agendas.

        If this country and people can’t cease all the distractions and social engineering going on to take care of veterans issues alone, then nothing will change and shows this societies heart and minds that has been taken over by foolishness, self-service, greed, and to hell with all others but give us free stuff thinking.

        All I can do now is hope things may change for others and myself, but I don’t see it in the near future. I can sit, read, get upset, type, bitch, share my experiences as much as I can but that’s it. I can’t bounce back much any more like I used to, or recover from the wide variety and ways they attack. I see more attacks from the government, the VA, media, and our city leaders, code enforcement, etc. to aid their buddies, the complicit, or their family members who may work at the VA or connected in some manner to all the corruption and lies and cover-ups. So as not to blemish the facade the sheep see constantly and is used on the young in every stage of life.

        What’s sad Congress critters to our local city/county workers, civil unions, politicians all have golden insurance plans and some have their very own clinics just like Congress and our elite trash have. I don’t see a one complaining about theirs or giving up their special status to show the sheep what this country is really about. Here I am told it all “saves the tax payers money” and leaders need the xtra care to stay healthy … for us.” (!?)

        I wish you all the best and hope you all can have a better and great day while enduring all the mess we do today.

      17. It’s a sad set of affairs. ! That’s all we can do. Is tell our stories and for some it’s am outlet. Just to be able to vent ourselves. !

        Veterans. Must go to Washington to protest. ! One of the groups leaders VA is lieing. Ben and other VA group leaders need to meet and call all the news station’s and talk shows and give s date for all to converge on Washington. !

        If the is not shut down. Our only other Choise is to assemble. !

        It’s our right and duty. ! If. We don’t soon. Our children and their children will pay the price. !

        You have a good day and say a prayer. We need all the help we can get. !

        Where are you Bob McDonald. !!!!!

  18. The VAMC Tomah employees from the AFGE Union did picket against Veterans receiving improved health care June 23rd 2016. Below are several links to articles from the local papers.

    First I would like to point out the changes to Veterans Health Care that the Commission on Care are recommending. These are the same changes to Veterans Health care that the AFGE is fighting to prevent.

    “Commission on Care: Congressional Mandate”

    “Congress passed the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act (VACAA) of 2014 in response to concerns about the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA’s) ability to provide access to medical services for veterans and manage the operations of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). In Section 202 of VACAA, Congress established the Commission on Care, charging it to examine veterans’ access to VA health care and to examine strategically how best to organize the VHA, locate health resources, and deliver health care to veterans during the next 20 years. The Commission reports to the President of the United States through the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.”

    The Commission on Care’s website is accessible by googling Commission on Care. The website provides links currently published reports also links to meeting minutes of the Commission.

    The Commission’s most recent meeting minutes include what is going to be recommended in the final report. Here are some of the improvements to Veterans health the commission is recommending. They are also some of the improvements that the AFGE is fighting to prevent Veterans from receiving in our health care.

    “The overarching recommendation to develop locally-based integrated delivery networks in partnership with community providers to expand veterans’ access to high-quality healthcare.”

    “Providers in the networks should be paid using the most contemporary payment approaches available to incentivize quality and appropriate utilization of health care services (ie., using Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) physician payment methodology being proposed by CMS”

    “That the veteran has a choice between seeing VHA-employed providers or VHA credentialed community providers in the VA Care System, both being equal in quality; that the veteran can select a primary care provider within the VHA Care System to be the primary provider; and that the primary care provider is responsible for coordinating the veterans’ care”

    “The current time and distance criteria for community care access (30 days or 40 miles) should be eliminated.”

    “VISN geography should also be eliminated as a factor in where veterans can access care. VA-eligible veterans should be permitted to receive care at any facility and by any provider in the VA integrated care system, to include both VA and community providers.”

    These improvements are what the VA AFGE employees are fight to prevent Veterans from having in our health care. The reason why is they know that Veterans will choose private health care over the current VA health care system. That also means that there will be some aspects of the current VA Health Care system that will no longer be financially viable.

    As it stands these VA AFGE Union Maggots are fighting against Veterans having a choice in their health care so they can protect their jobs. They have no concern for Veterans else they would certainly be supporting the changes which give Veterans a choice.

    The links to recent articles about their picketing are below: also although they claim the report is recommending closing all VAMC that is a lie. The report is recommending giving Veterans a choice in choosing a Medicare based system vs the current VA health care system.

    The Medicare based payment system guarantees providers will be paid in a timely manner and will be less susceptible to sabotage by AFGE employees. Like the sabotage their union leadership called for during their meeting earlier in June. Where their leadership instructed AFGE to fight against change by putting paperwork on the shelf and to resist all changes. As we all have seen this is the same Sabatoge that they have been pulling to prevent the Veterans Choice Program from working.

    Also the report is recommending a continuous review to adjust spending where it is needed. Likely the reviews will result in a number of VA facilities being re-tasked or closed. If that means AFGE employees are loss their jobs it is because they have not been providing proper health care to Veterans. Veterans should not suffer and die with the current system just to protect AFGE Member’s Jobs. These Maggots need to put in there place which is not over and above Veterans.

    “Union rallies against VA privatization”

    “Protesters picket in Tomah to save VA hospitals”

    The bogus rally or protest lasted less than a half hour and the picketers only got up and held signs when the press came for their per-arranged Photo Op. How fricken disgusting.

    1. Whether those despicable AFGE VA Union Thugs officially picketed -5- or -30- minutes, they STILL FOUGHT and ARE FIGHTING against WE VETERANS receiving THE PROMISE OF A FAIR DEAL…period.

      These AFGE Union Thugs might as well be considered Domestic Terrorists of sorts in that I am SURE our current enemies in these wars would ALSO be VERY HAPPY to know Military Veterans are NOT being treated AS PROMISED WITH A FAIR DEAL…since it makes our terrorist enemies happy, then these union thugs are terrorists of a higher nefarious order and should be stopped and then shipped and air-dropped into a hot zone…for perspective reasons. 🙂

      (I did not qualify what ‘Hot Zone’ means, so use your imagination as the coloring book to depict what kind of HELL they should endure) 🙂

      1. Namnibor,

        Here are a few articles linked to some of the UMAs leading to arrest.

        “7 Palo Alto VA Workers Sentenced In Veterans Affairs Bribery Scheme”
        June 22, 2016 6:23 PM


        “A federal review finds taxpayer funds were wasted on a $3.6 million MRI at a veterans hospital in Waco”
        June 24, 2016 – 12:04 pm


      2. @Seymore Klearly

        from one of your links:

        “It’s unfortunate because they make it look nice on the outside – get new buildings, statues, but on the inside the interior it’s you know, it’s crumbling,” Norris said.

        couldn’t express it better myself, not that i even could with my brain. hmm, sounds like our fed gov (wh & congress) too.

      3. Unfortunately I have to agree with you Cantigny. There has been a lot of crumbling going on behind closed doors in our government.

        I am hopeful that Veterans get the word out that the VA, AFGE and the VSOs are fighting against Veterans with their false claims against the Commission on Care recommendations.

        If Veterans are informed about what the Commission on Care is recommending I am sure they will support implementing the recommendations. Although it means going against the wishes of the VSOs who claim Veterans are not intelligent enough to make their own decisions about health care.

        The next step after the Commission issues it’s final report next week is as follows.

        From the Commission on Cares website:

        A Mandate for Change: Executive Action

        VACAA requires the President to direct that any advisable and feasible Commission recommendations that can be implemented without further legislative action be carried out by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs or, if applicable, the heads of other relevant Federal departments or agencies.

        Within 60 days of receiving the final report from the Commission, the President is required to provide a report to Congress. This report will include an assessment of the feasibility and advisability of each recommendation contained in the Commission’s report. For each recommendation assessed as feasible and advisable, the President will determine whether the recommendation requires legislative action. If legislative action is required, the President will make appropriate legislative recommendations. Additionally, the President will provide a description of any administrative action already taken or to be taken to carry recommendations.



        Personally I feel if the recommendations are followed all Veterans will benefit. The following are just some of the recommendation being made by the Commission on Care.

        “The overarching recommendation to develop locally-based integrated delivery networks in partnership with community providers to expand veterans’ access to high-quality healthcare.”

        “Providers in the networks should be paid using the most contemporary payment approaches available to incentivize quality and appropriate utilization of health care services (ie., using Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) physician payment methodology being proposed by CMS”

        “That the veteran has a choice between seeing VHA-employed providers or VHA credentialed community providers in the VA Care System, both being equal in quality; that the veteran can select a primary care provider within the VHA Care System to be the primary provider; and that the primary care provider is responsible for coordinating the veterans’ care”

        “The current time and distance criteria for community care access (30 days or 40 miles) should be eliminated.”

        “VISN geography should also be eliminated as a factor in where veterans can access care. VA-eligible veterans should be permitted to receive care at any facility and by any provider in the VA integrated care system, to include both VA and community providers.”

  19. From:
    “The Military Advantage Blog”

    “Vets Groups Uniting to Opose Privatized Care, Defend VA”

    posted by: Terry Howell
    June 23, 2016

    Read this article! Very informative! The VSO’s are spreading the crap real thick to their members!


    From: “Personal Liberty”

    “Is Attorney General Lynch participating in ‘Summer of Chaos’?”

    posted on: June 24, 2016
    by Bob Livingston

    Black Lives Matter is at the center of shutting down both conventions. And there is a very good chance AG Lynch is helping!
    The phones of BLM has been “hacked”! There are some damning coversations between the BLM Leaders recently.
    Could this be the way for Obama to force Martial Law and cancel the election in November?
    All indications, from this article, point to that conclusion!

    1. I see in the first article they try to link the Commission on cares to Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.) and her bill. They are not connected.

      Rodgers bill would give all veterans private insurance coverage that is not what is being recommended by the Commission on Care.

      What biassed hack reporting.

    2. @crazy elf:

      i’ve gotten mail & email from a couple of VSOs asking support for this opposition.

      i never responded.

      reason: haven’t been able to let go the two VSOs that ignored med evidence thus they sided with the VA smokescreen. my current lawyer has won 2 out of 2, using [only] the historical (mil & va) and current med evidence. i only mention that to illustrate why i can’t support any VSO.

      1. Cantigny,

        May 11th Luke Rosiak at the daily caller published a piece about the American Legion and how they threw out a survey that showed what Veterans wanted in their health care. They threw it out because the survey showed that Veterans want access to better health care outside of the VA.

        From the article:

        “The same week an American Legion survey found its members overwhelmingly wanted the option of choosing private or government doctors for health care, the Legion’s Washington headquarters told politicians the opposite: Veterans shouldn’t have a choice of private or government doctors, and that they didn’t want it.

        The Legion’s top brass told The Daily Caller News Foundation that it threw out the survey results because surveys aren’t comprehensive and veterans weren’t savvy enough to know that private-sector doctors don’t always provide perfect care either.

        The Legion and six other similar Veterans Service Organizations (VSO) wrote to a government commission April 29, saying their national executive boards did not favor expanding the Choice Card program to all veterans.”

        Why would the VSOs fight against Veterans getting better health care? Because they are nothing more than puppets of the VA and AFGE.

        Here is a link to the article:


  20. In this same time-frame, has anyone heard any outcomes of the Dr. Candyman Houlihan meetings at Tomah? Just have this sinking feeling that quack will be quietly rehired by the VA and do not wish to see ANY Veteran under care or authority of this madman.
    Did anyone convey to VA Sec. McDonald on that call that Veteran’s trust level with the VA only becomes progressively worse when fraudsters, scammers, and Veteran abusers are never held accountable?
    How about questioning McDonald about AFGE Union President seemingly having the VA and Leaders by the balls?
    Just hoping this teleconference was not a wasted opportunity because as it sounds, it does not sound any different than had you all been speaking to a piece of burnt toast on that teleconference call. Maybe my expectations were too high?

    1. “Master Agreement between the Department of Veterans Affairs and the American Federation of Government Employees” this 328 page document explains the Employee / Union Rights & Privileges & how the undesirable get to keep their jobs.

    2. Ron & Ben have done so much to advance Veterans concerns across the Country. Their action have helped 10s of thousands of Veterans and has provided proven results for so many.

      Thank you for all the work you have done and are continuing to do. Also thank you to the other members of the panel for your work in promoting nonrecognition of some of the current problems that are negatively affecting Veterans.

      Opening the door is a monumental step in helping Veterans with all problems that are affecting Veterans.

      Again Thank You!

      1. Sorry the statement “Also thank you to the other members of the panel for your work in promoting nonrecognition of some of the current problems that are negatively affecting Veterans.”

        What I meant to say is: “Also thank you to the other members of the panel for your work in promoting recognition of some of the current problems that are negatively affecting Veterans.”

    3. Here is the deal regarding the call. We were not intending to address each and every issue or to piss off someone just to prove a point.

      I am not sure how many heads of VA you have spoken with, but they are usually pretty reasonable people behind the scenes and dealing with a ton of crap.

      Our goal of the call was to set up an initial relationship with the team to address very real issues. I am not sure if you heard, but just this week, Ron spearheaded a benefits claim that fell to the way side for a special ops veteran with severe TBI. He was able to pull in Bob McDonald and the entire team to get the issue resolved immediately because of some underlying emergency issues.

      Ron does not pull punches and is very frank with Bob about problems within VA. We all are. Bob is also very aware of what I write about on this website and has seen some of the newsletters come through.

      But the goal of the call for me was to address the Burn Pits and problems within VRE so that I would be pulled in and given channels to develop internal relationships to resolve very real and pressing problems.

      The union will always be with us, and bitching to Bob about the union and its own problems would have been a total waste of my first opportunity to speak with him.

      1. @Ben
        “The union will always be with us…”
        So True!
        Yet, isn’t there something which could curtail their actions of not holding VA employees accountable for their possible illegal actions?
        It seems everytime a VA employee, (union member), is caught in something, they are almost never held accountable.
        After seeing this occur time and time again. It gets harder to understand.

      2. Richard before you say something like you did. You might want to check out how much Ben has accomplished for Veterans.

        Hell just check out this websites articles that he is publishing.

        It was Ben with AJ Lagoe that have not only brought forward the TBI scandle but also the Veterans Choice problems with 40 mile as the crow flyes and problems with the nearest facilities as the crow flyes not covering the care needed by Veterans.

        Just in Ben’s work with the TBI scandal more than 25,000 Veterans Nation wide were eligible for new Comp evaluations due to the VA admitting they were using unqualified person to do the evaluations.

        With the changes brought about with Ben’s work on the Veterans Choice program 10,000 of thousands of Veterans were made eligible for the Program.

        Although it is worth noting that the Veterans choice program is failing Veterans due to VA AFGE members sabotaging the program.

        Ben has been a consistent fighter for Veterans and has had some very amazing results.

      3. Glad you addressed the VA. Not surprised they were open to what you said. Sorry we keep bashing this agency that is great for many, but has much work to do to help us since we are a political football. Wish Congress would do their part and quit passing the buck.

      4. Wade,

        Oh and Wade Congress has taken steps to provide better health care for Veterans it was called the Veterans Choice program. The same program the VA AFGE maggots have been sabotaging.

        Also Congress mandated the creation of the Commission on Care under the same legislation that created the Veterans Choice program. Had the AFGE not been sabotaging the Veterans Choice program the Commission on Care wouldn’t be making the recommendations that they are. But hay you have shit for brains leadership at the AFGE and demonstrated with your sabotage tactics on the Veterans Choice program that more effective measures are need to provide proper care for Veterans.

        The AFGE members sabotage has caused Veterans to suffer and die. Yet you maggots are fighting to keep Veterans suffering and dying so you can have a job. You are totally fighting against Veterans having a choice in our health care.

        Here are some of the changes that you VA AFGE maggots are fighting against. Changes that would give Veterans a choice and real health care.

        ““The overarching recommendation to develop locally-based integrated delivery networks in partnership with community providers to expand veterans’ access to high-quality healthcare.”

        “Providers in the networks should be paid using the most contemporary payment approaches available to incentivize quality and appropriate utilization of health care services (ie., using Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) physician payment methodology being proposed by CMS”

        “That the veteran has a choice between seeing VHA-employed providers or VHA credentialed community providers in the VA Care System, both being equal in quality; that the veteran can select a primary care provider within the VHA Care System to be the primary provider; and that the primary care provider is responsible for coordinating the veterans’ care”

        “The current time and distance criteria for community care access (30 days or 40 miles) should be eliminated.”

        “VISN geography should also be eliminated as a factor in where veterans can access care. VA-eligible veterans should be permitted to receive care at any facility and by any provider in the VA integrated care system, to include both VA and community providers.””

        Now wade go back to your AFGE and don’t forget to plug the Nurses instead of Doctor bullshit ya’ ll are trying to pull off.

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