Dr. Samuel Spagnolo NAVAPD VHA Chief

Trump May Pick 40-Year VA Insider To Run Veterans Health Administration

President Donald Trump may pick the head of VA medical doctors as the new head of Veterans Health Administration who has been at the agency for over forty years. Veterans may get to know Dr. Samuel Spagnolo veteran well in the near future.

Dr. Spagnolo, the president of the National Association of Veterans Affairs Physicians and Dentists (NAVAPD), will meet next week with White House staff to discuss the vacancy. Dr. Spagnolo was a Harvard fellow who became board certified in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Diseases who graduated from Temple University Lewis Katz School of Medicine in 1965.

He notably is reported to have served as former President Ronald Reagan’s chief chest doctor following the 1981 assassination attempt. In addition to being president of NAVAPD, he served as an attending physician at Washington DC VA Medical Center and as professor of medicine at George Washington University.

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NAVAPD Dr. Samuel Spagnolo Biography

For some additional background, according to Dr. Spagnolo’s biography:

Since 1972 Dr. Spagnolo has held many academic and administrative appointments at both the Department of Veterans Affairs and George Washington University and he continues to commit himself to the University, the VA Medical Center, and also the surrounding community. For five years he was Associate Chairman of the Department of Medicine and for nearly twenty years was the Director of the Division of Pulmonary Diseases and Allergy. His ongoing involvement in numerous professional and community associations and university health science functions, and his exceptional research and publication efforts emphasize the focus of an individual dedicated to training and continuing education for all.

As a clinician, Dr. Spagnolo has a worldwide reputation as a therapist and consultant. In 1981, he served as the medical chest consultant in the care of President Ronald Reagan following the attempted assassination. His involvement was reviewed in Mortal Presidency by Robert Gilbert, Basic Books, New York, NY, 1992. As a medical consultant, he serves an international patient community in Europe and the Middle East. His consulting activities are numerous and have included the Will Rogers Institute and the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  He has also served as a consultant to the White House physicians, Drs. Burton Lee and Lawrence Mohr, Jr. during the presidency of George Bush. As a teacher, he has personally directed the training of nearly 100 pulmonary specialists and critical care specialists and is an active lecturer on the subject of pulmonary and critical care medicine. As a researcher, he has directed major research projects funded by foundations and grants, supervised the publication of numerous medical journal publications, three textbooks and a number of book chapters.

Dr. Spagnolo’s leadership responsibilities have been significant. He has served as President of the District of Columbia Thoracic Society, President of the National Association of Veterans Affairs Physicians & Dentists, and served for five years as the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) Governor for the District of Columbia. He served on the editorial Board of CHEST, the official journal of the ACCP from 2002 to 2006. He has testified before the US Congress on various issues related to health care policy and quality of care.

Dr. Spagnolo’s long and distinguished academic career and his dedication to clinical care of patients, teaching, and research has given him extensive experience in participating in conferences around the world as well as numerous radio and television appearances.  Because of these interests, he founded the International Lung Foundation in 1991 and the Foundation for Veterans’ Health Care in 1997. Dr. Spagnolo is listed in Marquis Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare, and Who’s Who in Science & Engineering. Dr. Spagnolo is married to the Hon. Dorcas R. Hardy, former Commissioner of Social Security.


So with this background, what should veterans expect? Is Dr. Spagnolo part of the swamp or a longtime advocate for better healthcare services?

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  1. the more things change the more they stay the same…America doesn’t really care about it’s veterans… unless they can afford their own health care… or they’re dead and don’t cost anything… a great country if you can afford it…

  2. “https://federalnewsradio.com/veterans-affairs/2018/05/house-nearing-the-finish-line-on-new-veterans-choice-legislation/”


    Do nothing DC, do nothing locals but censoring and attacks. Body count climbing but actual secret numbers are forbidden to know. More tons of money wasted. Voting prelims in and same cliques and corrupt moving on up, merging. Yep changes are coming. Not for the good.

  3. Since when do you have to be in CONUS to write your Congressman, the VA, file a suit in the CAFC, contact the lead, David Cutler, on the OBAMA Campaign and many more.

    Quit spouting more seemore shit and get on board. Do something besides bull. The pen is more powerful when it is strategically used.

    1. Lem what you’ve done will, or may not, work well for others or for us in different states. Or can’t do the running around to do the paper work, filing, and so on. Or to have the money to keep trying to file suits or get some help. Been there done that more than once and it is a lot of running, concentration, time consuming, security checks, scanners, not being able today to carry electronics around to do much, etc.

      Contacting a long list of people, locally, state, the feds, VSOs, all of them… has done zero. Made some issues and the spreading round of my info and private phone numbers for some select activist and local trash to use.

      I have done the foot work and filing on my own dealing union affairs, to the NLRB, OSHA and etc. Run the gamut and games filing my own malpractice suits against a couple of quacks… which didn’t get far either. Statute of limitations was one issue waiting on others to move or take action. For people in bad physical shape and hard to play the crowd and society or public games doesn’t help matters either. Plus the hunt for restrooms at every turn or palace and keeping up with our bodily or medical needs readily at hand. You do know Glucose tabs look like dope or acid don’t ya? Or water may not be allowed in some waiting rooms, or offices or a pain to get cleared through dumb-ass security.

      Perhaps list about how to go about getting the proper documents, stamps, possible fees, library helps, text book aids, etc. Might help some but my days of wanting to go back to any VA is done and doing anything legal over them is moot. Other than some of the scum coming clean about their mistreatment, threats, activism, intentional abuses, lack of ethics, etc., and change but that won’t happen. I’ll die before going back to the VA just like the idiots around here want me to. Why? So they can kill me off and have more protected fun abusing those like me and breaking every law in the books?

      Locally I can’t get ‘due process’ in any court from small claims on up. I am not kidding nor about out of state lawyers before telling me they want nothing to do with Indiana “politics.” Not about the law or good, more about the mafias, and plain old deep seated politics, country clubbers, connections, Freemasons and endlessly on. I have seen every rule or law I have had to deal with totally dismissed, dropped, lost, snubbed, or told by a judge who NOT to bother with law suits or claims. And more than one has proven that little point.

      As stated before the states AG is of no help. Supreme Court overseeing legal professional gross misconduct, lies, severe ethics violations is absolutely no help with the corruption that rules here especially in my town. Files and briefs are easy lost along with needed files or witnesses who turn and run. How do you deal with areas that are filled with nothing but nepotism, censoring, plus the difficulty in getting anything in print or shared by some official… like city council rules, ordinances, and regs other than them practicing the rules of order.

      Then we have to deal with everyone out there just wanting access to our files with never ending dates on them? I am talking those lying phony vile creatures we call ‘politicians,’ reps or politicians. Or their lefty activist, or connected staff plus many more? All with zero help or interest from any media be they national, state or local? They support and protect all the filth from the top down and then some, thugs included.

      Been through the same crap with the medical boards and others here too. Or to call them back after getting unsigned email just stating ‘wrong medical board’ or ‘not part of their agenda or purpose’ without proper signatures. Then be told by someone else you’ve never contacted them by any means?

      I have to now resort to getting in shape and position to make up some signs and go out and protest a stinking town and civy hospital here it’s so bad, and alone. Thanks to encountering nothing but cover-up, and all kinds of protectionism and support by all the filth mentioned above. VA broke my goddamn jaw and ruined it and not a one dentist or surgeon here would even Xray it for so I could prove some damages and telling them it was NOT for a law suit they’d be involved in. Which they all seem so fearful of here. That is how it rolls here. Thanks in great part to the VA, powers that be, colleges, commie media, the distractions to the ‘collective punishments’ we are all dealing with, corrupt authorities-cops too, et al. So things are not always that simple or easy, and may not work for all. We are all dealing with a broad spectrum of people/individuals and issues and one ‘suit’ may not fit all or be that easy.

      Oh, and like Elephants if you’ve ever crossed swords or argued with any of the locally corrupt even though it may have been forty years or so ago… they don’t forget and their (nepotism-generational-club-groups) hate and activism stays sharp loving the chances for some pay back or retaliation. Like I am dealing with today in great part.

      1. It took 20 years to get from the 1988 Bray V Derwinski to get congress to recognize moderate (less than 24 hours of unconsciousness) and moderately severe (more than 24 hours of unconsciousness) traumatic brain injury subtle syndromes. Suppose I had given up in 1994 when the Courts blocked progress. We’d still see “adjustment disorder” diagnosis that lead to nowhere in therapy and a failure to compensate TBI victims for their losses of abilities.

        The VA bureaucracy is a constant battle. The bonuses intended to have a positive effect failed totally initially because of lack of accounting controls and underfunding in appropriations.

        2017 DCWD case no. 17-CV-206-F, Bray v The United States Government is an attempt to address underfunding such as the extension of Choice without sufficient appropriations of funding relying on Article VI as amended by Section 4 of the 14th Amendment extending the guarantee of “debt of the United States” to include previously reneged upon debt to armed forces members.

        Ranters like Seemore occasionally get some attention, but it is the doers with staying power that actually get things done. Join the club of doers and get off the couch T. Ranting and whining go nowhere.

      2. Well Lem, no need to get fucking cocky and try addressing what has been written and understand what is being relayed. What the hell do you mean ‘club of doers’ or off the couch shit? Sonny, I have lost my ass dealing with the corrupt court systems and corruption on many levels. Doers? You lack comprehension skills buddy. I think your ego is overloading your ass and making you some kind of special and keyboard commando doing some boasting with little teaching or leading.

        Using terms like ‘ranting or whining’ or thinking that is the only thing some of us have done shows your attitude and total detachments from others and what their circumstances are. Or you must live far above and connected, have the resources, etc., to do what others may not be able to do. While you were living your high life in Asia some of us were here in the pits and gutters and courts doing our own battles.

        For many that is all they have is either being forced or attacked into silence, have no avenues out but to rage, whine, bitch, sound off, or rant. Or to the levels of having to go out and stand in a communist lefty town with signs hoping for exposure that noone else cares to do or are totally afraid to do. So now you join the ranks of others bashing people you know little of or what we may have done in our lives. Or is it an attempt to silence people and support the ‘shut up herd’ like the VA and other fascist want us to do? What do you want people to do? Go get and stay drunk or fucked with those at the do nothing VSO clubs and other bragging, do little, ‘organizations’?

        You’re such a hot all knowing item then like I told Mikey/Whomever, put up a web site, FB page. or site with info and you can even brag about the Earth changing shit you’ve done for all of us vets and do nothings. Something besides postings on a blog that gets no-where and provides more distractions to try to research than some history or some other ambiguous, stuff.

        Tell me to get off the couch? Try telling me what gets me or others “nowhere?” Get your head out of your own ass and pay some attention to what is being written out here and what some others have gone through, or going through. I am done with you and people using the anti-rant crap and assuming god like positions. Now continue on with your bashing and pissing contest.

      3. Apologies if deserved T., Caveat, if you are still doing. Yes, I didn’t stop when an AG, U S Attorney or crotch shot Cubin got in the way. I looked for another door and kept looking. And, yes I do a little whining too when shit goes wrong like a judge not being able to read, “The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.”

        But I keep looking for another door.

        This will be my last post on this site. Not because of the posters but because of the pop up ads which take to much byte and lock up typing. Too time consuming. Don’t have time for it.

    2. Lem,

      After your last post there seems to be a clump of shit hanging from your beard. Must have come from your river of shit contained in your post.

      To be represented by a congressman you have to be a resident of that congressman’s district. So while you were living overseas for a number of years you were not a resident of any congressional district and not represented by any congressman.


      1. I thought you were better at research, Seemore. When overseas an American can vote absentee in the district of his Passport home address which means you have a congressional representative. I moved passport addresses several times because of travel back and forth. I used my California address for two passport renewals because crotch shot Barbara Cubin of Wyoming was useless. The most assistance I received was from Senator Feinstein’s Office. I used my relatives addresses in CA and WY as permanent home addresses with their permission.

        So you really are more blow than know.

      2. Senator Cranston, when he was Chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs wouldn’t do shit either. Hew was as worthless as crotch shot Cubin.

      3. Lem,

        Have you notice how the lie you told to try and make yourself look good while disrespecting Mike another Veteran who post here has led to lie after lie after lie to try and justify your bogus statement.

        That snow white bread of yours is now got to be shit brown from all the bullshit you are spewing.

        All because you wanted to make yourself look like something you are not. Even totally disrespecting another Veteran to do it.

        Don’t bother responding to this just take your snowflake ass out into some sunshine and melt.

      4. One last note Lem.

        Your most creative lie out of the pack of lies is the one where lie and say that you lying to Congress People get help. So even though you claim to be a lier when it came to dealing with the Congress persons you expect Veterans here to believe that you are telling the truth.

        Claiming to committing Fraud and deceiving a Congress person just to cover up the very first lie in this recent pack of lies.

  4. Since 2008 I wrote many letters to VA Central advocating for a kiosk reader to control appointments. Before the 2012 Phoenix/Cheyenne crisis. And after the Phoenix/Cheyenne crisis (actually VA wide) delays and not having monitoring controls for paying bonuses and following additional letters to the IG and Central Office, the Kiosks finally got installed but without all of the necessary controls. Now they have a query about appointment satisfaction, unfortunately on entry not on exit. If they get it right we’ll check in and out on the kiosk and do our survey of service while it is fresh on our minds. And bonuses will be paid upon our approval primarily as well as actual outcomes. Still working on it and hope you and others will also SeeingEverythingShitty Seemore

    1. Lem you need to check your bullshit baffle system because it is totally backed up. You were not even in the United States in 2008 as you claim here an now. Unless your other posts about your self are just bullshit. Which generally I believe is the only thing that comes out of your post.

      1. Seemore, I do like your ability to research. I just wish you would use it more productively.

  5. They are getting to me and lost my will. For over 2 1/2 years of playing games and not getting any treatment, they started again. New doctor because last two were contract doctors and with no notice said here’s your new doctor. He ordered 3 arthrograms for my hips and knees and blood work, said see you in 3 months. Reading notes from my appointment he said that all his patients go the pain management program and would reduce meds. All he did was step on my brand new shoes to check my knees. They were swollen and popping, not a words in notes. I asked him 3x to check my back and ignored. 2 days before my appointment I messaged him and said because my anxiety I will forget things so sending to you making sure check out. The week before I had a severe fall, my wife rushed over to help and don’t remember a thing. Told him a really bad fall and probably a concussion, didn’t check anything but my knees. The following day I sent a pic of my lower back, swollen and bruised, no reply. I did get a letter Saturday telling me I had to go to annual pain management, never heard of, and don’t contact for any reason and if need to call the national appointment desk. I have no will to fight and no one cares except for their own ass and the overpaying on their check since not worth crap. Hopefully god has a plan because I out of gas

    1. You checked in at the Kyosk and noted you were very unhappy with your care, right? All that fucken work I did for years getting it on there and you don’t use it. Cut their bonuses or make them shape up. Use the Kyosk.

      1. Lem,

        Fuck You!!! You have never done anything for anyone at the VA or anywhere else. The only thing you do is cry about your personal problems and have never show any concern for anybody else.

        So Fuck you and your Kyosk bullshit.

      2. Kyosk? Never met one that actually functioned through the processes. Ahem… or had information wrong in them, or private contact numbers in them that I had never given the VA, ever. Even had info from many years back pop-up just days after up-dating all my info again due to all the screw ups. VA or not. Ended up having to go stand in lines at the windows instead and many times through the myriad of clinics to see things corrected time and again.

    2. Mike, been there with VA medical my self.

      Fighting for proper care for your problems and the only thing the VA is doing is trying to find ways of hiding them in case you have a claimable disability. Not to mention the total incompetence of most of the so called doctors at the VA.

      Best recommendation I can give you is to find a way to access outside care. I quit using VA Health Care after a what should have been a simple surgery to re-attach a tendon in the knuckle of my right thumb left with unable to use my right hand, arm and Shoulder. It also left me with problems of severe pain and unable to work. For nearly a year I trusted the VA med to make it right but all they kept doing was punt proper care for the problem down the road.

      After I Obtained outside Physical Therapy I was then able to force the VA to recognize the severity of the problem. But I could never trust the VA again to do the necessary corrective surgery. The lengths they will go to hide problems and ignore them is truly inhuman in so many ways.

      Although I had to sell everything of Value to receive some measure of proper care outside of the VA it was worth it just to reduce the pain to manageable level. Then years latter after I truly hit bottom I was eligible for Medicaid and was able to get the surgery I needed to help prevent the pain an regain some use of my hand, arm and shoulder.

      You cannot trust any of the medical care that is provided by the VA and the sooner you realize it and find an alternative the sooner you will be on your way to recovering your health.

      1. Screwed my protest up so that’s on hold. Screwed myself up preparing security, getting chores caught up, and doing some hmmm ‘minor surgery’ on myself so I can go stand on concrete, the ‘public sidewalks, in the sun, for better or more comfortable/safe ease with all needs or possibles along with me. Screwed up and went too deep in some slicing and usual personal care issues. Could be, should be, done easily minus the mess/pain in a MD’s office in ten or fifteen minutes. Not today. (still having issues finding another new MD locally) Now I gotta heal, again. Getting older and dealing with more pain, joints that don’t want to function or pop out just don’t help matters. Sure do hope the DC cliques, Walmart, CDC, the UN and others are happy with the meds they need, available for them, while allowing us to suffer. Laughing, and all the way to their banks.

        I think that’s the game the multitudes have to play. They want us totally broken financially, totally ruined, no access to some system we have paid into all our lives, family units destroyed, and totally exhausted/fed-up in other areas of our lives. Either dealing with those so-called ‘social nets,’ SSD, attempt VA Dis, dealing with state workers who are “immune” from prosecution or law suits, or to the points of having to file medical bankruptcies for more ‘professional vampires’ to suck us dry and take more control over us. More of their circus really.

        There are more butt-wipes/scum suckers out there ready to kick us when we are down, give us five bucks for some item that cost us five hundred or more, charge us more, then think it’s all ethical or doing some charitable good thing.

        Locally it’s an acceptable game to play. Lose it all then watch the scum sucker VSOs, church types, do-gooders and other groups come in and claim to do so much for vets/the (now) homeless, the food “insecurity,” lack of medical care and bragging about doing something… when it’s a bit too late for the brag posturing and chest beating, ego tripping, or halo wearing.

        The above is the same when dealing with corruption, the Pros or the cliques. May be worse. In that instance they just want you totally silent, out of sight, or dead. Then they want us under the gutter not merely in it and totally in dire need.

    3. cj ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ says:

      Mike, your wrong, just about all of us do care about you, and all Veterans, and their families. As Seymore has said, find a way to use outside care, your disabled, you have the proper medical records, go to your local SS office, and apply for SSDI, along with that, since you have been disabled for at least two years, you will automatically qualify for Medicare,, and you can then go anywhere that excepts Medicare, even the Mayo Clinic excepts Medicare. Goodluck, and don’t ever give up, your a soldier, and it is not in your DNA to do so.

    4. Mike, I think a bunch of us out here have gone through the same things and hit our bottoms. Lost that will power or been do damned depressed we can’t get out of bed for months… or more. Some have it so bad they can’t or out of fear will not even come to Ben’s blog or elsewhere to post or read anything they are that bad off. Sad times we live in.

      You got a wife which is a good thing, support there. Countless others have no-one and none to be trusted playing the game of life while trying to find some sincerity, trusted companion, truth. Especially for some of us that have out-lived our life long friends and dear ones right after another who actually cared. For me that searching is long gone. If that’s in my dealt cards of life, fine. I can handle it. I can play “island.” Hell man… I’ve got “Medic Alert” they love me. lol And will be there if I fall down go boom again. No worries.

      I don’t mean to sound too gruff, bold, or nasty in any way, but, we get that low the only way out is up. We don’t want to give the ‘machine’ and those benefiting from any of it the pleasure of us going… under. Pushing up daisies. Personally the day came (again) when I had to make some choices and turn some things/emotions/pain/depression into fighting back anger and not playing door-mat for everyone to every activist or scum-bag out there. Knock this MFer down I will get back up today. The PC crowd and fascist be damned. No more laying around licking wounds and not thinking about or being public about some issues. Like I’ve mentioned before out here… I am well acquainted with and an expert at dealing with all sorts of pain/losses and being knocked down to being totally ignored or dismissed. Fine with me… deal those cards life. Hell I’ve taken on other’s battles and battle for all the departed ones too since they can’t any longer. Not trying to sound like I am tooting my own horn either. No chest pounding ego shit here, just facts. Others that have gone on before me I figure have fought better battles than me and did it to their very last days on Earth regardless of their costs or when others including their families just wanted them to give up or quit bitching, or drawing bad politics to their family business or scenes. All the above kept me going through many years of volunteer work…. and creating more enemies than I have fair weather friends.

      Try to have a good day Mike. This is one place where you are totally understood, and supported.

  6. Hey CWV,

    With the way you are running your mouth and trampling on other Veterans statements. I do suggest you consider checking your meds.

    Choosing a name like CWV as if you are more entitled then other Veterans and claiming to be acting out for all Veterans. To top it off you voted for Hillary.

    Funny but every time we get some one moving through these pages like you have been doing today it turns out they are nothing but bullshit.

    I do realize that you some how think you are better or smarter than everyone on this page and you certainly have made quite a few trollish statements.

    I am guessing that the reason choose to call yourself CWV is that you soiled your panties last weekend when some other She-he-it hit you with their purse.

    Have a Great Day CWV and remember the future always carry an extra pair of panties when you are hanging at the Rainbow bar.

    1. Oh, and CWV,

      You do know how much those G4 implants cost don’t you CWV a.k.a. (Arnold Cabral, W2 Team Leader) ?

      Check your mailbox!

      1. Sergeant Schultz of the old “Hogan’s Heroes” Stalag 13 comedy show repeatedly said…. “Verrrrry interesting.”

        BINGO…. we have a winner. Thanks Seymore for the follow up. One gimped up old man protests coming up this week against an enemy leftist civy hospital, VA retribution whore Marxist staff, admin. Demoncrat, city council, nepotism supported, union, special interest groups included. Really going to upset a city councilman and his nurse wife…’the machine,’ and her sorority sistas, n’ all. Good to know my spidey senses, gut instincts and sniffer are intact and functioning. Would do the same damn thing at the local CBOC but are surrounded full circle by private property and Mall property and private parking/side walks. See if I can get a decent selfie video taken of it to upload to FB somehow. Hope I can get things put together and feeling well enough, prepared to hit the streets.

      2. @T – – – CWV is showing the brown-tinted colors of an anal sphincter. He’s even has the muscular folds that creates is shape for cutting you off for the drop in the white bowl.

        Hey CWV, you need to keep up and read bro. I’m bed-ridden too, and you didn’t get me a all fired up and shit, waving those beautiful flags of OUR motherland. If you’ve been reading, or only scanning, you’d see that T has been a frequent poster here on this blog.

        Hint; FYI, a good leader will find ways to bring others aboard, and if they don’t come at first, maybe you need to show them why they need to come. In one of your top first statement you brought in Politics (and I don’t favor them either), and then you tell another person that it defeats the purpose in bringing Politics into the matter.

        Am I missing something? Even with SSA you’re going to have Politics. What Veterans need is this, a healthcare plan, paid for by the VA (Federal Government), and a plan that will cover the regular medical issues, but especially cover Veteran related medical problems.

        And, the VA is going to change on a one-to-one Veteran basis. When have you heard of a big change that effected the well-being or the well-ness of a majority of Veterans at one time. And puulllleeeese, don’t mention the Accountability Act, it’s a joke, and VA leadership is walking all over it.

      3. Nutter, nope you aren’t or didn’t miss anything. First thing he did was bring up politics and the vote. I am totally sick of politics to special interest groups or unions throwing wrenches in the machinery to constantly keep chaos going and screwing things up. While this right vs left thing is what the elite and corrupt want us to do. Total waste of time. I think they all suck, are no good and corrupt as can be. Some things and issues just need to cease in the health care world but the damages, special interest groups, their agendas and corruption today is deep-seated. Decency, ethics, quality of care, good ol’ time bedside manners for many… out.

        Like with you, me and others I want to see real change and change for many, not just a few here and there. Changes for some while others are left out of the equation and suffering like hell, some intentionally harmed. If this stinking government, VA, both parties and more can create ‘collective punishments’ to ruin our pain meds to lessen the levels of care we get by unions/staff, to bringing us farther into a police state knowing every move we make, then they can reverse that ‘prohibition,’ fascist police state crap into something workable and good across the board being far less oppressive and improve the quality of life not ending it… for all vets, all. In some cases like mine ruining care at the VA and following me out into the civy world… just because they can with all their absolute powers and connections. For an example to other non-conformist or questioners or non-compliant with their BS scams, threats, contracts. With not a damn thing to be done about it.

        I’ve had nurses and health care workers in the family and none of them took politics, feminism, personal issues/agendas/union crap, whatever into their work place or hospitals like most of them do today. Different times we live in considering just the past ten to fifteen (longer) years things/attitudes/morals/ethics/patient care/training have changed so much.

  7. I’ll run the VA.
    there won’t be anything resembling the rule set and hiring process of the current administration.
    Vote for me.

  8. Just what we need at the VA, another insider who wont do shit to clean up the mess.

  9. He was “head of Doctors.” Probably the reason the VA is so short of Doctors. Looks like expect more of the same.

  10. cj ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ says:

    Swamp Sludge for 40 years, ripe as can be.

  11. Would this insider make a good SecVA?

    What would he bring to the table other than 40 years of being in a position that is vastly disconnected from the very veterans that would be treated?

    Considering he’s a chest med doc, what specifically has been his impact on chest med care for veterans over those 40 years?

    I recall for about the first year I went to the VA seeing a chest med doc. I can recall her clearly saying the VA didn’t know how vets lungs would be affected by the oil smoke during the first Gulf War. That was the last time I ever heard a VA doc say anything about Gulf War veterans lungs and any exposure from there.

    In the years since, lung or breathing problems have been mostly ignored in Gulf War veterans.

    Moving on to OIF/OEF vets, how many have lung problems from Burn Pits, exposure to the sand or other exposures, and can’t get a VA chest med doctor to be honest with them about what their health problems are, and how to treat them?

    Veterans need much more than some guy who gives prestigious lectures or consults once in a while. Seems he should have been consulting with VA chest med doctors over those 40 years.

    1. 91Veteran,
      Did you see the article out from: “military.com” a few days ago?
      Dated: 3 May 2018
      By: Jim Absher
      “VA Conducting New Study of OIF/OEF Veterans!”

      If I remember correctly, a new fucking study which will probably give the same results as the old study! Just another fucking “money pit” for VA!

  12. Combat Wounded Veteran I agree with you completely and I applaud you as I never thought of the SSA taking over veterans earned benefits ect until you brought it up. Yes I think that’s a brilliant idea. Why would we want a guy who’s been working with or around the broken va system to lead it? That makes no sense if we want to see positive changes we’ve been asking for. Veterans are the backbone of this great Nation we live in and we III% should in turn be our Nations top priority!!!

    1. The key is to side-step the politics and use a public drive. The idea is so simple and easy to implement. I’m working on getting some momentum on the plan. If you would like to help, stay tuned. In the meantime, go get the names and contact info for your representatives and senators, both federal and state, as well as the contact info for the local investigative television and radio reporters in your area, and have them handy.

      1. CWV. Simple? Why do people keep using the word “simple?” There is no “side-stepping” politics. The “public” doesn’t give a shit especially in Indiana. Representatives contacted don’t give a shit like so-called investigating reporters which we don’t have counldn’t care less and refuse to help or get involved. It’s all about covering-up here, protecting their own and their cliques, the mafia families, all that “professional courtesy” which means…. in street talk… go F your selves sheep, serfs and veterans. Die off and remain silent or we will send out our authorities and thugs to silence you and attack you any way we can. That is what it’s about locally and in the state of Indiana. Or in my town of the “Strong-hold” Terre Haute Indiana. All I report can easily be proven. Know anyone with the balls to come report my info and stories? Dare to come to Hulman-ville or “little Israel or little Chi town (Chicago) or “Sin City?” You name it, it is corrupt here and part of the ‘network’ of whether you are in and part of the corrupt or out and to be a target and shunned.

        As for Dr. Samuel Spagnolo he is just part of the old deep-state and problem. He is yet another one at “the top” who allowed us to be without pain meds, not having a voice – up there. His bio also tells the story and others issues show he is just another swamp monster with deep associations, connections, with other swamp monsters. Hie history does NOT impress me or give me any more faith or hope with someone with the same pedigree we are supposed to bow to or believe. Same ol’ same ol’. Trump, Pence, Congress, locals, are still a bunch of bullying, bragging, self-serving, facade creating, lying, war mongering punks and corrupt as hell it’s self. IMNSHO.

      2. So, I’ll take it that you, “T”, don’t want to help then……

        Those conditions exist because people don’t do something. Too bad about Indiana. I suggest you move. Change can come from the outside as well as the inside.

      3. Typical… “move?” Impossible. Simple thought process for a quick rebuttal but not so easy for us older messed folks out here trying to deal with the entire circus alone. While others stand by and watch.

        So what “help?” like before I am still waiting for those coming out here offering “help” or wanting us to join some group and nothing of substance happens. Just like the VSOs or CVA and Hegseth… nothing but chest pounding, self-service, got him a job on Faux, the end.

        So put up. You or your ideas better come with plenty of DC influence, billions of dollars, not afraid of all the Israeli and Mid-East connections, the special interest groups that will distract with countless other issues and labels, attorneys that can do something rather than say Indiana is ‘too much of a closed club or too corrupt to deal with.’ Or that it would cost thousands or hundreds of thousands in retainers to begin with…. for no guarantees, etc. But then I had a federal brief simple lost and nothing to be done about it all. Can’t even safely attend town meetings or have any signs of real representation here at all. A cop killed here recently surely makes the news, while a poor white man getting over by a Semite mafia college kiddy is swept under the carpet and totally ignored. Don’t dare ask why.

        Then you want to get to sounding fucking cocky with “So, I’ll take it that you, “T”, don’t want to help then…” Ass. Haven’t you been around long enough to have my FB page info? Or are you just another new person thinking you have all the answers and think you can actually do somebody you don’t fucking know some good? Seems you’d rather be cocky than throw your info and help out here for all to see. You done lost me buddy with your attitude. I am dealing with shit you can’t believe then I have to continually deal with people and remarks or attitudes, claims, like yours?!

      4. T:

        In your case, with all your sarcasm and negative comments, I suggest you keep doing what you are doing: nothing but complaining. Good luck with that. Some of us will do otherwise. You don’t have to join any groups, we don’t want you to.

        Sounds like you have other issues more important for you. Attend to those. You do your thing, I’ll do mine.

      5. CWV. Who started with the bashing and negative comments asshole? You just show again… you got nothing to offer but BS and blowing smoke. Put up or shut up. You put up or out anything but more jaw-jacking and ego BS. Go public out here or elsewhere… I have, or are you too pussy or again got nothing to offer us. If you had something usable, practical, real, why not just share it? But no, like others you’re a game player, blow-hard, phony, and just want those that will play with your little pecker in YOUR sandbox, bow to you, to stroke your fuckin’ ego, to join in on your fun or so-called “helps.”

        Now go vote for Hillary if she runs again, okay? And you can stifle your vote comments and your phony misleading claims you can’t back up fool. Yeah, please go do your own thing libtard and leave the serious seeking stuff for us trying to be real and actually doing something…. publically and openly. How about YOU sharing your FakeBook page with us if YOU are so real and actually doing something. No website? No real name? Puss puss. Oh, you can’t you phony.

      6. I would hope that prompt payment to the healthcare providers would occur. Not happening with Choice. Or any “program” associated with the Government. How many people find that some providers don’t take Medicare?

    2. T:
      Actually, some of us have been doing quite a bit of work for quite a while. And we have results. Maybe not a final conclusion, but results.
      Second, I wouldn’t include you. You’re attitude appears to make you counter-productive to any effort. A liability.
      Third, seek help.

      1. CWV. Actually asshole…. prove it, the good work you do or offer. What results? To pacify your own local Demoncrat party and VSO-ers who bow and kiss their ass as well?

        I am glad I’m not included in your sandbox. I have more than earned the rights to my “attitude.” It is you that seems counter productive automatically bashing people’s voting choices and then to offer help you can’t prove you can… and so on.

        Third. You sound exactly like the lefty winger corrupt trash we deal with locally. Can’t back-up your own lip service and BS and then go on the attack with the usual… you need help, you’re crazy, you’re wrong, you hurt my wittle fewlings and stuff you mean man…. blah blah blah on to other side stepping attacks and issues.

        It’s not I that needs help, it’s you and your ilk suck-fish. You’re a liar and I’d have to see some proof of you even being military to begin with since you sound and chatter like so many fakers I’ve seen and deal with. Like those in the ruling local totally corrupt Dem/communist party. Perfect fit for you. Besides, if NOT flowing with the herds, playing door-mat for all out there, and keeping the Dem party happy is counter-productive to you… fine. I am doing well without your kind back-stabbing, two faced Captain Hillary and you’d be no use doing the same thing our ‘enemies’ and those on the left are doing to keep more chaos and BS rolling. So far you are a high 10 on the scale of coming out here spouting vote BS and making false claims and bragging. Shit man, you’re as good as Trumpster, Hillary or King Obummer at slinging bull, not being able to back your mouth up, boasting and being easily offended. Now run off to your crying room and have a good one. Proof, evidence and actions talks and gladly shown. BS, lies, no provability, hiding, using typical activist training, language/rhetoric/character attacks is a sure sign of a corrupt head in the mud DEM and agent provocateur. You bet I am a liability to you, I want proof not the garbage you’ve slung out here so far then try to play nice with others. Another ten points for being a flip flopper too Mr. Hillary.

        Bout time for a MoveOn and local Marx-Fem meeting isn’t it? Better hurry and get your doughnut, coffee, coke and seat.

  13. President Donald Trump needs to have Cosmetic Dentistry Dentist knows how to put in G4 implants for Secretary of Veteran Affairs if don’t like my pick cry on a Private Shouders.Cry Cry.

  14. President Donald Trump needs to have Cosmetic Dentistry Dentist knows how to put in G4 implants for Secretary of Veteran Affairs if don’t like my pick cry on a Private Shouders.

  15. You asked: “[…So with this background, what should veterans expect? Is Dr. Spagnolo part of the swamp or a longtime advocate for better healthcare services?]”

    This 40 year V.A. Titanic (insider) is not even a deckchair, he’s the DECK of the poop deck on the doomed V.A. Titanic. So with that analogy, Dr. Spagnolo **is** the swamp.

    My cat has volunteered portions of his yet-to-be-cleaned litter box to serve the title of VA Secretary Clumps.

    1. sunvale,
      Hope you’re talking about that clown for McDonald’s fast food restaurant.
      Because, the McDonald who, before being appointed by Obama as Secretary of VA, was head [THIEF] of Proctor and Gamble in Cincinnati. You might be unaware McD was directly involved in “$3+ million dollars being missing from P&G during McD’s tenure as CEO!” That’s a perfect resume for a Federal Secretary of whatever in Washington DC or across this country!
      That’s “historical fact”!

      Have a great day!

    2. Ronald McDonald would be sort of perfect with all the Grimaces & McBurgerlers that work at the VA.

  16. All you short-sighted idiots who voted for Trump are getting EXACTLY what you DIDN’T WANT. Way to go!

    He has zero interest in fixing the VA, and even less appointing ANYONE who possibly can. Look at what he’s messed up in the last two years. Has there been any improvements? Hell No! Just a bunch of empty words. It’s all political appointments that don’t make any sense. He appoints to Education someone who hates public education. He appoints to EPA someone who hates climate control. He appoints to transporation someone who hasn’t a clue. And now he’s thinking of appointing to VA someone who is well beyond his management age and has a background in medical sciences (as if that’s going to have any impact in solving the REAL problems!) He has no clue what he’s doing. I suspect it’s all political appointments.

    For him it’s one thing: Win the votes, no matter what and at who’s expense. And for that purpose, it’s a consistent game plan of CUT COSTS. Nothing about improving ANYTHING.

    So go ahead, keep working that idea and believing your vote for that idiot was a good thing. (Personally, I voted “NO CONFIDENCE”. Neither candidate was valid or capable.) And please, stop with the uninformed bantor. GET INFORMED BEFORE YOU AGREE WITH SOMETHING. That’s what this website is about.

    There’s only one solution: CLOSE THE VA. Privatization would be a HUGE MISTAKE!!! That would do nothing but turn every Veteran into a profit center for some corporation. Instead, dismantle the VA and move the operations into the Social Security Administration. The Social Security Administration works. It is efficient. It’s proven. And it is capable of taking on the load. (The non-sense you hear every four years or so about Social Security going broke is just that, NON-SENSE. That political weasel-call comes around every election cycle for decades and decades. Have you seen in go broke yet? Of course not. Why? Congress will always refund it, EVERY TIME; because it would be political suicide not to, given the number of votes of people already receiving benefits and those who have been paying into it and expect to get benefits in the future. And they will, because congress will always continue funding. That’s a good thing; unless you want to give up your own benefits. Do you??? Of course not. Are you going to vote for anyone who votes no on funding your benefits or future benefits. No, you won’t, and they know that. So get real. Keep what works, and the Social Security Administration is one of the very, very few fed agencies that actually works.

    VETERANS ALREADY HAVE SOCIAL SECURITY ACCOUNTS. We’re half way there. All that is necessary is to provide Veterans with indications on their accounts showing they are Veterans and grant healthcare services in accordance with their disabilities and service. It’s that simple. It’s all simply a matter of data import and definition and bringing the VA budget, 100% of it, over to the SSA to pay for it. By doing this we can all get the same quality of care as everyone else in the country, AND, WE GET CHOICE! All the doctors and other healthcare providers and administrative personnel who have been screwing us over for years will be out on their ears and those with value will get hired by those medical facilities seeing the increase in patient needs. Those who are incompetent and been causing us to be mistreated and otherwise uncared for will be, well …, let the market determine that.

    The only bit worth saving from the VA is the prescription buying power the VA has. That can also be brought over to the Social Security Administration and allow EVERYONE to have reduced prescription costs. THIS SOLVES THE VA PROBLEM AND MOVES EVERYONE FORWARD.

    The VA is not fixable. Everyone knows that. It’s just too broken, full of malfeasance, and corrupt. It’s like a very old building that has been without maintenance and updating. At some point, it’s better to tear it down and replace it.

    1. Interesting. You make a comment about others getting informed before commenting, then proceed to make one of the most uninformed comments I’ve read here in months.

      1. Again 91Veteran:
        “And what is uninformed about my comments???”
        You didn’t answer.

    2. And Obama did anything better? And remember Hillary stopped the help from getting to the people in benghazi and there are emails and documents to prove that. So you can go off on your rant Combat Wounded Veteran and anyone with a damn brain will take your rant with a pinch of salt. maybe you have your tinfoil hat on too tight.

      1. Dan:
        It’s a better solution than you have. What is your solution? Besides sitting around and grossing?
        By injecting ANY politics into it all you are doing is distracting from the problem.
        Or maybe you just don’t like the Social Security program? Or any government agency. Who knows. What we do know is that the VA is broken and cannot be fixed. Yet, you don’t have a solution.

      2. Combat, Social Security did my SDI quicker than the VA but it still took 5 years. I’m on 31 years on TDIU with a partial of 9 years and the rest in remand through the VA.

        The reason I’d like to see SS doing VA comp is because it would cut SSI awards and therefore SS would be in tune to doing a better job on assessing veterans compensation.

  17. Dr. Spagnolo should run like hell and keep his reputation in tact. VA is nothing more than a toxic wasteland that will sink his career just like Dr. Shulkin’s reputation was ruined. The VA climate and culture will never change until they are privatized. That bureaucratic red tape is nothing more than a band of protection that keeps the whole entity perpetually unethical and illegal!

    1. Former Fed,
      You got that right.
      That’s why, in my opinion, anyone who is asked to be Secretary of VA, at first says it’s an honor to be asked!
      Then, when they see the massive corruption, waste, fraud and abuse which is the VA. They drop out as fast as possible!
      Can VA be fixed? Doubtful!
      Should VA be shut down? A hearty “YES!”
      Should VA be PRIVATIZED? “Yes!”
      Should VA employees be held responsible and accountable for their egregious acts against veterans? The answer to that is: “Why haven’t they been!” What keeps VA employees from being FIRED and/or prosecuted? That’s what many veterans want to know!

      1. IMO he is doomed for failure. The person needs to be motivated and hungry. what motivation would he have to take bold risks at this point in his career. The VA needs to be dissected and torn apart completely and then put back together the right way. It is a massive undertaking. The entire mindset and way of doing business have to change in order to fix the systemic issues. They need to be able to fire 20%of the workforce, whose are using the system (some would say abusing but if the regulations aren’t in place that need to be then its hard to say that).

        Keeping opinions of former the former president aside I do like this particular quote—–.
        When announcing McDonald’s nomination, President Barack Obama said it would “not be an easy assignment.” Rieckhoff likened the job to “trying to right a ship that’s on fire and is taking on water.”
        McDonald did a lot of good. He took over the VA at its worst and he made immediate change, but he made more changes behind the scenes. Most agree that he did stop the bleeding, but you need a handful off years to fix this. Its like an addict who wsa using for several years and then trying to be normal just because they had stopped using for a month. It takes time. Of course since McDonald was brought in by Obama, I don’t think Trump would have let him stay regardless (and i say that because he has undone any policy or hiring decision he could and I’m not saying if that is bad or good, it is just a fact).

        so now iit has almost because a joke when talking about the VAs issues, but obviously us veterans aren’t laughing.

        I’m at the Albany Stratton VA and there are a few amazing doctors and then the left overs who didn’t leave under the last director who was horrible (fired then rescinded but not hired for job just got her benefits back). Now the Las Vegas VA is GREAT! Thee are issues of course, but I didn’t have to fight for an MRI and have an injection almost kill me (and get 6 bones removed) because I wasn’t classified as a “must have” for an MRI. Sorry bit of a rant there.

        So I wish it was going the right direction still, but most of the good stuff that I experienced at Albany in terms of change , has been from McDonald.

    2. Just have to point out Fed ex that Shulkin destroyed his own reputation.

      European Vacation on the taxpayer dime with a follow-up Vacation planed for the Vatican also on the taxpayer.

      Nurses, pharmacist and physician assistants replacing Doctors as primary care medical providers really destroys any trust anyone can have in the system after Shulkin.

      As for the Red Tape. Are you talking about the laws that are supposed to be followed at the VA. Setup so people like Shulkin don’t rob the place blind?

  18. Dr. Spagnolo is probably a fine Physician. As was Dr. Shulkin. The push for the VA to get off of the VISTA electronic medical record system is probably an error. There might be issues with Cerner. Maybe the Military Health System will be able to figure it out, maybe it will be successful, but I am unsure. Running a family business then going to the federal government likely involved a big change. There are many people needed to help ensure the federal government is able to function properly. VHA (Veterans Health Administration) is a big part of the VA, but it is not everything. There’s also Cemeteries, and loans and other financial arrangements available to veterans. Serving those who have served the country.

    1. Marty,
      Seems like you’re new here. Haven’t seen you connect to some of the comments by others on here before.

      Are you confusing “Shyster Shithead Shulkin” with “Admiral Jackson”?
      Shulkin broke the law. Admiral Jackson was “framed” by dems and some rino’s!
      You might want to go back through some of Ben’s Blogs to learn what Shulkin did on that “11 day European Vacation with his wife!” With the $122,000+ expenditure forced onto the taxpayers!

      Side note;
      Here’s something CNN reported on Admiral Jackson. Which was completely 100% false fake News recently!
      CNN’s “alleged investigative reporters”, stated Jackson was in a motor vehicle accident, and driving drunk! A completely “made up story line”!
      CNN was probably confusing Admiral Jackson with the “Opthalmologist at the VHA, Orlando, Lake Nona, Fl. on DUI (drugs) charges.
      That VHA employee struck a vehicle from behind carrying two children.
      The local news medias aren’t really reporting on it. And to date, there’s been no coverage of when a court date is scheduled! How’s that for VA’s multi million dollar public relations officers nationwide!

      Also, just a heads up –
      you might want to “listen” to Seymore Klearly. His “comments” are 99.99999% accurate ALL the time!

      Have a great day!

  19. Dr. Spagnolo strait up swamp creature. Clearly he sees Veterans as nothing more than human research subjects and training dummies for the universities that control the VAMCs connected to them.

  20. Hi
    Rand report: I have done many quality evaluations at va and non va hospitals. I know and see daily errors in both…. but VA is huge with 1100 surgeries and 250,000 clinic visits a day soooo even .01% Error rate is a lot of nation wide errors…so need to normalize these issues and also show where va is leading health care ideas

    Book: I might be able to co write / consult with you on a book on veteran’s claims

    Bulletin: se bash Bulletins on my web site listed below

    1. Craig Bash MD Website: “https://www.veteransmedadvisor.com/”

      1. Seymore,
        Is there another way of looking up this guy?
        I tried just about every way, it keeps coming up “not available” or something.

      2. Hey Elf,

        You can google the following term and then click on the link.

        “Veterans Medical Advisor Providing Independent Medical Evaluations”

      3. Thanks Seymore,
        Damn, he IS part and parcel of the FUCKING SWAMP!
        Who put this ass-wipes name in as top fuckrat?

      4. I agree Elf Spagnolo is as swampy as they come. It would be like putting Raymond Schinazi in charge to loot the VA.

      5. Elf, Seymore, others…. the hate and chaos goes on… till death. But lying, veteran ignoring Pence is okay? Figures. OMG. How long will this BS go on. We need really new, fresh blood in DC and local governments. Not going to happen… but 1% hopeful.

        “McCain doesn’t want Trump at funeral, friends tell White House
        McCain, who has been battling brain cancer, and Trump have had a turbulent relationship. The senator wants Vice President Mike Pence to attend instead.”


        Good. Hate to sound cruel but die off McCluck, good riddance, let God sort your deceptions and lies out. Too bad most in Congress can’t follow your lead. You’ve been a good little DC Satan worshiper and pet demon for the NWO veteran haters club. McCluck would not make for a pimple on most veterans asses I know, or have known, or have shared their final moments with. Damn you McCain and curses upon your lying phony family and anti-American cliques.

      6. “T May 6, 2018 at 9:03 pm
        Elf, Seymore, others…. the hate and chaos goes on… till death. But lying, veteran ignoring Pence is okay? Figures. OMG. How long will this BS go on. We need really new, fresh blood in DC and local governments. Not going to happen… but 1% hopeful.”

        Campaign to vote incumbents out, no matter which party, until they pay more attention to the vote than campaign contributors. Only way to get the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about out of the mix.

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