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VA Executives Caught Concealing Deadly Legionella

A new report from VA OIG confirmed allegations that VA executives concealed a Legionella outbreak at a VA medical center putting veterans lives at risk.

Whistleblowers concerned for the safety of veterans finally exposed the cover-up to the Southern California News Group. Two doctors and six nurses exposed the potentially deadly scandal about Legionella in the Jerry L Pettis Memorial VA Medical Center.

IG inspectors found medical center officials withheld positive test results from employees that put veterans lives at risk.

“Positive Legionella tests in the water system … may affect clinical staff’s course of action to include increased Legionella testing and clinical surveillance for susceptible patients,” the report says.

Legionella bacteria causes Legionnaires disease. The disease can cause a severe form of pneumonia with symptoms that include diarrhea, breathing problems, chest pain, and even death.

Inspectors found the facility’s staff routinely failed to conduct routine cleaning.

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Pettis Medical Center is part of the VA Loma Linda Healthcare System, which serves 76,000 veterans with 2,400 employees and 1,300 volunteers.

Kristen Hall, a spokesperson for VA Linda Loma Healthcare System, said the agency is taking action to correct the cover-up.

“Responsiveness to environment-of-care concerns is a shared responsibility between leadership, service chiefs and staff,” she said. “Daily huddles between leadership and staff have resulted in a more rapid response to environment-of-care needs.”

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Huddles? Will huddles stop executives from concealing deadly diseases that put its employees and veterans at risk?

In 2018, the facility received a one-star rating, which is the lowest rating a facility can receive from the agency. Apparently, the facility has a long way to go.

Rep. Pete Aguilar, D-Ca, blasted the facility and its staff.

“Our veterans deserve the best possible care in clean and safe medical facilities, and it’s outrageous that they weren’t receiving that at the VA Loma Linda Healthcare System,” he said. “The oversight conducted by the Office of the Inspector General is a step in the right direction, but we must continue our work to ensure Inland Empire veterans and those who care for them are never subjected to these types of conditions again.”

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Inspectors found not only problems with the facility’s water. The medical center itself was unclean, the furniture needed repair, and it lacked basic cleaning and sanitization procedures.

“EMS leaders did not evaluate the level of competency of EMS housekeeping staff to ensure they had the knowledge and skills to properly perform their duties,” the report says. “When Office of Inspector General staff asked the (medical center’s) nurse executive why the EMS housekeeping competencies had not been validated, the nurse executive stated, “I just did not do it.”

The lack of cleaning is believed linked to a dangerous uptick in Clostridium difficile – – get this – – C. diff can cause diarrhea and life-threatening inflammation of the colon.

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  1. Thanks, Don. Yeah man, I’ll try to find some time to start eating solid food again. The 5 second dumep of Premier Protein shakes 5 x daily just ain’t cutting it . . .

  2. Crazy elf, it absolutely nauseates me those Californians are providing free healthcare to illegal aliens! How many of the working class poor in this country don’t have health care and work two and three jobs supporting their families? Infuriating that hard-working Americans are treated like second-class citizens. Emphasis on the word CITIZENS!

  3. Any time there’s unprotect money out there they’ll always be someone figuring out how to get at it. At this point the payroll has to be pretty long.
    And who’s going to march in front of the band to expose the culprits behind the master plan. Just like a lot of Charities that I remember over the years someone was always doctoring the books.
    This is not surprising.

  4. God bless you and your wife and may she have a speedy recovery. My husband and I will keep her in our prayers.

      1. 06/24/2019

        Dear Jim Clement,

        I am sure everyone is praying for a positive outcome, even though the situation is intense, stay with her and don’t forget to eat.

        Hang in there, and thank you for letting us know there is a problem in the family.


        Don Karg

  5. Very distressing this article regarding VA Administration attempting to cover up a Legionella outbreak at a VA Medical Center. It is the VA’s typical method of operation though. Has been for decades.

    As you are all aware – – – my wife has been in the Intensive care unit at a hospital here in San Antonio, Texas since early this past Tuesday morning. Thursday night, due to them not being able to get IV’s into her veins, they had to insert a PICC line into her right arm. She was also on a Bi-PAP machine to help her breathe.

    She had a hard night Thursday and was continuing her downward spiral throughout the night.

    Friday morning, a Central Line went in, and she was intubated. That seemed to help as her numbers slowly started to come up a little bit. Not much, but a little.

    It was initially thought that the problem was either her Gallbladder or Kidneys. She underwent a laparoscopic procedure Friday afternoon in order to ascertain the precise nature of the problem. The results indicated that the problem was either a Perforated Bowel or a Duodenal Ulcer.

    A surgeon and Anesthesiologist spoke with me, informing me that her odds of survival were 15 percent with the surgery. Without surgery, Zero. I authorized the surgery, and they took her in immediately. The problem turned out to be a duodenal ulcer which was surgically repaired.

    She survived the surgery and is now back in the ICU. She is still a very sick woman and will be for a while. I have informed her siblings, and we have a system in place to keep the rest of her family informed. Hopefully she will make a good recovery considering the circumstances.

    As some of you know, I am the ‘Black Sheep’ of the family, and her now deceased father hated me so much that he went out of his way to severely punish his eldest daughter in his will upon his death. All because she married me. I will leave it at that.

    The biggest problem she is facing right now are Secondary infections. The ICU team will be monitoring that very closely and treating as necessary. Her chances of survival are looking much better than they were yesterday. The doctor remarked that ‘that is the best she has looked since she arrived in the hospital’ and it is.

    I am currently at home with the dogs who know something major is going on (DaddyDawg is super-stressed, and Mamaroo is not here) but of course cannot understand precisely what is happening. My poor babies.

    As I have had less than eight hours of sleep since Monday, I am going to remain here for a day, to spend some time with the dogs, try to balance (Wife is the Chief Financial Officer) our checkbook, sleep a few hours, etc. The ICU Team checks in with me regularly.

    To this point, I could not say enough good about the folks at this hospital. All veterans should have the stellar care that these folks are providing my wife. I will return to the hospital tomorrow, or on a ‘as needed’ basis. Shame I cannot be there 24/7 – – – but I have no one physically present to assist with chores during this crisis. So, I must carry on as best I can. My biggest ‘personal’ problem is that I have not been to the gym since this past Monday afternoon. And my body is letting me know.

    Please keep her in your prayers. Things have been happening so fast medically these last few days that I have had no chance to speak with the ancillary (Social worker, Financial, etc.) folks at the hospital before their offices closed for the weekend. I will have to do that on Monday.

    One bonus though, is that I have lost another 7.5 pounds this week! Not a diet I would recommend to anyone.

    To those of you on the board who have expressed support and well wishes via e-mail, and public
    postings – – – Thank You. They mean a lot.

    Hope this finds you all well.

    1. Forgot to mention that this hospital is not a VA hospital. But I suspect most of you already knew that. Just wanted to make the record perfectly clear.

  6. Change of subject here. If some of you are having trouble with ad pop ups. I use firefox and Adblock plus, and ublock, and HTTPS everywhere, and Avast. Yeah. I have to run all this shit to keep my privacy but THEY always find a way through. BUT I’ve never had an ad pop up on this website in the last 4 years. SO, I can’t relate to what ads your talking about. I guess it’s working. Maybe your internet provider is screwed. Just trying to help. It slows down your internet a little bit, but not much depending on your connection and computer.

  7. There are many, many people in the medical community (MDs, RNs and CNAs, etc.), honorable people with a strong sense of ethics, who know what clean means, and are unwilling to compromise on quality. They take continuing education courses and are either OCD or INTJs. I do not know why they don’t interview well…probably because the interviewer is not really interested in communicating and someone is already lined up for the job. I am so sorry to hear about this> The VA in Pittsburgh sparkles often, it is so clean. I love it. I had gone to another VAMC and the grit and grime on the edges where the floor meets the wall was gruesome. The bathrooms had that taint….
    I have three really good, consistently good docs. One is a PCP, and two are specialists. I am so pleased. And others who have those three are also very pleased..

    1. Yes, Gwen, there are a few decent here and there. I agree with you. Many times the crap sinks the decent employees.

  8. I found how awful this system is and the whole system. Does nothing to call your Senator because they usually have someone who takes all veterans complaints. Last time tried a young lady 22yo with 6 months experience telling me that I knew nothing. Regardless all the same people no matter who they work for are in constant communication with each other and decide your fate quickly. I can’t believe that this exist, people don’t care and have better things to do than worry about another human being or what happens to them. I’m rated 100%, but my life is ruined and I am nowhere close to being who once was. If you search your doctors name most are removed and difficult to find anything about them. I got a DUI 30yrs ago and they say a problem, have not had a drink in 10 years but say alcoholic. My doctor got one almost 2yrs ago,, when alerted someone searched his name all information was removed. You should be able to see your doctors track records to make sure they are not idiots, but since there are so many that should not be allowed on premises, would take a year for an appointment. So it’s better to record a visit showing helped is put ahead of someone’s life. I have nothing, everything that mattered to me is gone and cry like a baby everyday.

    1. In private sector physicians are exposed to the American public. I mean everything. Benjamin, the VA employees are not special. I believe the VA employees who are not transparent should be fired. The VA shut be shutdown. President Trump should then open up another type of Healthcare system and hire back the VA employees who have had a decent record and have current licensure.

  9. “…..Kristen Hall, a spokesperson for VA Linda Loma Healthcare System, said the agency is taking action to correct the cover-up….” Fuck a bunch of Legionella, but we promise to get much better at covering up our shit.

  10. YIKES! It makes me glad I don’t go to any VA facility anymore. This is just the beginning, I think there is a lot more ahead.

    1. Oh yes, Democrats do love animals more than humans. Democrats murder babies with abortions and will prosecute people who harm animals.

  11. I went to a Gainesville VA psych appointment yesterday where I was billed for an hour appointment that lasted little more than a half an hour. I came home and showered thoroughly on the off chance that I had been exposed to any ordinary germs. The story about Legionella gives me the creeps. My heart Goes out to those veterans. I hope none of them had weak immune system’s…

  12. Who are these people? What kind of person would cover up a deadly bacterial outbreak, and on top of that, in a healthcare facility? However this sort of thing doesn’t just happen at the VA. This world has lost it’s moral and ethical compass. It’s all about the money. So sad.

    As human beings we need to wake up and work together to perfect this unique and perfect world for the benefit of us all. We need to be grateful for our blessings. Yet this issue has been around since the beginning of civilization. How can we create a world of GODness when other’s prefer to be self-serving and exploit others in whatever way they can. Just saying, it’s difficult to manage and resolve. I know, I know I’m preaching to the choir.

    Peace out

    1. Sickos. The whole state of California has become a disaster under Democrat policies. Belongs to Speaker Nancy Pelosi… All government officials in the state of California are Democrats. The failures belong to the Democrat Socialists.
      Republicans do not have any power at all in the state of California. Democrats thrive on death. This is what they stand for. All about the dollar bill.

      1. “Angela”,
        Have you seen where the dems of California are going to raise taxes on the citizens to give illegal aliens (TRESPASSERS) FREE healthcare!
        Dems think MORE about illegals than they do about legal residents!

  13. Went to Loma Linda twice. Then decided to travel farther to go to San Diego 10 years ago.

  14. What’s it going to take to get Quality Humans in the VA system to run it and HEAL us rather than sell us and our information/DNA for their own gain? At what point do we have come together to Force this change? Not just within the VA, but at Every hospital in the US.
    Pacifism has not been good for any human group in the history books I’ve had access to.

  15. I have a few takeaways on this and one major question which needs answered!

    “… Two doctors and six nurses exposed this…” to everyone, because an inspection team found the deadly “Legionella Desease” and the “executives” (tried to) withhold that information from the world.
    It was also reported, “…Inspectors found not only problems with the facility’s water. The medical center itself was unclean, the furniture needed repair, and it lacked basic cleaning and sanitization procedures.” AND more egregious acts by staff AND that “Nurse Executive”! (Whatever that is!)

    Here’s a question these assholes need to answer:
    “What the fuck has that facility been doing with ALL of the taxpayers monies?”

    1. P.S.
      Is anyone going to be held accountable? As in fired? Or will that fuckin union step in and say: “You can’t fire these wonderful healthcare providers or executives!” Or, some such drivel, like: “They are the cream of the crop in the VA’s system!”

      1. I would almost bet that the VA situation is more than the disregard for LIFE. Many VA leadership employees maynot even be qualified for the employment positions that they are currently employed in. Let me share with you an example and this is true. When a VA provider was hired, he wrote his own reference letter when he applied for employment with the VA. No other credentials were asked for. Just hired based on his own letter.
        And, yes, he shared this with me a few years ago. I remember the conversation.
        I believe many of the problematic issues that are going on in the VA belong to many VA leadership employees not being qualified to handle them. And, plus they don’t care anyway.

    2. A large majority of the cash given each year goes to the “research teams” for coming up with new ways to research researching for the future of VA research.
      On a lighter note, did y’all find the VA “dictionary”? The manual they rewrote a year or two ago with new definitions for every word they use in print form?

      1. LP, you are so right . It’s all about controlling the semantic interface and always has been. When you want to speak they tell you shut up, when you write to them they trash your writings, when you call them on the phone they play dumb, when you have an appointment they cancel it. This is how they control every outcome to their advantage- through the semantic interface. I’d say “fuck” but that’s an English abbreviation for fornicating unlawfully with carnal knowledge but you just kind of know what i mean by all this.

    3. Benjamin and all, maybe many of the VA leadership types need to be put in prison with the keys thrown away. Then, this crap will improve.

      1. Benjamin, have another issue to give you. Plus, I am back in town to provide the other information that I spoke about. Has to do with false claims and Community Care. Veterans stay vigilant. Will share later tonight.

      2. Yes, Benjamin, VA created false claims that were never generated with trying to attach them to people who have nothing to do with the VA. Yes, Benjamin. Claims were never opened up. Benjamin, do not even know what in the hell they are talking about. Benjamin, happening in Community Care. Benjamin here is the Community Care. VA once again trying to avoid paying it’s bills. Failing to pay Non VA facilities and non VA physicians. Benjamin, you had mentioned be weary. Well here is the VA VHA Community Care. Benjamin, President Trump needs to shutdown the VA.

      3. VA running the show and then trying to impose it on people who do not have anything to do with the VA. Community Care.

    4. Crazy Elf, I ask the same question. Where is the money going? Stashed in overseas bank accounts????

      1. As for the Class Action Lawsuit against the VA, I hope the attorneys representing these vets holds the VA accountable for every penny that is due to these Veterans.

      2. Crazy Elf, maybe the government should be totally removed from being involved with the healthcare. Because everything they touch, they screw up. Get the government out of Healthcare period.

    5. Benjamin, I really do not understand where many of the VA leadership executive employees are coming from. Why are they so keen on destroying the American Veterans? Why? Get to the point. What is the reason? Why do they love to wallow in insanity? Benjamin, no, I am not insane. Benjamin, saving a LIFE or saving LIVES is/are both rational and sane. I am about LIFE. Benjamin, the VA wallows in death so therefore in my opinion they are insane. People who desire to harm others are irrational. Many VA leadership employees fit the bill.

    6. Same shit different day. Very little will change in the healthcare industry as long as the federal government has it’s hands in it. Benjamin they can keep their Vocational Rehabilitation. Not a priority of mine. Money laundering system.

    7. Ben and all, maybe the Administrative sector of VHA should be shutdown and transferred under the Tricare Umbrella with the goverance under a company or contractor like Humana, Anthem, Aetna, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, or Covingtry, etc. I believe it is an option to consider. Honestly Ben. Leave the Clinics and Hospitals but hire and assign different leadership who maybe more qualified. It seems the VA leadership are lacking. Many times many of the veterans wind up in jail or prison due to actions or non actions taken by the VA. Maybe some of the VA leadership should switch positions and spend some time in jail to receive a dose of their own medicine. Socialism, Communism, Hegalism, and all other ideologies except for Capitalism are nothing but Chicken Shit. Do you know why I say that? Because they do not possess any purposeful value and do not deliver purposeful value to people on the receiving end. Capitalism is the only economic system that renders LIFE.

    8. News report out one hour ago about the VA retaliating against Whistleblowers. The article is in the Hill.
      24 Monday 2019– Benjamin, this shit needs to stop. If the VA agency cannot deliver, then it should be stripped of funds and from being granted the authority to treat veterans.

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