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VA Home Loan Secretly Ripped Off Veterans By $150 Million

For the past five years, the VA Home Loan program has knowingly withheld $150 million in refunds for certain disabled veterans.

A special investigation by my friends at Kare 11 exposed an internal report leaked by whistleblowers at St. Paul Regional Office. That report shows VA conducted its own audit five years ago concluding the agency was wrongfully withholding $150 million from certain veterans.

The crux of the problem lies with the VA funding fee charged to borrowers, usually a few thousand dollars per loan. Sometimes the loan is waived based on a veteran’s disability rating. Here, veterans whose disability claim is pending when the loan fee is billed should receive a refund if the date of entitlement is before the loan’s closing date.

However, VA has known that since at least 2014, the agency failed to make required changes.

Here is how the VA report starts out:

The St. Paul Regional Loan Center has discovered that in the last 8 years, Veterans have been paying funding fee charges when they were exempt from the Funding Fee. This report details the circumstances surrounding what caused this to happen, suggests options to ensure this does not happen in the future. As this is going to be a large undertaking we have also provided several options to return the money to affected Veterans. 

The fees associated with these loans is well over $1 billion annually.

VA Home Loan Fix

The report concludes with a solution:

We estimate that Funding Fee refunds initiated by lenders currently take approximately 20 minutes to process. Extrapolating that number over the 47,588 anticipated refunds gives us an estimated 951, 160 minutes, or nearly 16,000 hours to complete. This would be approximately 8 full time employees (FTE) for 1 year. We believe that timeframe could be cut in half if a dedicated staff is utilized and they are allowed to apply all refunds to loans that are current.

So, to recap, VA has known about the problem since 2014. Almost six years have passed since the issue was brought to the attention of senior leadership. Yet, nothing.

Just prior to publication, Kare 11 received word from VA that the agency intends to act on the report. I can assure you any failure of the agency to address this VA Home Loan scandal coming into the election will not look good for the Trump Administration.

VA To Fix Funding VA Issue

VA’s Curt Cashour issued a press release with the following excerpt:

“A major issue under review is how VA credits borrowers who, after loan closing, were awarded disability compensation with retroactive effective dates. The department is working to determine how far VA can go to provide relief, given the current restrictions of applicable laws.

“VA’s ongoing quality review looked at millions of loans dating back to 1998 originations. Since the initiative is ongoing, VA has not totaled how many borrowers might be helped by the new efforts.”

Who was responsible for initially sitting on the report without taking action?

Kare 11 points the finger at Mike Frueh, then Director of the VA Home Loan program. What happened to Frueh since 2014?

He was promoted to VBA Chief of Staff.


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  1. I love agendas. I love twisting words. I love folks who try to use both to fit their political stance.
    I agree, the VA is not perfect. It makes mistakes, as do most of our government agencies. They are run by humans. Humans forget stuff. Humans cheat, lie, steal and are forever flawed. But to lay all the blame on the VA, an agency that services thousands of veterans, is not totally right. You need to know your facts before spouting off.
    I am a retired Army veteran of 23 years. I am a disabled veteran. And I have spent the last seven years as a Loan Officer that specializes in VA loans. Because this is a government program it is highly regulated and we must verify tons of info. The Certificate of Eligibility (COE) being one of those important docs for us to review and verify. If it does not state EXEMPT on the COE I have to include the VA Funding Fee (VAFF). Every COE now has a statement:
    Funding Fee Refund: If you paid a funding fee at the closing of a VA guaranteed home loan and your VA
    compensation award provides an effective rating date that was prior to your loan closing date, then you
    may be eligible for a funding fee refund. Please contact either your current mortgage servicer or a VA
    Regional Loan Center at (877) 827-3702 to begin the refund process.
    What this means is if you filed a claim prior to applying for a loan, you will get your VAFF back. The effective date of a claim is the date it was submitted, not the date it is finally approved.
    The VA did not knowing withhold or steal money from disabled vets, great twisting of words. This FUNDING FEE REFUND has been in place since I began working as a Loan Officer in 2012. It is more publicized now with the addition of the above statement on COEs, and Loan Officers more aware of guidelines. If you want the REAL skinny on any of this process, please, shoot me an email. I never promise to know everything, but like a good NCO, I know where to find it. And I promise, I will not twist words

  2. All who have questions on the VA funding fee and disability, this is straight from the VA Lenders Handbook, Chapter 8.

    b. Who is
    Exempt from
    Paying The
    Funding Fee?
    The following persons are exempt from paying the funding fee:
    • Veterans receiving VA compensation for service-connected disabilities.
    • Veterans who would be entitled to receive compensation for serviceconnected disabilities if they did not receive retirement pay.
    • Veterans who are rated by VA as eligible to receive compensation as a
    result of pre-discharge disability examination and rating or on the basis of a
    pre-discharge review of existing medical evidence (including service
    medical and treatment records) that results in issuance of a memorandum
    • Veterans entitled to receive compensation, but who are not presently in
    receipt because they are on active duty.
    • Surviving spouses of veterans who died in service or from serviceconnected disabilities (whether or not such surviving spouses are veterans
    with their own entitlement and whether or not they are using their own
    entitlement on the loan).

  3. Why are we told that it will be presuppossed that we are supposed to receive 100 per cent disability if stationed at Camp Lejeune for more than 30 days and get liver cancer? I was stationed at Lejeune for 10 months, diagnosed with liver cancer, applied for disability and was turned down. So it goes with the VA.

    1. You’re talking about VA Compensation benefits which going through a legal review board. This is concerning VA housing. Your question needs to be referred to a contact at VA Compensation Services.

  4. I think it depends upon the effective date and the combined %. An effective date prior to closing should get you there if the require combined compensation is met. Forgot whether that was 50% or 70%. There have been changes. It may be more or less not. Go to and look it up.

  5. I purchased a home in April 2006 and by Sept my disability kicked in could I be eligible?

    1. Unfortunately no. Your disability has to be effective by the date of closing. What you need to do now is re-submit your Certificate of Eligibility (you can do it on very efficiently) to where it should now show you Exempt so if you wish to refinance or purchase a home later you’ll now be exempt.

  6. I do like how Ben published this 5 days after the VA published a press release already expressing concerns and talking about loan fee waiver.


  7. There is a lot of random talk not having anything remotely true about this topic. On top of that there is a lot of information missing from article.

    It is important for any Veteran to acquire his/her Certificate of Eligibility. Ensure your Certificate states “Exempt” on it. If you’re a disabled Veteran and it does not, then you need to call the VA Home Loan contact number.
    If you’re not a disabled Veteran, but have a claim in the system, your claim must be effective by the day of closing and have the VA Loan Guaranty office reprint your Certificate stating Exempt status on there.
    If you are an Exempt Veteran and your lender still attempts to enforce the VA funding fee, not the lender funding fee if they require, but the VA funding fee, then that’s when you request the lender to refund your fee or since you’re utilizing the VA home loan entitlement, you call the VA Home Loan Guaranty office and ask them to file an egregious file with the lender and the VA will ensure you get your refund.
    I’ve used my entitlement 3 times now as a Disabled Veteran and all 3 times i was exempt and did not pay a funding fee.

    Even if you’re not a Disabled Veteran, one main point Ben is leaving out here that is a huge benefit for the Veteran utilizing the VA benefit is you’re not paying a down payment and two, you’re not paying Private Mortgage Insurance which can easily add up to more than any funding fee payment. So even with the funding fee initial payment, you’re still saving money. Especially if you can afford to pay that funding fee up front at closing instead of adding it onto your loan.

    If you have questions, call the VA Home Loan Service contact number 1-877-827-3702. Loan technicians are there to help. They helped me with any questions I had.

    1. The heck with all the politics! I bought my current house in 2013 and I was and I am 100% p/t, I had to pay that funding fee. That be great to get it back.

    2. Yes. Call the VA Home Loan Service contact and have Regional Loan Center rep contact your lender and file an egregious file with your lender if they don’t refund your fee.

  8. The issue is the veteran has to actually request the refund through the lendor. I was aware of this prior to retiring in 2015. I actually scheduled my closing on my new home a week after submitting my disability packet with the VA with this in mind. I paid an 11,000 dollar funding fee financed on the loan. It took a year and a half to get my rating. Once I got my rating back (40 percent), I went through the lender and it only took about 2 months to get the funding fee credited to the loan. This is also an issue of not being educated on things like this during the outprocessing of military service. The VA should be ashamed. There should be an easier process.

  9. So many of you should take your Meds.and stop DUMBING yourselves by watching FoX News ALL day. PEACE!!

  10. This VA has many on going problems when it come to Disabled Veterans and money.
    As a disabled veteran of 100% a Vietnam veteran and serviserving more then 30 years . I have been screwed many times by the VA. 3 years ago [
    I remarried AND STILL TO DATE HAVE NOT recieved or have my spouse been placed on my award. I also bought a home in 2003 this being a 100% was to pay nothing. But I ended up paying over 2,000$ to the loan company when I obtained my home. It doesn’t matter who is in the presidential office the VA director is responsible for all these errors. It’s up to the President to pick the proper people to head these offices and trust them. The problem now is that the administration knows and knew and is still not holding the proper people accountable for this and other problems. I don’t know how long I have left but do not want my family to suffer because of this or any other administration good ups. It’s time the US disabled veterans take a trip to the Whitehouse and protest and keep protesting until this is taken care of. Not a one day protest. It doesn’t matter if you are Democrat or Republican we are disabled veterans. We served because it was our duty. It is their duty to care for us disabled veterans who served. Enough is enough. Thank you and to my brothers and sisters who served and are.disabled we need to keep fighting for what we were promised for that service. Fight fight fight. Army navy and all services are in this fight. Thank you…..

  11. Sir
    I hope this isn’t another scam, that’s all I’ve been running into; I bought my house under the VA program in August of 2017
    My interest rate is 4.76% which I think is to high

    1. Interest rates should have been dropping in August. The best time to buy is November and December when fewer people are buying because they are spending the cash. The worst time is when tax returns start coming out and provide down payment money.

      Your interest rate offered depends a little on your credit score. Sounds like either you didn’t shop for a loan or your credit score was a little low. A low credit score could push the rate even higher without the VA guarantee. But during the great recession forecloseures the underwriters experienced not enough coverage for the loss of value and the damage rendered by irate foreclosed borrowers making the underwriters a little higher than my 3.25% 25 year loan obtained at the lowest point, in December of 2015 with a FICO score of just over 650. Under 650 would probably have cost me a half a point while over 750 would have gained me half a point.

      I’d check with Sunwest Mortgage and see if you can get a lower rate in early November. Two reasons to wait. That is the lowest rate time of the year. And the market is a little hot right now with expectations of cooling. But then I could be wrong. But I was right to refinance my 2013 rate of 4.25% in 2015. But with the fee charges you need to get at least a half a point drop to make it worth while. If you buy the rate down with points it take 15 years for that to be worthwhile so that is not a good idea unless you are certain you won’t have to refinance for at least 15 years.

    2. You should look into refinancing. The VA Home Loan program now has it in law that if you wish to refinance your home through your lender, the lender must be willing to drop you at least .50 basis points which would take you to at least 4.26 if not lower since the rates have gone down tremendously since August 2017. I just got a 30-year VA fixed rate home loan for 3.5% and the lender was running a promotion through Costco to drop another .125. This was back in March, but now i would still be around 3.75%. I’d look into refinancing.

  12. Suprise va and social security dont have more problems with people protesting or acting out since they like deliberate denials as thousands die become homless waiting years .

    1. You all need to protest for congress to fund the VA with more funding to hire more VA employees to setup vans and support homeless Veterans. The VA isn’t making Veterans homeless. Veterans do need to take it upon themselves to seek help from the VA. The VA doesn’t create homeless and kill Veterans. Crime me a river with your blasphemy.

      1. Throwing more $$$ at the VA is pearls to swine. If you truly believe otherwise you either are a funny hatter or work for the VA. Or both.

  13. people who cant wait to shit on the cake and bring politics into it? Sort of like you just did with your post?

  14. So many blaming others when the fact remains that Trump has been the only one to institute a committee of his rich cronies to oversee the VA from maralago and neglected to name a a proper administrator or secretary. He could care less if the VA is broken. He’ll keep supposing money out of it as long as no one can see any financial records. I just applied for a va loan and despite the fact that I paid all the costs for va appraisal, va funding, va service, etc. the va turned around and appraised the property for less and the fees aren’t returned to any vet regardless of disability status. This should t be about politics but there are a few who can’t wait to shit on the cake by bringing politics into it and disregarding the bigger picture, veterans are being fucked…

    1. You got that right, Gus. For a guy who constantly says he “has nothing to hide” I cannot help but observe that he uses every means available to keep as much hidden as possible.

  15. The Coatesville VA in Pa. The caseworker who are no for the vet will take the family to court so they can take care of his Benfit. Leaving them with no income also there social Security benefits away from the family they now have both income going directly to the VA and if you marry a vet they take you to court and say that he’s incompetent and did not know that he was getting married so they try to undo your marriage even though your Social Security and everything shows proof and your license show proof that you are married they will try to undo everything the Coatesville VA is the worst place you can go they do not keep outside doctors appointments they treat veterans disability disability veterans like children and their income that they have they do not allow them to spend the money at all but yet still they make them sign their name on their checks but we’ll go to court and tell the court that you either marry them for the money or the family is not doing anything but wasting their money so what do you do all these veterans want is to live and be happy with their family and they’re not allowed to do any of that through the VA hospital they need to shut it down.

  16. We veterans have been getting screwed since this government has been formed. Veterans are the pawns in this pathetic excuse of a democracy. What sorry treatment we have received for our sacrifice and those of our families. Does anyone really care other than other vets?

  17. does anyone know if a vet put a class action suit against any entity on the grounds of discrimination against a veteran would appreciate any input

    1. Called today. Got some sorority girl who said sorry cant help you! We only handle VA Malpractice claims. SF-95 cases!

      When I told her I might have An SF-95 Malpractice Claim, due to the VA LISTING TBI IN MY MEDICAL RECORD. THEN WRONGFULLY DENYING IT! She had the gull to ask me; ” Well, are you hurt? No lady! TBI is A big fucking JOKE! NO! My ears just ring, and the left one popps all the fucking time. Permanent pain, and Muscle spasms in the center on my back that Nat Geo February 2015 magazine describes in detail as 12bravos having TBI from being blown up. Her answer. Well I can give you another number. hehe.

      Nobody give two shits. Roger that! Roger MF that! Me Either!

  18. Methinks that pungent urine smell permeates every 89 coats of paint and all 6 generations of VA nepotism at every kind of VA “benefit we served for” at the VA Systemic MessHall Titanic, no exceptions.

  19. I just want to say that this site that Ben runs has been very informative to me and keeps me abreast of events that go unnoticed by MSM outlets. The Vawatchdogtoday is another good example. I wished I had some of Ben’s knowledge back 40 plus years ago when I first started going to the VA. The only way I can describe it, the way it was back then, it was like walking into a “friendly” Vietnamese village and then realizing very suddenly that there’s landmines everywhere!

  20. In the world of employment the 1st is the red chinaese army 2nd is the india railroad and the 3rd is the english health care system all of which are almost broke. The VA will run itself in the ground and then we’ll all get government run health care rather we like it or not. Ran by politicians and bureaucrats at insurances companies. Funded by another sales tax, like Canada only worse.

  21. so what do we do now. These jokers ALWAYS pulling shanagans on us. I want all my money vs home since1992. COME ON HOW MUCH ARE WE SUPPOSED TO TAKE.

  22. All quit the blame game!! President whomever has nothing to do with fault. The VA administration does!! Fix it and get it done ASAP! Them blame the right people.

  23. I want my VA funding fee back with interest TODAY!!! Retired MSgt 26 years service, 90% disabled about to go 100%.

    1. It is not just the VA. The loan writers often collect the fees for themselves. Did you check your finale documents? Pull them and take a look. When I was buying a house, I was told I had to pay the fee. I called the VA to verify and they told me no, I didn’t have to pay it. So two sets of papers were about to be instituted. One signed by me and one forged. I changed loan companies and actually got a better interest rate.

      This case doesn’t apply to the article. I had my 70% rating before I went for the loan in hand. The guys in the article didn’t and their rating decision came after the loan was initiated but with a rating date before the initiation of the loan. Making the VA responsible for the refund.

  24. I have followed Ben for approximately 4 to 5 years and I am with his opinions and the qualified info he has published to the true thankful disabled veterans who desire and need his factual opinions.

    I’am some what disappointed with the personal attacks against one another regarding which President administration caused harm to our veterans. Each of you have put forth great opinions and should join together to fight what’s been done wrong to all Vetrans, especially the Disabled ones.

    Yes, I’m a decorated 100% disabled Vietnam War Veteran that was not given me my Benefits until more that 40 years after I returned from Vietnam (1965-1967)
    I’ve been in three VA Medical facilities had three operation and or Surgical procedures. (In East Orange New Jersey VA, Durham, NC VA and Washington, DC VA since 1967)

    1. DCNORM, yes, some of what you have mentioned here, I have also mentioned which means I agree with you. The more crap that comes down just the more resilency all the veterans develop if most have not already developed it. One point that I additionally want to make is to compare the skills that are developed and exhibited by active duty service members while serving on active duty such as adaptability, honorable leadership, and the fighting to infinity to protect our country and each other. Problem solving on the feet strategically. Military Bearing. Respect for Authority. Standing Tall with the display of PRIDE from being given the opportunity to serve our great country called the “United States of America.” The big words called “PATRIOTISM” “FREEDOMS” ‘LIFE” “HONORING the FALLEN” & “HONORING the HEROES”.
      I am making a point here. When you compare the skills of a military veteran and a civilian lawmaker, they do not compare. Though, the lawmakers demean veterans by making it difficult for any veteran to access any resource. Lawmakers claim they are so bright and so intellectual. My point is that a military veteran has more to offer based on what they have endured than any civilian Liberal lawmaker. Veterans have experienced tasks required of them while serving on active duty that only a handful of civilians will ever experience during a lifetime. But, yet, many veterans are crapped on like they are nobody. Many government officials have forgotten where they come from and even how they are positioned in their professions that they are currently employed in. If it were not for the American soldiers over the years, these lawmakers who are stepping all over veterans today most certainly would not have their gold mines that they claim to experience today. Though, the situation does not just involve government officials. Many hoodwinking situations also involve these big ass companies. These companies have become so big that communication is lacking, accountability is limited, and very little gets accomplished that leads to any quality service being delivered to the American consumer. Going back to the comparisons of the skill levels of the military service members to the civilians, the only civilian during recent days who is really comparable to a military veteran is Tiger Woods. With what he endured with coming out on top with defeating all the forces against him, his experiences are similar to the American veterans. Reason why I am speaking about all of this is many veterans in my opinion are not given credit where credit is due. Referring to how the VA shafts veterans and how many companies in the private sector are involved in their defraud game 24 hours a day towards the American citizens. Unbelievable. The insane politicians desire to destroy this country along with the American citizens. Do all of you realize that China wants to live under our Capitalist system? Under our laws? Under our freedoms? They want to improve their low income people to become middle class people. Yes, they do believe it or not. They just have not expanded enough of their political power to make the change. Really, all they care about is big tech. I am ending with this because I wanted to illustrate a comparative image between our country and China. Many of the American government officials who are not aligned with this current President wants to destroy this country to become like China. But, yet, China wants to live like we do under the economic system of “CAPITALISM.” Free market choice solutions in which the VA rejects. Let me be quiet. Best.

      1. and your big message of crying us all a river has nothing to do with this article. Your capitalistic speech was a huge 2 minutes waste of my life. Thank you for wasting all of our time.

  25. What a disgrace the VA needs to fix this immediately how embarrassing for the VA when this has to been going on for several years!

  26. Wow the VA rips off Veterans, what a shock. It doesnt matter the potus we get screwed everyday. I have been almost killed twice waited months and years for appointments, have been denied care and all anyone does is point fingers. Let vets run the va. We cant screw up any worse than civilians. I do think we would have less dead parking lot Vets

    1. Believe it or not, it is mostly vets running the VA and screwing veterans. Problem is, once they get theirs, everyone else is a malingerer to them. And why should they worry about your appointment as long as they get theirs. Even when we had Derwinski in a wheel chair, it wasn’t any different. Wake up and smell the roses. The bankers are not coming to your door with a bribe because you aren’t in a position to feather their nest by moving human care resources on the military budget to hardware purchase that will push up the bankers’ holdings in the military industrial complex.

      1. @Lem – – – One of the most truthful posts ever posted to this board. Especially with regards to the VBA side of the house.

      2. Suppose a POTUS gave a war, say. Oh I dunno a cadet heelspurs like trump and no one came?

      3. Horatio Hornblower, pull your head out of your ass. A Bone Spur even today is more then enough to either keep you out of the Military or force you out if you are active duty and any member of the Military will tell you that. Heck when I went in the receiving station sent over 40 home because of bone spurs. But since you wanted to bring politics into this, at least Trump served in the ROTC, which is far more then Clinton did as he ran away to England to keep from even signing up for the selective service when kissing a 4 star generals ass in trying to not have to register didnt work. And Obama didnt even bother to register and claimed he was a foreign exchange student to get out of registering. Next time bloiwhard, know what the hell you are talking about BEFORE opening your damn pie hole and showing your stupidity!

    2. I think that we should close the VA down and let us go to any provider we want. The VA is bloated with people there that look like they are working, but behind the scenes they are doing a whole lot of nothing. Perfect at wasting the taxpayers dollars and cut rate care. When I go to the VA hospital all I see is foreign doctors that you can’t understand and they want to pump you up with all these experimental drugs to try to kill you. We should do away with the VA and let us see the doctors that we want to see and the VA should pay for it. Just think of all the money the taxpayers would save by getting rid of all of the deadbeat doctors that are trying to kill us off. If you didn’t know it already. There master plan is to send us off to war and if you don’t die then you come back home an the VA gets to kill you with their drugs.

      1. Hah! I always love hearing “let’s shutdown the VA and go to any provider we want.” Insurance companies are the biggest scammers in the world. If that happens then the government won’t back going to doctors who charge $50 for 10 minutes so you’ll now be required to pay co-pays and take more initiative on your own. You think a doctor is going to be available 24 hours for you to call if you have an issue, no. The VA hospitals always have someone available to talk too and an ER always accessible.
        Shut down the VA, you’d eat your words if that happened.

  27. Vets get Blackballed and shafted from traffic court, divorce court, The VA, SSA. Layed off by every employer in between. (Chain of Blue Falcon Command will box you in, then send you memes on it!) Made fun of by older vets! While everyone else makes money off of the sweat off of their backs! This can be summed up as simply, The shaft!

    While everyone else gets PERMOTIONS, Yeaa! “Dilly Dilly.” Not surprised Ben, not surprised! Will I re-enlist for 40k? Gee, let me think really hard about this one! F-NO! Mmmmm, probably NOT! Go the the woods and eat less, and drink more! HONOR, what A f-ing joke! Dilly Dilly. Va will still deny your TBI, and hang signs that say; “Dont forget! PTSD IS MAGICALLY HEALABLE!” haha!

  28. Having been in the so-called v.a. medical system for 15 years, in 7 different v.a. related to my injuries received while on active duty.
    I have been on death lists at v.a. hospitals, subjected to abuse, negligence, incompetence, mal-practice, lies/perjury, theft, and appothy. I have waited years for appointments, treatment (cardiac surgery, spinal cord, chemo therapy, kidney surgeries and more), financial reimbursement (travel, emergency, outside treatment ECT.),
    In the final analysis, knowing the the veterans administration is a failed, emploding enity and more importantly; a typical example of all aspects of american government, does this mean America is following all major powers in the history of our existance like: Persia, grease, Roman empire, French, British, Spanish and now America. Are we finished as a country? Has America now been divided to the point of self destruction? The small amount of Americans who have everything and the vast amount of Americans who almost nothing.
    As I recall, the last time this happened, 150 years ago, 700,000 Americans died, nothing changed. “Senators sons” did not die.

    1. welcome to my world Chris. I have just about finished paying for the 26 operations that the VA demanded I needed and then refused to pay for. Sort of like the left knee replacement I had done on jan 22nd of this year after the hospital received FULL authorization to do the surgery from the VA…and here it is 5 months later and they have not paid a damn dime on the 66,000.00 bill In fact I have received at least 4 sets of bills from the Hospital demanding payment and have had to get an attorney involved as I have told the hospital I am not paying a dime for this as the VA authorized it. You think you have had problems with the VA for 15 years…you are still a youngster. I have been fighting the VA since 1985 (almost 25 years) and this most recent surgery was surgery number 29. And the Doc just told me today that I have a 95% chance of having to have my right knee replaced for the second time (surgery number 30) like my left knee was in January. And then around December there is a good chance I will be spending Christmas and New Years in the hospital as there is a 65% chance they may have to replace my right hip. That would be Surgery #31 and all of these are on my Service Connected 100% Perm and total injuries. So as I said…welcome to my world.

      1. My PCP sent me to the civilian hospital, approximately 3 miles away vs 65 miles to the nearest VHA, because – IF I waited another day or two – I could have DIED!
        The final bill was over $21K! Did the VA pick up the tab? No!
        If I didn’t have Medicare, I’d have been responsible for the whole thing. As it was, my portion of it came to $4K!
        A VA representative said – it doesn’t matter that the PCP sent/authorized me to go! The VA was NOT going to pay!

        So, that explains it ALL in a nutshell. The VA refuses to follow ALL laws, rules and regulations concerning paying their debts!

  29. The VA budget is short. Lots of signs including this one. Avoidance of paying travel pay by not scheduling consults and other nickel dime shorting of vets including the costs of ChampVa and Choice.

    Write your Congressman and tell him/her you are going to vote to throw them out over the VA Budget. Tell your family members.

  30. Veterans who reads this do you believe since the new Secretary of Affairs Robert Wilkes took office Veteran Medical Centers got better?

    1. In my opinion;
      Here’s my opinion as to why;
      There’s too many “little Napoleons” running the system out there! Remember those two lesbians who “gamed the system” and made off with tens of thousands of taxpayers monies. Remember the fuck up out in Aurora, Colorado building that VHA?
      Remember that fuck up down here in Florida on building that VHA at Lake Nona? Or – How about how the VBA is working with Social Security to see if disabled veterans are working and are on IU? (I received a VA letter on that one!)

      I could go on and on and on about how the VA fucks everyone – taxpayers and veterans – every fuckin day. There’s lots of other sites out there giving us the bad news.

      Then someone like “Kevin Hilton” and “Steve” comes on here and insults every veteran AND Ben Krause!

      That’s my rant for the day!

    2. Arnold, he is trying. But, a government single payer system in my opinion cannot be improved no matter who is running it or how much money is dumped into it. Particularly when it is 99.99 percent government run. Change it to an agency like Tricare and also enact Medical care insurance policies in the private sector similar to auto insurance policies. Auto insurance policies already pay out financial medical benefits and uninsured motorists benefits to pay for all types of Medical care. Why not expand the process to where veterans and actually all Americans can purchase their own medical insurance policy based on their income? If they do not have it with employers. Even if VHA remained, much of the care should be shifted back to the private sector to open up the market which would ultimately reduce costs and increase quality by adding competition. Big never means better. It just means control over, high costs, and poor quality with no choices. Best.

  31. Current regulations and laws ! In other words, loopholes ! The va will rush to find a loophole, if not they will make some excuse.

    Remember a loophole, was made by the president to Purge 2000 veterans disability claims.

    Purge sounds like Genocide ! The president and the va should be thrown out.

    1. How about the “loop hole” Obama used to move monies from the choice program to help illegal immigrants and muslims!

      1. Yep agree with you, Crazy Elf. You are correct. Actually, also, that is was Speaker Paul Ryan who removed VA funds meant for veterans to give to illegal immigrants. Seems like the law does not matter anymore. Only when it benefits them. Case and point Democrats trying to use Constitution to destroy the Constitution.

  32. Are you a Veteran? Anyone can write a boo on How to use Veteran Programs and become an “Expert” but it does not Matter unless you are a True Veteran. Are you one, Benjamin Krause? It seems you are doing things at the expense of Veterans but if you never served, you don’t have our Best interest at Hand, Regardless of what you say. I am a Veteran, ” I walked the Walk and I Talk the Talk”, Can you honestly say That? Let’s don;t “Hide behind I’m too busy to answer this comment or Never saw it because he is a Nobody Veteran! I see your “Face” all over the place claiming to be the EXPERT on All things Veteran, But were you. Are you a True Veteran that walked a Mile in Our shoes or are you a Phony who just Pretends to Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk just to Get Rich and Make themselves look Good?

    Kevin Hilton

    1. Ben is an Air Force veteran. He’s also;
      1.) One of the people who helped uncover the “TBI Scandal”, the VA was perpetrating against veterans.
      2.) He used the GI Bill to earn his law degree!
      You really need to back off.

      1. P.S.
        I’m also a disabled combat veteran! I’m 100% T&P Disabled due to injuries received while in two military branches – U.S.Army and U.S.Navy!
        Two tours Vietnam (1965 and again in 1968) and the “Extraction of civilians being held captive by Hezbollah” (1976)!

        So what have you done?

      2. A person having a law degree does not necessarily mean the person having the law degree represents principles, conviction, and what is right by the veterans. Or anyone for that matter. Yes, Benjamin is a Air Force veteran and he has a law degree in which over 300 thousand dollars was spent on his programs by the VA Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation program. See he had to learn the law himself to be able to hold the VA accountable for his training. Otherwise, the VA Voc Rehab would have stepped all over him too. His efforts are commendable. But getting to the point here, Benjamin is jumping on the bandwagon against someone, though it seems, of whom is trying to deliver to and for the American people. But, Benjamin seems to have joined the political forces against someone who is trying to improve all and not destroy. Benjamin seems to be putting blame where blame is not due.

    2. @Kevin Hilton – – – Engage your Brain Housing Group before unleashing your Alligator Feces Mouth. Benjamin Krause is not only a United States Air Force Veteran, he successfully fought the VA (and won) to use his Chapter 31 Voc Rehab benefits to complete and obtain his Juris Doctor Degree. Since that time, he has tirelessly been an advocate for veterans rights.

      You really should do some research before demonstrating your ignorance so publicly by making such a stupid comment.

      1973 – 1976 USMC
      1978 – 1993 USN

    3. What a Moran, virtue signaling vets suppressing the freedom to speak
      Usn never again

  33. I guess you are like the rest of the real bigots and saying the Trump crime family isn’t mafia or bunch of Nazi’s! Enjoy your little time in the sun as like with Hitler this will assure never again!

    1. I guess you never read my comment thoroughly. I put four other presidents names on it as well.
      And, since Ben wrote about how it began, or was first recorded, in ~2014~ – just who do you think was POTUS then!

    2. And I guess you have just proved that you are a dumbass. Trump wasnt president in 2014 you stupid shit. Go play with your coloring books snowflake as nobody wants someone with as low bigoted intelligence as you seemingly have, anywhere near a computer.

      1. Hey, Dan
        My wife says people like Steve needs a pacifier or coloring book with lots of crayons.
        His “reading comprehension” is severely lacking! 2014 was one year before Trump declared his candidacy! How can President Trump be responsible? Well, snowflakes blame everything on President Trump!

  34. Since the officials have known about this since 2014 (Obama’s administration) and no one took care of it. Why would it look bad for President Trump?
    Think of it like this. How many in the upper echelon of the VA, in Washington and all of the districts, actually are doing their jobs? Very few! As a matter of fact. I believe there’s a bunch of thieves AND liars running the VA! Because, where’s ALL the taxpayer’s money going? When was the last time a federal audit by an honest group took place? So many damn questions and no damn answers. Because the VA is a crime family all on its own!

    1. P.S.
      Since they knew about it in 2014, it probably goes back a lot further. Did Bush, Clinton or Bush know about it? Makes one wonder!

    2. Benjamin, the VA was screwing veterans long before President Trump. So you cannot blame this on President Trump. The screwing is across the board. It is not just the VA. All happening long before Trump. Just to inform you the more crap that the VA delivers the greater degree of resilency that the veterans develop if they do not already have it.

      1. Specifically, every administration since President Washington’s and the Revolutionary War Warrants. Post Civil War, Section 4, of the 14th was intended to end that but the Courts essentially wrote that section out of the 14th as far as veterans are concerned. And it is still out.

      2. It you doing all the paper work and VA represent get pay while you do all that paper chasing

      3. Benjamin, I love our country. ?????️ I do not like what our institutions are involved in with trying to destroy the United States and it’s citizens. The VA is one of those institutions as well in how it has tried at every turn to cheat and throw the veterans under the bus. I have read in Ben’s blog on how the VA home loan program has not paid back the veterans who have paid for their own housing appraisal expenses and other expenses. This is totally pathetic. This happened to my mom’s brother or my uncle who recently passed last fall. He was just a few years older than me. My mom is in her 80s and still kicking strong. Anyway, he was a ?% rated SC veteran. Well, the VA home loan program screwed him terribly. I witnessed it. Yes and yes. Just like how I watched them destroy him well before his time. Yes and yes. From what I witnessed over the years from how they treated him, I do not care if I ever step foot back in another VA facility. Yes, he had issues. But, the VA was not about delivering healing and health. The VA was about nursing him to the grave well before his time. I can point out how this happened but I will not in this blog. If you want to further hear how disgusting the VA is, the VA did not pay one dime towards his funeral. Remember, Ben, the VA has burial assistance offered at different levels of financial assistance. Honestly, I would not care if the Trump administration or any future administration chose to shutdown the VA. Because it has become just a money laundering agency and with not serving in the veterans’ best interest in many cases. Delivering very little towards the goodwill of the veteran community.

    3. It you doing all the paper work and VA represent get pay while you do all that paper chasing

    4. Benjamin, this is not the only issue. But, all the blame does not point directly to the President when he has every Democrat Socialist trying to destroy the country and when he has almost all Republicans working against him except most of the Freedom Caucus Republicans. When is the blame ever directed at the Democrats who are actually responsible for this crap? Along with the previous Republican Congress under Former President Obama. Yes. Folks let me give you another issue left from the Obama administration which is among many. How about the Prime Rate? Back during the Obama administration, they included the credit card interest rates with investments. So tell me what does credit card interest rates have to do with investments? People who have excellent credit and who pay their bills are getting penalized due to the Obama administration having combing them. Federal Reserve trying to thwart the economic growth. So Benjamin, here is you another issue that has been not been dealt with. President Trump needs more than himself and a handful of Republicans to assist him to correct all this corruption. Benjamin, if it had been left up to Obama and into the hands of Hillary Clinton, the VA would have already collapsed along with the rest of the country. Would have been potential facts-No job-No hidden company assets brought back into the country-no GDP surplus in some states- and the list goes on.

      1. Sounds like someone loves to regurgitate FOX news with no original thoughts of their own…

    5. It really doesn’t matter who is to blame for this rip off. As an attorney, Mr. Krause and an Advocate for Veterans, YOU should be heading up
      a Class Action Law Suit against the VA to pay the Vets who got SCREWED THE MONIES THEY ARE OWED — PLUS INTEREST.
      So, get to work. Respectfully, Maurice (BWNVV).

    6. Benjamin, nope not at all surprised about the VBA Chief of Staff. Same song just a different day. With how the VA has thrown the veterans under the bus in the home loan issue is truly disgraceful. Best.

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