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VA OIG: Roanoke VA Illegally Closed 84% Of Appeals In Bonus Fraud Scheme

A new VA OIG investigation concluded employees at Roanoke VA Regional Office falsified appeals numbers and illegally closed 84% of appeals.

The employees were blamed while Roanoke VA executive leadership claimed they had no knowledge of the widespread fraud. This is an all too common theme here where employees are scapegoated while executives evade accountability despite financially profiting from the fraud scheme due to artificially inflated performance numbers.

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Roanoke VA Regional Office Fraud

According to the VA OIG summary:

Review of Alleged Appeals Data Manipulation at the VA Regional Office, Roanoke, Virginia

OIG received an anonymous allegation that Veterans Service Center (VSC) staff at the Roanoke VA Regional Office (VARO) combined appeals to lower the pending inventory and achieve production goals by entering incorrect data into VA’s electronic system. OIG reviewed 331 appeal records that were closed indicating they were withdrawn by appellants. OIG determined 278 were improperly closed because the electronic record did not contain any evidence of a withdrawal request by the appellant. In 276 of the 278 closed appeal records, the pending issues were merged with other open appeal records. In two cases, appeals management and staff failed to add all pending issues to other open appeal records. Both of these appeal records were reactivated as a result of OIG’s review.

Merging issues into one record was a longstanding practice at the Roanoke VARO to reduce the pending workload. VARO and VSC management were unaware of this practice, and appeals managers knew of it but were unaware of its full impact. Merging appeal records gave a false impression that the appeals inventory decreased. Subsequently, the reported statistics for the number of pending and completed appeals at the Roanoke VARO were inaccurate, and the associated timeliness measurements were unreliable. OIG could not determine what the VARO’s actual statistics should have been since staff appeared to have been following this guidance from at least September 2008.

OIG recommended the Roanoke VARO Director conduct a review to identify prematurely closed appeal records and confer with appropriate Veterans Benefits Administration officials to determine the proper corrective actions to take, if any. OIG also recommended the Director confer with regional counsel to determine what steps to take, if any, with regard to management or staff involved in the conduct discussed in this report. The VARO Director concurred with our recommendations and planned corrective actions are responsive.

How long before DOJ starts to prosecute federal executives personally profiting from fraud schemes by subordinates? While the excerpt does not directly acknowledge the impact on bonuses, the American public know the truth.


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  1. we older veterans know to well how the VA regional has been cooking the books in one way or the other in dealing with claims. Many of us have had our claims deemed destroyed in the saint louis fire that occurred in May of 1973,

    I was one of them, the VA regional office told me this story time and time again that my official military records were destroyed in this fire.

    Only after finding an attorney did he and I find out that I had been lied to, I was not told the fire occurred in May of 1973 and my official military records could have not been destroyed in the fire, Because I was discharged in October of 1973 ! 5 months after the fire.

    So it took a lawyer to catch them and me not knowing when the month when the fire occurred and got fed up fighting something I could never win on my own as all my proof was in those official military records. So me not appealing all of these denials and my claim Lapsed. I lost out on all my Treatment for ptsd and traumatic brain injury for over forty years.

    I have not filed an appeal to the VA regional office until I can find an attorney who is willing to take my case and file for me. we only get one chance at the clear and unmistakable error appeal.

    does anyone know an attorney that will help a veteran file these appeals. I am willing to pay them 25% of what ever they collect for me, that would be a good payday for me and the attorney.

    Did you folks read where Secretary Shulkin was caught trying to take away 450 million dollars from the homeless program and after being caught, he back tracked and said this will not be done.

  2. I must ask how many of you have used facebook to fight back ! Does anyone need help on how to use facebook to fight back. One thing I learned is when you reply to a news story on face book and if you want the world to see your posts you must make sure you go to your facebook page and choose the option for the Public and share your story that way.

    I believe if enough use facebook to reply to these stories are combined voices might be heard, or at the least they will know we know and we never know who will read our posts and something done.

    Ben does a great job on this site for veterans and we as veterans must use what ever we can to get the word out ! who knows someone may help us, they can not say they did not know what you have been through.

    At the same time we must be responsible and stay on subject and not curse and rave, must state our point and how we may have suggestions on how to help other veterans and at the same time invite other veterans to join this group, Cant hurt to use the media to advance our cause.

  3. These people have been beating the system for many years and nothing seems to be done about the problem. The entire Department of Veterans Affairs needs to be scrutinized from top to bottom terminating non performers. Most of the management team would never make it past an interview in the private sector. Other than military if I see former fed government background they don’t get the initial interview.

    The AFGE poor performing employees are a result of poor management. The managers are way too weak or lazy with very few versed in the union contract. That’s why many of the terminations that do happen are reversed. It’s like a never ending self feeding cesspool of corruption where the inmates rule.

  4. I dont believe there is much use in commenting on this as long as anyone with oversight authority continues to ignore the blatant fraud and theft going on.

    Clearly management knew this was wrong or there wouldn’t have been a whistle blower, but if managers are not going to jail over this, what’s the point of bitching about it.

    1. @91Veteran- I know I’ve said this before and will restate: The only logical answer left is the obvious one and that’s the VA is left a total train wreck on purpose, by design, one big septic sludge-slush fund in the American Swamp. I’ve lost all patience on Trump and Shulkin has shown his crocodile tears and indifference to fires ongoing…they simply could give a flying fuck.

      1. It goes from the top, down. To state that there was no knowledge of wrongdoing, exhibits clear incompetence of Leadership.
        From Trump appointing previous Administration holdovers and permitting business as usual, allows the infection to grow. And grow, it will.
        If he has the balls to Tweet “You’re fired”, to Shulkin, it might be a start. Maybe.
        In the meantime, we all die off….

      2. I can’t figure it out nam. I can’t fathom why so many in the House and Senate do not give a damn about some of the thieving, corruption, fraud and lawbreaking going on in any agency let alone the VA.

        You would think some of them would throw a few bones at their constituents to try and fake a little that they give shit, but they don’t even do that.

  5. Claims are federal records and documents. Illegal altering of federal records is a violation of U.S. Code § 1519, to wit: Whoever knowingly alters, destroys, mutilates, conceals, covers up, falsifies, or makes a false entry in any record, document, or tangible object with the intent to impede, obstruct, or influence the investigation or proper administration of any matter within the jurisdiction of any department or agency of the United States or any case filed under title 11, or in relation to or contemplation of any such matter or case, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both. Somebody call the FBI

    1. All that is awesome Don.

      Now if we could just find anyone with the nuts to investigate and prosecute.

      I fully understand lazy, incompetent, shitbags in an organization not doing their jobs, but what can anyone do against lazy, incompetent shitbags in Congress that are worse?

      There is a reason that Ben can write different columns daily showing VA shitbags screwing over hundreds of vets. Its because they know full well there are zero consequences for their actions.

      Veterans talk of protesting at VA hospitals. I think its a wasted effort at this point. Veterans need to be protesting 2 people. Johnny Stairmaster Isakson, and Dr. Phil LittleBag Roe.

      1. 91Veteran,
        I just finished watching two videos of Wray, the head of the FBI, testifying in front of the judiciary committee.
        The first one was where Rep. Gowdy “roasts wray!” It’s about how Stroxk, the FBI’s superman agent, was involved in LOTS of bullshit concerning how democrats got away with everything.
        The second one was where Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Oh) questioned Wray over how Stroxk was involved in everything. Only Jordan went further by wanting to know IF Stroxk was the one who used the Fake dossier to obtain the FISA warrant to spy on Americans?! WRAY REFUSED TO ANSWER HIM!
        That’s what we have in the FBI. A bunch of reprobates not interested in the truth or justice. Contacting the FBI or DOJ or OIG would be useless! They’re all politicized to gain only two things – taxpayers monies and power for themselves! This is why, in my opinion, the VA will continue to be a “den of inequity” until it’s completely shut down!

        I really do hate to have that sad opinion!

      2. Thanks Crazy Elf. It gets a little frustrating seeing the VA crap here day after day with nothing being done about it. Your comment explains a little more about why.

        I’ve read a bit about Wray, Rosenstein, Strzok and many of these other hacks held over, and your comment explains why some of this is still going on months after Trump was inaugurated. I thought after about 6-9 months of bloodsport of trying to take out Trumps people, things would settle down. Given how deeply dug in some of these hacks like Strzok are, it will take a bit of time to weed them out.

        Meanwhile, its thieving as usual in the VA.

        If RINOs in Congress (other than Gowdy or Jordan) enjoy watching Trump twist while agencies fall apart, they have no clue about the long term damage done to the country by ignoring crap like what Strzok pulled.

        But then, it should have been clear to see when they allowed Obama to weaponize the IRS against political opponents, simply because those RINOs also didn’t like the same people.

    2. Better yet fiel a writ of mandamus to get it on the record. Peter K, who said his daughter’s claim was dumped can file charges against the signatory of the letter and against the person who dumped the file.

    3. Dear Friends, and Veterans. To Whom It May Concern:
      1. You can start with the Akron Ohio VA Waterloo Road, and the Ohio VA
      These three:
      1. Eric Canna Akron Ohio VA Non Veteran Catholic who stated, and said,
      2. Pamela Sue Sherer Akron Ohio VA Non Veteran Catholic
      3. PETER M BARACH Wade Park Cleveland Ohio VA Non Veteran (draft dodger 1970-1973) Jewish NPI #1396773610 Ohio License No. 3280 Ohio The VAs LAPDOG. The VAs “Forensic Whore”, The VAs “Forensic Prostitute”. Peter M Barach “The Draft Dodger” Engaging in Forensic Fraud by creating 20 page C and P exam on Disabled Former soldiers and injured veterans.

      2. PETER M. BARACH Lying for 20 plus pages and creating “false narratives” by “Cherry Picking” medical notes from another Non Veteran Catholic Draft Dodger (1964-1973) Lancaster Pennsylvania. Before you even enter a C and P exam with PETER M BARACH he pre-types “Cherry Picked” medical notes, creating a complete lie. This shitbag lies often and a lot, Peter M. Barach. Peter M Barach then hurry ups and throw this sick shit right in front of the DRO Judges Decision Review Officers in Cleveland Ohio. He is paid tens-of-thousands of dollars, if NOT hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to do these “HATCHET JOBS” and sabotage deserving injured veterans and disabled former soldiers of their claims.

      3. Peter M. Barach NPI#1396773610 Ohio License No.3280 Ohio Non Veteran Jewish Draft Dodger 1970-1973. Also retaliates against injured vets, and disabled former soldeirs when the vulnerable veterans contact their Ohio state reps, Senator Sherrod Brown Ohio, Senator Rob Portman Ohio, and Congressman Tim Ryan Ohio. Not does he lie in VA medical notes, and take these false reports and quickly throw them into veterans VA files in Ohio. But he harasses the veterans and badgers the veterans in C and P Exams. He miss quotes the veterans, and copies private medical recors from private doctors “Independent Medical Exams” directing manipulating other private doctors medical reports. Again, he lies often and a lot.

      4. Peter M. Barach, claims on this C and P Exams that he “has no ties to the VA and is objective”. Peter M. Barach “The Forensic Whore” even goes so far as to put this direct quote on his lengthy “Cherry Picking” C and P, that are only favorable to the VA. If Peter M. Barach Wade Park Louis Stokes VA Cleveland Ohio has no ties to the VA. Then why does he have two supervisors,
      1. Diana Johnson
      2. Ellery Smith Parma VA Ohio Phone 216-739-7000 Ex 2509, who was called. And for 30 minutes on Oct 3 2017 explained with great details exactly what PETER M. BARACH was doing, and had done with direct evidence. It is believe, Ellery Smith Supervisor VA is NOT documenting this wrong doing, and only shooting emails of warning back and fourth

      5. Some of these emails and phone call are going to the medical director SUSAN M FURHRER (Asst Jeff McPeak phone#216-791-3800 Ex4070) of the VA Hospital in Cleveland Ohio, and these shooting of emails of warning are going back and fourth to Peter M. Barach 2nd supervisor, Diana Jonhson (or she is simply making phone calls of warning). But again, Peter M Barach lies and says he has ties to the VA, but yet he has two supervisor and an office at the VA Cleveland Ohio. In all cases and complaints. Nothing has been documented about this paid gun and “GATE KEEPER” PETER M. BARACH who is defrauding the disabled former soldiers and sabotaging injured vets claims for earned benefits.

      6. PETER M. BARACH’s VA wrong doing, out right lies, unethical behavior, Forensic Fraud, and misrepresentation of the VA in Ohio, and his misrepresentation of injured vets, and disabled former soldiers. Still nothing has been done. The White Hot VA Hotline is aware of this in great detail, and Senator Sherrod Brown Ohio, Senator Rob Portman Ohio and Congressman Tim Ryan Ohio are all aware of Peter M. Barach extensive and detailed medical misconduct at the VA. But nothing appears to be documented on his medical misconduct at the VA in Ohio.

      7. Peter M. Barach claims “to NOT HAVE ANY TIES TO THE VA Cleveland Ohio” and states “I AM OBJECTIVE. Yet this monster grew up across the street from the VA in Cleveland Ohio in SHAKERS HEIGHT OHIO. PETER M. BARACH has family members working for the VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio. In Fact NON VETERAN Jewish Family members working in the same dept at the VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio. This in itself is fraud. Peter M. Barach again lies, and misrepresent the VA, and he misrepresents vulnerable veterans and former disabled soldiers.

      8. In a three hour testimony with expert witnesses in Cleveland Ohio to a DRO Judge (Decision Review Officer) Face to Face meeting this is explained, everything in great detail in May 2017. This non sense Peter M Barach and “Forensic Fraud” is explained, with evidence. At the meeting, senator Sherrod Brown Ohio, and Senator Rob Portman Ohio letters are submitted to the DRO Judge of protest. Requestiong Peter M Barach sickness be thrown out of the record, and VA record all together.

      9. At the DRO Judge (Decision Review Officer) face to face meeting May 2017 private medical records are submitted. A second fully developed claims is handed to the DRO Judge. at the May 2017 face to face meeting. A Private Medical Exam is submitted to include:
      1. A 2nd DBQ form, The 1st DBQ form was submitted, and conducted with extensive medical notes by two very good licensed doctors in ohio. This was prior to entering the VA in Ohio Akron Clinic in 2014 to 2015.
      2. An origins of disease report 5 pages long citing medical lit, research and the DSM V. Actually submitted after the DRO Meeting May 2017 due to the fact, WE were afraid this psychopath PETER M BARACH would copy that also.
      3. MMPI 5 page social history of injury was submitted, cross matching all legal testimony and in service medical nontes.
      4. A Nexus letter was submitted.
      Extensive Cobborative Evidence and testimony was submitted.

      10. In addition, VA DIRECTOR TONY MILONS CLEVELAND OHIO VA was sent by FAX all material from CONGRESSMAN TIM RYAN Ohio office Warren Office by asst MATT VADAS. This was all submitted right after the DRO Meeting in May 2017. There still has been NO answer from VA Director Tony Milons in Cleveland Ohio. WHo appeared at a meeting in Cleveland Ohio. Requestiong that all injured veterans and disabled former soldiers go get your own PRIVATE MEDICAL EXAMs and get them to me, VA DIRECTOR TONY MILIONS. TONY MILIONS said and stated,
      Well, these full medical reports were FAXd to VA DIRECTOR TONY MILIONS by Congressman Tim Ryans Ohio Office (Matt Vadas asst phone 1-800-856-4152 Warren Office Ohio)
      *It is presumed that these private medical notes are NOT being placed in my VA file. This is illegal.

      11. “Delay to Deny”, and “Develop to Deny” as attoney Chris Attig explains is absolutely illegal.
      For over two years the VSC Veteran Service Center Summit Co Ohio caseworker was re-filing, re-filing, refiling my claims with out my permission and behind my back. Finally I had to obtain an attorney in june of 2016. He obtain my inservice medical notes which were being withhedl from me. And with only one month left (30 days on my appear for a DRO), they finally at the VSO Veterans service Office Summit Co Ohio put in for an appeal for a face to face meeting with a DRO decision review officer in Cleveland Ohio. I mean after all this re-filing, and re-filing my claims for benefits behind my back and without my permission. And finally I had my face to face with a DRO in May of 2017. This I beleive was intentional in order to delay my already extensive amount of medical evidence so give the VA AKron Ohio Waterloo Clinic time to build lying and an alternate bull shit lying story. These two:
      1. Eric Canna VA AKron Ohio Clinic Waterloo Road Non Veteran Catholic
      2. Pamela Sue Sherer VA Akron Ohio Clinic Waterloo Road Non Veteran Catholic
      All build bull shit VA medical notes in the face of overwhelming evidence to my claims for benefits. Attempting to lie, and detract from my in service injuries. Which this is completely illegal, and simply corrupt.

      Anyway. Thanx for your time and understanding. U.S. Army Veteran 88-90, 90-96 and after 9/11 03-05 Third generation u.s. army soldier and vet.

  6. sounds like the process my daughter went through. They dumped her claim after sending out letters for her to comply with days after the effective date.

    1. Yes, for months they told me they didn’t have a response from a certain doctor, when they had it the whole time.

  7. IF it’s occurring in Roanoke, Virginia, y’all know damn well it’s occurring ALL across the country and where ever a VA is located!
    Veterans are fuckin dying because of all the worthless scum pig shit democrats and RINO’s are too lazy OR afraid to do something about the VA!
    The VA employees, from “Shithead Shulkin” ALL the way down to the janitorial services, needs to be FIRED! Those who’ve committed crimes should be in prison!
    For “Shithead Shulkin” to say he’s unaware of the criminal activities committed by those in the VHA side of VA, I have one specific word for him – “BULLSHIT!”
    He was informed of many egregious acts against veterans. That makes him a “LIAR!”


    1. VA DC HQ ARE DOGS IN HEAT FOR THE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ VA BUDGET FOR 2018 186 BILLION $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ SO SEWAGE RATS DONT GIVE A RATS ASS OF DEAD VETS WHY MORE BONOUS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ FOR VA SEWAGE RATS FOR AFGE UNION HELL FOR VETS ITS THE ETERNAL SCREW JOB

  8. All I can say is welcome to the club. At the Detroit Regional VA Offices Detroit Garbage workers found over 250,000 VA files complete with SS and other personal info that someone had just tossed into the garbage, and not one person was disciplined or fired for it. And what makes it worse is that some of these were applications for compensation/ratings

      1. The Prosecutor. Since he had no proof of who did it he said he could not file charges, and the camera was “broken”

  9. “[A new VA OIG investigation concluded employees at Roanoke VA Regional Office falsified appeals numbers and illegally closed 84% of appeals.]”
    How about eliminating 84% of the human meat-sack hacks working in all of VA/VHA and treat the AFGE like the tumor it is and cauterize to prevent it’s return or send AFGE back to the herd of pigs, as I think it’s name is ‘Legion’.

  10. Schemes inside of schemes inside of schemes. The magnitude of diservices, disloyalty, and harm done to veterans is beyond calculation. The fix is in. The People have lost all control of VA and the harm done is beyond reckoning.

    The slimy human trash at VA sacrifice the lives and future of untold scores of individual human beings, veterans of our country, in trade for numbers on a sheet and a bonus check in the mail.

    What fucking bill does good old John McCain want to try now? I say we seed the clouds with fairy dust and hope for the rain to wash away the smell from the Bog of Eternal Stench. I think if we double up on the fairy dust and give it just 9 or 10 more decades of SOLID and FORTHRIGHT, and SERIOUS, legislation then we have a real shot at fixing the place.

    Of course, we could consult with Pape Caterpillar. They have solutions that do not use up valuable fairy dust. As far as legislation? Fuck those guys. Congress is impotent, has chains locked around their nuts, and hands of cash shoved down their pants to keep them all quiet about it. Congress is a whore and not one single fucking one of them is worth the cost of a pubic hair.

    Bend over America, condoms are optional.

    1. Amen, and well said: time to start a REAL REVOLUTION WITHIN THE VA. ARE YOU SHITTING ME?! When I went to the D.C. Regional Office and pounded on the counter demanding to see my file which they said was burned up in fire at St. Louis and I intimidated the clerk into producing the file, the Director took me into his office and admitted that they had been destroying veterans’ files, (off the record he said:) he was wringing his hands cuz he was telling me “What can I do?!”
      So much horseshit, time to organize and throw the bums out.
      Again we need to file thousands of lawsuits in the federal courts for all kinds of bonafide reasons and hold these bastards’ feet to the fire. When I am in the VA hospitals, I intervene on behalf of other vets but they tried that “acting out” shit on me and found out that I was amenable to their taking whatever steps against me that their foolish minibrains could devise, they backed off. I said:
      Come on down, fellas, I need the money….. time to organize and file thousands of lawsuits and WRITS OF MANDAMUS FORCING THEM TO DO THEIR JOBS, …ARREST THE WRONG DOERS, AND PUBLICALY HUMILATE THEIR ASSES. That fat fart who runs the AFGE needs to be run out of town on a rail.
      “Hi diddle diddle right up the middle my fellow vets”

  11. Dear Senator Insane McCain or POTUS or ANYONE: The VA has an inoperable nasty ass cluster of tumors called the AFGE and is fueled by a nonperformance bonus system on the backs of dead or soon-to-be dead Vets. PLEASE HELP US, the enemy is within the borders of the USA, it’s called the clusterfuck of AFGE.

  12. You know when you see/read something in front of you that’s so unbelievable that you feel the need to touch it to see if it’s real? I do that when I talk to stupid people or anything re: the AFGE and VA. YOU FUCKING RAT BASTARDS! “You have made me very angry, very angry indeed”- Marvin The Martian

    1. namnibor,
      I’ve actually had idiots tell me the VA has no union!
      When I explain the VA has two unions, and I name them, they’ve called me a liar.
      At which time, I point out how stupid they are!
      One asshole, while at a VA clinic, said the VA doesn’t have a union. I asked the clerk “Which union do you belong to?” He responded, “The AFGE!”
      Made a complete fool out of the idiot!

  13. “How long before DOJ starts to prosecute federal executives personally profiting from fraud schemes by subordinates?” From past experience; NEVER!!!

    1. Ben,

      If you would get me some names I will file a writ of mandamus to require these sleaze bags to get arrested and prosecuted.

  14. Kiss off VA. Uncompassionate pigs. Bone us no more. Swanking bitches.

    Where’re you our Elected Officials? You’ve got about as much nads as a freshly castrated pig. Frigging Sicko Pukes.


      1. I caught the VA rats red handed denying my claims without reviewing my file. I raised hell. I even reported the incident and gave all the evidence to the FBI. There is absolutely no doubt the VA rats entered information they knew to be false on my denial notification. Two years have gone by and I haven’t heard a peep from the FBI or the DOJ. The government isn’t interested in holding government employees accountable.

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