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VA Whistleblower Locked-Up Over Matrix Memes, FBI Denies 1st Amendment

The Daily Caller just published another story showing how VA continues to stick it to whistleblowers by attacking their credibility, but this one went too far.

A veteran social worker at VA received a scary visit from FBI agency inquiring in her memes she posted on twitter about her whistleblower experience. Rather than the FBI investigating her allegations, they turned their investigation against the whistleblower.

Here, Jamie Fox, a veteran turned social worker at VA, reported wrongdoing that was ignored. As a favor, FBI not only visited, but they triggered her well-known PTSD. After she calmed down and reported for work, a VA criminal investigator called the local police.

The local police then put Fox on 72-hour psych hold even though she was not in the middle of a psychotic episode. “I feel violated,” Fox said of the entire affair. “[The VA] know[s] my vulnerabilities, and they use them against me.”

As a journalist turned attorney, I have heard a ton of stories from veterans and their spouses about whistleblowing as an employee or as a veteran client. The moves tend to be the same each time. Once VA realizes the veteran will not accept their voodoo, the official always move to the next level – – to discredit the unhappy sole.

Usually, VA will lie or mischaracterize details about the person to anyone willing to help with the goal of driving a wedge between the lawmaker or attorney. Once the veteran is discredited to enough people, eventually a rhetorical velocity is created, and the veteran becomes isolated.

Once isolated, the veteran can easily be attacked or marginalized.

From TheDCF On Fox Harassment

According to TheDCF, in italics below:

Fox said her problems began again when she noticed her C-File — a folder created by VA that contains all relevant information on a veteran — could be accessed without authorization. In Fox’s case, it included her psychologist’s notes and other sensitive, personal information.

As Fox kept digging, she learned something even more frightening. “In learning how my former coworkers and managers have continued access to my private and protect information, I learned that the VA computer system called [the Veterans Benefit Management System] VBMS is not secure,” she said.

In a statement prepared on December 3, 2018, Fox said:

The VA cannot keep certain people out of certain people’s files. My former managers and coworkers can pull up all of my records from military, work, medical, etcetera from a laptop in their home and show anyone they want my information. None of my conversations with my doctors are private, including my therapy records.

The VBMS “is the computer system which the VA uses to process VA claims,” Fox explained. “It’s a [Veteran Benefits Administration] VBA system.”

Fox said that employees can access sensitive data from her and other patient files with impunity.

An April 2016 VA Office of Inspector General report supported Fox’s claims, finding that the VBA “failed to integrate suitable audit logs that clearly reported all security violations occurring in VBMS.”

Fox said after months of trying she has still not been given a full accounting of who accessed her C-File.

Fox said that she went everywhere for help, repeatedly hitting brick walls with the intransigent bureaucracy.

“Not only do I have documentary evidence that these people violated laws, including the most recent Whistleblower protection law forbidding coworkers and managers from accessing employees’ private information — I also have a lot of communication with various people including current and former VA leadership regarding all of my fears and pleas for help,” Fox said in the same statement. Frustrated with the process, Fox developed memes based on the Matrix with hopes of turning said memes into a comic book based on her experiences.

She tweeted the memes out starting in March 2018 and continued until the FBI appeared at her home.

Fox continued, “Since July 2017 I have been trying to get help from many people including VA leadership, Office of the Special Council, Office of the Inspector General, Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act, senators, U.S. Representatives, privacy officers, non-profit veterans’ groups and more.”

Now What?

The agency who came to Fox’s home reportedly told her she has no First Amendment right to post memes on her own private Twitter account and demanded she take them down. She apparently capitulated. Hours later, local police showed up at her home while she was at VA working.

She came home to figure out what was happening, and the police locked Fox up in 72-hour psych hold based on what VA said about her. Fantastic.

So what will happen about her whistleblower claims? Are these connected?

The story makes me wonder precisely what these different agencies are developing regarding databases about veterans. Perhaps we should all put in requests?

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  1. 12/17/2018

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    It takes a certain breed a people to go after the authorities.

    One who has PTSD is not set up for the job—many times the case overrides that.

    If you do not have PTSD before such a case—you will have PTSD after the case [your judges having “accidents”, associates being ran over, homes burnt down, lawsuits piling up, income problems, bank account problems, relationships tank, rumors, false statements, etc., etc…].

    Not accepting their “voodoo” is exactly right—-and then comes the Five Ds.

    The FBI is protecting the institution [VA] —that was seen in December of 2016 [Thrown out Cases]—and the reason for FBI Director Comey’s demise.

    One day soon the FBI will have to take another look at what they are really doing.

    The real question here is —-Why did the FBI break protocol? Local Police are suppose to check out the person in question first [First Contact] before Federal Employees make contact.

    And like the Phoenix Police Department they “have nothing to do with Federal Matters.”

    So it seems that Jamie Fox hit a nerve in the IT System.

    Dig deeper into this event.


    Don Karg

  2. It is a VA policy to aggravate those red flagged veterans and get them so pissed off and do something stupid or commit suicide so they don’t have to spend money on them. Dealing with the VA always puts a black cloud of gloom over me. Can’t even get a pair of glasses that work. I’ve figured this out and the last thing I will let happen is to commit suicide or be depressed… because that’s exactly what they want. Nothing has changed. But I believe in God and put these swamp creatures in His hands. They don’t believe in Him though…yet… . In God I Trust.

  3. They are Paid to Watch “YOU” instead of Spies that are here from other governments…VA Mafia at here very best….

  4. I was working at the VA, U saw something and blew the whistle and was put on leave of absence for 8 mths. I wrote HR complaining and I received a call from the FBI. I was told to watch myself and asked was I going to be a problem. Same everywhere.

  5. Just watched a movie called “The Pledge”!
    It’s almost 2 hrs long. Short synopsis;
    A 16 yr old kid is forced to move from NYC to West Virginia. He’s caught defacing a WWI Statue. And sentenced to 100 hrs community service at a Veterans Home!
    Trust me, brothers and sisters. It’s a great movie. I actually cried at the end. That doesn’t happen with me!

    1. Elf, seen it before, good show.

      PS. Constitutional rights? We have none, I have none.

      The public doesn’t seem to care that we aren’t supposed to have freedom of speech or writing from our own homes due to PC-ness, offending some jerk commie, or exposing some evil then having to face some kind of invasion, set-up, or raid. No freedom of speech from our own homes? I guess most folks aren’t able to see the big picture of it all. No real media, no free speech, all the censoring, etc. This country is FUBAR with very few seemingly giving a damn.

  6. Wow – I had this experience myself but learned my lesson to keep my mouth shut! Well what I meant to say was, after being ostracized and after realizing that it doesn’t matter what proof I have, then I knew it was a lost cause, at least for someone expendable like me.

    So true all of these accusations. This is what happens when (Not only in the VA but everywhere) an organization is not able to fill positions with competent and honorable people. Those positions still need to be filled and they are filled with people that are less so.

    However the pendulum swings both ways and it just takes time and persistence until justice prevails.


    1. Yeah, but sometimes that turd swinging in pendulum just keeps swinging and stinking and requires a helping-hand, so to speak, as goes the VA…a civil revolution…peaceful of course…or was the piecefuls? 😀

    2. Yes a pendulum swings both ways, but at the VA, it only swings one way, their way. What we want is equilibrium, or a balance in the center detent position. VA police operate at the behest of the director.

  7. Chioce 40, retained by the new and improved VA Mission Act, disqualifies all veterans in So.West Louisiana from “Choice”. Drew 40 mile circles around 3 va clinics and a hospital there and filled them in w/a yellow highlighter, SWLA was completely yellow. Bill to change language of choice 40 ignored by congress and died in committee. Can’t get anybody to comment on this, guess I’m next. Can’t find Choice 30 anywhere in VA Mission Act. Most Americans don’t care… VSO’s, and it seems you too, Ben don’t GAF either.

  8. The more i say let’s stick together the more they try to isolate me from anybody i know and i know it’s them because those mothaphuka’s will follow me to see who i’m talking too even if i go into an isolated alley or building reserved only for certain residents! I’m a legitimate businessman trying to get everything done myself.
    speaking of isolation i have two daughters that probably hate my F’ing guts for the lack of toys, gifts or anything that they need because of VA’s Disability Claims Games. We also have abbreviations so
    stop playing DCG’s! ok VSO, VLJ, BVA, VBA, VA, CAVC etc.

  9. Rico act, trial then summary hanging of all senior and middle management shitbags at the va.

    1. Be careful they might put you in the “fudiciary” program and say you can’t handle spending your own benefits!
      I know “STOOPIDSZHITT” right? but they look for anything negative from us and that’s when they hire someone to live with you and steal your phukin’ money.

  10. As I’ve looked through my VA C&P file trying to make a 3.154 claim, I realize I’ve been given the “whistle blower” treatment. I’m hoping to get good judges at the CAVC or the CAFC. The 3.154 claim is at the 10th circuit because through district court was the only way I thought I could get discovery. Now I find out I can file at the Federal Claims Court and appeal directly to the CAVC. And the 10th may deny on the grounds of lack of Jurisdiction if they don’t find on the Constitutional Challenges I’ve made under Section 4 of the 14th, the 5th and 7th Amendments

  11. @VA FUCK YOU!

    This article shows no veteran, at least in the minds of VA employees, have any Constitutional Rights!

    1. Be careful they might put you in the “fudiciary” program and say you can’t handle spending your own benefits!
      I know “STOOPIDSZHITT” right? but they look for anything negative from us and that’s when they hire someone to live with you and steal your phukin’ money.

  12. Isn’t being a target for “gas-lighting,” “gang-stalking,” “bait n switch,” “Rules for Radicals,” “psyops,” by officials, the Gov, and VA staff/unions/activist…the whole corrupted sheebang… fun? That is the way of life today against some people forced to fight the herds is to totally destroy them, ruin their reputation/character/credibility, spread all the gossip and claims possible to ‘isolate’ certain people so others are free to continue on with the attacks…label them, or kill the target off somehow. Try to burn us out and much more? Being totally “isolated” is nothing compared to being totally ignored by everyone out there to being totally black-balled by an entire community including the politicians, state agencies, Feds, media, civilian health care, other unions like the IBEW/health care association thugs to many others, (Progressive) Chambers of Commerce, ALL, so it’s difficult to do any kind of business in the area, to not being able to function or attain the basic human rights/protections or freedoms we are supposed to have in this country. How is that for catching some flak for hovering over the enemies that-be trying to expose it all or any small part of it to trying to defend yourself? I say to Fox, welcome to the club, newbie. And with a question with her being in grand ole ruined bleeding heart corrupt Californeee. Where’s all that help from the “feminist,” their all powerful ACLU, or Marx Fem celebs???

    People will learn… if aware or already been there. If in the end forced to go public as possible. We have NO privacy in this country. They can and will ruin us one by one or in groups. No legal recourse against the plethora of enemies and the corrupt out there. Can’t trust anyone, period. Multitudes of types and kinds of humans have access to our files, voting records, to inserting whatever they damn well please in our records of any kind. Think the insiders and workers are going to object or join the herd and group-think? ‘They’ can screw with you any way they desire legally or illegally and with a free pass by all connected or involved.

  13. For those not wanting to white list given links to Daily Caller (pop-ups blocking the article) and wish to read the article.

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