Corrine Brown

Was Corrine Brown Indictment Linked To Clinton Evasion?

Corrine Brown

A criminal indictment resulted in the lead Democrat, Corrine Brown, stepping down from her role as minority head of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs last week.

The FBI said the Congresswoman in question raised over $800,000 in donations for a charity she was linked to while scholarships from that charity only amounted to $1,200.

Doesn’t the ratio of this amount sound strikingly like the $100k donated by a VA attorney’s nonprofit that actually raised over $7 million going to mystery corporations? Few dollars are going to those who are the most needy, and DC fat cats are getting away with massive skimming schemes.

At least except for this case of Corrine Brown, a Congresswoman from Florida. Apparently skimming off donations is a lucrative scam run by more than one DC insider.

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Corrine Brown (D-Fl) announced last week that she would step down following her criminal indictment for fraud last week linked to her nonprofit.

Like Clinton, she was investigated by the feds. However, Brown was pinched following the investigation, whereas Clinton was given a get out of jail free card despite gross negligence findings from FBI.

The timing seemed interesting to me and made me wonder about how exactly this one was worked out behind the scenes. It is not often you see such a high ranking member of Congress taken out over such a seemingly small amount of money, here about $800k.

Meanwhile, during the same week, Clinton was given a gimme despite many questionable practices being investigated including potential money laundering of her Clinton Foundation in the multiples of millions of dollars.

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Was Brown one of many the Clintons plan to sell out to evade accountability prior to the election cycle? The timing of the indictment is certainly curious, especially given the small sums of money involved when compared to Clinton’s huge billion-dollar foundation.

The timing is certainly curious.

Federal law enforcement had this to say about Corrine Brown’s 22-count fraud and conspiracy indictment. Richard Weber, IRS Criminal Investigator said:

“Congresswoman Brown and her chief of staff are alleged to have used the Congresswoman’s official position to solicit over $800,000 in donations to a supposed charitable organization, only to use that organization as a personal slush fund.”

“The defendants are alleged to have committed a multitude of criminal violations, including fraudulently receiving and using hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions meant for a nonprofit organization for their own personal and professional benefit. The American public expects and deserves equitable enforcement of our tax laws.”

Personally, I have found Corrine Brown incredibly annoying to watch over the past few years. She rarely seemed on top of the issues, and was frequently confused about the issues despite being on the committee for over two decades.

Curiously, along side Jeff Miller, a Republican Congressman from Florida, she has worked as a leading Democrat for two decades on the same Veterans Affairs committee. And during those two decades, both leadership models have resulted in us having the most broken VA in history.

How could that result occur – both a Democrat and Republican were in leadership roles for over two decades, and the agency they policed become even more broken than ever? Designed to fail?

That aside, Brown has also been an unquestioning supporter of union fraudsters even when evidence fully supported greater accountability for public servants. With Miller stepping down, and Brown being forced out, it will be interesting to see how this change of chairs will impact veterans rights.

What do you think will happen?

Will this result in greater positive change for veterans or will it resemble a mere changing of the chairs on the Titanic?


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  1. I don’t think Brown being indicted has much to do with Clinton other than the FBI possibly saying, “see, no matter what the Clinton fiasco looks like, we’re not a banana republic. The sysem works!”

    Besides, Clinton just screwed with national security whereas Brown cheated the IRS.

    As for timing, the “charity” President plead guilty last March and chose to cooperate. Somehow I think the investigation forced them to take action against Brown. I can’t believe Brown was innocent for so many years and suddenly became corrupted.
    As for Brown being on the VA committee, I get the sense that politicians believe that is not a very prestigious committee anyway. How did she survive so long? By being a good stooge for the AFGE.

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    Your question Ben is what do I think?

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    1. The bird named Killdeer does the exact same thing. They lay their eggs in gravel to camouflage them. The eggs are spotted and look just like rocks.

  3. To all.
    Do y’all remember Rep. Jolly? The Republican from Florida who exposed “Dialing For Dollars” on “60 Minutes”!
    Well, he’s decided NOT to run for office!
    Guess he was told off by others in Congress!?
    Just thought I’d let y’all know!

  4. TRUMP IS KICKING ASS IN A SPEACH NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The VA SCANDAL IS ALL OVER NEWS NO CHOICE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAHHHHHH! GO TRUMP!

    1. I was watching it also but it got cut short by more Black Lives matter stuff in my area. If any one finds a link to his full speech today please post it.

      1. The full speech can be found here on youtube:

        “Donald Trump Veterans Policy Speech 7/11/16 Virginia Beach”
        Posted by LesGrossman2015


      2. YouTube had it (you found it), but one would think any of the several main stream media online sources would have had Trumps Blasting speech on the VA, but I guess they are still very busy dicing and splicing before they tell their version.

        I wonder how much the AFGE/AFL-CIO contributes to the MSM to keep such stories quashed from the news?

        More civil disobedience/cops shot in Michigan as I write….Marshall Law is looming.

      3. The Michigan shooter was an inmate. I guess they have some liberal conceal and carry laws in Michigan if inmates get to carry.

        News says 2 bailiffs fatalities and a Deputy Sheriff was also shoot but is still alive.

        Also I noted that sorry grapes Jeb Bush was doing an MSNBC interview discrediting Trump while Trump was giving his speech in Virginia. What a piece of work Jeb is.

      4. The MSN is acting as if Trump either never even spoke at-length in his speech today that was at least 1/3 ABB about how the VA is letting Veterans down…even before the Michigan shooting event, they are trying to skim over even when talking about Trump’s speech, it’s like…And…Trump talked about the VA. WTF?

        I hope the news cycle somehow plays they hell out of his speech as he said just about everything that needed to be said about the VA to Taxpayers and I am betting a lot of AFGE Folk were busy calling in favors to omit Trump’s beef to his speech…but NOW, the media has Michigan event to focus on and it may be as if Trump said nothing at all.
        One step forward and three backwards. Love my USA but not so much it’s behavior right now. I had a bunch of thugs on motorcycles trying to get me to roll down my windows of car at an off ramp today…I refused to comply, and am safe, made police report. It’s a know blight in that part of city. Gangs. Damn! Not great for PTSD.

      5. I found the full speech on Utube, titled;

        “Full Event: Donald Trump Live Speech on Veterans Reform in Virginia Beach, Virginia (11/7/16) 1PM”

        It started at about the 50 minute mark with Gov. Christy, then Chairman Jeff Miller.
        Mr. Trump first spoke about “our men in blue”!
        Then he turned up the heat on VA. I especially liked his take on McDuck and many others in VA!
        I hope he wins in November! I hope he can change the corruption, waste, fraud and abuse WHICH IS VA!
        I sent it off to my Congressman (John Mica’s office). Maybe he’ll wake the fuck up over VA!

      6. As. Much as Donald trump has belittled minorities and others. !

        And we only have two choices and both will be questionable. !

        If We have to go to hell in a hand basket. I think I would like trump to lead the way. !

        There is going to be a war and millions of Americans are going to loose their lives. !

        Whole. Families are going to be wiped out. Wait and see !

        If it’s not the second coming. We going to wish it was. If our Lord does not intervien. The devil will or is. !

        Hate begets hate ! And that is going to be our down fall. !

      7. Not one damn word on the news about what Trump will do FOR veterans!
        Of course I’m speaking about the three major networks – ABC- CBS and NBC!

        Yet, there was a lot of crap on there about Hit-LIAR-y Klinton, “the Butcher of Benghazi!”

      8. @crazyelf- It’s just as barren of anything Trump said about the VA or what he will do FOR Vets on CNN, FOX, and other networks but the BBC had it.
        I guess a lot of nervous folk made quick phone calls and had deep pockets…sad state of affairs in USA.

    2. I saw nothing on this in the news, so I googled Trumps 10 point plan for veterans. ABC news and Politico cover it, but they summarize the plan in their own words. Huffington Post reduces it to whining that Trump already tried a hotline that failed. ABC news quotes Little Cox whining about privatization.
      I had to scroll to find a blog post that actually listed the 10 points.

  5. Hey Ben. You butt dialed me last month. But on this subject, rest assured that VA will always manage to right itself. Congressfolk can step on their neckties and often get away with it unless they’re fooling around with hookers on a boat named the Monkey Business.
    On a happier note Fort Fumble’s finest VR&E (Seattle) are sending the poohbahs over Wednesday to talk surrender terms on the Ex Writ (16-2098) for my greenhouse. Seems premature. They have until July 24th to answer Meg Bartley’s inquiry.
    Got the nursery painted and equipped? I got a deal on some surplus used VA baby monitors from the Philly VARO. I’ll send you one if you didn’t score at the Baby Shower.

  6. Man, I could use some of that money to pay for my college loans that I am forced to take because the VA won’t help me. I am 100% service connected Veteran and my experience with Voc Rehab and other VA personnel has been disgusting! Where did all that money go? WE need to change this by having Veterans getting benefits that are rightfully theirs.
    I am currently working on my studies for helping Veteran students in a more dynamic and positive way. Student Services for Veterans is what I am talking about…this is where many of our Veterans are denied because the “Gate keepers” decide to hold on and keep the money. Shame on that Congresswoman! I plan to bring this up with our representative, Congressman Beto O’rourke, who is also a member of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs. Thanks for the information Ben. Please let us know what happens…

    1. About 5 years ago, I was trying to find out about getting my vocational rehab in the California workers compensation system. The internet site went straight to Sen. Dianne Feinstein government site and said that voc rehab money was going to the vets coming home from IRAQ & Afghanistan. At the age of 65 I received a letter from the SSA and said I was no longer qualified for rehab because of my age. I didn’t know I could even apply for voc rehab with the SSA but in either case I got nothing and I see that there was not any rehab for me, only now, I see that vets aren’t getting getting their voc rehab either which makes this all very suspect when the state and federal govt state say there are special programs to help us but in effect it’s all just a lie, sham to have an excuse to extract taxes.
      When state and federal officials can funnel money like Rep Corinne Brown who knows Clinton, it all makes me wonder how Clinton got so rich besides getting such highly paid speeches. I think that there is a lot of funneling of money that was promised to us and perhaps money from world catastrophie’s that are going to “officials” who have access to the way of funneling and that would be through COMPUTERS(SELF MAINTAINED COMPUTERS) and that wc, SSA & VETS rehab money is all going to offshore accounts for these officials own enrichment. This of course applies to both sides, Republicans and Democrats but hopefully not all.
      Even the whistle blowing agencies are just another way to know the problems, hide the evidence and then take off with the awards money and it was done to a friend and myself.It happened to us with health care fraud and KPMG.

      What should be done are audits of how and where all of that money came and went but accountability is non existent for several decades and why fraud and corruption is so prolific in our country, in our military and everything in between and that we thought we have all of these states and federal protection agencies for us and THAT ARE paid to states and federal agencies with our tax dollars, to exist, but none of it does not, not for us anyway. We just pay the bills for them to steal it all. So when a new program comes up, to help us, just know it to be another sham to just steal more from us while covering up their crimes against us..

    2. To be young. Some thing’s sound new. The VA has been refusing veterans Their disability for decades. !

      The shread. Misfile. Trash and just lie to veterans. They hope and many do give up trying. !

      Our elected officials gave been out to lunch for year’s. !

      Their main job os to fund raise and are mandated to be on the phone at least 20 hour’s a week. !

      The VA Is out of control and must be rained in. !

      It’s an embarrassment. !

      Many employees should be fired and or arrested for falsifying official record’s. !

      1. An entry into your medical record that is knowingly false and entered for th purpose,of i terfering with the delivery of a federal healthcare product is a criminal violation of the Privcy Act as well as tw other federal regulations.Non VA docs simplyNEVER do that or thir ass would be handed to them.

        I know that nobody will be held,accountable. AFGE has decades of well polished experience shuffling people around and making sure that all the investigationsm golly gee, somehow get botched…

        My hope is this; unlike mst other laws in the land, a criminal violation of the Privacy Act has no statute of limitations. Once guilty of that crime a person is potentially liable for life for prosecution.

        Will i happen. Nope. But it is one faint possibility – every DBC legter entered falsley claiming violence entered to disrupt delivery of a healhcare product is a felony that can collar a person for life. Do I belive it will happen? no. However, the law does exist and a new President hat really wants to effect change does one simple thing;

        He offers a bounty to VHA employees for turning in criminal violations of the Privacy Act or any other law. $5000 for a,verified violation. $10,000 for an arrest, and $100,000 to the VHA employee who provides enough info for a comviction and incarceration.

        $1,000,000 to each VHA employee that proves a VHA employee killed a veteran through sloth, negligence, or criminal incompetance. We might have to offer just $10 per incident of VHA doctors amd staff taking the patients drugs – we might run out of money

      2. As long as there are veterans or an American. There will never be a shortage ? !

        A bounty. Maybe a solution. ! Just like bonous ?. Works for manager’s !

        ? not the problem. Its the management of those monies or lack of management !

        Since our elected officials ate nul hand void. I believe in the very near future. This country as we know it will no longer exist !

        Their. Will be mass murders !

        The writing is on the wall. !

        How. Many crack heads are in our government !

        Must be a lot ! Or their just plain crazy !

  7. brown, during the hearing with Graves, is the one that pointed out to Graves and her partner. Remember to use all you constitutional rights during the hearing and they both plead the 5th !

    Remember, congress is required to complete 30 hours a week on fund raising ! that leaves 10 hours to pick their nose !

    No legal business in the united states, so the name of the game ( is to sham ) people !

    That’s all they do, besides covering up for each other, If the Justice department would check into each Senator and Congressman on their fund raisers, at least 75% would be in Jail !

  8. WHEN Trump wins, and does what he says. The only sound you will hear in the hallowed halls of the Veteran Horror Houses is cricketts and AFGE employees threatening each other. Because the Vets will ALL be gone, I’ll never set foot in one again.

  9. Here is another fine specimen of a scam artist, an ex-Army Lt. Col. fraudulently collecting $ via forgery from Leavenworth and was just on news. These kinds of things makes ALL Vets look bad in the public’s eye and if you do a bit of news digging you will find the VAMC at Leavenworth is experiencing vast fraud and scandal as well.


  10. I see Trump is going to sell out his Veterans Health care plan today.

    “Trump’s focuses on changes in programs for military veterans”
    By Jill Colvin | AP, July 11 at 7:48 AM
    at: “”

    “Under the plan he unveiled then, eligible veterans would be able to bring their veterans’ identification cards to any private doctor or facility that accepts Medicare and be able to receive immediate treatment. The change, he argued, would help improve wait times and services by adding competition.”

    1. Hey, Seymore
      After Trump “…spells out…” his plan, how soon do you think all, or most, of the VSO’s and VA Sec. McDuck, Gibson and Shulkin will he out, IN FORCE, to stop it?

      (Because, they will be losing their gravy train!)

      1. The way they have been so blatantly running the VA into the ground lately in a very public fashion. A sane person would have to bet that McDonald, Gibson and Shulkin are doing it to see the VA changed into something like what the Commission on Care is recommending.

        McDonald would be first in line for a 10 year appointment to a Cabinet Level position in stead of his position as Secretary replaced at will of the president.

        Shulkin would get all the VA Health Care facilities reorganized and fully controlled by the research organizations they are associated with currently and he would also get his Nurses for Doctors bullshit through. With only nurses he would be able to get away with any kind of research those research organizations wanted without having to deal with whistle blowing Doctors. He also wouldn’t have to deal with having to provide care for the Veterans that don’t fit into any ongoing research Study Groups.

        Gibson not sure of his angle yet.

        Lets face it McDonald and Shulkin really do make out on the deal. That is likely why they have been openly running everything into the Ground at the VA.

    2. Seymore,
      Let’s ‘assume’, I do not like that word, McDuck and Shulkin get “10 year appointments” at VA. Couldn’t the next POTUS legally be in a better position to hold them (criminally) responsible for a myriad of crimes against veterans?

    3. Sell out? This is what Trump has proposed right after he asked for veterans input on what is wrong with the VA. I am getting too old to drive 140 miles to get (marginal) health care. I didn’t qualify for the Choice Program because I have a CBOC which is exactly 39 miles from my house, which, by the way, only has a 2 doctors including my PCP. Need a blood test, drive 140 miles, need to see a specialist drive 140 miles, need a CT scan drive 140 miles, need urgent care, drive 140 miles……Not to mention, the quality of “doctors” once you get there.

      I wouldn’t let them operate on me or provide hospital care if I was next door to them. If I have anything serious or need a follow up, I see a private doctor under Medicare and pay the co-pays and deductibles. That is all I would ask the VA to pick up, those charges – but if they didn’t, I still wouldn’t use the VA for important health matters.

      Believe me, there are hundreds of thousands of vets in my circumstance. And, unless we have another ground war real soon, the veteran population will continue to decline (at least 20% in the next 15 years) so all these new facilities, and hiring will be just an exercise in more government stupidity. Maybe we could let the VA treat all the illegal aliens and welfare recipients and let vets see private doctors.

      1. You get screwed by the VA if you use Medicare with VA, and very reason I use private medical specialists and pay all my Medicare premiums, drug premiums/copays, because I found out back when I tried to use the VA and Medicare once I had SSDI, the VA would take over 6 months to/if they would even pay any given copay, saying it was my responsibility, but I also was sent to collections because the VA simply never paid the bills. Pain In the ASS.
        Yes, I am a 100% Svc. Connected Vet, and it costs me a bit more using Medicare but my safety and mental welfare are worth it and more. ALL Vets should have this choice just like Trump said a few minutes ago in a HUGE scathing speech on how BAD the VA is and cesspool of corruption.

  11. Let’s not forget Brown, (D-Fl) has constantly tried to “change her ‘district lines’ to accommodate for more constituents!” Each time she would get shut down, for obvious reasons. Then she would say, almost the same as Clinton; you know: “A vast Right Wing Conspiracy” diatribe!

    As far as Brown “getting away” with this, I believe Obama will “do an eleventh hour pardon”! Billie Boy did over 400 pardons during his last two weeks in office. The most egregious one being a known criminal, “…on the run with active warrants”, by the name of “Rich”! Hence, the article written called; “Clinton’s little ‘Rich’ friend!”

    If any of y’all have watched videos of the “Veterans Committee Meetings”, there were definitely signs Brown “stood for the VA employees”, instead of the veterans she was elected for!
    In my opinion, Brown IS a typical “Career Dinosaur Politician”, who has lined her pockets at the expense of, not only her constituents, but by those outside her district! This ‘fraudulent’ nonprofit is a prime example!!!!!!
    I wonder how many more political figures are guilty of these kinds of crimes?

    1. Sadly, you are right js03!

      Unfortunately, with our two tier organization of justice even those who are guilty as hell don’t get indicted just ask Kim Graves, Diana Rubens or even Hillary Clinton.

      Also unfortunately, in the same two tier organization of justice even those who are convicted in the lessor teir of justice know that it just an added expense to have their convictions overturned.

      Just ask former Florida state Sen. Gary Siplin, former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, former Senator Ted Stevens, Former Tennessee state Sen. John Ford, Former Los Angeles City Councilman Richard Alarcon, … and a whole list of other politicians who have had their convictions overturned.

      So indictments and convictions really don’t carry much weight anymore.

      But there is one thing that indictments and convictions seems to do and that is add the word of former to their names and titles.

      1. I think its more like lets create a distraction with the right hand so nobody watches what the left hand is doing. What else is in the mix? IBM and the VA making plans on live experiments on Veterans. That’s just a single issue that I can throw out there, but you can be sure that there are many more.

  12. Corrine Brown is also a Democrat SuperDelagate supporting Hillary Clinton. She is also a member of the Hillary Clinton Leadership Council of Florida.

    Also the congresswoman and her chief of staff are officially charged on 24 different counts, including mail and wire fraud, conspiracy, obstruction and filing false tax returns. First Coast News reports the FBI has also charged Simmons with theft of government property, alleging one of his relatives received more than $700,000 in government salary despite “performing no known work.”

    In 1998, the House Ethics Committee announced they were questioning her on a range of ethics concerns, including a $10,000 check she received from a Baptist leader in legal trouble and a $50,000 car her daughter received from a Gambian millionaire, who was an associate of Brown’s facing jail time in Florida on bribery charges. The congressional investigation decided it did not have enough evidence to prove she did anything wrong, but it did say she acted with poor judgment in having her daughter accept the car.

    Also in 1998, Brown’s campaign treasurer quit after he found his name had been forged on her campaign reports.

    1. Yeah, Corrine Brown has had ‘sticky fingers’ for quite a while but everyone seemed to always let things slide. I still say you can almost bet that President Obama will officially pardon her ass. Wait for it…that pardon list will be the last middle finger he gives the USA as he retires.

  13. “Will this result in greater positive change for veterans or will it resemble a mere changing of the chairs on the Titanic?”

    Going with the Titanic on this one. All the AFGE employees will continue malfeasance activities as the ship sinks….sort of like how you can slowly boil frogs in a pan of water without them realizing it until…blub, blub.

    Corruption in Leadership is ALWAYS reflected below. Corrine Brown is a poster child for this and one I care not to stare at for very long. That’s really a man under all that, isn’t it? 🙂 Looks like Tyler Perry get-up 🙂

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