West Point Professor Dan Gade Says Disability Pay ‘Harmful’

Dan Gade

Benjamin KrauseProfessor Dan Gade says disability pay for disabled veterans is “harmful” and that it causes the veteran to “lose the sense of identity and self-worth that can come from work,” according to a NY Times article yesterday. Do you agree?

The Lt. Colonel of the US Army and West Point graduate believes disability compensation makes veterans “abuse drugs and alcohol.” Gade believes that by cutting your disability pay, he will help you “rejoin society.” Gade currently teaches policy at West Point. God help us.


I have talked with Gade by phone and exchanged research and notes on the subject. He is a genuine individual. But, I agree with what NY Times said about his policy preaching, “It was a message that many veterans find offensive and misguided.” It is offensive and misguided.

But at this point, I have to ask, ‘Is Gade on Mars?’ ‘Has he been hiding under a rock during the recent backlog and wait list scandals?’

Many hundreds of thousands of veterans are still fighting for a fair disability rating. How does Gade support a cut while we haven’t fixed the existing system? Or, is the theory intended to gut the system before the American taxpayer bears the burden of the current unpaid wars in the Middle East vis a vis fair payouts of veterans benefits?

For a little background, Dan Gade is a combat injured Army Lt. Colonel still on active duty. He teaches teaches policy at West Point Military Academy. While there, he is teaching tomorrow’s Army leaders how to apparently screw the next generation of veterans. Thanks.

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But what will the next screwing entail? Will they deny PTSD and claim Personality Disorder to evade paying for disability and health care? Nope, already done. Will they ignore the impact of sexual assault? Nope, also already done. Will they downplay the severity of head injuries? Nope, that one is well in the works.

In the big scheme of things, I will bet many disabled veterans fighting for fair access to benefits had no idea those like Gade had a fix all along. No benefits for you will save you by encouraging you to work! Simple.

Who knew folks like Gade were really trying to protect you from yourself all the while you were fighting for your benefits? Based on his logic, all those veterans fighting for benefits but who do not have them must have great jobs while they toil their nights away in administrative wrangling, fighting to enjoy their new lives of being unemployed and drunk?

Not likely, and Gade’s scholarly pursuit here falls flat for failing to address key known issues within veterans circles like the bureaucratic attack many veterans endure for years trying to get their basic benefits. This should come as no surprise since Gade has no experience as a veteran. While he is disabled, he does not have an appreciation for the bureaucratic system many veterans fight through.

While some disabled veterans abuse drugs and alcohol, it is all the more likely that the abuse is the result of poor VA health care or a lack of social supports while VA refuses to enable those folks by providing the benefits, health care, and jobs to which such veterans are likely duly entitled. The recent VA psychologist shooting in El Paso may be an indication of the impact of failed attempts at getting the benefits desperately needed.

Generally, veterans fight for their benefits and lose their identity and self-worth in the process of realizing Dept. of Veterans Affairs will not acknowledge their sacrifice after years of military service. At least, this has been my experience as a veterans advocate and as a veteran who fought for his own benefits for the past 14 years.

However, if those like Gade get their way, those veterans currently getting screwed out of disability and health care benefits will magically get well, avoid drugs, and have sweet jobs like Gade. Right?

This begs the question: Is West Point hiring because I know a ton of other disabled veterans who would love to be well-paid professors of policy?

So you might be wondering who is supporting ideology like Gade’s at this time. It is the same people connected with those who brought us into the second Iraq War, the same people responsible for Charter Schools, and still the same people who veteran groups perceived as wanting to gut veteran benefits. Woo-hoo!

According to the NY Times article:

“Colonel Gade’s ideas have won support from some conservatives. A pilot program, which would provide financial incentives to veterans who work, is being started by the Philanthropy Roundtable, a donor organization that has pushed other reforms focused on individual choice, such as charter schools.

“And two former secretaries of veterans affairs under President George W. Bush — Anthony J. Principi and Jim Nicholson — said in interviews that they pushed for overhauling the disability system but could not overcome resistance from veterans groups and Congress.”

Gade is apparently inspired by the three stooges of veterans benefits making obscene claims about reforms they never attempted at any point. These guys were good at shaking hands and cashing checks of companies like Lockheed Martin and QTC.

This explains a lot about Gade’s position. And, this is not the first time Gade stepped out of the wilderness and into the VA gutting limelight.

In 2013, in the Army, Gade began pushing his ideology to end the current veteran disability system. Now, how was he allowed to do that while in uniform since the disability system is Congressionally sanctioned? Sounds like someone was pulling some strings. I wonder who? Sounds like the academy boys are playing revisionist history at the expense of gullible New York Times readers.

While I appreciate Gade’s sacrifice in combat, I do not think West Point elite should be talking for disabled veterans about much of anything from behind the great walls an academy.

So how on earth does he think he could ever be an authority on veteran plight at this point or in the near future?

UPDATE, 1/10/15: Dan Gade sent an email to correct elements of this post. He is still on active duty and not a veteran yet despite the headline of the NY Times article. He has not spoken with George Bush in a number of years and Bush himself is not involved in Gade’s project against the disability system.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/08/us/iraq-veteran-now-a-west-point-professor-seeks-to-rein-in-disability-pay.html?_r=0

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  1. In the 1980’s GAO proposed eliminating compensation for combined evaluations of 10% and 20%. No serious proposal like it has been made since because (1) it is discriminatory, (wrong), and (3) every legislator voting for it would be crucified by voters and not reelected [comment deleted by publisher]. The theory behind compensation is to compensate veterans for the reduction in earnings power suffered due to effects of service connected conditions. Those of us who have scd’s do severe we cannot work full time, or require help to attend to activities of daily living (adl’s) get elevated amounts. I cannot imagine anyone supporting a law eliminating payments to vets confined to wheelchairs or bedridden. And, the vets least able to overcome a scd are those with catastrophic psychiatric impairment. So a vet who survived physically but unable to work due to severe PTSD would be no better off than if he/she never went in the military? What is the difference between VA compensation and Social Security Disability pay? Well, just eliminate that as well?

    If VA compensation is counterprodutive then all disability pay must be too, including that paid for auto accidents, slip & fall cases, product liability, etc. This would let insurance companies off the hook for paying policy holders or on behalf of policy holders. If something like this happened I imagine a virtual army of vets homeless and self-medicating, and perpetrating violence upon members of the federal legislature.
    Anyone sugessting the cessation of VA compensation who puts that idea into legislative motion SHOULD be imprisoned [comment deleted by publisher]. No instructor at our military academies should have suh a mindset as does this one. HE MUST GO.

    1. WE need to have a congressional investigation or a senatorial investigation into LT COL Dan Gade’s political activities not just in public but as well with disabled veterans on base at Ft Carlson Coloradoand at West Point where he teaches this stuff !! He is a political mouthpiece for George Bush and the Bush Foundation who wanted cuts in VA disability and as well VA benefits as well as the two VA secretaries under Bush. Everyone should also file a complaint under the Federal office of specials counsel against Dan Gade for his political activtoes Since when has the US ARmy allowed someone like him to preach this garbage and give up VA Disbility and or benefits which it is their civil right to know and apply for The US Army at FT Carslon and West Point and other bases where he is pulling his political stuff doesn’t allow DAV of Benjamin Krause to inform these 200 disabled veterans as to what they caan apply for and about VA chapter 31 Vocrehab, etc That to me is a very very clear civil rights violation to those 200 disabled veterans as to what their benefits are Not some social policy professed by Lt Col Dan Glade He is the biggest hypocrite of all as he got his position in white house via poltics/poltical patronage and his masters and doctorate all paid for by the US Army. All this plus Basic allowance for quarters for him and his family, free civilian health and dental care for him and bios family at the Univ of Georgia , etc moving costs, travel costs. Tad pay, etc etc

      Her is a severely dis abled US Army officer who is allowed to stay yin and the US Army creates a special position for him to stay in’ social policy” Since when is the US Army in need of “Social Policy” and he had to be trained for such via education as he had a BS in environmental science Then with a BS in environmental science and no experience in “social policy” nor”domestic policy” he gets to set and formulate, carry out and coordinate VA disability policy,, Military disability policy and Helath and Humena Service spolicy and across all federal agencies . All this as the “Associate Director of the Bush White House Council on Domestic Policy” Since when does The US army loan to DOD a person without any experience and no education in such a domestic position – One answer !! Poltical privilege and patronage and via high brass in the DOD/US Army and the Bush white house he is pictured with !! Many disabled vets wanted to stay in with far less disability but could not !! Why Lt Col Dan Gade He needs to be exposed !!

      If one reads the Wall Street Journal Article you will see his way to get rid of vast numbers of not only VA disability backlog claims and appeals as well as SSI and SSDI roles . He would redefine the word disability from the medical model to the social model which means he wants disabled people/vets who receive disability for head trauma. PTSD, back injures, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, etc etc etc off the VA and SSI ;SSDI disability roles This is his answer to the backlog This would in effect deny many veterans and SSI and SSDI populations disability but also deny them access to needed VA hospital care and other benefits under the VA or SSI/SSDI ( i.e. vocational rehabilitation, medicare. etc)

      He sues supposed research which is invalid and unreliable . He never defines the veterans nor disabled veterans population and does not take nor sue random samples Instead he selects disabled veterans for his research . He also does not take into his research extraneous variables such as mental health, cognitive functioning, age, race, etc etc His research excuse me is junk research !! His political association with neo political groups is one that is illegal while as a US ARmy Officer which he also lectures such to US Army vets on base and at West Point in his classes. Soclal policy is “political ” and there is no position nor should there be for such in a US Army uniform on or off the base !!

      Lee Horowitz, M.Ed, CAGS
      US Navy Disabled Vietnam Era Veteran

    1. THe facts are is Col Dan is breaking the Hatch Act and he also needs to be reported to the federal independent counsel office for investigation
      Apparently this must be official US Army policy because how does Dan in December 2014 get to preach his bull to 200 disabled soldiers at FT Carson in that bases gym ?? Basically he is telling them to give up their VA disability claim when in fact they cannot make an educated choice . I totally believe what he is doing is 100% illegal and political How does he get to preach his crap to 200 disabled soldiers at the gym on the uS Army base in FT Carson Colorado?? Clealr that breaks the Hatch act as he spews out his political message I was wondering if he was wearing his military uniform at thate event and if in fact he had a disclaimer it was not US Army policy but the fact is he was allowed to do so on a US army facility !! VA disbilites counseling BY Ben or DAV, etc wasn’t also allowed to be given to those disabled soldiers

      THis is highly illegal Call and write the federal office of independent council and site the Hatch Act !!

      Lee Horowitz M.Ed, CAGS

  2. I w

    Combat veteran’s campaign would rein in disability pay

    By Dave Philipps


    Lt. Col. Daniel Gade offered a surprising warning: The disability checks designed to help troops like them after they leave the service might actually be harmful.

    Gade said too many veterans become financially dependent on those monthly checks, choose not to find jobs and lose the sense of identity and self-worth that can come from work.

    People who stay home because they are getting paid enough to get by on disability are worse off,” he said. “They are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol. They are more likely to live alone. You’ve seen these guys. And the system is driving you to become one of them, if you are not careful.”

    he spends much of his spare time publishing essays and traveling the country pushing the idea that the Department of Veterans Affairs should move away from paying veterans for their wounds


    Dan clearly said Vets who receive compensation are lazy, and told Soldiers do not be one of them because they are on drugs

    Dan clearly says I travel the country doing what I want wasting tax Payers money

    so according to Dan tax payer dollars should go to him to abuse the Army system but not to you

    who is not telling the truth hear Dan looks like you

  3. Dan Gade is lying and misleading and their is a certain political party behind him.

    I read another article from the Washington free beacon a conservative blog who is conservative driven supporting Gade

    it reads just like the NY times article suggesting that Vets who receive benefits are lazy, and Dan the Man someone who has never received any VA benefits before, is a expert because he has a Bronze Star from Iraq

    I have 2 BSM from Iraq and no way I’m a expert on VA, but I clearly know more than Dan

    Dan did not know about CRDP until I explained it to him

    I do not believe Dan has never truly talked to VA or is truly anyone but a welfare case for the people who let him stay in the Army

    I asked around about Dan to people I know in high places and no one knows Dan

    Dan as put it by a retired Col. I talked is a face for a political movement to push a agenda

    I believe even further after reading Dan’s exit statement he is pushing a corporate welfare tea party agenda

    for those of you who took the money in the 90’s know that this sort of reckless program is dangerous especially dealing with wounded warriors

    I recommend these Soldiers file a claim and go use the GI bill or voc rehab do not be a corporate slave for Dan

  4. Hello everyone.

    Thanks for the exciting discussion. I know that I agree with some of you and disagree with others, and that’s fine. That said, I’m excited to have an opportunity to try out new and innovative ways to care for the guys and gals with whom I served in combat. Our innovative trial is going to give them the resources to stand on their own two feet and really have a chance to continue to make a meaningful life for themselves after service. We’re not taking anything away, but simply targeting some (private, not government) resources at the effort to re-tool them for civilian employment and seeing how they do.

    This will be my last comment or response on this blog- if you’d like to call me or e-mail me, that’s great. My cell number is 706-207-7632 and my personal e-mail address is [email protected]. Happy to answer questions at any time. I’ve offered to participate in a webinar or something if Ben wants to host one, so until then.

    Daniel Gade

    1. Too “exciting” for you here, Gade? Or, too difficult to twist words when yours are being fed back to you? Go ahead, turn tail….. quite expected given the character I’ve been introduced to here.

      1. I would not encourage anyone to call or e-mail this guy unless you want your I.P address to be know to him to do what ever he wants to do with it (send you a virus?) Not saying he will just informing you that he has your internet address and he in in the govt. so if you trust hem and this govt. then go ahead and e-mail him.
        Phoning the same thing, He can get your number and could bug the call and make you out to be the bad guy and then someone comes knocking at your door a few days later.

        I am not stating in any way that any of this will happen. I am just giving my opinion and with the way technology is, anything is possible. Remember, he did post someone’s IP address on here. Yes it was because of a certain reason but he did do that so what else would he do? Just sayin.

    2. By the way… how are those PRIVATE SOURCES going to affect their current incomes? You have to deduct for those, don’t you, Gade? Who are you hurting over this “testing” by taking humans into a rats den?

      1. OK another observation about Gade. Some of his replies were at times of the day when he should have been doing his JOB. This would seem to indicate that he was answering his e-mails (private) when he was supposed to be working his “regular” job. Hmmm, wasting taxpayers money?

    3. Dan,

      What you have hidden very well but contained in your speech before the conservative bunch of conservative politicians( who are pushing you and your propaganda unproven invalid and unreliable piece of garbage research ) is to in fact take away most VA, SSI and SSDI disability by redefining “socially” not medically the definition of disability

      These are statements made by Glade that he does not outright come out with in newspaper articles but in front of right wing political buddies like George Bush and others .

      Dan assumes that the reason why there is such a huge backlog of disability claims as well as a backlog of appointments for VA medical care is because us veterans have been medically classified as VA disabled for such things as back problems , PTSD, impotency , etc that would not be labeled as disability under his so called social model of disability.

      THus by taking away the medical definitions of disability of the VA and other medical definitions for SSI and SSDI all veterans, SSI, SSDI recipients should only be able to get such benefit for a very serious disability such as loos of arms or legs, etc By doing so and changing the definition of the medical model of medicine versus his social model he would reduce all claims and appeals for VA disability, SSI and SSDI and reduce then VA disability compensation case loads, claims and VA disability that veterans receive. This also applies to the SSI and SSDI persons with disabilities as well.

      Not specifically mentioned by Dan but part of his program after disability compensation over all programs , is the fact that there would be far less treatment at the VA hospital or others paid for by the federal government thus pushing vets, and all disabled people into either medicaid, medicare, welfare or a minimium of obama care for treatment.

      Dan is a very dangerous uncaring an dun thoughtful person as he has his. He has never thought about what happens if we redone such disability of the medical model and he had nerve damage, back problems ,impotency or or anything else or anything connected with age and his current disability of from war i latter years . Maybe he himself should; live through such and PTSD, bad back and all complications age related from his current disability and see where he would be with his bull crap theory !!

      What dan wants in effect with his political conservatives politicians supporting hism is to take your disability away by redefining the medical model of what is VA disability compensation or SSI or SSDI to a social model that would limit the definition severely of what constitutes disability That is his agenda and goal and the people paying him and his travel expenses as well as high US ARMY and DOD brass who would not have to give vetoes the current direct service disability they deserve !!

      Think about it and write for a congressional and senatorial investigation and with the office of special US federal council of Dan !!

      Lee Horowitz, M.Ed, CAGS

  5. Wow, I just noticed, as of my writing this there have been 91 comments on this one subject. Hey ben what is the record for comments on one blog. The other thing is almost if mot all of the disabled vets are strongly against this idea, trial, whatever you want to call it and there seems to be one maybe two that are for or are trying to convince the rest of us that this is the next best thing to sliced bread. I don’t think we are buying it.

  6. I am a West Point Graduate and do not agree with LTC Gade’s position. I admire him for bringing to light a fair conversation, there are ways to improve the VA disability system, but it is not to take away compensation. Maybe there are moochers in the system as he seems to imply, but not all disabled vets can work and function in society such as the severely handicapped, etc. I don’t know any vets personally who mooch and game the disability system or allow it to enable them to not work. And they all hold down jobs and work their asses off, but the extra compensation goes a long way to not have to worry about paying the light bill.

      1. Gade, you repulse me. Vets are proud people and find it difficult to ask for the help they need. We, “society”, are letting them down – STILL – and you come in and attempt ambush your own – I wish I could thank you for your service, but, my guts won’t allow it. I’m truly sorry for whatever has caused you to bring shame to your name, perhaps it is PTSD – I don’t know, but even so – Vets do not attack Vets. They don’t call each other lazy – nor do they call each other un-deserving. Society is trying to repair itself – we’re trying hard to make it up to the deserving Vets – and you come along and try to tear it all down. We’re taking our little ones to parades and teaching them to cheer and applaud the real Heroes of the day – then…. you….. step up. It’s too sickening.

      2. Patti-
        The NYT article described how we are setting up a trial program by which young veterans receive a large grant for rehabilitative needs AND a bonus on their earned income. I’ve never said anything about “lazy” or “undeserving”. The programs and policies in place are horribly disabling to young veterans (in particular), convincing them that they are “sick and too disabled to work”. It’s a shame when that happens.

        At no point have I advocated society throwing veterans to the wolves- that sentiment is not one I feel nor have I expressed it. Those ARE the words that this blog owner and a few folks on here want to put in my mouth, though.

        I encourage you to read my National Affairs article called “A Better Way to Help Veterans”. You can google it- you’ll see what I’m all about on this issue in that article.

        Daniel Gade

      3. Gade, Either you stand by the article, or you don’t. Can’t have it both ways…

        The Lt. Colonel of the US Army and West Point graduate believes disability compensation makes veterans “abuse drugs and alcohol.” Gade believes that by cutting your disability pay, he will help you “rejoin society.”

        You are suggesting benefit CUTS – and you simply don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. How many homeless Vets do you suppose I cut checks for from the volunteer work that I do? Don’t try to pacify me. Again, either you stand by your words in that article – or you don’t. I don’t hear you crying that the article is incorrect.

      4. Hi again Patty. I stand by my words 100%. What you quote are actually Ben’s words, taken out of context in his blog post about my article. I suggest you read the actual article and/or some of my other writing on the topic. I’ve certainly not been shy in the slightest on these issues.

        As far as abuse of drugs and alcohol being more likely among disability recipients, it’s both absolutely true and observable in peer-reviewed science. The term “iatrogenic disability” refers to when medical treatment, diagnosis, or examination actually WORSENS injury by reinforcing illness behavior, an identity of disablement, isolation from normal functioning, and low personal expectations. (See Aronoff and Feldman 1999, for example-Google Scholar has it if I recall correctly).

        (Still) Very Respectfully,
        Daniel Gade

      5. ….”“iatrogenic disability” refers to when medical treatment, diagnosis, or examination actually WORSENS injury by reinforcing illness behavior, an identity of disablement, isolation from normal functioning, and low personal expectations.”….
        My response to you is – taking benefits away actually causes this worsening injury more than giving time for the grief, then encouraging recovery to its fullest – but for this to occur, VETS NEED THEIR BENEFITS, THEIR Physicians, THEIR group therapies…. yes, I said THEIR…..(THEY EARNED THE BENEFITS).. Have you ever seen Forest Gump? This is even the simplest of ways I can find to instruct you. There are many alcoholics and homeless Vets BECAUSE …. BECAUSE —- WE DID NOT TAKE CARE OF THEM the way WE SHOULD HAVE!!

      6. Gade, we’ve already tried ignoring, disrespecting, and kicking our Heroes to the curb – it didn’t work. We’re trying to fix that – we’re trying to become a civilized people now. It’s not easy to admit our horrid ways and repair them. Most Vets are truly gracious and accept our terribly overdue gratitude. Your attitude in and of itself does indeed suggest that Vets do not deserve grief, do not deserve time to get benefits while they go through what they need to to become whole again. Why in the world would you advocate anything different? Your attitude, in and of itself suggests that jobs are handed to them by truckloads, when in fact, people with 2 legs, 2 arms and no signs of PTSD can barely find a job, thanks to your “buddy Bush”….. Your “perspective” is, at best – outdated, risky, and simply not worth the one life of a Hero it may take.

      7. Daniel, as you stated to Patti. We (including you) want to set up a trial program by which young veterans receive a large grant for rehabilitative needs AND a bonus on their earned income.
        Problem 1. We (including you) are wanting to target the “young” veterans which in layman’s terms means the younger generation who have spent most of their enlisted time in at least one war and most likely have some sort of disability now and will have more in the future. The younger generation is mostly about instant gratification meaning that if you put a bunch of cash in front of them, they will take it (and the govt. saves money in the long run by not paying out what they should be paying to these deserving individuals). They will not think about their when they are older and have that other disability or two that appears later. As a result, sorry you took door number one and now you can’t have door number two unless you want to give back all of the money we gave you earlier. So sorry but you are out of luck, I hope you signed up for the Obama Healthcare when you should have. We older vets know about the govt. and their trying to give away a large sum of cash to people for various reasons and how that back fired.
        Problem 2. A bonus on their earned income. A bonus of what and how much. Is it for every year they are employed or for the first year after they have been “rehabilitated” and are having trouble finding a job so if the bonus is based on the amount earned, it will be not very much and there again you are targeting the younger generation who I am sure will be told that if they are rehabilitated and study for this or that type of job, the medium wage is very high so their bonus will be very high and then they realize that because they graduated in the middle of the year and did not obtain gainful employment until two to three months later their bonus is only a few hundred dollars or maybe a thousand dollars.
        Problem 3. You whole heartedly believe the VA system even though you are not part of it. I would guess that 90% of us vets on here have 20+ years of dealing with the VA system and its lies and mistruths.
        Problem 4. This is more of a personal one. You state “Those ARE the words that this blog owner and a few folks on here want to put in my mouth”. How dare you disrespect Ben, the only one that I know of who fights for us disabled vets everyday of his life and I am sure will continue to do so until he can no longer type or communicate his concerns for us. How dare you disrespect us vets. We who find out more about how to help one another through this blog. I thank God daily that Ben is doing this and that he has a following of some of the best vets around who are not afraid to say what they think, disagree with each other, turn around and then help that same vet they just disagreed with because we are a group of vets who stick by one another no matter what. I for one am glad to have these other vets on here to give their opinion, help each other, stand by one another. Not may other groups (maybe some illegal ones) will do that. Many of us are on here several times a day and to me that says something about this bunch of my fellow vets. I for one am proud to be one of them. You will most likely never be one of us. Maybe after you retire and then you have to actually deal with the VA system and the VA disability system you will then see and understand what we are talking about.

      8. One thing I should have done is changed this:
        Daniel, as you stated to Patti. We (including you) want to set up a trial program by which young veterans receive a large grant for rehabilitative needs AND a bonus on their earned income.
        Problem 1. We (including you) are wanting to target the “young” veterans
        to this
        Daniel, as you stated to Patti. “We (including you) want to set up a trial program by which young veterans receive a large grant for rehabilitative needs AND a bonus on their earned income”.
        Problem 1. “We (including you) are wanting to target the “young” veterans”

        I should have added the quotation marks so that no one was thinking the we was in any way including us vets. Sorry if I made anyone misunderstand this part and now I have corrected my mistake (my only one for the year I am sure) LOL

  7. This is part of the cost of wars! If our country wants to spend 2 Trillion Dollars on wars that last 13 to 14 years, and send these young kids to a combat zone 3,4,5 times. Then refuse to take care of the damage that they did both physically and mentally to them.

    Then we have no national Honor in our society, and this country as we know it will cease to function as a sovereign Nation.

    We as a people are in real trouble when we do not honor our debts that have been paid for by the blood and broken souls of our youth!!

    God forgive our political parties because I sure the hell will not!!

  8. To let all of you know this is not the first nor it will be the last time Col Dan Glad abuses his position as an active duty US Army officer to try and change or develop social policy that is in fact domestic policy It was George Bush and Bush Foundation and Col Glad’s appointed position in 2007-2008 by the White House itself and certain republican politicians he has been seen in pictures with as well That position was: Associate Director of the White House on Domestic Policy. He claims that hereceievd US ARmy active duy=ty pay for the position and was loaned out to the DOD Of course where is the connection then to who he knew at the whiten house . He was in charge to set policy . create policy, coordinate policy , etc especially disability policy of the VA, Military, HEW, HUman Services, etc That is a civilian position not a military US army position Its also illegal to set US civilian policy or work and coordinate such as a military officer The military cannot sit in such a position period It is a civilian position an its why its called “The white house council on domestic policy” The facts are Col Glad has had an illegal platform with certain republican politicians to take down VA disability compensation as well as others i.e. SSI, SSDI, etc .

    HE has been and is under US Army investigation and others It is suggested people call the Inspector Generals Office at West Point for a minim of conduct unbecoming an officer towards disabled veterans referring to them as druggeis and alcoholics using and abusing VA disability compensation. and how he was granted special privilege to stay in the US Army as well as how he got his illegal position to sit over US White House Domestic Policy!!

    Please call the DAV legislative offices in Washington DC to report this man ‘s public policy behavior while in a US Military officers uniform, Also , the US Army IG office at 703-545-1845 , DOD Inspector Generals Office at 703-604-8901 and the West Point Us Army IG office at 845-938-2728 as well as your congressmen’s office and senators office to ask for an investigation and prosecution .The Colonels arrogant behavior and lack of empathy against disabled VA compensated vets and his outspokenness in unauthorized US ARmy policy and his conduct is unbecoming of any military officer !! He is not a civilian and has no right to bash VA disability compensation He needs to come down from his own high hours and start accounting and answering questions first !!

    Lee Horowitz M.Ed, CAGS

    1. Thanks Lee. You’re wrong on the facts AND the law. But I encourage you to call those numbers. The last name is “Gade”. Don’t want to burden poor ‘Glade’ with your complaints!

      Best, Dan Gade

      1. 1. Bill is Drafted: Members of Congress, the Executive Branch, and even outside groups can draft (write or draw up) bills.

        2. Introduced in House: Representative introduces the bill in the House. Only members can introduce bills.

        3. Sent to Committee: The Speaker of the House sends the bill to a committee.

        4. Committee Action: Most bills die here. The committee may pigeonhole, table, amend, or vote on the bill. If bill passes, it goes to Rules Committee.

        5, Rules Committee: It decides the rules for debate, and when the bill will come up for debate.

        6. Floor Action: House debates the bill, and may add amendments. If a majority votes in favor of the bill, it goes to the Senate.

        7. Introduced in Senate: A Senator introduces the bill, which is sent to a committee.

        8. Committee Action: Same procedure as in the House. If the committee majority votes for the bill, it goes to the whole Senate.

        9. Bill Called Up: Majority floor leader decides when the whole Senate will consider the bill.

        10. Floor Action: The Bill is debated, and amendments may be added. If a majority votes in favor of the bill, it is returned to the House.

        11. Conference Committee: If the House rejects any of the changes, the bill goes to a conference committee of members from both houses. It works out a compromise.

        12. Vote on Compromise: Both houses must approve changes made by the conference committee. If approved, the bill goes to the president.

        13. Presidential Action: The president may sign (approve) the bill or veto (reject) it. If approved, it becomes law.

        14. Vote to Override: If the president vetoes the bill, it can still become law if two thirds of both houses vote to override the veto.

        nope a unelected army Light bird is not part of the process, so how about stay in your lane hero

        it is indeed unconstitutional and illegal to be involve in changing 38 U.S. Code Chapter 3 – DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS

        Soldiers have the GI bill and Voc Rehab if their disables so your program, VA gives compensation were you can work and go to school

        only 1 VA program you cannot have a job and receive the benefit

        Social Security is not VA

        that being said I don’t see the purpose of your program it is a waste of tax payer dollars to have you exploring a program that will never happen

        you might wanna read about directive 1344 your defiantly in the gray

      2. The facts are these Gade:

        You have been given very special treatment to stay in the US Army on a political platform to change social policy on disability and other social programs in this country by your pal George Bush , high brass in the US ARmy and dod and the conservative wing of the republican party !! Yes yo have received private political patronage which has allowed you to illegally represent in a US ARmy uniform what you put out !!

        First what Ben has put out is only what is in the New York Times Article and other newspaper articles on you. So if you claim that Ben took worsdout of your mouth or has not stated facts about you go tell the New York Times Reporter and others that they took you out of context You seem to change your story when ever anyone refutes you !!

        2. You were give very very special political privilege to stay in the US military in 2005 when in fact thousands of others with even less disability then your own were being discharged by the medical discharge board

        3. The US Army created a special position position to keep you in which they have not done for anyone else except you via your political privilege and in 2005 the US Army created a “social policy” position just for you to stay in. Now was that a need of the US ARMY??

        4. In 2006 the US ARmy paid your salary of $84,000 BAQ for you and your family , travel, free civilian medical care under trio for you and your family plies paid for all books, all supplies and masters degree at the University of georgia . While just starting in 2006 your masters degree in Social Policy (Public Administration) you stated in the Univ of Georgia website on you that you were in fact being given a professorship/instructorship position at West Point which you bragged about. How does one get offered such a position with a BA inEnvironmental Science Dan ?? I know of none with a BA that is offered a position to teach at any college . I know of no one starting a masters degree even being offered a professorship position at any college.
        In fact I know of no masters degree person unless they are heavily published promised the professorship you got at West Point years in advance !!

        5. Lets talk about your position of Associate Director of the White House Council on Domestic policy position from 2007-2008 given to you by your good buddy Gorge Bush and your political associations all apdi for under the US Army . Your answer is the US ARmy loaned you out to DOD?? You stop there as to why you were selected and who and how the White House selected you over other highly educated persons with disabilities and better educational credentials.

        The facts are Dan . You had not even completed your Masters Degre in Social Policy in June 2007 when appointed to tyne position You were elected with a BS in Environmental Science degree from West Point, You had no training at all nor experience in social policy or Public Administration as you just had 1+ years into your masters degree. for such a position How does one with this background get to such high position and a domestic non military position . Your only excuse is ” I was in the US Army and the DOD picked me out for special assignment” You know that is a damn lie Dan !! You had political patronage from Gerorge Bush at the time and politicians via the big brass at DOD and the big brass at the US Army. You clearly knew in 2005-2006 before getting your masters degree that you were being appointed a professorship atWest Point Well it is true here as well with the White Hosue appointment.

        Its a known fact that George Bush and conservative republicans who you were in bed with at the time as well as the two VA secretaries under him wanted to do away or reduce both VA disability, VA benefits , also SSI andSSDI and welfare, etc Everything you politically support. It is no coincidence as well that both VA secretaries under Bush were west point graduates and US Army officers !!

        Yet you sat as the Associate Director of the White House Council of Domestic Policy in a full time active duty army officer paid position. Yet, you formulated , and coordinated with no experience no education in such a position disability and VA social Policy as well as disability policy for the VA, the US military Health and Human Services (SSI.SSDI ) and across all federal government agencies. ALL this Dan without a meters degree in social olive completed and no experience in social policy to be appointed in such a position by the white house?? Your as smelly and fishy as a 3 dollar bill and your anypocrite of what you advocate for !!

        6 In 2008 the taxpayers again picked up the bill for your doctorate degree while paying you as a full time US army officer agin with no duties but to go to school. You received free government US army paid tuition books and supplies, a $84,000 pay check per year or more from the US Army. paid housing BAQ for you and your family, free trio civilian health care for you and your family , travel pay and more . Who even knows if you collected TAD pay as well for your free full time education etc !! So you get the gravy train for a second time not only a masters degree but a doctorate degree as well You certainly worked for all this Dan when no no one can get such !! Yet you tell vets how hard work pays off Another piece of bull from your mouth – With you its do as I say but don’t do as I do !!!Your career since 2005 has been lined with political favor , patronage and privilege also via high ranking DOD and US army brass hooked into pushing their “social policy” via you !!

        7. In fact Dan you are teaching the same policy you put out about disabled veterans in your classroom where you were stated that you discuss veterans and disability with your cadets. Thus you have a big time conflict of interest as you represent the US Army. You claim you have disclaimers that you do not talk for the US Army but you sure talk without disclaimers about your policy in your classrooms at west point where you wont give us dibbled veterans on any platform a equal time to respond to you But that is the selfishness you have in your heart and your own arrogance while calling yourself a ” Christian”
        No one has sen a disclaimer about your social policy on disabled veterans in any newspapers or articles while you are in uniform and tell people your history as an active duty US Army officer !! In fact you are paid as an officer by US taxpayers money as a US Army officer where political advocacy on behalf of or instruction of such is illegal in the US Army while on active duty.

        8 We see whereby you talk about your fellow severely disabled veterans in Walter Reed with your same divisive social policy of how Va disability is a drug and alcohol program for them. All this while you state these severey disabled veterans at Walter Reed testified about their care and medical treatment at Walter Reed before congress. Well Dan why were you to there supporting them or was it that you bailed out because you bashed them as their disability was. like a drug and alcohol to them . You left them behind just like you have left behind every disabled veteran and veterans who has had to fight the V for disability, proper medical care, medical negligence and malpractice, etc etc I dont see you helping anyone as you abandononed to help with your fellow veterans at Walter Reed Hospital who had to testify to congress about their care which you witnessed

        There is two people Dan you truly represent yourself and your carer and the Buch conservative Republicans your in bed with You dont have the balls either to extrapolate your social bullshit policy to all disabled people on SSI and SSDI or people on welfare but have chosen it on those who have served You have no honor Dan only yourself !!

        Lee Horowitz, M.Ed, CAGS
        US Navy Veteran -Disabled Vietnam Era Veteran

      3. Oh….. my…. dear God —— have mercy on Dan’s soul… and have mercy on the rest of us as our hearts wildly beat and our stomachs churn. Mr. Horowitz…. thank you for sharing the horrors….. I “sensed” they were there, but not this horrific….

      4. Patti

        I am apologize for my spellings but its due to my poor eyesight and disability.I did a lot of research on Dan . I doth even call him Col as to me he is not helping veterans or his fellow disabled veterans . By the way his social policy on the long wait system at the Va for anything even disability claims backup is that the VA has to redefine disability BY they he mans that the VA should give VA disability compensation for many things both physically and mentally and his theory extends to PTSD , etc et So what he wants to do is be refining VA disability most of the VA disability compensation will be done away with and thus there will be no waiting yens for disability adjudication and appeals and thus less medical care /treatment and saving the government money That is his social policy he also doesn’t tell vets

        You need to see Bens article on him from last year as well 2014. or 2013 about Gade.

        There are political people backing him and thus he is a very dangerous person and also high brass in the US ARmy and at DOD that back him to postalize the same crap when they become the next set of politicians Ist why he spreads this crap to west pint cadets to indoctrinated his same policy to them in a west point army uniform as these cadets become the next set of politicians and also sit on IUS Army disability boards which policy Dan formulated and had control and coordination of as the Associate Director of the White Council on Domestic Policy he formulated policy, and coordinated such police and carry idd such disability policy over the military, the VA, health and human services, and across all federal agencies and organizations while appointed to such as with a BS in environmental science while working on his masters in social policy and no experience in social policy. Nw ask yourself how does one get such a position and bet paid as a US active duty military officer?? I know many people with disabilities with PHd’s and with 25tears experience and on policy who cant get such a position, but Dan did??

        A US army or DOD IG investigation will do nothing but be covered up by the high brass allowing Dan to do this illegally and represent the uS Army as well. Any investigation must start with a US congressional investigation of his history and what he is doing as well as a senatorial investigation. I would encourage you to demand an investigation on him congressionally, senatorially, and with the Office of special council federally on the internet via complaint form Since certain conservative partys represent his view and have given him political patronage in his Army career you should go to the liberal party elected official as they will hear you.
        I encourage everyone to read what I have stated here today . Thank you.

        Lee Horowitz, M.Ed, CAGS

      5. Mr. Horowitz, I have horrid vision myself Thank you for your service. I am sharing your words the best way I can, please believe me. I encourage everyone to use extreme care with their votes … Dan, and others proclaim that they are doing “what’s best for you…” while ripping yours and others lives apart for their own greed.

  9. I understand the concerns of those who see the potential for abuse of the system. In my opinion the real harm is done by the VA not being accurate in their initial ratings in the first place. If it were a matter of vets gaming the system, would we see so many remands and reversals? I really don’t think so. The VA’s testimony to Congress has proven that the claims process is not even remotely as accurate as they have claimed. This theory would have substance if the VA did have a semblance of accuracy in their ratings or integrity in their statistics however, they are bereft of either.

  10. Everyone should be calling their Senators and Congressmen and filing complaints about Col Dan Glad and how he exactly got his special status in the Army and his teaching of west point cadets social policy . In addition you need to call DAV, VVA, EPVA, AL<.VFW, about his behavior while in uniform and in the employee of the US ARrmy

    Lastly investigations need to be conducted of bios appointment based on his connections to George Bush and the Bush Foundation and as well his appointments in the US ARmy to create special privilege for him. Simply he has not answered who at the White House appointed a military active US Army officer to be Associate Director of the White House Counceil on Domestic Policy which is illegal as no US Army officer on active duty can set nor coordinate civilian policy . It is a clear conflict of interest and unethical. Of course Col Glade wont admit that George Bush and his political patronage pushed the DOD to "borrow " him from the US Aermy while in fact the US Army was paying him and this employing him. No officer can set or cordite US disability policy and he continues to do so while in a US Army uniform and spilling this policy to the public Clearly conduct unbecoming and officer and more !!

    People can call the US Army Inspector Generals Office at 703-545-1845 or also the DOD Inspectors Generals office at 703-604-8901 It takes an congressional and senatorial investigation to investigate his connections with the White House and Bush as well as his appointment as the White House Associate Director of Domestic Policy !!

    Lee Horowitz M.Ed, CAGS

    1. it is a matter of time before Dan is answering some serious questions

      Petraius also thought he was untouchable

      this is the classic God complex people tell you what you want to hear and salute you all day, and you lose touch with reality and think your God

      Dan is in for a wake up call when dealing with Vets and civilians

      Vets don’t care about his rank

  11. Wow veterans can’t get a fair deal from dems or reps. It is strange how everyone is looking to attack veterans benefits when we have wasted trillions on war and are looking to waste trillions again and they want to take money away from disabled men and women who fought their wars for them. How come?

  12. HE IS A TRAITOR ON DRUGS! It is sad and scary that He is still a professor of young officers!
    No further comments!
    MSG (ret) VAM (chapter 61)

  13. So is Dan the man going to give up his CRDP benefit when he retires no he is not he is going to collect Retirement, compensation at the scheduled rate and call it a day

    His biggest problem with IU is it is not his benefit

    IU is not a benefit for me I’m on the CRDP deal so what right do I have to kick the Vets who did not retire in the nuts, last I checked their still vets

    he is a typical politician, my biggest beef with him is why is he still on active duty, and when he was a company commander how many people did he recommend for a Med Board

    LT bird’s have no business being advocates for policy that is not their lane

    they take orders and disseminates the order down

    Dan is why the army is screwed

  14. I think it is pretty clear that Daniel Grade is all about himself and his motives. He continually makes it all about him and has no idea of the disability system and he is basing his results from the Military, VA, and his own misguided opinion. His first problem is that he believes the military, and the VA. He does not know how they lie and cheat us disabled vets. His responses are all nice, warm and fuzzy. He must think that he is talking to those in the white house or some committee meeting. He needs to realize that he is talking to the heart of what the disability system is about. Us vets who have been damaged at the militaries hands and his payment for those who go to work is a lump-sum of money and you will receive nothing more ever again no matter how bad your condition gets. His subsidy while training would stop once you get a job and would never return. He is pushing for the govt. clear and simple. He is trying to make it so the govt. would eliminate the disability system or change it to a lump-sum payment with the option of a subsidy while training to go back to work and then you are on your own form then on. No more dealing with the disability system, nothing left for you to do. He may even be trying to slip in that once this has been done then your status within the HealthCare system is the same as a group 7 or 8 and you are treated as a veteran who does not have a disability.
    Tom Gun and Ron may be in with him as he need all the help he can get because he is not fooling anyone on here with his “warm and fuzzy this is the best thing for all of you disabled vets whom I have no idea of what you are actually going through because I have the good life and have never had to deal with the roadblocks that you have had to deal with” His biggest problem was most likely trying to keep his high paying rank and to make it to the airport in time to catch his next flight.
    Just my opinion on this.

    1. I agree

      Gade’s program is nothing new, it is simply a corporate welfare programs which are proven disasters

      The army used this concept in the early 90’s to down size

      you throw chump change at the less fortunate to make a dumb decision like ETS with no benefits,

      Everyone who took the money and ran now regret it, now imagine disabled vets doing this

      Glade has no data to support his plane, you can not use people still collecting active duty checks as your baseline

      I have determined something is fishy with this Dan guy he is up there on my list of shills along side Chris Kyle and all of these Hollywood seals

      Dan needs to explain the NY times article which misrepresented compensation vs disability

  15. This “officer” obviously has been “bought” by the NeoCons named Koch & Koch, Inc. This “officer” should be exposed to full investigative reporting to show how people with Rep. Paul Ryan’ agenda are being used as a very conflict of interest against their fellow members of the brotherhood of Veterans…as an Active Duty Officer training the future Army Officers to ramp-up the disdain and total lack of empathy for the Disabled Veteran and please do not forget about Mitt Romney’s 78% of “Takers” on any form of “Assistance”. Conflict of interest? Or…is Lt. Col. Gade being MADE to BE **CONFLICT* and **the enemy of his brothers**?
    Lt. Col. Gade has a delusional disconnect and can EASILY have such a stance when he has been USED by the very NeoCons he thinks he is helping with their agenda.
    His very presence on this forum IS NOT to “help himself or anyone else…it’s a **POLITICAL** reason and **AGENDA** he makes his presence here, none other.
    I will go as far as theorizing that Lt. Col. Gade befriended Benjamin just to be able to plant his and his “handlers” insidious agenda…nothing more.
    We former “Enlisted” need not be pitched against current “Officers” because that can **ONLY** be an agenda to cause disruption amongst the ranks and THAT IS WHAT LT COL. GADE IS ATTEMPTING TO DO….DISRUPT.
    Main Stream Media will in forthcoming week know quite a lot about this HUGE conflict of interest and quash **any** political promises made to him through process.
    I really feel sorry for this Great USA because Lt. Col. Gade is influencing thoughts of future Army Officers and we thought our enemy was only in the sandy deserts!!
    You Sir, are a disgrace and shame on your ignorance! (Ignorance, because you know damn better)

    1. Hi there. So I take it you disagree with our plan to give a rehabilitative grant to young veterans, along with a wage subsidy? Because that’s what the article was about.

      As far as the Army, I’ve gotten notes from everyone from medically retired SSGs to three-star generals saying that I’m exactly right. I’ve also gotten notes from literally DOZENS of practitioners (mental health, etc etc) saying that they see this problem every day. So I look forward to a full “investigative reporting” session if you have the ability to make one happen.

      Have a great day.

      1. I do not think it is about that. I believe it is a way to purchase the right to promote a political belief, that disparages the veterans disability system. There is a better way. Do not lie your way into wars, and when you get there allow your soldiers to do there jobs. Stick the neo-con philosophy in the toilet where it belongs. Signed a working conservative veteran!

      2. It is very very clear about your snugness, authority and your arrogance towards others by stating ” Come on with your investigations” at the end of your statements . You come off with your own blatant threats as though you are untouchable by any investigation Maybe so since your in bed with the politicians and the Bush Foundation and certain republicans who share your view or others. But when will you allow Benjamin Krause and others to be on the same platform with you and have the right to debate your rhetoric you give to the public and to probably your students you feed this policy crap to. If you are giving such to your students its a violation of ethics and US Army policy Your taking into the US ARMY a policy that is a civilian one You claim in all your lectures you state you dont speak for the US ARmy or DOD , etc Yet I have never seen that in any published article on you !!

        Your due for a big fall once you leave the service with your arrogance and lack of empathy for others unless the same political patronage /privealege comes your way. . Clearly its about you and you don’t listen very clearly to others on subject .

        Lee Horowitz M.ED, CAGS

      3. I will just wait for that “large sucking sound” that will be your Ego deflated when the reality sets-in that you have absolutely no CLUE what FIGHT we Vets have with the bureaucracy that ALWAYS makes good and makes $$ for this shill you answer to.
        I suppose as well that you would simply give a Veteran some kind of ‘coupon or voucher’ in which the VA Health System has done some gross negligence and medical error…but claim it’s nothing remotely close to “malpractice” because it’s the VA. (Do you even realize that *many* so-called VA Dr’s would not even be qualified to work anywhere in civilian world because the VA waives most of their residency requirement in order to get low class score foreign Dr.’s on the cheap…at our expense?!
        Keep drinking your own Kool-Aid and that delusional feeling will keep you going day after day.
        Koch Brother’s Kool-Aid sponsored by Lt. Col. Gade….kind of has a ring to it.

    2. I’m more of a advocate for fixing and making the current programs more efficient

      A member of the armed forces has no say in public policy so Dan is irrelevant, I agree he is going to get his nuts crushed as he gets more popular

      the questions he has been asked on here is just the start he is about to be swimming with sharks, (the major media and vets organizations, swimming with sharks is not a death threat do not call the FBI on me)

      Also I’m a newly retired I retired in 2012 but I have noticed Seniors have a harder time adjusting than lower enlisted

      I retired a SFC and I know 2 CSM who retired with me, of course they thought they were God in the army 1. Died of a Heart Attack the other is experiencing depression and living in a 1 bed room Apt

      I say that to say Seniors do not realize that civilians do not care how many ribbons you have or what your rank was

      when I got to my 15 year mark and realized I have pissed in too many peoples corn flakes to make E-8 I prepared for my ETS

      Also yes I never went to sick call until about 2 years before I retired, I was about 38 yrs old

      Dan is about to start having medical issues the Army is very abusive on the body

      he is going to wake up and say wow my back hurts I never had back pain before, and than find out his back is fucked

      The little idiots who say people abuse the VA system probably only served 2 yrs for the GI bill

  16. Wow, I am blown away at how many MORONS are on this thread. I side whole-heartedly with LTC Gade. To break down his argument for you idiots—he is not advocating to take away disability for those who legitimately need it; he is pushing to change the system so there is an incentive for the veteran-in-need to work! Numerous studies have shown the having an active mind and being productive in life improves one’s self confidence and sense of worth. You are all coming across as welfare queens.

    Lastly, LTC Gade is on active duty. He is NOT retired and therefore not collecting disability.

    I have personally witnessed dozens of friends from the service abuse the disability system–the VA system itself is not only broke, but allows for rampant abuse from veterans.

    Yes, I am a disabled veteran and served in OIF. I stumbled upon on this website while researching voc rehab.

      1. I think you both need to reread the article and the above blog by Ben. This guy DOES WANT TO TAKE AWAY YOUR DISABILITY PAY. He has NEVER been through the disability system, he does not know how it works. His incentive is to (and someone please correct me if I am wrong) pay a lump sum to some one who goes back to work and then you get nothing from the VA for the rest of your life. If your condition gets worse and you get to the point that you can no longer work, I hope you put that “incentive” money into a high paying stock because that will all you will be receiving. Some of us will never be able to work or will only be able to work part-time or only for a short time.
        I have a felling you are going to get plenty of feedback on your remarks; however, your opinions are your opinions just as my opinion is my opinion. I wish you well and hopefully you will understand how this disability system works after you have been in it for 30 yrs. as I have. It is not that I wans to be a “welfare queen” as you put it. I enlisted without any problems and while I was enlisted, I was hurt. My condition has very limited treatment options and as a result I am limited in what I can do. I have done CH 31 and it did not help. I graduated with a 3.25 GPA and still nothing. I want to work as I have worked all of my life. I worked 80 hrs. a week at two jobs for five years so I am not afraid to work, it is the employer who is afraid to hire a “liability” and one who is older than the younger generation. I have my work cut out for me but I will continue to try and the disability pay I get would not maintain me every month. I do not and will not be a welfare case. I refuse to be one. If this guy gets his agenda to pass we are all in trouble and we will become “welfare queens” and then the whole govt. will have millions of vets who are now on food stamps and getting all of the welfare benefits. What will that do to the economy?

    1. The articles were written comparing the VA system to welfare and SS disability

      VA is a compensation not disability so that alone makes you the idiot

      when you get your rating who is saying you cannot work?

      once again who is the idiot?

      Dan is on active duty on non deployable status, he is part of a small number that is allowed to stay in and be non deployable.

      once again who is the idiot?

      A Pvt wounded in Iraq with no degree making 1600 dollars a month VS A man from privilege with a degree making 8,000 dollars a month with friends in high places; who wins and who loses?

      once again who is the Idiot?

      You witnessed no one abuse the VA system, you witnessed people who got what was owed to them

      If you deny what I’m about to say than you are a phony; it is harder to fraud the VA system VS the civilian system

      were you not giving a physical from head to toe with the VA trying to keep every dollar than can from you

      it looks like you are the idiot

      FYI shame on you for accusing others of using the same system you are using

      you are a hypocrite and drink Neocon BS

      tell your handlers to stop making wars that will help the VA compensation system greatly

      1. Dear Colonel, what you fail to mention is some Veterans fight for years to get vocational rehabilitation training. They also are fighting for years to get mental health care. I myself was told many times there is a 6 month to year in a half wait list till I received mental heath care. Then when after waiting for 7 months I got two meetings with mental health care they gave me pills, and said you’re done, we don’t have the staffing for ongoing counseling, so then the pills they give you make you dysfunctional. Veterans have died 10 feet from the emergency room door at the VA after being discharged. Veterans have been crippled by the VA neurosurgeons. Veterans have fought for decades to get their disability payments. If the VA followed your plan correctly then they would need a massive increase in funding and staff to do the reforms that you advocate. So dear colonel, let’s start with you! Since with your retirement and professors pay you are making over $100,000 donate all that evil government money to poor disabled veterans or service organizations like the VFW.
        Stop using that evil government medical care and get private health insurance. You are a privileged elite high ranking military officer looking down your nose at E1,2,3,…6..9, You have received expedited health care, and fast tracked disability payments and vocational rehabilitation. While other veterans wait for years or decades. Your fairy tales would results in billions being cut from the VA to save money making it far worse for the lower ranking disabled military veterans. Then more veterans would die from lack of health care both mental and physical. 10, 000 die every year while waiting for their disability claims to be processed. Every day, 22 veterans take their own lives. That’s a suicide every 65 minutes. As shocking as the number is, it may actually be higher. 22 a day times 365 equal 8,030. So now were at around 18,000 veterans dying by suicide and waiting for their claim to be processed. You talk about veterans riding an elevator to increase their income. No they are riding that elevator to the afterlife!! Oh I have not mentioned the veteran’s dying because of poor medical care, and delays which was in the news six months ago, and now there is a blackout because the media lost interest.
        That is in the tens of thousands or more veterans dying because of lack of medical care. Your elitist views and reforms would result in the deaths of 100,OO0s of veterans every year, and the suicide rate would be off the charts. You sir are death plain and simple. Lt Colonel Death.

      2. Dear Lt Colonel Death, here are the sources for my reply to your Death sentence of 100,000s of Veterans. Next time you should do your research before you get the media involved in your brain farts! Could you show me your sources including any studies to back up your fairy tales. So, is this the type of college professor you are? Making generalist unsupported statements? You sir are also a bad example for your students

        Sources below:

        Nearly 19,500 veterans died from October 2011 to September 2012, the federal fiscal year, while they waited for benefits, according to an article published in San Francisco’s Bay Citizen





    2. First you should not be calling your fellow disabled veterans If you read this then you know Benjamin opposes as a lawyer and as a disabled veteran and one who knows as I do exactly how the VA and VAMC operate and the many problems disabled veterans and veterans have experienced.

      I worked for many years with my fellow veterans and disabled veterans and as an executive director and am responsible for several state programs for persons with disabilities. I went through VA Vocational rehabilitation and was a vocational rehab specialist, educational and career counselor, psycho-therapist with veterans and their families, a psychologist working with veterans, disabled veterans,older adults .persons with disabilities, etc. My resume is 4 pages with over 25 years of experience and with 8 yrs of college and advanced degrees i.e. AA<BA, BA, BS, M.Ed, CAGS, ABD . I have served on many non profit boards and also as an independent living consultant, etc

      Many trained under VA vocational rehabilitation are trained at less then entry level for any job and many become unemployed and unemployable We had 3 100% disabled veteran counselors who were laid off at the Veterans Multi Service Center due to grant funding. If you think one can live off non profit salary with a large family think again. They could not find work even as 5.7/9 VA benefits reps as the VA hired instead temporary women secreataries into the positions despite their preference and work experience with veterans. They tried to bet back into A vocrehab as many have and were refused. Each VA vocrehab office determines on their own really what level of training one gets. Thus in one office one maybe trained with a degree in psychology . I was trained with a Masters degree in counseling psychology, , Yet the head of VA Vocrehab was trained in the Washington DC office with a Phd. Yet entry level for the APA is a doctoral degree and entry level into the VA itself is also a Phd to be a psychologist. Even though I had a masters ( and also a advanced graduate degree in counseling older adults-geriatric MH) I was told the only position by the VA field office I was eligible for in the VA system was as a VA vocrehab specialist . Social workers (MSW) do drug and alcohol counseling and also Geriatric counseling as well . My fellow veterans could not get a job when laid off. They were refused further VA Vocrehab traiing and could not get jobs in counseling or human services If it were not for their disability compensation they and their families would be homeless.

      This story is true of persons trained as teachers , and other areas. They could not get jobs. Try sometime as a school teacher to get a position as an english or history teacher??

      As an enlisted specialist in the US Navy and also billeted as the legal yeomen I enlisted and discharged many people . I van assure you no enlisted or junior officer with the severity of his disability would have been
      allowed to stay in the service or been allowed to stay in a position other then their rate . The service does not create some new position for anyone with a severe disability to do some other position or accommodate their their disability.

      The facts are Col Glade is a poor representative to posture his theory and prove it as he was allowed to remain in service due to whom he knew,. Many disabled veterans are put out of the service over their objections to stay with even less sever disability That is a fact . What irks all disabled veterans and veterans is here is an example of rank, and privilege and who he knew in order to create a very special position for him That had to come from beyond the Army .

      How can a person who works for the Army in a certain MOS or rate get a special assignment to be the Associate Director of the White House Counsel Counsel on Domestic Policy. I repeat " Domestic Policy " !!!

      Col Glade claims he received such as DOD borrowed him from the US ARmy for this position he was to fill . Sounds very bogus to anyone ,, as how does or should I say is allowed a US Army officer to set and coordinate and carry out domestic policy of the government . If one researched this I bet he is the only US military officer who was on active duty to get such an appointment. Clearly it was due to his political connections which is well documented and privilege.

      THis is why many dont believe his "unproven theory" His position detailed the belief by government officials to in fact reduce VA disability compensation He is part of such a governmental attack on such compensate .. I repeat compensation just like when you get injured on or disability retirement from the VA where they can get more then in working for retirement. He was in charge of disability policy across federal government agencies including the VA and military .

      Vet very clear conflicts of interest and unethical. Hie has been keot in the military and will be so in government as he has rank, privilege and favor that no other veteran or disabled veteran will ever have !! He wants to tell disabled veterans do as I say but dont do as I do via patronage, favotisim, rank , and privilege !!

      Lastly , no one that has never ever done counseling, educational counseling, Vocrehab counseling, psychotherapy , educational and career counseling , PTSD counseling and therapy can set policy for others Its why this government and why the system steinboks and doesn't work at all .

      Its because the people setting policy have never worked like we have with veterans , disabled veterans, and their families like others have and have worked hard for years from the bottom up !!

      The Col is nothing more then a windbag and policy maker for the government to eventual take away all disability not just veterans but also SSDI, SSI as well as welfare for those who need it He is a policy maker for the republican party and has played politics and privilege to stay in the military and get cushy positions outside the US Army and as well as West Point where he gives such unproven policy theory to all potential US Army officers. Thus they ail be indoctrinated to support taking away eventually all disability compensation from not just veterans but persons with disabilities receiving SSI, SSDI and then next it will be anyone on welfare.

      Why wont he discuss these groups as well?? Because he knows the if he did such organizations and politicians would not tolerate it But his line of thinking is a very very dangerous and unproven one !!

      I asked him outright why he doesn't speak out against the "rules of Combat" engagement which if changed would keep down the huge numbers of combat deaths caused by such and the huge numbers of combat wounded caused by such. He will never speak out for the many combat soldiers killed or wounded due to "the rules of combat engagement" Why?Beacuse he is in the hands of his politician friends privileged like him via atronga sand privilege.

      Lee Horowitz, M.Ed, CAGS

      1. Lee,

        As I said in private communications with you (but will now post publicly):
        1) SSDI and SSI have the same negative incentive effect as VA disability compensation. The basic labor economics of the problem are simple: if you give something to someone, they will work less to get that something. Since work is a key component of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, the VA comp system (yes, and SSDI, and SSI) separate people from a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I’ll happily send the dozens of citations to academic research that show this.

        2) The White House is the boss of the DoD. There are all kinds of people assigned from DoD to the White House- Google “White House Military Office” if you wish. In my case, I was hired after the Walter Reed scandal in 2007 because they wanted someone with skin in the game to help them understand the policy. They also wanted someone who wasn’t a politician, but just a policy person…and that was me. I didn’t meet or become friendly with President Bush until 2012, except for my Purple Heart ceremony with a bunch of other guys on/about 1 July 2005 and then brief meetings at the White House while I worked there.

        3) You keep talking about the Rules of Engagement. First, they are technically classified so I wouldn’t tell them to you anyway and second, my article isn’t about the RoE and has nothing to do with it.

        Daniel Gade

      2. Dan can you give another Google search were you are authorized to make laws as a unelected Military officer

        The White House Military Office
        The White House Military Office (WHMO) provides military support for White House functions, including food service, Presidential transportation, medical support and emergency medical services, and hospitality services. The office oversees policy related to WHMO functions and Department of Defense assets and ensures that White House requirements are met with the highest standards of quality. The WHMO Director oversees all military operations aboard Air Force One on Presidential missions worldwide. The Deputy Director of the White House Military Office focuses primarily on the day-to-day support of the WHMO.

        The WHMO’s operational units are the most visible part of the WHMO’s support to the President. The WHMO units include the White House Communications Agency, Presidential Airlift Group, White House Medical Unit, Camp David, Marine Helicopter Squadron One, Presidential Food Service, and the White House Transportation Agency. To assure proper coordination and integration, the WHMO also includes support elements such as operations; policy, plans, and requirements; administration, information resource management; financial management and comptroller; WHMO counsel; and security. Together, WHMO entities provide essential service to the President and help maintain the continuity of the Presidency.

        Nice try buddy this office provides logistics to the white house

        Since VA falls under 38 U.S. Code Chapter 3 – DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS

        you are not authorized to make any changes to it so kick rocks with sandals

  17. I just read Dan Gade’s comment on here. I don’t blame him for being concerned about death threats. But why is he (Mr. Gade ) on this site anyway? Can anybody tell me? Does Mr. Gade have ulterior motives in mind for being on this site? After all, he did state that he has notified the FBI. I have to wonder though, who else has he notified? DHS? Who else?! Is there some covert government run operation underway to prevent us from exercising our Free Speech Rights on this site? Are we all in for some future retaliations for exercising those rights? When I go to my next scheduled PCP appointment, are some armed black uniformed DHS agents wearing bloused jack boots going to burst into the doctors office and takie me down and hog tying me,then throw me into a white van and drive me to the nearest airport and flying me south to GITMO, and throwing me into solitary confinement? Mr. Gade has a lot of influence, the way it appears to be. Since he is on this site, I have to wonder who else is he getting on here.

    1. Hi Dennis. I’m on this site because Ben and I have been respectfully wrangling about this for a couple years. I got an e-mail yesterday from Lee Horowitz and “Anti-Guru”, both accusing me of being a right wing extremist, faker, dummy, etc etc etc. They both indicated that they heard about me on this website, so I came back. I can assure you that unless you are “Anti-Guru” (IP Address, Tucson, Arizona) then the FBI won’t be interested in you at all. For all I know, they won’t follow up with Mr. Guru. You have nothing to fear when you go to your Primary Care Physician, and I encourage you to make sure your health is maintained over the long run- the people who love you deserve it.

      Daniel Gade

      1. Does the military not have some kind of rule about abusing your position and connections, or is that also by-passed an escalator. I do not condone threatening anybody. Why is a W. Point professor publicly posting the IP address and location of an individual, and imply that this information was obtained by the FBI? Throwing his weight around much?

    2. Dennis suffers from god complex, so do a lot of my peers on the NCO side

      the most sad thing is these kind seem to struggle when they take that uniform off. I know a CSM who just retired who is depressed and all kinds of mess

      trust me Glade will need all those VA benefits he can get very soon, he is going to have 1 hell of a fall trust me on that

      he does not realize the civilian world does not care how many ribbons he has and what his rank was

      also when he retires I’m sure his kids will use Chapter 35 Dan lives on the moon right now

  18. I have to comment once again about this Gade fellow. First, I want to state that I admire his service and sacrifice. But, he is way out of touch with reality when it comes to veterans who are receiving disability compensation. Having a disability is not easy by itself, but to have to endure poor care and being stonewalled for disability compensation makes life a little bit difficult! Also, you have to put up with hostile attitudes and apathy from the general public. I’ve known many Viet-Nam veterans who are amputee, double, and even triple amputees from their combat injuries and it hasn’t been an easy road for any of them! When all you’ve got is a high school diploma or possibly less than that, life gets progressively harder for you. So you need your disability compensation to make up for some of it. I would suggest to Mr. Gade that he go to any Vet Center and talk to some ‘Nam vets who also sacrificed. Ask those old veterans to regress to 45 years ago and get them to tell you about their homecoming and how it has been for them ever since then.

  19. Dear Readers, I received a complaint that certain readers may be leveling death threats on here – do not do that. If you see any threats, please tell me which commenters are doing it so I can address it.

    Let’s have thoughtful discourse here about the issue at hand which is that people believe the disability compensation system should be changed. My position is that the changes will harm many veterans.

    Please do not make death threats against Mr. Gade. That is uncalled for if you are doing it. He is an Army Lt. Colonel who was severely wounded in combat. Keep arguments focused on the ideological differences.

    1. Mr Benjamin Krause
      Since Mr Gade has agreed to have you or your representative for us be able to speak on the same public platforms as him about what he proposes we ask you write him and tell him the underlying condition would be to pay our travel costs just like his are paid for. Of course he ahsnt told anyone who pays his costs to his speaking engagements fees to spread his unfounded garbage

      He doesn’t even have the balls excuse me to in fact tell persons with disabilities who receive SSI or SSDI the same thing he exposes nor the same to persons who rive welfare because if he did he would be good and taken out of any forum by the independent living movement and other groups representing persons with disability and receive SSI or SSDI or welfare . So why doesn’t he extend his untruthful unproven theory ( not research nor any valid or reliable research study) just on disabled veterans?? i asked him and he wont answer as usual .

      THeer also needs to be a military investigation and investigation by the Inspector Generasl office on his conduct and speech He is probably spilling his unproven theories not only in the public disgracing an Army uniform in a political realm but also passing on to students and others in Wrst Point that he teaches his twisted thinking and unproven political talk Such is illegal to politically do such as an Army officer.

      Finally by his own addmision he claims the Army loaned him to the DOD who loaned him to be the White House Associate Director of Domestic Policy How codes the military get involved with setting and coordinating public policy and with other government agencies and the VA, etc on disability, etc It is a clear conflict of interest and unethical whereby an army officer gets involved in such “domestic policy issues”and is the Associate Director

      It is time everyone here went to their congressmen as well as their Senators and asked for a investigation of such of him and his assignment (loaned??)) from the Army where he is being paid to a civilian policy council of the US government White House ?? Its really smelly and so is he!!

      I also confronted him to a question he wont answer at all as to why he does not speak out against the “rules of engagement” our President and former Presidents in the Vietnam War made . These rules have been sited by families of soldiers who died and have been disabled due to the “Rules of Combat engagement: Why doesn’t he address such fact and its why we have so many dead and so many disabled combat veterans as he wont speak out for that but wants to speak out about compensation for disabled veterans . He is a hypocrite of the biggest type and any combat veteran would tell him so !!
      (Maybe he will not as he wants to play politics as he has been doing for his own selfishness and welfare)

      Lee Horowitz M.Ed, CAGS
      US Navy Veteran
      Vietnam Era

      It truly amazes me of someone not trained or having experience working with disabled veterans in psychotherapy, educational or employment counseling or vocational and vocational rehab counseling just how blind he is with his lofty unfounded academic theory He has never done done social work , disabilities counseling , vocational rehab counseling, educational or employment counseling or disabilities counseling nor psychotherapy or PTSD counseling/psychotherapy with any disabled veteran , veteran or family His statements thus are totally unfounded and untrue !! I and other fellow veterans and disabled veterans have The problem is his nose is still up in the air as he thinks he has privilege and political appointments versus the enlisted that suffered and dint have the political patronage he has and spoon in his mouth !!
      Is he member of the APA or any licensure Social Work organization, etc ?? I seriously doubt so. he needs to shut his mouth if he has not the experience working in the above fields firsthand !!

      1. Lee, you make several very well stated point on him and I did not think of that when I posted to him on here. I am glad you brought those to my attention and that you have pushed the issue. Thanks for doing that.

    2. I do not advocated violence but Gade proved with the FBI comment and the tracing IP’s his true mental state

      He is clearly unqualified to write policy, and needs to go ahead and process threw the Med board process like he sent soldiers to

  20. Insanity, I believe this Professor Dan Gade has a diseased ego. And lives in tremendous fear and insecurity. He elevates his self worth off the backs of veterans and is ignorant. He has not figured out that our countries freedoms come from veterans who gave their lives in the military. He is a legend in only the minds of the top 1% in our country Samuel Johnson 1757 wrote something to the effect that “Humility” without knowledge( EDUCATION)is almost useless. But Professors without humility are “DANGEROUS” and not Patriotic,Brave,Honorable and humble. I will pray for him.

  21. I have contacted him via email His phone is 706-207-7632 I asked him to allow Benjamin Krause or our representative to debate him in his public forums since he does not allow others to even be heard in a public forum or a christian church. I want everyone to also see his linked in page

    he has refuse dot answer me and I believe a conflict of interest , ethic violations must be investigated by our cingreess as well as our senate He laughs and says come on with any investigation US Army, Congress, etc but in bios linked in page is : He claims he receives no VA disability he told me and that he is still employed by the US Army?? Ho does he get to serve with such disability from the US Army when they forcefully retired persons with disability from military service- Something is going on here !! So he is serving full time still in he US Army as he tells people.

    Secondly – His linkedin page which I confronted him about who hired him and if he was paid by whom while also being in the US ARMY as well full time during this period: He wont answer.

    He was the Associate Director from 6/2007 to 6/2008 while in fact working fully ism in the US ARmy as the:

    Associate Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council He formulated coordinated disability and other policy for federal agencies and the military VA, etc Suggest you go to linked in and read his page.

    It sounds to me he had ethical and conclude of interest undoing so as an Army Officer full time and then setting domestic policy An investigation needs to take place of this . he had direct impact on disability policy for the military, the Va and all federal agencies.

    Just how ethical is this joker We need to contact out congressman and senators and have this guy investigated and thorn up for some serious questioning.

    Lee Horowitz M.Ed, CAGS
    [email protected]
    US Navy Vietnam Era Disabled Veteran

    1. Hi folks- looks like I stirred up some exciting discussion. Re: Mr Horowitz’s questions:
      1) to stay on active duty I had to file a Continuation on Active Duty request. Once I could show that there were jobs suited to my disability, I could stay. 2) I don’t receive any disability comp from the Army or VA. 3) to serve at the White House, I was borrowed from DoD and was on official orders the whole time. I was doing policy work, not political work. 4). I have given my personal and professional opinions on VA compensation, my religious beliefs, and other topics for years. Each time, I offer a disclaimer that I don’t speak for the Army or DoD. I’d be happy to send anyone who’s interested some citations to the academic research that shows how and why disability comp hurts people (hint: it’s human nature!). Mr. Horowitz posted my correct phone number and email, so contact me if you like.

      Mr. anti-guru with your death threats; I’ve reported you to both my local police department AND the FBI. Good luck. I’m happy to talk to thoughtful people but won’t put up with death threats from your ilk, whoever you are.

      1. Daniel,
        Many of us are willing to go back to work if we can; however. those of us with a disability that limits our ability to become gainfully employed are severely effected and the small amount we receive from the VA helps us to scratch by month to month. There may be some who are OK with staying on getting VA disability and doing nothing more. I believe that almost all of us use this to help and not as a main source of income. I would love to go back to work ; however, My recent move to another VAMC and their refusal to look into my VA records from the other VA has caused me to try and live off of my 40% rating. I am at a place now that I am not sure if I will ever be able to become employed and that literally scares the crap out of me. That is my problem and I am working on getting that corrected.
        I think that if you are stating that you “offer a disclaimer that I don’t speak for the Army or DoD” then that should be made clear in any type of media that is going to be used with your opinion. If that is true and you give this then most of this would not be happening. I am still unsure of this and I will see what happens.

      2. Dan you just proved you are all about self and have no business lecturing wounded warriors.

        1. so a LT Col get wounded and he gets a job in DC wasting tax payer dollars, but if a enlisted Soldier becomes Non-Deployable he is Med Boarded.

        -So let me guess SIR your Neo-Con friends took care of you, by making you a pawn, I mean advocate for more wars and less benefits

        2. Do you have any clue about how VA compensation works? because you sound like quite the dumb ass on the topic.

        -No shit you do not receive CRDP and Retirement you are still on Active Duty

        -you are not leading troops, but getting promoted, can you say your one to talk about not milking a system.

        3. You have mislead the civilian population on how VA compensation works, I receive CRDP along with long Gevity retirement, and go to school, and work and it is legal.

        – earth to Gade vets receive a very small settlement from the Army for compensation vs the civilian sector, oh yes Gade when a civilian is injured on the job they are compensated

        4. You need a good CSM to check you when it comes to interacting with Soldiers

        – guess that is why I’m retired because I pissed off the Brigade Commander weekly when I worked on staff before I retired.

        – see officers like you need a reality check time to time

        PVT snuffy makes a fraction of what you make and is living pay check to pay check sorry he is not privileged like you

      3. Chris,

        1) The reason I point out that I’m active duty is because someone else accused me of drawing VA Comp AND other pays (including West Point Salary, whatever that is). Just clarifying my current status.

        2) I’m glad you’re drawing CRDP and 100% and working. Good for you. The people who fall into the “poverty trap” are those on SSDI and/or IU, who lose all (SSDI) or part (IU) of their benefits if they go back to work. IU is a terrible program.

        3) I was med boarded, as I explained elsewhere in this thread, and filed a COAD. I could have chosen to leave the Army in 2005, when I was wounded, but chose not to.

        4) The reason I informed the FBI and local PD on Mr. “Anti-Guru” and posted his IP address is because he made a (flaccid) death threat against me. If you don’t threaten to “put a bullet in me” then I won’t report you to authorities.

        Feel free to write me directly on my personal e-mail if you like. Lee Horowitz posted it someplace in this thread.

      4. Dan

        I will pump my brakes for now because the way the NY times and this article read, I thought they were referring to the entire VA system

        I do agree their is parts of the VA system that needs corrected,

        I do agree a 23 year old Warrior should not be drawing monies that prevent him from going to school or working

        I went to speech therapy at the polytrama clinic, and I’m done better in school than expected

        the social worker was worried about me being able to sit in a class room at my ace and with my issues

        I’m studying pharmacy I choose it for 2 reasons

        1. I work outside on a Military Instillation and I’m truly in pain on most day so I need to come inside with less impact work

        2. I get to study what the VA is feeding vets and me and some of those drugs are bad stuff, I believe Vets should wing their selves from as many drugs as possible

        but the pharmaceutical business is a whole another issue

  22. I was approached while in the hospital recovering from a head wound received (14 May1967) in Vietnam by a VFW NSO, while I was waiting for a Physical Evaluation Board in 1968. He told me a lot of things but, one was about being compensated for my injuries from being wounded in Vietnam and that I should remember that, ” The money from compensation is to make up for what your injuries have kept you from possibly making.” All I could say then and it is the same at this time, “Really?” I see PA’s that were Combat Medic’s or Corpsman that collect 100%, drive expensive sports cars that work at a Veterans Administration Medical Health Clinic! I have also seen a Team Leader of a Vet Center purposely fuck with people that were not in his branch of choice get numerous twisted ankle type injury more comp than they deserve to retire and in my opinion escaped prison time! Scandal and Fraud is a decades old problem and I believe it is on both sides…however; the VA Medical, as we all know is in first place from the hearings in Washington D.C. in 2014.

  23. After reading the article regarding what the West Point professor has said about compensating disabled veterans, I wrote my congressman (The Honorable Joe Barton) today and asked him to investigate who is really behind the statements the professor has made. If each of us will write our representatives in Congress while this is current news, just maybe, West Point will issue an apology, at the least, or fire the professor, at best.

  24. The country is divided. Here’s what we are dealing with:
    Earlier today, the president’s entourage drove right past the VA medical center in Phoenix that found itself at the center of last year’s firestorm over falsified wait lists and substandard care, a scandal that stirred outrage and rocked the federal veterans’ healthcare system. Obama was in town to deliver a rah-rah speech about the improving US economy, for which he’s scrambling to take credit. He’s in the process of attending a string of similar rallies across the country in advance of his State of the Union Address later this month. The tour’s themes are by now quite familiar. In short, my policies have been successful, and now is the time for additional “investments” and government interventions. Curiously, the president couldn’t be bothered to stop by the Phoenix VA, a towering monument to big government corruption and incompetence. His priority instead was to lecture a partisan, cheering crowd about the urgent need for more big government programs. Some veterans were none too pleased by the snub:
    • President Barack Obama angered veterans by not visiting the troubled Phoenix Veterans Affairs hospital at the center of a nationwide wait time scandal while in town for a speech. Obama’s motorcade drove right past the facility on the way to the high school where he delivered his speech on the housing recovery Thursday morning. A small group of veterans were among an eclectic collection of Obama protesters and supporters across from Central High School. Vietnam-era veteran Jesus Miramon was wearing his old U.S. Army dress uniform and holding a sign saying “do not hate vets today.” Miramon says the president missed a chance to show veterans he cares by stopping at the VA hospital. White House spokesman Josh Earnest says Obama is committed to fulfilling the nation’s promises to veterans.

    Oh yes, Obama is passionately committed to fulfilling all those promises to veterans, as evidenced by his attentive leadership on the matter throughout his presidency. He says one thing on the campaign trail, he does another. In the meantime, his administration and the bureaucracy applied pressure on the VA’s Inspector General to water down his findings on the impact of delayed care. The IG complied, then backtracked amid furious criticism. In spite of sunlight finally exposing its insidious dysfunction, the system is still broken, and will be very difficult — if not impossible — to fix. By the way, Obama did have time to make an unannounced stop in Phoenix. He swung by a housing development for a photo-op and a few remarks. That detour, unlike the VA facility, allowed him to stay on message. Gotta keep that dubious public opinion “comeback,” or whatever, on track. I recognize that presidents can’t be all things to all people, and that schedule constraints are real. This president seems to have a special talent for uniquely galling optics as it pertains to “no” RSVP’s. His indefensible Ft. Hood agenda springs to mind, of course…and he literally drove right past this place in Arizona, with some diabled vets waiting outside:

    For an optics-obsessed presidency, Obama’s lapses on that front are at times truly astounding.

  25. I want to get this CORRECT, this guy believes that it is better for a DISABLED person to work rather than receive COMPENSATION for the DAMAGE cause by his / her service to their country ? I need some of what he is using. Does he realize how DIFFICULT it is for some of us to get out bed, brush our teeth, or other daily routines that most take for granted. I find it hard to believe that he would think like that if he were a COMBAT Vet.
    Life itself is HELL, but add the EXPERIENCES of a WAR ZONE man you are REALLY pushing the button. I guess the old adage is TRUE, “Those who can, DO, those who can’t, TEACH.

  26. Ben, can we have a contest here to see who can come up with someone that has something positive and helpful to say about disabled vets? It is fun to rip into idiots, takers, hypocrites, brown nosers and general assholes like Gade, but how about if we find some guys and gals and organizations like Montel Williams that we can build up? And the next VA hack that comes on this site I say we roast his or her ass, like the occasional ones who show up here with their anti-veteran comments. Gade is such a total ass to game the system, make himself famous on the body parts and destroyed minds and brain cells of our heroic veterans. What kind of shit did this asskisser dump on the men he allegedly led in combat and elsewhere in the service? He reminds me of the typical flag officer who rises to prominence and power in the service by screwing over his fellow troops, literally getting them killed in the process, or injured for life, while he gets promoted. What I really hate is stories about vets, in particular retired generals and admirals, who somehow don’t seem to get PTSD or any kind of physical or mental injury that impacts their success in life, and they are held up to look like super-human while we mere mortals are treated as second raters who can’t hack it. That shit really makes me sick. Gade is a piece of crap, even if he did get a limb carved off in the line of duty. He needs to shut the fuck up and realize he won the lottery of favoritism while countless thousands of other vets just as duty minded and even more dedicated to the military than him are now homeless, uncompensated for earned disability rights, shafted out of voc rehab, and the like. Anyone shafted out of voc rehab thank God can turn to Ben’s site here and get through that maze of shitness to get voc rehab that they earned and a shot at getting back to work if at all possible. Those of us who are too messed up to work evev ever again need to band together like we have done here on this question by Ben about Gade’s bullshit and tell him and his clones and cronies to simply fuck off. If they don’t like the laws, rules and regs that mandate what vets are entitled to and flat out paid for then they can get off their self-serving asses and try to turn us into Iran, Russia or good ol’ Nazi Germany with maniacs who dumped their vets in the trash after fucking up the world with their psycho agendas. Gade deserves a pat on the back from the ghost of Adolf Hitler who fucked over his own troops along with the rest of the world. He is just about as sick as Hitler to say the shit he says against vets. 40 years ago he would have been arrested for anti-American activities. What the fuck happened to West Point to let a dick like him even open his mouth?

  27. So, as a Lieutenant Colonel with his retirement, and his current pay as a Professor at West Point, not to mention his disability pay from the VA and with the new rules that do not force him to pay back his retired pay in order to keep his VA disability payments due to combat service – I cannot believe he would make such statements. He is in a protected class altogether by being a “ring-knocker”… likely hired by a General upon which Congress is now evaluating the retirement pay for Generals and Admirals (they are going to be reducing their retirement) – so this General and his buddies gave this “ring-knocker” alumni a job at West Point and as such he does their bidding for them… speak out against VA pay! By doing so, if the VA disability pay system is reduced, then the Generals and Admirals can keep their nice lucrative retirements.

    For the Lieutenant Colonel to even compare himself to other Veterans right now who are disabled and struggling to find jobs (many of whom are well educated and trained) – it’s a shame to think that a man who once led troops is now working to undermine the benefits they fought for and deserve. Again, if Congress doesn’t provide these earned benefits to our disabled Veterans, then they will merely use this money for special projects or support those who never earned the right to any such benefit… hmmmm – like the millions of illegal aliens that Obama just declared to be legal without any legal process whatsoever. Where do we get the money to pay for them? Well, if the Lieutenant Colonel and his secretive backers are successful – the money owed to disabled Veterans will be used now to care for people who are not even American citizens! I sometimes wonder why I fought for this country at all when decisions like these are being made.

  28. Even though this man have a disability, he needs to speak for himself, all disabilities is not the same. There are disabilities that prevents you from doing any kind of work that would be meaning full employment, meaning given the economic situations, if and employer can hire a physical fit man versus a disable man who do you think is going to get the job. I am disabled myself, have a college degree, lots of experience in different kinds of work, and couldn’t find a job for years. We would like to think that discrimination against the disable don’t exist, but it do. What you can do is find a job for the disabled, and give them all the necessary tools to operate on that job if they can.

    1. James, don’t leave out age in the equation. My disabilities are limiting me in finding a good job and add in my age (51), who do you think that company is going to hire.

  29. It does appear we have been informed,of what I already suspected,the inmates are in charge of the asylum. That being the case it’s time to remove and replace those those inmates.

  30. I am one of those vets who first trusted the VA system to do the right thing when I first filed my claims a year ago.

    Nine months later I received the letter that first tells me that rather than serving 36 years, the VA only calculates 13. Then my back, elbows, shoulder, and sleep apnea was not a result of my military career.

    I kick myself I did not know about this web site before. I have told all my friends scheduled to retire about this web site.

    Sad there is a general officer with a great paying job would thumb his nose at the rest of us. Would ask to balance the budget on the backs of veterans who earned the benefit.

    Shame on you, sir.

  31. I was compelled to file a grievance with the Secretary of the Army — I hope they get the point because this turncoat has triggered all my APDs like no one in a long time who is on the public payroll:

    Dear Mr. Secretary, WHY is an active duty soldier from my understanding engaged in “political” speech outside the realm of his knowledge and or expertise on the subject matter of the SCOUS-Feres Doctrine (FD) “second-rationale” (FD-Mandate (FDM))? In simple terms; who is this public servant to argue is clearly subjective views of the DVA-statutory system as this article and information clearly establishes: https://www.disabledveterans.org/2015/01/09/west-point-prof-dan-gade-says-disability-pay-harmful/

    I bet if you called this officer and asked him what the heck the FD-second-rationale is all about; I am sure he will not be able to provide an answer. If so, he is only 1 of a few of the millions of Americans who have a clue. Thus, he should be teaching his students how to inform their future soldiers of their rights and entitlements under the FDM if injured “incident to military service” and not engaged on taxpayers’ time and money his own political views in teaching future Army leaders how to screw their soldiers instead of educating them as to the Military’s Disability Evaluation System (DES) and nexus to the SCOUS-FD-DVA continuation of care processes. It’s Shameful.
    Please stop this officer/public servant from this unbecoming conduct of a U.S. military officer and crystal clear ignorance as to how the SCOUS-FDM and military DES/DVA statutory process is a life-line as most if not all—are not politically connected like him.
    Under his under oath to defend and protect the Constitution/Bill of Rights he is ironically with his political activities at the Academy—he is single handedly overturning all the congressional testimony of the DoD/DOJ before the Congress proclaiming the SCOUS-FD is constitutional, and primarily based upon the only genuine “rationale” of said 1950-SCOUS in real time—the “incident to military service” holding as codified under the laws of the DVA-statutory system at CFR Title 38, Chapter 1, Part 4: Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans’ Relief at §4.1 Essentials of evaluative rating : “This rating schedule is primarily a guide in the evaluation of disability resulting from all types of diseases and injuries encountered as a result of or incident to military service …” [41 FR 11292, Mar. 18, 1976].
    Thank you for considering my concerns about this officer’s high questionable ethical and potential [favorable ammo] for US advocates to advance to prove his political views to finally overturn the SCOUS-FD as his conduct appears to be an official U.S. Army legal position since he is acting within the scope of his employment as a military member.
    I reserve the right to amend or extend.

  32. Look at the source … these cowards that never served in combat can say all they want, it does not make it truthful. Matter of fact anything Bush says is a lie, and I would expect nothing but the same from any of his associates.
    Just Republican Propaganda!

  33. All veterans and the public should send letters to the Army asking for his statements about disabled veterans and compensation amounting to welfare and that all disabled veterans are druggies or alcoholics, lazy, ext WE need to demand disciplinary action from the US Army as well as our congressman and senators regarding this mans derogatory unfounded public comments against his fellow veterans As an enlisted man I would have had NIS (US Navy) and everyone demanding a court martial and disciplinary action against me !!


    1. Lee,

      You are correct that as an enlisted saying things like that would get you court marshaled for being insensitive and making general comments that have no facts.


  34. This also begs the question that we see why so many former high ranking officers/officers are getting jobs or in positions they are appointed to via political patronage. Senator Toomey’s office Pa has a high ranking former military officer with no education or experience in veterans counseling, disability counseling or aging or even veterans issues right out of the military. His education is not even in such fields. My own congressman Pitts – PA has a non veteran in his office a young person who has no training, no experience no education in veterans affairs, disability, nor aging services, etc THey also believe anything the VA tells them as 100% truth going no further to investigate anything This is my and other veterans experiences. Hire veterans with experience in the field or disability, or aging or MH/MR who have also the educational background . I worked at the Philadelphia Veterans Multi Service Center and despite those veteran and disabled veterans, college educated and experienced counselors none of them were hired for positions at the VA when grants were discontinued They all were trained under VA VOCREHAB in psychology and could not get a position anywhere. The 3 persons hired for vet rep GS 5/7/9 were in fact 3 temporary employed women secretaries working for the VA while even myself or other 100% disabled veterans had no preference and were better qualified. It is about patronage and whose butt ones kiss and its why incompetence and negligence persist in government… Another example by own cousin a former community services lawyer whose father knew the government was appointed the Director of Human Services ( Department of Welfare ) for Conn despite the facts he was anti social and was really a racist privately and knew nothing about human services or welfare That is the problem with this country

    Its not about education, hard work, experience, training its who one knows only and its why we see it in hiring positions with our congressmen and senators – Patronage of the “privileged”

  35. This man needs to be stopped. He is pushing Paul Ryan’s agenda. I find this man to be turning his back on his sisters and brothers and it sickens me.

  36. Gade is still on Active Duty

    This story is why I do not recommend joining the army no more

    I did 20 yrs US Army I was going to stay until 22 or 24 until my kids finished High School but could not take people like Gade any more

    1. Why is the army allowing someone who should be facing a Med Board not only stay in but travel TDY be non deployable and milk the system for over 100 grand a year

    I’m not against people who get wounded allowing them to stay in but how many Soldiers did this loser kick out?

    2. were is a good CSM to shut this idiot down from talking to the Soldiers who are facing challenging times, sorry Gade lower enlisted don’t receive what you receive

    3. Than the nerve of this loser to compare Vets receiving compensation to people receiving welfare

    the Army needs to take discipliner action on Gade, he is a Soldier not a political figure in fact there is some AR’s that clearly out line you can not do what he is doing

  37. Let’s see, he is a West Point Grad, retired lt. Colonel, has a job, is most likely still getting his 100% disability and probably some kickback for trying to get rid of the disability system. He is rolling in $$$ and wants those of us who do need it because it does affect our daily lives and our jobs which makes us not a whole person and most of us were not “broken” when we entered into the service and if the military broke us, they should be held accountable for that. If you were to get injured on a civilian job you would receive some sort of settlement which would most likely be paid out over many years. He is not a true veteran, a true veteran would help his/her fellow veteran. He clearly is trying to turn us into welfare cases. Most of us want to get back to work and not stay unemployed. Working helps us feel as if we have a purpose and are somewhat defeating out disability. First they take away the pain meds that some of us need to get through the day (mostly because of our conditions have very limited options in what can be done to help the condition) and now they want to take away something else that helps us to maintain a life. Are we getting rich from our disability pay? I would say no. Most of us are either trying to obtain employment or have employment so we can rise above the poverty level. Staying on our disability pay alone would keep us at or below the poverty level and for me I am not OK with being at or below the poverty level. This guy is a joke and I hope most people will see through his BS and understand that he is buddies with certain people who could end up hurting all of us disabled vets. Sweep him under the rug and continue to improve the disability system so that my fellow vets don’t have to wait 6 yrs. for an increase or continually get denied for a legitimate claim. Help us don’t hurts us more.

  38. What people do not understand is, disability compensation is the military’s version of workman’s compensation. Instead of getting million dollar settlements we get a small portion of money to help us deal with the cards that were dealt. Should a mine worker not get disability when a mineshaft implodes? Inherent risk? Tell his family that disability is a crutch and makes him complacent.

    Seriously?!? My mind is blown by the amount of stupidity regarding veterans and their care.

  39. Ironically, not only did he lose a limb in combat, he lost his mind and has PTSD to boot, whether he knows it or not. He is a hypocrite kid who thinks he is better than others and his disability is special and an exception. BS!!!!

  40. With that nut jobs theory the Feres Doctrine “incident to service” holding should be repealed; as it’s only genuine rationale is the “second” under DVA law at CFR Title 38, Chapter 1, Part 4: Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans’ Relief at §4.1 Essentials of evaluative rating–
    “This rating schedule is primarily a guide in the evaluation of disability resulting from all types of diseases and injuries encountered as a result of or incident to military service …” [41 FR 11292, Mar. 18, 1976].

    What a turncoat piece of crap this guy is. To the contrary, failure to timely administer, refer, diagnose, treat and compensate under the SCOUS-Feres Doctrine “mandate” (FDM) indeed gives rise to drug, alcohol abuse, homelessness, and aggravation of injuries given rise ‘incident to military service’.

  41. Shame on this man. I’m glad I never had to share a foxhole with him. I wonder who is paying him, or promising to pay him, to betray his fellow veterans.

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