Veterans Rights

Veterans Fear VA Gun Rights Policy

Veterans are still fearful of harmful gun rights policies if they seek mental health care for PTSD after serving in combat to defend the...

Agency Dismissive In New VA Data Breach

Veterans Affairs waited two months to notify 1,100 veterans of a known VA data breach where documents with private identifying information were mistakenly tossed in...

Congress Bites On Great McDonald Con

Veterans Affairs con of the modern taxpayers is no better embodied than in McDonald’s current scheme. He believes Congress will open the purse strings...

Recent Articles

Is $720,000 Payout To Korea War Veteran Widow Enough After 50 Years?

Giving new meaning to the unofficial VA motto “Delay, Deny, Until They Die,” one Korea War veteran won his claim 5 years...

What Would YOU Like For Christmas?

Even though I am no Saint, much less Saint Nic, I do have the ability to bring you some cheer, helpful news,...

Happy Thanksgiving From DisabledVeterans.org (the period is not silent, and neither are we 🙂

I wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving as we round the corner to close out this year.

VA Knowingly Violated Privacy Rights Of Millions Since 2016

New estimates show VA officials knowingly released personally identifiable information (PII) including Social Security numbers of millions of people since 2016.

Major Changes Afoot Within VA Vocational Rehabilitation

There are major changes afoot within the VA Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment program - - some might even call it a facelift...

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