Disability Compensation

Filing for VA disability is the first step of many veterans right out of service. Unfortunately, the process is a very difficult one with landmines everywhere. Knowing tips to navigate this process is vital to a fair rating.


New IG Report On Traumatic Brain Injury Throws Thomas Murphy Under Bus

A new IG report about the traumatic brain injury scandal I first exposed in 2015 reveals Thomas Murphy, former acting VBA under secretary, failed...
US Army veterans Class Action

All Rise: Class-Action Lawsuits Against VA Are Now On The Table

Remember Monk v. Wilkie. This is a gamechanger. Based on this federal court decision, in which an eight-judge panel reexamined the fairness of VA precedent...
Dual Ended Combat Arms Earplugs

Tinnitus Anyone? 3M Covered Up Its Defective Military Earplugs Since 2000

In a settlement worth a paltry $9.1 million, 3M agreed to pay the government after being caught covering up its defective earplugs called dual-ended...
IG Effective Dates

Effective Date Fiasco – Intent To File Claims Rob $72 Million From Vets

Here is another leftover from Thomas Murphy's policies over the past couple years - the agency repeatedly failed to assign correct effective dates costing...

Blue Water Veterans Stalled? VA Vehemently Opposes New Legislation

Paul Lawrence, Undersecretary for VA Benefits, recently unleashed a blistering attack against the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act (HR 229), which would extend...
Disability Examination

At Least $10 Million In Taxpayer Funds Blown On Unnecessary Disability Exams

Of the 53,500 disability exams conducted by the VA from March to August of 2017, at least 19,800 were deemed unnecessary. That has cost...
VA Purge

Massive Shakeup, Purge Inside VBA Of Leadership, Oversight Positions

PURGE: The Department of Veterans Affairs is swiftly purging from its ranks most of its leadership with knowledge of involvement in decisionmaking prior to...
Moderate TBI

Explain Your Brain: New Breakthroughs In TBI Science For Veterans

If you’re a veteran with a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, you know how frustrating it can be. With a range of types and...

VA Benefits Tips

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