Disability Compensation

Filing for VA disability is the first step of many veterans right out of service. Unfortunately, the process is a very difficult one with landmines everywhere. Knowing tips to navigate this process is vital to a fair rating.

Second VA Commission

Second VA Commission To Select New VBA Under Secretary

Yet another VA commission was created to help select a new leader for its Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), presently led by Thomas Murphy. The agency...
Burn Pit Roundtable

Roundtable: VA/DoD Animal Testing Not ‘Valid’ For Burn Pit Exposure

Numerous veterans rights activists spoke out in a burn pit exposure roundtable held by Military Network Radio and host Linda Kreter. Participants on the show...
Burn PIt

Senate Passes Burn Pit Bill To Increase Cooperation Between VA, DOD

A new bill passed the Senate Monday aimed at helping VA better identify and address the looming health crisis facing veterans exposed to burn...
Gary Hodge

Accountability Fail: Why Is Known Liar Gary Hodge Still Working At VA?

Cases like that of Gary Hodge make me wonder if any American president could be capable of bringing accountability to the Department of Veterans...
Day Off

Day Off – Presenting On Burn Pits Today

I'm not able to write much today since I am presenting on the topic of Gulf War Illness and burn pits during an annual...
Hurricane Irma

What Does Hurricane Irma Have In Common With VA Disability Ratings?

Veterans have waited for years and years and years for an update to disability compensation rating criteria. Who would have thought VA would release those...
Burn Pits

If You Could Teach VSOs About Burn Pits, What Would You Say?

I wanted to reach out to you, my readers, about burn pits and what you would like me to relay to a room full...
Veterans Rights Attorney

Leading Veterans Rights Attorney Blasts New Appeals Legislation

Leading veterans rights attorney John Wells, through his organization Military-Veterans Advocacy, spoke out against new legislation that outstrips certain due process rights from the...

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