Military Sexual Trauma Survivors Take Backseat

Military Sexual Trauma

Benjamin KrauseSurvivor stories and legislative reforms focusing on military sexual trauma have taken a backseat over the past year in major media outlets, but that does not mean the problems related to treatment and VA benefits have improved. I wanted to take today to highlight a recent conversation I came across the highlights some of the current issues and to help bring the subject back to the forefront for my readers.

For a little backstory, male and female veterans write frequently on the Facebook group Disabled Veterans – Chapter 31 Voc Rehab about struggles in getting service connection for military sexual trauma (MST). Problems range from getting service-connection to getting access to effective mental health care.

Recently, the subject surfaced again with examples of VA examiners diverting service-connection by twisting the cause and effect of problems from MST. One veteran, Erica Ellis, stated she was denied a rating for MST, “Filed a claimed for anxiety and depression. Came back stating it wasn’t military related. Considering I dealt with MST (military sexual trauma) I am surprised that the granted me not even 0%. I am going to appeal it and have my counselor and psychologist write a letter to them stating that I have depression and anxiety because of MST.”

Ellis claims she will appeal, but she was supremely frustrated with the lack of recognition of her victimization. Many veterans feel the disability compensation system opens the wounds when they do not even get recognition of the trauma they faced. “I swear I waited 9 months to hear back with this crap. I don’t think they even do their job up there and just shuffle us through. Sorry, I am frustrated and just sick of fighting for things that I need from the VA. Any help would be much appreciated.”

Check out what these MST survivors say about how VA treated them:

Jessica-Patrice Dorsey Coulter Sorry you suffered MsT. And, um, all I can say it took me 5 years to get my MsT correct. They told me once in a denial letter, I was going through a divorce and was a single mother those were. The issues, Susan Avila smith is a great resource in FB and I’m sure there are folks in here who can help point you Ina direction for claims advocacy, so you don’t have to wait 5 years .

Erica Ellis Yeah they told me in my letter it was because I was dealing with college, financial (which I have a job so I am not sure what that is all about) and relationship issues with my husband. I kind of laughed because my husband and I have a very strong relationship. So they basically lied. I am like what the heck?

Erica Ellis I see my counselor next week. She is awesome and give great advice. I would like I have been going to behavioral health for over a year now. My concern is things are going great and I still have depression and anxiety. I don’t get it.

Jessica-Patrice Dorsey Coulter They don’t understand that MST is the original wound, like a IED caused a TBI, and all the things that go with that… Keep appealing, I was so in my anger I lit my first denial on fire lol

Erica Ellis Thank you for the encouragement.

Melissa Laurent Did you file it as Depression and Anxiety due to MST? Or just Depression and Anxiety? That could have been the problem if you had no diagnosis or treatment for Depression or Anxiety while in service.

Jessica-Patrice Dorsey Coulter And you HAVE to file for MST separately. While you don’t get a rating for IT, your depression and anxiety will be seen on a drop down screen as related it it. And while I didn’t report in service I was sent to anger management and stress management. lol

Erica Ellis Maybe I am just too optimistic about things, but I deal with anxiety and there are days I don’t want to get out of bed. The other night I was laying on the floor crying because I missed my grandparents. The passed away 25 years ago. Depression is real and so is anxiety.

Jamal Childs Mrs. Ellis, look veterans the psychic is supposed to link your trauma or traumatic experience to the military. You don’t have to have a disorder in the military or a diagnosis from the military to get service connected. The mental health doctor job. is to link the mental disorders. I wish you veterans stop the bullshit when trying to self diagnose yourself. Let that psychic do their jobs. Mrs Ellis if you want to be service connected call me at 12 noon Baltimore,MD time. In box me Please.

Erica Ellis Wow! Really JM Jimenez. That’s crazy. I am going for a Master’s in Healthcare administration and I work part time. I guess my life is fine and dandy because I can do these things.

Erica Ellis Jessica-Patrice Dorsey Coulter- I also did not report it in while I was in, because there were only a few women in my command. It was very taboo and honestly, I felt like they were going to kick me out for it. That is why I never said anything. Also through counseling I have found I am avoider. So I pushed all those feelings down and avoided the whole situation. Sad I know. My husband asked me why I did that, it is because I was scared and honestly I felt very alone in the whole situation, it was easier not to deal with it at all.

Deisha Ponder I filed for PTSD and got denied but they said I suffered from anxiety that wasn’t related and they gave me nothing. I think they want to see you at the lowest point in order to say you’re depressed. A lot of people put on a brave face and function everyday but they’re dying on the inside

Erica Ellis Jamal Childs, I am not self diagnosis myself that is what they diagnosed me at the VA.

Jamal Childs Wrong answer people it your provider in the hospital that is the key to your problems. What is your Global assessment of functionality score .

Jessica-Patrice Dorsey Coulter Because we all know that MST folks get justice, and are so not retaliated against. I didn’t report. It’s not sad it’s the truth. Then we keep quiet, and if left in checked and unspoken of, that job you have, your school will suffer been there, quit that, gave up on that. These freaking folks at the VA don’t understand how MST manifest honestly. I just started telling these folks as is. I let them know EXACTLY how it feels.if you have markers in your record, any visits to mental health.

Jamal Childs Sir i am a veteran and i have studied the compensation and pensions part for veterans for 3years. I am 90Percent and i had 6 C and Ps last week. I have been on this mission for over 3years. Its business not feeling sir.

Jamal Childs That score is chronic situation, conditions and issues sir.

Latashia Alexander Erica Ellis they can still see “patterns” even if unreported. I am an MST survivor and filed my first MST claim 2013…never reported the incident, however my records clearly showed the “pattern”. Pull your recs sis and make notes. Any UCMJ actions? Administrative actions “acting out” on your part? If MST was a rape (TMI) any pregnancy tests following, std testing, etc can also be documented as well. Don’t give up…fight until. Also get a DBQ from your doc on depression to add with your claim. If you have any questions feel free to hit me up!

Jamal Childs To you all duty to assist, reasonable doubt, benefit of doubt in these situations, please read that. Letter of NEXUS, please.

Erica Ellis Thank you for the advice.

Jamal Childs This is to much language, the situation all of them can be rated. Veterans act like the provider are their friends. Well the business at hand is that most are not. All of you veterans should be at least 70percent or more for injuries that incurred in military services.

Latashia Alexander <<< 90% SC ova here w/10 claims pending!

Jamal Childs MST and PTSD go together, many other mental disorders go with MST to . Stop across like these providers are going to giving you shit.

Jamal Childs Mrs Alexander, you need the maximum rating for each conditions and the secondary conditions to the first conditions. Its harder to go to 100Percent from the 90. You need a higher rating of that 10Percent. Like 50Percent of 10percent to be 100Percent.

Jessica-Patrice Dorsey Coulter And knock all that brave face stuff when u go to the counselor! I am convinced many women don’t fess up and tell it like it really is

Latashia Alexander I know Jamal! I’ve done the VA math!! Several scenarios!

Latashia Alexander Agreed Jessica-Patrice Dorsey Coulter! I tell people…go in today and remember your “worse” day. TALK ABOUT IT!

Jessica-Patrice Dorsey Coulter We are resilient. As a single mom I can’t fall apart in front of my kids all the time so I get used to not doing it. It’s important that i know it’s ok, to them those folks see that.

Shareka Monday-Robinson Erica keep fighting because you will make it easier for other women . Good luck and I am praying for you .

Nicole Letourneau Shorter Jessica-Patrice Dorsey Coulter Susan Avila Smith was a great resource for me as well. Gave me a few key points for my statement in support of claim, which had a positive outcome.

Samatra L Hill-Johnson JM Jimenez I put up the VA math for yesterday on the files. It is the chart and directions. You can figure out your combined rating and the different combinations you need to get to 100% from where you are now.

Jamal Childs We have to be educated to fight this system.

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  1. I appreciate this anonymous forum as I have NEVER told anyone this. I was stationed in Korea during the 1989 student uprisings when there was the big push to unite with NK. I was stationed in an Army base in the country and my husband was stationed in Seoul. I was raped by a Korean civilian and I never saw him before or after. I was running, by myself which was stupid, close to the base. He grabbed me and pulled me inside his icky green car. The whole thing could not have last more than 5 minutes, but it seemed like hours. I had been off the pill after being on it for years. My husband and I wanted a baby, so we didn’t use protection as I stupidly thought that I wouldn’t get pregnant anytime soon. Within a month of the assault, I was pregnant. I was mortified as I had no idea who the father was at that time. I was going to stay in and let the cards fall where they may, but when I was moving up to 5 months I went into a panic. I had planned to go back to our previous base and have the baby there where we had friends. If the baby was Asian, I could have put it up for adoption and told people, esp the father that I had miscarried. My mother talked me into coming with her to have the baby. I’m from the Bible belt and I told her what had happened. She told me it was God’s will and that I shouldn’t have worn shorts and I was asking for “it”. (I knew why I had left those hills). I spent 3 months going insane reliving the trauma and not knowing who the father was. Thank goodness, he was born with blond hair and blue eyes. Then, I spent years not being able to bond with this child, I developed a severe alcohol problem, depression, and generally became a psycho bitch. I was hospitalized on a 5150 hold as I literally was going to kill myself with a gun, but husband got home first. I couldn’t keep a job and after 7 years this marriage ended. I had been treated for depression on/off, mostly on. Then in 2000, I think I finally got the right diagnosis of bi-polar and I have taken medication since. I went to college and finished a BA and and MA. Of all things, I am a therapist who works with female veterans. The first veteran (about a year ago) had my exact birthday and could have been my child. Her situation was way too similar. I began to become unglued. I have daily thoughts of suicide, not passive but really thinking if I can go through this again. I refuse to think I’m disabled, but damn I’m struggling to function. I’m running this crap around in my head constantly. I can be with a client and zoned out on my own shit. I just don’t know how much I can keep going with this. My situation is a little different as there is absolutely no one who knows about this but my deceased mother. My ex would probably make sense of it all now, but I just don’t want to tell him. Sometimes I feel like apologizing to him for my behavior and telling him what really happened. The worst part is my son missed out on having a kind, sober, and loving mother. There’s not any amount of money that can change that. Sometimes I also feel that the Army owes me a million dollars for what I went through. I’m just not sure if I want to apply for disability and bring all of this forward and it was a Korean National, not a soldier so there is absolutely no records. Looking at my medical records from the pregnancy to current, it all makes sense.

  2. I filed criminal charges and an unrestricted report with US ARMY CID 10/2012. I was a virgin going in and came out after being gang raped pregnant 10 weeks after AIT. I went had the abortion hard choice I was only 19. YOU can file criminal charges at any time there is no statute of limitation for RAPE in DURING ACTIVE DUTY. So please go to the VA and start by getting help. I filed myself and got my first time around 100% PTSD due to MST, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia, night terrors, sleep walking, sleep apnea and if you need some more advice please email me you have to advocate for yourself….Keep emailing and calling…….

    Jen Roy

    1. I have filed for PTSD caused by MST. I have been diagnosed by my VA MST Coordinator and My Psychiatrist. I take Depakote for depression and Borderline personality disorders and Lamictal for Anxiety and Bi-Polar as well as Venlafaxine hcl for sleep and nightmares at night and buspirone HCL 5mg 2x a day for Anxiety during the day. I have been through many treatments to include DBT, Residential program and are currently going through a socialization program all through the VA.I don’t want to be around people and even for the most part don’t even like them. I do great hiding at home on my computer, but don’t want to go outside without a panic attack. This has all been connected to my MST in AIT. I went in 1980 and did not report it. I was 19 and was afraid to report it or even talk about it. I was drugged and remember what happened prior to my rape, Luckily not during, but I do recall not being in my barracks at fort sam and being taken back to my barracks by a male in the room who apologized for what happened to me the night before by his 2 male room mates. I have been diagnosed by the VA with PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Bi-Polar all caused by MST. This is documented in my records, however, early on I had a PA incorrectly report PTSD as a non-military-connected events. I now have a VSO that has been working with me for almost 3 years through appeals and we are at the Board Stage and I am hoping to have this all connected and accurately rated and paid for. I agree that getting that letter that the military was not responsible was definitely a hit in the solar plexus. I have no active duty medical file because it was taken from the records desk and given for (PROTECTION) to a hospital lieutenant by my commanding officer if Fort Mead of which I forget his name.I refused and as he was going to give me an article 15 I insisted on a court marshall ( he did not follow through with that. I did contact JAG office and spoke with an officer there he contacted the lieutenant and she did state that she gave the records to my commanding officer and apologized. She said she would get the to me but never did. He offered (strongly) a medical discharge due to my many times at the sick call and the many surgeries I had had. I still don’t know who they were and Ft mead is no longer the same type of base.

      1. I was at Fort Meade, too; 84-88. A huge chunk of information is missing from my medical records and personnel file that could corroborate my claim. There are lab results missing (pregnancy) while I was at the National Security Agency. The VA claims they have sent my entire file to me/all that they have, and NSA Medical Clinic states they no longer have them and I am not in their system.

        Also, mst began in boot camp – Ft. Dix, NJ … any suggestions from anyone on the above? What about obtaining copies of company and/or night watch records from boot camp. There HAS to be something listed somewhere.

    2. I was sexually assaulted while on active duty in the military I have filed my claim for MST / PTSD and have been denied three times now. the VA keeps saying I only had one year in service when they’re not looking at all my DD-214 I’m about to give up on fighting for this it’s embarrassing and I feel humiliated for happen until the same thing over and over I don’t know what else to dowith my luck they would come back with a 10% rating thank you James R ps,I did write a congressman a letter here in Tampa Florida I hope it does some good

      1. I was drugged and sexually assaulted more than once, at Plattsburgh AFB, NY. It was the late 80’s. It has ruined my life in so many ways, I have not filed for mst, or ptsd.
        I have talked to the shrinks at the VA in WPB, they say that I could help other people by telling my story, but the truth is they just want to twist my mind around. To the point of ending it, Fuck them-I’m finished with their bull-shit!
        And yes I am a MALE, straight heterosexual, never one dough about that, I joined to “protect my country” I forgot other people had other agendas. To all you piece of shit fake mst people I met in group meetings you can have my memories, then file a claim. NO DISRESPECT FOR HONEST PEOPLE, One surprise is I found pictures from the perp, and thanks to this blog I will file rape charges.
        There is no god-only revenge while they are alive!

  3. Yes, they see you were high functioning levels of doing job well and great evaluations but do not realize what the mind does to protect itself, like “fight or flight” it buries it deep especially if you are still in those teen years it’s an automatic response. But I went through one event, “assault, stalked, then his Captains Mast and he was severely reduced and fined. I went back to the hospital ward, the nurses told me sit and relax try to eat ( a lunch saved for me) and if it’s too much you can go home. Well, 15 minutes later three shore patrol ( our police in the Navy) came onto the ward. Let me make sure you understand this, a hospital built for WWII had a ramp out side and spaces between each building, the new one was being built. I worked on the Med/Surg Ward with great nurses. A back entrance one went to one at the front and one found me; “do you have someplace you can go?” I asked why. “He went to the JAG officer and stated he was going to kill “the bitch” I guess that was me? My first response was to go get my roommate as she worked with this guy. Yes, the natural nurturer who worries first for another, but that’s what people who are medical do. I could not get my parents on the phone so we decided to go to her home, trust me, sleeping on a pediatric ward and a threat to my life? Meant no sleep and this was 1979. When I got back I was asked “stay in or go out?” Hell no I was staying! I wanted to become a physician assistant, I graduated high school early, and uber responsible teen ager, yes, hard to believe but I do not need to explain my journey it was my goal. But being friendly, smiling was free and easy to be pleasant. Heck, I must have been responsible if I could watch doctors kids and my commanders mother at her home? However I was also that “sponge for learning” it was recognized by all. When I changed rooms with two older women who lived off base but kept a room in the barracks. I took a shower after every shift but always stopped to see if I had any messages and was just kind. Well when I heard keys and my roommates would say it was them. However this was too many keys and I heard my door start to open, I ran grabbed my blanket and tried to keep the door shut but it’s kind of hard when you are not as big as an over six foot brick wall, he forced his way in. I never told a soul. I did as I was taught, you didn’t express that kind of emotion, so buried and locked away, then damn in my fifties it came on so strong like a tidal wave from hell! As I explained to my doctor of many years who knows me damn well, “it was like watching from above your body because you can’t understand why?” I wasn’t depressed, I would twice a year have a period I didn’t understand why? It was like you mourned something but I wasn’t sure what it was? I had damn panic attacks, pure hell to have. But the story gets better and that I cannot say.
    Don’t diagnose me and lie. I DETEST LIARS AND THAT IS NO JOKE. Now understand life goes on and you just keep going and I did. I have continued with life and don’t say life stressors. You have no idea how I deal with stress did you ask me how? I have meditated since I was 17 years old. It is second nature to me, because I’ve always been very independent and shall speak my mind like it or not. In fact I injured my back in the Navy, it’s on my exit exam. Now call them stupid to say I didn’t complain about it when I could have gone to get a disability rating for it, but I was pregnant and left for Hawaii and married one who was abusive. Don’t worry, I put up with enough I got mine in on him. Call it that high ranking officer who lived on the same street, as well as others who were ready to put him in a ditch to be buried, I stated don’t do that, I can’t live with those kind of things. AMAZING! When I went to the VA for help, all my medical issues were MST and PTSD? Then damn, pay for it! “Hell has no fury like a woman who has a fire and knows how to use her words!” I have always been the one to volunteer and just kept going strong. But sometimes people see a strength as a weakness yet my natural nature was to obeserve and when medical as I continued my path with all kinds of letters that are those kudos I just say okay whatever. But I cannot have a door unlocked, if I cannot find my keys I have a major panic attack and no pill will fix it? The VA IS MAJORLY MESSED UP ASK A COUSIN WHO IS MAD AS HELL SAYING HOW MANY COMMIT SUICIDE? I told her there is way more just today on the phone. I do not watch the news. I get tired of the politically “Conservative or Liberal” crap knowing there is no such thing as severe extremes call me what? EDUCATED? As I also know my medical training you almost are a detective as well. You know key things and you can start to put the puzzle pieces together. Ask my doctor of many years. I can be brutally honest and is that a problem? Too bad! FACE ME OFF AND AS MY FRIEND OF 19 YEARS STATES, “WHEN YOU KNOW YOUR RIGHT YOU DON’T GO FOR JUST THE MEAT YOU SHALL EAT THE DAMN BONE TO DRIVE IT HOME!” But see, I also have patience, and I can wait it out. Gee. A birthday gift to myself will be a good one, and that is going to be fun.

  4. I’m so tired of this squeaking the back seat because my senator at voting times makes military sexual trauma a priority when she’s speaking.g at events especially where a lot of women are at. I’m a military sexual trauma survivor that is 100% service connected and I filed all my paperwork myself I did not trust anyone because I had been homeless,in prison for 9 months got out of prison went in a program ptsdd program that I voluntarily went to for two months and I had been clean for over a year but I wanted my transition back into civilian life to go smoothly. The whole time while I was in prison my claim was being processed by my regional office and two months after I got out of prison in 2013 October my claim was given a rating. I didn’t even realize it had been determined because my mail was going to my mom’s and my sister bought my mom’s house and I hadn’t gotten my mail from there.I actually found out at a doctor’s appointment because the nurse had to update my personal information and when she showed me the paperwork I noticed that it said service connected. 50-100%. I went home and started calling my regional office and they said they sent my checks out already to my jail address so I asked them if they could stop payment on them and reissue. I was so happy I finally was service connected 80 % for 9 months but I have been unemployable since 2009 and I’ve been diagnosed with so many things ptsd being the major one. I just was so happy to be out of jail and in a few weeks I would b e able to take care of myself because over the past six years I had relied on my parents my ex who would be going to jail too I left him. In those six years I lost full. Custody had to share joint custody with my ex having physical cause he had tons of money and he had a worse addiction than I did. I was the only who went to rehab and got my life together. I also lots lost my brother my best friend friend and it tore me apart, I had two children with my ex who got in trouble with me, I ended up losing them to my brother and he adopted them after six years and now he won’t even let me see them after he promised after I signed paperwork in ptsd with no legal giving up my rights because he said he was going to allow visits especially because I have a fifteen year old that is their brother and he has done nothing wrong. He actually use to be invited to spend time with his brothers and sisters in SC cause that’swhere he lives. All of a sudden when I went to prison they left him out, now that they are adopted they are pushing them further and further away from one another and the rest of the familand I don’t get it but I will always be here. I’m in Vocational rehab the independent living program and believe me it starts out really slow with hardly no info given.My counselor thought I wouldn’t research what the program was and find people who ready went through this but I did and I think gained her respect. I am going to leave the program with everything that I’m entitled too. I’ve been in almost a year and I’ve had multiple health scares and hospitalizations. I think that this frustrated her because she just wants to do the minimum when it comes to money and that’s not happening I know what I’m entitled too. And in August I found out I was TDIU 100% with no further examination and I also filed that myself in February 2014 and I checked benefits one day, I went to print eligibility and benefits and not only did I get total and permanent but I also got benefits for my son. So back to Vocational Rehab she said I couldn’t go back to school because that would mean that I’m working towards gainful employment. That is not the case at all I just want to become more educated and I believe I deserve this. I am disabled where sometime I need the side of another person whether it’s my boyfriend or a caregiver, two more programs I’m eligible for. Right now I’m being held up because my ex my fifteen year olds father knows I’m getting money now, see I’m not with my family and he’s like a vulture just wanting money money money. He sees me buying my child things and sending him money and I’ve also since I got out of prison sent him over 800 dollars my ex and he calls me things I’ve a l ways wanted my son he took him and gave me a nervous breakdown and I took him back twice during all this. Now again because he wants to suck the life out of me he won’t let me see my son and we have an order of visitation and joint custody I’m violating him we had a support order and the judge gave him a 1100 judge me and the snake he is said I did pay anything. Look I can use him the Va and my brother smearing my name. I need a lawyer please help. Thanks Rebecca Dieter 32 school street Kenmore,N.Y. 14217

    1. I have received a sleep number bed a kindle fire HDX and laptop computer with carrying case , I also received a recliner that lifts massages and heats. Also next appointment gym membership for a year a desk for / my printer and laptop ergo comic chair. Also I’m going to talk to her about the monthly stipend I’m entitled too and whatever else I need

  5. Actually, in many cases, after the MST, the victims were labeled by the military counselors with a borderline personality disorder which is a mental disease under the DSM. A MST is not a mental disease. ..first problem. When the victim gets out of the military, the VA doesn’t have BPD in their rating system and the claims are flat denied. That was my second problem.

    But there is another level of issues once the PTSD rating is received after years of appeals..which is a third problem. That is the PTSD stigma..a fourth problem. Victims of MST are matched in the group of war veterans who may have aggression problems and the victim is perceived as a dangerous aggressor. The worst problem of all because the general population doesn’t understand the difference.

    Might sound like it can’t happen but when it does, it’s a crusher. It’s a double whammy and it happened to me. I’m dealing with this right now. It’s turned my life upside down.

    1. I know the feeling. My dd214 actually says borderline personality disorder instead of ptsd because my first sergeant wouldn’t admit the assaults. So now I’m fighting va fifteen years not even 0% sc yet.

    2. Michelle, you mention issues with the aggressive label you may have been given. Can you explain? Have you had any specific issues?
      I have same situation of total disabilty from MST/ PTSD after 15 year fight from given personality disorder to avoid paying benefits. There are many more of us out there who were seriously labeled and dismissed for speaking out.
      Anyone who has had this happen go to the organization “SWAN” they can help. See ” The invisible war” movie.
      Please don’t let what has been done to you change you. Know, you are not alone!

      1. I moved into a house almost 4 years ago. Almost immediately a neighbor, who was kicked out of the military, started telling people that because I was in the military so long, that I couldn’t be trusted. I thought it was ridiculous when I heard it. Next thing the guy is repeatedly coming over and I even woke up to him in my house…spooky. I put new locks on and he comes over and goes off about the locks. Over the next six months my stuff starts disappearing and I had some proof it was the same person. But one day out of the blue he comes over & tells me to save the bag off my new mattress because he’s going to use it to bury me in the swamp out back. Things escalate some more and my pet is violently beaten and leg severed in half. Guess who the suspect is?

        Keep in mind I never met this person in my life before moving into the house next door.

        Then the guy starts in with rapid gunfire for hours and I had enough and call the police.

        I go into the PD station to make a report. The cop asks me to write everything down. In the statement, I wrote I have PTSD in my background which was dormant but I feared the threats would stir up the PTSD. — what I didn’t do was spell out the PTSD was from a rape.

        Just one year prior, I later find out, this same small town cop was involved in a SWAT response to a war vet who threatened to the Tomah VA he was going to kill someone. So, when I go in, the same cop jumps to the conclusion I’m the same. The cop takes no action on the threats, thefts, and pet beating and instead tells me to move.

        4 months go by and the threats are bad so I go get a restraining order. The neighbor regularly violates it and I report it to the same cop and he never took one single step on my behalf. The neighbor regularly lies to the cop and the cop believes him and the two of them decide I’m the problem because I have PTSD which they also decide, from their vast knowledge in life, that I’m a crazy war vet who is dangerous.

        Now enter the neighbor calling the cops on me and of course they believe him and not me because they’ve now escalated their claim I’m an unstable gun crazy war vet and the DA and judge use my PTSD that I’m not getting the treatment I need like all the other unstable war vets and I get an order to take my psych meds (which I do not have any because I do not need them for the rape almost 30 years ago.)

        And wah-lah, here I am today with the legal system turned against me because the neighbor and the cop turned everything around and made my MST into a completely wrong and twisted scenario. They feel I’m a dangerous aggressor by virtue of jumping to the conclusion I was a war zone front line gun toting soldier.

        And that’s how a PTSD diagnosis can get you raped over and over. I never though I’d have to go public from something so humiliating in the first place but here I am being put in a situation to have to do so.

        What is so precious about this is I wrote Tammy Baldwin about it. I got the reply a few days ago and she blew me off bad. …As if she didn’t even read that 8 page correspondence I sent.

        Even more precious is the cop is corrupt and if you’re interested, there’s plenty of info online about the corruption under Officer Zortman from Kronenwetter, WI.

      2. Michelle, I can’t believe that this is happening to you. I have looked up the officer in question and I have attached a few links to show how bad this person is. It has one article from Aug 2014 and if anyone reads these, they will see that this so called officer is still working for this police precinct and I have no idea how he can still be employed after reading these articles.
        I say that everyone that reads this should send e-mails to the precinct, the City Govt., the state govt., and anyone that is in a position to have this man (I use that term loosely) removed from office. We may not be able to get the VA fixed but this should be done as none of our fellow vets deserve this type of treatment.

        Hopefully something will happen for you Michelle, this type of thing does not sit well with me. I know I will send e-mails to anyone I can about this person (he is not an officer)

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  7. Congressional Research Services / Statutory Presumptions (by law clerk Nichols October 2010) is a must read for ALL VETERANS. The Nehmer Court Order The Nehmer Training Guide February 2011 Revised (policy ( 211A) is also a must read for Vietnam Veterans and Contiguous Operations. Yes, I find the two documents inseparable to / of the information provided. The problem is getting the VA to strict compliance. Yes, one should need not to have to get a lawyer (or group of lawyers) to enforce the already laid down and laid out (let’s say) The Nehmer Training Guide Feb. 2011 (211A) Court Order. Yes, The Nehmer Court order dictates: VA compensates class counsel for all of it’s work on Nehmer claims. Yet, I wrote to DVA Attn: Nehmer Working Group Washington DC 3 times certified mail, over many months; I haven’t received a direct reply. I haven’t even received the signed copy of the return receipt for delivery from Post Office Zip Code 20420 for any of the 3 mail deliveries. I had to go on the internet to make record of deliveries; I have yet to go to my local post office for a copy of their statement to that 3rd delivery. Yes, sadly, many (many) claims throughout the VA must be re-visited, adjudicated / re-adjudicated. And, those of the VA MANY that were merciless mercenaries to get incentive monies, bonuses and/or promotions at the expense of US suffering Veterans should be immediately fired. Don’t forget to read VA Jan. 2010 Compensation & Pension Bulletin Policy (211) Information on Vietnam Naval Operations; And, June 2010 Compensation & Pension Bulletin Policy (211) ADDITIONAL Information on Vietnam Naval Operations… to include ships lists. Also Remember CRS (Congressional Research Services) / Statutory Presumptions (by law clerk Nichols Oct. 2010) applies to ALL VETERANS. Yes, feel free: [email protected]

  8. I would encourage to each of these MST victims to invest in getting the Veterans Benefits Manual and the Federal Veterans, Rules and Regulations Laws Manual both published by NVLSP, and study up on them. Learn how to deal with those people by knowing the rule of the law. I know from personal experience. I’m a PTSD veteran. 35 years ago, the VA did not recognize PTSD and I had to put up with being dragged through the mud at the hands of some of those VA’s examiners. I was turned down four times for service connection, until I wised up and started educating myself on some stuff. Like the law, for instance! Through this education I started realizing just how much those examiners victimized me. I got quite angry about it all but I took out that anger by pressing the issue of the law on them. I’m still bitter about what they (the examiners) put me through. I guess I can say I’m just a bitter old man now!

    1. Dennis, you have stated some very good information on this. I would only add one thing to what you stated and that would be:
      Do not give up. Fight for what you should get.
      This should never happen and anyone who has been affected by this should fight and if they are denied, they should not just give in. Push for your rights and don’t stop until you are satisfied.

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