Veterans Affairs Disciplined Doctors

New Law Would Force Veterans Affairs To Report Disciplined Doctors

Veterans Affairs Disciplined Doctors

A new law proposed by two key senators will force the Department of Veterans Affairs to no longer cover up for bad doctors disciplined by the agency.

For years, VA has failed to report disciplinary actions taken against doctors to a national database designed to hold bad doctors accountable when they cross state lines to keep practicing medicine.

Following a lengthy USA Today investigation, the outcry from Americans has resulted in lawmakers taking action. Those lawmakers have proposed a new law aimed at forcing VA to disclose the discipline to the national database.

Veterans Affairs Reporting

According to USA Today:

The bill, co-sponsored by Sens. Dean Heller, R-Nev., and Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., would also require the VA to report discipline within 30 days to state medical boards and bar the agency from purging negative records from clinicians’ personnel files as part of severance deals.

The bipartisan measure follows an investigation by USA TODAY that found the VA has for years concealed poor care and mistakes by its medical workers. The agency has routinely agreed to scrap firing orders and other records of poor performance in secret settlement agreements with departing clinicians.

Under a nearly 30-year-old policy, the VA only reports discipline against medical doctors and dentists to the national database — not nurses, podiatrists, physicians’ assistants or countless other types of practitioners. And the agency can take several months, or even years, to report any providers to state boards responsible for regulating licenses and yanking them when necessary.

Good Luck Increasing VA Transparency

While this sounds good on paper, I have no doubt VA will find ways around reporting doctors to effectively facilitate more obfuscation of truth and safety for veterans.

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VA consistently rebuffs its adverse event reporting by burying it within various quality assurance reporting schemes that preclude public disclosure of wrongful acts.

Wrongful acts by clinicians are not the only problems facing veterans that fail exposure to daylight, and until Congress forces everything into the light, veterans will continue to get picked off by bad VA employees of every type.


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  1. Although the bill as proposed would make good sense. We all know that the VA would only find a way around it or totally ignore it altogether. Given the VA opens themselves up to financial responsibility each time one of their so-called Health Care Professionals screws up. Given the level of corruption at the VA they really don’t want to create records of misconduct and become liable.

    What would make even more sense would be to hold the VA financially and criminally liable every time they failed to investigate, prosecute and report these bad so-called Health Care Professionals. Also require that the law also applies to all VA’s backdoor personal that are employed via contracts and research foundation employees that harm Veterans.

    The Federal Prison System would be full just off the number of VA employees who facilitated cover ups of a number of prolific Serial Killers. Serial Killers that the VA employed over the years and allowed to go uninvestigated, unprosecuted and never reported as serial killers. That is until well after the fact when patient’s families paid for investigations or other agencies investigating Serial Killers led back to numerous additional murders that took place at VA Health Care Facilities that went uninvestigated, unprosecuted and never reported.

    A short list of some of the more prolific so-called Health Care Professionals VA Serial Killers that stacked up higher body counts after the VA choose not to fully investigate, prosecute or report on.

    Short List:

    Joseph Michael Swango aka Daniel J. Adams — 60 fatal poisonings of patients and colleagues — Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Northport, New York — current address: ADX Florence supermax prison near Florence, Colorado. When his patient’s bodies started stacking up like cord wood the VA fired him for lying on his job application. Only investigated for the murders after numerous additional murders in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Namibia. Was arrested in route to a new job at the Royal Hospital in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, where they found that he was using a false résumé.

    Donald Harvey — 87 victims Cincinnati V.A. Medical Hospital – murders at the VAMC were investigated only after he was being investigated for murders at another none VA hospital. Harvey used many methods to kill his victims, such as arsenic; cyanide; insulin; suffocation; miscellaneous poisons; morphine; turning off ventilators; administration of fluid tainted with hepatitis B and/or HIV (which resulted in a hepatitis infection, but no HIV infection, and illness rather than death); insertion of a coat hanger into a catheter, causing an abdominal puncture and subsequent peritonitis. Cyanide and arsenic were his most used methods, with Harvey administering them via food, injection, or IV.
    On March 28, 2017, authorities reported that Harvey had been found in his cell severely beaten. He died on March 30, 2017. His murderer is not known.

    Dr. James Holland and Paul Kornak the Stratton VA Medical Center where Dr. Holland was head of the Oncology Department and Paul Kornak was the Research Coordinator for all research studies at the VAMC. On average they collected $5,000 per Veteran they could sign up for research studies completed at the Stratton VAMC via payments to their non-profit named the Stratton VA Medical Center research foundation. They knowingly assigned Veterans to research studies even though they knew the Veterans would die as a result of the research. An investigation by the IG found that over 70% of the Veterans involved in the research were not informed and not eligible to participate in the research due to the high expectation of serious harm to the Veterans. Only one of the hundreds of deaths that was caused by the research was ever investigated. The investigation was paid for by the wife of one of the victims of their research. Numerous whistle Blowers who reported the high number of deaths were fired prior to the investigation. As a result, they were investigated by the FBIs White collar crime division and after a grand jury issued a 48-count indictment they plead guilty to 3 charges and only received 7- year sentences.

    They plead guilty to:

    • Submitting a case report form with regard to a study subject knowing the document contained materially false laboratory entries and altered information from a radiology display report, which were critical factors in determining whether the individual was eligible to participate in the Tax 325 study (violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1001(1)(3)).

    • Knowingly and willfully misrepresenting the results of a blood chemistry analysis related to the participation of a Tax 325 study subject who would not otherwise have met the criteria for that study. The subject was administered the chemotherapeutic drugs docetaxel, cisplatin, and 5-FU in connection with Tax 325 and died as a result thereof. Your failure to perceive a substantial and unjustifiable risk that death would occur when you knowingly and willfully made and used such false documents constituted a gross deviation from the standard of care that a reasonable person would observe in the situation (violation of 18 U.S.C. §§ 1001(a)(3)and 13, and New York Penal Law § 125.10)).

    • Knowing and willfully using interstate mail for the purpose of executing the aforesaid scheme and artifice to defraud, deprive, and obtain money and property (violation of 18
    U.S.C. §§ 1341 and 1346).

    Sources for Dr. James Holland & Paul Kronak:

    “Abuses Endangered Veterans in Cancer Drug Experiments”
    By DEBORAH SONTAG, New York Times, FEB. 6, 2005

    Blowing the Whistle: A Pharmacist’s Vexing Experience Unraveled
    Jeffrey Fudin
    Disclosures |Am J Health Syst Pharm. 2006;63(22):2262-2265.

    Lyons, B. J. (2007, Dec 09). Court papers detail dark chapter at VA. Times Union
    “The federal court documents, which include confidential investigative reports never made public, indicate that about 70 percent of Stratton’s former cancer research patients were victimized in the scandal” “At a hearing scheduled for Monday, the government’s attorneys are expected to argue for a dismissal of the class action lawsuit on the grounds there is no proof the experimental drugs caused more than one death.”

    1. Oh, and regarding Dr. Holland. A series of Veterans death notices from the Roswell Park Cancer Hospital listing that they were receiving care under Dr. James Holland in the oncology unit indicate that he was still killing Veterans with his research in 2013.

      The notices are for the dates of Nov. 27, 28, 29, 30 and Dec. 1st. On the 27 Veteran Garland B. White, On the 28 no name listed but indicated the death was a Veteran, On the 29th Veteran Marilee Gayle Turner, on the 30th no name listed but indicate another Veteran died who was a Marine, on Dec. 1st another Veteran died named Mr. Brown who was a Vietnam Navy Vet.

      The death notices were posted in a publication called “the Commercial Appeal” in Memphis, Tenn.

  2. Breakthrough Underground Findings, November 13, 2017, Washington, DC (AP) – – – Shulkin’s spokesperson admits, that short and long-term VA AFGE employees latest CT scans, reveals Brain Spurs; a medical term referring to fatty growths in the cerebral cortex causing difficulty speaking, limited vocabulary, spatial comprehension, lying, laziness, caused by after satisfying probation, working for the VA, both the Claims and Medical Sides. Nuttin Butt da Trueph. – – – Nutter.

  3. This is off subject, yet y’all really should watch this video! It’s only 07:07 minutes long! Chocked full of great statistics on what America throws away!!!!!
    “High Impact Flix”
    November 13, 2017
    “By Sharing This Video, You’ll Make a HUGE Difference in the World!”

    I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and seeing!
    The “links” in the video, verified what was transpiring in America! There IS Absolutely NO
    reason why people need to starve in this great Republic! And yet, every day someone goes hungry. Just as what’s transpiring in many third world countries around the world!

    Listen carefully, the VA IS mentioned!

  4. Maybe this is a fresh start, but only time and evidence of reporting will tell.

    I suspect the VA will try drag out any required reporting by creating some BS committee to thoroughly investigate any allegations of misconduct.

    Hell, I can write Cashours press release when they get caught…

    “Well, the allegation was not substantiated by our investigation because most of what was alleged was hearsay.”

    On background, the veteran can be described as care or pill seeking and disgruntled.

    Why not follow the existing policy? I understand needing legislation if other specialties are to be reported since the VA can’t use common sense and needs to be ordered to report unsafe medical care, but seriously?

    Does this bill have any teeth for those who witness unsafe medical care but don’t report it?

    Does this bill grandfather in all those who have already been shuffled around to various VA hospitals?

    Is there language in the bill preventing some quack from being promoted into a Chief oversight position?

    What an angle for promotion. Screw up and hurt, maim or kill a vet and get promoted.

    …and the VA will claim there was no specific legislation preventing it.

    1. “[……and the VA will claim there was no specific legislation preventing it.]” But they will sure as hell get every paid think tank and even IBM Watson to exclaim the magic money word$ of: “More Studies & Committees & Publications Required”, which is code for “Sirs, give me another toper to my Veteran cookie jar”, all the while Isaacson will not miss a beat on his Stairmaster.

      1. You gotta wonder if Isakson is even aware of this bill being offered.

        I don’t ever recall a more useless chair of a veterans committee.

      2. I always envision the table @ veterans committee looking very much like the first modern remake of ‘Planet of The Apes’ when they are having the dinner table scene, and just as discernible garble and antics…maybe even a little dancing monkey.

  5. Meanwhile, as new laws supplemented old laws decades and generations old, today, Monsanto is yet again in the news on their “modification” of things called “products” and share this because JUST LIKE the VA with old and brand new laws or Monsanto, human greed always seems to trump,mind the pun there: “Weed-killer prompts angry divide among US farmers” “”

  6. I just had an ER doctor tell me my white cell blood count is low and he was concerned about it, I went in my lab-work records on myhealhevet and they’ve been that way since January. Three times in the ‘danger’ area. All the way, my doctor never says a word…this could “possibly” mean leukemia folks. Meh, and a bazillion other things…but not a single word. It isn’t JUST the WBC either…other counts or off, like four or five other things….and now since Wed, no word back from her. WTF? I am not telling you my med history…..I am pissed at the system…this is my health and I have no where else to go…so this subject hit home with me today. You guys are pretty knowledgeable here. I’ve popped in here before. Guess I’ll be coming in and reading up on things more often….just venting today. Worried and PISSED OFF. lol This chic has me irrate Thanks for the rant…LOL

    1. From my experience they don’t do shit until you have stage 4 just like outside doctors then they say soooooorry….I keep a close eye on my blood work…
      It will be out of wack and the Doc says to me blood work looks good.. while I feel like shit…WTF assholes ..

    2. Anjanette, have you tried forcing her to act by documenting your concern in a secure message to her?

      1. And I have to add 91 and don’t forget to print a copy of the conversation just in case it disappears one day…

  7. Hell I can’t ever locate the the VA I go to. He leaves a sign in his office window of when he’ll be back but the problem is he just doesn’t come back. I did run across him at the eye clinic once when I had an eye appointment. While I was sitting in the waiting area, he was sitting behind the counter b.s. ing with the clerk. After completing my exam I came back out and he’s still sitting in the same spot…..My guess is he still had the same sign up on his office door.

  8. My dad was killed by a Va doctors negligent actions! I hate everythat works at McGuire hell-hole

  9. There are going to be “bad” health care providers no matter where you go. But the VA protecting them, no excuse. The VA is so desperate for providers, they are doing almost anything to keep them around. I have a friend who is a great physician. I talked him into working for our local VA. (He was working for the federal prison system). He was at the VA for six months. He said that he had like 10 more patients a day than he should have and the computer work, e-mails, and phone messages made it a 12 hour a day job for a lot less a month than on the outside. He was so worried that he was going to miss something on a patient because he had to see so many per day. He finally quit and went back to the prison system! Can you image, the criminals getting better care because those federal managers know how to run their health system? BTW, if the cases are complex in that system, they contract it out, no problems.

      1. Obviously you have no idea about what is going on here. I’m not AFGE nor do I support VSOs. I am stating what I know. Personally, I avoid going to the VA. I learned that after I got back from my deployment. Why don’t you get you some glasses?

      2. Fucken AFGE or VSO Troll. That is all that you are with your talking points. How fucken dare you come on here and spread your shit to Disabled Veterans. How fucken disrespectful.

        You lying ass fucken troll!!!

  10. more war on doctors. shifting blame to phony actors. i’d imagine upper level clean sweep would do more to help than this silly “law”. besides, who here has read this law? just because they say it will do something, doesn’t mean it will do anything at all or it may do the opposite. they’re getting rid of doctors, substituting nurses and pharmacists, so this may be a backdoor means to get that done.

    anyway, until Ben or someone exposes the total fraud of the medical system, it’s all just song and dance. pony show for the children who still believe.

    1. The proposed law sounds promising but the va controls the data and decided what message gets to go public. A patient will more likely than not ever be privy to this information to make an informed decision about his or her healthcare provider.

      Not to sound all conspiracy theorist but va directors are now sending out almost daily email messages to employees with positive comments from patients. The patients are not named (for privacy reasons) and some of the comments are worded with explicit va terminology. Coincidental? Maybe.

      It reminds me of the first gulf war when saddam’s PR guy was on tv telling his country that the Americans were not in Iraq and then a M1 Abrahams tank goes past thru the video

      1. You are right about the info never truly being made public.

        From the article at USA Today “Under a nearly 30-year-old policy, the VA only reports discipline against medical doctors and dentists to the national database — not nurses, podiatrists, physicians’ assistants or countless other types of practitioners. And the agency can take several months, or even years, to report any providers to state boards responsible for regulating licenses and yanking them when necessary.”

        The place the VA is required to report bad Doctors is the National Practitioner Data Bank. Link below.


        At the site there is no public access to search Doctor information.

      2. it’s all hoaxcraft. story this and story that. actors pretending to be presidents or whatnot. everyone wonders. as the steamroller rolls on. the show must go on.

      3. As I said in another comment, this law will only be effective if there is real consequences for not reporting malpractice.

        As Ben has reported on already, nobody in the VA gives a damn about a veteran winning a malpractice suit because there are no consequences since any money awarded comes from the Treasury.

      4. Title Lots of problems here in Ohio.
        Dear Mr. Ben Krause (Airforce Veteran), and Mr. Chris Attig (U.S. Army Artillery)
        1. Sorry about not proof reading my comments below. I was actually glad it printed on your site. Maybe you can read through it and self correct, or fix the errors. The last few articles you had written Mr. Ben Krause here in November of 2017, have explained,and spoken in basic details exactly the troubles I’ve been experiencing here in Ohio.
        *I was in the U.S. Army, Artillery 88-90, 90-96 and After 9/11 03-05, and I am a third generation U.S. Army soldier, along with all the males serving in the military on both side of my family. I am from a military family. I was found disabled, and the injuries traced right back to medical notes to my active service days, which my commanders and officers verified in detailed letters. Legal testimony!

        2. My VSC Veteran Service Officer Summit Co Ohio, said to me just like Leanne Weldon said. We’re veterans and we want to help you here at the Summit Co Ohio VSC (Veteran’s Service Center)
        What this VSO was doing to me from the summer of 2014 to the july of 2016 was re-filing, re-filing, and re-filing my claims without my permission. Even after I attempt on my times to call him. The VSC caseworker at Summit Co Ohio wouldn’t calle me back.

        3. Until i finally got a lawyer, and the lawyer inquired as to what the Summit Co Ohio VSC was doing. At that point, the VSO David Donaldson then got strangely promoted, and a VSO (veteran service center caseworker) Tammy finally put in for me to have a face to face NOD appeal with a DRO decision review officer. But again only after 2 entire years of re-filing my claims without my permission. I only had 30 days left on the appeal in June of 2016. When the lawyer stepped in and said, “What the hell are they doing to you?”

        4. It appears to me. This VSO veteran service center caseworker was buying time for the doctors, 1. Eric Canna Akron Ohio VA Non veteran cathoic, and Pamela Sue Sherer Akron Ohio VA Non Veteran Catholic to build bogus medical notes on me about my in service injury, that way they could create an alternate bull shit story of my injuries. Then hand their bull shit off to this C and P exam guy PETER BARACH VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio Non Veteran, 1970-1973 Draft Dodger Jewish, who pulled a C and P exam “HATCHET JOB” on me. As I explained below. It appears the Veteran Service Center Caseworker was engaging in “Develop To Deny” with these VA doctors. In the face of overwhelming evidence to support my claims.

        5. Another strange thing. Then suddenly, July 2016 after I obtained this lawyer. My MSR medical service records showed up after 20 something years in June or july of 2016.

      5. Dear Ben Krause (AirForce Veteran) and Chris Attig (U.S. Army Veteran, Artillery)
        1. The doctors here at the Ohio VA operate with absolutely impunity. They are allowed to lie, falsify medical notes, omit specific important information in medical notes such as psychological injuries, cover-up injuries, misdiagnoses, and gaslight the disabled former soldiers and injured veterans.

        2. These 3 doctors in Ohio are operating (unethical and engaging in mal-practice) with impunity. It is like a Pedophilia Ring down here with these VA Employees in Ohio. Like the Mafia operating within the Mob. These three:
        1. Eric Canna Non Veteran Catholic VA Akron Ohio Waterloo Road
        2. Pamela Sue Sherer Non Veteran Catholic VA Akron Ohio Waterloo Road.

        3. And this lunitic:
        3. PETER M BARACH Ohio NPI # 1396773610 Medical License # 3280 Ohio. Peter M. Barach is at the Wade Park VA Louis Stokes Cleveland Ohio conducting C and P exams. I found he is what is called, “A FORENSIC WHORE” or “A FORENSIC PROSTITUTE”. This is because he is paid tens-of-thousands, if NOT hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to be hit man, and “HATCHET MAN”, So to sabotage deserving injured veterans and disabled former soldiers of their entitlements. Peter Barach is Jewish, Non Veteran, Draft Dodger 1970-1973. Spent his entire life in “Shakers Heights” cleveland Ohio except for the 2 years he flunked out of John Hopkin University 1970-1972, and ended up at Ann Arbor Michigan majoring in “CHILDREN”. Peter Barach is Absolutely lying, engaging in unethical behavior, and creating “FALSE NARRATIVE” on injured veteran’s and disabled former soldier’s C and P Exam. As Peter Barach did on my C and P exam in April of 2017.

        4. This guy PETER BARACH VA Wade Park Louis Stokes Cleveland Ohio. I was told outright by a disabled veteran employee at the VA, that Peter Barach was retaliating against me through my C and P exam for having contacting my Ohio State Senators, Rob Portman, and Senator Sherrod Brown. And Congressmand Tim Ryan. In letting them know, the state reps of ohio. That I was discriminated against, lied about on the C and P exam, and retaliated against by Peter Barach. I dont need to be told that I was being retaliated against by PETER BARACH on my C and P exam. I need to be told by anybody. It is clear to anybody what Peter Barach had done. Because its pretty obvious and clear to anybody, that looks at the C and P exam, that PETER BARACH is retaliating against me for contacting my state of Ohio reps about the corrupt VA in OHIO.

        5. The VA Medical Director SUSAN M FURHRER ( phone number 216-791-3800 ex4070 asst Jeff McPeaks) VA Wade Park Louis Stokes Cleveland Ohio did give Senators Rob Portman of Ohio and Senator Sherrod Brown Of Ohio an apology on my behalf, and what Peter Barach had done to me on my C and P exam. However, SUSAN M FURHRER medical Director VA Wade Park Louis Stokes Cleveland Ohio still has not put in an re-traction, or explained to VA director Anthony TONY Milons what Pater Barach has clearly done.

        6. Draft Dodger to Draft Dodger:
        However, Peter Barach Ohio NPI #1396773610 and Ohio License #3280 Ohio still has not been disciplined nor turned into the board of licensing and ethic here in OHIO. For having lied on a disabled former soldiers medical notes. For having attempted to decieve a DRO decision Review Officer in a Face to Face meeting in May of 2017. Still Peter Barach has not beein turned in nor disciplined for having retaliated against an injured veteran (myself), and for having created “A FALSE NARRATIVE” about me. Based on “Cherry Picking” from another draft dodging (1964-1973) doctor’s lying medical notes, non veteran catholic doctor from Lancaster Pennsylvania, who only seen for about 6 to 7 months.

        6. Peter Barach lied often and a lot:
        Peter Barach also lied about not having any ties to the VA Hospital and that he was “OBJECTIVE” so he put on my C and P exam, that was 20 pages long, and pre-written. Peter Barach clearly engaged in misrepresenting the VA, and misrepresenting the injured veteran and disabled former soldiers he serves at the VA. Which is ground for dismissal and discipline by the board of ethics and licensing in Ohio.
        PETER BARACH, He also lied again. How can PETER BARACH have no ties to the VA when he has two supervisors at the VA. He put this on my “False Narrative”
        1. Diana Johnson,
        2. Ellery Smith Phone number 216-739-7000 Ex 2509

        7. PETER M. BARACH: this crazy SON-of-B*TCH was reported to the WHITE HOUSE HOTLINE (phone 1-855-948-2311 also, in great detail

        8. Peter Barach also lied again. He has family members that work for the VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio Louis stokes, and grew up directly across the street from the VA Wade Park Louis Stokes Cleveland Ohio. While engaging in these C and P exam “HATCHET JOBS” against injured veterans and disabled former soldiers for years, making tens-of-thousands-of-dollars, if not hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars.

        These employees at the VA here in Ohio, as least for the most part have no conscious.

  11. I’m glad to hear that I complained several times about a doctor I had who withheld medication from me months at a time. I had to go to patient’s advocate several times and this doctor had more than just my complaints against her.

    1. They would think twice if we Vets were withholding their oxygen by limiting their intake by stepping on their fat necks. However, I am not a violent veteran, just violently happy.

  12. Off-Topic, but goes with Ben’s word “Discipline” or lack thereof in today’s military and I will just go ahead assume the VA has infected the Branches: “Green Beret Discovered SEALs’ Illicit Cash. Then He Was Killed.” “”

  13. do you fully understand the task it is to discipline an MD.? It is easier to move mountains than to call a Doctor out of misgivings. Sort of like a seated Congressman, the also can fuck up with impunity

    1. PK, whether it’s a huge task or not is irrelevant. If this law is actually passed, then I see investigations being done by state agencies and it being documented. The problem with that is if a state decides to be lazy and not investigate an issue happening in another state, as is the case now. It may be pie-in-the-sky thinking, but I would rather have a state agency investigating than the VA looking for ways to cover things up. I would also think a state would be less likely to allow a hack to practice in their state if there is a paper trail from another state.

      Again, maybe it is wrong to think this would be an improvement, but the current credentialing process in the VA seems to be that the doctor can fog a mirror, and nothing else.

  14. This came out today from:
    “ News”
    Although it’s off subject, it’s still worth the read!
    “DI Who Hazed Muslim Recruits Gets 10 years, Dishonorable Discharge”

    “” | by Hope Hodge Seck.

    Although what this Marine Drill Instructor did was abhorrent against these recruits. It should be noted he only drove one recruit to commit suicide. Whereas, Bergdahl, not receiving any jail time, caused the death of his “brothers in arms” searching for him! That was, in my opinion, a much more egregious act!
    I guess the Marine Corps has stiffer penalties than the Army!
    Either way, Bergdahl left his guard post voluntarily, thereby committing “Desertion in the face of the enemy!” To which the penalty COULD have been DEATH by firing squad! In the Navy, Bergdahl could have been “Hung from the Yard-arm!”

    In my opinion, Bergdahl got off with a “Slap on the wrist!”

    1. Oh…and the snowflakes are coming out of the woodwork now accusing past drill instructors of not providing a “safe space” and made them feel threatened…makes me want to puke. Our new military will now be airdropping non-GMO daisies from our bombers and unicorn pixie dust from our ICBM’s…in a mood, nevermind me…

      1. namnibor,
        Remember when the Army, at Ft. Jackson, gave recruits those “paddles”! Where they could “hold them up, if a drill sergeant got too close!”
        Then America wonders why some soldiers deserted their posts, or how – during the first Gulf War – soldiers stated; quote: “I didn’t join the military to fight a war! I joined to go to college!” Unquote!


      2. Crazy Elf, that was the Consideration Of Others (COO) training pushed by Clinton, and some nitwit generals like Claudia Kennedy, who declared “this isn’t your father’s army” among other lunatic things she did. Believe it or not, they have a 115 page handbook on that stupidity. I don’t know how much the Army pays attention to that crap any more, but it was pushed hard when Clinton was integrating the military (male and female training together) along with the silly time-out cards.

        As for the joining for the college, there may have been others, but the one instance I know of where that happened during the Gulf War was in Madison, WI, and it was the soldiers father who was whining about it. He was a college professor in Madison, and was openly and publicly whining about why his son had to be deployed because he only joined for college.

        Madison was also the place where raging leftists said they would camp out on the Capitol steps in protest of any war. It didn’t last more than a few days because the idiots forgot how cold it gets in Wisconsin in January.

      3. 91Veteran,
        The part about the kids joining just for a college education came from a few 1st lieutenants who were in during the first Gulf war!
        I do remember that college professor who cried about his son though!
        Still gets me a laugh or two!

    2. Here is another off Topic but important:

      The Fourth Reich is now officially here.

      “Official DAWN OF EU ARMY: Brussels signs off military plan & hails historic day without UK”

      BRUSSELS has moved even closer to an EU Army after 23 state signed off on a key military agreement today – a move a high-ranking eurocrat hailed as a “historic day”.
      By Joey Millar, PUBLISHED: 09:57, Mon, Nov 13, 2017


      1. Seymore,
        This could go hand in hand with ALL the videos (on utube) showing “United Nations Military Vehicles” moving around the United States for some time now!

        Plus, it’s now confirmed that the “United Nations” wants America “…to pay $5.3 TRILLION for the climate change…” bullshit! Even though the Climate Change has been proven FALSE! Because the study was manipulated, and documentation was falsified!

        That’s NOT an opinion, it’s fact!

      2. P.S.
        Since the “U.N. Climate Change” has been proven FALSE. Could it be this $5.3 TRILLION, the U.N. wants, be given to the “E.U.” as a way for them to bolster their military agenda? ie; to purchase military grade weapons, AND to induce Europeans to join their military??????

    3. don’t worry yourself about these things. is a mainstream site and they are hoaxsters and hoax creators. these stories are just more hoax. it’s not real.

      1. Sepp,
        Sorry to burst your bubble, “ news” is a reputable news source. Many of the articles, with videos, come from “Stars and Stripes”, “Army Times” and other reputable news outlets as well.
        So, to say “…they are Hoaxsters and Hoax creaters…” is out of line! Even Ben has followed up on articles many of us have left on here from that website!

        Tell me, when have you seen articles from “”, or any of their additional sources, not be factual?

    4. And perhaps $300,000 of back pay! Watch him try to get that Dishonorable Discharge overturned and then he’ll be eligible for benefits and to apply for SCD for PTSD (he’s already been diagnosed).

    5. I have lost all hope for America.


      The shit just keeps pouring down. Evil, activism over out-right lies – good, and treason costing lives – not so bad.

      An aside. Trying talking to my PCP at the local hospital clinic about my six hour waits and having to leave the office while waiting over two hours at the pain clinic. Told the nurse to inform him of the disrespect and that I could not physically handle the games. NO call back today, again.

      Had them refill my inhalers. Again sent to the wrong pharmacy after the nurse repeated the pharmacy, and it’s location of my choice 4, four, times. I also asked them to investigate as to why I keep getting harassing and threatening phone calls from their clinic and affiliated hospital staff. There numbers and clinic names left on my answering machine. Again, no call back and the same nothingness from the hospital’s admin when I last called them a few weeks ago. I want to see someone fired now or to know if it’s because of the VA, their union activist crap, medical board or affiliated doing their evils, whatever, since all the shit happening, excuses, keep going on without recourse.

      Also talked to a few people in separate volunteer vet groups today doing things for vets. I was told to wait until their events are over and they’ll call me. I told them I could prove my allegations like our VA disability NOT being exempt in bankruptcies. To the city council people playing games with me and thinking it’s fun to censor us and play their games along with their attorney buddies and other assortments of human waste. They found that part harder to believe, but seemed fully aware of all the issues including the censoring going on in the state, and the many cover-ups. Also that far too many people are afraid of the VA, loss of care, or afraid of the stuff I am going through for example. You piss off one mafia family, one VA female staffer, you piss the whole community of activist, mafia members, long list of “professionals,” unions, health care workers activist/psychos, and corrupt assholes off. So we will see what happens now after I mentioned some names and how bad it is. All the negatives and stupidity, etc., is far beyond any mere coincidences or common Murphy’s Law, or from the occasional Gremlins or trolls under the state of Indiana.

      These MFers are going to cause me to blow an artery.

  15. …and as a nation we see littered across the land something perhaps only a recovering stage four alcoholic can truly appreciate. We The People have been given so much snake oil about VA that we are always drunk on fantasy, lies, and denial about the true nature of the problem. So the drunks we send to Washington churn out yet another telltale sign and cling yet again to the insanity that drives the littered laws.

    In an alcoholics lair there is no place that you can turn or uncover and not find an empty bottle. There is no space unlittered by glass. This is not poor housekeeping – this is disease. Our own land is littered in all corners with signs of the disease that we also choose to ignore the true meaning of called “laws” and there seems to be no end in sight. All I see is hurt, despair, and one more empty bottle.

  16. The bill, co-sponsored by Sens. Dean Heller, R-Nev., and Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., that would require the VA to report discipline within 30 days to state medical boards and bar the agency from purging negative records from clinicians’ personnel files as part of severance deals is nothing more than Swamp activity.

    It is Nothing but a couple of swamp creatures being forced to crawl out of the shadows up on to some rocks to sun themselves in the public eye and grab some headlines at the expense of Veterans. Both are in it just to claim they did something for Veterans to kick of their 2018 Re-election campaigns.

    1. Bingo! Instead of a horse & pony show it’s a swamp gas smokescreen and the congress critter equiv. of a loud….”Hu–rr-r-UM-ph-hh-h”.

    2. No doubt their next preprogramed steps will to get a few pic of themselves sunning with the loonies in the funny hats. American legion and DAV types.

      1. There was a local AL chapt. somewhere in OH and want to think around Dayton area, that was on local news stating they were piss poor and out of $$$ for their lodge and blah, blah…I changed the channel as it baffles me how Vets still waiting for promised wheelchairs or ramps to get into their homes and/or service dogs promised, but poor cuddly wuddly funny hatters are all poor woe is me…our lodge needs a fixin’….grrrrr….self-serving tripe…

      2. Also, both the American Legion & DAV were all the way up Big Pharma’s asses for Ohio’s Issue 2….since January 1, 2017 to just a week ago…countless tens of millions spent on that with the VSO’s also endorsing and spending time on commercials instead of helping Vets…and now they are out of $$$??? Hmmm,

      3. Trump is doing a piss poor job of “draining the swamp.”


        He just placed another fool, liar, cheat, big business piece of corrupt trash to his administration. He already has added three pieces of corrupt trash to his admin from Indiana. And now another one whose name is one of the areas most corrupt, (I’ll say it), mafia families around. And why we can’t get anything done locally against any form of corruption due to all the symbiotic family mafias or syndicates around, and who’s family like many others of their linage have complete control over about every damn thing. Draining the swamp my ass. Just one other example of why things won’t change and how the country clubbers, mafia networking (legal and illegal), anti-depressant pushing, stock owning Congress critters, above the law, greedy, pieces of filth stay in power and kill us off, one way or the other. Sad.

      4. With all the skimming go on from their Gambling profits they need to step up their game and get creative in finding new players.

        They should follow the lead of the Loony hats in Illinois and start busing players in to gamble. They can then write off the expense of busing as a charitable donation to help out Veterans like the mad hatters in Illinois.

      5. “Take a bus to play bingo with Veterans at Hines V.A. Hospital”
        Friday, November 10, 2017

        “The next scheduled visit to play Bingo is Tues., Nov. 14, 2017.

        All are welcome any month to join members of the American Legion, VFW, Auxiliary members and other citizens, September through June. The cost of the transportation in underwritten by the Veterans’ organizations.”

      6. Guess they found another use for the Vans that were purchased to get Veterans to medical appoints. That is during the off hours of course.

    3. Good catch Seymore. Yes I can believe that. I can also believe some VSO’s would either block the legislation, or water it down so badly that it will be worthless.

      Somehow I suspect it will never make it out of committee. I suspect it will be bottled up for months so Heller and Manchin can beat their chests over fighting for their legislation right up until the election.

      Regardless of what happens, you have to ask why this was not mandatory already.

  17. One of the troubling definitions of ‘Discipline’- The rigor or training effect of experience; adversity. Behavior & Order maintained by training & control; training to act within accordance to set rules; to punish or penalize in order to train, control, correct; chastise.
    Seems to be the oath of VA Disruptive Behavior Committee members to me..all centers around that thing called ‘control’.

  18. Sorry, sounds all warm & fuzzy but this cynic will believe the VA would obey yet another proposed or passed law the same day I an enlightened that the VA has engineered a fully operational flying pig. Until the patient advocates are flying, Vets are still dying…the God Syndrome crowd will *always* protect their own paths to the Veteran cookie jar…hope you know this is yet another football about to be yanked by Lucy on we Charlie Browns. Wait for it…this has ALL happened before.

  19. My thoughts this fine gloomy Monday morning is;
    “FUCK THE VA!”
    The VA fucks over veterans nationwide, shut it down and let vets go outside. At least outside we can hold healthcare providers responsible for their fuckups!
    Plus, it will cost the taxpayers less money!

    (Lastly, I’ve got a sneaky suspicion there’s a purge coming against lots of reprobates in the civilian and government agencies! VA included!)

  20. How much abuse happens that we don’t even know about. I was given a contra indicated medication for atonic diagnosed seizures 27 years ago and didn’t discover it until this year. 5 months of getting worse and complaining. After finally weaning myself off the drug, Tegretol, the VA refused to give me a different medication until one was prescribed for me in a civilian neurobehavioral ward the Denver VA sent me to because they had no beds in the Denver VA. 24 years of hell that didn’t need to happen.

    1. I often wonder if I was being used as a Gini pig to study the adverse effects of the drug on atonic, absence and complex partial seizures. The drug had been approved for 22 years so the side effects should have been know by 1990.

      1. if you’re in colorado, you can take cannabis to control seizures. why would anyone still take toxic drugs? it seems like you can read. you may want to try reading some cannabis research. or, you could just try it and see for yourself.

      2. Why insult with ‘seems like you can read’….does the VA pay for this? Perhaps it is an issue of money. Many, like me, get our prescriptions paid for by the VA. Even if I lived in Colorado, I couldn’t afford to buy Cannabis Oils. I have a seizure disorder, among other things and would love to try it. Isn’t going to happen on my budget though. Hell, the va has handed a basket full of meds I’d love to throw out…it is ridiculous.

      3. hopefully the voters will make it legal in ur state. a 12 yr old girl suffering from seizures moved with her family from texas and reported that her seizures have improved by 99%.

        she is also suing Sessions to legalize her medication nation wide, so she can visit her family in texas without social services taking her away from her family.

        this medication has helped many veterans with ptsd. way better than booze.

      4. Colorado has many caregivers that will grow your plants for you or help you grow your own medicinal grade cannabis. I can affirm there are many strains that alleviate medical symptoms and symptoms caused by chemical medications. Anything you can do that is non harmful that reduces your quantity or need for chemical medications is a win. I soldier through a lot and try to use the least amount of medication possible. Vaporized cannabis oil really helps my giveashitometer, reduces my stress and helps me forget about the myriad of conditions I am enduring. It only works by using the less is more approach due to how rapidly the body gets used to it. I support and wish you well 🙂

  21. Ben,
    I would seriously like to see this happen with VA attorneys as well. Even though their is a code among attorneys., those bad actors havr to be stopped as well.
    You can start with VA counsel Region 4.

    1. Include Atlanta. Attorney there threatened to use my responses in a deposition to file perjury charges against me.

      Yep. With VA intimidation, no one will dare come forward.

  22. First off; The VA nor the contractors will do much against incompetence, those who order subordinates to threaten us, to lie in our files, harass us, any forms of professional mis-conduct, the deletion of communications to info in our files, etc. “Their witnesses” out number a veteran asking simple questions or mentioning the slightest complaint. The liars, psychopaths, activist, any of those so-called “professionals” or “highly trained by the VA and state’s medical schools” are in total control of all the paper-work, files, all of it. The only way around it all is to have recorders and video cameras sticking out of our ears and pockets to try to capture all the wrong doing. Which is difficult to do. So the “law” will not work if the VA or civilian medical pros tend to cover it all up and will NOT take any disciplinary actions towards the “bad doctores” or staff. All that includes the freaks called “Patient Advocates,” or state vet agencies or medical boards. The whole sheebang is in cahoots with each other including the politicians and law makers, so it’s just more BS. While we remain under attack to being totally ignored till we die off.

    How many Congress critters, or the like, (John McCluck/McCain) would enjoy having to leave their local CBOC due to VA lies, incompetence, all the activist, retaliation, attacks, threats, cover-ups, etc., only to end up going to Roudebush in Indy to see a MD to only be told “I didn’t have time to reveiw your files,” then start changing my prescriptions/everything, and telling me to start the new caring VA health plan and testing all over again. Nearly twenty years of care or finding a tolerable sweet spot in life, gone. And to forget whatever other MDs or clinics, or civilian care has told me todate? Then I question front desk “team” staff and PAs about this only to be told the MD is the real victim here, not me, and she is Black so I should just let it go since she is leaving that team anyway. More activism. Real nice. Then they all go on the attack and set me up with a new freak of a female PCP MD that is just as bad worse. With more foreign linage so I am not to question or embarass that freak either but lay down and suffer the games. Professional????!!! Everyone concerned took up for the staff, MDs, PAs, and made my life and care pure hell. (Which has followed me into civilian care too as threatened by VA staff) And not one PAdvocate, state agency, medical boards, media, gave a shit, but also went on the attack/cover-up as well. The entire health care system is about nothing but greed, control, game playing BS. And to attack anyone that dares stand up to it all. VA too big and needful for many to see fail I reckon. At the cost of our lives or quality of life.

    Who cares? Typical facade. Not many:

    Sounds good in the paper, on paper, in the news from talking heads too. Now look at all their support on FaceBook. Not much compared to all the support local animal shelters, illegal invaders get (that is kept out of public sight), and others get. Laws and talk is cheap while vets are losing under Trump/Shulican too. Losing shelter costs/monies, rescue dogs, and of course censoring upscaled and rampant. Then the threats of us older vets/others possibly losing some of our pay/disability benefits like inability to work status.

    But those like me in such a state or community are to be silenced, die off, shut-up, attacked, or just go away. More “laws?” Total BS with no meat behind the lip service, as usual. The swamp monsters are all too encompassing and corrupt to deal with.

    1. Dear Ben Krause (Airforce Veteran) and Chris Attig (U.S. Army Veteran, Artillery)

      1. It is no f*cking sense. How down here in Ohio at these VAs: Akron Ohio Waterloo Road, and Wade Park Louis Stoke VA Cleveland Ohio, how these three doctors and these VA Employees in Ohio: Lie, falsify, create “False Narratives” omit injuries and symptom from medical notes. Decieve the vulnerable veterans, lose medical records, lose legal testimony, intentionally misdiagnoses, mask, and cover up symptoms by giving large amounts of meds and engage in mal-practive with absolute impunity, Fail to move past the point of injury in service, and thus fail to document how those injuries cause widespread destruction in the former soldiers life.

      2. There is a very special place in hell for these three liars, and monsters at the VA in Ohio:
      1. Eric Canna Non Veteran Catholic Akron Ohio VA
      2. Pamela Sue Sherer Non Veteran Catholic Akron Ohio VA Waterloo Road
      3. PETER M. BARACH Non Veteran Draft Dodger 1970-1973 Jew/Catholic Wade Park Louis Stokes VA Cleveland Ohio Aka The Monster of Shaker Heights”, “Dr Frankenstein”, The C and Exam Hit Man/Hatchet Man

      3. It is just no sense, how these three employees are allowed to lie on medical reports, lie about injuries, and create “False Narratives” about injured veterans and disabled former soldiers. There is no discipline for these diseased animals (VA Employees). There is discipline for these VA lunitics, VA Sh*tbags, and liars. They are NOT being held accountable…

      4. It isnt that you, (the disabled former soldier, or injured veteran) was injured. It is cover up of injuries in order to keep the poor working class soldiers and citizens in forever poverty. It is about Evil Vs Good. These VA employees (who social networked to get good paying jobs in the VA), non veterans, Draft Dodging Catholic Non vetetrans and Jewish Non Veteran employees are lying with impunity. Group lying like a Pedophilia Ring, or group lying like the Mafia does for the Mob.

      5. You even got these caseworkers at the Veteran Service Centers at Summit Co Ohio delaying, re-filing, re-fling, and re-filing my claims without my permission (Veteran Service Center Officer David Donaldson) from the summer of 2014 to the summer of 2016. With returning my calls for appeal to see a DRO judge Face to Face meeting. This guy, veteran service officer at Summut Co Ohio was delaying in order to give these two above, 1. Eric Canna Non Veteran Catholic Akron Ohio Employee Waterloo Road, and 2. Pamela Sue Sherer Catholic Non Veteran Employee VA Akron Ohio time to build alternate notes on me. In attempt to merk up the notes and injury from active service. This absolutely engaging in “Develop To Deny”. In the face of a Fully Developed claim handed in, in 2014. With evidence, these lunitics are down here are delaying your claims, and delaying so they can build bogus medical notes, alternate bull stories, and create a bull shit “False Narrative” on veterans who were injured and found disabled like myself. It is no f*cking sense…

      6. So that they can hand this stuff off to this Psychopath PETER M. BARACH C and P Exam “Hatchet Man” at the VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio. This guy, Peter Barach is nothing more than “A Forensic Whore” for the VA. Peter Barach is nothing more than “A Forensic Prostitute” for the institution that pays him, over and over again. Over and Over again he is paid by the VA to screw with impunity injuried vets and disabled former soldiers. With their pants up he paid to screw and molest vulnerable former soldiers. Tens-of-thousands, if NOT hundreds-of-thousands of dollars this draft dodger Non Veteran Jewish guy Peter Barach has gotten paid by the VA to screw injured veterans and disabled former soldiers over on C and P exams. Tons of money to create bull shit false narratives on C and P exams! It is just no sense…

      7. This Senator Sherrod Brown D Ohio, This Senator Rob Portman R Ohio, and Congressman Tim Ryan D Ohio have tons of evidence. That this bull sh*t is going on. That disabled former soldiers and injured veteran like myself are getting totally shafted and f*cked down here in Ohio.

      8. All this shit, Fully Developed Claim, IME independent Medical Exam with tons of surrounding evidence and legal testimony given to this ANTHONY TONY MILONS VA Director Cleveland Ohio, Sent right to TONY Milons VA Director by FAX from Congressman Tim Ryan office in Warren Ohio. All this evidence sent directly to him, as TONY MILON REQUESTED. This is just terrible….

    2. Title: The VAs Dr Frankenstein. Aka: “The Monster of Shaker Heights” cleveland Ohio
      Dear Mr. Ben Krause (AIrforce Veteran) and Mr. Chris Attig (U.S. Army Veteran Artillery)
      1. PETER M. BARACH NPI#1396773610 Ohio License #3280 Ohio. This Peter Barach works at the Wade Park Louis Stokes VA Cleveland Ohio. Peter Barach is a Non Veteran (Draft Dodger 1970-1973) Jewish/Catholic doing “Hatchet Job” C and P Exams on disabled former soldiers and injured veterans. What Peter Barach is doing is creating “FALSE NARRATIVES” on C and P Exam by “Cherry Picking” medical notes from only certain other Non Veteran Draft Dodging Catholic doctors, and thus “Cherry Picking” sentences out of their limited medical notes. In my case, Peter Barach pre-typed 20 pages up prior to me sitting down with him during my C and P Exam on the 24th of April 2017.

      2. This quack, Peter Barach was rude, harassed me on several occassions. It was obvious to me, this klown had already pre-typed my C and P exam up. Not only that, but it was clear to me, Peter Barach was lying directly to my face. And he did lie! Taking advantage of me due to my disability status. It was found, he was retaliating against me because in the past couple of years I employed the help and asst of my state reps in Ohio,
      1. Senator Rob Portman R Ohio
      2. Senator Sherrod Brown D Ohio
      3. Congressman Tim Ryan D Ohio,
      *Also forwarded and fax to Anthony TONY Milons VA Director, a fully developed claims (MMPI, Origins of Disease report 5 pages, DBQ form2nd one, and Nexus letter, complet IME (independent medical exam) from Congressman Tim Ryan’s asst Matt Vadas Phone #1-800-856-4152 Warren Ohio. Tony Milons VA Directors said to forward and fax it to him, IME. He said to go out and get your own private doctors because there problems with the VA doctors and staff in Ohio. Get the privated IME to me, and I will take care of you.” This is on the web what Tony Milons had said in 2015 i cleveland Ohio. So I did exactly what Tony Milons VA directors had stated to do.

      3. A disabled veteran employee within the VA informed me of what Peter Barach had done to me. However, I figured this out anyway. Hell, Peter Barach was that brazen, that he put this on the C and P exam. That he was retaliating against me. It almost like Peter Barach was given “A Wink and a Nod” by his superiors to engage in this drive by shooting against me.
      *The monster Peter Barach never put down I was cut loose from the active service without my medical notes, undiagnosed, and untreated. Peter Barach never put down I was denied treatment by the VA over and over again. Up until I got legal testimony, and was then and only then accepted into the Akron Ohio VA in 2014. Peter Barach instead of moving aware from my injury in active service like most ethical doctors. He attempt to cherry pick medical notes, checker through 20 pages trying to confuse a judge about the origins of injury, and attempts to confuse and decieve the Dro judge in a face to face meeting May 25, 2017. Talk about “Adversarial Role”. My God. Mr. Ben Krause and Mr. Chris Attig

      4. Peter Barach NPI#1396773610, Medical Ohio License #3280. He lied often and a lot on this 20 page C and P exam. Creating “A False Narrative”. Peter Barach did this only after 3/4 of a Fully Developed Claim was submitted to the VA by me, that consisted of MMPI (Which Peter Barach copied, literary off the other doctor, and lied about) DBQ Form (2nd DBQ Form, and Nexus Letter. Disregarding all and any favorable evidence. I didnt want to submit parts of the fully developed claim and IME (independent Medical Exam) because I felt somebody like Peter Barach would get my information. Just read it. And then just lie. Just like Peter Barach had done anyway. So withheld certain medical information and submitted to the DRO judge face to face meeting on May 24, 2017.

      5. A congressional Liaison Mike Ronyeck, Phone Number 216-522-3530 ex3233. Mike Ronyeck Congress Liaison VA, said, “Ive never seen any C and P exam like this before. In all my years here at the VA Cleveland Ohio.”

      6. Upon hearing of what Peter Barach had done. All senators Sherrod Brown, Senator Rob Portman, and Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio objected to Peter Barach’s sickness. I was given letters by the State of Ohio Rep to immediately give to the DRO Judge in the Face to Face meeting with the DRO Judge on May 25, 2017. Dr Frankenstein Peter Barach, created literally his own story. Just like Dr. Frankenstein created his own zombie or monster.

      7. A little background on Peter Barach. Graduated High School in 1970 from “Shaker Heights Cleveland High. Got into John hopkins University because daddy and mommy wanted Pete to be a doctor. Peter Barach dodged the draft from 1970-1973. Then flunked out of John Hopkins, immediately transferring to Ann Arbor Michigan where he majored in “CHILDREN” Got degree in Children. Then Pete went back to SHAKER HEIGHTS Cleveland Ohio. And daddy and mommy got their little draft dodger into the Western Reserved College across the street from his house in Shaker Height Cleveland Ohio. Finally after spending years there, parents and him knowing everybody there. He graduates with a PH.D in psychology. Talk about “ACADEMIC INCEST”. Then he gets a job at the local institutions, all across the street from his house. The VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio, The Western Reserve Hospital, oh, and Mr. Academic Incest got a job teaching at the Western Reserve College. Talk about a f*CK up that had LOTS, and Lots of people helping him, where all of his mal-practice insurance was paid for. What a mother f*cker…

      8. So Peter Barach Ohio medical License #3280 and NPI #1396773610 gets a job at the VA Wade Park, Cleveland Ohio. Hating veterans, screwing disabled former soldiers, and injured veterans is now what this monster draft dodger 1970-1973 Jewish/catholic is paid to do on C and P exams. For years, Peter Barach has been doing this drive by shooting, hatchet jobs, and sabotaging veteran’s claims for benefits. tens-of-thousands of dollars, if NOT hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars Peter Barach is being paid. All with the understanding, that is screw vulnerable veterans, disabled vets, and injured former soldiers out of their benefits. He been doing this stuff for years at Wade Park VA Cleveland Ohio.

      9. On the C and P exam Peter Barach has written, and lied, and claimed “HE HAS NO TIES TO THE VA AT ALL. AND THAT HE IS OBJECTIVE”. Really. Peter Barach is misrepresenting the VA Hospital and Peter Barach is misrepresenting the disabled former soldiers and injured veterans at the VA Hospitals. This is grounds in itself to be, to lose his medical license in the state of Ohio. Not only that, any federal judge or any ethical judge is going immediately realize what this psychopath is doing on C and P Exams.
      Yet Peter Barach has NO ties to teh VA, he says. Well then why does he have two supervisor:
      1. Diana Johnson Is this the supervisor who is giving Peter Barach a wink and a nod to f*ck veterans?
      2. Supervisor #2 Ellery Smith Phone #216-739-7000 ex2509 Or this the supervisor who is giving Peter Barach the all clear sign to sabotage vulnerable veteran’s claims for benefits.
      *2 supervisors, but PETER BARACH says he has NO ties to the VA.

      10. Peter Barach grew up across the street from the VA Wade Park in Cleveland Ohio, and for all of his 66 years (including the 3 draft dodging years 1970-1973) on this earth lived in “Shakers Heights” cleveland Ohio. His family members work for the VA in Cleveland Ohio. But again, Peter Barach lies and says, “He has NO ties to the VA”.

      11. In finding all these things Peter Barach had done, lied about, and created a False Narrative” about me. Including, retaliating against me for contacting my state representatives.
      The Medical Director at the VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio SUSAN M FURHRER (phone #216-791-3800ex4070 susan furhrer asst is JEFF McPeaks)offered both Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, and Senator Rob Portman of Ohio on my behalf, based on all these things Peter Barach had done to me. SUSAN M. FURHRER offered apologies to both senators, and me.

      12. Draft Dodger to Draft Dodger Non Veteran Doctors
      For all the things Peter Barach had done, to include lying, falsifying medical notes. Engaging in Forensic violations of Ethics. attempting to decieve the DRO Judge, decision review officer on May 25 2017. Harassing me. Lying directly to me. Creating a false disorder, magically out of no where!, and “Cherry Picking” medical notes from another Draft Dodging Catholic Non Veteran doctor I had only seen for 6 to 7 months in anti military Lancaster Pennsylvania. Out several doctors, Peter Barach only “Cherry Picks” one draft dodging non veteran catholic doctor from lancaster Pennsylvania, and then “Cherry Picks” sentences from this crazy lying sociopath, military hating former soldiers, anti military fool from Lancaster Pennsylvania. For these things, and being “A Forensic Whore” to the VA, and “A Forensic Prostitute” to the Payee, the institution of the VA. I and the senators in Ohio get an apology for Peter Barach’s “GROSS MISCONDUCT”…

      13. What this doctor PETER BARACH had done was not a medical opinion. It was an attempted drive by shooting. It was intential effort to sabotage an injured vets, and disabled former soldiers benefits. What Peter Barach had done was a “HATCHED JOB”, and create bull shit bogus “FALSE NARRATIVE”.

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