SURPRISE! VA Veterans Choice Faces $1 Billion Short Fall

In old school Robert McDonald fashion, Secretary David Shulkin has gone back to Congress, hat in hand for more money due to bad money management.

Some things change, like the face of the Secretary, but other things remain the same, like VA failing to manage billions in taxpayer funds each year resulting in shortfalls that affect access to health care and resources for veterans nationwide.

“On financial projections, we have to do better,” Shulkin said. “We do not want to see veterans impacted at all by our inability to manage budgets.”

Where VA lacks, it makes up by screwing other veterans out of benefits. It does this by holding back on overtime pay, using bad criteria to ensure accurate benefits adjudication, or playing allocating funds intended for Veterans Choice to instead cover cures for Hepatitis C.

Remember that one? I am sure VA does not want Congress to remember that diversion of funds. What about all the billions spent on broken IT projects that never work? Ditto.

So what’s the story? How is VA allowed to continue to mismanage funds that are rerouted to fund political campaigns and other crony purposes?


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  1. Maybe quit spending money to just spend money, which I see happen on a daily occurrence. One less $5K espresso machine, buying items that get put in storage since there is no need so the money doesn’t get taken away next year, etc. Bring in private sector management, don’t award people for how much money they spend but how much money they save the government, less executive level and senior GS level employees, more worker bees that actually make a difference.

  2. CIA Air Operations in Laos, 1955-1974
    Supporting the “Secret War”….and here is there spin,straight from there sight

  3. It’s funny how I find this shit, I go lay down at night, turn on you tube and watch something.Then a name is mentioned once, I never heard of the guy, and wright it down…then in the AM I look him up and there you have it folks



  5. Same websight as above
    Now, obviously I’m not going to stand in front of you and say that the CIA might be involved in drug trafficking, am I? READ THE BOOK. Read The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia. For 20 years the CIA was helping the Kuomantang to finance itself and then to get rich smuggling heroin. When we took over from the French in 1954 their intelligence service had been financing itself by smuggling the heroin out of Laos. We replaced them – we put Air America, the CIA subsidiary – it would fly in with crates marked humanitarian aid, which were arms, and it would fly back out with heroin. And the first target, market, of this heroin was the U.S. GI’s in Vietnam. If anybody in Nicaragua is smuggling drugs, it’s the contras. Now i’ve been saying that since the state department started waving this red herring around a couple of years ago, and the other day you notice President Reagan said that the Nicaraguans, the Sandinistas, were smuggling drugs, and the DEA said, ‘it ain’t true, the contras are smuggling drugs’. [1987 Lecture] THE SECRET WARS OF THE CIA: by John Stockwell

      The History Channel did a four part series titled: America’s war on drugs. It was very informative on what the CIA did. this is from the link below:
      The irony of all of this is that the U.S. government and many corporations were benefiting heavily from the rise in drug usage in the U.S. because they were the very institutions perpetuating this system. The CIA was actually one of the most prominent drug traffickers/dealers in the world, and they were ultimately to blame for the rise in heroin, LSD/acid, and many other drugs.

      The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was even created in part to increase drug trafficking. When the volume of trade increased, it got easier for cartels and the CIA to traffic drugs across the border because U.S. border control wasn’t able to perform searches as thoroughly as they could before. The History Channel actually did a wonderful job of explaining this and criminalizing the CIA, highlighting its role as one of the most powerful drug dealers in history.
      It was a very interesting series. They interviews the actual people involved. Even John Ehrlichman, Nixon’s former Domestic Policy Chief, explained:
      “The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. You understand what I’m saying? We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”
      It is worth watching.

      1. forgot the link to the story.

      2. OLDMARINE,
        one part in the series an undercover agent had infiltrated a cartel for a couple of years and then found out that the CIA was helping that same cartel stay in business because they were against either communism or dictatorship and our Govt. was trying to wipe that out so they partnered with the drug lords because of their power.
        the undercover was trying to bring them down and his agency was helping them stay in business. If I remember right, the undercover was ready to bring them down when he found this out. He also was at a function with one of the Pres. Bushes and the undercover said he told the Pres. about this cartel he was ready to bring down and the CIA (his boss) keeping them in business and he said the Pres. just smiled and walked away. Yes it is profit at ANY cost. You are very correct.

      3. f8f…That second link I posted Is the one to read, He explained it all, real well …Another x-marine spook he should know….

      4. I think I have seen it before, But I will check it out anyway..As soon as I posted the last one it through me off line just like yesterday morning , Tried opening one of Seymore Klearly links and got blocked and was battling it out for an hour then they cut me off …called the phone company thats my INTERNET service provider also and an hour latter it worked fine…LOL…censorship……at its best…I give it another 5yrs tops and you wont be able to present facts to anyone…then a computer will be useless in my opinion, good for buying shit and checking the weather…LOL

  6. The Frank Snep ruling of the Supreme Court gave the government the right to sue a government employee for damages. If s/he writes an unauthorized account of the government – which means the people who are involved in corruption in the government, who see it, who witness it, like Frank Snep did, like I did – if they try to go public they can now be punished in civil court. The government took $90,000 away from Frank Snep, his profits from his book, and they’ve seized the profits from my own book….
    [Reagan passed] the Intelligence Identities Protection act, which makes it a felony to write articles revealing the identities of secret agents or to write about their activities in a way that would reveal their identities. Now, what does this mean? In a debate in Congress – this is very controversial – the supporters of this bill made it clear…. If agents Smith and Jones came on this campus, in an MK-ultra-type experiment, and blew your fiancé’s head away with LSD, it would now be a felony to publish an article in your local paper saying, ‘watch out for these 2 turkeys, they’re federal agents and they blew my loved one’s head away with LSD’. It would not be a felony what they had done because that’s national security and none of them were ever punished for those activities.
    Efforts to muzzle government employees. President Reagan has been banging away at this one ever since. Proposing that every government employee, for the rest of his or her life, would have to submit anything they wrote to 6 committees of the government for censorship, for the rest of their lives. To keep the scandals from leaking out… to keep the American people from knowing what the government is really doing.
    Then it starts getting heavy. The ‘Pre-emptive Strikes’ bill. President Reagan, working through the Secretary of State Shultz… almost 2 years ago, submitted the bill that would provide them with the authority to strike at terrorists before terrorists can do their terrorism. But this bill… provides that they would be able to do this in this country as well as overseas. It provides that the secretary of state would put together a list of people that he considers to be terrorist, or terrorist supporters, or terrorist sympathizers. And if your name, or your organization, is put on this list, they could kick down your door and haul you away, or kill you, without any due process of the law and search warrants and trial by jury, and all of that, with impunity.
    Now, there was a tremendous outcry on the part of jurists. The New York Times columns and other newspapers saying, ‘this is no different from Hitler’s “night in fog” program’, where the government had the authority to haul people off at night. And they did so by the thousands. And President Reagan and Secretary Shultz have persisted…. Shultz has said, ‘Yes, we will have to take action on the basis of information that would never stand up in a court. And yes, innocent people will have to be killed in the process. But, we must have this law because of the threat of international terrorism’. [1987 Lecture] THE “SECRET WARS OF THE CIA: by John Stockwell”……
    there is a lot more at….””

  7. U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson: “U.S. Republic Sinking Under Weight of Interminable Global War for Empire”
    “This ship is sinking,” retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson tells Abby Martin, adding that “today the purpose of US foreign policy is to support the complex that we have created in the national security state that is fueled, funded, and powered by interminable war.”

    The former national security advisor to the Reagan administration, who spent years as an assistant to Secretary of State Colin Powell during both Bush administrations reflects on the sad but honest reflection on what America has become as he exposes the unfixable corruption inside the establishment and the corporate interests driving foreign policy.

    “It’s never been about altruism, it’s about sheer power.”………………………………………………

    ….. unfixable corruption he’s got that right so we have to keep exposing it…….
    The Empire Files: ‘This Ship is Sinking’ Says Former Bush Official

    1. PROOF POSITIVE that lifers know as much as the rank-in-file “troops”

  8. Here’s another scam they have been telling us for a long time
    Col Fletcher Prouty explains how oil was falsely classified a “fossil fuel” in 1892 and how that deception was advanced further in the 70’s by Kissinger and Rockefeller. Prouty also explains that Nixon/Kissinger/Rockefeller were seeking a ‘world oil price’. That effort created what many now call the “Petrodollar” and the impact of that mistake is playing out still today across the planet. Both Sadam Hussein and Libya’s Ghadafi were stopped (murdered) when they attempted to sell oil in 1) Euros or 2) Dinars. ….8min

  9. Seymore,
    This is something I know is true.
    In the early 1980’s the Brigadier Gen. in charge of all the Army’s military police (Pacific Theater) flew into “Hickem Air Force Base”, across from Schoffield Barracks Army Base, with a large amount of illicit drugs (mostly pot and other drugs).
    He was allowed to retire, Where a majority of others on the “C-130” were arrested and convicted of drug smuggling!
    I know this is true, because it made all the local news outlets at that time. Nothing on the larger MSM’s!

  10. “South Florida Man Who Had Drug Sentence Commuted By President Obama Arrested Again”

    A South Florida man who had his lengthy drug sentence commuted by former President Barack Obama last year is back behind bars facing a slew of drug charges.

    Henry Claude Agnew, 36, was arrested Friday by the U.S. Marshals Service in Broward County, jail records showed. Agnew was being held on a probation violation.

    Miami-Dade Criminal Court records showed Agnew was charged last month with a number of drug offenses, including cocaine and cannabis possession, selling cocaine and cannabis near a school and possession of cocaine and cannabis with intent to sell.

    Agnew was one of dozens of offenders who had their sentences commuted by President Obama in March 2016. Agnew was sentenced in November 2003 to 21 years and 8 months in prison with five years of supervised release.

    Source: South Florida Man Who Had Drug Sentence Commuted By President Obama Arrested Again | NBC 6 South Florida “”


    “Obama granted her clemency. Less than a year later, she’s going back to prison.”

    Carol Denise Richardson was sentenced to life in prison in 2006. Her crime? Possessing 50 grams or more of cocaine. Prosecutors said she intended to distribute the drugs. But what she had was crack cocaine and, like many in prison, she claimed the chunks of cocaine were to feed her own addiction — that she had no intention to share or sell them.

    When Barack Obama was president, he agreed with criminal justice reform advocates who argued current laws unjustly treated those found with crack cocaine the same as those caught with more expensive, but less bulky, pure form of powder cocaine. Since prosecution and sentencing standards are based on weight, a handful of rocks of crack could result in much harsher punishment.

    Based on this argument, Obama chose to grant clemency to a record number of prisoners who had committed nonviolent drug-related offenses. In 2016, Richardson became one of them. But now, she has been ordered to return to federal prison after violating the terms of her supervised release, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Texas said Thursday.


    1. Obama let-out of prison a slew of crack heads back into society and various have been caught here in Ohio doing bank robberies and home invasions in no time again.

      Obama’s reasoning on the crack weighing more than powdered cocaine makes absolutely no sense and I could utilize similar argument that this .357 weighs more than the paltry .22 caliber, so thus, anyone that was placed in prison for killing someone with the .22 should be released because…the .357 gun and rounds weigh more.
      Cocaine/Crack= same ingredients, just different form-factor…the effects are the same in that once the addict thug runs out of either powdered or crack cocaine, they will rob, steal, kill, whatever/whoever in order to get that same exact feeling again, rinse/repeat.

      Thanks again Obummer.

  11. Seymore…Fine job as always…I new about the boat and the coke..LOL but you did add some new info for me thanks,.It used to be a lot easier researching things..I guess to many people are wising up and they don’t want that……….In my opinion all MSM news is fake news…LOL………DIVIDE AND CONCUR IS THERE MOTTO FOLKS AND THEN THEN THEY COME AND RESCUE US……..ORDER OUT OF CHAOS IS THERE GAME……..

  12. That’s going to be a pain in the ass trying to get the VA to pay the private doctor. Doctors will think the VA is worse than medicaid. Vets are going to have to find some back alley doctor for simple procedures.

  13. For you people that don’t believe Robert Steele USMC Retired watch this next one…Yea I know it sounds crazy but only to sane people, Perverts have no boundaries

    Retired F.B.I Agent Explains What REALLY Goes On Behind The Scenes In America.
    End Times Productions

    IN my opinion these new routers are already tweaked from the factory

  14. Was just sitting around getting unwound so that I can sleep tonight. One of my ways is to turn on the cartoon network and watch American Dad and Family Guy.

    But my unwinding was interrupted by a new commercial for “”.

    Really wtf, we cannot even watch a cartoon on the cartoon network without being forced to watch scene of terror.

  15. @SeymoreKlearly, I keep going back to the VA buildings Dr. “Wrong” Shulkin is eliminating. I think Don C. said it was what’s inside the buildings. It’s becoming obvious that there are many closets out there. Has anyone been able to get a list of the VA buildings? Thanks for your time and energy into so many Veterans issues. Happy 4th……

    1. I do know one that they should close the doors on. It is located at: “49 Rue Pierre Charron, 75008 Paris, France”. I wonder if that is the only 5 star luxury hotel owned by the VA? Nope I guess not they do own others and there are several Bill and Hillary Clinton took with them when he left office.

      1. “Speaking of perks, some presidents, take with them when they leave office. One of the reported four yachts purchased by Michelle Obama while Barack Hussein was President is the Lady Michelle. Although it is being reported as being a Benetti 55-meter yacht. Bennetti Yachts is actually made by Pershing Yacht.

        Given the Veterans Administrations 5 Star luxury Hotel in Paris, The Pershing Hall. Which is managed by Pershing LLc, as is the Pershing Yacht company.

        Here is a jpg of the Lady Michelle while it was in Miami and a separate link to the Pershing 140 with a promotional video showing that the Lady Michelle is really a Pershing 140; “”

        Also here is a report from the Russian Federal Security Service (SVR) Branch, on the subject of the Lady Michelle and President Obama.

        “Obama Flees After Massive Drug Bust Aboard Lady Michelle Vessel In Caribbean”
        Published on Mar 15, 2017

        “Former President Barack Obama fled Washington D.C. this past Friday (10 March) traveling to New York City, Omaha (Nebraska), San Jose (California) and ending up in Hawaii—all occurring within 36 hours while he sought elite allies to defend him, and keeping him ahead of investigators from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) of the US Department of the Treasury (DoT) seeking to interview him about one of the largest drug busts in American history occurring in the Caribbean aboard a fishing vessel named the Lady Michelle.”


        “Motor Yacht LADY MICHELLE. December 20, 2012”

        Published on Feb 17, 2017
        “Trump Breaking News Network -Trump Just Sent Michelle Obama a Bill She’ll Never Be Able to Pay in Her Lifetime.”

        Trump Just Sent Michelle Obama A Bill She’ll Never Be Able To Pay In Her Lifetime Michelle Obama will go down in history as the First Lady who spent more money than any other. In addition to her 214 personal assistants, 32 gardeners, 11 dog walkers and her own mother on the government payroll as a “day care provider,” Moochelle also purchased $11 million worth of new furniture, an airplane, four yachts and two limousines with taxpayer money.

        What’s worse is that after she left, she decided she should be able to keep all of that stuff, even though technically it belongs to the American people. After an audit by the White House budget office, President Trump ordered that Michelle Obama be sent a bill for everything she should have paid for by herself but used government money instead.


      2. THAT BOAT IS MADE BY…………FERRETTI Group America but I think there’s still a connection

      3. Here is a link to the Dealer network for Pershing Yachts.

        Note there is only one name for the dealership network.


        Pershing is owned by New York Bank of Mellon Investment Bank.

    2. Jo3n… are some pictures of the place , can’t read french so i don’t know what the rest of it says…….””

      1. “Why Does the VA Own a 5-Star Luxury Hotel in Paris?”


      2. How much VA would actually get for the property is unclear, since most of the price estimates were done before the building was rehabbed. In 1990 agency officials estimated the value between $80 and $100 million. In 1993 the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office assumed the department could sell it for about $14 million.

        80to 100 before rehab ,now 14mill…it might have cost that much to rehab..LOL…..21million vet’s all kick in a dollar and sell it for 80 mill would be a good return on a dollar investment …LOL…CROOKS GONE WILD
        I wonder what they paid for it in the 1930s

      3. Look up fort Lyon vamc in Colorado. ! Massive. Homes, swimming pool, dairy barns, big reck center. !

        Full fledged hospital, biggest psy facility in the nation.

        Again massive, sold it to the state for $1.00

        So the hotel will probably be a whopping $2.00

      4. Regarding the value of the hotel. In 1998 they did a $100 million remodeling job on the VA budget to the place. It is also located in the ultra-rich shopping area of Paris.

        $500 million to $1 billion in realistic value.

      5. Something stinks as bad as Loma Linda VA……No wonder we have a deficit,their stealing the tax payers blind..CRONY CAPITALISM

  16. @Seymore Klearly – – – Happy 4th to you and your family Brother. Back during the years between 1963- ’68, I lived close to a small airport. Right next to the airport was a Air National Guard Base. The base had a lot of night flights. In the back, right butt up to a large stretch of wooded parcel, were cargo planes of all sizes. Strange thing, the planes had no identifying numbers on it.

    We kids would always hear the adults talking about how much that this airport’s traffic has increased, and there were much gossip of all sorts of things that were going on. Plus, my father was a forklift driver and loaded C-3’s. He would always tell us that the items where put onto skids, items had no markings, and the items were always covered and wrapped with security tape of some sort. And I would always here others in my family who worked there as well, talk about how well they were paid for forklifting.

    I’ve always wondered if the US was using these types of bases with locations, that had very easy access to major Inter State Highways. What do you think? Illegal transfer station or port. Base also had a highly secured warehouse structures. A dog shelter was on the base too. It was located near those planes in the back that had no markings on them.

    The reason that this is so vivid to me, is that there was a deep stream that ran in the back woods area. So we kids would always be in the area. Especially on hot and humid days.

    Dam, I don’t miss those leeches that we use to lift off with a butter knife. And, when we speared these large multicolored carp, there were these huge lampreys that use to chase us. Now they have a mouth, with teeth on their tongue. Didn’t mean to divert, audio-video clips going through me mind. – – – Nutter.

    1. Lampreys. Leeches, and the Engorged VA Purple Teams all have one thing in-common: Parasites that require Veteran Hosts.

  17. Remember the Sarin gas used in Operation Tailwind which was on to the planes in Thailand.


    “‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Addresses CIA Drug Smuggling Comment”

    “Published on Jul 2, 2017

    During an interview with Infowars at the Red Pill Expo in Bozeman, MT ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ author Robert Kiyosaki confided to Millie Weaver that he “knows a little bit about the CIA” because as a Marine pilot he was “recruited by them to fly drugs”. He was approached and offered a job to fly for Air America later revealed to be a dummy corporation for the CIA. Kiyosaki ultimately turned the offer down.

    Stirring up quite a bit of controversy, Kiyosaki conducted a second interview with Millie Weaver to go further down the rabbit hole, expounding upon his prior statement, revealing even more run-ins with the CIA in 1966 during the Vietnam War.”

    Air America complex at Udorn, Thailand, 1973. Photo courtesy of Judy Porter.


  18. Jo3n ….I’m really not paranoid I just have my eyes wide open and maybe someone might crack their’s open just a little LOL…One last one for the day….”” ……All you have to do is look up you can tell somethings not right …….And by the way anyone heard from T….hope he’s doing alright..

  19. @OLDMARINE, And I thought I was paranoid. Problem is, I believe every word. Y’all enjoy, is it still Independence day, or just the 4th of July? This last few weeks here has been mind boggling. God Bless the Veterans and their families. Stay safe.

  20. namnibor …..You do have a point on the [ IT ] Maybe he meant the guillotine …….LOL



    1. Nah, FEMA probably has a massive surplus of Acme Guillotines from the 8 long Obama Years for when he was beefing-up FEMA for the Sharia Law Meat & Greets. Door to door asking what one’s religious affiliation and if the answer is not Islam, off with their heads.

      Grim, I do realize, but after our city has already had to completely clean, flush, and replace all the filters for the city’s downtown along the river “Fountain Park” this year….which has had to be done last couple years since it was opened/public park….WHY?
      Because the damn Somali’s go down their with minions of naked children and they…wait for it…POOP IN THE FOUNTAINS!!!!!!!! WTF?

      I think Columbus, OH should rename that park as, “Fecal Fountain Park” now, as this problem is never going away…they are using them to take showers….mind you, it’s a PUBLIC PARK…and Columbus wants to become some new breed of ‘sanctuary city’ without calling it that, SAFE SPACES.

      Well, what about MY SAFETY with all that POOP, which could be loaded with who knows what?

      Damn! In a mood again. I try to be open minded but savages will be savages.

      Oh, be SAFE out there on this July 4th extended weekend. The USA has some elements gone bat shit crazy.

      1. namnibor …..Yea that is purty bad..they need to put a sign up pointing to the sewage treatment plant in all languages that says showers…..LOL…. At least in INDIA they have a flowing nasty river they all get into and wash up and probably shit in it as well,….The part that grosses me out is when their brushing their teeth when in there,. NO wonder they all smell like shit…Or maybe its the curry…. And I don’t think the Meet & Greet are out of the picture YET,But we will find out eventually ……DAMN RAIN… keeping me inside, Did get into the woods this A.M. ….

      2. I just looked up your “Fountain Park”looks like a beautiful place for a shower
        Fountain Rules

        Children under 8-years-old must be accompanied by a responsible adult…….I guess I’m not allowed in
        Pets are not permitted in any of the fountains at any time…………………………..That verifies it
        Children not potty-trained must wear swim diapers in the fountains.
        Please walk and do not run.
        Fountain water is re-circulated, so please avoid getting water in your mouth…..I damn sure wouldn’t get in
        Please stay out of the fountain if you are ill.
        Diaper changing permitted only in the public restrooms.
        Please wash hands after using the restroom or changing a diaper.

      3. Yeah, sadly, the sign needs to be in any Third World Language and not just English. Also fun to note another reason to not intake any of this fountain of toilet water: Where the rules state “Children not potty-trained must wear swim diapers in the fountains”, the rule-makers of common courtesy and etiquette never took into consideration that Muslim Draperies (clothes) are indeed used as “swim diapers in the fountains”…each and every year.

        I can’t wait until dog-days of Summer where there will be the inevitable social media post of them trying to use the fecal fountains as public bidets…yep, disgusting.

        “pets are not permitted at any time”–THAT ONE entirely eliminates me anyway because I often get mistaken for sasquatch. 🙂

  21. Although I have been a spy for my country – a clandestine operations officer or case officer for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – and am very familiar with blackmail, bribery, and the assorted perversions that common at all levels of society from the wealthiest elite to the basest rogues in the gutters and slums – it was not until recently that I have realized that every aspect of our government, economy, and society is controlled by a Satanic elite using a Deep State construct to manage all people, all corporations, all property, all land, and even all social conventions including the legalization of homosexuality and (had Hillary Clinton been elected) the legalization of bestiality and pedophilia.
    The Deep State begins with the Rothschild family and their centuries-old genius in bribing monarchs and later parliaments and other forms of legislature into allowing them to literally own and control the central banks of all countries. The Federal Reserve in the USA is neither federal nor a reserve. It is a “front” for the Rothschild family and their assigns. In combination with the City of London and Wall Street, the central banks are the means by which every political-legal, socio-economic, ideo-cultural, techno-demographic, and natural-geographic condition is controlled Of, By, and For a tiny elite – 1% of 1%.
    The Rothschild family is joined by the Black Pope, the Secretary General of the Jesuit order, and other elements of the Vatican (the Catholic Church) often far beyond the control of the White Pope, the nominal head of the Catholic Church. In the case of the Jesuits, their power has come from being the confessors and counselors to monarchs and mandarins for centuries, in one of the most complex sustained clandestine operations of global scope ever achieved.
    The Freemasons and the Knights of Malta are among the two most important secret societies that serve as transnational – which is to say, without national allegiance of any kind – consiglieri and “fixers” able to achieve any desired outcome at any level of any organization.
    Using a mix of bribery and blackmail, the elite control every government, generally by sustaining a “two-party tyranny”

    Posted on 2017/07/01
    Robert Steele USMC Retired………..I think he Say’s it quite nicely for a spook..But WINDGUY might disagree..LOL…and all roads still lead to Rome,…….. Go read some PAPAL BULL’S

  22. Just finished reading posts, again. Not trying to read anything into the posts that wasn’t there. Guess I have become a bit paranoid over the years. @ANutterVet, good luck with your journey. I felt like reminding myself of the serenity prayer. God grant me the serenity to accept the things we cannot change. The courage to accept the things we cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference. It’s a dangerous time.

  23. I can remember ripping through and solving complex math and science word problems without breaking sweats of frustrating thoughts. Now, many times the opposite occurs.

    Question – I wonder if you were tasked in going to many older Universities and Colleges, and your were assigned to find out what we the slogans that were posted around the school, and what was engraved in the school’s upper posts, or on a mantel, or at the highest point in the facility.

    Do any of you know what might have been referenced to back in the day of the hallways or walkways at these teaching facilities. This may be an easier answer for some compared to others. If you can’t answer it, that’s ok I understand, but if you can, and your sure of your answer, then post your response.

    To help you find the answer to the above question, I’m giving you a tip. And, this is knowledge that our so-called compassionate leaders have kept from us. Back in the earlier days of the founding of our Country, Congress had printed Bibles to be distributed where people would gather. Even though there were Politicians that were not devoted Christians (and I realize that today, the real definition of Christianity has been distorted), these Politicians BELIEVED IN (actually, this is your second hint), the same main “Noun” (person, place, or thing), that made our Country strong. And, Congress wanted to make sure that this “Noun” was passed down from generation to generation. And by doing this, it would help our Country to stay strong.

    So do you know what was scribed or marked at the highest points of our oldest Universities and Colleges?

    The powers-at-be likes to use us during this GREAT TIME of the YEAR don’t they?

    1. Above the Classic Halls of Higher Learning of yore there was a Latin quote of “Nosce te ipsum “, which means, “Know Thyself”.
      It was written above the door as well in the movie ‘The Matrix’ when Neo visited the Oracle for first time.

      Yeah, I’m a nerd. A violently happy nerd. 🙂

      1. I went back to Ancient Greek higher learning, wisdom, et al. Did I go back too far? “Red pill or green pill”? 🙂

      2. Right now, I’m trying to pass the time, until I get some important things in order. I will know next week if I caught someone that did something that may be a felony. Poking around, investigating, and research seems like it is gaining headway and paying off. VA wants me to take additional Oxycodone to do what they want me to do. I’m refusing, made some more than reasonable suggestions. Still at a stalemate. And, I think shortly, they’re going to be getting something more than concerned.

        What I’m doing now, is to protect my life and other Veterans, is one of the most important decisions that I will make in the rest of my life.

        I don’t know how the pills relate to my game Nam. May be I missed something, which happens. Would you like another tip? I like it though that you’re trying, in your mood of a way. LOL

        The answer isn’t hard to figure. When its REVELATION TIME, you’ll be SURPRISING GONE to say, “I knew that.” I knew it, because I read about it, but I’m pretty sure somebody told me about it before too.

        I know you didn’t ask, but here is another tip. No worries I have more. Harvard, Yale, Princeton, when founded, where more related in putting this first ? , than education, truth, money, status, etc. . . .

        I gave you some nice clues and tips were included. Put that there thinking headband on, but not to tight.

      3. “Know Thyself” is not entirely insular to one’s pursuit of academia. It’s actually both philosophical and spiritual, so yes, “God” would be another way of answering your question, but when we ‘Know Thyself” thoroughly, are we not then connecting with The Creator?

        Deep I know, know for some deep-dish pizza. 🙂

      4. Well there Mr. Nam, your correct. And we’re sending you a one slice large pizza, frozen, and mailed to you, at book rate. No offense on differences, but I kind of give a look at those that eat deep-dish pizza, before it was my curiosity that got the best of me, and then I ask, is the pizza organic or GMO?

        Now tell me this, why should a person trust a business that, is owned by a Bombay businessman, whose family has a tomato farm and a bread making business, and that has a pizza shop in Miami, and the out door of the pizza shop says, NY Italian-Style Pizza by the Slice?

        Dam, something else most of use don’t know, “what the hell were eating.” Times have changed, times, surely have changed.

  24. @Crazy elf (CE) – – – Thanks for the back up CE. Since the end of May I’ve been under extreme amount of psychological torture. I wish that some one lived close to me. Can’t trust anyone. Wife has my back, but VA could care less on how my household is effected by their fucking shit. They don’t even call and ask how I’m doing while I’m battling with this addictive medication. So much for monitoring opiates.

    Many are making al lot of money of this drug problem. And @Namnibor is right. The heart of the problem is with the additional influx of raw opium alkaloid latex or paste from Mexico. The US didn’t have to be concerned about Mexico to much in the past. But now, the Cartel’s are bringing this shit in all around the Southern boarder of our Country.

    elf, I can beat the fuck out of a VA ass wiping fucking Rat Bastard. Every time, I have to keep on repeating what the fuck is going on. At the same time, I fight and struggle due to my body shaking because it wants more. I was fine until VA started playing crucial life altering games by fucking around with the amount of medication in my regular monthly scripts.

    A main problem that I had with Opiates, like most, is extreme constipation. VA prescribes Sennosides (generic form of Senakot). Then afterwards the peristalsis action was inhibited in my digestive track. I had lazy bowel. My bowels basically stopped moving.

    Informed the VA. They sent me a letter stating that they sent me stool softeners and the sennoside stimulating laxative. Dumb fucks, the sennosides is what caused the problem. So, like what I do best, I told the VA to fuck off, and I applied what I believed could help me. I completely stopped use both the stool softener and sennoside. This has been about 6 months.

    I then went and searched through different digestive related research journal databases. And read until my dam brain became saturated with information. Basically, I went back to college from home while in my hospital bed. A lot of work that needed to be done because again like many times in my life, I’ve got to fix the problem.

    VA keeps touting about the so-called drug epidemic. Man, I have so much that I want to say. As a Research Biologist, I was specifically trained to evaluate situations, to find out how and why a circumstance happened (etiology = the study of causation, or origination. Greek, Latin, English origin). Mostly applied, used, and referred to life-science situations, to find out where and how a deadly disease began. Like why the Hawaiian Gecko lizards are having these lumps of tissue on their skin (Big Island of Hawaii).

    I love doing this. I’m a behind the scenes person. I look for and analyze unusual things, patterns, loopholes, out of place behaviors, something new or different from the norm; basically looking for the causations of things, during or after an event.

    What pisses me off the most, is what the VA has caused, because I’m becoming less effective in what I enjoy doing. Plus, as you know, VA always plays big mind games or to try and divert things, or to purposely throw someone off who is quickly gaining ground in grabbing the VA by the tail, due to some calculative corruptive or behavior. And, I believe that I may have been purposely targeted for speaking out about ways that the VA has negligently handled my healthcare.

    I’m almost out from the gripping, choking hands of the VA. Trying to get all services in private sector. Got to take a break. This is to taxing on me. I’ll be back in a bit. Anyone seen Dennis outside? LOL

  25. How? It’s called “Pork”. Not the VA doing that management. Health Net lobbyists. (Phoenix & Cheyenne crisis) Tricare lobbyists. Denver VA contractor lobbyist, and the list continues. And veteran’s in need pay.

    Only question is. besides campaign contributions, how is the kickback money laundered to the politicians.

  26. In The 1950s The CIA Sprayed A French Town With LSD, Here’s What Happened

    In The 1950s The CIA Sprayed A French Town With LSD, Here’s What Happened
    Big Brother,

    In 1951, a French village suddenly became plagued with hallucinations and mass insanity. For decades, it was assumed that local bread had been poisoned with psychedelic mold, however, it has recently been discovered that instead, the CIA had contaminated the village’s food with LSD.
    What Happened When The CIA Sprayed A French Town With LSD
    The discovery was found by writer H.P Albarelli Jr., who published a book on the incident. According to him, the incident was a part of the CIA’s secret mind-control experiments that were conducted by use of drug-grade LSD. The village had long referred to the incident as the mystery of Le Pain Maudit (Cursed Bread) and it has continued to haunt the village for quite some time. Beginning on August 16, 1951, villagers suddenly began to have strange and horrific hallucinations of snakes, dragons, and fire. Dozens were placed in asylums and hundreds of others were left with various signs and symptoms of madness. One man, Leon Armunier, who was working that day explained that, “It was terrible. I had the sensation of shrinking and shrinking, and the fire and the serpents coiling around my arms,” he remembers.

    It was then that he fell off of his bike and was escorted quickly to a hospital in Avignon. Once he arrived, they placed him in a straight jacket and put him into a room with teenagers that were chained down to their beds. “Some of my friends tried to get out of the window. They were thrashing wildly… screaming, and the sound of the metal beds and the jumping up and down… the noise was terrible. I’d prefer to die rather than go through that again.” Another man attempted to drown himself, due to his beliefs that he was being eaten by snakes. A young adolescent boy tried to murder his grandmother, while another man who believed that he was a plane jumped off a building leading his legs to be broken.


    OOOOO …they wouldn’t do that

    1. Your post inspired me to re-watch that great series, ‘Twin Peaks’. Who needs LSD when you have David Lynch, right?

      1. Good thing you didn’t take the real thing (LSD), you’d have more than ‘Twin Peaks’ on your mind. Wooo whoo. Stick with the smoke brudda, stick with the smoke for yough mindzineering.

      2. No worries, I do not even really drink to speak of. However, there was a particular mule deer incident in which mushrooms were involved, but I was under strict supervision of my then-Lakota friends, all was well aside from the numerous not-quite-dead mule deer.
        Morale of mission mule deer: Other than the obvious in that you should never do mushrooms and drive, one should only operate your magic flying carpet while your brain is on mushrooms. Mule deer absolutely have no place in that scenario behind or in front or even under a car’s wheel. 🙂

      3. Did you alleviate the mule deer, than have one big ceremony, like my ancestors, that were moved all over the other side from West Coast?

    Did you know Lavoy Finicum was “…shot in the back…” by that asswipe? Yep, a cowardly little punk. And all he’s being charged with is “lying to the grand jury!”
    There’s a few more videos out from his widow you should check out!
    @Seymore Klearly (please correct me if I’m wrong on something you put on here a week or so ago!)
    A week or so ago, Seymore put a comment on here concerning; 1.) Physicians who graduated from medical schools outside of America. And; 2.) The “J1” Visa. (Which, if I remember Seymore’s words correctly) These people can come straight to VA and work as physicians. Where their “civilian counterparts” must go through a “two year limited medical practice internship”!

    Weeeeeelllllllll, guess what just happened up in The Bronx at the Lebanon Hospital.

    From: “End Times Prophesy”
    “Brother Jim Reporting”
    “Just In, The Truth Behind The Bronx Hospital Shooter Is Frightening”

    Seems like this asswipe might have been here on that visa. Because he came here and was on “…limited…” medical care to patients back in June or July 2014. Was let go in June or July 2015 on (allegedly) unwanted sexual advantages! His “medical visa status” was up in 2016!
    He waited until this week to go to his “former place of employment” to shoot a lot of people!

    This just might be what veterans need to use as an example. When it comes to explaining to our elected officials why we don’t, and should NOT, trust these “Foreign Born, and eduucated, ALLEGED Healthcare Providers at VA!”

    What do y’all think?

    1. Yep, that shooter was an asswipe that’s a prime example of the pedigree of lamprey working as medical hacks at the VA.

      This world has gone completely bonkers!!!! Aliens, take me back home, damn it! 🙂

      1. saucer leaves innnnnn 10 min. all aboard ….I’m taking next month’s flight out, To Pluto, Walt Disney has big party going on then…I got the hot’s for Minnie….skip that flight and come on this one, I’ll hook you up with Cinderella…She’s a dream, but to high class for me…….[HIGH MAINTENANCE] can’t afford her…LOL

      2. namnibor …..This is why I mentioned the crooks at EPA
        Eco-Militants That Defiled Scientific Integrity in Government Agencies Defy Correction

        July 1, 2017 eClinik Learning Leave a comment

        Donald Trump’s EPA is facing a tsunami of vitriol for trying to drain the DC swamp of rogue regulators that rule with made-to-order scientific lies and invented threats, such as its ruling that the carbon dioxide which makes life on Earth possible is a pollutant.

        By: Ron Arnold June 29, 2017

        When President Trump proposed a $1.6 billion cut from EPA’s expected $8.1 billion budget, employee screams of doomsday intimidated Congress into forking over the full gimme-gimme. In response to the specter of lost jobs and less political power, entrenched Obama holdovers have organized to sabotage Trump’s reforms in what is being called the Deep State.

        Fear is palpable throughout the EPA, where secret email accounts revealed serious abuses of power, where bureaucrats dictatorially took over virtually anything wet as “Waters of the United States,” including agricultural irrigation ditches and stock watering ponds (Trump revoked that rule), and where policies that destroyed the homes and lives of thousands have been routinely based on “liberal” interpretations of federal laws and scientific research that did not stand up to critical scrutiny.

        The fear evidently touched EPA “Scientific Integrity Official” Francesca Grifo, an Obama appointee who previously oversaw the “scientific integrity program at the Union of Concerned Scientists (“an oxymoron if there ever was one,” said Forbes magazine). She postponed this year’s meeting of EPA’s scientific integrity “stakeholders” when she found out that her faithful corps of environmental activist advisors was to be joined by independent scientists approved by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.

        The Grifo flap and other Environmental Protection Agency problems masked a much bigger government science outrage: the $315 million scandal engulfing the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). This scandal further underscores why Trump’s reforms are necessary.

    2. @Crazy elf: I honestly think my last VA PCP is one of those. I didn’t realize it until Seymore posted the possibility.

      High cholesterol, complaining of pain between the shoulder blades, feel tired and weak. She says an old broken rib. I never broke a rib. Next day I died three times from a major heart attack.

      Complaining of a ticking stabbing pain in the hands and feet, says put cream on it. Nueropathy.

      Complaining of pain upper body, reads an MRI report out loud, says severe herniated discs upper back, immediate attention required. Has no clue what she just read, had to explain to her how painful a herniated disc can be.

      I believe her daddy bought her degree in India, the VA is the only place she has ever worked.

      Any others have a VA PCP like this?

      Remember people, somewhere, there is the world’s worse doctor, and tomorrow one of us has an appointment to see him/her.

      1. “cj”
        Yes, my PCP is exactly like yours. Seymore found that she claims to have graduated from a medical school out of Poland. When I contacted my friends who are Polish, they had never heard of the place. That’s not saying it doesn’t exist. I’m just saying I don’t believe she’s a graduate of that school.
        She doesn’t discuss any important medical issues I have. She NEVER reads my file. She only asks the same questions the nurse just asked.
        My wife is VERY upset over her inability to act like a doctor. I, and my wife, actually have more education over my disabilities, and other ailments, than my incompetent PCP!

        So, there ya go brother. You ain’t alone!

      2. The VA Vending Machines (VAVM) installed in AFGE Staff Break Rooms have all the needed ‘degrees’ and for a price.
        The future VA Witch Dr. Hack places their hand and arm into a hole and an amount of blood, along with their entire soul is withdrawn to AFGE Little Cox Loyal Lolly Ship Society (LCLLSS)…and *presto* you are all ready to go. Now let’s measure your ass for a chair-fitting and give you plenty of room to grow on.

        In a mood….but I am re-watching that great surreal David Lynch series, ‘Twin Peaks’, so am mellowing-out quite quickly. But to be clear, in a mood. 🙂

      3. “We have an obligation, we have a moral ob
        ligation to provide the
        best possible care and
        treatment to the men and women who have served
        our country. They deserve it, and they’re
        going to get it.
        by President George W. Bush,….does anyone believe it yet

      4. @OLDMARINE– “[They deserve it, and they’re going to get it.]”

        It really is entirely dependent upon how one defines “it” in the context given and also the word “deserve”.
        Poor Pres. George W. Bush was not a wordsmith by any means, which is why he was given such wide slack for also stating a tad prematurely, “Mission Accomplished”.

        “IT” was an insanely scary evil clown in Stephen King’s story of same name. However, the common denominator is “IT” actually had a name, it was “Pennywise”.
        “Everything floats down here”– Pennywise The Clown, “IT”.

      5. namnibor ……I used to read all of Stephen King’s novels years ago but i cant remember none of them now….I used to love to read, kind of still do……If I could remember every thing I have ever read I’d be a fucking Genius ….BUT THAT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN….my mother had dementia….OOOOOO shit
        A mind what a terrible thing to waste ….LOL

    3. Crazy elf…..Did you know Lavoy Finicum was “…shot in the back……Yes I did they shot him once and then when he reached over to where they shot him like any normal person would … they unloaded on him and said he was reaching for a gun……JUSTICE SYSTEM MY ASS ….PROTECTORS OF CROOKS/PERVERTS

  28. JUST A LITTLE HUMOR………. I’m going to hire these pilots to fly my new airplane..
    Captain Sum Ting Wong,….
    Wi Tu Lo,
    Ho Lee Fuk
    At least 4 KTVU staffers saw prank pilot names before cringe worthy broadcast: report

  29. @ANutterVet, couldn’t agree more. Reluctantly, I have reread my posts and I don’t get it. My less than retentive memory along with RAGE just don’t mix well. What to do…. The Twilight Zone, thanks to crazy elf, or namnibor, has been trolling my thoughts. I ain’t going there, but couldn’t help but peek in.

  30. I’m thinking when the VA merged with other federal agencies, in the beginning, the reason may have been to protect the United States. I’m believing that somewhere, sometime, things got messed up. Greed and corruption and the need for power emerged. In too deep, individuals with power and no clue as to what the oath they took to get there, began to form some sort of brotherhood. The VA is a great place to put their own in high paying, unnecessary job. To keep ALL off balance, they create a terrible VA. All these negative stories about the VA are true. After years of games for profit, using Veterans has been lucrative. It’s its own business. It’s just wrong, and needs to stop. Quit feeding the CIA, DEPT OF JUSTICE, and all those lying VA employees. Shut the VA down. They have cost many Americans their lives, for profit and so they can play. The cost… so many Veterans lives wasted every day. These people are responsible. Thomas Bowman is one of the minor players. President Trump can’t get to them. Whomever he’s listening to is them. Isaacson, McCain, it’s the ones who always seem to be on our side but cannot afford to let us win. Or, ?, I am open. Perhaps Dennis can say something that makes some sense. Rant out………………

    1. Jo, your correct.
      Allow me to say that there is no WORSE example, throughout the country, than the government department you, here, refer to as the “VA” of (A) CRONYISM, between senior level bureaucrats and the greedy, non-veteran, politically connected special interests, (B) CORRUPTION, of the noble principles inherent of America’s moral obligation to care for Veterans, and, (C) mean-spirited USURPATION of the autonomous authority in the 2nd largest budget of all Presidential Cabinet departments.
      Through manipulation of policy and use of half-truths, the trust that the American public has given the Department of Veterans Affairs (1972), Veterans Administration (1930) and the system of Soldiers Homes (1865) is best portrayed in the comedy of errors that “land-grabbers” have presented since the first day that the “gift-lands” for destitute and disabled Veterans were told that a “HOME” and a beachfront “Pavilion and beach-house” was deeded in exchange for the promise to “permanently maintain” them as such.
      The “beach-house” for the residents of the West Los Angeles “HOME” never materialized, a private school for the children of the wealthy and prominent was carved out in 1902 as an academy and, in 1972, became a private school for the sons and daughters of billionaires. In 1957 oil drilling began on this land and that has supplemented the “VA” (we don’t know if it is accounted for with today’s taxpayers’ $165 billion) since then
      I don’t know how many are reading this huge thread of rants, Jo, but you nailed it and so have the advocates who have brought these and many other talking points up to DVA only to be ignored or placated.
      The private school is literally “digging in” as I write by building long-term structures on Veteran gift-land, the neighboring university has bartered student medical training in exchange for it keeping a triple A baseball stadium on the gift-land (its neighboring campus is larger than our reserve), and, more and more evidence of “mental health” lip service at this so-called healthcare facility is turning bad for the PTSD/TBI combat Veteran.

  31. 1 BILLION of 165 BILLION? Stop paying bonuses and see how fast performance improves

  32. To All – – – Does anyone know anything about the duties of Pharmacy Techs when it comes to Medical Orders for medications? More specifically, if a Primary Care Provider orders a prescription for a Veteran, do you know of any possible way that this prescription can be cancelled by the Pharmacy Tech? Do Pharmacy Techs even have the authority or a means to cancel a prescription on the computer network system?

    I need to know any specifics of the basic functions of a Pharmacy Tech. Do you see where I’m going with this? Pharmacy Techs shouldn’t be able to alter a prescription in the database, once the information of a prescription has been entered by a LICENSED Medical Provider. If the Pharmacy Tech can cancel a script or change a script in any many seems to be a opportunity for theft of some sort. Or, if a prescription was mistakenly cancelled, its a Friday, and lets say the PCP left and won’t return until the following Monday.

    To me, a Pharmacy Tech should only handle processing the exact Pharmaceutical Medical Order that the PCP submitted for a prescription. If you don’t know anything about what Pharmacy Techs do in the VA (specifically if they can, by mistake, cancel a prescription). Appreciate your response.

    1. I noticed lately, that when I’m writing a comment, that my mind is way ahead of what I’m typing out. Then after I post, I reread it, and find gaps of missing words that would properly complete the sentence. Anyone other old fart have the same problem? Its ok, you can tell me, everything that you post to me is always held in secret. I keep my word.

      1. Hey Nutter,
        I’ve got the same problem. Don’t worry, we know what your trying to say!

        As far as the “prescription” question you asked, I’m not sure of a correct answer!
        For example:
        My eye doctor wants me on a certain “eye drop”, yet – it was either the pharmacy or the administration that changed it to something different. Allegedly to “cut cost”! When the wife checked out the ($$$) difference between the two, the original eye drops were cheaper! Go figure that one out!
        The drops I get work well enough, so I’m NOT going to complain – YET!

      2. Crazy elf …….BOMBSHELL: FBI agent indicted for LYING about Robert LaVoy Finicum shooting during 2016 Oregon wildlife refuge standoff

        Thursday, June 29, 2017 by JD Heyes….NEWSTARGET

  33. @Old Marine, they cut me off also. Like you, I’m ok with it. So many Veterans aren’t. Many with good reason. I’m getting old, but, I really feel like f—ing someone up. Just a feeling.

    1. Jo3n: Jo, it is a natural reaction to want to f-ck someone up, when you’re exposed to so much corruption, murder, incompetence, indifference, and negligence. When you can see the lies, and being used as a pawns, for votes, and fundraising. The 24 a day. You also know nobody in a position to exact change, will do so.

      Yes, when that kind of stressor hits you between the eyes, it is indeed, natural, to want to smack the living shit out of someone who is responsible. What adds to that stressor, is the fact that you know damn well, your hand isn’t large enough, to get em all !!

      Some of those rat bastards would sneak out of the way, breed, and the circle jerking, and hungry hungry Hippo dancing would continue, like you missed them all. The top brass, thumbs it’s nose, and gives a big neener neener neener, while they zip by in their Ill gotten Rolls, on the way to the bank.

      With that, stay safe, enjoy your 4th, and God Bless.

      P.S. I feel this rant isn’t quite complete, without me personally thanking, all of those rat bastards and union piggies.

      Here goes.

      To all you VA rat bastards, and AFGE/SES employees, we would like to “Thank you for your service” I hope you choke to death, on an uncooked bbq chicken bone. Also if you must die, please be courteous, and zip your ass up in an explosion proof body bag, before doing so. After all, your crissis line co worker, just finished her nails, while another Veteran on hold, slipped away into the sunset, wouldn’t want to get her nails dirty would you?

  34. Today is Friday 30 June 2017.
    I wonder what kind of “dumps” our friendly VA, other government agencies + our Congress is going to spring on us?

    Can’t wait for it! (As I say sarcastically!)

  35. Why is this Senate trying so hard to push a forty five billion dollar bill to fight this alleged opioid epidemic? Just do what the VA did to Veterans. Cut off 95% without spending a penny. Veteran Friendly? Where will this money go? Guess someone isn’t getting enough from the VA. I’m not believing much anymore. I feel like I’ve been conned.

    1. They are “calling it” the “opioid epidemic” but in reality, the epidemic is indeed Heroin. However, the congress critters do not want to educate the public where most “heroin” originates from. Not BIG Pharma, no, it starts as OPIUM from major sources such as Afghanistan and even Mexico, but mainly Afghanistan, then it’s processed by the cartel or ISIS….yep….into “heroin”, and when many folks whom may be addicted to prescription pain meds are cut-off, many go right to the streets, next level or two up, to heroin. I know, I lost one of my best Veteran friends this way when the VA kicked him off rehab and labeled him disruptive and banned him from VA care…he happened to be trained as a Navy Nurse, so he knew exactly what to go for on the streets.
      The VA remained indifferent, even when confronted with my questions and demanding accountability after his death.
      The VSO I talked to answered me indifferently by saying: “The VA was happy to acquire his VA Compensation for him.”………WTF? As IF the VA did Robert a big freaking favor! Their indifference killed his will to fight and live another day, the heroin laced with fentanyl took his life.

      It’s a heroin epidemic.

      1. namnibor…YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE CARTEL TO cia .Yea they get the goat herders to do the dirty work….go to the U.N web sight and find poppy production in the sheep pen and you will see the production chart was the lowest before we got there…the tallywagon doesn’t promote production…makes for better business when there are no opioid’s to be found on the street

      2. namnibor,
        I do agree with it being a heroin epidemic. This link shows a table with data from 2000 to 2015. The huge spike is in the overdoses of heroin, as well as fentanyl and tramadol, from 2010 to 2015 (five years). The prescription overdoses have climbed (according to the chart) from 2000 to 2011 (11 years) and then they leveled off. It has only been since the sharp rise of heroin, fentanyl, and tramadol overdoses that this is all now an “opioid Epidemic”. Why was there no mention of this back when the prescription drugs were climbing?
        The table as well as several pages of data are on this link.


        I asked the fox 59 reporter if she would air the whistleblower fired before the law was signed and her response was, and I quote:
        “But since we are local news, my managers will still want to show how it affects the people watching the news here. I’d have to be able to show the local tie-in with a local face or two for an interview.
        I sent her these names:
        Representative Jackie Walorski
        Representative Jim Banks
        Representative Todd Rokita
        These are the local reps from congress who sponsored and/or co-sponsored the bill. I am still waiting on her reply. Her response shows what T and I have said about this state and its will to cover up anything it does not want “the people of IN” to see. They want to do a nationwide story that makes it appear that all is good; however, when it is not, they become a local news agency. How convenient.
        I got to spend the night in the Indy VA after having an anaphylactic reaction to my iron infusion and it was a story in its own. A nurse in the ER was complaining about everything she was asked to do. She was asked to watch an elderly very intoxicated vet who had pulled out his IV. She threw a fit about it but had to watch him. He was telling her about being a vet and she told him she could care less about him being a vet and it meant nothing to her that he was a vet. She was very rude to him the whole time. I asked to speak to someone about this but it never happened. If I would have been able to get up, I was going to go to the next room and let her know that this vet as well as others are allowing her to get paid. I am going to complain about this on Mon. as I am now feeling better. This woman does not deserve to work with anyone.
        One of my nurses was a veteran and we talked about the pain med problem as he is having the same trouble. I gave him this site and told him to take a look. He did seem to care about helping his fellow vets patients who were on the floor.

      3. Tramodal? Your could eat a hundred of those tabs and the worst thing you’d get is a headache…it wasn’t even listed as an opioid until recently.

    2. Your right it didn’t cost them one red cent to cut me off. they did me a favor I feel better and they saved me 8 dollars a month…THANKS VA…..MY HEROES

  36. Y’all are right. Why does it take another law, VA DON’T FOLLOW LAWS, Didn’t they do a law to make them accountable and to make them follow the law(s). With all that Seymore Klearly has revealed, and the immensity of the cover-ups, makes one want to give up. We have no support. Haven’t heard from Shithead on bowman… Thanks y’all, God Bless the Veterans…

  37. Off Topic – – – There has been many times in past discussions about the potency of Generic Medications, and comparing the effectiveness and strength of Generics to Brand Name Medications. This is a statement that I ran across, that explains more than most Physicians will, especially the VA’s Manipulative Kookie Dispensing Clit-er-ra-muses Crispy Critters, – – “Under the Hatch-Waxman Act of 1984, generics are allowed to differ from the name brand, in the amount of the active ingredient, by as much as plus or minus 20%.” – – (this was copied form a post on a Med Chat forum).

    In the past I’ve experienced a specific problem that relates to the difference in Generic Medication’s (Generic) variance amounts. For example, lets say you get a prescription of Generic with allowable refills, and it has 20% more active ingredient compared to the control’s standard amount (Brand Name Medication = Brand). Then you get a refill of the Generic, and the Pharmacy changes Pharmaceutical Suppliers or Manufacturers. You new Generic now has 20% less the amount compared to the Brand.

    But here is a bigger difference (a definite problem). Now the difference from the first Generic compared to your new refill, is now a whooping 40% difference. This difference is unacceptable for the proper effectiveness of many types of Medications. And, for certain medications, your Physician (PCP) will prescribe you a Brand instead of a Generic. There are other reasons as well that your PCP prescribes only Brands. – – – Nutter.

  38. VA was throwing choice care at me I didn’t ask for in April n may only. They drained choice for some reason. Gamers, I no longer believe med ctrs can ever be fixed, they are up to something new. Congress senate oig God nothing can change corruption crime manipulation They don’t know how to start from ground zero. Like contractors VA politicians drug theives all have hands on money allocated for vet health care. Get rid of med ctrs. Do audit. If can’t send vets in community’s just close med ctrs. I’m tired of hearing all the ugliest incompetences and experiences personally. Give 3 months to straighten out or close. Watch how fast corruption and attitudes change. Shut it down.

  39. This is kinda funny need some humor watch this on u tube

    or this one
    Knock Knock – IRS

  40. SURPRISE,,,,, not really to me Fargo ND VA got finally caught placing not licened doctors or even close to be called doctors at this VA,,,,, shit I new this for decades,,,, and last year it was obvious what was happening buts that okay ,,, us Vets are nothing but Dirt,, just not buried yet,,,,,,

  41. “Flake Says No Pay For VA Union Leaders Who Skip Work While Vets Wait”
    Luke Rosiak Investigative Reporter Daily Caller
    1:57 PM 06/29/2017

    “Veterans have waited months for medical appointments while the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) union said that it needs more employees, but 1,606 employees — including many nurses — let veterans wait while they collected a taxpayer check to work on union business instead of what they were hired to do, according to VA data obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

    While veterans languished, union employees spent 1.1 million hours of work time for purposes that had nothing to do with the agency’s mission, according to separate data from the Government Accountability Office. Sometimes their union work consists of trying to block managers from firing fellow employees accused of serious misconduct.

    Sen. Jeff Flake has had enough, and he says that union honchos shouldn’t be encouraging people to skip out on hospital work unless no veterans are waiting. On Thursday he introduced the Serve Veterans First Act of 2017 to do just that.”


    Personally I find it kind of flaky and believe no AFGE work should be done at all on taxpayers money. Let their union dues pay for their union time.


    1. I LOVE Sen. Jeff Flake’s proposed “Serve Veterans First Act of 2017”, but just as you stated Seymore Klearly, I think these AFGE VA Employees should spend their union activities as bowling teams would in a work environment. RARELY, would you have an entire bowling alley in a workplace, save from The White House, Playboy Mansion, Kardasian Man Cave….but then again, those examples are not exactly “work” are they?

      The VA Workplace Time should be 100% dedicated TO Veterans, not scheming to protect their scandals from light of day or firing of fellow swamp beasts!

      However, at least Sen. Flake is bringing out to light of day…but WHY, oh WHY do we need LAWS to enforce assholes to do their jobs and mission to assist in the first place? Because they are petulant assholes!!

      However, this is “Serve Veterans First Act of 2017” is already doomed by it’s namesake. Why or how?

      The VA will simply interpret that to mean: “Serve Veterans More Raw Chicken First Act of 2017”.

      “Language is a virus from outer space….”– Wm. S. Burroughs

  42. Need a little help understanding something.

    VA-Loma Linda is a brand new 327,614 ambulatory care facility for U.S. veterans. The property is the VA’s second largest outpatient facility in the country, sitting on a 37-acre site within a metropolitan area with the largest concentration of U.S. veterans in the country.

    The Veterans Administration just sold the facility to Easterly Government Properties for $128 million.

    The after the sale the property is 100 percent leased to the U.S. Government through May 2036 for a total initial, non-cancelable lease term of 20 years, offering comprehensive medical services to the 72,000 U.S. veterans who live in the region.

    Why would the VA sell the hospital just to lease it back. Given property is brand new and the VA’s second largest outpatient facility in the country that is surely worth more than 5 times the sale price.

    Does anyone else smell a rat?

    Source:”Easterly Government Closes $128M Medical Financing”
    The 10-year non-amortizing loan is for the Department of Veterans Affairs Ambulatory Care Facility, located in Loma Linda, Calif. The asset was recently acquired by Easterly Government Properties.


    1. VA Press release November 2013 on the hospitals construction.

      VA to Build Major Health Care Facility in Loma Linda
      November 8, 2013


    2. @Seymore, with the VA selling and then leasing the Loma Linda VA is just more VA lunacy.

  43. Not a ~~PEEP~~ about the VA’s CHOICE $1 BILLION Shortfall on any of the various news media, to include NPR and BBC. Seems this is a line item the VA Pubic Relations wants to keep locked-down in their heart-shaped box. Not a ~~PEEP~~!!!

    Also, the propaganda holiday veteran stage prop ads so far are all about feel-good military operations and support of war stories…not a ~~PEEP~~ about our continual struggle with holding the VA accountable and veterans receiving excellent and safe care.

    However, the Kardashian Train Wreck (KTW) is still skidding sideways on the track and what was that?…a Kardashian got stung by a bee on her ass? Americans DEMAND to know just how much her ass swelled-up to or can you really tell? Was the bee sting affected area red, white and blue?
    Veteran Plight? ~~~*~**crickets**~*~~~

      1. Another Correction: I just saw a VSO DAV TV ad, making it look as if they work very hard to help Veterans get the benefits they earned and navigate the VA.

        Why do we need “navigators”? I thought that was more like ‘The Ferryman’ assisting the deceased across the River Styx?
        It’s actually very similar because the VA Swamp requires a navigator because of all the engorged alligators.
        I find this oddly oxymoronic because the gators and acting as navigators for the alligators. Very Dr. Seuss.
        DAV must be needing more donations and membership dues…you know, with all they do to hold the VA accountable. (sarcasm implied) 🙂

      2. @Namnibor – – – Question- Where does a Veteran turn to for help? Is there any VSO that I can trust? I can’t handle dealing with the VA Medical Providers, my health issues, and then to know who to trust. Problem is that I’ve heard nothing about anyone touting VSO horns. No wonder many younger Veterans don’t know what to do. I need to make some drastic changes and quick. I told VA Medical Staff and their do nothing Patient Advocate (Navy Veteran, slow as shit), that no VA employee is to touch me or invade my personal space. VA peeps should heed my call. I’m at the point where there is no more benefit of the doubts with them.

        LV NV will be opening up MMJ dispensaries. 1/8 ounce will be around $80. That’s high. All about the money. Our health, how is that rated?

      3. @ANutterVet- “[…Question- Where does a Veteran turn to for help?…]”

        I tend to bite the heads off animal crackers as a form of immediate relief of tensions and after that childhood reminiscing and realizing the animal crackers really never tasted that great but it sure was great to bite the head off something!

        Sadly, Ozzy Osborne also started-out with biting heads off animal crackers then progressed to bats and chickens with a heartbeat until his meat and greet. 🙂

        Animal Cracker and The VA???

        There’s a lot of quacks at the VA with either their heads bitten off or their heads are up their asses. I’m guessing the latter.

        So, ANutterVet- I suggest some cannabis animal crackers and get creative with what you bite-off firstly to ease some of your tension. It truly can be cathartic.

      4. @ANutterVet- Also, feel free to bake your own animal quackers so that way you can use a little VA Witch Dr. Magic and produce some fine facsimiles of your favorite VA critters. (might want to skip the zombie dust sprinkles though) 🙂

      5. @ANutterVet- One last thought: May want to only make those VA Animal Quacker Facsimiles in 2-Dimensional Format because otherwise in 3-Dimensional likeness, those VA Quackers will *never* bake completely in the center due to engorged state.

        Rant Out.

      6. @namnibor: Hold on there nam, “Pubic Relations” is spot on, they are all pricks and pussies.

      7. @Namnibor @cj – – – Wow! Cookies. Dam great idea. This never came across my mind. I’m making Pricks, Pussies, and P & P’ers filled with cream. Pussies and pricks are hand made with the finest ingredients. Our head Cookie Maker is Spanish “Frenchy” Fly.

        We pride ourselves in making our “fresh cream fill” for our cookies. The cream is made on the spot, while you wait. And, we sift our cream for foreign objects that may have fell into the cream during the processing time.

        Our P & P’er is wrapped with a terri-cloth to wipe right after you’ve finished. We are always innovating. Coming soon, we’ll be offering P & P’er cookie that is mechanical. Plus, when ordering stacked cookies, you can order your P or your P in any particular position. – – – Nutter.

    1. namnibor …the only ones I have seen were on u tube…..BOEING, we couldn’t do it without you….

      1. MAYBE..But I think It’s more like they couldn’t sell any, and make a big profit’s if it wasn’t for us…LOL…
        I get more truth on u tube than MSM just got to separate fact from fiction, ZAPPA was good at it…once you skip all the nasa shit as a lie, it becomes way easier for some reason..and another one is science, nothing more than a lot of theory, and they put it out like it’s a fact…. just my opinion …

      2. Oh boy, Frank Zappa. Haven’t heard that name in a while. Nam, you’ve given up our age. LOL Dag nab, that’s been a while back. Close to the first time I tried illegal MMJ. Oh, Mexico.

  44. I know this to be a FACT…Watch it on u tube……
    John McAfee: Every router in America has been compromised’
    John Mcafee

      Even the “former disgraced FBI director, Comey” says he “…covers the camera on [his] computer with tape…” so NO one can “…view…” him in his office!

      1. Crazy elf….I bet he has other camera’s watching him and he doesn’t know it…they trust no one not even their own puppets ….LOL …I had to swap computers after those rants, wouldn’t let me sign on to my email……FUCKING WINDOWS A DHS’S WET DREAM COME TRUE…and i built that computer, bought the shit from newegg but beware at the time I didn’t know this, but if they are monitoring you and you order computer parts pay more and buy it locally ….because when they ship it, it makes a pit stop as mine did. shipped ups and usually you can track it and it moves right along but it took a 3 day pit stop in TN. …..I was reading a article one day and it explained what they do, then it all made sense,,,and on those modems mine took a dump one day so the service man came out to verify it was junk and asked me if i reconfigured it and i said no…makes sense to me now…LOL….AND I’M JUST A STUPID FUCK SITTING AT HOME RESEARCHING SHIT

  45. US Preparing for Ground Invasion in Syria
    by Covert Geopolitics

    The United States has been upgrading its armed intervention in Syria from using terrorist proxies branded as “moderate rebels” to an actual ground invasion using regular troops. To provide the pretext to enter Syria with larger contingents than the presently cloaked US commandos already assisting the terrorists, it has gone on a propaganda overdrive.

    And the big C is doing it….Also on Monday, the Pentagram/pentagon issued a statement that the US had spotted “activity” at Shayrat airfield that showed “active preparations for chemical weapons use.”
    [Got to get our pipeline through for big oil]

    1. And this is why we are in Syria besides the oil pipe line….
      A re-built Syria which controls it’s own central bank and can issue it’s own currency as it needs with no outside control and no debt to the International Monetary Fund or anyone else, (The most fundamental and essential of freedoms that most western countries have not experienced for at least a hundred years.) which, because of this, is able to offer its citizens, even during the war, free education and higher education, health care and extremely low or non existent utility charges is totally anathema to the real leaders of the western world. The fact that different branches of Islam and above all, the fact that the many Orthodox Christians in Syria live in peace with each other burns the western, fractional reserve, debt enslaving banking elites as holy water burns a vampire.

      The neo-cons, i.e. the people who actually run the US Deep State are hell bent on total world domination and they are achieving this through control of every country’s central bank and their freedom to issue their own currency as they need and a ruthless war on culture facilitated by the ever increasing rate at which education is dumbed down with the help of main stream media. In just thirty years they have succeeded in turning the average westerner into a zombie who’s “understanding” of the world is completely founded on lies and often total reality inversions and who’s powers of thought and objective reasoning, as well as a sense of any meaningful self and a place in history have been reduced to almost zero.


      2. @Yes, Sur, Agree with you OldMarine about the Deep State. Got to retrieve the article you cited 01July 2017 from

  46. Thomas G. Bowman

    1994 Reactivated to the Marine Corp during whitewashing of Sarin Gas exposures and other chemical weapons during the 1991 Gulf War

    1998 whitewashing of CIA Operation Tailwind and the use of Sarin Gas (GB) via CBU-15

    1999 whitewashing of Anthrax Vaccination Program

    2008 While at the VA taking orders from the CIA regarding FIOA requests relating to Chemical and Biological exposures. Also in control of records that were reportedly destroyed by the CIA in 1973

    1. U.S. Nerve Gas Hit Our Own Troops in Iraq
      By Barbara Koeppel On 3/27/15

      “During and immediately after the first Gulf War, more than 200,000 of 700,000 U.S. troops sent to Iraq and Kuwait in January 1991 were exposed to nerve gas and other chemical agents. Though aware of this, the Department of Defense and CIA launched a campaign of lies and concocted a cover-up that continues today.

      A quarter of a century later, the troops nearest the explosions are dying of brain cancer at two to three times the rate of those who were farther away. Others have lung cancer or debilitating chronic diseases, and pain.”

      ““No information…indicates that chemical or biological weapons were used in the Persian Gulf,” wrote Secretary of Defense William Perry and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs John Shalikashvili in a 1994 memo to 20,000 Desert Storm veterans. Strictly speaking, they were right: No weapons were used. The nerve agent sarin was in the fallout from the U.S. bombing or detonating of Iraq’s weapons sites.”

      “Donald Riegle, a Democratic U.S. Senator from Michigan, held hearings about the veterans illnesses in 1993 and 1994. He told me the decision by Reagan and Bush “to secretly help Saddam Hussein build his biological and chemical weapons was a monstrous strategic error that eventually led to the tragedy of Gulf War Syndrome, which killed and disabled so many unprotected American troops.”

      Breathing Poison

      During January and February 1991, when the U.S. bombed Iraq’s weapons plants and storage sites, poisonous plumes floated across the desert to thousands of U.S. troops based on the Saudi border. Sirens wailed daily, but officers in charge announced that the chemical-detection alarms were faulty.

      They were not.

      A Czech chemical-weapons detection unit found “trace concentrations of sarin, a nerve-paralyzing substance” drifting into Saudi Arabia. French, British and U.S. intelligence units found similar evidence.

      Tracy Elledge, a former combat engineer and one of the veterans I interviewed, said, “Alarms went off all the time.… Our officers told us they were false and to disconnect them.”

      However, Elledge and others were breathing poison.

      In a 2012 Neuroepidemiology article, Jim Tuite, a Gulf War illness expert, and Dr. Robert Haley, an internist/epidemiologist at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, wrote that “large numbers of U.S. and Coalition military personnel were exposed to levels of sarin … high enough to cause irreversible or other serious, long-lasting adverse health effects.”

      “At Riegle’s hearings, when DOD and CIA witnesses admitted that UNSCOM inspectors had found traces of nerve gas at Khamisiyah, they still insisted they “could not confirm that any U.S. troops were at the site.” Also, they claimed they had no reports of “any soldier or civilian experiencing symptoms consistent with chemical warfare agent exposure.” Moreover, they argued that the plumes were too small to pose a great risk.

      When UNSCOM went public about the nerve gas, DOD and CIA credibility was becoming compromised. And the Riegle hearings, along with those held by then-Rep. Chris Shays, criticized the VA for its failure to properly care for the veterans.

      Thus, in 1997, the DOD wrote to the veterans, admitting that U.S. troops did destroy chemical weapons, that nerve gas was released, and that troops “may have been exposed.” But it also claimed “exposure levels were too low to activate chemical alarms or cause any symptoms.” If they had questions, veterans were told to “call a hotline.”

      The CIA insisted it didn’t know about the “possible chemical weapons storage at Khamisiyah … until early 1996.” Moreover, it stated that “no military units were located under the first-effects portion of the plume” during demolitions on March 10 and 11. Also, that “the troops that performed the demolitions had evacuated the area. We know of one that drove briefly through the smoke from the explosion. He had no ill health effects” [italics added].”

      “Because the DOD and CIA still claim troops weren’t exposed to high-enough doses of sarin to hurt them, the VA has denied full disability status to 80 percent of veterans seeking help.

      Why must the DOD, CIA and VA lie?

      Patrick Eddington, a CIA analyst from 1994 to 1995 who wrote Gassed in the Gulf, resigned when superiors aborted his attempts to reveal the facts. He explained that, “If you’re DOD, you’re admitting your policies contributed to the veterans’ illnesses. If you’re the VA, you’re admitting you don’t know how to treat the vets. If you’re the CIA, you blew another estimate and that’s not something you want on your resume.”

      Further, the U.S. would have to admit it sold Iraq chemicals in the 1980s during its war with Iran. The same chemicals that sickened U.S. troops.

      From the time the DOD initially admitted that troops may have been exposed, it constantly retallied the toll: In 1996, there were from 300 to 400; from 1997 to 2002, there were 5,000, 20,000, 99,000 and finally 101,752—but still, exposure to “very low levels of nerve gas agents.””

      “Where Are the Medical Records?

      When Brown and others tried to obtain their medical records to prove their illnesses were service-related, they learned that the records had disappeared. In a 2007 letter, Dr. Gary Trogdon, chief of the Public Inquiries Section at the Army’s Historical Resources Branch, informed Brown that Army units were told to destroy the “after action” reports, since “there was no space to ship the paper back to the States.” But, Trogdon said, records were kept at the brigade level. When Brown asked Senator Mark Warner to help, he, too, came up empty-handed.

      Bunker insists veterans don’t need their records. “If they’re diagnosed with fibromyalgia or had chronic diarrhea for the past four or five years, it’s considered service-connected. It’s presumptive under the law for Gulf War veterans—even if they can’t diagnose the cause. But the VA still denies veterans claims, because they don’t have their medical records.””

      1. “there was no space to ship the paper back to the States…..What a lame excuse……. .They had plenty of space on that C-130 going to IRAN with pallets of cash..LOL…good work

  47. And them FUCKS in washington that pass laws like they are exempt from insider trading, what a racket, every one else goes to know the bill your going to pass so you and your friends buy it beforehand its a WIN WIN for all involved …isn’t this a great county….for the crooks that is…….ITS A BIG CLUB AND WE AINT IN IT

  48. What the FUCK is the VA doing with the CIA? It can only be CRIMINAL. I’m wondering if any Senator, any congressman, ( the ones not already involved ), has the balls to even entertain the subject. All those rumors and speculation that the VA is funneling money to the CIA. Any Senator that’s been there very long, or congressman, CIA director. Didn’t Bush and Bowman know each other? Hell, Bowman could be CIA. Going back at least 50 years. Gives me lots to do. This is a Robert Ludlum dream…

    1. Bowman could be CIA..of course he is/was and what most people don’t be-lie ve is they don’t work for the American people they are the strong arm of big business ….going to other country’s and overthrowing their lawfully elected governments so they can steal their resources… not in the name of democracy that’s just buuuuulllllllshit………….. who do you think wants the new world order, its not the people its big business they have all the money they could ever want, so next in the power TRIP is total control….sick bastards/inbred fucks

  49. DENNIS, OLD MARINE, EVERYONE, Brietburn Energy and before that, Oxydental Petroleum have been pumping oil out of the West Los Angeles “HOME” since 1957. Think Shulkin has that accounted for when hes asking for more taxpayer money from the non-veterans who make and break the laws? Wonder how yhey fared when oil was at $150 a barrel?

    1. VAL-OR, USA……I think you have something there…Yea what are they doing with that oil money.It sure isnt going in the VA till….Another cia front company I would bet my life on it….FUCK IT YOU ONLY DIE ONCE…look at the pictures of the founders of that company/college buddies…they look like they been hanging out at the pickle park
      No. of Wells: 567
      Gross Total Acreage: 3,997
      2016 Avg. Daily Production: 4,149 Boepd
      Estimated Proved Reserves: 15.5 MMBOE
      Percent Proved Developed: 96%

      1. Thank you! Spread the word! NOn-transparency at DVA! Not even to grassroots Veteran advocates who demand to represent the beneficiaries of the deed of the “Crown Jewel” of homes across the nation.
        HERE’S ONE MORE FACT, on the same day in 1888 that the WLA property was donated as a “permanent” HOME for disabled Veterans there was a separate legally binding Deed executed by the same parties for BEACHFRONT PROPERTY to be used for the residents of the “HOME”. That never happened!

  50. @SeymoreKlearly, be careful… I don’t know what them pukes would do to protect their cow. Up until a few years ago, what you have would be news and people would demand answers. I’m not hearing anything else about this. Never have. I was in Nam in 69, and remember rumors about spraying, just rumors. I’m actually reliving Nam as I am typing. @Seymore, that story stirred something in me. Is Bowman already, ” in ?” If so, let’s get him out. Right now I’m getting angrier and angrier. Test Subjects… I believe this shit still goes on today. Ben’s posts have reflected this kinda treacherous behavior many times. We need a class action suit against those who have put soldiers and Veterans lives in harm’s way. Sounds like you’ve got the proof. Be careful

    1. DHS runs everything for the strong arm….that’s why even the phone company when you call for service asks you for your last 4 of your ss# nowadays ….YOU ONLY DIE ONCE….FUCK IT

  51. Regarding Thomas G. Bowman

    Vietnam Veterans of America, et al. v. Central Intelligence Agency, et al.
    Case No. CV-09-0037-CW, U.S.D.C. (N.D. Cal. 2009)

    In this class action, the Plaintiff class seeks declaratory and injunctive relief only – no monetary damages – and redress for several decades of the U.S. Government’s use of them as human test subjects in chemical and biological agent testing experiments, followed by decades of neglect, including:

    •the use of troops to test nerve gas, psychochemicals, and hundreds of other toxic chemical or biological substances;

    •the failure to satisfy their legal obligations to locate the participants of experiments and to provide them with notice of what they were exposed to and what the possible health effects may be;

    •the failure to follow their legal obligations to provide medical care to test subjects for health problems related to the experiments;

    •the failure to release the test subjects from oaths of secrecy.

    The Complaint asks the Court to determine that Defendants have a duty to notify all test subject veterans and to provide them with medical care going forward.

    Filing “”

    “Case4:09-cv-00037-CW Document405-6 Filed04/06/12”

    7/25/2008 Thomas G. Bowman received email from Ken Greenberg subject: Discussion regarding how to respond to FOIA request for MKULTRA data

    7/25/2008 Thomas G. Bowman received email from Craig B. Luigart subject: discussion re how to respond to FOIA request from Veterans for Common Sense

    7/25/2008 Thomas G. Bowman received email from Ken Greenberg subject: discussion re how to respond to FOIA request from Veterans for Common Sense and VA/CIA correspondence related thereto

    7/24/2008 Thomas G. Bowman received email from Timothy Graham subject: discussion regarding how to respond to FOIA request from MKULTRA, Bluebird and Artichoke records

    7/24/2008 Thomas G. Bowman received email from Timothy Graham subject: discussion regarding how to respond to FOIA request from MKULTRA, Bluebird and Artichoke studies conducted by CIA

    7/24/2008 Thomas G. Bowman received email from Craig B. Luigart subject: discussion regarding how to respond to FOIA request from MKULTRA, Bluebird and Artichoke studies conducted by CIA

    1. Clearly the CIA was instructing not only Bowman but also all VA attorneys for all FOIA request regarding Chemical and Biological exposures. There are 166 pages of records regarding who sent the emails in the case, who received them at the VA, what the subjects of the contacts were.

      All of them instructing attorneys how to respond.

      1. Seymore,
        I do believe Bowman, Shulkin and others are setting veterans up for something we ain’t gonna like!
        The corruption in Washington is much, much deeper than most people know really exists!
        Could it be the VA is only really a fuckin cash cow for those asswipes to get richer? That the actual cost of running it is only in the millions instead of in the billions of dollars?
        That a majority of those in Washington aren’t putting the monies away for a rainy day?
        Right now I don’t know what to believe!
        My mind is reeling from all the corruption emimatimg from and within Washington D.C.!

      2. Crazy elf………The corruption in Washington is much, much deeper than most people know really exists!…….
        That’s why they should have a four year term and that’s it..instead of making a career out of it

        Could it be the VA is only really a fuckin cash cow for those asswipes to get richer? That the actual cost of running it is only in the millions instead of in the billions of dollars?…..sure—money laundering….
        …..and that’s why when you contact one, and he might return your call and says its federal and he can’t do anything, that’s bullshit he’s just protecting his wallet…………..
        I’m not that edumacated but I can put BEFORE in a sentence …..2+2…B4…LUICIAS taught me that…LOL

      3. So it’s sounding like Bowman and BVA Agent Orange Denier Murphy are two peas in a pod. Kind of like that great B Movie ‘The Body Snatchers” meets “Dawn Of The Dead”….remember, the premise of original “Dawn Of The Dead” was a military chemical spill that caused the zombie outbreak.

        Seems the VA upper management is bolting down the V.A. Titanic’s deck chairs with Chemical Cleaners. Literally. 🙂 Remember, ex-McDonald also came from P&G cleaners. Again, literally. 🙂

        As Alice Cooper likes to ask: “Are we just humanary stew? The black widow”!!

  52. Choice cannot work, just like any government program it cost more to run than pay for the objective. Close down everything while unemployment rate is good and add to Medicare. Instead of a stupid paper card issue cards like the VA that link to a website for doctor to know what qualified for. An influx of 10 million uses will make worth more doctors take part in program. There are too many people milking the system.

  53. @yesIcomplainloudly,
    Well, that was definitely interesting.
    Now we know, if you were being told the truth, where all the “Choice Program” monies went in just a couple of years!

    Did she say if anyone at Healthnet would be held accountable? As in being prosecuted!

    1. @Crazy elf,
      First, she sounded quite knowledgeable and sure from her contacts and the various people she talks to (insiders) that HN stripped the VA of 5 billion, as per their contract. She made a big, loud point about that. I said to her ” that money – 5 bil – could have benefitted sooo many veterans ! What kind of a jackass deal is this?” She said “Yeah ! — the bulk remainder of it was taken in just the last month by them”.
      Another point she yapped about was “All of the 100 senators and 435 reps (535 congressmen) should try to schedule just one appointment through the VA at the VA or via Choice, and things would change in 1 minute flat. These people have NO idea how really bad things are because they don’t use VA healthcare. Period.” She said that the “choice champions” have been swamped so badly with delays by HN and trying to solve everyone’s problems by this program – that now THAT has a “backlog problem”.
      To answer your question, I got the distinct impression that HN will NOT be held accountable in any way or in any form. That that was the “dealeo” from the get-go —that HN gets that kind of money !!! Why? I really don’t know – it’s too insider for me. If I knew I would complain extra, extra loudly ! I am absolutely fuck’in FIZZED hearing this today. Transparency my ASS.

      1. YesIcomplainloudly,
        I wonder how much of those “535 elected officials” received any kickbacks from Healthnet? It must have been a great payday for a bunch of asswipe son-of-whore punk assed bastards!
        Yea, in one of those moods tonight!

      2. I’d like to know who wrote that contract up, and fire the whole lot of them…..they can’t be that stupid…sound’s like a inside job…like I said before crooks gone wild…LOL

      3. @Crazy elf, et al
        I had occasion to speak again today with the girl I spoke to yesterday. In my conversation again today, I asked her if she was absolutely certain (since she speaks with DC – vet complaint hotline – continuously all day in her job as an expert) if HNet did indeed get HALF of the dough Congress granted the Choice program back in ’14. Without hesitation, she said “YES….HALF of 10 BILLION !!!!! So I double- checked and thought I would say that here today.
        Again, she told me she and many others in the system HATES HNet, and that they are the lowest bunch of bums on the planet. Somebody (elected officials?) MUST be getting a big-ass kickback from HNet. I know it aint’t me !

    2. Man would I love to have a Cost Control Consultancy company based out of DC. Most consults will arrange at least a 30% cost reducing or finding past errors. There are some getting up to 50%. That would be much $$$ from the VA. Could give back a % of monies from your commission from findings or savings from errors in many areas of cost control. My that commission money would be HUGE. All the monetary waste, waiting for the discoverer or contract awarder (most likely an insider).

      1. It would be a lot easier to just accept a ridiculous consulting fee and write a two hundred page report saying Dept. X’s funds were all spent wisely. No conflict whatsoever….

  54. I will reiterate..Right now, the State pays my Medicare premiums. With this unaffordable health care, who knows. Guess those billionaires need MORE. I have no clue as to what to do.

    1. Jo3n,

      Why would the state be paying your Medicare Premiums.. Medicare is paid for by you and deducted from your pay when you work.. Are you sure you didn’t mean Medicaid ?….

      1. If he’s receiving Medicaid. Medicaid is paying his monthly Medicare premium.
        Noting is taken out of his SS each month. If he’s receiving Medicaid
        he’s low and income. Must be retired or disabeled. That’s I know.

      2. @Rich B- There’s such a thing as being “Dually Qualified for Medicaid and Medicare, I know because I was for about 4 years while near death and applying for both VA Comp and SSDI at same time and that dual qualification saved my life from the VA in order to acquire the competent private specialists I continue to see.

        And yes, in such a dual qualification, State Medicaid/Social Services pay Medicare Premium. Most Americans barely know the profound differences between Medicare and Medicaid, let alone the hairy ball of wax being dually qualified.

        Also good to note: Depending on how a particular State’s Medicaid is set-up, the method of qualifying or not also is subject to the State you live in. Unless you have lived and experienced it, do not immediately discount other people’s life experiences…read-up on it. Not every Veteran has an abundance of resources, nor trusts the VA to do what’s right.

  55. I had called the Whitehouse complaint line last Thursday, and spoke to a person (Vincent) who took notes on my complaint about Choice. He told me a “specialist” would contact me within 14 days to discuss my complaint (and to offer solutions?). Today, the “specialist” got back with me and I spent about 1.5 hours on the phone talking to her. I would like to give some (just some) of the points of the conversation as follows:

    > The “Whitehouse Line” is not what you think it is. I spoke to Vincent last week and he was actually physically at the Washington D.C. VA hospital….they answer the phone as if they are in the same room as the pres. and the Shulk however. The guy had trouble understanding anything I said hardly.
    > This “specialist” that called me today worked at my nearest VA hospital out of the “non-VA” unit there. You would think it would have been from experts in D.C., but it wasn’t. Like, I could have spoken to the non-VA unit by calling them myself instead of going through what I thought was a special Whitehouse line. She was nice, and listened for as long as I wanted to talk, and she took notes and filed her talk with me as a completed call for the purposes of the WH complaint line.
    > Among the many things she told me was that HealthNet was not going to handle Choice when or if it gets renewed because the VA was “dissatisfied” with them not conforming to the policies laid out by the VA. She went on to say that Healthnet kept HALF of the 10 billion dollars allocated for the program, and just recently took the remainder billions. That explains why the program is SUDDENLY out of money when just a short while ago the VA was worried about spending it down. Healthnet put their greedy hands on it to capture “what’s theirs” since they figured the VA will be firing them soon. Can you believe that shit?
    > She said to me the VA now hates Healthnet. That HN staffed their telephone banks with people off the street just to prove they can assemble the program within the 90 days they had to do it in. And the VA believed them, folks ! HN didn’t know what they were doing since McD first hired them some 2-3 years ago.
    > She spoke kindly about Sec. Shulkin, and asked if I watched his speech at the George Bush Center last week. She says that the Shulk is very straight-forward and honest in what he is telling people about the problems at the VA….much more than McD. Frankly, I don’t buy into most anything he says….but the VA and D.C. and whoever else….absolutely loves him. Let’s hear response to that one, people !

    Anyway, these are a few tidbits of my conversation today. I will wait and see if any meaningful action she promised me will happen in the forthcoming week or so.


    1. I called that same number on 2Jun. Spoke to great lady who told me someone would call me back in 14 days

      Still waiting!!!!

      I was calling about the TDIU issue!


    2. Cost controls and price controls are needed everywhere in the VA, in the government, and in the private sector. People just stick their hands out, grab, and believe the funds belong to them no matter what. The healthcare industry and really everywhere in this country is experiencing a real moral decline. Greed, Power, and Wrongdoings are almost about to strip our country of any moral values. Let’s hope God we give our country a second chance. God works through people. Honestly, I do believe that God is working through President Trump to restore our country.

  56. I don’t think I can deal with the VHA much more. In fact, no Veteran with PTSD should have to deal with those pukes. It’s a recipe for disaster. Not their disaster, our disaster. They know it, and use our condition against Veterans. It’s not a joke to us, but they just smile when they see one of us lose it. SHUT THE DAMN PLACE DOWN. It’s only good for a small percentage of Veterans, not for me. Another billion dollars? Why is no one in our Government keeping track of these billions of dollars that just evaporate? SHUT EM DOWN….

  57. Shut down the va hospitals. I’me tired of semicompentent foreign medical people.
    Give us medical cards to go to doctors of our CHOICE. Just retain a small group of
    veterans and civilians to oversee the system. This would be real CHOICE.
    I’ll feel sorry for all those va employees. They won’t be able to afford any longer to get
    there nails panted or there hair done. I’ll also feel sorry for those overpriced junk
    latend retail stores. Then again maybe not.
    I will miss the interaction with fellow vets at the va hospital.
    My 2cents. Gotta get back to the tube. Old westerns on YouTube.when the world was seminormal.

    1. “Old Westerns” – yep. Back when you knew who the “bad guys” were at about 10 minutes into the show.
      Or, by the “tone of the music” just before someone was murdered!
      Or, when there’s “dead silence” just before the bank was robbed!
      Or, at the end, when the “GOOD guys” chase the “bad guys” (on horseback) and beat the bad guy senseless!
      Or, how the townsfolk refuse to help the Sheriff defend the townsfolk against the “gang of outlaws”. Hell bent on destroying the town to break a friend outta jail.
      Or, ——-
      Well, y’all get the idea.

      1. Yeah, sounds Kinda like what Ben is trying to do. Turn the whole
        va mess around and throw the bad guys into the stockade.
        Deputize 3,000.000 disabeled vets. Where with you Ben.
        Let’s ride??????‍♀️??‍♀️????????

  58. If VA is looking for monies, they should immediately remove the Union. BIG BUCKS would be saved. Hey, can’t you read you dumb ass I said BIG BUCKS. Now what does this really mean? Monies saved without Union, will equal more dam bonuses.

    The savings from dismissing or discharging (need to use some authoritative military terms), these types of third parties (because there is so much corruption in the VA that each employee needs their own protection from the corruption of workplace bullying, mobbing (when a group all bullies against someone). Therefore, the employees know that they need the Union. No wait, listen for a second . . .

    Some employees see these things happening against Veterans, and they want NO PART of it. But yet, they’re afraid of speaking up due to some sort of fear. Again, I’m not saying that this is with all VA employees, but I know its happening.

    Hey, the atmosphere and spirit of those facilities can be downright depressing. No smiles, no greetings. Seems that there is a lot more good energy in the Private Sector Hospitals, compared to the VAMC’s waiting areas. – – – Nutter.

  59. They started one program before they started the firing. Probably thought that Congress would have all approved by now. Need to close up some of the VA sites and fire the employee’s before having money to fund the Choice program. I suggested to them that with lowering Oil prices, and more oil coming from us, we need to have a Veterans tax of .25 per gallon to pay for programs and pay Veterans who have been lied to and left out in the cold, mostly with Wartime injuries and contaminations that go back to 1960’s even. VA plays dumb but they have been hiding TCE contamination for years, Guys in Vietnam could have been exposed to either Agent Orange or TCE or PCE. All of it turns out was shit. I was an armorer in 1987, now I have long list of illnesses from Sceroloderma to Parkinson’s, I am 50, both parents are 80 and never been sick.

    1. Quit smoking crack, taxed up the butt already. Just more money to waste.

      Vba, employees need to be held accountable for denying the claims in the first place.

      The va has lied about veterans records being distroyed.

      U can raise taxes 115% and veterans will still be denied.

  60. VA hasn’t had a budget since 1950’s. Every quieter they go and beg congress for money. How about a real budget that they(VA) must live by. VISN I’m in has many hospitals that vets can drive to, but has opened dozens of satellite clinics ( rents buildings) as well Use existing facilities and lose the rent. In very rural aress use moble clinics and provide transportation to VAMC’s. Cheaper then rent.
    Choice is run by Health Net a large national health insurer ( profit margin 20%) let local VAMC find local providers, they did in past and worked very well. Let PCP be just that, if one needs DRE they can do it, injection to joint they can do it. Prescribe whatever meds needed let them practice medicine.

    1. @Robert, as for a budget hell, the whole damn government has not balanced a budget in years. This is why the Liberal Republicans and Democrats hate President Trump so much. President Trump is trying his best to get our government’s financial affairs in order and the Establishment is about to totally lose it or become totally unhinged. The Democrats spend money like it is growing on trees. Many do not even care because it is not their money. President Trump has already saved our country millions or even billions due to renegotiating many deals like the deals with Lockeed Martin etc. If President Trump could negotiate deals for the VA such as with these medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare facilities etc. Even the new Electronic Healthcare Computer System for the VA healthcare records, if President Trump could have a part in the wheeling and dealing with the financial affairs within the VA, I am almost 99% sure that Secretary David Shulkin would not be appearing before Congress to ask “Mother, May I have another?” I bet then the VA might could then stay in their damn budget. And yes, I have witnessed them spending money on items when they did not even need the items so they would not lose the money in the next fiscal year. Congress could really establish even more oversight regarding the financial affairs in all aspects of the government but they will not. The only one who really gives a damn about financial responsibility is President Trump and the Conservative Republicans such as the Freedom Caucus etc. other Conservatives in government. So yes, the VA is probably in bed with the Liberal Republicans and Democrats for the lining of the pockets. President Trump is really trying to revive Capitalism and restore our country and President Trump appears threatening to the Establishment types while changing the country. So what it all boils down to is President Trump is threatening their gravy train.

      1. Angela’s got it right. DVA HAS NO BUDGET that it’s transparent about. DON’T FORGET THE OIL!

  61. My good friend had a minor stroke last week. He made appointment with Birmingham VA. He definitely did not see a Dr. Whatever, whomever he saw, prescribed a old antibiotic, and sent him home. He was walking around last week. We had to carry him into his home yesterday. I understand this is nothing new. If anyone believes the VA is here to help Veterans, well they are. There here to help us die. Took me 7 months to get Choice, then they didn’t tell me. They through me out of the clinic, lied about it, called me and said I was accepted by choice. Not one bit of paperwork. I would like to see the VHA dead before I am dead. They’re just mean.

    1. @Jo3n – – – Hey Brother, you should all of the error on a previous but supposedly invalid Pharmaceutical Medical Order. Incompetent to say the least. A 95% straight up cut back on a fucking Pain Medication. No even caught nor did they care. Called to verify with VA Pharmacy. Oh yes, that prescription was cancelled. I asked the Pharmacy Technician (or may be one of the VA employees children LOL, no but really, poor things). I said, so a 95% reduction raises no red flags with this type of powerful medication. Wouldn’t answer me, and said “I’ve got more people at the window. Is there any thing else that I can help you with?

      That’s when I lost it and fucking chewed that asshole out and wouldn’t stop, until I threw the phone, and it disconnected, by force, and it broke. I know, I really need anger management. That’s why I’m waiting for Choice to fucking call me back as soon as the fuck I can get all this dam fucking shit in order, I can just . . .

      Sorry Jo3n for the raging rant there. Wife looked over my should and told me to stop.

      Hey Trollers, Quackers, Trackers, Whackers, Stackers, no problem here. We are waiting for cj to get some parts, and then he can put a bead on you. OK? Good.

    2. @Jo3n

      The va does not give out paperwork for choice after you get an approval. In many cases the Choice office will not even call you. Normally, the provider will call you and set up an appointment stating that it will be paid under the choice program.. Been there done that.

  62. Howard White, a disabled Marine Veteran was shot and killed in Olney, Pennsylvania. He was trying to stop man from robbing a bar. News reports stated that White was shot in the head and abdomen. Philadelphia and outskirts are starting up with the violence. I have monitored this area for the last 10 – 12 years, and the perps are getting younger and younger. No Daddy’s, no discipline, and definitely no more respect hardly nowadays. – – – Nutter.

    1. They are getting younger, this is happening in town’s all over the country. Large and small town’s.

      Hard drug’s are the cause. When you have a large population crammed into a certain area and no job’s.

      Their schools failing in teaching and running the schools and taking away lunch from kids

      They will turn to someone anyone who will meet their needs and drug dealers and gang’s step in.

      Since the begaining of government housing and crouding them into a quater mile, it was a breeding ground for failure.

      The rest of america will soon follow. !

  63. Elf.

    The VSO’s spoke after Shulkin, who stayed in the room. Each touched on TDIU but ONLY John Rowan of VVA actually called on Shulkin to drop this part of his proposal.

    To date he HAS NOT said those magic words!

    I think most of us realize the cost is too great to sit back and hope!

    Information is powerful.

  64. The vamc’s mismanage choice dollars. When this program first came out they did not know how to manage this funding (as if they could manage anything in the first place). NOT!!!!!!

    I remember they were selecting some of their colleagues to be signed up for choice. It’s political and not managed well as the rest of the va. To me the vamc’s wanted this program to fail and it appears they are right on target doing it.

  65. @Bob Anderson,
    Are you saying Shulkin IS STILL going to remove veterans, age 62 or older, from receiving “IU”? Which, by the way, will cause; 1.) Massive amounts of homelessness among veterans.
    2.) The bankruptcy courts to be flooded!
    3.) “Suicide” in the veterans population to soar!
    4.) And, possibly, some veteran(s) to go off the deep end and do something VA will NOT like!?!?
    I thought that “issue” WAS DEAD IN THE WATER!? I thought “Shithead Shulkin” said he wasn’t going to put it in his budget?!

    1. @Crazy elf – – – Might get a little explosive. Will I need to go and supply up on metal? This could cause a massive distortion in society. My, my.

    2. @crazy elf,
      Bob Anderson doesn’t know what the VA is going to actually do when it comes to unemployability for those 63 and over. He is just reiterating what was reported a week or two ago. But.. you really don’t know if what you say will happen will happen either. If and when the law is changed concerning unemployability, those with it will not lose it ! … Those who don’t have it will not get it… This is exactly how the VA always handles changes to the rating guide always does business. I haven’t read anywhere where the issue is dead, and even if Shulkin doesn’t try to change the rules, it will come up again, as this is not the first time this change has been recommended.

      1. Rich B.,
        The “talking points” I gave came from a few of the VSO’s after Shulkin first talked about removing veterans, age 62 and older, from “IU”!
        Those were “why” Shulkin backtracked his statement concerning “IU”!
        Think about this, a veteran could lose up to $1,700/month. What do you think would happen if veterans, who’ve purchased homes, cars and other high ticket items will do, if cut those monies?
        And, as far as veterans being “grandfathered in”, it’s widely known VA does whatever it wants. They don’t give a rats ass about veterans or our feelings!
        I’m not trying to be rude. It’s just that I’ve seen lots of veterans get the shaft by VA employees for decades!
        That’s my opinion, Rick!

    3. This proposal IS in his FY18 Budget that was submitted to Congress.
      As of THIS particular moment he has NOT said that it is OFF the table!
      So much confusion regarding his statement….He’s tying it into theinimum age and also receiving Social Security. What about thise who don’t have SS but are receiving for example a Post Office Pension?
      38CFR, Section 4.19 specifically forbids ANY action by the DVAto be taken based upon AGE!
      Everything about what will happen to veterans is just speculation at this point in time.
      However you SHOULD contact your Reps and see where they would vote and then remember it for the next election cycle!
      To think that they aren’t after this piece of their pie is silly.
      They have been trying this for several years now but this IS a new Administration!

      1. @ Bob Anderson

        I understand what he has proposed, but this is not his idea. This original came from the “Non-partisan ” Congressional budget Office. The idea has been mentioned over and over again for years. I don’t think congress will ever go along with it, especially as long as we are at war. I don’t think that congress even has the nerve to discuss it!

        With that said, Congress delegated to the VA ( as it does to all agencies) to write the rules ( in this case) that encompass VA compensation. The VA is free to change any rule that they ever wrote. If not by statue then by va general counsel precedent opinions. They change rules all the time.

        A prime example is the 1999 General Counsel precedence opinion that concerned denying housebound benefits to veterans that had been awarded unemployability. It took a guy named Bradley to sue VA Secretary Peake and in 2008 the Federal Appeal Court ruled that the 1999 counsel opinion was wrong. (The Court said the opinion of 1994 was a valid opinion which allowed housebound for those with unemployability.) After that case the 1999 general Counsel opinion was revoked. And to this date a lot of guys that should have got housebound but were denied still have not been awarded housebound for any period prior to the 1999 court case. During The period 1999 to 2008 housebound was not even considered for those with TDIU.

  66. Back to Choice for a moment. Shulkin gave a rundown which really explains the problem: The VA has ONLY 5 days to find, approve and schedule a Doc under this program. If it can’t be done in 5 days, it’s kicked back to the VA and sits there unless they tell the veteran they can’t get him/her scheduled.The veteran then starts over and this sad state continues until the vet gets scheduled! Then there is no allowed f/u from the Doc allowed W/O going through this BS approval cycle again! Happened to friend of mine!


    1. Same here. Now add in the complexity of basically interviewing a Doctor to see if you’re compatible and feel comfortable with him, but more, the medical services that they provide.

      1. Was seeing PA’s for years and was satified UNTIL another guy said that I should NEVER have been taking 800mg of Ibruprofen for YEARS.

        That should up when my Kidney Function Test showed a significant lowering.

        Got them to put it in my Medical Records BUT”…………….


      2. Bob, if your doing OTC’s on a daily basis, try using N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), along with other potent Anti-Oxidants. Doctors won’t tell you about NAC. Used for Percocet overdoses to help remove residual molecules from your liver, kidneys, bladder, etc. Giving out my specials again.

        For All- What Physician has ever told you about NAC? Be honest now.

    2. Bob,

      Part of the problem with a vets referral to Choice is the vet not being aggressive, or knowing they can tell Choice who they want to see.

      Some vets referred to Choice will wait until notified by Choice who they will be seeing. I think this is the wrong step by the vets. Either Choice or the VA will run a vet in circles of the vet allows it.

      Both times I have been referred to Choice, I called Choice, for the Authorization number, then told Choice who I would be seeing, after confirming with the provider that they accepted Choice.

      Both times Choice scheduled with the provider.

      The first referral was when the VA and Choice were holding onto Choice funding like it was their last dollar, and only very specific testing was allowed. It took 57 days AFTER the referral and a congressional inquiry before I got the appointment.

      The second referral was easier, and much more open-ended. I was referred to the same hospital, and the referral spanned for any appointments or testing needed from when I was referred in January until August. This was during the time the VA thought they would not be able to spend all the Choice funding before the program expired, so they were spending it as fast as they could.

      Both referrals were because my VA hospital does not have certain specialists on staff.

      1. I’m going to say this to you wonderful for you,,,, they pick and chose who they well grant a good result to and then they don’t that the facts,,,, you stated you picked and they qualified the doctor,,, well friend that don’t always happens,,, glad you did,,, just don’t become blind to others who it doe’snt happen that way,,,,

      2. Horace, I am not saying other veterans have not had a bad experience with Choice. I am saying if veterans want to try have a better experience with Choice, DON’T give Choice a choice in ignoring you.

        If you have verified a provider as participating in Choice, then Choice should have no problem inscheduling with them. If they do have a problem, then it is Choice playing games rather than doing their jobs.

        I am not cheerleading for Choice. I think it’s a program that was sabotaged and poorly managed from the start. I have just read about veterans waiting months for Choice to even contact them, then waiting months longer for Choice to call the provider.

        In a nutshell, I am saying veterans sometimes have to force VA and Choice to do their jobs.

      3. @91Veteran,

        Glad you were able to tell the Choice folks what you were you wanted to go for care. I have tried that and it does not always work. In fact, Choice pays no more that tricare or medicare, and a lot of providers will not except it that is why I was told I would have to drive over an hour to get care under the program. Factually, many veterans aren’t able to pick who they want to see under choice.

    3. Bob,

      whenever I was referred to choice it always took more than 5 days in one case 6 months before I could get the care that was requested. The request for care was not kicked back after 5 days because of this delay… when do you get this crap? Factually, they only way a request for care under choice is kicked back is when the veteran refuses care under the program. Just because Choice is available for care, doesn’t mean care is available. I have refused care under choice because it would have required me to go an hour from home, when I can get care in my back yard if I really need it.

      1. The crap I got directly from what Shulkin HIMSELF said in the Senate Hearing on 14Jun. The whole thing is on C-Span!
        I can only say what I heard with my own two ears!
        Perhaps YOU should invest 2 hours of your time and hear the same thing.
        Apology accepted!

      2. @Bob Anderson – – – Dang nab there Bob you got the dam juices flowing in some. That’s fine, keeps the dialog going. Who’s apology are you accepting? I know that I apologized earlier.

        Anyway, there is no need to get tweaked up because of a statement. I’m guilty of this, and I’m trying even though I messed up a bit earlier. Hope that the VA admits that they need to change? Ooo, that’s a big one for the VA to accept that they’ve been doing it wrong. I’d need a lot more bigga hope to see that day.

        Veteran’s Choice Cards were mailed out on August 1, 2014. I remember this date because it links to me being DENIED for Choice. I thought this was quite strange. The only way that I found out the date that the Choice Cards were originally mailed out, was that I was doing research and found the date in an article somewhere. I remembered this date very well.

        Later VA granted me the Choice Care (thank you) but no thank you. At first, Choice gave me a Doctors name, and I became super skeptical because on the Doctors port folio, he stated that he operates on every joint in the body. I said, yea, but not mine. I know of no Doctor that knows, from memory and not to look at notes (even seasoned Physicians), how to specifically operate at each step of a surgery.

        When I called the Doctors office to ask questions, you’d think that I called a Used Car Dealer that need a few more sales for the month. No what I mean? “Get the fuck away from me, what the hell is wrong with you? That’s what I felt not what I said.

      3. Twernt you! Guy who said I was posting Crap about Choice. I was only posting what Shulkin himself said!

      4. Nutter……..a Used Car Dealer that needs a few more sales for the month….LMFAO…

      5. @OLDMARINE – – – But these people are the type where they brag about all the money the have at that night. Then the next day they’re asking you for or to borrow money. See these types all the time. Matter a fact, got some in my family. Another word that’s being redefined all the time.

  67. In defense of Shulkin, a non veteran that I DO NOT like or trust, this isn’t his budget! Actually, he told The Senate hat he DOES NOT need more money from them. He DOES need them to re-write a segment of the law allowing him to use the money (from another pot) in order to continue funding Choice!

    Just yesterday while visiting my local OPC, I discovered thatthey can no longer refer Veterans to Choice because of funding, while 10 feet away is a pot of 3.+ billion dollars already in the budget that he can’t legally touch without a re-write!

    You can go to C-Span and view the 2 hour grilling before the Senate VA Committee!

    On a separate note HIS budget proposes to eliminate Individual Unemployability for those 225,000 of us, primarily Vietnam Veterans in that category. Our spouse would then lose her Health Insurance!

    This Administration DOES NOT want to honor the US Committment to her Veterans!

    Write, call, fax your Representatives – TODAY!

    1st Cav
    1969 – 1970

    100% TDIU

      1. June 14, 2017 Senate Hearing on Veterans Affairs. It’s two hours but I got a good education.

    1. @Bob Anderson – – – Wait, wait, Shithead “Shitty” Shulkin still wants more money. The money from the pot (I didn’t know VA is a MMJ dispensary). Learn something new every day. If someone purchases a bag from the VA, please check potency, weight, and to see if it is real.

      Sorry about the sidetrack Bob. But he wants the pot and then if all monies are recovered from TDIU, well that’s a lot of money. Don’t defend this character. Impression is to make others think that Shulkin is doing good. But you on the other hand, a slim limed greased up tubular shaft is headed right toward you. No credit to those that plan on harming Veterans. Credit goes to those who help us to overcome, to get well, to assist you with your needs, to supply spousal support, yes, K9 support too.

      VA gets worse by each Press Release – – – Thank you, Nutter.

      1. Breaking off for a tad. Need to regroup. I’ll tell you folks, I hope none of you have to go through the intentional infliction of emotional distress from the VA. Real-time!

      2. Nutter:

        I’m not defending him. Re-read my 1st sentence.He said 2 weeks ago in the Hearing, that he DOES NOT need more money. He needs the LEGAL authority to use that pot of cash to fund Choice which ran out of money on Friday.

        They need 1 bag of cash not 500 bags!

        I think this whole group of critters will bend us over a desk in a heartbeat..

        This is why I have contacted 223 different critters and Organizations, including this one since his FY18 budget was announced.

      3. Sorry Bob, didn’t mean to sound harsh. I’m just trying to keep afloat here until I can find a way to escape. Literally. Been jumpy, PTSD hasn’t been managed or properly treated in years. Sometimes it gets to be to much.

    2. Bob, you are correct that this is not Shulkins budget, but he is still responsible for properly administering what he is given.

      As for congress needing new legislation for Still on to use other money for Choice…I don’t believe they need legislation, but they DO need congressional approval to spend money differently than how congress intended.

      That is a simple process that federal agencies do often.

      The problem results from congress not wanting that money spent differently than intended.

      The question I have is, what pot of VA money holds 3 billion that was not spent as intended?

      1. He called it Community —–. Forgot the word but he said it hold 3.+ Billion. He said he needed a re-write to use those dollars

        Just puking back what he said!

        At any rate Choice has NO more money in their pot!

    3. Bob ,

      I disagree that this administration does not want to honor its commitments to veterans. First they have only been in office less than 6 months, and It has certainly done a lot more already to help veterans than left wing Obama ever did. As to unemployability compensation for veterans who are not actually rated 100%, the government has a history of grandfathering in those who already have a benefit when the laws or rating guides are changed.

      1. So. We should NOT advocate for ourselves and hope this Administration will Grandfather us in?
        Shulkin has said the dollars that go to the Targeted Class ( my words) will go into the Choice Program.
        What this means to most of us, is that this 3.2 Billion Dollars for 2018, will help to possibly fix Choice while ruining financially up to 225,000 Vietnam Veterans and stripping their Spouses of CHAMPVA. If you are 60% and married, compensated at 100% P&T, you would have 23,000 dollars lessin your checkbook next year! Then try to replace CHAMPVA with less money and rising premiums!
        You can hope that should this go forward that we will be Grandfathered. While you are doing tgat, I’ll keep emailing and faxing the above to members of congress, 60 minutes, this blog, POTUS and anyone else I can think of. To date that is 228 different people!

  68. VA doesn’t care about you as a Veteran. How low can you go when a VA Medical Provider continually changes the amount of your prescription medication. And, I’ve had to show how to come up with the right milligram amount. My provider is a Nurse Practitioner.

    Please, no postings about getting upgrades. VA is in the process of completely cutting me off, unless I take more Pain Medication to be able to POSSIBLY try to get in for an appointment. I haven’t even been outside to do my 10 -12 minute exercising walk. For me to possibly handle a length of 1-2 hours, I’d have to take more Oxycodone than what is prescribed to me.

    In the dirty bowels of our devoted VA. It doesn’t seem to be legal to be basically forced to take more medication than your normal dose to appease the VA. They’re purposely manipulating me to get my regular monthly medication.

    I sleep in a hospital bed, been homebound, and fell and broke my right wrist. VA didn’t let me see an Orthopedic Surgeon, and now my radius and ulna are bowed out-like right before my wrist on my right dominant arm. And, since my dominant arm is still damaged, I feel more vulnerable.

    If anyone is reading this and you have me tagged, FUCK YOU. Come to me, face to face. I’ve been polishing something to get it ready for you to taste. Come on, knock at my door. Declare me unfit. A danger to myself or society. Please come get me.

    Ever since I’ve been labeled or something by the VA (can’t verify for sure), I’ve been strengthening up my left arm. Its going well. Please, come a knocking on my door. Knock real hard like your trying to get it. I’m a little hard of hearing, so you may want to try the handle to open up the door a bit. Only a bit now.

    One thing that I can definitely prove, is that my health has deteriorated ever since I started receiving healthcare from the VA. Hey look, I’m a Biologist, train my own K9 PTSD-Alerting Service Dogs, been very proactive with my health, faithfully use many top end nutraceuticals, did a drastic positive diet change, discovered a way to get off of all stool softeners and powerful stimulant laxatives, and I tried to have a professional relationship with the VA. Well, unfortunately, it ain’t a happening and hasn’t been for a long time.

    If the VA is causing you additional stress, and you’ve searched for ways to clear things up or to better the relationship, and still, its all messed up, listen, don’t beat yourself up any longer. I’ve came to the conclusion that this in NORMAL behavior for the VA, but not normal for an Agency or Group to practice medicine in this manner.

    Unfortunately, I’m only able to share about things that I’m going through. Sure, I get off the wall and post comments that reveals me babbling, to rant, rage, or to post dark types of humor. Or, you may find that all of the information that you’re reading is getting to you, and you may feel kinda depressed, overwhelmed, disgusted, angry, glad (only if one Rat Bastard gets a red hot poker up the poop shoot).

    These feelings are all natural. The first time that I experienced a couple of these feelings, it felt awkward, and I didn’t know how to process it in my mind. I understand. So, if you get a little flustered, and it seems like you’re being smothered, relax. Take a decent break, treat yourself, or you may want to contact Dennis and talk about doobies.

    Opioid Update- How to handle this epidemic hasn’t been established. The concerned powers at be, are overly sensitive in implementing changes. Fixing the Opiate problem is going to take a little more creativity, but a lot more compassion and understanding. With a focus on the best way how to treat a Veteran, and not for the Primary Care Physician to be overly greedy with the stat numbers to show their superiors how well they’re making a Veteran suffer more, besides the Veteran’s regular ailments.

    I do know this though, that there’re many Veterans that are being pre-maturely or inappropriately being tapered down, or the regular prescribed amount has been drastically reduced in one click that it is life-threatening, or even worse, being completely cut off from the Pain Medications that a Veteran needs to function a little more than currently. – – – Nutter.

      1. Thanks Bob. Submitted the change to VA for PCP that is licensed in my State, and at least has some experience in writing prescriptions and trained (a tad now) in Pain Management.

      2. Yep, you sure do have a right to change PCPs. I have done it to the point there is no one left to change to. I had a doctor who was so bad, he didn’t even realize the pains he had were heart related – he died. (That is the story from the folks at the CBOC where he complained of chest pains for several days and they urged him to see his own doctor and he said it was indigestion – he dropped dead at work). Onto number 2, this was a (foreign born) female MD who never saw a narcotic she didn’t like. Her answer to everything was Vicodin or Tamarol. I was told she was asked to leave. So, before she got me hooked, I said no thanks and got the head of the PCPs as my primary at the main VA. He would make you wait an hour, never listen to you and then lie what he did in your EHR. After a couple years of this, I figured I would try another MD at the CBOC. I thought she was good until she prescribed two medications that were contraindicated (serious interactions which could lead to death). Fortunately, before I take anything they prescribe I look it up on the Internet. Well, I could now get a Nurse Practitioner, but what’s the use? I see this PCP once a year, tell her just do what you have to do and no, there is nothing you can do for me. When I told her of her prescribing error, she didn’t even acknowledge what I said. What I finally did is find a real good private family doctor and don’t care I have to pay my Medicare Deductible and co-pays.

        I am sure my story could be repeated with minor variations thousands of times.

    1. Nutter:

      It sounds like you’re in a shitty VISN. I live in Michigan and my VA Health Center Director is 100% Pro Veteran. I’ve gotren her involved in several of my issues with the local HCC and everyone has been resolved in my favor!

      Also have you tried the Patient Advocate! If tgat didn’t work perhaps the VA IG.

      Back in the day, a mention of going to the IG caused a losining of bladder and spincter control.

      Give that a thought too!

      1. Bob, that may have been the way the VAIG worked years ago, but after Obama illegally fired 4 agency IGs, the rest got the message and decided not to do their jobs for the rest of his terms. Congress allowed them to get away with it, and still do.

        Go to the VA IG web site and see what they proudly proclaim they will investigate.

        I called the hotline over a year ago about my VA committing serious insurance fraud. The bimbo that answered was snotty, told me they don’t investigate that kind of problem and hung up on me.

        A year later (about 2 months ago), I get a letter from the VAIG stating I needed to sign a Release of Information if I still wanted them to investigate.

        In the letter, they stated they only investigate:

        1. Violations of the law.
        2. Gross mismanagement of funds.
        3. Abuse of authority.
        4. Substantial patient safety problems.

        I wrote them back telling them what I thought of their operation and copied the House VA Committee staff.

        The VA IG is as worthless as tits on a bull.

      2. Your right they pick and choose, you have none inspectors answering the phone and letters and they make the decisions.

        People like Diana Rubins and Graves. Who are willing to do what ever is needed to not do what the law calls for.

        Question, has anyone heard about a military build-up in wyo, told that if you go on you tube people are reporting a military build-up in many small towns.

        Rumor that the volcano may blow.????

  69. @Horace: Horace, I am not sure I can explain this properly, but I will give it a go. Think back before Clinton was president, just about every day, when filling up on gas before heading out to work, there were always new jokes being told in the waiting line. Tell me, when was the last time you heard jokes being told, while standing around? Since then the humor has all but went extinct, except for the clowns at the VA, but that isn’t very humorous.

    They say most of America is one paycheck away from bankruptcy, enter the hight gas prices that took most Americans savings at 5 bucks a gallon, then add to that, corporate downsizing, then the illegal worker who would gladly steal your job for 1/4 of the pay. Indeed there is no more humor left, no reason to stand around with your fellow American and enjoy the day.

    4th of July 2006, they brought me back to life 3 times, that was the day I should have died, fitting for a patriot. That was the day that changed my life forever, the bills I received after that day forced me into bankruptcy, what I remember most of the entire ordeal was the debtors meeting. I thought, okay, here we go, this is going to suck. This was held in a courtroom, not only was the court room full to capacity, but there was a damn line all the way down the hall and halfway around the block. All ages, all races, all Americans,……..The state of affairs of this great Country hit me between the eyes like a wrecking ball.

    I wasn’t embarrassed, like I would have been, if it were not for what I was witnessing. No sir, not embarrassed one bit, I was ASHAMED!!!!!! How did we get to the point where honest, hard working people, in the twilight of their lives have lost all they ever worked for? When the numbers of people were so great, you cannot call it mismanagement of their funds. New families just starting out, the same, and all walks of life in between.

    While illegals from every corner of the Earth, are allowed to flood our Nation, and take our lives, real Americans are being displaced by Illegals from India, who are doctors, liquor store owners, inconvenient store owners, and depending on witch one I am walking out of, I average between 5′ 5″and 6’5″ according to the scale on the side of the door. Illegals from Russia and Poland, have just about all the construction jobs in Chicago. Illegal from the islands, Cab drivers, mechanics. The trades full of Illegals from south of the border, same with those jobs that use to go to kids during the summer. No, there is nothing left for the average joe/jane. No wonder, even when you go to your local Chinese take out, and crack open your misfortune cookie, even there, no humor to be found.

    It isn’t “funny” anymore!!!

    Some thief has entered the window in the middle of the night, while we were all being forced to be all politically correct n shit. America, the land of the free, doesn’t live here anymore. But push us just a little more, and you will indeed find out…….. this is still the home of the Brave!!!!

    I know, I went off the tracks, but sometimes the better route, is the one less traveled. Don’t know why I even bother posting, I can never keep a damn thought long enough to type it out.

    Let the revolution begin, I would much rather die fighting to free my country, from the chains of slavery, and oppression we find it in today, then from some fucking fucked up fuck all fuckerized fuck you up proper disease, or better yet, a God-damned mosquito bite. WTF?

    Drinks on the house c\_/ and roses for the ladies @}—;—,—‘–

    Later Gators. -!ii!-

    1. yep tough staying on the same wave,, is next to a dream,,, and then try to go create a thing called intrest to just do the dishes,,, to pick up a hammer for a repair,,, that once was as easy as to blink my eye,, all gone,, and replaced with great difficulty to all life,,, YEP

    2. Sorry folks, it should read 4th of July 2007, how the hell I got the year wrong?

    3. @cj, I very much appreciated what you had to say in your post. You are right on about everything you spoke about. I agree with you totally.

      1. @Angela: Just happy it made some kind of sense, I have no idea what point I trying to make, as I often forget, before I can finish writing it.

        Have a great 4th. @}–‘–,——–

  70. The VA cannot manage budgets because congress allows them to get away with it. If congress ever got serious about their oversight responsibility, they would require the VA to put in place a proper accounting system that would allow tracking what they have, what they spent, and where it went.

    But then, that would mean a giant slush fund could no longer be used as a slush fund.

    How is it the VA can track payments to veterans down to the dollar amount, or other benefits payments down to the dollar amount, but they cannot track what they spend?

    Recall a few months ago that the VA was in a hurry to spend Choice cash because they thought the program was ending in August. Back then, there were news reports of the Choice program having upwards of over a billion dollars unspent, so Shulkin was in a hurry to get it spent because they thought the program would end.

    Now they are a billion short? WTF? How does that happen? That means they spent 2 billion, and it sure as hell has not been on veterans care or paying Choice providers.

    If only congress wanted to do their jobs, taxpayers might have an idea where the money went.

    I am starting to think since earmarks are supposedly banned, the thieving bastards in congress are using agency budgets for their little projects. They just don’t call them earmarks.

    And who will complain? The VA and politicians have gotten quite good at using disabled veterans as props when it comes to demanding more money.

  71. Review of Alleged Misuse of Resources by VHA’s Strategic Investment Management, Business Architecture Division
    06/28/2017 08:00 PM EDT

    In February 2015, the Office of Inspector General received an anonymous Hotline complaint stating that the Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA) Strategic Investment Management, Business Architecture Division misused Government funds when it purchased Troux Technologies’ Architect software. The complainant also stated that VA had project management and architecture tools available; and therefore the purchase of this software was a duplication of existing software functionality. The OIG conducted this review to determine the merits of the allegations. We did not substantiate the allegation that VHA acquired Troux Technologies’ Architect software. However, VHA procured other Troux Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) tools, including Troux Navigate for a report-creation capability and Troux Insight as a business analysis engine. We did not substantiate the allegation that the purchase of other Troux services was a duplication of existing VA project management and architecture software functionality. At the time of the allegation, VHA was developing EPM capabilities through a contract with Troux Technologies, Inc. Prior to awarding the contract to Troux Technologies, Inc., VHA conducted a review of business activities and identified functionality gaps for portfolio management. VHA’s “Alternatives Analysis Review,” provided several possible vendor solutions to address the gaps, one of which was Troux EPM software. The analysis identified weaknesses within VA existing systems inventory and noted that the current toolset could not provide portfolio management functionality without extensive modification. We conducted a review of VA’s systems inventory and found no EPM capability that met VHA’s requirements. We did not substantiate the allegations. Accordingly, we have no recommendations for improvement. Management concurred with our report and did not provide any comments.

    But not to worry about the wasted money you employees we will just squeeze it out of the VET’S pocket …have fun with your kickbacks all…YOUR PARTNER IN CRIME>>>SHITHEAD SULTAN/AKA/ Secretary David Shitkin

  72. Can Shulkin be any more obvious about what he is trying to sell to Congress with his explanations??? First he says we are all improperly motivated to seek benefits then when we do seek benefits he says it is too expensive! He explains that the “vet” keeps coming back because he couldn’t stay away!

    It is obvious to me that most folks would realize by now that Dr. Shulkin has simply plagurized Riley Puckett’s immortal song, “The Cat Came Back”!!! What an utter lack of genuine thought on his part!!! He ONLY changed the word “cat” to “vet” and CONTINOUSLY provides this to congress as the explanation why HE NEEDS MORE MONEY!!!

    Dr. Shulkin, did you really think you could sing Riley’s song and not have ANYONE notice??? Well Sir, I DID!!! Call me crazy, but my God man do you realize this song is the SAME as my congressman sings about you here in Oregon???

    “” link to youtube. I bought a cleaned up version for my ipad but I suspect Shulkin sings his song with scratches and all…

    ….stepping out now to smoke a joint and continue laughing…

    1. Dennis ……And all along I thought the cat was in the cradle with a silver spoon…Cats In The Cradle-Harry Chapin …..YOU know I’m gonna be just like him

  73. CHOICE ya I have tried to use it,,,, yep and the doctors that allowed it up here were as bad as going to the VA,,, only the ones that are rated as a low score private doctor except it,,, Yep just see nothing,, but crap,,, I stay out of site of the private,, I can’t find a smile for what I defended,,, its just gone,,,,

  74. There has Got to be something illegal about that name/title. Veterans CHOICE
    There are not any choices for care made by Veterans. The choices are all made by VA staff. It’s a fucking lie. The name is a just a cover for more va bs.
    Add the title New Cucumber to a sliced turd and it’s still just shit.

    1. @LP– “[Add the title New Cucumber to a sliced turd and it’s still just shit]”.

      You have me laughing so hard. Thanks for those induced endorphins.

  75. How in the hell can they be short since it takes an act of congress to get approved for the “choice”

    i use to think “military intelligence” wad the best oxymoron I ever heard but “veterans choice” has surpassed it.

    1. The basic problem is Veterans Choice is conceptually a Great Idea but the doofi do not know how to manage it!

      1. Maybe so many veterans wanted choice and not the va, so the money did not last. !

        This should be an indicator that veterans are unhappy with the va and tried to get out from under va employees.

        Close the va and have all veterans use choice. Billions saved from salaries and bonus money and maintenance.

    2. He hey hey – knock off that military intelligence thing. Some of us actually knew what we were doing. Worse yet- some of us actually gave a shit. And the real dumbies – moi – voluntarily violated our own REMF oath.

      1. Like international drug smuggling, the CIA predatorily controls the global child sex trafficking trade as well. Historically the UN “peacekeeping” forces and private US contractors like DynCorp have also been notorious in buying and selling child sex slaves from CIA run global trafficking rings. It’s actually legal to sell children in nations like Pakistan and Thailand where it’s a $1 billion business. 8 million children end up missing in the world every year. In the US 800,000 go missing.

  76. OFF TOPIC…..we never have enough money for the people..The plan would rely on significant investment from the U.S…So who gets the return on the investment, sure ain’t us the people…..

    Israeli plan to capitalize on proxy war in Syria
    by syrianpatriots

    Israel has revealed a new plan to help rebuild war-torn Syria – with the ultimate goal of securing massive stores of natural resources. The plan would rely on significant investment from the U.S., a financial burden that will likely fall hardest on the shoulders of the American public.

    1. Gad dermit Old Leather, you’re not supposed to care about shit like that. Get yer arse back to the mall and buy shit. Feed the beast boy. You’re too old to be canon fodder – errr .. a hero. So, leash your dogma – lay by your dish and be a good patriot consumer.

      Onward Christian Shoppers
      Marching to the Mall
      There’s a sale at Macy’s
      Deep fried food for all. … you get the idea


      2. Windguy,,,,,,The UNITED STATES is in Chapter 7 involuntary bankruptcy and is being liquidated. The USA is in Chapter 11. We have international bankruptcy “Trustees” named by Secondary Creditors swarming in on us— the Paramount Security Interest Holders…….now back to sleep….ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

      3. Sleep Sheeple sleep, the sandman can linger,
        We know our buddies, won’t give us the finger…..

  77. You talk about a couple worthless very expensive miss management of money just two,,, GOD I know of two that were totally benfits given out that would of amounted into 10s of million of wrong benefits handed out to veterans,,, that should of never got them,,, but continue to this day still receving them until there death my Uncle was one of them,,, DAM DAM DAM,,, then you tell me about cutting my compensation of Disability turning of retirement age???????? what the hell do you think is going right now threw my head,,, I have totally been ruined for 47 years of PTSD,,, and the VA has added to this beyond anthing the war of Viet Naum did to me,,, all I got to say Shullkin should be fired today today no ifs,,,

    1. @Horace: Sorry Horace, I know I left the reservation on that last post. I have absolutely no clue what point I was trying to make.

      1. And that down there ↓↓↓↓ belongs way the hell up here ↥↥↥↥ Damn, even I am confused now. My brain went all humpty dumpty.

      2. Shit……..this all belongs right here and that comment above the “Yes right here ⇑⇑⇑⇑”
        Down there↧↧↧↧ belongs up here as well

        FUCK!!! I give up!!!!!

  78. Off topic but important.

    I see Google has gone to full censorship mode in the Google News Section. No more tools for advanced searches such as listing search results by date. Instead you only get stories listed in an order chosen by their system of ranking.

    Full on Censorship.

  79. Reminds of the Judy Collins song “Send In The Clowns ” Just sub Veterans for Clowns. Take us off the shelf, dust us off, and show us off. THEN put us back where we belong till the next ” show and tell ” ploy…..

    1. @JOHN T COKOS: John, LOVE IT………..The EDWIN CROSBY Effect~~~Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!!!!

    2. @JOHN T COKOS – – – Isn’t that the guy looking at SPN and SPD codes?

      1. @James Clement: Yes, Ed Crosby not only exposed the secret codes, but also exposed how the VA takes a claim number from a claim that was denied, assigns a fictitious name to it, and then deposits the compensation for that claim into hidden bank accounts, to the tune of over 500 million dollars per month. A lot of that money finds it’s way into your politicians re election campaign fund. Now is it any wonder why we can’t get the VA to change?

        People like Mike, and raptor eagle need to wake the fuck up, and stop trying to divide veterans into groups, or even worse, accuse them of making fraudulent claims to live off the system. They may be doing the dividing by it is the politicians and the scum that run the VA, that is doing the conquering.

      2. I might be coming late to this party – SPN Codes that is: Separation Program Numbers. Not sure they are really secret as I’ve known about them for 40 years.

        These little 3 digit numbers are on Millions I suspect of DD-214’s. They detail the reason that a Veteran separated from the service including things perhaps you might never have been told as the reason. Of course a poor typist might have transposed a number or three, sticking you with something you weren’t.

        Shitty Employers used this number NOT to hire Veterans too.

        You can Google Separation Program Number, there are several hundred and compare what’s on your DD-214, to what you really separated under.

        If this is old news, I apologize!

      3. @Bob anderson aka Phantom Raider 2/6:

        Bob, you are 100% correct, misuse of spn numbers to refuse, employment to damn good Veterans. Secret in the sense, most Veterans were not aware of the codes, or why they were refused employment.

        Welcome Bob, you can’t be late to the party that never ends.

        Later Gators -!¡¡!-

  80. Seymore,
    Yesterday you ask me about a statement made by “Scott nelms” on Thailand.
    I didn’t catch that. Thanks.
    I thought he was referring to the use of Agent Orange and other chemicals.
    It didn’t dawn on me he could have been referring to “Sarin gas”!
    And of course, the cover-up by our DOD long ago!

    1. Hey Elf,

      The reason why I pointed Scott Nelms connection to Thailand out was because he former Pilot from Thailand trying to tell us not to dig into Thomas G. Bowman’s past. The planes said to be carrying and dropping the Sarin gas cluster bombs came out of Thailand.

      His words were “I personally know Tom and have seen him several times this year as he is from the Tampa Bay area. He is already getting a bum rap from these comments. Let’s give him a chance instead of trying to find dirt on him. I am aware of none, he is a widower losing his college sweatheart a few years back. He was a Jr combat Marine Officer in Vietnam. He has told me several stories of his tour only because I was also there as USAF pilot and we were sharing war stories and his eyes teared up as he mentioned losing 9 marines serving under him.”

      Considering Scott Nelms posted comments it seems reasonable to assume he was connected to the flights supporting Operation Tailwind and did not want anyone look at Thomas Bowman’s connection to the Operation.

  81. What I would love to know is; What has happen to all of the money that they bill our insurance companies
    for treatment when we are 100% disabled and are supposed to be treated and not to worry about anything?
    They use your insurance companies money and no one can account for it….

    1. Good question preacher man, why do they always ask, is your insurance up to date

  82. The paragraph that begins; “VA is already instructing its medical centers to limit the number of veterans sent to private doctors.” is very telling!!!!!
    1.) I’ve yet to meet a veteran able to use the Choice Program!
    2.) PCP’s at my clinic are still using the “original law” of the Choice Program. Which doesn’t allow veterans a choice!
    3.) In my opinion, the only persons allowed to use the Choice Program are veterans which work at VA’s nationwide. Leaving the rest of us, who don’t have other forms of healthcare, to only use regular VA healthcare providers!
    (And, their “mission goal” is to kill/murder ALL of us!)

    Yes, namnibor, The “4th of July” is right around the corner. Time to dust off all the veterans to use as VA and DOD sees fit!

    There’s needs to be an audit of ALL government agencies, NOT just the VA! This “fiscal year allocations/”budgets” of taxpayers monies” is getting out of hand!

    The federal government/MSM’s are “playing America”! What I mean by that statement is simple. They have gotten the people to fight among themselves so well, the people aren’t sure of who is the enemy!
    Our “Forefathers” warned us this day would come. When our government WOULD become as corrupt as the government we fought “TWO WARS OF INDEPENDENCE” to separate ourselves from!
    I’m going to stop now. Because, ——- words of Thomas Paine’s – “Common Sense” ring in my brain!

    1. Hello Crazy Elf,
      I am not a VA employee and I have used Choice for both neurosurgery and dermatology. The rumor is that the program is due to sunset in September, but I am confident it will continue due to the lack of technology services needed to properly treat some veterans.
      Have a great day!

  83. “[…“On financial projections, we have to do better,” Shulkin said. “We do not want to see veterans impacted at all by our inability to manage budgets.”…]”

    ALL Veterans, remember VA Sec. Shulkin’s quoted words above anytime the VA even remotely attempts to place any given Veteran with a VA Appointed Fiduciary to manage your $$$$ when the VA off-the-cuff determines that a given Veteran cannot MANAGE their money. Straight from the very voice from leadership at the VA: WE CANNOT MANAGE $$$$$. “…OUR INABILITY TO MANAGE BUDGETS…”!!!!!

    I would think it would be very hard for the VA to justify placing *any Vet* with a VA Appointed Piggy Fiduciary when the damn VA cannot even manage their allocated funds…every freaking year!!

    CHOICE was a vast cookie jar for these reprobates, as Crazy elf calls them, from the onslaught and still is.

    THE VA REQUIRES AN APPOINTED FIDUCIARY…I hear Bernie Madoff is available for Trusteeship and Money Management 101 classes held right in the prison. Maybe we should clear a LOT of cells in Madoff’s prison to accommodate the VA’s need for money management classes??
    I also hear the now-in-prison ex-mayor of Detroit is available for money management classes. These classes all have the common denominator as Ross Perot’s “Giant Sucking Sound”…that giant sucking sound is the VA Leeches.

    What will it be VA? Your fucking CHOICE. Either way, the VA “made-off” with a ton of dough already and already back with, “Sir, may I have another?” Bite Me! A Billion $$ should also COOK a lot of chicken…thoroughly cooked chicken.

    1. Anyone think it’s a coincidence that VA Sec. Shulkin is utilizing the precipice of Independence Day/July 4th Holiday to use as a backdrop to ask for more $$$$???? Again, we Veterans are being utilized as stage props for more $$$, but at least THIS TIME the Secretanry is not threatening to CLOSE DOWN HOSPITALS if they don’t get their demands!!!
      Not a coincidence at ALL! Rat Bastards!

    2. namnibor……THE VA REQUIRES AN APPOINTED FIDUCIARY…I hear Bernie Madoff is available for Trusteeship and Money Management 101 classes held right in the prison. …I just about choked on my toast after reading that one..LMFAO…and still laughing LOL…GOOD ONE

  84. I don’t know, I’m kinda sorta starting to like Dr. Shulkin…
    We know that:
    a) he’s kept his head down up til now, when he’s finally in a position to really make positive changes (a sign of maturity),
    b) he’s not pointing the finger playing the blame game after the fact, he’s just getting on with making the damn changes (another sign of maturity), and
    c) he’s COMPLETELY honest in saying that VA just CAN’T manage its own budget(s), BUT he doesn’t give a fuck and wants another $ billion in order to fulfill THE PROMISE. Or rather, he wants Congress to fulfill ITS promise to make Choice work. In other words, to make sure that there IS, IN FACT, a real Choice to choose from… Taking personal responsibility, not shying away from being put in charge of the 2nd largest budget in the United States government, and all that while still getting up early enough to STILL “see” patients by Skype or whatever… my hat is off, Dr. Shulkin. (Don’t make me put it back on, sir. Please)

    1. Hat? Hats Off? VSO Piggies JUST LOVE VA Sec. Shulkin. Matter-in-fact, ALL the mad hatters LOVE Shulkin. They also just LOVE their hats. They always come in handy when asking for more $$$ and future “hats” will be constructed around a drone that will fundraise right from the mad hatter’s head and return with a fresh basket of greens. Hats Off….pfff! AssHats!

    2. We will see soon enough what Secretary Shulkin will do with Bad employee’s !

      Handed his office real proof of the VA using the so called disruptive committee to let a Disgruntled VA Employee to falsely accuse me of disruptive behavior and stating I wanted to Murder VA employee’s at my local clinic.

      The VA in Denver has covered it up since 2004, I kept fighting it and have obtained real evidence of what happened and how the VA let the employee’s use hearsay and 0 proof and yet they punished me, former VA employee being retaliated against by a former co-worker.

      the secretary sent Denver an inquiry to Denver for response, Denver called me and told me the Disruptive committee in 2004 was not being run properly and if my case would have come up today, I would have never been punished.

      I said how about a letter from the director or chief of staff stating this and give me an apologize, The Denver Rep said ” Why should we apologize to you we did not hurt you ! ” that was done before we were in charge.

      I said because you are still the VA and its never to late to fix a wrong and since they placed into my official records ” If the VA “EVER” hears that you are reported again as being disruptive, you will have federal charges placed against you, you will be arrested and you will be Banished from all VA Care.

      EVER is a long time, will see if the Secretary means what he says or not.

      Hearsay is not proof, Evidence is proof !

    3. The proof will be in the 2018 VA Budget. The Demon, Budget director Mulvaney, has a cut IU benefits of $3B. Shulkin just intimated that this cut would not be fair and he would make up the difference in other programs. That $3B was going to go for Choice programs which is already in trouble. I do have an Idea that could help, especially for Vets who receive either Social Security or Social Security Disability and Medicare. Let veterans use their Medicare benefits to chose the doctors they want to use. Make the VA honor all prescriptions of these civilian doctors without question. By doing this, the Veteran gets choice, Social Security pays the cost as if the Veteran had not served. Fewer doctors would be required in the VA. Money would be freed up for the Choice program. IU payments could continue. If the VA insists that a VA doctor would be required to approve medications, there could be a position at each VA facility that did nothing but review prescriptions without having another caseload. I too have a horror story with the VA but that’s not important right now, getting better care for all the Vets is what is vital to us all.

      1. @Wayne: Good post. I only receive minimal care for my service connected injuries, ZERO in compensation. I am 100% disabled, SSDI/medicare, and use the private sector for all my medical needs. I need both knees replaced and although those are service connected, I will use the private sector for that as well, when the time comes. I find also, that using “” I save a shitload of money as apposed to using the VA for my meds. The VA charges 15 bucks a month per med, I can get the same med, 90 days supply for 10 bucks, that is significant.
        Other meds that cost close to 600 bucks a month I receive free of charge by using the pharma companies, patient assistance program.

        Many Veterans just don’t qualify for SSI/SSDI benefits, or Medicare/Medicaid,and that is a shame. No Veteran should be allowed to fall through the cracks, unfortunately, far to many do, and have. Many Veterans with PTSD/TBI and severe mental issues due their combat histories, are being neglected, intentionally by the VA that is suppose to be there for them. Instead they are living on, and being abused on, the streets in a city close by, every single day of their life. I am not preaching or anything like that, I just go off on these tangents every now and then.

        Yep, there it went again, I lost my train of thought.

        I swear to you all, if I had the money some of these damn greedy ceo’s are being payed, there would be not a single wanting Veteran left in this country.

        1. Charf Souki
        Cheniere Energy, Inc
        $141,949,280 Income
        $800,000 base salary converted to $1 effective December 15, 2014

        2. Tom Ward
        Sandridge Energy, Inc.
        $71,119,765 Income
        $974,539 Salary

        3. Anthony G. Petrello
        Nabors Industries LTD
        $68,246,187 Income
        $1,700,000 Salary

        4. Richard Kinder
        Kinder Morgan
        $60.9 million Income
        Estimated dividend earnings: $380 million
        Former President of Enron

        5. Clarence P. Cazalot, Jr.
        Marathon Oil
        $43.7 million Income

        6. Rex W. Tillerson
        Exxon Mobil Corp
        $28,138,329 Income
        $2,717,000 Salary

        7. J.S. Watson
        Chevron Corp
        $24,017,303 Income
        $1,770,833 Salary

        8. Paal Kibsgaard
        Schlumberger LTD
        $22,837,540 Income
        $1,700,000 Salary

        9. Robert D. Lawler
        Chesapeake Energy Corp
        $22,423,268 Income
        $4,423,331 Salary & Bonus

        10. David Lesar
        $20,710,018 Income
        $13,553,008 Salary & Bonus

        11. Ryan Lance
        Conoco Phillips Co.
        $19,852,892 Income
        $7,270,457 Salary & Bonus

        12. Robert Walker
        Anadarko Petroleum Corp
        $15,765,017 Income
        $4,821,930 Salary & Bonus

        Those above are all oil exec’s We fight and die for them. Why again is it, there is any wanting Veteran?

      2. At the risk of being accused of progressive/commie/socialist ideals – keep in mind that the Greatest Generation paid a top tax rate of 94%, and built the best roads and best school system on the planet. Since then, our world revolves around lower taxes and “special” tax credits for special interests, our roads are shot, and our schools are a joke. Ya – the liberal agenda is nothing short of goofy – soon enough we’ll be sharing bathrooms with friggin farm animals. But there was a time that this country did things quite well and it coincided with taxes on the wealthy. Through some miracle of modern media that Herr Doktor Josef Goebbels would admire, a nation of trailer park trash have been convinced to protect the rights of wealth and call it patriotism.

      3. I’d feel more comfortable with him and his stable of senior bureaucrats if they (1) fessed up to acknowledging that the oil drilling is unlawful at WLA according to the Deed, (2) but it all out on the table for active veteran advocates to work with and (3) stop trying to fix DVA by itself.
        You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.

  85. We are NOT impacted SEVERELY by your inability to manage your VA Budget, Mr. Secretary. It is a MINOR inconvenience. You will always BEG for more money from Congress.

    We ARE SEVERELY NEGATIVELY impacted by the VHA and VBA’s tendency to “look the other way” for items listed below:

    1. Employees who Lie to Veterans about what benefits are available to them.

    2. Employees who steal prescription pain-killing drugs from the VA Pharmacies, then resell them.

    3. Employees who routinely miss work for a myriad of reasons. Then are not properly disciplined.

    4. Employees who cannot properly schedule appointments for Veterans.

    5. Senior VA Management who routine display tendencies to “look the other way” at wrongdoings against Veterans committed by the Notorious Disruptive Behavior Committees.

    6. Providers working outside their States under the Federal Protection Umbrella.

    7. New VA Directors, Assistant Directors, and Staff who ALWAYS promise to make MAJOR SWEEPING CHANGES across the VA to benefit Veterans – – – yet have NOT the foggiest idea of what the Veterans truly want or need. In my opinion – – – these are the WORST TYPE of LIARS and THIEVES within the VA, because they set the tone for the corruptive cultural atmosphere for all employees below them.

    Were the above seven points properly addressed – – – the VA budget would not only be adequate, but Veterans would actually be helped far more than they are now.

    It is a tall order, and a big challenge. That is what true leaders do. Accept huge challenges without complaint. Do the work necessary to turn a bad organization into a good one. Who will be the Judge for the VA. The Veterans on this Blog. And the Veterans who are ill-served by you, the VA, and the AFGE.

    If you cannot do that, then resign your position. Like a leader, rather than a politico would.

    Were I magically made SecVA for six months, I would have made 50% completion on this plan to FIX THE DAMN BROKEN VA:

    1. Recognize the problems inherent in the VA are SYSTEM-WIDE, not just limited to a few locations.

    2. Fire all the Lazy No Good Workers. Fire EVERY single AFGE/SES Employee.

    3. Sell off all the VA facilities. Alternatively, they may be converted into housing for homeless veterans.

    4. Issue all veterans a card that allows them to choose their own doctors within their community that they can TRUST.

    5. The United States Government will PAY those doctors promptly (Within 45 days) for the care they provide veterans.

    6. ELIMINATE the “Federal Protection” Umbrella for incompetent QUACKS that the VA sends to other states to practice other than their own. Going to practice in Hawaii? You need to be LICENSED in Hawaii. Same applies to all other states.

    7. Any claim a veteran submits that requires more than 90 days to adjudicate, is automatically found to be in favor of the veteran. If a claim filed by a veteran is found to be a false one designed to scam the system, the VA will have to prove in civil court that a false claim was intentionally submitted.

    8. All veterans will be allowed to seek/retain the services of a Veterans Rights Attorney from their first initial contact with the VA.

    9. No AFGE, nor any other Labor Union business will be allowed to take place in any Federal Workplace. Conducting Union Business during working hours will be STRICTLY PROHIBITED, and will be STRICTLY ENFORCED. Should any government employee be found violating this provision, it will result in IMMEDIATE LIFETIME DISMISSAL FROM ANY/ALL GOVERNMENTAL EMPLOYMENT.

    10. Attorneys for appeal will be retained at the former employee’s PERSONAL expense. U. S. Taxpayer’s will not be subject to payment of legal bills for incompetent personnel with regards to Governmental Employment.

    POTUS Reagan broke up PATCO in the ’80’s. Time for POTUS Trump to break up the AFGE. Most of our current Congress Critters do NOT have Veterans Interests at heart. Perhaps their replacements will. VOTE OUT all these WORTHLESS INCUMBENTS.

    Give their replacement’s one term to take care of Veterans who put aside their own personal lives to answer this nation’s call when she needed them.

    If they cannot MUSTER THE STONES to do it properly – – – vote their worthless asses out as well. Party should NOT MATTER. What SHOULD MATTER is their VOTING RECORDS ON VETERANS ISSUES.

    NO Combat Veteran should be surprised when the next McVeigh or Congressional Baseball Team Incident occurs. Bound to happen. Just a matter of time . . .

    We have now reached the next accelerative phase of our country falling apart. Country before Party. Principles before Personalities. Always.

    Want to REALLY get the VA fixed? The next SecVA needs to be a former Enlisted Man with a few serious axes to grind against the VA and the AFGE. Apparently these West Point graduates and Shithead Civvies can’t cut the mustard . . .

    Maybe a SINCERELY MOTIVATED Gunnery Sergeant or Chief Petty Officer CAN.

    You have my contact information Mr. Secretary. Call me anytime.

    Disgruntled Veteran
    1973 – 1976 USMC
    1978 – 1993 USN
    Wounded Warrior
    Honolulu, Hawaii

  86. F–k all but the USA. We want back Okinawa, Panama Canal and all that Americans bled and died for. ?

    1. It’s already been sold to the highest bidder…..We just call it…WE gave control back to that country, and no one is any wiser …….Whats so hard about asking for a audit….

      1. Oooops! You uttered the disturbing word of “AUDIT”…off to the Disruptive Behavior Committee with you while the VA paints the turds with their Midas Touch.

        RAND agrees in that the word “AUDIT” is way too close that that VA Kryptonite called Accountability. Now, off to the DBC Stormpoopers with you!

      2. DBC Stormpoopers …LOL…I could give a fuck less…LOL… every time I walk out of the doctors room, and I run into my nurse I tell him, that doc is totally worthless……Yesterday I went to the eye doctor and told her my left eye would just go gray and fuzzy so she checked it real close and went out to look at the xray they just took and came back and told me I probably had blockage in my neck, No wonder the headaches for the past 2 years..I know what arthritis feels like. Worthless PCP…….I guess the DOC wanted to turn me into a vegetable so i could be served in the cafeteria along side the raw chicken…LOL

    1. My Opinions: Tell Iran that “they have to immediately return, to the U.S., 50 Million Dollars given to Iran out of the 150 Billion Dollars or we will Nuke them into Hell for their eternity!” *

    2. @Benjamin, Navy Veteran found dead laying beside his car from Dunnellon, FL. SAD. They are saying he left the VA in Gainesville, FL against doctor’s orders. This could be possible but I seriously doubt this is the truth. They need to investigate the whole situation. For a veteran to leave a hospital when he went there in the first place asking for help, this situation points to more than likely that the Veteran left because his treatment was not going the way that it should. And, remember the VA covers up to the point to where it benefits them. Benjamin, all I have to say is that it is a sad state of affairs for all veterans. And, even being more honest, it is a sad state of affairs for all everyday Americans in our country due to Democrat and Liberal policies that President Trump is trying to remove or reverse. This veteran found dead needs to be investigated. This is sad. More of the same. I just stay clear of them because I just can’t take it. 🙁

      1. @Everyone, I wish all a wonderful 4th of July. Our greatest day ever. Independence Day –4th of July 1776. Celebrating Our Freedoms.

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