George Walker Death Heart Surgery VA Malpractice

Veteran Dies After Puget Sound VA Delays Routine Heart Surgery, Family Sues

One veteran’s family is suing for malpractice after Puget Sound VA unnecessarily delayed needed heart surgery over one week resulted in the veteran’s death.

Veteran George Walker went to VA with heart troubles but was sent home with valve surgery scheduled when the agency could get around to it. The veteran’s widow, Peggy Walker, says the agency should have performed the surgery within a day.

The widow’s complaint alleges the veteran called VA with symptoms of shortness of breath and chest pain on June 20, 2016. VA told him to go to urgent care when he tried to schedule a doctor appointment. After he reported to VA, June 21, Walker was diagnosed with aortic stenosis and sent him home after putting him on a wait list for a new valve. On June 24, the agency called him to let him know they scheduled his surgery for July 5.

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Apparently, a lot of doctors were out of the area of the July 4 holiday.

Unfortunately, Walker died in his home July 1.

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The widow alleges the agency never informed the veteran or his wife how dangerous the condition was and how urgently he really needed care.

The agency has a horrific track record delaying veterans when they need care, especially for heart conditions.

Whenever the agency audits its procedures, they use social workers, nurses and psychologists to review the heart healthcare standards rather than medical doctors.

Should we be surprised when veterans die waiting for urgently needed care? No way.

This is not the first incident in the past few years. The Puget Sound VA has a nifty track record of turning away veterans desperately needing care.

VA Pays Out Over $900k For Blowing Cancer Diagnosis

The family of Cliff Douglass received a $900,000 settlement for his wrongful death after VA doctors found cancer (melanoma) on his forehead from a biopsy. VA told Douglass they would refer him to a specialist to treat the melanoma.

Instead, VA failed to make the referral and the cancer spread. The cancer was first diagnosed in May 2011. Douglass waited three months for his desperately needed treatment and eventually made the referral himself.

Doctors were unable to treat Douglass once the proper referral was made. During surgery, doctors discovered the cancer spread down his face and throughout his entire body. He died from the melanoma in 2012.

Puget Sound VA 911 Debacle

Back in 2015, Puget Sound VA hospital apologized for forcing a veteran to call 911 before helping him into their emergency room when he pulled up to the ER in his car with a broken foot. Those Puget Sound VA employees refused to help 64-year-old Army veteran Donald Siefken inside and instead forced him to jump the 911 hoop.

The retired truck driver was frustrated to tears when he finally called 911. “They won’t come out and get me, do you believe that?” asked Siefken. “They told me to call 911 and hung up on me.”

Puget Sound VA shamelessly proceeded to claim their response was appropriate. Spokesperson Chad Hutson claimed, “I know it sounds counterintuitive because someone is just 10 feet away, but it is our policy to do that.” He continued, “Our policy is no different than Harborview or Swedish or other hospitals in Washington.”

Puget Sound VA quickly recanted its story once the foolish position went public.

An official statement from Puget Sound VA stated, “After a complete review regarding this Veteran’s visit to [our] emergency room, we have determined we did not do the right thing to ensure the Veteran had assistance into the emergency room.”

In the future, Puget Sound VA promised to act differently. They will add personnel to “assist the patient, ensuring he made it into the emergency room safely.”

Family Paid $800k In Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In 2015, after a settlement from a botched surgery, the family of dead veteran Steven Vincler is still waiting for an apology following their father’s wrongful death. This is the second wrongful death news story circulating in the press within a week involving the Seattle VA hospital.

Vincler checked into the VA in Seattle for surgery but died of preventable gastric bleeding at the VA hospital on Beacon Hill. Post operation, Vincler’s daughter, Carrie Vincler Richards, found him doubled over in pain. Richards asked a nearby nurse if her father had internal bleeding. The nurse said, “no.”

No VA health care professional looked into the concern and the veteran died from a lack of action. Vincler died shortly after that point from an untreated gastric bleed and cardiac arrest. He was, apparently, bleeding internally, after all.

Feel Safe Going To Puget Sound VA?

With this track record, I can’t help but speculate why any veteran would still seek urgent care from any VA facility. What about you?


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  1. We have our comments not posting, being deleted, and ending up in an entirely different place than intended. kinda makes it difficult to join in all the other reindeer games, if ya know what I mean there Santa…. As far as deleting comments, I can only look at that as censorship.

    1. cj- Something weird here, ever since I mentioned a while back about pain meds, something has been getting into my drawers and taking some. Now I’m short. Damn, their coming through the fiber optics. Must be handling it when I’m in a very deep sleep. I call it #MeTooHadMyTingFooledWith

  2. When having surgery in the VA, July is probably not the best time. I was fortunate in that my VA surgeon told me to try to schedule before July, reason being students (who usually do or assist) rotate – new ones come in and most experienced leave on July 1st. She had a good 3rd year resident and told me it would be pot-luck as to who would assist her on the new rotation. I’m pretty sure that is how it works around the country. I had a dbl bypass and all worked out well.

  3. Somewhere I hear some VA spokeshack reading a statement saying that the standard of care was met.

    3 days before they get around to scheduling it, and 14 days after reporting it is when they schedule him to have surgery suggests no standard is low enough for the VA.

  4. So, what happens to Veterans after they die from VA Health Care?

    The VAMCs, and the Universities connected to them sell their dead bodies. Even after they explode in a body bag or are left sitting in a shower for more than a day. Including those bodies that are left stacking up in the morgues at the VAMCs like Haines VAMC.


    “The Body Broker: Authorities let Arthur Rathburn do business despite signs of his bizarre practices”
    John Shiffman, Saturday, January 06, 2018

    “In one case, police arrested a California university employee for secretly selling donated cadavers. In another, the US army admitted that bodies originally donated to a university for educational purposes were used in landmine experiments. Harper’s Magazine also published a 10-page exposé on body brokers, briefly citing Rathburn as a supplier.”

    “In one of the most egregious examples, the military used the body of an army veteran who signed a donor form two months before he died of cancer in 2013. The man was so angry about the poor healthcare provided by the US Department of Veterans Affairs that he checked “no” to military experimentation on the consent form. It didn’t matter. His body was used in a violent army test anyway.

    An army spokeswoman said the military was deceived by its supplier and never “knowingly used the bodies of donors against their wishes”.”

    Full article at: “”


    From further reading on the subject; Dead Veterans Heads alone are worth more than $10,000 a piece. No wonder the heath care is so bad when there is money to be made in killing Veterans and parting them out to body brokers like Arthur Rathburn.

    How can anybody trust the VA in any way shape or form to provide Health Care to Veterans?

    They see us as nothing but a liability and no longer an asset to our country, unless we are dead. Then we become a product of the VA up for sale.

    1. Of course there is one thing that the Department of Justice does not approve of when selling Veterans Bodies and body parts. Not the act of selling parts.

      Department of Justice
      U.S. Attorney’s Office
      Eastern District of Michigan

      “Two Individuals Indicted in Fraud Scheme Involving Distribution of Infectious Human Remains”

      “As alleged in the 13-count indictment, Arthur Rathburn and Elizabeth Rathburn were the owners and operators of International Biological, Inc. (“IBI”). IBI’s primary function was renting human body parts, such as heads and torsos, to customers who used the remains for medical or dental training. The Rathburns participated in a scheme to defraud in which IBI obtained donated bodies and body parts from suppliers, which IBI would then typically dismember and rent out to customers for medical or dental training. Arthur and Elizabeth Rathburn knew that the donors of a number of these bodies had died of an infectious disease, or that the bodies had tested positive for an infectious disease. IBI sometimes obtained diseased remains from their suppliers at a reduced cost, due to the fact that end users of human remains generally reject infectious bodies and body parts for use in medical or dental training. It was part of the scheme that the Rathburns would provide human remains to IBI’s customers, falsely representing to those customers that the remains were free of certain infectious diseases. The Rathburns were aware that IBI’s customers would not accept remains infected with certain diseases. The scheme included directly profiting from infectious remains supplied to unwitting customers in violation of contractual agreements and failing to disclose to customers that IBI ignored industry standard precautions to prevent potential cross-contamination between infectious and non-infectious remains.”

      Full Press release at: “”

      1. The DOJ also doesn’t like it when brokers like Arthur Rathburn sell Fetuses.

        “Fetuses found in Detroit warehouse owned by body broker, report says”

        “FBI agent describes grisly warehouse in start of body broker’s trial”
        Steve Friess, John Shiffman, Reuters, January 5, 2018

        “DETROIT (Reuters) – The warehouse of a Michigan man who sold donated body parts to researchers was littered with dead flies, dog bowls and human remains “frozen together in flesh-on-flesh chunks,” a federal agent testified Friday.”

        “The grisly description came during the opening day in the federal trial of businessman Arthur Rathburn, who sold or leased donated body parts, including human heads, to medical researchers for two decades.

        The buying and selling of body parts for research and education is legal under U.S. law, which does not govern the industry. Current regulations only cover body parts intended for transplant, such as hearts and livers.

        Rathburn, however, is charged with defrauding customers by selling them body parts infected with hepatitis and HIV, and with lying to federal agents about shipments.

        During opening statements, Assistant U.S. Attorney John Neal told jurors that human remains were stored so haphazardly that Rathburn needed a crowbar to separate frozen parts. Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Leslie Larson testified that during the 2013 search of Rathburn’s warehouse, officials found a filthy scene, with no running water or heat.

        “Body parts were out in the open, in coolers,” Larson testified. “Some of the freezers had heads and torsos, some had arms and legs. Many were frozen together in flesh-on-flesh chunks.”

        Rathburn’s lawyer, James Howarth, urged the jury to focus on the documents in the case, not gruesome photographs. He said that Rathburn’s ex-wife, Elizabeth, is “most responsible” for any wrongdoing. She has pleaded guilty to one count of fraud and is expected to testify for the government.

        “This case is so sensitive because the nature of the evidence is going to make us all cringe, make us all uneasy,” Howarth told the jury. “There’s nothing particularly pretty about a deceased body that has been separated into parts, but I would hope no one would have bad feelings toward Mr. Rathburn because of that.”

        The government’s failure to stop Rathburn sooner, despite a decade of warning signs, was one in a series of stories Reuters reported last year about the largely unregulated body broker industry.

        As part of the news agency’s examination of the industry, a Reuters reporter was able to purchase two human heads and a cervical spine from a body broker in Tennessee. The deals were struck after just a few emails, at a cost of $900 plus shipping.

        The series also profiled two Phoenix brokers – one who earned at least $12 million from the sale or use of donated body parts and another who regularly supplied Rathburn. The broker who sold Rathburn body parts, Steve Gore, pleaded guilty to defrauding customers and is expected to testify against Rathburn.

        “Last month, Reuters reported that federal agents discovered four preserved fetuses during the search of Rathburn’s warehouse. According to government photographs obtained by the news agency, the fetuses appear to have been in their second trimester.

        The fetus photographs are not cited in any court filings and it is unclear if they will be presented at trial.”

        Full article at: “”

      2. You used to read about dentists and doctors infecting patients with bad stuff…makes you wonder just what the holy fuck is going on.

      3. Fuck it all.

        ~~~▄▄██▌█ ░░░░ The Bitchslap TRUCK IS COMING░ IIII▐

        ▄▄▄▌▐██▌█ ░░ ░░░ ░░ ░░ ░░ ░░ ░░ ░░ ░░ ░░ ░IIIII▐



      4. Nothing like waiting hours for surgery at the VA. Scheduled, say for, 7 am to end up laying around with no water or eats, sugar dropping, until mid to late afternoon to finally go down to get cut on. Then later to wake up in recovery to – non-attending- nurses rapping instead of taking care of ill veterans in pain and dire needs. Later to hear no surgeons were scheduled for the colonoscopies or say for some cancer surgery. Not fun. More than once…. total incompetence. But they all smile and think it’s okay. If any vet would die from this or by other forms of abuse or incompetence in Indiana it would never make the news or be reported on, or known of by the general public. Jobs, self-service, nepotism, secure VA positions for life, and power positions are more important around here than human life and integrity.

        Your truck got me thinking about the last, biggest, ‘movement’ to change things in America. During the lousy GW Bushy years. Back when he told the SS to keep protesters away from him a quarter mile away and old retired union members were shot with rubber bullets and gas in Florida when protesting his free trade agreements and the harm those agreements would do to American workers. And the Bush was having batteries of attorneys figuring ways that companies no longer had to provide health insurance programs to employees, and other no so often heard of junk.

        During those years, remember, a convoy of big trucks, Harley riders, some independent vet groups, constitutionalist, was to descend on Washington DC and jam them up for months until there was a return to the pre-1930s Constitution. For some accountability and some in government to step down. For better veteran health care and treatment, gas price gouging, etc. Didn’t work out as intended due to lying media, countless activist against us/them, infiltrated by government agents spouting violence, or to the activist against the intended agendas put forth for some massive change in our corrupt culture and government/VA.

        With the lying media we have today, massive corruption and propaganda, there is no way anything of great magnitude would be allowed to be heard. Just more bragging and the usual manure spreading.

    2. ╱╱▏╱▏╱▏╱╱╱╱╱╱▏╱╱╱╱╱▏

  5. Find out who the bureaucrat or medical person who made that decision and then destroy his/her life. Strike Terror into the hearts of the boobs

  6. This is how and why we need to form our own mafia, You are aware that the mafia was originally formed to deal with government corruption? A silent repercussion for all of the most serious actors who blithely cause the death of one of our brothers; quick and silent, then others will start to try to do what is right……..

  7. Ben . In a nutshell Roseburg Oregon V.A. has been killing vets for over 10 years that I know of. In September of 2008 I was tortured and a beating with Billy cubs by the v.a. police. I was injected between the toes with something that caused the bottom of my foot to explode. This occurred while a patient at the hospital. I was held 3 days in without being assigned a bed in a seclusion room. I was discharged secretly with out a discharge team. I filled a tort claim. No one helped me!! I was awarded 160% service connected instead of the 10 million I asked for. THIS FRPM THE CONGRESS MAN’S VET REP TOLD OVER THE PHONE

  8. Puget Sound VA. It’s also known as American Lake VA. I think. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m always distressed about the way veterans are treated at the VA. When will it stop! Why aren’t the politicians doing anything about it?! Bone spur trump promised he’d drain the swamp. He didn’t! It will really get their attention if us older vets can somehow convince these young people to stop joining the military. That would cause panic in the pentagon and the WH war room wouldn’t it? Hell, let the politicians and generals go overseas and hire their own damn mercenary Army! You know, the average Joe blow citizen doesn’t give a damn about veterans and the VA is never going to change. The crap isn’t worth fighting and dying for!

  9. The VA will label any veteran in an attempt negate, (to nullify, cancel, make ineffective, invalidate, countermand, overrule, overturn, rescind, revoke, retract, repeal), to coverup there incompetence, substandard care, medical record tampering, malpractice, experimentation, off label drug prescribing, greed and corruption, etc. You know a nice 16oz icy cold one would taste pretty good about now so i could purge my mind and body of VA greed and incompetence, malpractice and coverups. Anxiety, i don.t even think they know what it is or what it does to a person. Have a antidepressant, no problem, have a antiphycotic, no problem, grow a set of tits, no problem, gain 300lbs, no problem, take for the rest of life, no problem, risk of being diabetic, no problem, potential of stroke, no problem, feel like shooting yourself in the head for 6 to twelve weeks before the shit works, no problem, etc. Ask for something that is made to specificlly target anxiety, now there’s a problem, and they will label one with all kinda of crazy horse shit. They don;t know shit from shineola when it comes to the disgusting junk they prescribe, just as long as it produces zero euphoria, it must be good for you. And if you don’t want to take the shit they want to prescribe, then one suffers, and they label you in all kinda ways to cover there ass if something goes wrong and someone accidently goes off. The problem is most of the doctors are nutless and gutless, they can only prescribe the money making drugs that big pharma dictates the VA use. And the VA will tell you they want to help you, yeah yeah yeah, after all the disgusting shit that they have pulled from there existence to the present day yeah i believe you VA . Thank you for your service VA. I just hope and pray this veteran gets the justice he deserves and his family gets the compensation that will help them carry on.

  10. I figured out that the VA kills more veterans than enemy combatants kill U.S. soldiers in battle. The difference is in the tactics. The VA does it by ignoring, stalling, denying and providing inferior medical care until veterans are six feet under. They may payout occasionally but like casinos, “the House” always win.
    We deserve better.

  11. why didn’t the Puget sound VA Adminnistrator and the boobs who were directly responsible end up in Puget Sound?

    1. because there needs to be an “investigation” conducted by the “OIG”. The proper amount of *wink wink, nudge nudges* must be handed out all around to ensure plausible deniability and minimize culpability to ensure maximum return value for their bonus check and AFGE Overlords. Cox must be placated.

  12. Once again, until VA employees are forced to face a Federal Judge and charges placed upon them nothing will change.

    Something I want to share concerning TBI. CBS news CTE Degenerative Brain Disease or CTE. Combat blasts of 102 veterans brains 66 had CTE, Whiplash of the brain, an injury that can worsen over time. Only one way to diagnosis CTE is by testing post mortem brain.

    Frontal lobe an area responsible for Memory, Judgement, Emotions, Impulse control and Personality by Dr. Ann McKee, VA Boston University concussion brain bank.

    20 minute PET scan high resolution image’s of the brain and combined with MRI results to get a 360 degree pictures of whether there are potential signs of CTE.

    Post Mortem, No cure. I applied for a service connection for my TBI and denied, VA regional office did not even retrieve my official medical records completed by the Denver VA and confirmed by two neurologist’s and Brain scans and MRIs confirming the TBI.

    When I called the Regional Office a clerk, told me why do you need to be service connected for your TBI, you are already 100% permeant and total and will not receive any more money ?

    I said so what, I was shot in the head and if I should die because of problems with my brain I want it service connected. Denied.

    so the VA regional office clerks are making decision’s, if veterans with TBI should receive their disability.

    VA employees at the Regional office should have federal charges placed upon them for doing this or denying TBI when all the evidence is there, but they are to lazy to retrieve the veterans medical records from the VA medical centers.

    They should be charged and arrested and face a Real Judge. Criminal.

    Veterans with TBI, will have to have their Brains examined to see if the TBI caused (CTE) or Degenerative Brain disease. Veterans or family can donate their Brain to Dr. McKees research hyyp://concussion

    Sad but this maybe a tool veterans can use so the veterans can provide assistance to their family members left behind. compensation for a service connected disability.

  13. I finally filed in the U S District Court for the District of Wyoming (DCDW). Case no. 17-CV-206-F I’ll let you know what the U S Attorney’s response is by February 13.

    1. It is usually a motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim. Hit them back with Haines v Kerner and file judicial notices. Mail copies as disclosures to adversarial law firms of the US Attorneys office. ????
      They will love you.
      Check for ties with magistrate or Chief District Judge to the US attorneys office.
      Finally collect their bar numbers for post litigation purposes. ?

  14. Lawsuits resulting in monetary settlements are not enough – especially when taxpayers are footing the bill for VAs evil. We need criminal prosecutions and/or adverse actions take against those complicit in the malpractice and/or wrongful deaths.

  15. What has happened to the doctor’s who took an oath of “Do NO harm”? Why are “policies” being put above a persons life and well being? Our government made a promise to ALL the men and women that have served, that they and there families would be taken care of for life in return for their service to this country, AMERICA. Why are more Americans not jumping up and down on Congress to fix this mess? GOD have mercy on America and may he bless all those who have served!

    1. GolfLady, I learned long ago that many in America do not give a shit about anything that is not immediately affecting them at that moment.

      Witness what happens when WalMart credit card readers go down and people cannot use EBT cards to buy groceries.

      Congress has recognized this, so they no longer listen to the unwashed masses, and go about their merry way of looting the treasury as fast as they can.

      The media who might be counted on in shining some light on this are too busy reporting on all the black clothes worn by some pampered nitwits in Hollywood, and the President is too busy tweeting about Fake News media awards he plans on announcing.

  16. The same thing happened to my “brother” Lee who was misdiagnosed. He “passed” last year In great pain! The Daytona Beach VHA kept pumping him full of narcotics instead of actually diagnosing the problem! Which was cancer!

    This morning, from utube video, a veteran was let loose from a VHA, in a light jacket, only to freeze to death in a parking lot! “The family is considering legal action!”
    As soon as I can, I’ll put the link on here!
    I believe someone else put this on here over the weekend!

    When will each VA be held accountable for their mistreatment of veterans?
    When will VA be forced into compliance with the laws of America?
    When will anyone in VA be tried in a court of law?

    These questions, and more, are rhetorical in nature!
    I also have a sneaky suspicion 2018 will be the year each “VA Fiefdom” will be exposed on ALL the corruption, waste, fraud and abuse against veterans AND taxpayers! Sooner or later taxpayers and vets are gonna have JUSTICE for ALL!

    1. @CE

      You, I, and every swinging dick here knows that the accountability that will come to pass will be John Wayne style and land somebody in prison and a whole lot of people in the morgue. With every meaningless veteran death the teapot nears bursting. Somebody is going to snap and martyr themselves and with correct planning some American vet who knows intimately how to visit divine retribution upon his foes (we taught him to) will deploy to the VA center of his choice, at the time of his choice, and take up positions with the weapons of his choice and he will murder as the price for accountability. His/her timing will be well planned, the facility well cased, diversions will be deployed – and this murderous person will hold VA acoountable. Then he will die having done all he can for America.

      You do not have to believe me – watch the news because somewhere in America you can bet somebody is squirming with hatered unbound, PTSD untreated, and a cognitive inability to value his own life. It will be this guy who wants to make the only difference he knows how, just like setting yourself on fire. Just turn the news on this year and its gonna happen eventually. We all know it. VA knows it. Homeland security knows it. It is why healing places for vets now look like prison wards where healing is dispensed through thick bullet resistant glass, and armed federal guards patrol the hallways not FOR the vets but BECAUSE of the vets.

      Ben has pleaded for calm. He points out to a veteran population willing to sacrifice themselves by burning themselves to death, by vaporizing their own brains at VAs front door, and by painting VA parkings red with their own blood that if we aggress towards VA thet we will be punished…Ben reminds us of consequences of fightng back as warriors fight instead of just textng from the couch like old men and politicians.

      I remember a younger moment in my life though where absolutely nothing AT ALL on Earth, not even death mattered one fucking little bit except mission accomplishment and once unleashed my anger knew no bounds. There will be no stopping somebody like this because we now have generational hatred against VA and justly so. From birth vets are teaching their children to hate everyhing about VA and these kids have grown up and are getting the same screw job. Some will choose to avenge their fathers and get a little fucking excersize at the same time.

      CE, when will VA be held accountable? I know when. It will be when somebody who has chosen to have nothing else to lose chooses to avenge his brother veterans in a bloody coordinated onslaught that will paint the halls of some VA facility red. It won’t matter to his person who dies any more than it matters to VA which vets die.

      I have come to believe that very, very, very few human beings ever reach the end of their ropes and become death for others and I am absolutely certain it will be VA tugging that rope that finds the one who just says, “fuckit, you die”. When we have have one veteran promising an opportunistic homicide against a VA slut it means you have one hundred thousand vets not speaking it but nonetheless looking for VA folks in the park at night looking for paybacks – at some point some arrogant VA asshole will let more vet die and the teapot will boil over. The vets will leave the park and go the hospital and accountability will be dispensed.

      1. The goat collation suggests:
        1)Take a lesson from the Greeks and Trojan Horses.
        2)Form faux dead veterans out of C4, just like modeling clay, and zip-up in VA body bags.
        3)Slump C4 body-bag veterans within VA shower stalls, anywhere there isn’t an actual Veteran.
        4)Repeat as required and remember, the goat coalition cares.

      2. I couldn’t agree more Dennis. I will add that it’s not the average vet that can’t see past their own dilemma or situation that they have to worry about. It’s the vet who can say to themselves “How many bodies do I want to go in the ground before I do?” That’s the vet the VA should be worried about. Somebody who can formulate and implement a plan won’t be stopped. Can’t be stopped. Nobody can stop a plan if they don’t know it’s going down until the bullets start flying. At that point it’s too late to do anything beyond duck and cover.

      3. It’s two a.m.
        The fear has gone
        I’m sitting her waitin’
        The gun’s still warm
        Maybe my connection is tired of taking chances
        Yeah there’s a storm on the loose
        Sirens in my head
        Wrapped up in silence
        All circuits are dead
        Cannot decode my whole life spins into a frenzy
        Help I’m steppin’ into the twilight zone
        The place is a madhouse
        Feels like being cloned
        My beacon’s been moved
        Under moon and star
        Where am I to go
        Now that I’ve gone too far
        Soon you will come to know
        When the bullet hits the bone
        Soon you will come to know
        When the bullet hits the bone

        Twilight Zone

    2. Elf, feel for you Brother. Broke my heart when you first shared your story. Stay strong Brother, and as a bro-mance thing, I love you Bro. Give it a kiss, like dis. lol I’m a sickly minded today. And, again, don’t take my comment out of context.

  17. Maybe its time to tour the goat farms of Kenya, India, The Phillipines, and of course all of the arab Islamic nations to see if they really have sent their all their best surgeons and doctors to our VA to care for our veterans? These third world nations might seem like loving and invaluable sources of quality human beings bent on aiding Americans to health but honestly a quick search for goat herd health worldwide reveals a 7 point advantage for the goats vs. American vets when it comes to mortality from injury. OIG should really send a team in VA’s primary recruitment facilities and gaher fact, do investigations, milk goats and themselves and make a determination – then report back to Congress for some real action.

    Meanwhile President Trump who said he would fix this himself if needed has apparently determined it’s not needed. He must like goat milk.

    President Trump, from me to you sir – you fail and veterans just keep dieing. Are you a man who does what he says or are you waiting for your own Nobel Peace Prize? That must be it! Your just waiting for the right time….uh huh.

    1. Of course if we can’t get any truth out of the goats then most certainly I would kneecap some of those fucking cloven hoof bastards and rip their fucking hair off and stuff it down their goaty necks! They will never see it coming and THEN we might get some of them to talk…

      Sometimes you have to take the goat by the ass and SHAKE HARD to learn about what kind of shit they are hiding. Let Shulikn do it, then lets bury the dead veteran from this story in Shulkins front yard and make his property the repository for all dead vets left to die with no aid from America.

    2. they do what the illegals do. Come here, soak up our money. Ship it back home. With the complete and utter circus that the VA is. Fat paychecks. Fatter bonuses. Minimal responsibility. Zero oversight and accountability. Hell if you where a cracker jack surgeon from some 3rd world shithole, wouldn’t you want to come here and join the circus?

      1. @WC

        “Hell if you where a cracker jack surgeon from some 3rd world shithole, wouldn’t you want to come here and join the circus?”

        Nope. If I was from such abject poverty as that of India or Kenya where typical 12 year old girls are sold into prostittuion by their folks for around $700 I would have bigger plans born of the most pleasantly brutal culture on Earth. These people survive from birth as brutal opportunists. If it were me, I would want to come here and take control and be nobody’s servant. I would want to come here and undermine the good names of good American doctors so as to open the gates to my loved cousins, brothers, and sisters, Shmu, Abu, Pundi, and the rest of the washed clan.

        WC these people do not come here to join the circus – they come here to establish one. What would I do if I was from a goat farm in India and had a chance to serve America in return for a way out of poverty?

        I would accept the offer and then take everyhing I possibly could and stash it offshore for that inevitable day. I would be like Roseburgs Chief of Staff, a woman of unspeakable beauty (I would be banned if I spoke honestly of it), and I would hire my husband as Chief of surgery (because he sure isn’t getting laid so has plenty of time) then I would destroy any doctor who told on him because he damaged the incidental items laying around called veterans.

        I would label all Americans that I could as being dangerous and disruptive which can have only the effect of destabilizing the country. A destabilized country is easier to fleece because pretty soon the federal officers will be taking orders from those born in India or Kenya against American vets and ordinary folks will be scared to speak out.

        Oh yeah. It’s that way already.

      2. I’ve got an idea!!!

        no seriously I do. Hang on.

        Here’s what you do. You go to an “east buttfuck” kinda country. While there you obtain citizenship and change your name to Muhammad Ala Big-Booty. You then attend “medical school” and get your “certifications” wink wink nudge nudge style. Then you apply to the FedGov for a surgeons position at the VA. Now your Dr. Ala Big-Booty. Keep stashing that bank until your particular pile of bodies starts getting a little large and then hey presto it’s resign and retirement aint life grand?

      3. Although I will say this. My medicare lung specialist is Kenyan. He’s cool as fuck. Knows I’m a vet and treats me good.

    1. To a point, Hellen Jackson, she has a point. Maybe not once a week, but a chime in every once in a while would be nice. No offense Ben, I realize your busy, but we’re on edge, and being fucked over, and even murdered. Not mad at you, but keeping it real. The best to you, and Happy New Year.

      And pulllleeeeeze, no slack from anyone, there are others that are thinking the same, but don’t post in fear of being blamed. I realize how some already think, that “if you go against the grain, well, you stink.” If that’s the case per me, then smell on, smell on. It doesn’t bother me one fucking bit, 2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, but when we get to the dollar, that’s a whole nothing matter. The greed of me. Peace, love, dove, cover your heads, because turds are falling from above. lol, still can’t figure this mood thing out.

  18. “[…With this track record, I can’t help but speculate why any veteran would still seek urgent care from any VA facility. What about you?]”

    Even though I am 100% Svc. Connected compensated disabled veteran, I am fortunate in that I also have full Medicare, which costs me substantially more to use than the VA, but then again, when I used the VA, after 3 strikes from me after they almost killed me with indifference and shit medicine, and really 5x if you count the C-DIFF and MRSA infections I got from a very unsterile environment…I WANT to use the VA and feel safe doing so, but I cannot at this point and I will not until it’s safe for ALL Veterans and Survivors.
    (exterminate the pesty AFGE from VA entirely, then I will start warming-up to the idea, require all congress critters to utilize the VA in their states…again, warming-up to idea of using VA deathcare, oh, I also want a VA Sec. that’s actually a former ENLISTED leatherneck Marine with a serious bug up his or her ass about the VA and again, warming-up to VA deathcare….too many ifs for my comfort level…Medicare may just guide me to my grave, rather than the VA monsters driving me into the grave untimely early).
    (At the moment, I would not trust the VA with a sick hamster)

    1. namnibor, you are right on about the VA facilities. My husband refused to visit any VA medical facility. He knew none of the doctors were qualified to practice medicine. He served in SEA and suffered many problems from the chemicals that were used. We paid for private doctors and the VA is now denying his claim of disability because he refused to see unqualified VA doctors. The Temple, Texas facility held his medical records for 16 months, causing his first attempt to claim disability to be denied. It is a total disgrace to all Americans that we allow this to continue. My husband died from Parkinson’s waiting for a decision on his claim. We have got to band together and get this mess cleaned up so that soldiers will stop dying and start to receive what ALL were promised for their service to America!

      1. @GolfLady- Firstly, I am so sorry for your loss of your husband and I salute you as a Surviving Spouse and encourage you to keep fighting and help us get the VA safe again. If not aware, another very informative site is Had It Dot Com.
        I want to believe the day of judgment for these rat bastards is coming…by either ethereal heavenly forces or by the very Veteran population. Maybe both…

    2. I also am fortunate enough to have medicare. Enjoy it while it lasts. With talk of “entitlement reform” targeting SS and Medicare, I wouldn’t be surprised to see vets forced into the VA meat grinder. I will be getting married if that happens.

  19. The same thing happened at the Wilmington VA hospital. They told a patient they had to call 911 and literally the patient was on federal property.
    A police officer got reprimanded for asking for my help.
    What did I do? I picked the patient up and carried her into the emergency room.
    Of course, the lazy asses couldn’t stand me during this time, because I always called out their fuckery.
    So much for a rapid response team at these hospitals. A bunch of fat ass nurses socializing in the hallway, clinic or wherever when a veteran is in crisis.
    That shit gets old when you hear about stuff like this and people are silent about it.


    1. May I offer a little help from USAF in form of a tight pattern of A-10 fighters with depleted uranium armor piercing rounds with a white phosphorous incendiary surprise happy ending? (would help clear fatback hallways in no time)

    2. That bullshit of having to call 911 to get into a fucking VA hospital is infuriating. But then, it reminds me of leaving the VA after surgery where the nurse couldn’t be bothered to help my wife get me into my car, so another veteran did. Then the nurse complained about me taking a pillow to use as a cushion behind my knee because they refused a knee brace.

      I wonder how long a veteran might lie bleeding at the VA ER doors waiting on 911, or how long a veteran might lie on the ground after a heart attack because these lazy bastards refuse to exit their little safe haven.

  20. I’m irritated to the point of civil disobedient action. These VA actions against the lives of Veterans should no longer be happening. To everything there is a season. When does this madness, corruption, medical malpractice, crime, scandals, and poor medical and claims processing treatment stop. When? I’ll leave it at this, everything shall come to an end. VA you better enjoy your intentional incompetency while you can.

    Our (Veterans) time, and justice is right around the corner. Its time Brothers and Sisters, to put more, and more pressure on the VA, to make this Agency open its doors and vaults for full discloser, and full discovery. Oh what a day this is going to be. Watch them run, hide, point fingers, relocate, disappear, or be in complete denial. Its coming, don’t know the day, but its coming. Vets, keep up the pressure on the VA. Its our turn; no justice, no peace.

    1. “Our (Veterans) time, and justice is right around the corner…” Nothing personal, but I have been hearing that for over 20 YEARS!!!

      1. Not taken personal Brother. But hopefully, like the women’s movement, the love ones of Veterans, the Public, and others will speak out. Don’t depend on the Politicians, only if things take off and they see the numbers of votes per the masses.

        Unfortunately, I don’t want to see anything *SUPER* tragic to happen with our Brothers and Sisters, but it’s just a matter of time before (hoping and waiting for it), a HUGE incident happens. But then again, a HUGE one happened at Phoenix, and now what, it’s still going on.

        Last resort, and there are many, is for to bear arms, kick asses, and then maybe take questions or names. Seems to me, they don’t want to talk about it (VA). VA needs to be brought to their knees. Don’t know how, but I will say this, as I’ve said many times, our Hot Shot, Sharp, Legal Beagles need to band together, and use the system against them.

        Once a precedence is set, the flood gates will be burst opened, and hopefully and finally, Veterans can gain back *THEIR VA* from the controlling hands of Unionized Verts (Perverts). Lets hope that this happens soon. For me, as long as the VA is *TRULY* held Accountable, Audited, and aim to please and take care of Veterans, from this point on, I don’t really care how it’s accomplished.

        And, I don’t give a fuck who reads my posts. I’m not threatening ANY VA Puuzee Ass Bitch, I’m hoping that the VA gets sterilized by any means. I’m tired of hearing about the lack of honoring and respecting us Vets. Plus, the Military has fucked over many with OTH Papers, and using Separation Codes of a way of screwing us over as well.

        Until I hear seasoned Veterans on this blog, to say that the VA is *REALLY* changing, and it will have to be at a super sonic pace, I will *NEVER* trust these pukes. Check and balances, Doctors having to be registered in the State where they’re practicing in any VA facility, doing away with the Disruptive Behavior and EPERS lists, streamlining the Claims Side, creating a Veterans Panel that can bring investigations unto any VA Medical Staph (not a misspelling), any VA employee unionized or not, the VA’s Federal Police, Directors, Chief of Staph’s, down to the floor mopping staff, and pee and turd bowl cleaners.

        So much to change, is so little time, using the taxpayers dime, and while the whole time, treating Veterans as dirty stinky slime.

        FUCK YOU ALL PUUZEE ASS’s. Watch your back, because I’m not. And don’t you fucking liberals twist the contents of my above statement to mean something in which you’re so fucking afraid of. One way or the other, and D-Day is coming to the VA’s around the Country.

        IT WILL BE HUGE, A BEAUTIFUL THING, and CHOCOLATE CAKE, I SCREAM, and NO LIDS for the COOKIE JARS. In a mood again, but can’t figure this one out today. Oh, I’ll just let someone else think it out for me. I’m turd, but not skurd. HAIL IS COMING.

    2. I’m practicing repeating myself – either preparing for Alzheimers or a job in the Oval Office.

      Grab a couple Veteran pals, rob a homeless guy of his cardboard and Sharpie marker, and go hang out at a recruiting station. “Don’t Do It Kid, Your Country Doesn’t Keep Its Promises” – or whatever. Try it – the homeless guy is probably a Vet anyway and you won’t have to feel guilty about robbing him.

      I went after a kid in the local supermarket. He was sitting with a Marine recruiter in the Chinese Furniture section of the store. I stalked. I used all my Ramboy skills and waited for just the right moment. I walked up limpy and hunch-backy, half assed salute to the handsome lad with the big neck.

      To the uniformed predator, “Are you a recruiter?”

      He said, “Yessir”.

      To the kid, “Are you thinking of joining up son?”

      The kid said, “Yes, I am, did you serve?”

      I said, “Yes I did, I served with some very brave men, and we’re all getting screwed over by the Veterans Administration. Don’t do it kid, your country will only stab you in the back”.

      I thought the jarhead was going to kill me, but he wanted to debate. I stayed focused on the kid, “they’ll pump you full of honor and justice and freedom and liberty and democracy and it’s all bullshit. And then throw your ass under the bus if you need help.” I backed away, “don’t do it kid, don’t do it”.

      When last I saw the darling couple, the recruiter was giving me a nasty look with his jaw agape, and the kid had put about two more feet of distance between them.

      Felt fuckin great. My best performance of a half dozen. Don’t be shy now – just go do it.

      1. That is what I tell parents about having their kids grow up to be guitar players [Don’t do it]; and I also tell the parents about being a machinist; and a journalist; and a lawyer; and a politician. As you can see our options are running out if you include protecting our nation. And they won’t advertise jobs for picking fruit and vegetables. So what do we need to do?

    3. Amen to that day, frighten these creeps down to the bottom of their corrupt souls

  21. 01/09/2018

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    The New Years’ Predictions are becoming true and the Veterans are paying with their lives.

    As the light shines down on the VA Hospital [Puget Sound VA/100,000 Veterans/ One Million Appointments/new director Michael Tadych] the excuses and the poor reasons for the delay of care crumbles to dust only to leave the guilty exposed. “For the past few years, Puget Sound VA has been seeking a way to alleviate the backlog and long wait times at the existing 6,000-square-foot VA clinic in Bremerton at 925 Adele Ave.”

    It is not the lack of action, it is the action they took…not to take action…avoid saving the veterans at all cost is the unspoken protocol–“Deny, deny, until you die”.

    When will the VA Hospital be audited for its performance, their duties?

    This Hospital has been upgrade “improved” to a two (2) star rating in 2016.
    “The Department of Veterans Affairs this month agreed to pay $900,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by the family of a Washington man [Cliff Douglass] who died in late 2012 after a VA scheduler failed to refer him promptly to specialized care for melanoma,” 01/23/2015 article Military news, Adam Ashton.
    I wonder what they do at a five (5) star rated hospital.


    Don Karg

    1. va deathcare mantra is va will let yo die vets for the bonous $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ va budjet for 2018 186 billion $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$4 va deathcare are dogs in heat to kill vets for thhe bonous $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ va total federal rico crime racket the mafis is chump change to the va rico crime racket !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Correction, “Delay, Deny, Until You Die”…Abbreviated as iDon’tGiveADamn values of the VA.

      When are they gonna start making the iDGAD pins for VA employees to wear? Maybe it should be included in the next last minute emergency request for funding.

      1. Get a stunt veteran to pose for a VA Travel Pay Fraud Warning poster while wearing the new iDGAD pins(maybe in a funny hat), you can get 2x $$$ requested and still have $$$ left-over for color-changing toilet seats with the option to shock the shit out of Veterans. 😀

    3. Call for a silent mafia to strike terror in the hearts of VA workers who just don’t give a shit.

    4. Don, I can only think 5 star VA hospitals come up with better excuses for why veterans die there, or they are shuffled off to die at other facilities before they die.

      Gotta protect that bonus!

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