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Veterans Affairs Creates Phoenix VA Liars Club

Phoenix VA

Benjamin KrauseDepartment of Veterans Affairs leadership is apparently creating a liars club at Phoenix VA. It is shifting executives accused of lying to Congress to agency facilities in the city following one year of not resolving the wait list or employee retaliation scandals.

Think the moves will help the problem?

VA leadership just announced a trifecta to its previously questionable decisions to move employees with bad reputations. In October, VA announced it was shipping liar Skye McDougall from Los Angeles VA to Phoenix to lead its VISN 18. One week ago, VA announced it was shipping liar Deborah Amdur to Phoenix as director of Phoenix VA. Last Friday, VA announced it was shipping liar Kim Graves to Phoenix RO as assistant director following her demotion.

Different Phoenix VA Locations, Same Club

In case you are confused, Phoenix VA Medical Center is 1 mile from Phoenix Regional Office (RO), and VISN 18 headquarters is 30-minute road trip from these.

How is it that VA leadership could realistically conclude it made sense to ship so many dysfunctional employees with tarnished records into the most troubled VA destination on the map, Phoenix, Arizona? Do they really intend to fix problems at Phoenix? Or are we being misled about VA’s intentions?

Skye McDougal Duplicity

Skye McDougal was selected to lead the VISN 18 Southwest Health Care Network after previously being accused of misleading Congress about the wait list. She falsely told Congress the average wait time at Los Angeles VA was 4 days when it was actually 36 days. VA later tried to spin the story after being called on the carpet.

Agency response? Promote.

Deborah Amdur Duplicity

Deborah Amdur is just coming off a stint leading the VA’s investigation into the drug scandal at Tomah VA in Wisconsin. There, Tomah VAMC doctors were recklessly and unlawfully prescribing opioids to veterans that resulted in death and injury. Before investigating Tomah, Sen. Kelly Ayotte asked Amdur about a scandal at White Junction VA, where she was the director. Rather than provide a transparent and truthful answer, Amdur misled the senator about prescribing recalled drugs. When confronted, Amdur said, “Absolutely not. I would never mislead a member of Congress.” Now, Amdur will lead Phoenix VA Medical Center.

Agency response? Promote.

Kim Graves Duplicity

Kim Graves was caught manipulating data and giving false statements about the nature of her orchestrated move to St. Paul Regional Office (RO) as its director. Congress found out and requested an investigation by VA OIG. Allegations of wrongdoing were confirmed. She then pled the 5th to Congress when asked about her actions related to proven fraud. VA decided to demote her slightly and send her to Phoenix RO, which many might see as a vacation from the upcoming Minnesota winter.

Agency response? Not terminated. Won’t pay the money back, either.

Now, VA leadership has created a literal Liars Club in Phoenix, Arizona. Always leave it to the Federal government to figure out how to take a situation from bad to worse.

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  1. The Tucson VA is no better. I went to an appt with Tucson cboc clinic to have my depression meds refilled. I was in waiting room talking to another viet nam vet when suddenly a woman screamed my name. The other vet yelled back “he is not deaf” When actually having been in the artillery I am nearly deaf, only hear little from left ear. And the abuse continued in her office. I was stunned because we had never had a cross word with each other.
    Her notes read “called to vet 3 times and vet ignored me,then had to yell vets name, he slowly walked to my office. Well besides being 70 with artillery ears, I was wounded in left foot, in 2000 I was t-boned by a truck, so it is difficult to get around. How can a vet be abused like that in front of others. She then refused to refill my meds because I made a complaint about my ptsd therapist, who had cancelled 2 of the first 6 sessions, the last on the anniversary of an attack she wanted to explore with me. And again she cancelled 2 hours before appt. This was asked by another therapist,
    “What don’t you understand about emergency” My therapist seemed to have an emergency every few weeks on my appt. day. This attitude continues to this day.

  2. Shut down the VA. Its costing more than it’s worth.

    But first jail all management and the truth would come out in front of a judge.

    Someone will spill the beans and the rest would be found guilty of lieing to the court !

    These people do not deserve to serve veterans. They are a real danger to veterans. !!!!

  3. Both Diane Rubens and Kim Graves are still listed within the VA email system as being in their director positions (Philadelphia and St. Paul). Have they really been demoted and transferred? Do either of them have to pay back the money they falsely obtained. Wouldn’t it be something if they were also being paid to move to their new locations since they are not doing that voluntarily?

    I am all for VA leaders being held accountable for their poor decisions and behavior.

    1. THESE VA SEWAGE RATS CANT BE FIRED VETS YO ARE SO SCREWED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Are we Veterans just bad-mouthing these maggots? Or, do we have a plan. We are either part of the problem, or part of the solution. Appears the entire USA knows or has some knowledge of the problems and greed running riot in the VA. The VA maggots seem to have a strangle hold on the greedy Congress and Senate. So, and I have no ideas, how can I help, and what is the solution(s)? I have been held captive by the VA for more than 40 years, and I haven’t done well. I would be honored to be part of the end of the VA. Very little is required to anger me, or to motivate me. I am in…. What can one Vet do that a million Vets haven’t been able to do? I have heard good things on this site. Ben is exellent at getting information out there, and I am proud of him. Now, how can I help? I, like many thousands of Veterans, WE ARE READY AND STANDING BY.

  5. Dear Mr. Krause:

    I’m looking forward for the rest of the crooks in the VA follow the example of Mesdames, Amdur, Graves and Mc Dougall follow their example and admit what they are LIARS!!! it’s about time but I certainly will not hold my breath, waiting.

    Yours for God and Country
    Frank P.Calderon

  6. Letting the VA get away with screwing the veterans and getting away with unethical behavior is no one fault but the Veterans themselves. We as veterans have enormous power and that power needs to be displayed right away. All veterans need to organize in the millions and march mainly on Washington, DC and for those who cannot travel march onto their local VA Medical Centers and VA Affair Departments. In the millions, we can close down DC for weeks. March in front of the White House, Congress, and the Veterans Department. Tell the President, Congress and Secretary McDonald (the green berate who served in Nam and O’Bama’s yes man) to immediately fix the VA to perform its functions in favor of veterans. Fire unethical bureaucrats immediately, fire leave with pay bureaucrats who have been on paid leave for an unexplained extended time, fire bureaucrats who have retaliated against whistleblowers, make good on whistleblowers, no pensions for bureaucrats who have resigned but had unethical issues, fire those bureaucrats who have plead the fifth in front of Congress or at the minimum put them on leave without pay and reduction in benefits and many other actions against the VA to numerous to mention. If the President, Congress and the VA Secretary do not enforce the changes, we should give them 16 hours to get out of town or million of veterans will physically throw them out. If the police or federal agents get in our way, they will also be thrown out. Enough of this B***S***.

    1. As a retired VBA Central Office employee, I totally agree that it is about time Veterans march on Washington. Since the VA is across Lafayette park fm the White House, you can close the city down at that end. Also, veterans and supporters can march on within the monument area on Constitution Ave. My father is a Korean war vet, and he never wanted to deal with VA from bad experiences. I will march for him and for me as an employee who has seen the mis-management of VA Central Office for many years.

      1. You Are the perfect person to ask this question to.

        Why. Does the the regional office keep sending denial letters to veterans. Telling them their record’s were destroyed and the veterans give up

        To find out year’s later. They had the needed records all along.

        Why do they keep denying claims. Over and over

        Are they hoping the veterans will let their claims lapse and or stop trying

        Is the VA doing this on purpose so they will only have to pay from the last time the veterans applied

        So the VA does not have to pay the veterans all of their back pay.

        What was the mood of the employees where you worked

        Were they told to do as I say or pay the price


        You can tell your story. Your a former employee

    2. Hello Paul,

      I totally agree with you!!! It is time to do something. The VA mails out AWARDS LETTERS and then don’t pay us, although our money is going somewhere. I posted my whole story on “Before It’s News”. We have to expose these people because there are people who have no idea of what has happened to their benefits. We have to step it up in Washington, DC because we are still being ignored. Also, contact the GAO, Government Accounting Office they are tired of hearing from me. It is time for Veterans to start filing formal complaints with the GAO themselves. E-mail the GAO at: [email protected]


      Quancidine for President

  7. After nine years, and three congresspeople later, my fight is over…HAD ENOUGH! As someone had said on here, Congress and the Senate have ZERO impact on the heads of VA hospitals…ask Jonathan Gardner, head of the Tucson VA that pulled down over $300K in 2014 while ignoring what’s going on under his direction.

    I’ll take my Tricare Standard, and move on. Enough of my time has been wasted trying to make an impact, and that’s got me zero, like talking to Giffords, Barber, and now McSally…oh, and McCain’s office is totally useless (Notice I didn’t bother to mention Flake).

    1. Even Chief Joseph, right from Oregon here, had evaded the entire US cavalry and authorities trying to capture him and his band of “renegades” consisting of the old, infants, crippled, and inferm, and damn few warriors. He was not a war chief, but it fell to him to do all he could for his people. 20 miles short of Canada, he walked calmly into the Army camp, dropped his rifle, and said, “I will fight no more.”

      All of his people died from disease after they were taken into custody, during their shipment to their “new” home.

      When it’s time to walk away, it’s time to walk away. My path has not come to that crossroads yet.

      Be well brother.

      1. Had my wife, a vet herself, not died of metastasized cancer that both her VA doctors- at the Prescott VA which is part of Phoenix VA – totally ignored her concerns DESPITE her having survived breast cancer while on active duty. She lived a mere TWO years beyond retirement. The VA took my wife, and I won’t be another statistic of the corrupt uncaring VA.

  8. With McCain running for reelection in 2016 this concentration of pure unadulterated VA corruption being moved to his state will likely have a negative affect on his chances of re-election.

    1. In all the due respect to McCain; do you not think that McCain should be concerned and actively involved in Veteran Issues all the time, NOT just when he is up for re-election? If you follow his paper trail and re-election campaigns in past, it seems to be the only time he generally goes for Veteran Support…meanwhile Rome Is Burning in his back yard at the Phoenix VAMC/RO and has done absolutely nothing profound about it.
      Also, if you follow McCain’s Congressional Voting Record, he has repeatedly been the one, along with Lindsay Graham (another Vet) whom have voted for profound increases in what Survivors would pay on Tricare and many other things that makes one wonder if he’s truly on our side.

      This is yet another example of why mandatory term limits should be in place for all Gov’t and Federal Employees. Career Politicians usually only come out of the D.C. Woodwork and appear before Vet Groups, VAMC PR Photo Shots, when they have their hands-out to the VSO Group’s ca$h and of course, Veteran’s Votes.

      Please understand I am not ‘hating on McCain’, but when you have witnessed do-nothing D.C. pukes letting things fly with the VA such as today’s article of the very crooks and lairs being sent to Ground Zero of major VA Scandals, it makes my sympathy for McCain and his Wife’s Billons from owning Coors/Budweiser, and a dozen or so “Estate Mansions” across this Nation and Europe seem more than out of touch.

      1. Personally I feel that McCain is a War Hawk that does not really care about Veterans or care about the men and women who are currently serving.

        His Veterans Day message makes it clear that the only Veterans, that senator McCain is concerned about helping, are Veterans who have recently retired from military service.


        Clearly the liars club members would not be welcomed anywhere else. But they will going to where they know they will be protected. by senator McCain.

  9. This is outrageous! Yet, Graves and Rubens may resign. Who on earth would go to a place where everyone knows the fraud you committed esp re Veterans. Even Veterans’ groups are outraged. I contacted CNN re this story (the entire CNN reporting staff seems to be in Paris waiting for another attack). CNN was so proud of themselves when Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned. Many people wrote on their facebook page at the time, that it was the middle and executive managers who are causing the VA health admission backlog and other problems. Incompetent managers are still committing ill will and Shinseki took the fall for the real culprits.

    1. Say it again Paris!!! The Criminal Enterprise is still alive and well at the VA. The 2500 people that was put on paid leave last year at the VA still have their jobs. I want them fired as well as Skye McDougal, Deborah Amdur, Kim Graves and last put not least the VA Secretary Mr. Robert McDonald. #canyouhearmenow
      Quancidine for President

  10. Well folks this just blows the shit out of the theory that in this country, ” NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW”…The court jester must be very proud……Being in bed with this crew makes Al Capone look honest…………Doesn’t this make you proud to be a subject of Congress???

    1. You could not have said it better Fred. On yesterday, I filed a formal complaint against the two Strumpets, Diana Rubens and Kim Graves with the GAO. I am also getting ready to raise HELL about the $124 Million Dollar bonus that the VA is paying themselves for Christmas. This has to be stopped. We the tax payers are not going to sit back and let these Criminal Enterprise continue to steal from us. #canyouhearmenow
      Quancidine for President

      1. Thank you, hell right now I’d vote for the biggest political crook of my life time, tricky dicky NIXON.


  11. They just showed that kid that built a clock that resembled bomb is now suing Texas for violating his civil liberties Bull shit .I have been stripped all med.cant get treatment like use to I am 100% just cut off no explanation.i hurt All the time have severe Anxiety &Depression my question is this How come we can’t get Signatures and bring forth CLASS ACTION SUIT.

    1. Doc 1964,

      Launch your signature requests on FB. Let people know its up and running through this site and all of the sites on FB pertaining to Veterans. It’s FREE and you can be up and running I minutes. If you need my help just FB me at Quancidine or OPM HACK on FB. This is a National Disgrace that this is happening to you and other Veterans and it must stop now!!! #canyouhearmenow
      Quancidine for President

  12. Y’all need to read:
    “The Torn Republic”

    It’s an overview of what’s occurring right now in Our “Constitutional Republic”!

  13. Here’s something for you all to check out from yesterday’s Stars and Stripes, the article is titled, “VA staff is buried in backlog of unlimited veterans disability appeals”.
    It talks about how the VA may have cleared a lot of the “Backlog” in “record time”, but simply facilitated the Appeals Backlog to grow to *just under* 500,000 in the “BVA Hamster Wheel”…posting this because it now sounds like the way VA wants to deal with this is to change the very law via Congress and “limit” appeals…this is a must read:

  14. Sounds like the Phoenix VA, VARO, VISN are definitely going from bad to worse.

    Anyone wonder if this is the VA playing like an angry adversarial 2 year old and their way of “lashing out” for Hickey’s resignation and taking it out on Veterans for letting the light shine on all the Big Ugly Scandals?

    WHY would it ever make sense to have such a high concentration of SHIT Employees in one location that STILL has not resolved nor recovered from Veterans dying on created false wait lists??

    Want to BET that they will also get moving expenses just like before? This is beyond insensitive of the VA to even remotely think this is appropriate. These three are like a nasty computer virus that cannot be wiped clean and these three will only make that network even worse with the collective incompetence.


    1. We have not heard the last of this. Remember, Kim Grave has a fellow VA Employee as a ‘Partner’, ‘Girlfriend’….and remember what lengths they went to ensuring her partner could “work from home”? Cannot tell me this is NOT happening again. Wait for it…..

      1. FYI–what I am suggesting is since Diane Rubens was also “demoted” and sent to Houston as the Assist. Director, what’s preventing this from being a situation where she is “working from home” and “home” will soon be in Phoenix, where Kim Graves will now be “demoted” and sent to?

        It could easily happen and very possibly reason they are relatively close geographically?! Again, wait for it…this aint over.

      2. Re the partner situation , you mean Diane Rubens has a partner not Kim Graves. I hate to say this being a female, but as most people who have worked with Graves since 2003, she slept her way to the top, then married her boss Walcoff, got what she wanted re promotions and bonuses, and divorced him. Why did the IG only go back 5 yrs? These women should be prosecuted, imprisoned AND pay back all the money they fraudently received.

    2. @namnibor,
      Looks like all the “Sh!t employees” were shipped out to McCain’s neck of the woods.
      Maybe that’s why he’s so pissed. Gotta love VA for that. McCain will probably be bombarded by really pissed off veterans in the next few months!!!

      In my opinion, as was another veteran on here, is that Graves, Reubens and others under investigation for criminal activities have way too much “dirt” on a lot of people. That’s why hardly anything was done to them!

      McDonald ain’t going to ‘give in’ to anyone. He’s got a very lucrative cash cow working for him. Plus, as someone pointed out, I also believe he’s no more than just a “Clarabel the Clown”! I apologize for the using the name of such an iconic “Clown”!

      I read that article on the “appeals backlog”! It was also online through “Military
      dot com”! ‘Shameful’ doesn’t even come close to describing my disdain over what’s happening.

      There’s so much happening right now in and outside our country, it’s hard to keep track of the total fubars!!!

      In my opinion, we, Americans all, have been subjected to a myriad of things. In essence, there’s so much going on it’s become so convoluted there will be no direct completion to anything. Everything will just keep pilling up. For example; have y’all noticed that investigations that began on something two years ago, was never completed? There’s always something else popping up to take it’s place!? Criminal activities never get resolved.
      If any of us were to have done anything as some of these VA pukes had done. We would be buried UNDER the jail!!!

      Rant over for now.

  15. It is impractical to think that a vote, even a presidential election year will make ANY difference to the Senior Staff (SS) at the VHA. The SS has proven to us, as shown in this article, that though they can be touched, they have the SS get out of jail free card.

    A vote is gonna make the SS change? No way. They hold the cards, not our politicians. My own politician, years ago when the VHA targetted me for obtaining a Restraining Order against their clinic manager, had already put on his sight, and the others in my state put on their site, “We have each heard uncountable gut-wrenching stories about the way our veterans have been treated by VHA in Roseburg. We have written multiple inquiries to the OIG. OIG has over the years tirelessly refused to act on any of our congressional pleas for action. We have no direct control over the VHA.”

    This is from Peter Defazio’s website. Do you understand who Defazio is? He is senior in just about everything in Washington and is known in our state or Oregon as a seasoned legislator that has a good and honest rep. Very long term. Now, if HE puts on his OWN website that VHA simply ignores congress, then what is the new guy possible going to do????

    Voting out our elected officials is just a way really of passing the buck. We are the ones who raised our hands and gave an Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against enemies, both foreign and domestic. VHA has become the enemy of the People. Roseburg Oregon is famous for the labotomies it performed on WW2 veterans. That was AFTER the Soviet Union banned the practice as “barbaric”. The VHA at the time of the Soviet ban said, “It has been confirmed to be an effective treatment….” to slice a brain in half.

    They knew in the 50’s on Roseburg that vets were getting sliced and diced against their wills. Most died from the labotomy. The ones that lived saw a relief of symptoms, including, “Loss of self awareness, loss of personal hygene, loss of cognitive function, loss of ability to breath, loss of personality, and a whole list of items that makes a time consuming vetereran a “good” veteran. The VHA has been maiming our grandfathers, our fathers, ourselves, and our children for generations. There is generational hatred locally for Roseburg VHA. I have yet to speak with ANYONE that doesn’t have a family member or friend who hasn’t been “flagged” by this house of horrors.

    One of their own doctors came on TV two years ago and stated simply, “VHA management at Roseburg is killing veterans. All of our top doctors have left to avoid the carnage. I (the doctor said) am remaining in Roseburg until they fire me to stop the harm of the vets that I can.”

    Do you think re-electing anyone will really touch this organization when such powerful truths are out there, yet nobody can do anything about it? The only docs that are staying are doing so to protect patients from VHA???

    Like Abraham Lincoln’s schematics for a submarine, at the time the Veterans Healthcare was an astonishingly good idea. So was the sub for the time. I have seen the design. Very clever.

    They never built that sub, but in theory it would have worked, if working meant the crew all died after they rammed the enemy boats. But they are just veterans so it doesn’t matter. Lincoln’s idea about veteran healthcare was implemented about the same time.

    Same results.

    We don’t need new politicians. We need to start flooding them with FOIA. Privacy Act. Civil Rights complaints. The cry that these measures have no effect is an excuse for inaction. If we are to be the ones bolted into this Lincoln design, then by God, we are the ones who are gonna steer it. We are the only ones who can.

    Our country needs US to act, not the other way around.

  16. We are coming into the 2016 election season. I m thinking it is past time to vote out EVERY incumbent. If R vote D if D vote R. Send NO ONE back with any seniority or vested interest.

    Our last possible peaceful reset.

  17. excellent job ben, great art, please keep up the good work we are all with you 100% the last picture of bob you could see it in his face, evil, to say the least

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